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The. Billy, Cunningham, the great American at two o'clock today Governor Mike Von. Come, forward and. Give us a status. He said every every other every Wednesday. We're going to find out the numbers and move things. WHO's remers all over the news media in Cincinnati that one of our local counties probably Hamilton County. It's about to go from red to purple, which is all Hell's breaking loose? Shut things down, which has certainly put a wrinkle in the efforts of many superintendents to have some level of schooling, beginning the end of August, and of course there is a bill now pending in Columbus that would make. The date of February twenty six every day Dr Amy Act Day to celebrate former health commissioner, not being Dr Amy Acton the Columbus dispatch story out this morning, says Amy Act involved from bureaucratic obscurity to superstardom almost overnight, as she took part of into wines, televised briefings on the battle against the pandemic yard signs, bearing her name popped up in front of several homes, young girls dressed up in little white coats and imitated her saying they wanted to be like amy. Not In so much more plus a big story in the inquirer this morning by Jackie bore shirt Jesse bomber Ohio's new cornerstone is heat map was supposed to be more transparent, but many find it very confusing. Including Butler County County. And Clermont County Public Health spokesman. Keith. Roberson told the enquirer quote. Only seven deaths total six hospitalizations the last two weeks. So in the last two weeks, Clermont County has about a quarter of a million residents. There's been six hospitalizations in the last two weeks. Not move them from. Into the red category you're only now is a man of the forefront and covering the story objectively the investigative reporter Jack Windsor of WMF. Mansfield Ohio and Jack Windsor Welcome again to the Bill Cunningham. Show this afternoon Jack. How you doing. I'm sick, fantastic bill. It's always an honor to be with you in the seven hundred W W audience. Thank you for choosing today. Let's talk about Dr and. A very good friend as you know of of Tony Bender and he starting a petition drive in southwest Ohio. Dr Amy. Acting Day named February the twenty six year. Have your finger a little bit on the pulse of the lawmakers think. Larry Householder and bill sites and others are going to enact Dr Amy Acton Day and give everyone a day off February twenty sixth every year. No No I. I think they should enact a what I I like to call Hashtag down. The Don the data that instead of down your mask and on your Kate we should. We should have been diving the data from day one. That's what I think that those to say, but I could be wrong on a lot. Let's talk about this article in the inquire about Ohio's new. Curran Avars heat map was supposed to be transparent. It's confusing. Why is it so confusing to many especially when in Hamlin County, when I talked to docks and those run hospitals, there are no crisis whatsoever. It is normal to be eighty to ninety percent full. They want to be about ninety five percent full, but right now they're not overwhelmed at all. But how many counties on the cost, maybe a two o'clock today we're going to go purple. Explain why it's confusing do. Well, it's confusing I'M GONNA! Give it a little bit of quick context because we started yellow. The CDC has a map based on several factors COVID pneumonia influenza, and how things are trending there, and the CDC actually found for the eleventh straight week that deaths attributed to current virus have declined they actually it below epidemic threshold, and when you look at their map, if you to CDC dot, Gov and you look at their Cova de section. Section what you'll see is that the entire country actually has what's called the minimal activity level, so the the key code isn't spreading with the exception of Florida and Louisiana. They're listed as low, but three headlines were being program to think that Florida is in code purple, and it's not, and that's kind of how this has been teed up to us Look at the health emergency system. Had some major fundamental flaws, and they're leading us back the lockdown and potential mandated mass wearing even outdoors, so it has seven in. Each county, interestingly if the county triggers zero indicators. The can do is yellow, so you can have zero indicators trip. You're not green your yellow, and then it goes from yellow to orange to red to purple, so this Advisory Assistant measures each county on the following indicators, new cases per capita increases in new cases, not congregate cases. Emergency Room visits outpatient visits hospital admissions. ICU that occupancy, so let me just quickly point to. A couple of things no weight. is given to death. On the new match, so. Let's go back to the beginning of your statement, you said the CDC on its website says that the entire country is almost not even an epidemic, much less pandemic. Me Because I think that's important. Because the CDC by checked objective standards, says the deaths every day for the last twenty, one to thirty days have gone down, but the media and I think the government. Especially local governments are drum-beating idea role about the Lai explain how significant is. That's a CD CDC says Ohio's Not Kentucky not in a panic. Significantly significant accent. You know if we're GONNA IF WE'RE GONNA quote the CDC then we ought to follow the CBC. We can't cherry pick information from the CDC for eleven straight weeks or death certificate data reported declining percentages in depth, and so they said look what currently below the of the epidemic threshold, which means that this thing is not the epidemic status. It's not spreading the way that we hear in the press. Conference is right. What we hear is that we have this massive community spread and you know if I had. Half an hour an hour. I'd love to dive into this new advisory system and show you that if you for example, new cases per capita increases in new cases, not congregate cases. If you have a pop up location, or you increase passing at all in your community. Understand you're not testing in congregate settings. People are going out of curiosity, not a sickness, the pop up locations, or if they want to go to the hospital to get deferred care they're increasing their testing outside the congregate living setting. So if you increase testing, you could actually trigger. A three of these indicators right out of the gate and you're you're at an orange level. Now you only need to trigger to other indicators to be read, and when you dive into what's going on in Hamilton and Butler and Clermont. Counties, it's testing and it's ICU and outpatient visits, but when you dive into that, there's a pdf when a county goes into the red. You Click on that that county it'll, it'll pull up. Up A pdf file for you, and that PDF file in and explain a little bit deeper. What's going on in the county? But what's going on in the county? The way that they had explained is really kind of misleading, because you can have eighty percent occupancy, or above in ICU, and they're using that as a trigger so for example I believe Hamilton County. I can pull them out if you WANNA, talk about. Half, my listeners in Hamilton, county, and the other half outside Hamilton, county, but when I talked to real life. Doctors like a Jewish UC Christ they're not in a panic mode. In fact, they'd never been in a panic mode. One point never doubted ten percent occupancy for those two or three months ten percent occupancy, ever losing a million dollars a day and right now they're not even close to where they need to be, and they don't have an influx of covert nineteen patients in any local hospital. Inquire reported that there's no uptick in hospitalizations and the only reason we have more positive testing because people on these pop up locations are going to be tested and their non symptomatic. Right and we've also received reports. Say reports. It's not one or two. It's multiple of people who go to pop up locations. Complete the paperwork and decide you know what I don't WanNa. Wait in line, and then they're contacted later to be pulled that they tested positive so somehow there's this automatic assumption that they're going to test positive until they test negative and they're literally getting indication that you tested positive. They're gonNA wait a minute. I didn't even wait around to test. So that stunning but. When you dive into these pdf files for example, you just talked about intensive care utilization well. Yes, I'm looking at Hamilton County right now. In intensive care utilization it did bump up over eighty percent. Look if I'm a hospital administrator. That's the minimum I. Want my ICU operating. At operating at ninety five percent, because that is expensive equipment, and you want to utilize that equipment to generate revenue that when you look at what's going on with Kobe patients and I see you. It's down around ten percent. Dip Down so I. See you capacity for Kobe patients around ten percent and. So people are scratching their head and going wait a minute if I'm actually generating revenue and profit from my hospital, all of a sudden that that puts me in my county in the red zone potentially and you know the other thing that they're being graded on. Is this seven day average of Kobe related healthcare visits and when you look at that, they break it out by emergency, department and by outpatient. Here's an interesting fact for you. Outpatient can actually include you calling your telehealth doctor, and that's how a health doctor can grade you on several things, the look at the clinical criteria and they'll. They'll look at the laboratory criteria and they'll look at the epidemic epidemiological link so if I call my telehealth doctor and I said look I have a headache. I have a sore throat and you know the telehealth doctor says. What do you have a fever? Yeah, I kind of feel hot. Well, actually the way that it works you. You only have to have to symptoms so if you have a headache and you have a sore throat, or if you have a measured or get this objective fever, if subjective, yeah kind of hot you literally candy diagnosed as as positive so these outpatient visits. Probably of a lot of telehealth visits, a lot of people blinded their their providers, and like you said they're testing a symptomatic, or we also know these tests can pick up antibodies strange. They've also been pulled by the CDC that these tests can actually pick up other Corona viruses AKA the common coal. That's ridiculous. That's ridiculous. Hospitalizations bill in Clermont Hamilton and Butler county. Zero, that's one zero. The last death and Clermont County. Seven six Hamilton was seven Butler was seven three. So, why would the governor two o'clock today? So you know what we gotta move you to Purple? Because thing that Kinda hoping and Cherry picking the data they wanted to find result. Dewine once defined result that we're in a crisis. Why is that true? Why don't we look at the data and say? Let's find the glass half empty. Instead of half full when I talked to docks. If you've had no deaths and the ICU's eighty percent, which is a bit low and of the eighty percent, ten percent or covert nineteen, and the ambulance is aren't reporting