Texas Tech vs UT + The Texas political maverick


There and down thirty five with one thought on my mind. Forget the race open space de that city. Well, eight Aaron Howdy thanks for tuning in. This addition of your other side at Texas. Jay, west Texas, Leeson glad to be along with you. You got some thoughts when the text into the program as we broadcast live from the racer car wash studios. Eight oh, six seven four five fifty eight hundred big show ahead of us. Chris level, red raiders sports. Gonna break down the university of Texas versus Texas Tech bleed the game kickoff six thirty Jones AT and T stadium on Saturday. Dress warmly, my friends and then kill cylinder. The state Senator Amarillo all the way down to Midland as found themselves with an none newfound power will just put it that way. Get into it here in just a moment. He'll join us coming. Up about half an hour from now racer car wash voted Lubbock best wash for five years running. Stop in one of five convenient locations across hub city. Four the best wash around guaranteed. That's at racer wash dot com. Last night. I was talking on the program just going through all the aftermath of choosy night. Of course, the Texas house has hundred and fifty members in there were twelve democratic gains in the house and four something to pass in the house. Like, oh, say new speaker? It's gotta have seventy six votes. Which means that. Now, the Democrats only need non Republicans to go along with them that changes the dynamic, but the dynamic was a little bit changed in the Senate when two of the most conservative quote unquote for me conservative. This important distinction isn't other side of Texas moment here. Conservative to me has a derivative of conserve. That's let's do some exegesis for just a moment. Conserve in so much of what I see in the reason people will say will lease is not a conservative. I'm not there kind the conservative that does anything, but a place I want a conservatism that not only embraces traditions in values. I want one that whenever I vote for it. I'm not voting against the economy, a my place that would be nice after all to maintain one's place for posterity. And we've jumped in. Too. Many Republicans have jumped in with a brand of conservatism that does anything, but conserves it comes at great cost, and I can go into that further. That's a monologue for another time. I think Brandon Darby's doing the show with me tomorrow. We can talk about that riff on a little bit. But two of the not when I call conservative, but lots of mass media calls conservative members of thirty one seat Senate lost making it harder. As Ross Ramsey said yesterday for the Lieutenant governor to get to nineteen boats there in the Senate kill Seliger has stood in. I think you'll hear him say here coming up, then he's gonna maintain where he was he's going to be a swing vote, and they aren't going to be able to stop them. It's gonna be interesting to hear kill solar coming up. So last night. I was talking about Kilger get off air in a c. The Dallas Morning News. Lauren Magai does a great job. Dallas Morning News puts up new piece in it's called democrat. The title is Democrats flipped to Texas Senate seats, creating key GOP swing vote in the process, and there's a picture of kill Seliger. Dateline? Austin? Democrats flipped to Texas Senate seats on Tuesdays victories. It may change the chambers tone and even shift its priorities. Policy priorities. Nathan Johnson became the first democrat to represent Dallas in thirty years. His Dallas district Beverly Powell developer and former school cook school trustee flipped windy Davis's old Tarrant county seat that was held by Connie Burton. They beat to the senate's most, quote unquote, conserved a members help on Donna Pons developer billionaire with families car dealership and Connie Burton, a tea party Republican under Lieutenant governor Dan Patrick's leadership Patrick again. I'm trying to talk about this one. Oh, one terms. Patrick is not a Senator. He was a state Senator. He's now the Lieutenant governor who presides over the Senate under Patrick's leadership the state Senate or Texas in it has moved further to the right issues, like sanctuary cities and bathroom Bill were priorities and Senate Democrats already in the minority saw their power further diminished. Bon often unyielding GOP supermajority, but after election day Democrats are now one vote away from breaking the Republican grip on the upper chamber their wins Tuesday night handed key. A key swing vote to the senate's more collaborative members. Republicans who have been willing to work with Democrats to buck Patrick on immigration policy. School vouchers and questions of local control Patrick called the election results big win while lamenting the defeats quote. We lost some great senators tonight, Connie Burton and Don huff on's, but we gained three new strong conservative. Senators Patrick said in a late election night statement, I'm anxious to get back to work for the people of Texas and on thankful and humbled by their support. Goes down in just get to the point. Right. Quick. Now. As a result of the election. Nineteen Republicans and twelve Democrats in the Texas Senate the numbers are significant because the Senate voted to change its rules in two thousand fifteen to require three fifths of the members which would be nineteen. But now just nineteen Republican members. It takes just one Republican to side with Democrats to kill Bill. So who might that maverick b? Texas politics watchers all point to one man kill Seliger that one man