Weekly Zeitgeist 104 (Best of 12/2/19-12/6/19)


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You listen to podcasts Hello the Internet and welcome to this episode of the weeklies Zeitgeist These are some of our favorite segments from this week. all edited together into one Nonstop infotainment laugh. Strata Ganda So so without further ado here is the weekly Zeitgeist really. What is something from your search history? That's revealing about who you are I just looked up. let's see here. I wanted to know Jack. Nicholson's age when he found the shining Do you guys have any idea of with forty close forty three. That's exactly right forty-three wow that's just a guess. I think so literally the US some kind of math. I didn't do any math and I looked up right to Tom. Hanks Forrest gump and he was. I believe he was forty two so these guys did some of their best work in their forties. Yeah you guys have nothing to be afraid of. Okay right our whole life ahead of us and I was looking at it up because Dr Sleep did you actually doctor sleep. No not yet. If you are a king we had go see Dr Slow Really. Yeah the whoever wrote it the the writer at managed to Meld the movie and the book together to make a pretty impressive Asif sequel. If you're if you're not You might not be as jazz but every Stephen King Fan. I've talked to love Doctor Sleep That's why I checked out his age. Forty three three years old and he looks great. Sexy as ever. What a hairline? Though several seventies hairlines are still sexy now if you meet a man who has that her line they're just not a hike up as much as that hairline but I'm talking about sexy elude heroin Nicholas cage is also like they. Yeah like he has all sorts of hair implants and shit like when he used to have that hairline and then Hollywood ruined him like no. You must have a strong hairline. But yeah I I feel like they're not allowing that sorta hairline in movies anymore. You either either get hair plugs or shave your head clean. Like a Bruce Willis. We gotTa Bring Bald Baxter. You bring a ball. It's just a deep deep V.. Yes let me Love Bill. Murray about about all that stuff and these are sexy men. Yeah they're not Conventionally attractive but Ross sexuality rarely is okay talking about oozing off. Let's slam down in the bedroom. Let's see what you got battle with battle bots can Alexander you remember when Colin Farrell was just with Dawson like they were literally almost punching each other. Oh Yeah Yeah. That's the kind of sex I'm talking to man. You know it's funny. I was in the movie. That was a the bombed also. It's funny I was so fucked up when I saw that Like on Zanex or some shit. I only remember three parts. It's that part and this other part where Val Kilmer is talking about a horse goes. His mind is broken. I have so many funny memories about being Up in the theater I remember I was drunk and I saw troy and I was just so drunk at some point like tomboys in just like went and sat in the lobby it was like the last showing arena the Cova. AMC and then the people came up to me. And they're like hey. We're going to get rid of these hotdogs unless you want to buy them for ninety nine cents and I was like this is the best night. I don't remember the movie hotdogs dollars Yes please. Another one Frailty that movie fell fully. I was awake for the first credits woke up at the very worst. Frailty and it was like Bill Paxton filmed inconvenient. Really yes so very odd that you're saying that my mom lives right by where they filmed that. incovenient frailty yeah these weird cy. It's a smaller thriller. Actually very good. Yeah and Michael Personnel Perssonel. Someone has someone trying to figure out if they really have psychic abilities. Okay good. It's like a pro pro like someone's got it got it. Yeah I I think it was right around the time. Like a cramp. I remember very vividly ocean. Spray started making white cranberry peach juice me and my friends midst mix excite with a bunch of vodka in the back of his trailblazer fucking went to that movie. I woke up this fucked. Two thousand one. This shit came out or two thousand in two thousand eighteen. Yeah and I'm fucking the Chevy Blazer back before they gave it a nickname was when they it was the new body style show. It was his His black trailblazer. But yeah. It wasn't the old school plays. What is a myth? What something people think is true? You know to be false love. It is the most important part of a relationship. Okay what's the most important part. I think there's a bunch of things but I love is maybe twenty five percent breath. It's like not even that Berea deal. Have you been in love more than once. I don't know actually I don't even. I don't feel like you even want to talk about it. Yeah so you can't be talking soon as I saw my wife for the first time. I've been at several relationships internships and I know people who are just looking for love but you know I think how people communicate how you argue the same values. You have What you want to spend your money on? There's a bunch of other things at play such an important part and I just think I know too many people who've when they find love they'll like trying to hold on to it at all costs and it's like not that big of a deal. Yeah you'll be