with hospitalizations and tell doctors. Chalk chalking up visits as being somehow covert related when they're not. How do you rely upon that data to drive public policy and shut down all the schools? You can't you can't if you increase testing and that testing like we said picks up some crazy things like a dramatic, or it's false positive, and then all of a sudden you have a surge in ICU, and maybe people are increasing their outpatient visits. That's not that's not indicative of spread, but all the sudden. You're in Code Red and you could. You could be going over coke purple, which means you really shouldn't go outside unless you need supply. Look I don't know. I'm wondering if it and I need to dig into this, or are we getting federal cares act. Dollars are are positive tests. Dollars, I mean that would make sense to me, but here's something that I think is is a huge issue to me. The biggest issue is anxiety and it's it's causing businesses, and all of us to be on edge and afraid that our county might be targeted the Cleveland Clinic. Just released a study outlining the rise and what they're calling broken heart syndrome caused by increased stress of the coronavirus. Pandemic people are dying from stress and anxiety, and I heard a stunning report over the weekend about in Ohio educator who took his own life because of the pressure associated with full mandates and Co that this is why I'm so passionate about the accuracy and the transparency of this information and I cannot. In good conscience, look at Clermont. Hamilton Butler zero hospitalization and zero deaths and say you know what we need to math and we need we need to. We need to shelter in place. It makes zero sense. It's scaring the hell out of people. It is in fact talks about the dangers of a kid, not being in school, which means they're in the community which means. means. They're playing baseball soccer. They're playing with other kids. Their playgrounds going crazy. It's not as if kids not in school. They're going to be in bubble. Wrap under a bed somewhere. They're going to be living their life and swimming. Whatever they're GONNA do so. The safest place to be is in school. The most risky place to be in the community were kids are getting. You belong in school I'm looking at the inquirer article today, but they're counting. What about the increase they've had an increase of two emergency room visits. Kobe nineteen related per day. Think about that and Butler county what which has about three hundred and fifty thousand people. There's to cove it related visits a day to the ER and no deaths in the past ten days, so that that moves them up dot almost a crisis, house pot. Jack Jack this stupid. Stupid. Stupid and if literally it's literally killing people the anxiety and the stress listed is covert real. Is it a health emergency outside of nursing homes now? I mean the data. The data in the sciences crystal clear on that it looked our kids. During this this this epidemic there were pandemic certified schools in the State of Ohio Eleven, hundred and thirty of them that were opened, and kids were going their kids from families whose parents are healthcare providers frontline workers working at these big box stores. You know what didn't happen. They weren't spreading. Because kids aren't spreading, they don't tell. Tell that a whole lot. There wasn't an outbreak. They're all over Europe, and look what happened there. They send their kids back to school. There was not an outbreak and you know when we talk about masking schools, kids are not gonNa kiss her not going to pass this virus by walking in the hallways. They don't need to be masked up in the hallways and if we want to really solve this issue if there are teachers who are in the older age. Age category that feel at risk. Okay, Great! Here's what you do you you them in through some sort of web axe, and you get somebody there to manage the classroom. Let the kids go and engage in the socialization and engage in the live learning environments. The the American Society of Pediatrics already said. That's what needs to happen and we've gotTA. Stop turning a blind eye to what this is going to do to our their kids, our kids and their ability to learn. Learn I'm a single parent I love having my daughter home, but guess what when I have to work fulltime, and I have to try to help her at seven years old. Step through the curriculum and do it the right way. That's not working, and that's not going to work for people. If this was killing, you know two million people I would get an in the united. States is not and we're making decisions based on emotion anecdotal. What is and it's crushing us. Lastly Jack Windsor when you said you went over this point quickly, but it's so valuable that in March April and May one critical workers had to use healthcare, and they had to put tens of thousands of their children together and healthcare. All those experiences resulted in no transmission from those children and fact there's not been one school child in Ohio between the ages of six years old and twenty five that have died covert nineteen I listened to some. Some of the shows that are objective, Dr Atlas was on with Martha McCallum last night. Saying it is absurd what we're doing to the children. If you care about children in their lives, the children belong in school for all kinds of psychological educational and medical reasons, and then if someone can't be there, because of their age or immune status ways of working around that, but he's the schools exist to educate children. They don't exist for teachers to teach. Custodians to clean cleanup or cafeteria workers have served string beans. The schools exist for the children and the children's interest must be paramount everything else Jack. Windsor I'm getting a note here. The possibly the governor is not going to be on till Thursday at two o'clock, and that's even more concerning to me because if he pops up Thursday two o'clock, and says Hamilton County is now purple. All Hell's going to break loose, but Jack once again Jack. Jack Windsor, WMF, and Mansfield, thank you be the voice crying in the Wilderness. We do not have a public health crisis unless you listen to the media, in which case all hell's about to break loose in reality, the health crisis is in nursing homes and things of that character. Let the American people work. Let the kids learn everyone else. Protect themselves necessary. Jack Windsor Good. Luck to you. Thanks for coming on again and God. Bless America thank you. God. Bless you God bless America. Thank you Jack Windsor. That makes a lot of sense. Your reaction now at five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand Bill Cunningham Newsradio seven hundred wwl w. Billy Cunningham I want to get your involvement in this because The next two days are going to be critical in Hamilton. Butler Clermont, and maybe Warren County. To make sure that we do not go into a purple status. A purple status would mean that were shutdown that schools are not going to open at all and all going to have shelter in place orders put on to us again by Governor Mike Dewine, and July sixteenth. and. I know they listen in Columbus. Is the one radio station in Ohio? That is heard throughout Ohio Kentucky and Indiana. It's hard everywhere, and it's critical that we communicate to our so called leaders in Columbus that we're not in the healthcare crisis in. Cincinnati, unless you're in a nursing home or a penitentiary or prison or Warren Correctional, institution or the Clermont County jail. We're not. We're not in a crisis. I want to share with you some. Some facts and we have mark and Donald with three lines open, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven thousand tomorrow. We're going to have on Denise Treehouse to talk about him. In a county in specifics in every office holder I got up this morning, and spoke to four five in northern Kentucky Southwest Ohio I spoke to one in Butler County Not Richard K Jones one in Warren County one in. Clermont County and two and Hamlin County. There's a sense here on the ground. That the governor is about to make a dramatic move on Thursday, a sense, not a belief, a sense, even know the politicians I speak to speak to healthcare leaders at UC. Christ, Jewish mercy and. On a regular basis Bethesda on a regular basis because every day they get numbers from the hospitals. Who say okay. WHO's in your emergency room? What what are they marked into? And do have debts. And what did they die of? And how many tests do we have? I got another test from a good friend of mine. WHO said that? She had two employees who had lined up in order to be tested. They decided not to go through with it because time. This is what she said to me. One of my employees and others were in a long line to get tested. They left the line. But did not get tested. Having given their information two days later, they got phone calls. They were positive and they didn't get tested. There's mistakes everywhere in this regard, but here's some facts. I just googled many. Americans are in school and the answer is according to Google Eighty, two million. We're a nation of three hundred and thirty five million people. We have anywhere between seventy and eighty million in school. How important to school academically educationally? Socialization Hunger Programs Sexual Abuse Discovery Programs counseling programs schools important especially. Especially in dysfunctional parts of urban areas and poor rural areas. School is awfully important, so we prioritize school by spending most of our civil dollars in Ohio Kentucky Indiana on schools, whether it's a grade school middle school high school, Technical School Colleges, an Ku UK Louisville. State Xavier UC INDIANA. We spend billions of dollars every year in school because that's how important it is. So when you have eighty million schoolchildren eighty million. I looked at the CDC website. Right here! Our children at risk. By going to school, you heard John. Jack Windsor talk about the fact in March? April May and June when there were thousands and thousands of school age children in day care because their parents were mandated workers, they were essential and there was no outbreak. There were no deaths. There was no transmission. It didn't happen. This is a virus that is very lethal. If you're frail, elderly or compromise, it is a virus that is not very lethal at all to children. So in your own mind, according to the Centers for disease, control and Prevention. As of July tenth. July tenth which was what Friday close of Business Friday July the tenth. How many school age children in the United States of America? Didigova nineteen and the whole country. Eighty two million is the population of those in school. The answer is. Thirty. Not Thirty thousand. Three hundred thousand. Not, thirty million I said thirty. And! Majority of those were somehow compromised immunities because of cancer whatever it might be, but the total number is thirty under the age of fifteen and a typical year in America two hundred die of the flu in school, two, hundred, four, hundred, thirty, six, sadly killed themselves, six, hundred and twenty-five or homicide victims, and about forty, two hundred from unintentional deaths such as drowning. In addition to that, there's about six thousand who die