Orpheus and Eurydice Pt. 2: Hades


This episode features dramatization and discussions of violence homicide DEF that some people may find offensive. We advise caution for listeners under under thirteen something to note. All myths have many versions and variations for this episode. We've selected those we feel are the most dramatic and entertaining and supplemented them with additional research into ancient Greek traditions because mythology comes from oral tradition. There's a wide variety across sources are myths may not always be version. You're familiar with but we hope you'll enjoy them. eurydice easy lay amongst the Ashy Moss and dark lichens of the underworld her airy body like a lead weight even lifting her arms took so concentration and agonizing effort. It was far easier to simply close her heavy eyelids and dream. She didn't dream aim of life or the flowers of the Earth's. Abundant forest floors not anymore. Her sleeping mind was filled by the same dark dark shadows and misty fumes that drifted around her memories of a time before death eluded her just out of of reach. Even her own name was so distant she had forgotten it until out of the Black Knight. She heard the sound of a liar eurydice. See here it AC- Matt Song. Why do I know it. What is it calling forth from my shadowy soul the delicate Alex way the notes play together slipping like pearls on a string so familiar and now a sweet voice crying out lamenting Eurydice. You're GONNA see that is my name and that voice orpheus welcome to mythology a podcast original every Tuesday. We present dramatic stories. He's from ancient mythology and explore their origins. I'm your host and Narrator Vanessa Richardson. 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We then followed orpheus down to the underworld where he was armed with only his lyre this week will hear about the conclusion of orpheus is quest and the dark dramatic end of this epic tale of love and loss us when Eurydice he died from a snake bite in the woods of th race her new husband husband orpheus was devastated a talented musician. He turned to song to express his grief. His music was so beautiful that man beast and God were all moved orpheus. Father Apollo the God of light was so saddened and by his sons heartbreak that he offered orpheus a gift. If orpheus dared descend to the underworld to win eurydice he back from from death Apollo would protect him orpheus would cross the river styx twice into and out of the land of the dead and he would live orpheus leapt at the chance feeling hope stir in his chest for the first time since losing losing his beloved he knew the underworld was full of perils. He knew that it's God heydays had a stony cold heart art but he was determined to take this chance to sing his plea and win back your idiocy. No matter what challenges Haiti's He's put in his path. He descended into the underworld at the sound of orpheus. Song Eurydice e Sprang Brang from her bed of black Maas the cloudy shadows still held sway over her mind but she knew that voice calling on all the power she could muster. She drifted toward the song she followed it past the great elm tree of the underworld old but she wasn't tempted by the false dreams that lay on the bottom of each rustling leaf she followed it through hordes of other shades silently weeping the agony in orpheus voice. She followed the music all the way to the throne of Hades and percents any his queen. They're at their feet knelt orpheus. He was pleading for her life. eurydice aridity reached out her shadowy hand towards her beloved the man who had wooed her with his golden voice who had taken her in his arms in spite of Hymens refusal to bless their union the man she had thought more vibrant than any plant or animal or babbling brook she longed to wrap him in a tight embrace to feel his heartbeat against hers but she knew she would not be able to touch him not here not like this as one of the dead she was nothing more than mist and darkness and so she stayed in the crowd and listened with the rest as orpheus spoke she saw per seventies face soften and then Haiti's as Orpheus sang and finally she heard Haiti's reply orpheus could have of her could bring your it. AC- back to the land of the living heydays would let her go she would be with orpheus once more and and she would run free amongst the glorious flowers and the throbbing light of Full Day far from this realm of Eternal Shadow. She stepped forward towards Orpheus as Haiti's spoke his final words. You'RE IT AC- could go back to the world of the living as as long as orpheus didn't turn around to look at her until they were out of the underworld your it AC- stopped short as as the rest of the shades cleared a path for orpheus she stared up to Haiti's who returned her gaze with a stern steely countenance attendance that was impossible to read. She began a silent prayer have the strength he asks view Orpheus. You who are a singer not a fighter have the strength to resist temptation have the strength to bring bring me back to life you who thrive on pleasure and love not restriction have the strength to allow me once wants more to be your wild companion upon the green surface of the earth your it. AC- followed orpheus through who the crowds of shades she was silent drifting light as air in his wake but she matched his quick pace past West cerberus the three headed hound whose teeth receded beneath his hanging jowls as they drew near into Karen's boat across across the river sticks which lapd at her trailing fingertips with longing your ours it seemed to whisper but it didn't let her pass buoy by hope she followed orpheus up the craggy slopes amongst the formless rocks towards towards the gates of -Tainer US her hope ballooned as they climbed higher and higher. They were almost there orpheus. This is back looked straight and strong bent toward the surface of the earth like an Arrow there she saw it the light seeping seeping through the gates almost imperceptible to the eye