surprised how quickly you can find love. Yes but like you say it's really those other things like sure of coarseness. The love is there but are y'all acting as a team yes a one thing because too many people are too caught up especially when they argue in some ways to be the good guy and some was the bad guy and we will. Now Begin to litigate. Who is the bad person between the two of us because it's a binary and if you're the bad person that I can flex on you you were bad that time versus like what's is there a problem okay? Do we need to fix it or are we still have this egoistic attachment to being like but I was right and you were wrong because if things happen you can approach it as a partnership and be like okay. Yeah I fucked up. I'm like actually sorry like we can we. Should we should do that differently. And it doesn't have to be like but you're bad the run up an important point right there. That's one of the things I've learned in. Romantic relationships is If you're with a good person you should only good people really love you and you know our our aren't using you for free meals if you're with someone who is a good person and they love you. Nobody that loves. You ever really does anything to hurt. Are you on purpose. So yeah so you have to start from that place whereas if this person did something to hurt me they didn't do it on purpose so say hey this hurts me are when you do this this this bothers me and it makes me feel this way and then they usually go okay. I'm sorry I didn't realize that they need just move on right versus. That was so fucked up. I don't know why the fuck you would do that. How dare you? I am sorry I took a dump. I mean honestly. I almost say a person's argument style is more important point than love because Yeah people can be very vicious and mean are they carry patterns that they saw in their child incorrectly. Klay to that thing and and you know you're gonNA just bump into problems more so yeah I do think people talk about finding love. I think it's kind of a false narrative and it's been sold wholesale. Bill golds bullshit to us as something. That's super important. Find someone you have fun with science find. Someone said you want to spend your money on the same thing and find someone communicate with and I think and that's why I'm a huge fan of arranged marriages Nepali guy. Yeah I was GONNA say that like gift. Love is a feeling like I definitely like when I was a kid had like that like heart sick like feeling more than I ever did like as an adult like. Oh my God I'm completely destroyed over this shit and like I feel that was because I wasn't a complete person like I had actually actually I lived my life and so yeah there was just like more tied up in that around like ready for it. I cried over a girl who broke up with me and we only held hand right. Yeah Oh yeah yeah you realize how fucked up the stakes grew eleven years old. You ooh all right so bill bar got his report. He had been working on this. He'd been traveling around the world. Talking to people interviewing people apple probably go into various going. My Brady's yeah looking in the car. Cadillac the Davinci code but with a Walrus faced asshole asshole. Manto Bara So yeah he you know he asked the inspector general he said. I need you to investigate. You know how the FBI came to begin again. This investigation of Russian meddling in two thousand sixteen you know Carter Page with what happened with these fiso warrants. What what was really going on with Peter Struck and Lisa Page Hayes? FBI agents who had the temerity to say that they'd thought trump shouldn't be president while being in the FBI. Because I think he was really hoping that someone would come back with the report basically saying I guess if in your mind if you're like this Republican fantasy politician who has complete disregard for facts objectivity objectivity you would hope that the inspector general would come back with a report that said. Oh yeah there's all these biased. FBI Hillary loving agents who were against against president. The steele dossier was the entire basis of our legal system and Obama wired everything everything Alabama listened to it all and was being so spooky at trump tower but the problem is this inspector general. He is known as being a stickler and being very as as many people Doj Past and present officials said he's known for being nitpicky a little bit When even when Eric holder was attorney general Report the Inspector General. WHO's a stickler for details? Especially when you say hi. Can you investigate my house. Can you tell me what's your house in order people behaving crater. Yeah you kind of need those people it'd be like yeah. I go by the federal law. That home inspectors such a stickler for detail. Yeah Okay there's a hole in the roof. You can put cardboard and brash bags it works and so now he's come back I was saying with Eric Holder. Like typically attorneys general will be like. Oh come on like they'll be like this person went to Harvard William Bars like Nah. I don't like what this guy said had because what came back from the inspector generals that there was nothing untoward going on right. Everything happened to the letter of the law. All these other conspiracy theories theories