Lisa Parigi, Dr. Garcia & Cassiopeia?


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Today's episode of who weekly brought to you by cw. Watch new episodes of superman. Lois on tuesdays at nine. Eight central or stream free next on the cw app. You wanna know famous. Welcome to who. Weekly the puck wheeler everything you need to know about the celebrities. You don't bobby finger. I'm lindsey weber. And i've got some sad news. Why am awasa has retired after twenty one years of acting. She has retired according to rumors but the fans are convinced. The fans are up so eight. She didn't say it just saying she's done. The agent told the daily mail that she's gone quote dormant and then the source says she has gone underground. She has settling down with leo. We are just supposed to julio that they're laying low. Maybe she wants a family. I mean i would say she should try and have it all but you know i also would say from that twenty one years of acting that i've seen. I think this might be a smart decision. I mean she's she's very beloved by some. I know i mean it's interesting and actually it's interesting because you could argue that. The starring in beauty and the beast remake was maybe some sort of attempt at a escalation of the emma watson. Jared didn't take but it didn't take when you have a coffee and you're still asleep. Take yeah but you still have to have to the bathroom but not you're like it didn't take but i'm seeing so much my friends at once. That's my favorite thing. It was rebecca. Actually she was talking about how she needed another copy and she goes the first one. Didn't take and it's like the funniest thing. I think about it all the time. It's really funny. I think we're i think everyone is pretty much on the same page about emma watson's kind of grown up acting skills like everything else about her. I agree with you. I agree with the stands. I'm gonna play a little bit of. Sarah mclachlan's i will remember you. This is an acting career. Why don't you read her. Why don't you read her. Imdb in full play it. I have to put it in post. But i'll play the live version because i like the i will remember you live version because you get the i will remember you. And then everyone cheers. Wait i love the opening. Listen this is like on economy. A that's always made me laugh. Ever since i was a teenager. Well it's funny because people are like it's very much like that's the part i know. Okay i'm gonna play that. And i'm going to start from the bottom every potter and the sorcerer's stone her miami grainger harry potter and the chamber of secrets grainger every potter and the prisoner of azkaban. Harmony grainger harry potter and the goblet of fire for my grainger. The children's party at the palace. Tv special emma watson harry potter and the order of the phoenix reminding grainger ballet shoes tv movie. Pauline fossil the tale of desperado princess. Pea voice harry potter and the half blood prince reminding grainger harry potter and the forbidden journey video short harmony grainger one night only say you don't want it video shorts lady harry potter and the deathly hallows part. One armani grainger harry potter in the hollows part to reminding grainger my week with marilyn lucky the perks of being a wallflower sam. The bling ring. Nikki this is the in emma. Watson noah isla the biker of dibley the vicar of dibley reverend iris colonia lena regression. What's that angela gray. But are any of these. Kim beauty and the beast bell the circle all my god. The circle love and little women. Meg march end. Okay i don't believe this by the way just going to say i don't believe how big reveal at the that twist you are listening to their weekly call in sherwood. Take your questions comments and concerns at six one nine who them. Let's start with. Comments made a lot of them. Hi lindsay bobby. Meantime median price. I'm listening to friday's episode about favorite food. And i had to call in. Because i was like. What are we talking about. Harry's favorite bar but i realize the nine bars they're famous canadian desert especially on the west coast. It's like a three layer far cookie. They are a cracker crumb and chocolate custard flavored icing. And then there's the chocolate coating on trump. When i moved to the states a few years ago i was super nervous about crossing customs and immigration But the guy customs said that what he actually wanted from me beyond all the immigration forum. Some paperwork we're in the nadal bars to bribe my way into the country I highly recommend checking the champ. But yeah it's not bad so it's the nine is the name only say correctly. Now nanaimo god there's no big there's nothing like finding out how many canadian people listen to this. Podcast like mispronouncing the name of a beloved candy bar. You know what i mean. Do it on purpose. But we did do that. Because thousands of calls just kidding tens of millions of calls came in screaming. How dare you mispronounce our favorite bar. But i did like the ones like that one that were like. Here's what the bar is. And now i'm desperate detriot. I don't know why. I didn't notice this but i was looking through the new york times cooking website because i love their savings have a recipe and it was already in my recipe. Box was saved to my research. Stop very mouth-watering. So i was like ooh look at this photo. Look how good this cross section is and it says that an. I'm bars tremendously sweet. Layered bar from. Canada made from almost exclusively packaged ingredients. Which means it's really easy to make. It only takes thirty minutes to put together. No i'm fucking down. I'm so down. I love it. I can't wait next time. I'm in canada. I'm not making it but next time in canada. That's mom buying high who weekly. i called earlier about Whether seamless fit the second knew what a chicken tender was and i mentioned that I was comparing it against my grandmother. Who is an old stuffy. British woman so It was her ninetieth. Zoom birthday party today so i asked her if she knew the chicken tender was and response was. It's a part of a chicken breast and she says that she had never eaten one but that she had but she knew of them because she had read about them. which helped my thesis that My grandmother and people queen elizabeth. The second don't know about foods that you do not eat with a knife and fork. Yeah cuisine well like if you're stuffy british grim there hasn't like queen elizabeth certainly. Hasn't i thought she was going to say my grandmother had eaten it like. And so that case. But like this was kind of shocking. Twist my stuffy. Grandmother is very condescending. When you bring up a chicken tender someone else called and said sometimes chicken tenders are called a chicken gudgeon which is very fancy way of saying a breaded or fried piece of meat. Gazon in bobby. Some talk of here longtime long time. I'm sure you've gotten a lot of phone calls about this The queen would not know what a chicken tender is. they don't call them in england or in k. to call them Chicken gent's over here so she made eating them. Maybe and her grandchildren made them but none of them would know the phrase chicken tender party anyone in the uk if you walked around the streets of the uk and ask people were chickens injuries. I doubt any van will know what it is. That's not phrase here unless you bumped into someone like me i in american over here You'd be luck. I come to punch you found research that they were traditionally catfish. Yes but it can be any small strip of fish or meat. But i would argue. The queen will definitely eat. Something called chicken google but chicken tenders chicken fingers no absolutely nothing so the most southern thing about me is how much i love catfish. Oh lindsay bobby. I'm listening to you this past week. Is there episode when you're talking about the people magazine crossword puzzles and recently. I these People magazine's have come into possession. Bmi my mom co worker. Who is she doesn't know she's getting these magazines. And in the issue dated separate fifteen twenty twenty one There's a thinker. So you say that. Hard if i told you this clue thirty four down sunny woman betty and singer berry you thinking why obviously A little bit of a thinker. It is white plural within a It give me some trouble. I'm just thinking. And i'm wrong. But i wasn't so are they. Are they always easiest. I don't know all right. Crunch crunch babe i love you. But that's just like a crossword puzzle rule if there's things there's going to be an s at the end you know because it's like betty white and barry white. That's just what crossword puzzles do. Darling you're kind of proving. Our point is very easy. Actually someone else called young to play but sometimes called and said that they've been noticing in the harder crosswords in the in the greater. The post people puzzles the up from people puzzle ours in difficulty that aura as in rita ora is being replaced often. By ana as an honor. Dharma's oh you need the vowel heavy three letter word. That's what i'm saying. Useful