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Now's the time to discover why Irish motorists of made high undying are Lund's bestselling car brand in January twenty nineteen the high on Tucson is Ireland's best selling car. The I ten is islands bestselling school city car. The Kona is Ireland's bestselling compact as you the and the Conan electric is now Ireland's bestselling electric car, visit high and dot e to find out more Hyon die. Discover why. Eight p radio news, I've Tim McGuire. President Trump when he declared national emergency along the border with Mexico also said he fully expected a legal challenge. Api saga megani? At this from the White House, President likely game challengers ammunition for questioning its legal basis by hinting at the political realities. I could do the wall over a longer period of time. I didn't need to do this. But I'd rather do it much faster, California. Attorney general heavier Sarah says he's right. He didn't have to do this. In fact, he can't do this. Sara says the president's violating the constitution, which gives congress the power of the purse governor Gavin Newsom says California's likely to sue the president over the declaration, which is also being criticized by some GOP lawmakers saga megani at the White House. The supreme court has agreed to hear a challenge to the White House effort to include a citizenship. Question on the twenty twenty cents for the justices have agreed to a quick review of a lower court ruling that has so far blocked the Trump administration from adding the citizenship question to the census for the first time since nineteen fifty both the administration and opponents of the question agreed the court should settle the matter quickly because the census forms need to be printed. Soon arguments will take place in late April a decision should come by late June. Opponents argue that the citizenship question is intended to discourage the participation of minorities who tend to support Democrats from filling out the census forms, Shelley antler. Washington acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan on a visit to Munich Germany says the fight against Islamic state group has been successful in Syria and Iraq, and it's time to expand for one envision even bigger and stronger coalition going forward when that has evolved to meet the global threat posed by off shoots and its murderous ideology. This is AP. Radio news. And least two people are dead in the latest storm to hit California more than nine inches of rain afforded in the San Bernardino mountains of southern California and south Salida, a mudslide crash down a hillside taking away a home women inside was rescued just with cuts and bruises resident Chris park men. Most of air you feel safe when the big storms come that's your safety factors is gone. And I don't think we've seen a storm like this. For decades evacuations were also ordered and areas hit by a wildfire 's last summer, a gay French writer in his book in the closet of the Vatican estimates the most of the Vatican's prelates are homosexually inclined. And he says much of the current crisis in the Catholic church is part of an internal power struggle. Frederick Martell says it conducted fifteen hundred interviews of cardinals bishops Vatican and foreign embassador over a four year period. I'm Tim Maguire, maybe radio news.

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