they've been running around with like really. Don't hold any weight there were there. Is that one moment. We talked to a few weeks ago when they did find that there was in the process of getting a surveillance warrant people were cutting corners and got sloppy. Right was hanging onto that but it was not really anything that they're saying. Oh this is actually the massive massive misconduct by one minor illnesses exactly and so because his whole reason for living has been to defend offend trump and shield him and make anything he says true even if it is just patently false He's basically said this is from the Washington Post What his reaction to seeing this report was attorney? General William P bar has told associates. He disagrees with the justice. Department's Inspector General on one of the key findings in an upcoming report at the FBI had enough information in July two thousand sixteen to justify launching an investigation into members of the trump campaign. Yes that is sort of the whole finding right the whole thing. Well the whole thing was George. Popadopoulos was saying out loud to an Australian ambassador official. That do these Russian I heard the rush is gonNA. They'RE GONNA they're gonNA do some hackery Brent. With Hillary Clinton some person then goes to the Australian officials they tell American law enforcement. Like this someone. Someone seems to think this is happening if you want to look into it. Yeah all pretty straightforward then league goes on to say why he doesn't really like what Horwitz who was the inspector general. His conclusion inclusion. He says that he's privately. Contended that Horowitz does not have enough information to reach the conclusion the FBI had of details in hand to justify opening approp- so he he doesn't have enough information about them having enough information to diversify. That's why this is wrong because actually even though I told him that he needs to look into this and he probably has all the information it turns out based on his conclusion. Day actually doesn't have enough information because that's different than what I needed to be right. It's very very alarming. which as it should be because William Bar has been going to places like Italy or London to like talk doc to other allies in London on his alarming Irishman? But like going there and like trying to get other people other or Intelligence agencies to say Oh yeah maybe there was something wrong. They're all like no man. We're all but we've all been hearing the same thing we've all been looking at how Russia's become more emboldened and more more and more aggressive since two thousand fourteen it all tracks you have nothing to the contrary to say and I think this is where we have to think about. What is his next move because when he got the mother report with that said there's all these accounts of obstruction? There's clearly some kind of conspiracy going on. Were it not for all the lying. Hang of Paul Manafort and others involved. I may know actually how dark this thing is. William Bar came out and tried to get a front of it and just basically lied and was like yeah. It's all good. The things pretty chill nothing to see here. I would call it. Selective summarizations summarized three of the four hundred pages. Yeah just focused in on that right exactly so I mean who knows what he's going to do with this if he's GonNa go on and say This one very narrow part. I'm GONNA completely blow out of contact. I try and keep it. Sounds like he didn't even have like the SPEC that he could blow out into a huge deal now because he is going back to them being like. Just give me a fucking Buckingham. Yes give me something something. Do you know what the the most just given Irish. Not Not an Irish perspective. I can only speak for myself as an outsider looking in America and the media. Now No. It's it's fascinating to watch that. It doesn't seem to be the truth but it's the most compelling narrative and how you present it on air. Yeah Oh yeah like literally talking heads. WHO's the better talking head who can call? Who can hold the audience? Because I when I came here I didn't know oh about the two sides of the media whenever I didn't so I'm just flicking through and it's shocking to see how believable if you immerse yourself in one side you know how believable it can be right. You know I'd be very slow to label anyone on either side anything because this is the most incredible propaganda I've ever seen right and it's endlessly funded. Yeah it's on real because it makes its own money propaganda that people pay for. Yeah Yeah it's like it's shocking. It's entertainment disguised as news. Yeah it's just like this. Fever Dream to whip people into a frenzy unreal unreal. And you know the great thing about investigations right depending on which side. You're on just like investigations. In general you want them to be happening to government government all the time. What's very interesting to watch right now? Is that no one. I have a feeling no one's GonNa go to jail because these are the lawmakers right right. Yeah so no like it'd be nice to for the right people to be held accountable. But it's becoming very clear. No one seems to go to jail. And if they if they're empowered once you get to