aura has been a great kind of rando because of the owen the a and now we have ana because they're not the same letter so it's not replacing but they're seeing more ana and less aura. Mike okay wow culture. that's fun. I don't do crosswords. I thought i would get into crosswords a couple of years ago. And i was like i could do monday and maybe tuesday but like the moment. I got two wednesday i was like. I'm not good at this. And i just like unsubscribe will have friends who are amazing at them and do them in like under ten. Just like just are amazing. And i got wanted to be one of those people so i new york times crossword subscription and. I was trying to do them every day. But now you're supposed to like get better. I did them for like a full year. And i was not getting better. I wasn't getting better. I was not getting better. Who weekly I had to call back to add some additional information into the story. I called before. About ashley judd. So i'm just calling to talk about. Why ashley judd might feel so passionately about noboa's in fact. I'm pretty sure this is why i'm ashley. Judd went to the harvard school of government. She graduated your before ni. I went to law school and There's a professor at the law. School her name is diane rosenfeld and she leading scholar on title nine domestic violence sexual assault and She's in hunting ground and a lot of other movies like that. And very well known on the issue Issues so professor rosenfeld is really really does and the reason why is because But those are one of the only species where if emailed the novo sexually aggressive upon a funeral but novo the female novo lashley band together and ostracized albano go from Their groups so pressing rosenfeld sorta uses this ethnic sample to why Or how women should act. When there is a sexual harasser sexual aggressor space. So i know that actually took the class. She cross registered and professor rosenfeld likes to say that astra god got an e in the class and always talks about that anyway. This the super nerdy and super boring I just thought it was interesting and thought you might to Crunch kind of me pop by a professor out here. Being like ashley judd. Got an a plus this class. She knows about more than the concept of double jeopardy okay and that. I talked her too. Hey bobby lindsey in the last colin show you kept talking about this woman named barbara mandrell and talking about your friend's car. You and i thought sometime after you repeat it you say the actress here you know that old so and so And you never did so. I was blessed with the question. Who is barbara mandrell. Thank you cargo. Yummy by who is barbara. Mandrell i know do you know. Of course you know. Yeah she's a country from the seventies She's technically country. But there's something very captain in lee about her to only like without the captain. Do you know what her first number one hit was. Was it probably woman single sleep in a double bed sleeping single in a double bill. That's single journey. Single in a double justice. A song called. If loving you is wrong. i don't wanna be right. Which is like kind of a classic. Yeah she went to those women country singers who like does a lot of talking like a lot of his arms like talking to other women. It's wrong now. I don't know how you're gonna take this. You might even hang up the phone but you see. It really doesn't make any difference. And it's only fair that i let you know that that man that you've been saying he's mine and i love him so woman woman i think you understand the snl sketches with jennifer aniston. They're doing the countrywoman. It's like barbara. Mandrell is one of the women that there parodying. It's like it's like cuter than a fine country. Baby yeah slower. Yeah that's kind. Of what amy poehler is doing is barbara mandrell. Ya dana gene harley tony to take out trash. Assure sale didn't mean you any then get out of my kitchen before he wake up. My kids hurling oliver peaches off the hardwood floor and dana gene harley. Told you get your hands off top of you pants. Bodley hams mildly run. An angry woman. Honey So i agree that elizabeth olsen has really tried to hide the fact that she's an olson's family member but i do remember when martha marcy may marlene came out. She got like introducing elizabeth on the cover. And i just started me as like so wrong. Because i remember when i was six i was actually taught about introducing credits because elizabeth olsen was in american nationally video the adventures american nationally vacation thorn mansion And she gets an introducing credit The olsen twins brought about her. I think you can find the song. Be ut out on youtube And you can sort of see. The introducing credit on of easter really weird. Like someone's just hand recorded like footage of the s. state playing Introducing the old fan. So yeah Not her real introduction in my opinion but thanks bye. Fear much meaner to their brothers which i forgot. I guess they have two brothers to trent. And jake which i was like. Oh my god. They have other siblings and they had the iconic brother for sale. Which was my favorite song. Because i had a brother. So i loved brother for sale but apparently they also they also dished it to their sister to t t t turn your tan. T t turn your tiny frame around. Is that what they say be. Ut out be ut out turn your tiny frame around you better you better you better. You better be utd out. I gotta say no disrespect to the olsen twins. I think they would also agree with this. That's not wrapping. that's just talking. That's talking hosted by writer. Comedian bruce in front of the pod. Morass smith spectacle an unscripted history of reality. Tv is a new documentary podcast series from neon home media season. One covers reality. Tv in a way that has never been done. Before from the bachelor's problematic take on gender to the real world's casting for conflict spectacle unpacked. The wild hyper real history of unscripted television. One moment at a time they'll examine how the has changed over time and how the country has changed along with it. Subscribe to spectacle to get the unscripted history of reality. Tv on apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. High only by the ama-. I'm calling about the recent pat ticks of lucy hale and ski which seems to me like a true match made in heaven She's a little older than his most recent girlfriend which means better and she's still very young. But i i should like they could have a lot to talk about they. Both were on archie comics related shows. You're both in one of many different screams so it seems like they have some shared territory I don't know i have. I have my kind of good vibes about this relationship I also it got me thinking about how ski last riverdale last year. Because i think the reason was because he wanted to do other projects which was interesting to me. Because i don't really understand what else she has going on or whether he has more going on than the other adult parents stay on riverdale. I don't know maybe he and lucy hill drug heads. Dad and katy keene can start their own off the other also the way. They got rid of him on the show with deranged His youngest daughter daughter named jelly bean was basically sound out as someone. Like a t. Like it's like a preteen found out that she was creating like blackmail snuff films and terrorizing the whole town so his father logic was that he was gonna move back to ohio where she's from To be closer to her mother gina gershon classic Whose son like drug kingpin and also terrorized everyone so the show makes absolutely no sense and is like onyx but anyway Let's see how skied iraq new power couple. Anyway me inside. We got so many calls but this most of them sounded like this play. Another most of them just sounded like this firing bobby. I was on face today. And i saw that. No my boyfriend's calling me Decline sorry i saw a thing where we see. How scott kissing ski oil-rich What is that about crunch crunch declined by. She's like ignoring her own relationship to comment on this relationship. It's like these two are dating. What the fuck ignores boyfriend. First of all to the first call. I love to be reminded of the way that skied all rich. I mean quit in quotes. He was let quit. The record is that he quit. He was let quinn yes he quit but member. He quit because he quote. Go hold onto your butts. I got bored creatively. That is that's why he left somebody who that's what he liver doesn't say that i mean somebody who was actually quitting doesn't actually say that they say thank you for the amazing opportunity like i'm moving on but you don't say that unless you were fared you don't leave a huge television show. Because you've got bored. Creatively that you take them. Because they're boring creatively and they pay you a shitload of money. That's why you take these shows. You don't take them for creative relevant and also is somebody who recently has Watched riverdale sorry. I can't i mean have there. The other parents are still bopping around town there. Forget