in car accidents. So, we're for hitting kids going. Swimming. We're not, prohibiting kids from getting into cars. But we're going to prohibit kids going to school on school. Age Children Cove Nineteen. Thirty. Thirty. And the state of Ohio. Zero school children have died between the ages of six years old and twenty five zero. And now I know what you're thinking. Of course we have full lines. We're going to get. Back I have no guess schedule today with match time and likes quite a bit. So, she would me. I hear you now, saying well. What about the teachers? What about the cafeteria? Workers? What about the janitors? What about the social workers? Yes, that's that's important. A teacher's life is important I think Roger Fortin Professor Roger Fortin. Xavier how important he wasn't my life. I think about Jerry would todd history? My basketball coach deer park. How important real important I think about Mr Schaffer deer park high school. What a great guy I think about Hank. estes at deer park wonderful wonderful I think about Roy Dixon. Psychology teacher and I just love that guy teachers so important I. Think About Sister Monika An. And at Xavier I think about Father Bergemann and Father Schmidt and Father Bench in Father O'Connor teachers leaders very important to me. Teachers are important. But schools exist not to teach. Schools exist for children. Hate to use the term for the children s liberal, but this goes exists for the children eighty million of them when they are not at Risk Cova thousand nine hundred. Won't say zero, but the risk is zero point zero zero zero one. Much more likely to die on the way to school than in school covert nineteen. Can we get it through our thick skulls that children are not at risk of catching covert nineteen in school, and for those who are at risk, sixty percent of the teachers earn age of forty. If you're at risk if you're over fifty five sixty years old. You have to have special needs met I agree. Find a way to do it. Talk to your principles. Talk to the, Superintendent Guess what there's a way doing, but the function of schools is not to serve string beans, or not to clean up in the hallway or not. The teachers to teach the purpose of schools is to educate eighty million Americans. Go children and they need to be in school. To give me an example. In Chicago of covert nineteen. A total and the last six months of Chicago age school children between the age of six twenty to a total of two who have died a covert nineteen, both were immunity suppress but to. which is sadly happening every weekend through homicides in Chicago, so can we say and put it? NEON lights on every billboard school children are not at risk of catching and dying of covert nineteen. And for those of us who come in contact with school children, we need to protect ourselves as adults. Because right now I see kids playing soccer pickup games. I see kids caddying. I see kids landscaping. high-school boys that are getting ready for football lifting weights. They're living their lives, and if you check with those between the ages of about eight twenty two. They don't have any sense. There's a crisis going on at all. They ignore this stuff completely. The kids need to be in school. And if there are special needs of older Americans who work in and around the school, talk to the principal talk to the school board talked to the Superintendent and say these are my particular needs. How do we accommodate me so I can interact with the reason the school exist. Muller Highschool exist not for the teachers or the coaches. The exists for the students that that's the purpose of Muller, highschool or Covington Catholic or Lakota or Mason. That's the purpose is for the school children. Our Lady of victory exists because of the children. And doesn't exist because of the teachers. And, whether it's a she old or a amassed for the older folks whatever it is. Okay Now before I take calls one last thought. If you're not in a nursing home in the state of Ohio. which is thank God most of us. Ninety nine percent of us are not a nursing homes in the state of Ohio. If you're not in a nursing home in the state of Ohio. The fatality rate of ohioans is less than one hundredth of one percent. I'm talking about a number. Roughly three thousand ohioans died seventy percent in nursing homes that means about eight or nine hundred have died in the general population and the state of Ohio. Including Zero Schoolchildren divide that number by twelve million for easy figuring. Is Eleven point seven million supposedly highlands. It is under one hundredth of one percent, and the general population have died I, said under one hundredth of one percent. Clermont. County spokesman Keith. Robinson told the enquirer on Friday quote. Only seven deaths total so since March plasma counting has said seven total deaths seven and six months. Half of those nursing homes, so I assume three or four and the general population. Clermont County's population I just looked it up is. I'll give you a minute. It's about two hundred and thirty five thousand. So only seven deaths total in Plymouth County, and in the past two weeks a total of six hospitalizations Paradis Butler County is three hundred eighty five thousand residents. Clermont County is two hundred and six thousand Warren County is two hundred, thirty, five thousand, so the total of Butler, Clermont and Warren County is equal to Hamilton, county, which is eight, hundred, some thousand so Clermont County has gone into the red category. Causing some to leave Clermont County. But in the last six months, and a population of two, hundred, six, thousand in Clermont, county seven deaths and the past two weeks six hospitalizations. Which resulted in death? The governor put Clermont County and the red category. We're now read. And, Keith Robinson Clermont County cannot figure out. How in the hell do they go to read? It's impossible. Impossible. Not, talk about Butler county. Increase in Butler county small increase. They have to Cova. Nineteen. Hospitalizations per day. which is well less than zero point zero one percent of Butler county. Population Bother County is almost four hundred thousand residents throwing eighty-five thousand. Is that a health care crisis. Honestly what are we talking? Have we lost our frigging collective minds? How can anyone seriously say except in nursing homes that we're in a healthcare crisis, lastly before I go to your calls, we've got thousands on hold now. The media is engorged with the idea of Florida Texas Arizona and fact now ohioans. CanNot Travel to New York. Get off the plane until you're quarantine for up to fourteen days. I made two hundred trips to Laguardia, imagine getting off a plane showing your papers to state officials and telling you guess what you're quarantine for fourteen days. What where am I teamed? How do I get there? I don't know your quarantine. One of my going to be in bubble wrap put into stasis somewhere. If you take Florida. which has a population? Florida of twenty million. Twenty Million Floridians. There's about forty three hundred. Forty, three, hundred and Florida. New York State is thirty. Three, thousand. Eight Times Florida. Texas is thirty two hundred. Texas has thirty million residents thirty million. Texas has three thousand two hundred deaths Arizona as two thousand two hundred tests if you take Florida. And Texas and Arizona. That is less than one third of the fatality rate in New York less than one third, but the media is convincing all of us. That were about to die and that Florida. And Texas and Arizona is about the worst Ohio has about thirty one hundred deaths I. It's about three thousand and seventy five call at thirty one hundred seventy percent nursing homes that means about thirty percent of three. It's about nine hundred, nine hundred total high winds have died in six months, which is less than one hundredth of one percent and zero in the schools. have. We lost our minds. Unequipped talking. I want to hear from you. This is totally ridiculous. We go from yellow. Orange to red. To purple, maybe on Thursday, there's nothing from the governor until Thursday to and he's calling around the public officials, and this part of the state, getting more information, and from what I speak to them. Names not used. They are very concerned that one or two counties in southwest Ohio is going to go purple on Thursday at two o'clock. Which means were shutdown, swimming pools indoor dining bowling alleys. God knows what else schools of course schools. No school can open. And how long can we be there and as Jack Windsor just said. There's no objective measurement to go from yellow to orange to red to purple. How in the World Does Clermont County? Go into the red category when in six months. They've had a total of seven deaths, most nursing homes and six hospitalizations and the last two weeks and they're read. You can't avoid it. The governor will do whatever the governor wants to do. And then there's lawsuits to be filed by others. I had on Maurice Thompson last. Friday get him on again then the court say he can't do it. But then it's months down the road. It gets appealed in the meantime here. We're in the middle of July. The children must go back to school. They are not at risk. On I'm done talking I, WanNa hear from. You may have Markan. Aubrey Marian Jason Donald. Many others have aligned becomes available, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven thousand. Can we deliver a message to the powers that be in Frankfurt? Frankfurt and Columbus? That were not sheep were not mushrooms living in the dark fed crap. We wanted to get about our lives. We understand the risk. The Great American wears a mask all the time. I wash my hands. I void crowds I. Don't like people at a nice hamburger last night in new town, but some good people but and everyone had a mask on, but you gotta eat a hamburger gonNA. Take your mask off right. Warren in everyone on looking eighty percent compliance. I'd bet this more than eighty percent I feel bad, not having a mask on broadcasting, but nobody's around me. I don't I. Don't like people I don't get around people but my children. My Grandchild's got to be punished when they're not at risk for some purpose. That I can't figure out. Let Your Voice. Be heard next on news radio seven hundred W automobile. Our fallen. Talk At. The, At the door they found. The lease lovell. Tell. Bad Law. Governor shut us down again on Thursday. That this is something we cannot recover from for months, and this things worse than having a shutdown, which is death, disease, pestilence and sorrow. We gotta get back to work I have a text from a friend of mine. Said knows the coins are gone. Everyone has to use credit cards, and what you're going to be tracked constantly, and then whether or not there's only a rumors sometimes knowing mike the way I. You know call ahead of time to give a heads up to certain elected leaders as to what's coming. He tends not to do it because it gets leaked out immediately, so he wants to it all at once. How in the. World Can Clermont County. And Hamilton County and Butler county be read based upon the numbers that we have tomorrow. I'M GONNA have on Denise, Tree House, but the governor's GonNa come on at two o'clock on Thursday normally it was Tuesday and Thursday but. which