but to your idiocy accustomed to deaths darkness it was a harsh glare air even from here down the path and shielded by Haiti's fumes and mists she could feel the unfamiliar heat as the rays of light hit her. Her shadowy form started to become more solid. Her limbs felt strong she could. I almost feel a human heartbeat in her chest but orpheus was slowing. Why is he slowing and now he stopped. Why has he stopped. His body is shifting. God's know or face. Don't turn to face me. orpheus framed by the looming gates of -tainer. US slowly shifted I his torso then his shoulders and then with a final devastating snap his golden head it was Eurydice sees sees orpheus beautiful orpheus with his golden glowing smile Eurydice by beloved bride. You'll hear your perfect face though shadowed with death so close to me Orpheus I've been in here. I have followed you out of Haiti's as the God of death promised my beloved. Why do you speak so sadly. How could you forget Haiti's terms foolish orpheus because you've always been blessed by your father by every man who here's your voice voice. That's why you take the gods challenges lately but Haiti's gave you one chance to reverse the tides of fate. He won't give view another. Oh we were so close so close to my life to our love once more but but you can sign me to death with your careless doubt you've killed me twice over no no. I faced the Valley of darkness view. I would die for you a thousand times over hell arrogant you. You have been my love. Perhaps he would die for me but you flouted the conditions of Haiti's and now you live will i. I must sink think back into the shadows. What if I'd done I will try again. I will save you. I'll amend Mike Faleigh. It's too late orpheus for both of us. My Hell will be no worse than yours your living hell amongst the golden light light and flowers. I'll be surrounded by the darkness of death but you'll carry the darkness of grief and regret for the rest of your life say goodbye my love goodbye. ARTHIUS YOU'RE IT AC- receded into the editing mists of Hades as the heavy shroud of death descended once again and orpheus lead out a great sob as the full weight of his mistake hit him you coming up orpheus faces the consequences of his folly dragons sea serpents giants demons. These are the monsters that must be slain gene by any great hero in myths but these monsters aren't merely adversaries. There are a reflection of the darkest fears man once had every every Monday my show mythical monsters tells the stories of these beasts and asks what they represent to mankind was the crack in just a giant sea monster. Mr Or was it. The physical manifestation of our fear of the deep was the Nemean lion just one more monster for Hercules to slay or or was it a symbol of man's dominance over nature come along on a journey to uncover the beasts of the past follow mythical monsters for free on spotify modify and anywhere you listen to podcasts or visit par cast dot com slash mythical monsters to listen now now back to the story. Haiti's moved by Orpheus music gave him an opportunity to win back his beloved Eurydice from the underworld all that orpheus had to do was make the journey back to the living earth without turning backwards for a glimpse of your idiocy eurydice heeds promised would be right behind orpheus and once the couple reached the living earth. She would be a living bride once more. Haiti's kept his word but orpheus could not resist turning back to make sure your it AC- was there behind find him impatience fear and weakness ruined the one chance orpheus and Eurydice he had at recovering their love orpheus shattered and bewildered at this unthinkable conclusion to his mission stood sobbing at the top of the a steep slope into Haiti's and then he realized the only choice that remained he would descend again he would follow your idiocy into the shadows this time there will be no hope of ever returning to the Earth's surface. Eurydice Z. was right. Haiti's would not give him a second chance but if he could not bring your it AC- back to life at least he could join her in death. He turned back towards the shadows no fear in his dissent this time he stumbled stumbled and slid down the slope reckless in his despair. He didn't care what happened to his body. All he wanted now was was death. Finally he reached the shore of the river sticks. The tall dirty figure of Keiron on stood waiting in his wooden boat orpheus fell on his knees in the shallows clinging to the edges of the barge. The inky linke icy waters painted him with their lapping waves. Oh ferrymen of Haiti's please let Edney ride upon your boat into the darkest shutters of the underworld. There are no second chances in Hades orpheus. We gave you special allowances because your song moved us but you broke your word please. I beg if you this time I will stay on the the other side never again. Will I venture back to all the land of the living ferry me like any man who comes here to lay his soul to rest amongst the shadows. You are not dead yet. Go back to the land of the living die there and then you'll be as welcome. There's any dead man with the coin beneath his tongue to pay for passage until then you show not set foot upon my boat. Karen pushed orpheus hands off the sides of his boat with his long paddle and drifted away into the dark mists. STS covering the surface of the water orpheus was devastated. He shivered cold and heartbroken. Life held nothing for him. Now he couldn't bear to leave the underworld and face the light of day but he could not pass deeper deeper into hades. If keiron would not ferry him and so- orpheus stayed there on the banks of the river sticks every time care on return to the shore. He began his please anew so it went for seven months orpheus. I started to look like a shade himself shadowy and insubstantial he subsisted on Soro shame grief and end the salt of his own tears but Keiron simply shook his head however much orpheus looked like death he was not dead at last orpheus had