be up with us. But first we're getting to our man Chris level gonna talk some Texas Tech UT game coming up in. He's going to break it down force going to ask some basketball questions. Look like, we're worldbeaters again out there on the courts crispier stick right where you are about ninety seconds from now on your other size of. On the phone now as he is with us on Thursdays breaking down what's going to go down this weekend at Jones AT and T stadium is Chris level, red raiders sports doing Chris level? Well, I'm not I sure wish undo was going to go down on the Saturday night. I didn't know what the what was gonna go down last Saturday night. The that was crazy night. They're sure, you know, some of the the awful controversy is the empty stands. And here's my take. Then you tell me what you think, but the place emptied out pretty good about halftime level. It was the first, you know, always say, we're on the edge of the great Chihuahua desert and the great desert. I'm sorry, the desert and the Great Plains and right there on the cusp of that boy, it can get a little warm in the afternoon. And then in the nights, you'll regret it. If all you did was war jacket. I say a lot of jackets out there. I think that's what you tribute to the the stands kinda sparse out. Yeah. Possible. You know, I I don't I'm about bad personality about like the some of the goings on other than what's on the field during the game. I just focus on other stuff. And I know that people that go out into the parking lot and kind of enjoy themselves a little bit with with beverage three, you know, and that's just part of the deal. But it was really I will tell you that I will admit to not being as warm as I needed to be too. I will not make that mistake this weekend. Speaking of mistakes and games when Eappen we just attributed. Well Bowman last week. Well, I mean, I think that yeah. This is a case of I, you know, we're just going to wonder what if I mean, that's what I rating is that you play really good first half. And I think you come out hot, and you start fast and defenses making some place, and you know, you go into locker room with thirty one twenty eight. But then we know how it ended. And I think that the other. Tricky part is is that Bowen came out of that locker room thinking that he was gonna play and it just started warming up. And I think I was about ten feet away from him. It was just something wasn't right. And he knew it. And so that's what it alters everything. And I think it just took a while for Duffy and cliff to kind of figure out. Okay. How do we wanna do this? When you just not much time to even think about it or prepare for it. And and plus plus Oklahoma's really good. That's I don't know how good they are on defense. But but that offense of line and that quarterback or a nightmare. And you know, it was a matter of time kind of before they got going and that running game just kinda started leaning on a little bit. And and we know how it ended and you fought and all that. But it just wasn't quite enough to coda Alan, tell us Coney Island linebacker. Where's he right now? He he tried to play last week in played for I think part of or most of the first quarter. And then he he injured like a muscle on the behind his knee that they could not get get. Right. And so they just didn't feel like this was a bad match up. Try to put him in there. Trying to chase this quarterback faster than everybody on the field. And and I think that you know, maybe a liability don't want to get him to hurt it further. Don't you just just multiple reasons right there while you don't put him back in there? He also had a broken hand. He's got a broken hand. He entered injured at the tail end of that. I would stay game. Then you can play with that. It's just kind of clubbed up. I mean, you can't you can't use that hand much. But yeah, it was a need that kind of kept him out. I would not rule him out for Saturday. Just yet. But I mean, that's that's very touching go whether he'll be able to play the Saturday or not. And if not it's it's Jordan Brooks Rico. Jeffers which is what we saw most of the game on Saturday. Chris level, Ren, raiders sports. Go long follow along with him. Chris level on Twitter did not on election night. Probably jump into Texas did not go to the game because need to sit and watch the results not because I need to. But but because I want to and so it didn't go to the game. The boys went with grandmother and came home there nine in there really into the almost like whenever I told him sire Smith was leaving there. He can't leave. He's not graduated and I had to explain it to them. And anyway, but they came home, and they also are learning new terms and he's like the first play the game. They threw the ball up. And then this big Thomann. Don't it. They they're getting their first village Tariq that's gonna look like we were picked what number seven conference. Did you roll your eyes? When you saw that. No. I mean, I think people need to understand that this is. I mean, this'll be a grind for they're they're gonna play competitive basketball. But they've still got lots of things to try to figure out. This is a is going to be brutal league as it always is. And there's a lot of these teams that have a lot of pieces back, and you're you're just one of those that it's going to have to incorporate a lot of new pieces. It doesn't mean you'll finish them. But I understood it, I, you know, I think that you know, hopefully would get to a point where there's not even a thought that you would put tech in a in a preseason poll