leads some to speculate. It's only speculation. He's not coming on today because Thursday at to you know, give us the numbers from Wednesday and if the numbers are up four hundred percent. From to the nine more than four hundred percent. That's an excuse to do something. So let's go to the calls. And once again. In Clermont County? which is now read, and the last six months had a total of seven deaths and six hospitalizations and the last two weeks. And! They're read. Let's go to call. Says I promise I'm done babbling. I WanNa hear from you. And I knowing politics the way I do the main reason. These things are happening. As whether it's Bashir or holcomb, but especially dewine his approval ratings are like eighty percent back, and they tracked this every two or three days. So as long as you believe. That the governor is keeping you safe by enacting these orders and likely to continue, but as facts so indicating the way to keep your kids safe is never permit them to ride in a car. Never permit them to go swimming. Never permit them play soccer, baseball, football, or basketball, because according to the Centers for Disease Control. And the last six months of eighty two million children in school thirty. Have died of covert nineteen thirty. while. Six hundred twenty-five inman homicide victims and forty, two hundred have died of unintentional deaths such as drowning. Keep him out of the pools. Give him out of the cars. Keep them in bubble. Wrap under your bed in which case they're gonNA live a long life like a mushroom living in the dark fed crap. Life is risky, but children are not addressed if the administrators. Teachers Cafeteria Workers Janitorial staff staffer. They're at risk. Talk to the principal talk to the Superintendent Talk to the school board by coming up with a plan to protect you and I'm not diminishing your life. It's important especially to you and your husband or your wife and kids. You'RE GONNA be forty four years old and be compromise immunity. Why and you need some help? Talk to the principal, but the function of school is for the children to learn is not for you to teach and. And Not for you to clean the hallway, and not for you to serve cafeteria food. The purpose of school is for the eighty two million children that have been denied in education now going on six months, and it must, the madness must stop now. Let's go all right. Matt make sure I quit talking now. That's the key. Make sure quit talking. Let's go to mark. Audrey and Marianne and Jason There'll be the first four. I want everyone in the tri-state wants to hear from you. You can't travel from CG. Laguardia without being quarantined for fourteen days. Now statistically. Hairs you get these numbers at realclearpolitics Dot Com roll down the list. New York has had thirty three thousand deaths New York State Ohio. One tenth at three thousand, but we're quarantine. We're going to New York, but they're not quarantine coming here. Kentucky has said six hundred and thirty deaths six hundred thirty. and. New, York thirty, three thousand. Is quit talking. Let's hear from you got mark Audrey. You've got mail pissed off now. Let's go to mark on the cell phone mark. You're on the Bill Cunningham Show Marco head. Hey this is This might even piss you off a little more. I have a mother. Who is? Ninety two years old. Lance at. Ten. She has oh. I think one hundred six grandkids now. How many! Hundred six. Now there are some grey and she will possibly see great great. Wow. That's wonderful. when this all started, we Or for your concern, we went to her mom. You know you're at the highest risk you can't. You can't go out. Wear a mask. You GotTa do this. You got to do that. We can't come and see yeah. She looked at me. To you, I'm the. I'm the youngest of the ten. She said some here an idiot. This is all phony. It's hype. I said what are you talking about? She said this is ridiculous. She said let me tell you something. I've lived through scarlet fever. I've lived through. Tuberculosis have lived through the measles mumps. Oppression more war to and when I was a young girl, pneumonia was pretty much a death. And Polio all those the polling. Actually they throw at all. She said never one. Did, we get laid down. It quit working. quit living life now not. Exactly keep talking marquee going. She said, are you? And your brothers and sisters and allow your children. and become a third world country. Because you're afraid to go outside in the scientists, she said my whole life. They've been wrong. You mean mass destruction in Iraq didn't happen. No. The point is mark your. Your mother is a perfect example of what made America Great. What we have now are graduates of snowflake university. And they look around the world to find something that justifies their view, which is often wrong, but if you've spent your life looking for police, brutality and someone videotapes, something, and then show it to you. You'll go nuts, and they live in a world now in which the government must care for all your needs, and if the government's not there to do it, we will stop our feet. Protest threw bricks through windows. Until we get our way, and if we don't get our way enough, we'll keep doing it and breaking the law until the lawmakers changed the law to the way I wanted to be. This is not even close to what happened on those. Those other crises you discussed, and at no point in American history, the government tell people stay home and don't work because I know best for you. You and I are about the same age I would assume, and I wear a mask and wash my hands i. stay out of crowds. I'm in that category but I want everyone else not at risk to live their lives to get out and swim and dance and enjoy themselves. Go play golf play soccer tennis. Get ready for school. Go live in a dorm deal. What you're GonNa, do live your life, and if this generation of Americans was alive award war to would all be speaking German at this point. That's exactly what my mother said. That's exactly what she said she's said. You know what you gotta suck it up. You gotTA. Do if I if I have to die then I. Guess it's my time absolutely that. What really made her mad is when they compared this on the news to it's this this generation as World War. Come on I mean he said Jantar picky. Million people died in World War Two. I've been more than seventy. Five million and America America fought to simultaneous ward wars within about a forty month period, and won both and came home, and both the greatest economy in the world at the snowflake generation was in charge. Then we'd be speaking Germany. East of the Mississippi and Japanese west of the Mississippi. We wouldn't have country at all. People are scared to death including rocky boy man. He's scared to death. No question. Your your your point on I'm proud to listen to you every day. You give the real statistic. What my mark as far as your mother can you go see your? They let you go in properly gowned and masked with a shield and gloves on. Can you sit there and enjoy the company of your mother yet? She still lives at home gets up well even better shape than I am because she gets up. She moves Iraq Iraq. Iraq Iran you gotta move man and she ought to wear masks around whatever it is. But what would your mother say? Governor Dewine, or who is ordering Clermont County that has had seven deaths and six months and six hospitalizations and two weeks none resulting. What would your mother say to Governor Doin about making Clermont County red? She was del Hams. He sending our kids. Another Great Depression. We had the greatest economy going and he's GonNa. Reverse us all back into another great depression over nothing I mean I know what the disease she knows it. If you're the one that has it absolutely, but but in the general population in Ohio, we have about one thousand deaths over six months, which is less than one hundredth of one percent now what about the other ninety nine point? Nine nine percent can we our lives? The answer might be no. The governor might say on Thursday your shutdown. In which case this economy, which is starting to recover slowly will collapse, and if a collapses there'll be no money to pay for anything. Did the Democrats realized that? Willie I don't think they care I. think that's what they want. What however they can make it look like our president is failing us. On all fronts. Is what they'll do i. mean you when you get. A congresswoman that says that only thieving is, it's okay just because you need some brain. Feeding Saving I. Don't care what you're doing. Saks fifth avenue. Store do they. Sex twice. Maybe you go there all the time, but but according to AOL see the reason looting one honest because people are hungry to saks, fifth avenue sell a bunch of bakery goods. Do they have branded their? I've never been attacked Fifth Avenue but I I've never heard of him having very good bakery. Would you give your mother my best from all my listeners, my two hundred thousand listeners in the tri-state. Would you tell your mother for? macy's a great American. I will share what tell you were the country of the brave and the strong, so let's it going I. Thank you. How about the week in the tested? How about the week in the cove? Nineteen scared to death I I don't know what the to. Answer. One hundred of one percent the. Fever and a cold. I don't know what to do. Governor towline. Please come and save me from myself because I'm incompetent. I cannot make independent adult decisions. I need you to make them for me. Please save me. Please governor, please. Police Governor Save me. You'll Cunningham seven hundred wwl w? On the risk of loss. Lawmaker Columbus called me this morning and said. Are you aware that? The name, crusader. Is Insensitive. And Racist. I said Crusader? You GotTa Muller Highschool Crusaders. He said yeah that's correct. He said Capital University. In Columbus is changing its name from Crusader because it's insensitive to its Muslim students so I said. I don't believe that, so he sends me the story. Columbus Ohio capital. University announced on Monday. It is retiring. It's crusader, nickname and mascot copy. Falling a fifteen month discussion. We believe that the university's nickname and mascot should be a unifying symbol that enhances school, Spirit and pride for all who are affiliated with capital in recent years are nicknames, Magellan's by students and faculty for its connection to the story Crusades. The detailed study found a significant portion of the Capital University family shares this perspective. I think now officially. We've lost our minds. They'll be an effort now for Muller Highschool to change his name from Crusaders or sandbox bombers that resulted in the death of innocent men, women and children as bombs were dropped. The elder panthers commemorating the life of you, Newton, who was a Black Panther or God knows what's next the Lancers got to go to. We've lost our minds. Your calls continue. We have audrey and Marianne and Jason. Many others at your home of the reds yet men tells me their odds are now ninety to ten. They're gonNA play starting a week from Friday. It looks good at this point. All newsradio seven hundred w all of you. Shouldn't you be wearing a mask masks mask snafu? Mask Sh- mask mask. Sh- masks. That's it masks Sh- math. So. Go on