had enough his grief had brought him no closer to his beloved ed after seven months of weeping he turned his bony back on the river sticks and began the ascent to the world of the living thing he pushed back through the gates of -tainer us back to life. The light of day seared orpheus. This is Pale skin but he cared not he fell to the living earth like an old man a fever overtook him. His mind was hazy. He couldn't concentrate the day was bright around him but he carried an overwhelming darkness within as your it. AC- had known he would his grief and guilt were shadowy and endless as hades itself several days as of this Hayes passed until finally in a stupor he stumbled to a nearby stream and drank the living water flowing there he plucked berries from the nearby. Bushes and eight and then he fell into a deep sleep when he woke the fever had had broken he was squarely back in the land of the Living Orpheus blinked sadly at the beautiful day around him then he did the only thing he could think to do musician that he was he sang. I lost my wife life my new bride when my heart was full of strength and love. I searched for her through the forest and pasta the jaws of tenuous. I walked amongst the shades for her and sang for the three headed hound. I sighing Fajitas too for her and made my plea. I showed strength but then when strength was needed most I was weak. I turned my head and abandoned Eurydice. Let's see to death. She said will be a living hell for my mistake and she spoke spoke truth in death just as she did in life orpheus traveled across all of th- race race lamenting he sang of your it. Assi so beautiful so wild and young and he sang of his own hope and his failure and weakness that ended it all men and women came to listen to Orpheus is song at every town he passed last. They were awed by his power to move them to tears with his tale of love and loss. Some women in return for Orpheus is is art tried to give the singer love they wooed him with their sultry eyes and they're flowing hair as your it is he had once done but orpheus turned them away young men sometimes did the same slipping their lied arms around his waist and whispering in his ear these he occasionally accepted they reminded him less of perfect. Urizzi and they helped to push his pain away away but his grief always returned with a vengeance a pattern emerged and orpheus grew through almost to like it the whisper of reprieve in the loving arms of a handsome boy then the crashing return of his grief and and shame but the years wore on and he grew to hate the pity and pain his song awoke in the breasts of all who listened he didn't deserve the whole or comfort they offered in return for music. He'd killed eurydice easy. It was time I'm to spurn the company of men as well as women time to flee all human society orpheus slunk slunk deep into the woods his lyre still playing haunting melodies that made all of nature weep but without the goodwill good will of human hands. There was no respite from his grief. He ate little P. Drank less he wandered heard through the mountains with nothing but his liar and the clothes on his back his beard grew long across his youthful face his golden hair grew shaggy and dull his is lost their luster and seemed always to gaze glassy at something unseen unseen orpheus was broken and alone in a waking dream. That was always about Eurydice. He wondered like like an old man. Despite the fact that he was still in his prime then midwinter hit and the mean ads entered the woods. It's a group of Thracian women inspired by the ritual mania of the god of wine entered the mountains of race for their rituals every other year at midwinter they they came with their hair down thrashing in the icy wind they threw away their sandals and pulled off their fawn skins as they rammed through the twisting forest paths and then they began their dance high pitched music pulse does says they tossed their naked bodies back and forth amongst flickering torches warling and shouting shaking their heads and jumping then they spread out through the woods they're ecstatic cries piercing through the darkness as they ran tumbled twirled and shook shook orpheus heard them coming meaning. Lena must be out this midwinter night. Gods keep me safe from they mischief but who's that figure there lurking need in and it is. I- orpheus the singer of threes. I bid you dance on enjoy your nights of freedom so wild and unabashed bashed. I stay not to watch nor interfere but simply because these words are my home. Now is how delightful flamy songs so I might dance through the woods with the Mad God of pleasure at my side as as you come on to me and I love to sing and tonight is your colts nine. I'm colling. I'm willing to the mountains. Come off Theus dance with me I would that I could you make me think of my eurydice in another form so free and wildly live but I cannot join dancer pleasure. I have sworn the company the of women in the joys of the flesh in the absence of my beloved. I am a killer I suffer for it. We celebrate. Oh Break Diane nicest tonight you foolish boy. Any of US could be killers tonight. Set Your morning aside and throw your body into the wind with US enter our celebration and ecstasy you lost one love wild lose. The opportunity for another orpheus was beguiled by the wild freedom of this dancing made her rhythmic make dance and the careening tilt of her neck enticed him. He felt younger than he had in a long time more present. Perhaps perhaps a dance with the mean ad and her sisters would not be a betrayal of your idiocy and of his grief one night of dance and nothing more to forget the pain and celebrate dyonisis and so- orpheus joined the dance of the mean ad he leaped and twisted twisted and let the dark heavy grief which haunted him without in lashes of arms and legs he played his lyre whereas he danced and loosed his voice like the mine ads in cries that pierce through the mountain slopes and echoed softly and towns hounds faraway sleeping