at anything past the fifth going forward, and you're getting really close to that. And I think as you start to build this thing. But yeah, this is gonna be you know, I mean, they have tough games. Jay from you know, you look at a week from this coming Monday and Tuesday, they'll be in Kansas City that Monday and Tuesday of thanksgiving week, and they'll have to very tough test there as you try to get all these pieces working together. But yeah. Rica is going to be fine Moonies gonna be fine. I just I guess what I'm openly saying is to Evans. It was really good. I mean, you're spent was really good, and it it's a testament, I'm not trying to tell you that this this group may not be as good. I I guess I'm trying to tell you how good that group was last year that that was special, and it's a it's a great league in. I mean capital great league whenever you have an lead eighteen that's ranked number seven the following year. That's that speaks to the power the league. Let's talk about Texas. What do you make Texas? How you think we're going to match up? Well, you know, I do say jet. Duffy is going to start this game. I think it'll be his game. And then, you know, defensively Texas struggle on the last couple of weeks. It's been interesting in that. I think that coming into the year. Everybody thought Texas would have one of the better defenses in the league. And they've got a defensive coordinator named Todd Orlando does a great job and all that. And they they've struggled in recent weeks gave up. You know, thirty eight points there at Oklahoma state. Instill watering lost that game that give up forty two points to West Virginia and Austin last week and lose that game and defensively. They're just not they're not making a lot of plays or not creating turnovers or anything like that. They'll come in here a bit banged up. You know, Texas Tech is not the only team dealing with that injury deal in Brooklyn Hager, probably their best defensive player may not play on Saturday. So, but you know, again, you're dealing with a quarterback that someone inexperience and trying to figure this thing out too. And so hopefully Duffy just because a he's could we could practice. Hopefully, do they have a good plan together have to execute. I'm anxious to see what it looks like with him with a full week of practice in start at home because the only other started these TCU, and at that time TC was very healthy on defense, and they were salty and fast, and and that was a bit of a different deal. So he'll have some chances. And then some etlinger the quarterback for Texas. He's starting to figure it out. So it's kind of role. Reversal that they were thought to kinda struggle on offense. And and be kind of this team that that didn't score a lot of points. And now they're scoring. He's throwing the ball. Well, it can run it. And so yeah, it it's but I expect a very close game. Now, I would be shocked if one of these teams able to run away from the other and they're both coming in with the with the two game losing streak. So both of them will be hungry. Yeah level. Here's what it seems to me in. I don't mean this critically. It's just an observation. Duffy's just not very accurate whenever he throws wondering if maybe. Maybe go back in you look at some nineties tape in figure out some zebbie lethridge offense for Duffy. Well, he I say jets problem is that I think that, you know, cliff talk about it. I'll talk with him about it. They're getting tonight, but cliff kinda talked about that and jet is aware of this that when when he talks it then runs he's very dynamic, and he can make some teams pay. We've seen him really, you know, punish teams with his legs. However, if you dial that up too much, and you lean on that aspect of what you're doing too much. Then then it's not it's not near as effective is not near as useful. And I think that he also is very robotic as he goes through his reads and things like that. When he's trying to throw it what he's got to do is. He's just gotta get a lot more comfortable entrust themselves. And is receivers I think he made some of those mistakes early through some interceptors. I think he's a little gun shy at times on on pulling the trigger because he doesn't wanna make a mistake. But he's got to get back to how he played high school, you know, and breed Lance, maybe just a little bit. But he can't always just panic, and like tuck it and say, okay, I'm gonna run these guys that are chasing after me because as we saw versus TCU, he's you know, there to to fast enough, let it at this level of ball. And you're not going to run these guys. Yeah. So maybe go back, look some zebbie film. But also man's Ville film. That's that may Mansfield. Yeah. Yeah. 'cause they're gonna throw it. I think that, you know, back when spike was here that there was not. There was no such thing as a short controlled passing game. And I think that when you would you have here is that they can they can create some throws that are easy for him to get him into rhythm. Just like what we saw with Alan at the beginning of the game last week you getting a rhythm. And then you get that defense cheating up. Then he started taking shots down the field. And you'll you'll be amazed at how you don't have to be as accurate at that point when they're cheating trying to play those runs or short control passes. And then then it should open up, but that that's an perfect world. But that that would be what cliff with would likely draw up. Do you think what Vegas? That Vegas has don't just two point dogs. Just two point dogs to a team that