broadcasting. Guy. Shouldn't you be wearing masks? MASKS MASK SM-. Mask. Mask Sh- mask. That's it masks. chm Ask. So I'm watching one of the Sunday one of the twos Tuesday morning sports shows and SPN about how bad it is inside the bubble for the NBA players in Orlando. It's bad as Well, they're complaining about the food about the lack of freedom. One also said something about slavery. So the slavery involve Horse Manicure. PEDICURE! Specialist whatever that is. A hairdresser. A grading braid, expert. Ping Pong tables? Bowling alleys? Tennis, courts. Golf Courses Pickle ball pickle ball yeah. And cafeteria style gourmet dining. There's only one thing missing. Can you think about what that is? Not what I'm saying. If you lived in that environment I, look you. Know you're living in Orlando Florida or nothing like. You're living in the lap of luxury, except for one thing sweets, and I bet the one thing could be imported. It's called A. Booty call. They're missing. Matt told me I'm not sure what. I thought it was Tony Bender. Missing I blamed Tony Bender for all kinds of stuff. It. Could you over for all of US eight weeks? Could you live eight weeks like that possibly in a suite? It'd be tough. Willie, but we could do it a long way to do it. I would. I would sacrifice play basketball. Yes, then you got the video terminals got the game stations. You all that stuff they have hundreds of those everything is licensed. NBA Ping Pong tables NBA golf carts. And after right now this is a punishment. You GotTa ride one per card. You can't ride to the same court. Now do they have that same restriction at the friendly confines? Yes we do. Check one per cart, and you can't touch anyone else's balls, only your own. Will he the stooge reporters out service over local tempstar heating air conditioning dealers tempstar quality. You could feel in Cincinnati combing air at one, eight, eight, eight, nine, nine six h the A. C.. Ten Days Away William County from opening day. What are the odds now out of one hundred? Looking good ninety How about the ranch offense in the past two days? They socked nine home runs in the past two scrimmages six yesterday, maybe a mere Garrett. She spent more time on baseball unless on social activism. Go a I. Think I'm are Manda eight who radio Suarez hit the Heritage Bank Center yesterday with one somebody win the Toyota truck. No not yet then went to left. But reports have eleven major league baseball on pyres. Have opted out of the twenty twenty season or Alva- otherwise declined to participate. Some say they have family family members who are ill. The identities are not known one guy who's at high risk country Joe West. Recently made headlines Not for not only choosing not to opt out, but also to voices, covert nineteenth nihilism, questioning official stats about infections and deaths. He's correct, and I think he got reprimanded he all. You have to state of the company line. So when he said now wait a minute gentleman in the back of the room. I have a question, but all the people testing positive when they haven't taken a test and so I have someone who says I got the flu right got pneumonia, and they mark it up cove so country Joe West is now in trouble for speaking truth to power, and he's been reprimanded. By Rob Manfred himself, so you gotTa Toe the company Line Bengals Willie tomorrow at four o'clock as the franchise tag deadline will the Bengals slap at on Aj? Green, yes, because they're not going to sign them into a big deal to his gotta demonstrating can still catch footballs. And that. Are the Bengals GonNa actually play a preseason game. What do you say? Supposed to play at least two I didn't ask you that are they? GonNa play, yes or no. with the way things are going well. I'm. Putting on. Will. There be college football I talked to Tony Pike about that. He's pessimistic. So I saw an article today that officials in the SEC. Saying they doubt that anything will. One game will be played this year nothing. And their prediction or the SEC on the players at risk. No no, but does not play quaker state. Four hundred really was the most watched sporting event of the weekend. According to TV ratings about that edging out the PG Golf. And then there's voting today in Alabama if you're there. You vote for Tam Sessions, Tommy or former UC coach Tommy Tucker. Don't say it's not possible. Tub cover bills going to win about that well. There's some of the newsroom that vehemently disagree with you. In the past fifteen minutes like jeff sessions Yes, because he went after trump so, but don't. Tub reveal will the UC football program. What happens to the other sports football basketball carry today, and does Luke fickle? Then run for governor. Boy that'd be a tough choice right there. Mike Wind better listen up. He'd better listen to the cries of the people, and what did. I, hear today that there's going to be any act and day. Columbus dispatch. Going to be like a state, holiday February twenty sixth. Yeah, a new bill would create Dr Amy Active Day to celebrate the greatness of Ohio's former health commissioner put up by Representative Mary lightbody. It's probably heavy. And Ken. SMITH EUCLID DEMOCRATS THEY WANNA honor amy, acton. Let me ask you something. How does Mr House older and richer sites feel about that one? Thank you. That'll go a long way. Won't it about as much as Dancy Pelosi and shift, and now what's the Nadler Fazzari Jerry? Yeah I'm not sure that's going to pass anytime soon. Deal although Mike. Dewine would sign it if it got to his desk. Act on if she wanted to. Three times. Is that right? She won't come on won't come on. She doesn't have she doesn't have the guts. She doesn't have the Nice. Would you treat all my guests tonight? Exactly listened to, even though I disagree with right I. Let get their word out then. I. Rip them when they leave. Now had they named a new health commissioner. I kind of on the outs from the last three months. Male lawyer who doesn't show up. Except to. Sign, though just the governor and an Houston the lieutenant governor now doing. Thank you. We! We used to have Barbie and Ken. Now we just have can Barbie has gone. We got. We got used to. John I. Call Him Ken and Barbie. So he's. He's not talking to data. He's not talking today or tomorrow. Wow, but beyond this and what works? Thursday two. Worlds News. No way in the world. He can lock key counties down again. I mean that'll be spoke. This morning is Matt. Butler county politician, not Richard. K Right a Warren County. Yeah, a Clermont, county and a Hamilton County. Okay. There's apprehension but not a belief. Not Not an understanding but a concern, the governor for political purposes would lockdown Hamilton County because of me. Is this for? They're getting federal money in here? What I just said yeah me. I gotTA. Make Nice with the governor. On more than willing to eat, France Pie and sit down with monk. In Cedar Ville on the Porch, If. That's what it takes Luke to get. Hamilton County off. The list says know at at that. That's like that's like Yalta. Chip Hart has left Clermont County. I know. There's floors done, so he left. That's not the reason I was not chip Hart told me that he was scared. When governor said Clermont counties in the red and I have their families in Utah Picture today him. He can't get the motor home into a McDonald's drive through, so he's standing in line. It's a crisis. Between cars chipped art, the host of the big outdoors. He's scared. Clermont County Public Health spokesman Keith Robinson told the enquirer on Friday quote and the last seven months. Okay, we've had a total of seven deaths and the last two weeks six hospitalizations, not resulting in death. How does that square ripping in the red? So the thing about this say. Debts I don't get it one per month and a county with two hundred and ten thousand residents, seven total deaths everage age is eighty six. And the last two weeks. Six hospitalizations no deaths now removed up to the red status. Clermont County your reaction. UNBELIEVABLE ANTIBAC-. Wayne County about Tuscaroras got that right here. Hockey Athens sentiment was echoed in pick away and Fairfield counties in central Ohio less populous counties. They've had less cases than Clermont County. What about Lucas, but they're? In the Red Lucas is in the red. I'm asking a question. There's been four. Democrats on Toledo City Council yeah indicted. Okay, we've only had one, but we got five more under criminal investigation by the Special Prosecutor. PG setting fell Chris. He'll Bark Wendell young and Greg landsman. They're just waiting for their day of rain for the Hammer. Could we have. Could we exceed? What were Toledo is done and have five council members indicted instead of only four. Is that where we're headed? G Be better than Toledo wants to be the mayor. We have to be better than Toledo. Absolutely and PG says it's not about me. It's about you and what you want so pg about me. Because I'm going to be in the joint. Hey could be in the mayor seat on a work release program. You have to wear orange free PG. Get him out of prison. Get Him to serve as the mayor. I mean and he does this oblivious to everything around. Thank you oblivion, I know I'm going to sexy underwear business, so he gets in a sidelight. It does again from PG. I'M GONNA sexy underwear business I heard he ran out the former, a Victoria secret across away from US Kenwood towne centre up a lot of business in the sexy underwear business I assume. You got to do something, too. Many guys I know. When sexy underwear is that fair to say? where it Nah I, would not I normally go buffalo else. You go commando. Yes, I do. I have nothing to hide. Women like sexy underwear, and so does, but I respect that guy for that. He knew something good. Wife got a new family. Was She on Shark tank you when he got that Gig? Yes, he was. He's doing mail order sexy underwear from Lucasville. Say Give me out of the suits. report. We take more calls. How about this I'm taking calls? Will the on a history making day here the tri-state on this Tuesday. beautiful sunshine and Blue Sky. Ten days away from reds opening day. Are you sure? At least I think but nobody can go. Nobody can go, so do they play the Tigers? Tuesday Wednesday Thursday correct next Tuesday and Wednesday your scrimmages. Are we do right here on the radio? To Winston. Correct now, Friday I'm told is going to be a virtual party from the holy grail when none of us their virtual. We leave with the immortal words of the stew report which all Americans happy Thanksgiving. And may God bless you. That was a fourth of July dress from Bush forty three. Sake thank you. You're welcome as continue with more remember Dr Amy Acton Day. Which is February the twenty I'm begging February the twenty ninth as whether the automated. Skip it only one every three years us continued Bill Cunningham newsradio seven hundred w Olivia. Billy Cunningham at Kennedy just. Not Talk to him off the air and he was in traffic. You had like eight thousand pounds behind him. So we're GONNA have to He said he's GONNA call back when it gets out of traffic so always good to hear from Kenny of Norway. gives us his eliminating thoughts and expressive fashion. One of the best calls I got I forget. The guys had called me I tonight and this afternoon. And said that ninety two