a certain level yeah like lower level you could be made a sacrificial lamb as a gesture people say that yeah the rule of law ORCS in some cases but yeah I think I mean and this is why we're like in this other phase which is becoming even more sort of alarming. Is like this legal nihilism that that people have it's like who cares what are the fucking laws because even there people breaking them and there seems to be no consequences or people completely outright disobeying Bang Subpoenas or using stupid little countersuits to kind of just delayed their ability to be held accountable. It's made people very very disheartened. Yeah but I think that's why at the very least like just keep doing whatever you can because the second that I think you know the foot comes off the gas a bit. Oh yeah well you got you got you now. You GotTa fight for what you believe you know. And it's just shocking to me to to watch just say growing up in Ireland so at night on the news weekly monthly or maybe just it felt like that as a kid someone was either getting shot in the knees or a barracks being blown up or or some some explosive device going off you know less than one hundred miles or one hundred whatever mas wet and now that's that's where it can go you you know and I saw that in Ireland and I saw in Liberia West Africa with the United Nations. I was doing peacekeeping over there. I saw the extremes where you've got child. Soldiers people cutting off Arms Long Sleeve short sleeve option. Was your only option for these. These child sold just like I don't think people know the capacity. Humans have for evil because if they did they wouldn't be the rhetoric people are using now and how they're talking about their adversaries it leads down. It's a slow it's it's a slow erosion of the fabric of society. That you don't you have to be very careful with how you speak about your what you perceive to be your enemy. Because you don't need race or gender to be at war with someone I saw tribes in Africa. You know attacking each other. I've seen it in Ireland Catholics and Protestants. I would just. I would really like America to consider that rather than trying to find the differences. Just really do reach across the aisle. Because you do do not want the deterioration that is available in any country to happen. Here guys have special here. No one's done this. No one's got three hundred fifty million people from all over the universe to live in relative with a lot of problems harmony. Like this is this is potentially intially. I don't WanNa be too dramatic. You know you just they all phrase powder keg don't push don't start lighten matches around you know where where there's a lot of tension because over ten years to slow erosion you won't even see it creeping. Yes and be very just lead with love as they say you know. Yeah Yeah that's my honest opinion. Yeah like an add. It is fun. It's fun to rile up the far side but long term guys not you you guys. But in general longtime long-term the propaganda machines have to be very careful what they do because once polarized two groups. It's very hard for them to see each other as human. Yeah no and I think that's the increasingly this sort of dehumanizing rhetoric that comes out of like the president or people like this. There's this new thing of like not new. But as the president's actions become more and more Obviously corrupt and people are holding them accountable. The rhetoric is also changing too now. Now people who are asking for accountability or subhuman. They're scum there whatever and that's that's really. Yeah this is the thing that a lot of people are talking about in this country too because because as this keeps going and going and going you know it's the logical end that it plays out to is not is not one of not not a good time. We have a very I. Short term collective memory like. Look if you have history in the schools is a real good chance. That people history's been taught well in a country or or at least somewhat honest but you know that could be by design row in Ireland somehow. That's one thing that I think we do quite well which is teach history But you know allows people to have a relatively good perspective take on how things will shape up if you go down. A certain road did that. We still have the civil war right right but you know you don't WanNa be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past so yeah. I don't think you're in your schools you're teaching people that The civil war was about a difference in economic Systems like where people like here like in some places the history of the American civil war is completely obscured and like the sort of Facets about race or removed or slavery. You are minimized and it's like yeah you know one group was kind of doing their thing. And then there's a disagreement and Anyway let's move on. I think is what sorry I think it hurts so much to look at. Hey bad we've been in the pond that it's it hurts so you don't WanNa look at you WanNa Kinda glaze over but you gotta sit with it right well. Yeah I think in American history is all about sanitizing using how bad things we've done have been how poorly we've treated each other. How poorly we've treated other countries how we've completely decimated other