not long ago when Texas was in the top ten. Yeah. They have struggled of late. You think they attribute that number two Duffy being able to succeed against the Texas defense at this point. Well, I think that tech may even been a slight favorite had Doman been a quarterback. I think that the uncertainty of the core of the quarterback situation pushes tech into the being a bit of Texas excuse me into the bit of a favorite. But but I do think we're Vegas is right. Is that I think this'll be a thirty four thirty one eight thirty eight thirty four twenty seven twenty four type of game. I really think this'll be a very close grinded out game. And again, as I said, I just don't think either team will will be able to run away from the other that that would surprise me a great deal, and this is senior day for this to a bunch of guy twenty six of them. And you know, they don't. Wanna go out with out having won a big home game here this season? Yeah. So sixty two is the over under I'm over where are you? Yeah. I've maybe go slightly over. But I think you could probably I mentioned to you the scores of kinda think it'll it'll hover around. I just hate rooting for the under. So I'd probably go over to know K. 'cause if you're gonna if you're gonna go at me on it, then we were going to bet some Rudy's barbecue. No, I almost would never ever decide a principle that the under on anything just because, you know, the older time, you never know things that get away from the man always much more fun to sit root for points scored in they they can't get away from you Jones stadium for sure speaking of Rudy's barbecue, Chris levels skies coaching show, right after the show you can jump over ninety seven point three he'll be there with cliff kings. Mary I'm about to have kill silver on state Senator out of Morello. And I think I'll be interested to see. How he respond to some questions? You're probably had some good questions for cliff. I watched cliff, and I think maybe he does have a political future the way that handle some of these questions. Well, yeah. Coaches are very smart. They some and sometimes of the year, they those little more open than others. But yeah, you you're careful with what information you release, you know, it can be used against you not just in the media. But if you say something wrong, the other team uses it, or you know, and sometimes you're talking to the media, and you're you're really maybe talking to one of your own players or something, you know, by what you say or don't say. So there's always kinds of messages and reasons why coaches handle the media the way that they do and one more thing. I'd got this question earlier. How many how many UT fans you think will travel? How many UT fans you think we'll see in Jones stadium this weekend. They'll be some. I'm sure that there's some that live here in town. But yeah, those certainly be some that show for this kind of party five. Yeah. I would say this probably maybe a little little high. But that that's possible on something like that. Yeah. I, you know, this, you know, Texas, Oklahoma and schools like that they've got they've got a large fan base. It'll be a segment that certainly here. Yeah. Go by kademi and get you some gear. Shots fired. Yeah. You're welcome. Hey, when I'm in the middle of when she does checkout read where your sports my hands called handle right at Leeson TT, you we can hang out there. Chris level is always. Thank you, buddy. I appreciate you. We'll we'll talk to you again. All right. All right. Have a good even Chris level. Their son off on the this this episode at least into basketball team. I'm getting pretty fired up about an Abernethy guy. We were never good at football whenever I was younger. So I love me some basketball red raiders, hey, we're gonna get into quick break. Great must listen to radio here coming up with the kill seller and just stay locked in. It's gonna be something worth listening to. There's is not not a bigger MAG maverick in the legislature, at least one that's willington gauge it like a happy warrior. That he is killed Seliger coming right up here on the other side, still take a quick break. Make Lou money beat. Be right back. Lead have those guys on program couplet texts to get into in? Yeah. No, my kids did not Kelly asking my kids did not go the game. I think I brought may brought it up mentioned enough time would went and spent an LPN L Bill at the stadium clothing. Shop had my kids gone to the game. And they were dressed like I was I was freezing. But stayed until the end stayed till we sing school sewn fight song in in win onto one of the only traffic jams are in Lubbock. And that's it. Big high profile, Texas Tech games Gill sell. They're going to join us here in just a bit. You know, track down something that I'm going to write about of mentioned to you. That a lot of the Republicans right now who loss on Tuesday night, more following Greg Abbott, governor abbots campaigns models and Mon you're standing. Is that on Friday morning that have you seen the Hitler video that people go in? They write the Hitler movie where he's freaking out a bunch of Republican consultants get together who are working in against Democrats in general campaigns. And they have this big Powell and begin to look through the numbers in there finding that they're off ten points. That Abbott was supposed to be up ten. He's coming in. I'm sorry supposed to be up twenty. He's coming in lower Bob, ten points. And in that's beginning to have some impact down ballot. And. Well, what's been described to me is shouting match