year old mother in the beginning said this was a joke, and that not to go to work and shutdown has never happened before an American history ninety two year old. Nice, she has like one hundred grandchildren and grandchildren, ninety two years old, functioning and home. Instead of we've been through everything depressions Ward Ward Diptheria to. Rheumatoid fever. We've had a polio. We've all the stuff going on. And she can't understand how. It was possible that anybody would say go home. Shut down and don't work. You just don't do that as Americans overcome especially one. This is a problem in nursing homes, and not a problem in the general population. Unless you're at risk of something else like F, you have asthma underlying conditions, maybe a heart valve replacement. You're more at risk than some young healthy stud like Matt Steinman a little bit more, so I wear my masters right here. I got the. I got the alcohol I. I pay attention, but we're GONNA find out not today at too because the governor is going to make an announcement at two o'clock on Thursday. Two o'clock on Thursday about the next step in which counties are GonNa go from red to purple in the room, and it's only a room or not a believe. It's an indication that a county in southwest. Ohio maybe put in the Purple Category, which means everything is shutdown once again, which means the schools can open. That's Thursday to, and I pray to God that doesn't occur because the children are not at risk and schools exist for the children, not for the teachers or the administrators. Or the therapist or the IRS They exist for the students themselves, and as I announced two hours ago, according to the CDC there's about eighty million Americans in school eighty million, actually, the number on Google was eighty, two million call eighty million, and all of that time morning it right here CDC in the last six months there's been thirty children under the age of fifteen thirty died of Covid, nineteen and the typical year about two hundred, the flu, four hundred from suicide, six, hundred and twenty-five from homicide and forty, one hundred from unintentional deaths, including drowning children are not at risk. Let's continue with your calls. Shot on the other side Matt and make sure I. Don't talk. We got. We got Audrey Marianne Jason and your calls next five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, Bill Cunningham, the great, American live return with the reds, newsradio seven hundred. wwl W Cincinnati. Let's continue in your calls. The governor announced the come on today at two o'clock or Wednesday at two o'clock he'll be her Thursday two o'clock, which is raising speculations as to whether it'll be major announcements made about the nine to eleven counties in Ohio, that are red to make them purple. One of course might be Hamilton County so tomorrow. We're going to have on Denise Tree House, the President Hemmer County Commissioner talk about that, and so much more. Let's go back to the calls and I go to Audrey Marianne Jason Lee then many others. Others and first of all audrey, thank you very much for your patience and audrey on a cell phone. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham show and Audrey. How are you? I'm great. How are you bill? Thank you for your patience. Thank you. You're welcome and I thank you for bringing us the truth. We need it right now. And I have to factual stories to tell you about to relatives I have in health care. are hospitals need to be investigated because we're not getting the number their true numbers because one relative told me that There was a man who had tested negative five times for covid yet on his death certificate the Doctor Marks Cove it. And instead of he died of natural causes and have at times, Families Complain, and they were paid us out dollars to keep quiet and audrey. The reason is the federal government will reimburse hospitals thirty nine thousand dollars, if it's a covert nineteen death, and if it's not a covert death, you don't pay when you pay for something you get more of it. When you subsidize, subsidize it or tax, you get less of it I. Know that to be true, and that's what's happening and because that needs to be stopped. They don't need that money for Covid they have everything they need and the other hospital same situation This person was a friend of the relative, and he said that he would be replaced if he didn't put Kobe down is the reason for death? Want to save their job of course I. don't blame that person I. Guess wouldn't falsify an official record of that title win. The hospital's administrator, said look. You have to market that way you you know. They paid for the Ba- band, so they call the tune, and what? Why is it so political? How come the whole system is setup political and then one conservatives call them on it. They accused the Conservatives Republicans of engaging in their behavior right. It's just too political now. They all just WanNa hurt president trump. And we can't get correct information from. The World Health Organization or CDC. And Republican leaders need to stand up. And they need to speak because they want. Our vote doesn't happen much, doesn't Audrey? No, it doesn't doesn't and also I wanted to mention about these mass. Since you were talking about those earlier. This surgical masks that most of us wear the paper. One is supposed to be for in Stir Cheryl environments. And we wear them. Do Grocery everywhere and cloth. Ones are worse because they don't filter anything coming in. They just filter. What's going out? And so they're, they're useless. They look Nice but now the surgical masks. They said you need to turn out. Replace Them every twenty or thirty minutes. Or other non sterile. We're hurting ourselves with keeping all that carbon dioxide, and and not getting fresh air. Tell you story. That rocky told me yesterday about. How is the perception of safety when it, isn't it? He told me the story and I'm sure it's true that. When you're in the middle of the south. Pacific and there's a day off for a ship that what happens is that the sailors men and women they jump into the ocean. They around and every time they do that. They have somebody with a machine gun on the deck, supposedly providing security in case, a shark or a killer whale, or a might manner, ray comes up that you can shoot the shark and so. So why from around? And gives you the perception that you're safe and so end reality. The guy with a machine gun will tell you look the sharks. Come up from the bottom up. They don't they don't circle. Yeah, you're done. But while you're out there, splashing around, you have the perception that you're safe. Reason the masters required. Is because it gives you the perception. You're safe and it's government control of your life, and it's got nothing to do with your own health, because it doesn't protect you at all. Out, so I can. If I in fact I, was I was in a building, and there was a couple and look like a male nurse, female nurse in scrubs with the top of the mask between the lip, and the nose and I'm thinking you know, and and if you don't try it, Audrey going into a place in Ohio or Kentucky not wearing a mask, he'll be shamed into restaurants and will wear a mask until we're ready to eat. Do you. Have to because you want to, you want to help that restaurant. Out Yourself I want to get out and and the governor said last week that if you wear a mask, we're going to get out of this pickle were in. We're going to go back to school now. Let's see what happens on I. Guarantee You that eighty percent or more of the individuals I see out in public facilities are wearing a mask. Unusual now and so we've done what they've asked us to do. Knowing is not going to help us at all, but we submitted ourselves to the authority of the state as a symbol of compliance, and so if this results in more crackdowns when there's not a public health crisis and the general population that will be sick now if I'm if I, or you are in a nursing home and eighty seven years old and bad health, we are at risk and there's. Going on, but in the general population in the Tri State there is no. CARE crisis and the general population, and the the Tristate Ohio is had less than one hundredth of one percent have died of Kobe. If it was one percent by God. Think about that one hundred. I mean. If it was to ever was one percent, we'd be talking about one hundred and twenty thousand deaths. and. We have three thousand. And get the flu and get over it like we do any other flu because. It's less than a seasonal flu. At this point Audrey. They want to convince us that they're in control. They know what they're doing and you better submit. That's why we're wearing a mask. It's not because he's going to protect me or someone else because we don't follow the protocols on mask-wearing. It's something we do, so we don't get yelled out. Let's continue Marianne Jason both have been there for an hour and a half. We've got to get them on and Lee Amy Jennifer and. And many others. Let's go to Marianne Marianne. Welcome to the bill Cunningham show and Marianne please go ahead. Hi, I wanNA know what I feel like. I'm screaming in the wind. What can we do to make dewine? No, we are not happy with the I'm not eighty percent. I am not four dewine. Because he's ruining our economy, he won't let he's not gonNA. Let the kids go back to school. So who do we call? Do, we do you tell us? Marianne the governor, every two or three days runs a poll and he get on that I like to get on the pole and say I. He's got seventy five to eighty percent approval ratings USA. Today ran a poll a week ago. The most popular governor in America is Mike Dewine. So. How do we make him on? I. I used to speak to him. I'M GONNA. We texted back and forth about a week ago, so I'm GonNa make an effort. Between now and Thursday to communicate to him. What is actually happening not in Columbus on Main Street? In Small Town America, which is where and how he got elected everyone. I won't say ninety nine percent everyone I speak to think this is completely overblown. That's exactly what I believe. Can I am seventy eight? I WANNA food. Pantry, I meet people all the time. I am healthy. Why aren't people saying? We're tired of this we have, and I agree with their first caller that ninety two year old woman who she was right. We have laid down and said take US whatever you want. Do to us, and we don't want that. You can imagine if the snowflakes alive today were in charge award war to Oh my God, we'd be dead. Beckons Deutsche Specialty Deutsche. Yes. What happened to America when I look at the polling, the clearly indicates way of extremely popular politicians who cracked down, but on the other trumpet saying wait a minute we can walk and Chew Gum. This is a problem. Let's open society. He is bludgeoned to death and his poll ratings, and like in the forties. When you shut down, your very explained to me how that's popular. It's not and you know what I believe. If we would've stayed open in the very beginning, this would be over with by now. We would all got the heard virus or whatever they call it an. We'll be back to life again this people. There's too many people that are afraid and I've not afraid I is ridiculous. Marianne at some point we'll have an expiration date. And when the expiration date