something out for the parents. Do kelly ripa's husband is still the big batty. He's still over that fucking show love him. Mark swallows yes. Sorry kelly ripa's husband is what i call him. Who's he's veronica's dad right young. He's the he's essentially like the big villain like he's like now he's trying to de corp the d. he's trying to disband riverdale town. That's like its newest thing you this always happens. Television shows disin- corporate detangle. I don't know the word like yeah. Does this happen often in real life. They're always like a television show. Trope is like breaking the town apart. Because he's like i'm gonna take riverdale apart and then they're all like no we're going to revive riverdell high school by like giving it a bunch of money and becoming teachers there and i'm like why why. Why did you know that's how the show little house on the prairie ends no like a little house on the prairie the yes he gets de will the town gets sold walnut grove and instead of having the new owners of the town like have their stuff. The town comes together and they blow up all the buildings in the town with dynamite. That's how little house on the prairie. And that's crazy. Dis- incorporate is the word it's disin- corporate which is weird. Because you'd think it'd be for related to two companies but it's like you can't disa- corporate a city or a town if you are like financially distressed and then you can maybe integrate with an with a different town like. There's like very it's complicated. It's not really important go ahead. Yours is funnier but the reason this is actually kind of conic. The reason that the show ended yeah with them blowing up the town like literally the buildings that were built for the show which is crazy because it was a set right so they blew up. There was a set literally. Blew it up and this was like one of many The things i know about like i will never watch one division but i will tell you about the ending a little house on the berry. Michael landon was like the rumor is he was like. I don't want to do any more of these reunion movies. Because this was a reunion movie. He had the idea allegedly for this subplot where they blow up the town because a developer buys it so that all of the sets will be destroyed. And he doesn't have to do a little house movie ever again. That isn't it so petting it. That's amazing sue. Do you think it's like he hated it and was like let's let's rightist we've to blow it up and i never. There's no way to know okay about the rumor. Okay but that is real. That's real the show ended and then like they kept coming back for tv. Movie reunion specials. And then he was. Apparently i'm sick of this. We're going to blow up the town. And they rate us apart with the town has to get blown out. Wow that is interesting. That's interesting amazing. That's iconic so. We haven't even talked about skating. Lucia they were seeing not just sitting. they were smooching. Yeah but it was a little confusing. Because first of all wasn't confirmed or anything out of the internet outcry was enough to get. That not confirmed forever. But whatever that's fine. Lucy hale would love another w so show so you. Wall skied has kicked off his cw. Show lucy is she would love another one so she's not going to really do anything or say anything bad but they were. They were photographed like having lunch together and smooching but it was unclear kind of like what the context was and yes it is sort of funny that they are both in the riverdale universally archie extended universe. What does it comics right. Because he's archie comics. Katie jug heads friend. Maybe who lives in new york a source says they were set up through mutual friends and we understand why they would have mutual friends because they've worked all these shows together and then it says on those shows i feel like the adults get close to the kids. The i mean the adult actors get close not kids. They're adults too. But you know what i mean like like how kelly ripa's husband is like close with like cole sprouse and the of riverdale and also lucy has talked about how she spent pandemic like happy about being single but then she joins dating sites so my i think they met on rye data not in the slightest booby interesting because it would be like. They matched on riot. But then how all these mutuals and then language let's just go out and do a smooch. Also the source says who again. I don't believe quote. They spent a lot of time at each other's homes. Just hanging out and being a low key. Okay thank me. That's whatever it's literally a pandemic that's what else is there to do. That's why i don't know what else there is to do. They're also they also were that in public so they did that too. they're boring. they're boring but people had a very intense reaction to it. I think because of all of the lore wrapped up in it and also. She's a little bit younger than him. So i think people were a little bit like. Can you know you know about that. And also his last girlfriend. That was a mess that whole situation. Megan gotta gauge the. Jj broke and she was a character. She's dated almost just like exclusively. Who's like who's that are kind of precisely her level like those town nonethless looking white men. Yeah the most anonymous non white men in the planet like she dated. She dated chris zilkha guy. Paris hilton was engaged to for a little bit. Dated over guy. Yes she dated. Disney people wizards of waverly place guy now. She loves that makes sense because she loves gaelic sues right she dates other. Who's which like with actually clocks with ski. She rarely dates up. I guess is what i'm saying. She dates across is what you're saying she gets across. The she. dates across. Rai is a great way to find someone to date across. This liberty should be able to filter levels. They should they should be dating up down or across and then you're like And this is only only applies to famous people not to like. Oh yeah you don't get you're not going to be always down. You just don't apply it's only for for listeners. If you are the famous person you should have the of dating up down or across. That's true or all or all. Offer that for the feature up down or across and we will get jobs that ryo rating people whether it's up down or across behind the scenes. Meanwhile siam all rich tends to date down which is interesting. Because i see how do you go farther down. He's already i mean are you got. I'm say i only bobby longtime long time So i just perfect. Twitter and trending topic is safari and our car feuding. I guess i tweet for america. That says he's the most selfish and inconsiderate person He says he's walking away from their marriage. Can you can you just a little context like i. Don't i feel like i. I never know whether it together. Or not and i like stressing me out. You don't care about them if you could just give a little bit of Insight into what's going on really appreciate it. Crunch crunch leeann cuisine. It's so nice to know that. Other people feel this way. Because i feel this way even though i feel like it's because my job like what we do here i'm like oh i just want to know if they're together or not together like it's really frustrating. That like i never seem to know whether they're together or not together. But it's it's funny that as a civilian aka new. Don't have i mean. I assume you don't do this for your job is not doing. This job is not doing this. You also are like i just. It's so so annoying. I just want to know. I got it i. I don't care. But i just have to know you know and this is there like this is their thing is why they're so good at being on reality. Yes yeah this is not like oh. They're breaking up its own. No they're going to get another season like this is what their job is. And they're extremely good at their jobs. The thing is one of my all time favorite seinfeld mines and swim or does it. Okay it's elaine is convincing her co worker her subordinate not to date george And so she's like you can't date him he's a bad seed he's terrible. He's the worst seat of all time. You can't you gotta stay away from them. And the and the woman goes and youtube or friends at she goes. Yeah we're good. Friends was a bad seed. He's a horrible seed. he's one of the worst seeds. i've ever seen any to her friends. Yeah we're good friends. But i do think that they have this kind of agreement to be like this. And that's the kind of leg dynamic of why they get along so well it's like it's like their partners and business and the business is like this so therefore like you know like you can't take personal when he's like i'm a bachelor now and everyone's like your bachelor and he's and then she's like no he's not like easily idiot. This is basically his most high profile relationship after nikki. Because he's with nikki for he was the who in that relationship. I mean that's his. You can't i mean he's famous because of nikki because of nicki menam viki as and she basically did him in your career until literally she'd be at that guy and she got back with that guy and they got married and had a baby like it is like that this was her entire relationship until Until that she also may be dated other people meek to she dated meek too but like this but she basically went from safari long long-term relationship to kind of this this other guy. What's his host his name. Petty kenneth petty petty kenneth yet right. She's miss betty. Mrs petty to you. Mrs petty so safari and erica had been on and hip hop for ever. I'm obsessed with this because safari and erica. This just happened with ray j a few weeks ago. I think we talked about it. Because this show that they're doing unlocked where it's like zoom conversations between love and hip hop cast members and the moderator. They're so casual. It's just like the dynamic of zoom makes people say things. I think they wouldn't normally say if they weren't just like comfortable on the couch with their laptop in front of them or whatever set up they have but this goes back to like in november in november as lindsay said he tweeted not even in december which is the funniest part about this tweet in the middle of november. He goes ending twenty twenty right as a bachelor. It wasn't like that was on december thirty first that was november and then he tweeted because people were like as a bachelor like. Are you breaking up with erica. 