emerges. How that conference call in? They began to find the beginnings of what we would all learn on Tuesday night that that there were bad numbers out there. There were bad assumptions out there in a lot of fingers being pointed at the governor. I'm not saying this to take a dig at the governor. I'm telling you, we're all wondering what happened blue way purple wave a blip something that I kinda give credence to the idea that. I don't want to say to blip. But I'm saying it's probably not is democratic as you might have thought because a bunch of votes were put in. Bunch of political campaigning effort in some of these people have it down to a science was was off by five to ten points. Somebody who's not been off. He his primary in a landslide. I'm kidding. Like a quarter point against two opponents. He is kill Celera out of Amarillo somebody we enjoy on this program. Uncle kale? So how you doing? I'm good. How are you today? Let's start this off with a couple of questions not about you. But in Bombay, okay. Let's say that there is and there's not I don't think, but let's say that there's a Christmas exchange in the Senate of which you're a member thirty one members. And also Dan Patrick to make it even gets thrown into the exchange, and you have to spend twenty dollars or less, then you draw Patrick's name, what do you get Lieutenant governor Dan Patrick for Christmas. I sent him boxes Suzy self forty chocolates made in it Midland. They're just absolutely fabulous in quality and one of Texas. Great, entrepreneurs and. And that's it gang. So you would just send them a gift from from Midland there. Yeah. From the district. Okay. Well, that was that's pretty good that you job there. Kill SOGA thought about you something better out of on that chairs. Here's here's the prevailing. Knowledge chairs in the Senate come in chairs in lots of places, but I mean, all sorts of state legislatures in federal level two chairs can come with conditions. The prevailing knowledge in in Texas is that chairs in the Senate comb as favors that will be repaid. Are you seeking a chair in the Senate? Yeah. But I'm thinking that you're that. I hold now. Which is that if I rich -cation community colleges and universities. Okay. Because there are murmurs out there that that you will make it known that you won't be under anybody's thumb this legislature. No, I think I've performed such whether I've never been under anybody some but open to anybody if they wanna talk issues in policies, I've been chairman. I was I a chairman I think in the redistricting session of of two thousand eleven and neither David do horse. Do hurston Dan Patrick ever made a made any conditions thinks that I had to do if I was going to be chairman. Then mean that they're always pleased with things I did. But there have never been preconditions. Yeah. Okay. So Cal solar. Let's talk about the talk of Texas right now twelve democratic gains in the house that would only be rivaled by two thousand ten when there were what twenty one gains by Republicans in the house, and that I guess you could refer to it now is the bomb reaction or the tea party year there. In in two swamped in the house, but twelve gains in the house, and then you head Republican gain earlier in special election down San Antonio. And then across far west, Texas. But to Democrats win last night Larma galley, we opened the show reading some of her piece in Dallas Morning News that you are you've been a maverick. But now, you're a well position maverick if things are going to get to nineteen on the Republican side cylinder has to be on board. Do you think an attendant think I know what you're going to say? But you count yourself now is the most influential Senator in those chambers. No, no, I've not sought to be the most influential person that chambers. I wanna be affective representing my district. And and you sort of use every tool that you have to do that. And and but it really doesn't change my focus as a member of the legislature king. So you just think things remain the same. But you wouldn't ordinarily the dynamic is is different. Jay's is done amick that shifted in your favor. Well, yeah. But I'm not sure what that means. When it shifted my favor. Let's let's put it this way. The legitimate government had thirty priorities in the last legislature. I voted for twenty eight of them on the other two. If I if I am going to be a swing vote would I have been been a deciding because they both pass, regardless of the fact that that I pose them would that be different this time possibly. Okay. Again for listeners just joining kill SOGA Amarillo and down one county like a barbell down one county long, the New Mexico law and takes in huge swath of the Permian basin Midland Odessa here with us. Now. What does what do you think you just mentioned the Lieutenant governor's thirty priorities last session? What do you think kill Seliger are some of the Lieutenant governor soon to be priorities for legislature? That begins January that he will not have Republican support for in the chamber. There were there were to Republicans who voted against the voucher Bill that Lewis, very large. It doesn't loom as large as the participation of educators in this last election, and what education's are liable to be able to influence in the next two years. Because third of the Senate has got a run for two years when it comes ten how do you think before we get into the second part? How do you think educators influence the last election by going to vote for whom? Well, this in this part of the state they voted for