comes, it's over hopefully. Meet our maker in a positive fashion. But between now and that date I, WanNa live my life as a great American I wanNA. Play Golf. I'm going to go out to dinner on a week. My friends I WANNA Walk I. WanNa Watch sporting events gonNA live I don't want exist. I WANNA live. And right now one third one half of us do not wanna live their life. They're waiting. At death's door to enter. And I wanNA live my life. Let's continue now. We don't stop. We simply continue got Jason Lee Amy than many others Jason First of all. Thank you for your patience and thank you for coming on the bill. Cunningham. Show and Jason Go ahead. Hey Bill. Thanks. A Lot the question I have for you and I think the question that I think all of Ohio wants answered is who is paying the band. That's playing the song. The wine is dancing to Dr NBA. Might, soon have her own day. I heard and that But. Who is who is? Who is the wine actually listening to fix you know and we know that the bachelorette giving out are facts are facts. They're incontrovertible. Nobody's dying in math. With this, so who is he who is telling me telling him to shut everything down jet Jason if we lived at a time. One hundred years ago the Spanish flu. Killed about six hundred seventy five thousand Americans and today's numbers out would be two point two million, so if we actually had two point, two million dead Americans and ten times that number and hospitals, which is twenty million. It would be time to shut down our society. I get it, but when we live in a combat. I bought in at the beginning. I did, too. I, I was given the numbers I was spoken to I was in. Florida was told to get back home. I was given a special pass for for the road blocks. That were coming and I said Oh my God, this is it and when it did not happen, and when people paid attention and the numbers to flatten the curve did not occur because there was no curve. We in the Mid West did not have a curve tube flattened. We were told eighty. Dead Ohioans, seventy, thousand dead hoosiers and Kentuckians, where we're going to have one hundred and fifty thousand dead, Tristate staters my that Oh my God hundred fifty thousand thousand people dead. It is time to shut up no your role, shut your mouth and listen after about a month of that I said now wait a minute. You told US AIMEE ACTON said on March. Twenty Second March twenty second. She said there were one hundred thousand infected ohioans as she spoke in every six days. Dot number doubles so by May first. We were going to have eight million infected ohioans, which means there would be. Be Eighty thousand dead. There'd be eight hundred thousand in the hospital and eight million infected I'm going Oh Jesus Mary and Joseph I better go and light a candle. Because if this happens, we're done and so some time around the first of May and listen to me for the last several months I, said no wait a minute and I talked to Mike. This is what you said and this is what happened. Why instead it's because of the success of people I said when I talked to those who run UC medical and Christ and try health. They're telling me they're empty. They're laying off. They're laying off ER doctors and a middle of a pandemic. He said that's a symbol of our success. I said Great. So when did we start opening things up? He said slowly, but surely that was in May now here we're in the middle of July and the rumor. Is that something more strident going to happen starting Thursday at two o'clock, and now the high winds can't even fly to New York and get off a plane. Yeah Willie, but weren't. We told that no matter Wendy economy reopens. There will be an increase absolutely. So this is not a surprise. This is nothing to scream about, and then claimed at the sky is falling dish. We knew this what happened this. Out of everything with the copay. This is the one thing that has come true that you know. They said what when you open things up, Hannah King now, but you have these massive protests together with opening up both of them together join to have more infection plus these pop-up sites. There's one this afternoon in Lincoln Heights pop-up spot, and when you have these pop-up sites, you're going to have more infection. It is important to be infected or not, because there's generally absolutely no symptoms you know you got it, but but what's important is hospital hospitalizations. Hospitalizations and I see you. How many people in the inquire has said that there's no increase in hospitalizations no increase and I see you, and in fact we're still under one hundredth of one percent and the general population or Ohio right now Kentucky has fewer deaths from covid nineteen on average and the seasonal flu, but Bashir and and the wind keep acting as if we're in this crisis that exists only in their mind, not in reality, and they keep holding his news conferences as if they're in the middle of a pandemic when they're not. These news conferences. Will they have the guts once after they and I believe that the one will start shutting down, and we'll do the stay at home order again. Well. He have the guts in in his weekly or Daily News conferences to tell us the number of Ohio, and that have lost their jobs for good, not just not just for a little bit, but so many businesses. CanNot whether another shut down and the at all so I I challenge governor to wind to Hammock guts town. Violence lost their job. How many families have author homes? Because he reacted inappropriately and having done something wrong, he cannot now go back in time and apologize. He's got his put his head down and put Clermont County into the red category when the and the last seven months they've had six deaths, and in the last according to the public health records, seven deaths total from covid nineteen in the past six months and six hospitalizations, and the last two weeks none resulting in death, and they're in the red category. There's a disconnect between the words and reality. On newsradio seven hundred wwl view. Dot Com Why Am Scotch on broadcasting? And Rocky Governor, not on today fortunately, but that worries me because he's going to lay the people's elbow down on Thursday Thursday. The BEHAN IS GONNA come out the People's elbow. It's GonNa. Be Andre, the giant with the Hulk Stir. And I. Never Thought Hawks are ever actually beat Andre the giant. Am I right or wrong. Thing people remember. Is that he by slamming I, but if Andrei wanted to fight? It was over I would take him against a grizzly bear. Now you have papers? Facts segment deals with poetry. You have a problem in your community. You're probably wall. Thank you hit the hit this again. From rocky boy meets buddy. If you don't think you have a problem in your community, you're probably wrong, so if you don't think you have a problem, you're wrong. So what are the facts? I'm just trying to understand everything here of why Hamlin County, let's say is potentially entering the purple right purple my way, so you know the criteria right there seven. Through. Who voted on this criteria Matt Steinman. Past Tony Bender Tony Bender so Y-. Every single one seven is I'm looking at here. Have to do with cases has to do with deaths. Cases and hop pop testing is a big deal. You get more of those automatically you get. Five of the set criteria number five sustained increase in outpatient visits, the data the set looks at the number of people visiting outpatient settings, including telehealth appointments with suspected or confirmed Kobe one, thousand, nine, hundred suspected, or can so I I have like favorite kind of look like you may have it so boom. That goes into. into Saturday how many thousands of bread counts number? Four counts sustained increase in your er data will show us the trend in a number of people who visit an emergency department cove, nineteenth symptoms or a Kobe diagnosis as a result of the visits, he could go to get your tonsils out and before they do. Hey, let's get covered pests. Your show news sums boom positive cover tests your added to the list analyst. County and the last ten days have had five or six hospitalizations, and therefore they've gone up. Four hundred percent hang counties at seven hundred ninety nine total hospitalization. That's total since February. Seven so it's one hundred a month. Yes, but we have two thousand five hundred fifty seven beds account. We Have Bethesda Christ good. Samaritan Jewish hospital. Mercy Anderson Mercy Health West mercy handling. Try Health and University of Cincinnati as up to two thousand, five hundred and fifty seven beds, twenty, five hundred, and it gets about like eighty a day. But, even if all all of them haven't at once, we would still have what is that over? Seventeen hundred available beds. Still you're standing any this shirt I. Don't think he is go ahead. Tell me to crisis. Three thousand deaths out of twelve million people seventy percent of nursing homes in the general population. You call it one thousand deaths, that's under one hundredth of one percent in Ohio of the three thousand sixty four deaths eighty-two had been under fifty. That's around percent eighty, two under fifty, hundred fifty. You understand that say yeah. I don't think seventy. It's two thousand and three hundred and sixty to seventy eight percent segment. percent of the House deaths have been seventy plus. We shut down school shutdown nursing homes. Schools and how many children in America feel six point six million? From K. through high school and then add what like. Twenty twenty twenty minutes. About so, how about just K. through high school? That's an America's about fifty. Six million of the fifty six million I assume half have a Kobe nineteen. No no absolutely enough. How many of added so from five to twenty four five to twenty, forty, two, thousand four, there have been one hundred seventy deaths of school aged kids k. through college. There's been one hundred and seventy th, and by the way Ben numbers been consistent for about two weeks. So it's fair to say it is under zero point zero zero something. They're not at risk there's. Bad and it smelled Jackie Yeah. So you saw California. They're gonNA shut down yeah. Down shut it down so of the nine million kids under age eighteen, nine million under eighteen California California, how many died from Cohen I would assume four and a half million. Snow Zero Zero so when? You know they serve like a million million half. Students shunned no zero zero. Zero. I'm watching. MSNBC also known as MS ESPN this morning. And they have a reporter out in front of the sewage treatment plant in Phoenix Arizona, and behind this female reporter. Quite attractive I might add is a VAT. Looks like circulating poop and she did a stand up, saying they can tell how much infection there is by analyzing the poop in the sewer system. Would you? Would you like to have that Gig? Wait so so in order to test me. They gotta stick a Q. Tip like all the way up into my brain in order to determine. If I got an accurate mortgage, check your you know what come on I'm just telling you. I'm watching this and behind her was. A Little semi droplet gets on someone cove nineteen, but to get tested I got sick. A Q. Tip always into my skull out the top of your head, and back in you gotTA. About this right for mortar Demi Moore I don't deal with facts. Go