'cause they're married and he goes a man is nothing without his family. I'm not a bachelor. I love my wife. I would never disrespect about my child or my wife. Sorry for being childish and salute to all the real men out there. This is the type of that he does. Then they were on that fucking show on lock and they were talking about like oh. You're going to have more kids because they only have one kid together and he's like i don't want other kids anymore because she gained too much weight but tell him why. You don't want another one. 'cause i got two big during my pregnancy over as not rice apart thank you. She's making this up. Yeah you wanna now. Most dies given birth mentioned my stomach while i didn't say she got too big. I said you've got so big big. I don't wanna be fat again. That's the two said. Then what happened this time. He tweeted out of the blue. I mean this from the bottom of my heart getting married was one of my mistakes and it will never happen again. I'm walking away before. I listen jail over some dumb shit. Nobody is worth my freedom. And then eric started quote. Tweeting gone by the way they're gone from the internet. But of course screenshots exists and she goes since you always a social media like a little girl might as well join in. I absolutely agree with you on this year. The selfish vain inconsiderate considerate person. And not just me with your only daughter out of respect for my daughter and to honor my growth woman. I'm going to get back to doing what i do. Best making money and being only about my business entertaining. Social media with my issues isn't my thing. Don't let the scorpio's sting this is a game. This is what the job is. Funniest part about this thing. You haven't mentioned yet. The best explanation for this is from earlier this month. He tweeted another ridiculous thing. Which is new millennium is crazy. Now back in the day you had to close your eyes and imagine what a girl you like. Look like naked now. Almost every girl is naked. Just 'cause i gotta make sure my daughter is different. She needs me and everyone was like. Why are you saying this. Then eric amina posts photo right after that on her instagram. Like ineffable suit and then somewhat commented is this what safari met when he said every woman starts getting naked and he didn't child growing up like that and erica responded honestly. I don't even think he knew what he meant. Everything artemis like. You know we've got a. We've got a note that full of different types of lake controversial tweets and ideas and whatever to revolve from other people or tweet out just to 'cause like kind of a little buzz. Guess what they're good at their jobs. new who alert curious Ross matthew probably like gave them uncomfortable in engage someone named dr garcia. All we know dr via no first name. There is a picture of him that russia's dr garcia capture and you go to instagram source of patients way. He granted lawyer picture of the empire. State building up put in six days ago and that that So i thought might be a case of cracks. Who is dr garcia fiance across matthews tall contract by not to be whatever but clearly. This guy made an instagram account. So that ross could tag him when they announced that they were engaged like he didn't have an instagram before this. And what makes it kind of a little bit funny as it does. It could not look anymore scammy because it's like if you were trying to like buy something from somebody and they made their their their account today before you'd be like What's going on here like you might. Who host the funniest thing is like before people had his first name they were just calling him dr garcia. I'm engaged dr garcia. Just like okay. He found the normally of his dreams and he has a doctorate. That's sick a doctorate of education. I found out. He wrote his dissertation. On the intersection of afro latin next school leaders a qualitative inquiry books of couldn't find the actual dissertation itself. Went to hofstra. And you found his first name. Which is wallington wellington i think professionally as well in tone so i'm not sure. It's spelled like beef. Wellington sometimes and it's like well down. Sometimes so i'm not sure what he actually uses okay because his instagram has dr w garcia but another thing so like i was like okay so they met between mutual just like lucy hale and skied alert like either met on an app. They met between mutual friends. Because this is normal right. He's an army guy. They've been together for a year. I think they met right at the beginning of the pandemic or right before so i was looking through their mutual friends. Instagram photos like the kind of friends that one of them is like the drew. Barrymore's best friend. The ep on the drew barrymore show. That makes sense that makes sense. I found another photo of all of them. From december celebrating new year's eve and sag harbor and you'll see there he is on the staircase is that what's is facing or do you mean that guy. The guy in the glasses looks just like What's his face from the black keys. It s a vanessa. Carlton's husband no lindsey. that's drew barrymore stylist. I was announced. He looked like that. Guy okay so a little bit a little bit. Sorry but he's styles drew barrymore for her drew. Barrymore show. it's like okay so this guy. Lee harris I think this is drew. Barrymore guy he posted this photo. And all of the people on the staircase for tagged in cluding. Dr garcia what was he tagged as a different account penthouse law. Who was following. Ben house off. Dr w garcia. I think this is his actual instagram account. And it has four hundred and two thousand and one hundred and thirty four. We use lou you so i think the answer is like he literally created this account because he was like. I'm going to be in the tabloids now. I need something you know. Maybe he had a professional life and he wanted kind of like a private instagram. And he created called penn house loft which is as private as they get and then when he got engaged. She said russell's like i want to tag. You don't wanna tag penthouse law. So why don't you make one with your name on. it makes sense it's private. It's not like anyone can go. Look at this but like there. It is going to announce something like that. It's like you want to make sure your buttoned up. Although not button of enough bobby to find your holding know you requested. I requested it from high line overseas. New new girlfriend Living lavina laptop by gladys has a new girlfriend. She doesn't have a new girlfriend. This is interesting. Because like this is being covered everywhere. Because it's like lionel. Richie has a much younger girlfriend. Yeah she is much younger. And i saw this suddenly everywhere like every website was writing about the fact that lionel ritchie has a new younger girlfriend fans are shook. They cannot believe their age difference. I think it's a forty year age. Difference which i guess is notable. He's seventy one and she's thirty and just to put that in context. Sofia richie is twenty two. I gotta say like age differences. I think are tough because everyone you know everyone has their own kind of like thoughts about that. And that's okay but when the it always puts into context remain a weird way when the person has kids and the kids around the same age or young. That's always like 'cause that that's kind of an uncomfortable. Translation unreal life for just for an age difference. Otherwise it's hard to kind of put into context. Roy because you yourself imagining the family dynamic but it's like whatever not really my business but nicole. Richie is thirty nine okay. So this girl's almost ten years younger than his daughter. Yep we don't know what her ages he's actually quite