me. Okay. All right. I think they had a lot to do with the two elections in the Metroplex that were lost a lot of teachers down there. They are finally getting mobilized and instead of complaining about what comes out Austin, they've decided to be active or proactive about. And I think they've made a big difference. And they should the other thing is is local officials county judges and and city city council members and mayors who are talking to people about who are the advocates for local control and smaller government legislature. I think that that had a lot to do with with those two votes in the Metroplex people who are valid opponents of local control and in local schools, and I think it made a big difference. I think it did in this area. I think it made a big difference in my primary. Kill soga. Let me let me go into that a little bit further here. It seems like you're saying right now, they you're a hard. No on bow Shire's in eighty sixth that year, a hard no on tax caps in overreaches on local control going into eighty six when we talk about I voted for an education savings account in what point which is not really about. Because it's not money that comes from the foundation school program, but the voucher Bill that we saw last time was taking money out of public schools going with students with no accountability. Yeah. I'm no. You know, what do you? And let's talk about let's talk about revenue camps for local control, the people of the city of Lubbock can have their tax rates cut in half. All they have to do is find out who the people are who are going to cut them in half vote for them. Both the current city council out of office, but the people in Lubbock and Amarillo in Midland had been voting for for incumbents who have not. Been cutting taxes in half to expect legislature to do we as local voters could do. I just don't think. That's I don't think that's reasonable big government edits worst. Yeah. Inversion there. Of course, he's referring to tax caps, which give local governments for them to go beyond the certain amount, monitor standing the Governor Arne has a sponsor a democrat, no less in the house to put up a Bill for two point five percent cap to get voter approval. I before you go beyond that two point five percent. That's a trick though. That's because I believe that they want people to think that the four percent that passed the Senate last time is really a bonus. And so that's it's designed to do that to two percent doesn't keep up with inflation. We don't let we don't let the federal government cap. What we? Can raise is is sales taxes go up or cap what we can raise with with with severance tax or things like that. And if they did what how would they help crowd? The oman. Gosh, it would be it would be a terrible outcry justified this because of of of the claims of big government. That's what this is big government. I'm opposed to big government in. Here's my thing with the whole the whole tax cap thing. It's what the other side will say is let locals decide in kill. You of anybody in the state right now knows what happens whenever quote, unquote, locals decide. Lots about side money, lots of generated campaigns. Lots of not locals will locals ultimately decide what with a hell of a lot outside influence, right? Oh, sure. That's exactly. That's the point Shackelford county or anywhere else. That's exactly what would happen to good example of a county if they were to try and give their county employs a three percent raise. And they needed to buy a new row greater something two and a half percent. I don't think they could raise enough money to do it. They would have to take it to the voters talk to listeners. And let's talk about the rural counties for just a moment. Because we talk about these issues in such a way that it's organic whenever the urban counties talk about at ten this isn't a knock, but it sounds like astroturf is like something chamber commerce wrote up. But in the in the rural counties, there's a real concern about bankruptcy. If you know if these caps are put on because they're commodity driven counties. Explain to listeners what a commodity driven county. How it could that cat could hurt them? Because it's so volatile the income from year to year. We'll it it's luxury, and it certainly agriculture. Counties that doesn't really all that much money and their their ability. Raise money is very limited. In this case. I would use Palmer county is is a good example, if the people in Parma county want to cut their taxes, they can go and and very few signatures on a petition. They can have a charter election a county. Lock Palmer or Shackelford. They can limit their taxes to two percent or one percent or never have an increase at all property taxes. We can do all that locally to take the attitude that we really don't want to go to the polls or be active in our communities. We'll just have the legislature. Do it. I don't think is. I don't think it's a good way to do it. And I said as former local fischel who had to run for office every two years. Make no mistake every election is attacks election, and if you re elect your incumbents, you were voting for the taxes that they. Impose the ones that they change or they don't change. I used to think that before region gate their Texas Tech. I think that you were my favorite former Amrullah mayor. Then I'm at Gerry hutch. Let's talk about something that Hodges concerned about for just a bit. And I wanna bring in what our you is new found influence newfound leverage four kill cylinder. Oh, lots of people know that inside those