ANTEA and I'm getting into PODCASTS a hundred over here transparent system five zero ever that we have to do a lot of separation in order for our relationship to even start thriving to a point it really you just made me upset like black for one let's be we talk about it the team I think we think about that in terms of our relationship is well right because our personalized because you know we try to keep it in here like Super Christ because you've been following Jay Z. since you is like a super young right like middle school you know especially where where it has gotten how even we take us before like US deciding to move from us being very reasonable moving was to get away so we literally restoring we're not at the watchful eye of anyone we'll be in separated from beyond saying that in that matter and this has got us to thinking about how many a really good team like you guys in the middle school now we're but like junior right right right so for a long time and I guess once we I heard her the news Alexia businesses in you know after all now seem like relationship is in like the best place possible it's this hope you got so many investments like everywhere right Gotcha money catch hands in so many different pots which is crazy especially for his originally dope team you only get you to you know certain levels in especially in thinking about it and Micah marriage term to be like an NBA super successful articulate the same result exactly right you have to be ten times as good you know you think about the oprah's everybody Oprah look at their ages the two for two threes to work and we always lucky is right to kind of piggyback and you have to work ten to twenty times because it's hard to grow someone's holding you to some sort of ideal of what you should be or what you used to do or what you may be did when you're right I think I see somebody else compared to I like Jay z since he was twenty six currently four years like what Russian Chicago is synonymous violence and craziest people here that you that's the first thing they think about but for real for real you know something is always different go to move into a land whatever seven hundred miles away because we wanted to just wanted to us what to do you know what's funny about that when people here because l. was that you got other little billion news coming right so unless you intact it just takes some time unless you are Kylie but whatever no one that you have to separate sometime in wake elevate and get to the next level tradition we always would act like you know that that'd be like overnight he and overnight billion they'll be all up in the news they all up under bdo there we everywhere you know you don't hear anything that they don't we'll go eat wings and catfish and it's okay it'd be like you know fifty pounds overweight I mean why the hell are you out there. Jogging do race is so calculating which is is dealt with in the sense of other than that it's like super that can be family as well as France in if you are you don't change family just 'cause you move to a different Stadi- right so when those people come along we live there I mean come on it's not two million people getting killed right well we lived was really nice and makes keys tonight schools and everything like that are and sometimes as you've brought along family you as well you've had to realize some of those people at the inner circle go because just just you even over time I think we've seen some seeing like even a family is toxic or anything like that I mean 'cause we always get the beans about friends like you get to thinking about how like one of the most elite couples in Hollywood right and you hear anything about them the three years ago two years ago whatever that is and we just really wanted a blank slate at the barometer for you and where they feel like well you got career thank you Jason Camp you only see a certain amount of people about what marriage marriage is just a different dynamic me you can push me Oh and you know like I know right that's just not the case when people they may make office support right but everything you know I know how much career beheaded I knew where I want I want your kids to be doing over the summer like this to go to right I it sounds bad for that people always love well you know my mom was going to be here after my daddy going be here at this point in time get murky if you got laying a best friend from us it kid or if you do have like a a mother wants your involvement Father Assistant for that matter checks and balances because now our relationship is different as far as our marriage Wiggins got I I ed how we run our ship and it can be extremely hard to grow and thrive when I'm Mary so other than that is also just knowing that vulnerability in marriage is so deep so with those people who come in you think because all marriages are created right somebody may say yeah I'm Mary you're married but the way you do what you do is way different then next we're at war Galata day like how gloves that man it's just like knowing that having a good team in just because somebody is blood I mean that really mean that they can help you become a better version of yourself is that really me because right that you really close to Oh this is the one thousand nine hundred forty it's like now brush she's a woman she needs to take a back seat and I don't believe in that and because of that if these people are Mimi has that sound if that's a word this the truth in our relationship is sometimes I think that you may be around some people who don't necessarily share that same outlook when it comes to friends there's just an added measure of length the checks and balances that agent and know where you stand over here in sometimes I'm counting gives you can't mix so how kid people 'cause I guess we think about it say why I guess on to say right so she has is much footing as me but she will see a lot of MIA specifically thin mama shouldn't have to how dare he shouldn't have to Leo whatever it is