private. It was like people think she was born nineteen eighty-nine they think so. She's maybe thirty three but just she could honestly be older. We do not all this woman. Lisa who he has been dating for some time even though some people just found out for not just some time. This is one of those stories. The only reason this went viral is because of a tweet. A photo that lionel ritchie posted at him and his girlfriend which is a beautiful photo like it also looks faced tuned to hell so they both look extra young. They're like to smooth. he's various he's very smooth. That is like that's that's khloe kardashian. Makeup yeah man by makeup. I mean technology. it's viral tweets controlling. the narrative is what we have here. That's been happening a lot i know. And it says lionel richie with his new bay. He's seventy one and she's thirty. Love winds none of that is true. She's not thirty and she's not new. Is he seventy one though. He is seventy one so that one. That's true and i guess things are because love does win so okay love wins is true. Love does win seventy one. But she's not thirty because that's unconfirmed. She's now he's not new because they've been dating since at least two thousand thirteen. At least the tweet itself went viral but the tweet that went viral was at king. Thelonious re tweeted bat and said i know shorties mama's jealous hell which is like her. Mom is the perfect age of a lionel ritchie fan. So basically he's making another joke about the age gap and that has twenty thousand retweets in one hundred and forty thousand likes. These two viral tweets are controlling the entire narrative around this. Because it's funny like if her mom is like let's say she's let's say she is thirty and her mom. Let's say fifty five sixty or something that is like the bullseye age to have a crush on lionel rich. Yes like my mom. Listening to long ritchie for the first time being. Hello so that is what this sweetest saying. But it's not true. All of her instagram is now like clapping back at the press but in like vague ways with stupid gifts like it's like she's like i've been dating this man i've put in my time like this is hilarious that everyone's now just like finding out to be mad was lisa parisi. We haven't even set her named lisa. Parisi she was a former model. She her instagram is mostly just photos of her promoting her beauty brand promoting lionel. Richie stop. She does so much work for his perfume. Which is called. Hello never forget. He launched a low. This year that was needed for for ray grits of the year at the fragrance foundation. Twenty twenty one awards. Here's the thing though. I was like i recognize this woman. I know that the daily mail has talked about this woman. I noted the daily meal is not only talked bit obsessed with this woman. I found no fewer than two four six eight ten twenty headlines since two thousand thirteen thousand fourteen when they started dating. The daily mail was on it there. Are you kidding. Iconic them dating a who who's younger. The daily mail is salivating. Read all of these. I won't yeah. I'll start at the top by the way. Okay that's not part of it but yeah this isn't even all of them. This is just the ones that specifically call her young or young. Okay double the. They're probably also at the top. We'll go we'll left to right okay. Dancing on the ceiling lionel. Richie flashes a smile. As he takes young mystery date tabasco ballgame lionel ritchie sixty. Four looks pleased with himself as he enjoys dinner date with his much younger cleavage. Bearing girlfriend lionel. Richie sixty five and his much younger girlfriend. Lisa parisi cut stylish figures as they arrive in la richie jet-set have lax with much. Younger girlfriend dada dot. After joking. that his three intimidating children destroy common. She stuck on him. They love lyrics. Lionel ritchie sixty six. Just watching the passage of time and much younger girlfriend of three years. Lisa parisi cozy up. Lisa spelled her name wrong around and it's still up and his much girlfriend of three years. Lisa breezy cozy up in my seat. Lana richie sixty six. And his much younger girlfriend. Lisa parigi their spelling it right again. Strong arm in arm through the romantic city of rome through the romantic city of. Is it me. You're looking for richard sixty six struggles to see as he goes shopping for glasses with his younger girlfriend. Lisa per music. Sorry that is a perfect headline. He can't even see so old compared to her. Struggles to allow richie. Sixty seven cosies up to younger gulford. Lisa parigi as he accepts prestigious silver cliff award at london's ceremony the couple of addresses together dot dot dot lionel. Richie sixty seven matches and black with younger girlfriend. Lisa parigi besotted lionel ritchie now. Sixty eight puts swab display us. He enjoys a romantic meal with much younger girl. Much younger model girlfriend lisa. Parigi i love these lionel. Richie sixty nine go shopping with much girlfriend. Lisa parigi in west. Hollywood llano richie. Seventy makes a rare appearance with his younger girlfriend. Lisa parigi in rome. After performing at the vatican's christmas concert lionel. Richie seventy cuddles up too much. That's an all caps is the first time we've had much all caps by the way in poor no eight years seven years much younger girlfriend. Lisa parigi at la launch of his new fragrance. Hello cut about these headlines is he gets older but she stays the same age and that is quote much younger. No they have no idea. He's like sixty seven. Sixty eight sixty nine seventy. She's much younger much younger much. Younger much younger nobody. The and also the thing about this woman is like we're making so many options she could easily be forty. We don't know but they don't know so it's just like they keep calling her much younger because they know that she's much younger. The first photo that i could find them together was in december. Twenty thirteen at some event. Like they've been together for almost a decade right. You don't know how long they were together before that photo was taken you can assume since they do public stuff together. That baby was close to the first time during mardi army walking grocery store listening to the podcast and i was just thinking about spectrum. I'll remember when you talk about. Tyrod thinking bottle and willis but that's not as fun In the first winner of america's next top model with the brady bunch guys. That's all crunch. God i feel like this is such a specific person. Because it's very. I would say she's like the pigmy of the vh one celebrity era of celebrity likely. If you were not paying attention to that then there are so many people that you wouldn't know that somehow like stuck around and it's all these like honestly they're all like seventies tv stars and movie stars who like showed up again to be on these like therapy based reality shows. Is that a good description of this. I feel like it was so many weird washed up people who than they kind of got on. Tv on reality tv was having its boom. It's i yeah maybe your second. Boom it was aggressive reality comeback and it wasn't about like getting a new acting role it was like no coming back as yourself this time. You're not coming back and you're going to be on a show in which we give you free therapy and we're gonna tape it. It's like flavor flav. You're coming back not doing what you did. Which is a musician. You're coming back as a personality. Ashley it's kind of the opposite of the way that we think about it now because right now i feel like we're more empowered. Powering people to come back at a role neither do a new talent that we are impressed by or the old talent again to remind us that they were good at that thing. This was a desire era. An honestly it was kind of. I think shameful to be honest because it was kind of a gross era of like tv. Even though got you know. I'll i love. I love new york flavor of love rock of love. Those were important shows to me. But overall some of the spin offs of those shows became kinda gross. The attitude jonah girls okay. I'll tell you this. These two were from that era because they got a reality show on. Vh one called my fair brady because adrienne curry. Who was the first winner of america's next top model. God think about how long that was a long ago. That was two thousand and three started hooking up with literally The guy who played brother on the brady bunch. Oh here's peter. Brady not grady. He was the middle. Yeah he was beater. This is the original brady bunch. Not the movie remake that you and i are more familiar with. Let's be real god. It's like that's it's funny. How like the brady bunch. That i know is the brady bunch. Is the movie like those people are not my people christine dealer like i am joined. The point is that. Vh1 gave the reality show and it was very dark. They did get married. They did have a golf themed ceremony. I'm sure they was on tv somewhere. But i don't remember it and they did. Go on dr phil because they had marital issues. Of course that's where you