chambers. Amongst the members out on the floor. And there's a lot of horse trading. That goes on get you this horse. You get me my horse, and we'll split even or will make up down the road. There are more horses in your stable now kill Seliger de intend to leverage some of that for the vet school. Hell high is let me ask you the better way. Hell what priority? One two three four five through ten where does the vet school fall that Texas Tech vet school fall on your priority list? I would say in the middle of that range. Okay. Why just the middle? Well, because first and foremost is is the budget overall and public education we need to start on on road to having a new public education system. We need to do something about Robin Hood. You're talking about school finance? Yes. In in higher education. There's another couple of issues overall funding, and what we call the higher education fund, which is a big priority for me. But that is a fun that does for. For what the what the permanent Versi funds does protect say. An and university of Texas he fund higher education fund does that for Texas Tech and in midwestern state and in even Austin and so the divest school. I think is a priority. And I intend to go about that from day one because the budget is going to be a Senate Bill Senator Perry, and I are going to push the the the veterinary school is best that we can. And and hopefully get help from from. Our colleagues around the state question coming in asking me why I'm saying that you have newfound position. I don't know if they just started listening or not, but you have been a maverick vote already and given Tuesday nights returns puts you in even greater position to be the maker break on whether or not you need nineteen to get to the floor. If Seliger says, no, and they can't fund democrat to replace them. Then it doesn't get to the floor just within the mid range then on that school that you're going to look out for higher educations hole in public education before then. I would say so. Yeah. But keep in mind, this is at Texas question too. Because for for the remaining money's tech. It always say that they're going to take some of their money, some more of their money and tech his mates commitments to and Jackson more money in it. I would prefer that from the existing funding model that tech director funds to program, and and and things like that. And that that we address this is is what we call exceptional extra item. There's a couple of different ways to get where we need to go. Okay. So for folks who in Sar, we're taking a little bit long here. But right now, we're in budget season heading into the legislature. You got the legislative budget board meeting. There's there's already a lot of discussion going on with what goes where for a budget. That'll be voted on within the session. The only constitutional priority of session is to get that that balanced budget there. How much money is going in for the vet school initially? I think right at the moment, it's seventeen eighteen million dollars is is a believe what I'm prepared to to go to cinema. One course I'll discuss that with Senator Perry, and that's for operations correct construction on these there. I don't know exactly what that's going for. I think they may be to kick off program or things like that. I just I I don't know exactly where it's how it's been earmarked, and what do you make? I don't know if you've been in this position. But well, I think you have with Smith -i John Smith, the Moreau a lot of people saying that the two leading names four in. You know, we were broadcasting from where we're broadcasting two leading names, drew Darby and for price to men who I would think you're very close with but price out of Amarillo. Do you get involved in that process to you? Go tried to pick off votes for four price not a bit. You not a base. That's the house is business, and I'm not much concerned with what they think of Senate rules and procedures, and I don't think it'd be much concerned. With what I think the thing about four price from a real low and drew Darby from from San Angelo is there from west Texas. And and they are two guys that that are dedicated to this part of the state. It's not that they want anything for west Texas that that we wanna take from anyone else in the state of Texas just wanna make sure that those of us in west Texas, don't get left out both in terms of of budget and policy because when it comes to things like transportation, there's an awful lot of people Dawson that gladly and easily Lee that was Texas in favor of the I thirty five quarter. Yeah. Then answer that you just gave about not being concerned about the houses affairs. Sounds almost like a state rep saying I'm not in charge of potholes there in the city as as pretty good their kill. I've been a mayor. I really didn't care what my Representative thought about bottles Amer. And that was my job. All right. What else kill? Gimme gimme such. All. I you know, I read the article in in the Dallas Morning News. And I thought it was pretty well written. It just talks about the pure numbers though. It doesn't talk about motivation in in motives in and things like that. And I there's nothing I really like I say, I really not sought any kind of power like that. I just want the ability for represent my district in west, Texas. Did you being the face of independence in the chambers right now? You saw the returns you saw the state wants coming back at it. You saw to your super-conservative peers go down you saw the statewide come back at six percent statewide, not