for that person to come I is literally got Banyan Wabi and Dan children push me can you inspire me some sort of way that's not like a case of a lot of the time half the time so that's done without like really in close contact with you you can't bump heads with that which cabbages for days conflict in your life then it's crazy negatively really crazy until that happens in the future hopefully not we go me first and that's the way just in a healthy way she anyway what is the author of Vesta operations and in our relationship we literally put each other second to no one but guide and this cliche and quotable and I don't put my wife second to anyone and I want her to have a seat at the table or hurt happened opinion ratio balls Sushi it'd be awesome to she got why people do that stuff right back all of these ideals thing just committed suicide okay cool but then you find yourself sometimes somebody may be a little upset lesbians humid nature this feels good girl does your bed was perfect right and that was successful company and of course if something happened where unionise you will be breaking news right right let's share this and S. bad in ways to taxi people because you will find out sure enough people want potentially have a chippewa shoulder when it comes to those things because I'm one of those me I don't like to give us anything to talk about I don't like to be that person so the a copy of marriage even if it's unintentional year was crazy about that sometimes a lot of stuff goes on subconsciously I think a pass to talked about this at church a couple are opening up to someone and that third party they can come in the threatening you know they come in and they sit in you know slack text messages the father then everybody wants to say you know then we all of his black empowerment away but how we always say literally starts at home and so if you are a third party afterwards they don't understand those intimate moments that you have to get their understand that you know you you love skipping the game once you years ago where it's just like it's like h right I mean we out and right wing acute way we smoking cigars and raising kids and we invest in real estate together we emerging at one point of saying so you have to watch that come alive with those tax friendships wheel tax friendships tax families you know is always like as you see beyond hope family right seeing how Mama you see health hosted on the system of course in her cousin and it's not like it's a million when people around are they next door neighbors are they strangers at the starbucks now you know like I know it's causing is your Aunty is because when you see that you should be taking of Kimberly you should be thinking of Christian and kidding right the second with that means that a quote often we talk about toxic people in ridding ourselves from toxic people and we always laugh right like who are the toxic people are they coworker it literally like before it happens right I literally arm myself and say Okay I am not going to give you any feel about effect you're going to be tough you Rachel so literally it was me as a young man trying to do the right thing after seeing divorce and separations and domestic violence I'm saying okay is your daddy text messages because these those are people that's Closys team and the people closest to you they know you costly the say down the soulful Sosa was not enough that's us no doubt I was alkhast you'd like the South the south guest I keep searching keep searching I keep searching keep searching for a template known that's out there so I can model myself off of God's here you know what we need okay go ahead and talk to Old Veronica until you why I'll I'll let you a grown man and then the fan for waking up and do all those right time and time and time again even when no one's watching so a lot of the times we'll be the people closest to you because I think Ooh no I think that's the whole early oh I think it was like that on that quote that you that you show a couple of months ago it was like you see me out tuna something drunk at the clip I look like I'm about to sneak out the back though if you don't check me right in how do you not my friend entre percents what's going to become of of of them and so often rival we just have yes meet right they do the difference in some types of friendships we talked about toxicity whatever you had a friend who is around you always talking bad about they spouse I bet you are friends with somebody or you know y'all cool it I thought you always wanted lookout for them not to say that you gotTa tell me what to do you can come in for a minute you know those fragile parts bake by take with from Libyan a safe space he noted connect gin to Bella trade all in chain and I'm like wow like whoa and so consciously doing that purpose not that's you don't ever have a whole they went pulling say hey man just whispering things like maybe it's okay one drink you're not supposed to even though they might be oh everything that's going on mom insisted you know you've been working hard bro washing why she ain't no jobs and with that information people could use that against you I'm at the point of my life arm I thought it was cool to kind of like how friends that cosign your bullshit you know what I'm saying okay it's cool term Martha Handy I make swinging you can say hey you've at least say that at least hey like I may so how much you make I was you deal with nobody speeds to steal to be like this person and I wanted to say the least close to being which is like home breath my wife is not my friend right she is not that cool matter of fact whole time she really walks badly out your spouse they always driven a bunch of person you know because you have given that person's space that can be best friends she even Apple Alice she oh right because people only up with you because it can benefit them so hey hang out it's just like flips right this is hang out with these

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