would go. And then they got a divorce in two thousand eleven so your question is are. They still together. The answer is no. They were officially divorced in two thousand and thirteen. What has since happened to adrienne. Curry is kind of funny but like also nice which is she literally like met a guy and moved to montana. The guy i was with him his voice might actually be conic iconic. Will the funny thing is you so his so okay so you have to navigate her blog which is again dark because it's dark and also it's literally dark black for some reason it's like archery is doing many things including blogging but also selling avon products which i will let you take your own journey to that but let's just say it's not the it's it's not very comforting to me to be like. She's she's in montana selling avon online. You know we're peak like public awareness of mlm's and not only she's doing an mlm. The poster child for mlm like the textbook of atlanta's multilevel marketing. If you wanna google it and see is the problem. Check it out. But i do. Love is her again. We're obsessed with her husband because he's this guy who used he used to be a twitch stream or who went by the name duck sauce which is crazy to me. But that's not even the punch line it's like. He was a switch dreamer. he stopped. he came back but he has a website that is linked from his instagram. That is that voice dot com. And when i tell you he is that voice. The man is that voice. His name is matthew road. It's not bad voice. Matthew road player montage of his voice. I'm gonna play the full monty wall. I will play one marked down radar. I've heard that voice and let me tell you something voices everywhere that voice. I made a montage. Here's the montage the mandalorian now streaming only disney plus bring what kanda home marvel studios black panther on digital and five days rated r. experiencing an i max dot ready to thirteen. I still believe in theaters march twentieth. Starting tomorrow new york city commuters can collect customs. Sean luc picard. Mta cars at select mta stations. A dog's journey free to ready. Pg thirteen greenberg. It has been nominated for five academy awards including best picture monje the next level. Pg thirteen disney's mu log rated pg thirteen th streaming september four available to disney plus subscribers who unlocked premier access crazy rich asians rated. Pg thirteen the mountain between us palmer rated exclusively on apple two loss in case you were wondering if that's a real voice. I'm so happy that that's not like a robot voice. Like i know we've come a long way with like what can be kind of faked or worse. Still have that voice. He is that voice that's his thing and he does from data and remember the in a world guy when he died it was sort of a big deal and then they replaced him with a very very like tj maxx version of the in a world. Guy and i was like you are not fooling anyone. This guy's voice is not quite in a world but it is powerful voice is in a world we just don't do in a world anymore like he would be if we were still doing in a world. Where ben stiller is a duck if we had those we. We have those types of movies if we had that type of format of trailer being popular. I bet this guy is just waiting for those to come back into fashion because it really is like there are trends and movie trailers and right now. The trend isn't that voice over kind of trend. It's you know it's it's not just that thing at the end that he does the bumper be. Ads are going to keep getting shorter and shorter and shorter. But if anything they're going to need the person to i care a lot now on netflix. You know like they're gonna have those things are because every call to actions. Yeah i mean it's funny because you notice us because when we stuff. I'm always wanting to put trailers because if somebody mentioned we mentioned a movie. It's funny to do the trailer. That kind of explains what. The movie is in a way like. I did it for australia. Movie trailers. now don't really have that anymore. So it's hard to find good narrative clips that go with like more recent movies which sucks because they're fun. I'm thinking of the lake bell movie in a world and what's funny is like that movie is so unbelievably not present. Not only did women not take over the voice over industry. The voice over industry doesn't exist in the way it existed in that movie movies. Only what like ten years. It's all men it has it. Only women's all men was never women. I don't think it ever no one ever broke in the women break in this man now taking all of the jobs if you look at his stuff. It's like all of the jobs they're all there it's all. I just thought like when when his website was that voice dot com os like. Okay this joker. What's his dealer. Okay chill but he literally is an icon. A legend the moment and the voice of the mandalorian. And he's adrian curry's husband and he's married to adrienne curry and they live in montana. Leave them alone. Let her sell her stupid avon products and blog on her blog in case you're wondering what he actually sound. Sounds like he is still a video game streamer. They met playing hurt stone. Which is this like wait. They met playing hearth stone hardstone. Yeah they met playing hearts. Don't apparently yeah. That's the card game. Yes romantic that's funny. Because her thing is like. I'm a nerd. Like i'm hot but i'm also in. Yeah i'm trying to. I was trying to find like how they actually. They were definitely playing hardstone together before they officially went on their first date. That is true that spot. So i don't know if they met playing it but they met in the video game related place there james. Tell he doesn't have one of those voices where you know him. Singers don't sound like they're singing. Boys he definitely sounds like you can tell you can tell. He has a beautiful voice when he talks. He has radio voice. He sounds like he sounds like a radio guy. Let me play him talking. That's how it all happened that was me before streaming was just this actor running around building sets and off broadway shows. She's not with peter brady anymore. She's with choice the shooting that quick. Who were them. I just thought print. Because i saw this gay cowboy painting that i was completely in love with and i was like josh. Go half on a gay cowboy painting. And he's showed and i showed it to him and he was like yeah. I want true marriage. Equity is going. He's on a geico. I've never. I've never done this before. It was a new thing for me. One of the reasons i was i was going on the prince going to come in and then i consider it to frame bridge and i ordered the frame on frame. They sent me a tube. I don't have the print yet but the moment the print comes in i'm gonna take the print. Put it in the two numbered set. And then they'll send it back to me frame cowboys on the wall the easier it could also. I'm projecting they may not be gay but it is it. 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Who to save an additional fifty percent off your first order frame. Bridge dot com promo code. Who that's frame bridge dot com promo code you nor website. Who believe us. That's we put all of our stuff. We put all of our stuff on there forever. Our episodes our in number our contact info and our live tour dates which. We can't wait to do again. That's tab. I cannot wait to reactivate. Let me tell you something on squarespace. Fortunately squarespace makes it easy to reactivate pages because it's the easiest way to make a website and a website that looks good. That's easy to use and that you will just never really have to think about. That's what i love about squarespace. We have a website. It's easy. I don't have to think about it and you can get your because i do most of it. You do most of it. That's truly why don't think about it. But it is very easy and i could not imagine doing it any other way that you can register domains there. You can like pick a design that fits your whole vibe there. It's very very easy. And you can go to squarespace dot com who for a free trial. And when you're ready to launch site use the offer code who. Who to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain weeks Jeopardy episodes there was a photo question. it was a picture of an athlete and no knew he was it. Was jimmy butler I i know him just from like casually watching sports not even being big basketball fan but just as general Wanted to know if he has surpassed in to them dumb I was very surprised that all three people did not know who it was and got it wrong so jimmy butler who were them Also i guess don't us ken jennings The new host or temporary host to jimmy butler. I've never the name. The name sounds familiar. I'm looking at the photo. I'm like you look familiar to me. He's a who to me so like one two three. You guessed it. I mean he's a sports person. Of course he's going to be a who to us sports. The name sounds than me. I'm like jimmy butler. He's probably someone that's a very good name. That's a good name a ken jennings. This is also the caller