ahead, says you understand any of this, so this is in Florida Florida Department of Health. And all their positive They're confirmed cases like Friday. It was ten, thousand, three hundred. Saturday was a max of any state fifteen, thousand, three hundred, so news agency down there Fox thirty five is looking in this. The population has has everyone's got got hair grown out of their eyeballs well, they looked into some of these. These places specific testing locations in. Diagnostics right just is in some county in Florida it was reporting eight percent of their tests were back came back as positive impossible, so they dug a little bit, and it turned out that that actually isn't. What happened was only nine point four percent, so they had the decimal point moved in the Orlando. Veterans Affairs Medical Center originally said they had seventy six percent positively. They dug into start asking you questions and they admitted it was actually six percent. Why would they admit to lies? Then one caught changing because of the green lettuce or salvation. Get paid, yes. Well might dewine say Thursday at two o'clock. Hamilton County. You're in the purple. They can't. It'd be anarchy. With pitchfork. Can't physically can't do it. According to Larry Householder as long as his approval, ratings are eighty percent. He's not changing. How many polls even in your life have you been asked? Were approval rating for the governor not yet. Might Happen, I know no I said. Are you often pulled? Now. You know what we're talking about. No. Now. Why are we the mask? I had another expert. The mask may protect someone else. If you're infected, it doesn't protect you from catching it from somebody. And secondly you got to follow all the protocols on mask handling mass disposal. You can't wear the same mass more than like three hours. It's got to be washed out every night. It's got to be dried and so if you use it so. So it has nothing to do with public safety everything to do with submission to authority has got nothing to do with keeping you safe for your wife. Say for your kids as to do with you. Understanding I'm in charge, and you're not the image of safety I told you the story. Yes, tell the story about the separate, so my buddy is a naval academy cyclists. You might understand this. And again this has to do with safety versus that perception of safety so is in the naval. Academy and he's on a submarine right, and they go out way out in the middle, the alantic ocean cassie see land for hundreds of thousands of miles right so they come to the top of the water there and they allow them to go swim. Sailor nor jump out swimming. Will they put someone on the deck with an M16 right? In That person at say. Maybe that's a guy from Saint Louis. Might be the guys say. He'll be arrested, so they gotta go up there with M16 his job is to. A shark comes to shoot the shark. Okay, so my buddy and other swim round. Great Time we'll protect them back on the submarine. How long you've been doing about twenty years ago, so in twenty years. How many sharks have you shot or even? He goes none he goes. If a shark comes to attack you, it's GonNa come underneath the water. I won't even see. We've bitten half because I'm just here to make you feel safe. act. The image of safety in the perfect announcing safest isn't safety important. Don't you want not drive a car? Not Jumping Swimming Pool. What played golf? You must be hidden ahead. Why go bowling I mean match diamonds a great bowler, but every now and then he throws out his shoulder and can't bowl I. isn't it better to stay home in the closet? Get in bubble wrap and do nothing. In that better one of life has the have experiences. So when you're in your latter years, you can say more I did this. I did this and you bring your grandson. Your kids ever say boy. When I was young, I went, and did you gotTa have some stories tell? Your book about. Not Getting Anything to do with else plugs. Thank you. You're welcome. By the way pre orders are amazing. I am a tax from A. L. In college official says ask rocky. When's HE GONNA start a campaign to get rid of the word bomber from Saint Ex, he goes and kills a bunch of innocent people. Crusaders are done at Muller because of killing Muslim men, women and children, and also the Lancers are done because it depicts artifacts USA slaughter, innocent people, and the Panther Celebrates Yui, Newt Huey Newton Right Black Panther so elder. They're in trouble. So what's left? The rocket kills. Coleraine Cardinal. That's kind of A. Kind of a bird. That doesn't this small little chirping bird. That doesn't win the big games. Only one of the wildcats especially against Saint Action the playoff about saint excellent play offs all. High School will be a high school game this year. Oh Man I. Don't know I. I don't know. Any looking good, what about the SEC I? Am Positive? There's reasons. To play our kids are not at risk better off being on a college campus amongst other people of his or her age. Okay, that are otherwise unaffected by this with all kinds of treatment, availability and millions of dollars worth of facilities are they more safer, there or are they safer back home safer? Guam bars and no. Have you seen with? Teenage boys are doing now. Basketball baseball soccer swimming there camping. They're living life and their with others like themselves. They don't pay attention to any of this. So by getting back in school, you put them in a more of a cloistered environment lesson structure. Young people need drugs. You agree, say structure. What happened to him about that having to me? What about the girl used to date at Coleraine? WHO's worked without pedophile? What's her name? What merit was a tracy? What's her name? That was a long time ago. was supposedly she had somebody under her. That had sex with teenage girls. Have you seen that story? Say you talking about. What do you know about this? Know Nothing and. Whether. She turned me down I. Guess Lane Maxwell is. Singing like a canary right now. How long was she killed herself yet like the other guy and. The same joint humane murdered whenever to Maya Denard was the chief of staff to WHO. Owns you fit and Phil how many years like four five and now? She's singing like a canary in pg saying. This isn't about this isn't about me. It's about you well. Can you get a work release program to come back to be the mayor of Cincinnati? WanNa. Know is what if what if he walks up. There puts his hand on the Bible right hand up and all of a sudden. There's a policeman back there. Put the cuffs on him right before he becomes mayor. Because Toledo has four of nine. We might have five of nine with the gang of five to beat out tour Toledo. More of our, we got more corruption around here. No care about that I care about the whole county and other counties in Ohio getting shut down for no reason. Yeah, we. We need a candidate to say trust me Allsteel less than the rest. We, need that candidate to step up and say trust me. I'll steal less than the rest of the less corrupt. Less corrupt you're in. Rocky wanted to run wanted to run for city. Council should be my. I'll be less corrupt than most trust me I'm not gonNA steal as much as PG and Seal Bach, and Wendell I feel less there, you go rock. A free book. Go the motto is you vote for me to get a book? It's like Roosevelt with the chickens still less than the rest in every pot that now that was you. But how about harsher? than the rest. Not Bad, not bad. I'll try not to be locked up during my time in office. I'm only going to hire friends and family members and I'm not taking that big of a cut from their salary either some be honest. With the electorate in your mic remember, it's not about me it's. How does he stand up there and say that with a straight face I? Don't know I. Don't know that's that's. Inconsequential say give me some sports. We'll hear the stooge. Reporters Approach Service of a local tempstar heating air conditioning dealers tempstar quality. You could feel a beautiful Milford Baker Heating Eight, three, one, fifty, one, twenty four. I'll still much less than the rest opening day ten days away, will he is reds? Get still get ready to face off against those tigers now one week away now for the first scrimmage against the Tigers next Tuesday night. Can anyone be there? No, please continue borrowed at four o'clock the franchise tag deadline. Slap it on number eighteen AJ. I say yes. Nothing so because they're not gonNA, pay him. And not going to release them release. You GotTa Muslim Veterans fever for how much money's going to get like fourteen, million or something like that by the way, everyone is rooting against the preseason all we hate preseason games. You're happy that. PRESEASON Games canceled. How's that going to work out for a young rookie quarterback? You can't even Zad no ta days and gone no nothing nothing in person going with maybe two most likely zero preseason games. You can start day one. Borough to be really good he. He better have all the weapons. All the weapons and better have a better offensive line. Williams is back Jones ups. To win. While hopefully, get leash, make it through camp. Remember off still much less than the rest. Vote for me, okay? For Rocky, I'll still less than the rest. And I would never say. T shirt vote for rocky onto back to. Get a piece for you. Wouldn't be good. I don't know obviously what PG's doing succeeding so. Under. Criminal Investigation I'm running for mayor. Also Willie at Tom Burns your on Erin Andrews out. With dancing with the stars after fifteen years so. Wild rumors that you and Tanya Aurore. Tonight, he headed to Hollywood to take over. The the. Rumors are either tri-state going around tristate that you and Tanya Rourke. We'll be. As show been there done that, the answer is no okay. But. They want persons of color to do that. That's the issue. Maybe, a gay lesbian woman, and they aardvark by sexual transitioning male. And then you're in the ratings. Go right through the top. Okay, do they? Yes? That's what Aaron told me I used to date her, you know. I shouldn't say that. Pretend like I didn't say that okay. That from the record. Say Rocky we'll see. Don't come in here with facts anymore. PIANO ROCK! Come away in your time, right? How many school kids in California? There is nine million kids under age eighteen and there's been zero deaths. Shut down the school with Scott. Shut down the schools. Say Thank you. You're welcome. Say Give me out of the students report will the honor of a beautiful Tuesday here in the tri-state vote for rocky, get a piece of the Rock and I'll steal much less than the rest. We leave you with the immortal words of the stew report. Free Marijuana. Medicine both for Bill. S Still A. There was a time segment when not running for dude had. Roth for your at. I go by that restaurant every time I look, he's passed out with his gun and DESTRUC- and gun on his lap and a big Mac and his mouth. Drunk driving away to go. Well, he's Zelda. Do something make you in the news? Within a day? He was in the news. Really Rocky thank you. Could enjoying yourself segment. Thank you, you're welcome to. You have any idea what we're talking about. Maybe go over that maybe tomorrow. One of them's facts more. On seven hundred WWL W.

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