children heard his savage mournful tune lovers tossed beside one another unsure unsure what it was. They heard but they were moved. Even in their dreams brides and grooms held one another close orpheus amongst the mine ads danced on but the mean ads didn't just WanNa dance with orpheus they wanted him to join win their freedom fully they wanted him to give them his body coming up up orpheus resists the men ads lustful demands now back to the story orpheus emerged urged from the underworld shattered and heartbroken knowing he had lost his only chance at recovering his beloved. Eurydice easy at first he sang of his heartbreak amongst the thracians and sought comfort in the arms of men but this was shallow comfort and eventually he relinquished the company of humanity and sang his lament to the mountains and the forests of three alone until the mean ads ads arrived and convinced him to dance by their sides orpheus you dance with us and you feel feel the ecstasy of our dance as is right but our wildness at the rights of Dyonisis does not end with dancing. Come lay with us you mean add so wild and beautiful but I repeat. I have given up the company of women for however beautiful. You are however much you call her to my mind you a not your to see and no other woman can take the place. If you ready in my heart nor in my bed forgive me for impinging on the freedom of your rights. I should go silly orpheus. You should have chosen our love now. You'll get a wrath. Let the chase begin. My maidens made made diagnosis grant our legs speed and our hands strengh orpheus while you can be go in peace it. It's too late for that whole look at you. You're slowing. We catch you you orpheus careened through the would his shattered body no match for the graceful strength strength of these hardy women perhaps he should have simply stopped and let the end come and end that he thought he wanted ever since since he lost eurydice but he found strangely that in the face of death he craved life his mind turned in desperate circles one night with mean ads. Would it be so bad you ritzy gone so long now but as the main ads cried as they descended on him it was too late for that now they wanted blood orpheus cried out in agony as their hands clawed at him tearing him limb from limb in savage bloody glee but his cries went unanswered the women were fuelled and inspired by Diane Isis the god of wine and of ritual will madness and ecstasy orpheus had used up the graces of the gods the pain intensified but as it did orpheus felt his mind clear he sank away from the horror of this death piece flooded his spirit for the first time since that day he found your it. AC- lying on the forest floor his trial finally was over. He closed his eyes and pictured your idiocy forgetting his loss and his weakness remembering. Only we love it was time to cross the river styx one last time it was time to join your at Assi on the other side. The mine ads ripped orpheus his body to shreds then scattered the pieces through the forests and the fields of race but even in death orpheus his sweet voice sang of your Ritzy as his head rolled down on the rocky mountain slopes and crashed into an ice cold winter stream his frozen tongue gasped. You'RE IT AC- poor you're ready with its final ebbing breaths all along the Stream and through the mighty forests and mountains as of threes. The riverbanks echoed with his cry. It's still echoes today. orpheus challenge was simple on the surface look forward. Don't turn back but it proved to be more difficult than it seemed. Distrust distrust and doubt plagued his assent. The theme is clear dwelling on the past prevents us from walking into the future. This message is so powerful that it appeared in multiple mythologies in ancient times. One example is in the Bible's Old Testament. Lot's wife flouting the instructions of God peered over her shoulder to watch the wicked city of Sodom. Earn Sodom was her home however however evil it was perhaps she could not quite bring herself to give up on the past as punishment for failing to follow an order from God she was turned into a pillar of salt but the myth of orpheus and Eurydice e contains an extra ingredient that helps it to stand out against similar tales in addition to being a parable. It's also a classic love story that can be easily adapted to reflect changing social social norms and views on romantic relationships for example all bids version of the story leaves eurydice perspective largely unexplored. He writes only the following dying a second time now. There was no complaint to her husband. What then could she complain of love except that she had been loved. Some twentieth century versions of the tale have taken license with that open ended question in her poem Eurydice e modernist poet Hilda doolittle pen name. HD SUGGESTS THAT YOU'RE IT AC- sees orpheus as arrogant and ruthless and ends the tale with your it AC- claiming powerful ownership over herself and her place in heydays however dark and ugly Elliot might be compared to her previous life with Orpheus in the living world author Margaret Atwood posits in her poem Orpheus Eurydice he he had no interest in returning to the land of the living at all and followed orpheus back toward earth simply because she was forced to buy the pact he'd made with Haiti's and in her Tony Award winning musical Haiti's Town Playwright Nas Mitchell depicts a eurydice who willingly chooses uses to go to the underworld in pursuit of a better life the emotions behind any tragic story of love of and loss or as complex as they are universally understood and because the tale of orpheus and eurydice leaves us room to imagine different front reactions and different perspectives the story remains as fresh and relevant today as it did in Ancient Times the myth may a b thousands of years old and orpheus and Eurydice e Dead Death Thousand Times over but their story lives on thanks again for tuning into mythology. 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