s. Because this call really went places. Ken jennings because of all this jeopardy like fanfares very recent them because now we're just talking about this guy left. I don't watch jeopardy. I'm not one of those people i don't either. But it still is a show that gets a lot of fanfare and obviously the news of alexander back like you know kind of fueled and people you know people still watch. It is what i'm saying. It's still a big tradition for a lot of people. Did you see a someone else called. There's a new guy on the running. Because there's a ken jennings the other one who's definitely who the one who looks like he looks like a million people. I've met in my life the other one the one. That's not ken jennings you know. I just can't believe it's like another white guy another kind of nerdy ish white guy will now. There's mike richards is the new one and someone called him. I'd never heard this name either. But he's like a professional hope. So but i get what they say when they want it would be kind of like amazing if like a big winner. The biggest winner in jeopardy history. Or like somebody who's known for being very good at jeopardy hosted it would just make contextual sense. But ken jennings is not like a professional host. So no matter. How many gigs. he's done. He will not be as good. Technically at this guy who's a host but like it is just interesting that the fees kind of the fan favorite. So it's hard to kind of go against that. I would say if i was like in the executives chair ken jennings seem like a shoe in for so long and now it seems like this guy might just get it because this is literally his job hosting and lindsay and i recently read alex trebek's memoir and what i didn't know is that al extract was just basically like the sky. After he worked in radio he was just a professional host. He just hosted one billion game. Will he our until they fired him. So it's like he'd get on one and the show would end and be like okay onto the next one. That was just his job and they were like. Oh we're bringing jeopardy back. We're getting a new host. You want to do this. And he was like sure and then he just never left. It wasn't like alex trebek's either invented or was very good at jeopardy. He literally just we need this guy and this and he was available. Jimmy butler who ken jennings them mike. Richard sue wright isolated jimmy butler s basketball guest. The team. can you guessed the team the heat. Yeah how do we. How did you know i guess. That's like one of two teams. I know the miami heat. The miami heat the position forward snow. No i only know. I only use two forwards only know forwarded like different defensive position no backward no forward and that's the forward is a position in every sport except for like baseball. I guess forward. And what does the forward. And they're forward they they score the goals vs. Because there's like you know you either like protect from people scoring or you score and a forward. I think scores and it's like a big role. Okay wow i swear to god people are gonna think cheated. I didn't cheat. I really did not know wondering who is the bigger than normal Aquafina pepsico aquafina crunch crunch as much as i like aquafina. The original aquafina is definitely the original aquafina. More than her name is literally based off that land. Aquafina pepsico aquafina. One two three fina pepsi colombo fina even though it is the worst tasting water. God forbid you have to drink water yes no dasani so much worse than worse find cise is that the co quarter. Yes is that designing the nastiest water on the planet. But i will say actually as we're saying pheno over and over again. I'm like associating it with her. Not the water in my mind like my mind is like back you know and also for now. She's like at the heels she's like nipping at the heels. No you're right. She's trying to be more nora. Because i think her being aquafina credited as aquafina in the last few things she's done has been more on the pressure of the kind of pub. Amer's remission you because she didn't switch over fast enough like she should have done this early on. But i think they were still hedging their bets on her being this kind of aquafina character which it turns out. She has more to offer than i remember. We were convinced that when a star is born came out lady gaga would be credited. Stephanie germany and she absolutely was not stupid stupid for that. We were stupid for that because they'll turns out in care because she still out here releasing records as lady gaga announcing as lady gaga. I think we'll have a member of the rock. Was the rock and movies for a little bit. And then he switched johnson. I think nor will eventually switch to nora. But don't you think it was like he got famous enough and it didn't matter like heat like it was like you had to get like so so so famous where like people just know who you are. You can be whatever they didn't it didn't matter they knew what your face looks like it. It didn't matter anymore. I walked by them shooting that show today. Show nor from queens. Oh my god or should it about a second sinus. yeah. I love passing like shoots. Because they don't really. They don't really happen that often. Like it's more of a manhattan thing. Yeah me too. I love it. I mean truly the most like new york thing is like checking the flyer to see what's shooting like. If you see the pink flyer the flyer like oh i approach leila fly right after someone else approached the flyer and i think we both at the same like oh because usually blue. Bloods is usually. When i lived in green point it was girls. Girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls mine life. They really filmed in green point like hardcore green point. There was no sound stage that they They were on the streets of of brooklyn. It felt like nature ceiling. There's shooting on the street. Okay next call like let's do like two more lindsay bobby. I was listening. Well i had a pros at different pod caused kuno brian. Todd because tom comes on and he's talking about his wife. And i was just like whoa. I know nothing about him. Although i've been a huge fan burger so is keenan thompson. Who are that. He seemed like a comedian. But like not at all liberty. Well thank you Living libido laptop and Entrench and Diamond forehead keenan thompson. Who were them one. Two three them them. I think so for sure but the caller said something interesting which was that. He's very famous but he doesn't feel like he seems more like comedian. Still not really a celebrity. And i think that's true. I think keenan keenan clearly seems to like. Leyla like goes to work and he goes home. I have seen him in like people. Like i know he has kids and a wife like i actually have seen because i know that his character has two kids on the show has two girls and i know he has two girls in life. I'm pretty sure. I must have sucked in. That information somewhere is what i'm saying but i think he's definitely fix of them. I mean he's been. He was on for like sona for almost twenty years almost twenty years. You said the show was cute. I love a pilot. So i watched the pilot of keenan of course produced by lorne michaels. It is kind of funny how these pilots that are very very very traditionally. You know Sitcom style primetime tv style stuff still is always if you like if lauren loves you or if you go the right route on. Snl you'll get one of these and it could be a stinky a stink or like though it just so far. But i think it's like he did his duty aka. He was on for a really long time and like paid his dues and away. So this is like what he quote unquote got kind of like john mullany. Although his show was kind of a flop the show is cute of like it. Like keeps the like keenan's like really heartwarming character. They don't try and change that and they say his name is still keen in and he plays a host on. Tv so he's like he's like a tv host who's also like a single dad who has two girls a dead wife and like like crazy crazy in law played by don johnson and a chris read so he's a recent snl guy. He plays like his brother so he has like keenan is a straight man and then he has these like goofy characters around him as well as like two young girls and like a you know a stressful job in the first episode about him like dealing with a kind of mentioning of like his wife. 