needn't, Greg Abbott or Glenn Hager. Right. Even the presiding officer chamber right there at six percent does that put a little more a little more gusto that give you a little more gusto. Whenever people get down on you and say, yeah. Well in and also, I would be remiss not to cite a hope still have it the. I mean Jason be Elba. Former house member said if you invested a dollar an empowered Texans your stocks now were twenty two cents given the money that they put into races across the state you'd have to feel like you ride on long today. Kill seliger. I think I was right. Jason. Alba is is was a really smart Latino Republican it power Texans. Worked really hard to get him beaten far right by the name of Lisa be Ryan. And she managed to lose a good Republican seat to a democrat. Where were we help their? Let's look at something here. And I'm I'm sure you've thought it is that if you look at the them votes that Greg Abbott got as opposed to ten governor, Patrick, I think when I went to bed tonight. It was about two hundred thousand people. There's not a lot of crossover and things like that. So it makes it look like a couple of hundred thousand probably Republicans voted for Greg Abbott. And yet did not vote for Republican Lieutenant governor why? You know, you can look at all the reasons, and maybe I think maybe that's local control in public education too. But here's the question. Jay, and we going to have some smart people, and he uses good pollsters, or they rationalizing it or saying, wait a minute. What are we doing to to lose Republicans, most of whom are conservative, but for Greg habits and not me what does that mean? And so we'll have a chance to discuss it more than likely you and him. We'll have a chance to discuss we meet as in a caucus all the Republicans Lieutenant governor. And and it's a it's a pretty wide changing. And sounds like you're on vacation. There is that those results would lead to change behavior. And you don't know if there will be changed behavior. Maybe just some rationalism rationalizing about what had happened. That's potential. I would always warn against that. No matter who you are. And and you when you look at where I win. What does it mean? I mean, where's the message in in clearly in my case that because I've been represented is something listed a conservative by empower Texans. It was easy to find people to to run against me. Not very not very good ones. Not very convincing. Ones was Patrick. Do. You feel like you're running against an Patrick in your primary. No, very intensely. Not. Because when I spoke with him early on he said, he wasn't going to get involved in my rice. And there's no evidence in any way, shape or form that he did, you know in private conversation. Did he tell somebody that he might want bitterly alphabet, real maybe? But there's no evidence that happened. And nobody told me any differently. Two point two five million spent and empower Texans return was only four hundred ninety six thousand in winning races Gill Seliger, I'm gonna let you go. Appreciate let me point out that those guys like Tim done the middle and have so much money. Jay that does not matter. The only thing that matters winning. It's just play money. Yeah. Well, we got some good Altro music. Say good bad and ugly, free Shaked. Thanks for having me on again. Okay. The kid out. He'll still walking into the Senate chambers. What's up guys? That's good stuff. Hey, we're going to get out and get into a break in then come back in and breakdown tomorrow show to be Goodwin. Stick right with us here on the other side. Yeah. Texan had the happy warrior and some questioning whether or not on time to get into mall because we're going to close out here some questioning the tax caps. Let Amarillo decide some of those coming in preach guys listening in Amarillo. But there's no doubt about that. I think. I think that kill seller is really good it underplaying his hand. And. For a guy. He had probably the toughest primary in Texas, and he had two guys going against them one out of Midland and then one out of Morello both at here. It's to the same groups of the same outside interest groups and is still walked away barely walked away in that primary. And now a lot of Amarillo wins a lot of people cross the golden spread a place. It's never been told. No, it's always stood up for itself. I mean, I'll tell the story often. In nineteen sixty four like emerald was cool before republicanism was cool in nineteen sixty four. There were sixteen counties in Texas that went for Barry Goldwater. Eight of them were spread throughout the state. Eight more were all in the panhandle. And they have a story history of republicanism. But also of not knee-jerk ING into a as I said earlier a conservatism that doesn't conserve their place. And that's why I'm fascinated with Amarillo folks, that's a storied history. Hey, listen, I'm going to get home. I believe Brandon Darby the on with this tomorrow trying to snag a good interview in there, maybe snag Arrington. Seeing what we can do congressman Errington talk about working in the minority in the way forward there in Washington, but intil, then I'm gonna get home got to get home. Great family, above average, dinner and math homework. Which I've come to love. It's gonna be great soon. Be awesome till tomorrow Ravon buddies Ravon. It got any news any tips. You want us to cover anything you want to look into Jay at other side at Texas dot com. We'll see next time right here. A M five eighty in other side at Texas.

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