'cause that's like obviously the typical issue with a for like a widower. You know okay but it's cute my media if if you if you love a very traditional prime time funny thirty minutes sitcom it's definitely not the worst one i've ever seen. I'll say that. But i do think that lauren lorne michaels really loves to create these weird time. Capsules of something that i'm not quite sure is a thing. But then i guess if you look at where the most popular shows are like king of queens ran for like three hundred years so High lindsay bobby. So i've been noticing that and a lot of the move us that i've been watching every time Like two people are looking at this guy one of them always points out cassiopeia and i'm just sorta like what is that. Why is that the only thing in this guy that writers point. How for people like what's with that is cassiopeia of them. What's going on also like who. Isn't that ends of constellations. Like orion belt as them the big dipper them. But like what's happening help crunch crunch. I don't know why this is because solutions have always bothered me because i really eight data them. Look i understand them as like before we had technology. I understand why you need constellations to track. What's happening in the sky and you need to use like oh here we go controversial. Remember them like i do. I get. I haven't seen i haven't no. I haven't seen these movies that the caller is talking about. We're like look it's cassiopeia but immediately when the caller said that i was triggered cassiopeia has always been really funny. Because i was like. Okay oh ryan. I get it. There's the belt. Ics at big dipper. I understand like little dipper. Cassiopeia is truly like a w 'cause they're always in your book's growing up in your science books they do the extension of like. Here's what it looks like any like extend what the one is literally like one line. It's like a little w. and then they draw whole lady around it a sitting on a chair and you're like okay that's a that's a stretch. That is not there my issue. Is that when you open these star apps which i love when you can see the stars when you're not in the city you can see them in or the constellations and all these constellations are also also have like a astrology. Names golic your and so you've got heating. I just hate that. I hate that. They're like these competing. Like what am i supposed to recognize it now. He's as you know it's like is it. Tourists or is it fucking orion. I know it's both but like i'm sorry. Look at this beautiful graphic that i found of constellations. It's like me and texting it to you. But like i mean you'd think when you look up this guy looks like this but it doesn't it does when you look up and it's like an it's like scorpio. Yeah i get. I get that. That looks like a scorpion. That looks like a stinger like gemini. Oh yeah there's the twins i see. I see you sweetie. Like i see oleo. That looks like a little animal. But cassiopeia is literally all what w like. Oh i didn't send you cassiopeia let me send you cassiopeia compared to the ones above it better like clearly objects like i get very abstract objects. Cassiopeia was like hi. This does not count. You're right you can't draw a whole lady. Like i draw anything i wanted to around that w by your definition of what that thing is it's not even a fucking w it's like a sweet like a digs i implore you all to look up cassiopeia constellations google it because every artist's interpretation is like the most egregious artistic license drawing full lady around a w a full eighty sitting in a big ass chair usually holding something. I'm like sometimes. She's holding a feather sometimes. She's holding a poem sometimes holding a mirror. How are you getting this well. You know why. I'm sorry but we're just trying to learn what the stars are. And if you need it if you need to envision a lady got to envision a lady and this one it's like oh this time cassiopeia topless like tits out cassiopeia. Okay that's ridiculous but anyway cassiopeia them unfortunately okay. Wow i didn't know you like had a vendetta against cassiopeia like okay. great. Bobby's now we know. Bobby's least-favoured constellation. Also it's like they're turning each one a separate. They're rotating it to fit their narrative. They're doing a lot of projecting. Watch like somebody call on their like the reason why is because the star is the by babba booboo. I quit astronomy in high school because it was all bath. No one told me. I wanted to look at the pictures of cassiopeia okay. We're done. Thank you for listening to the episode of weekly. There are some dynamite called amazing squeeze at the end of this call. Not only because they're silly. There's some silly ones but there are also like someone called in doing like a lot of good investigative journalism about election. Woods babies so like listen to those very good A lot of good information about the goldsboro bomb incident and came to sort of things like you know like a call about cassiopeia we could talk for hours but some of them don't require a comment on lake calls about cassiopeia so we are done those are going at the end of the show after the credits that keep listening call in at six nine who them till the questions. Comments concerns support from patriot. Dot com sasha weekly or twice weekly bonus episode scam You don't get enough and rate reveals on apple podcasts. Even if like the most recent review we got says iconic. I'll take it now. We will i- ticket. I will embrace it with open arms. That is it so thank you so much. And we'll see you on tuesday with another episode of the main show by great weekend. Bye bye have a great weekend bye. exclusively able to be high who weekly Longtime one time. I am responding to a bit. You played in the caller. You're doing amazing sweetie segment which i realize is ridiculous because ever hear this and not even Relevant but i just wanted to say that the call about ryan breslin Abigail breslin brother late in me. And i am very glad that the caller decided to share that information with us. I have no idea why. But i was invested Start to finish that entire call. So yeah me inside. Halabi bobby so every week You guys talk about the queen's campbell but you claim that the queen's gambit isn't all that all that hype up to be but my question is that Why did you on talking about it. Then i can't. The queen's gambit is the blueprint. Is the netflix show. You just can't do dewar as nicki menaj one side. That is they buy a show. It is the queen's gambit is that them And you just can't keep comparing things to it and say that it's not relevant and not all that because The facts just you know they speak for themselves. And the queen's gambit was a limited series so on netflix highest watch rated whatever metrics they use limited series so it's more distinct and distinguished than the brazier tan continued series kind of metric or whenever anyway. Stop with the queen's gambit slander all right by homes ali has passed podcast. Because you mentioned goldsboro bomb incident. My mom is from uncommercial. My mom is a goldsboro was born in nineteen sixty and loves to talk about the fact that that bomb had have four failsafe. Three of the four failsafe failed so it was very close to detonating and loves to talk about how she would have been vaporized. Just like that But yeah christmas okay. Another fact about the old for fifty two Nuclear bomber incident is be reason that the planes were in the because there's a big Well it usually. I'm not that big important air force base called seymour johnson. Which i'm not that still Is probably as but it was a huge deal during the cold war because was on the basis for fifty. Two bombers wouldn't were based out all my mom always talking about how groping girls hoist talks about. How child he would hide. Is that how you planes were so loud when they would take off and it would happen all throughout the day and the huge expense for the residents of the area. High high lindsay. Bobby longtime first time. You mentioned on an episode a few weeks ago how. It's become a thing for celebrity. Not share their baby's names and that reminded me that allies are would never shared his baby's name back in the day. And i thought you know it's been like a year and maybe i find out and sure enough. The internet inform me immediately. That the baby is named evan A little disappointing. 'cause i figured it would be frodo you know or mary or pippen. Even but then i was looking at the info on the mother met marie kondo bed and it says that she analyze them that when she was a producer on a movie that he was in and twenty seventeen at which time she was either still married to or only just divorce from a guy named l. and it turns out the e e l. Cat stands for guessed it evan. So that means that she hooked up with. Elijah will possibly still married to evan. Divorced evan they gave birth to a baby with her new partner. Elijah and they named the baby after her ex which i think is super weird And then that got me thinking even more conspiratorial maybe e. l. cats is actually the father's just saying But now i'm getting into You're doing great baby or whatever that thing again territory anyway. Thought you'd be interested. And i wanted to share french fries. I just realized that Feast four on the show. Hooping see the sitcom obviously These ford actually played hope and not face even though her name is safe. I don't know is. I just assume safe played fees but face played hope so that must've been very confusing onset at all time. Burt love you by. Today's sort of who weekly was brought to you by the cw. Watch new episodes of superman and lois on tuesdays at nine central or stream free next day on the cw app.

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