cultures cultures other economies? It's just it's mostly about like like I bleach history. It's like let's just yeah. It's hard to I mean like it was until college. I was getting a real understood like understanding of American issue or no high school. I did have a really great teacher and it was like suggested a people's history of the United States. You manipulate God. What the fuck is going on? Yeah but most of the time. We're just taught like man America's so chill and everything we've done has been so great for for other people and well that's one question. I get a lot just before you move on you like this is basically a lot of people wanNA know what. What do people think of America outside America Eric Right and I think thank God? The branding is good is good. You Guys Linda Strong America because you know a lot of people see this. As a refuge for people from all different ethnic minorities now of course the problems but the reality is guys. America's it's not audits foreign policy it's three hundred and fifty million beautiful individual people walking the earth trying to do stuff the farm policy questionable. I think most people would agree on both sides. The yeah yeah and on both sides of the Hersher that's interesting to hear from somebody who lived through civil war in a calm like a violent conflict of kind of within the nation. They grew up in t to hear that. That's something that you're concerned about. Because that's that's something that when you talk to people who spend a lot of time in countries that are devolved into civil war. They said that like a lot of the signs are popping up in America and people in America like yeah but I mean it can't happen here and it might. It might not be what you're picturing mind but now it's it's it's it is shocking because it it was on it was like I. I wasn't directly affected by it but Iraq the country so much. We couldn't even call it what it was. which was you know and probably probably some sort of civil war? We called it. The troubles right the try and it was one hundred miles away. There's people you know bombs going off and all that hundred and fifty miles away and to me. It was another world world but it was in the subconscious. Wow when you're a kid you understand there's no reason for fighting in red first time you see war on TV. I remember cry- crying is I understood the depth of yeah and then over time you have to distance yourself from that emotion raise. It's too much. I didn't live true civil war just for the record. But but there was civil unrest in the north of Ireland Orlands and yeah it really permeated the culture and got into a lot of kids brains early on in Ireland so I think as a result of the the pain maybe the the people went through before in the previous generation. Now there's a better understanding of how we want to avoid that everywhere right right right. Yeah all right. We're GONNA take a quick break. We'll be right back in. The future is closer than you think. And it all starts in the palm of your Hand you may have heard the news. Five G. is coming but what does that really mean. How impact me in this new? My Heart series this time tomorrow presented by team about the business. Join me as well often and my first characterize as we will you through the true revolution immobility that will change the way we interact with the world around us from environmental science to law enforcement. Entertainment humint healthcare and travel innovation is coming. Join us as we explore. How this revolution could impact your life and here just just how close we are getting to a more connected future full of possibilities in the age of five G.? This time tomorrow presented by team about the business business is now available on the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts. And we're back. There's a study about which pick up lines work best for women that are hitting on men. Yeah and I for one am. I'm curious miles. Oh man the you know the people at In Halifax Canada yes Decided I didn't even realize realized this is a question of what pickup lines for men are the most effective they got hell effects up in Halifax. Wow take your radio. There's okay so the way they did. It apparently found that. There's they were testing three pickup. Line Styles House direct flippant and innocuous and what they did in this highly scientific study and I say this with a lot of is that they got one hundred thirty heterosexual males Two basis every single time. I was going to sound like a fucking like honestly the remnant it does this is this has a man said no so what they were ever said. No no exactly to any kind of Dan. I'm so it says they were asked to evaluate a series of twelve photographs of women accompanied by a pickup line and then so when they looked at it they asked the participants to rate the perceive attractiveness of the woman the perceived promiscuity of the woman and the perceived effectiveness of the pickup line. Really what they found was direct was the the most effective so an example direct pickup line and stuff. Like you WanNa have a drink together. You have really nice is number. You're cute all those in Interro. interro Larry smooth networks and stare at the period. But you gotta you gotTa stay ringling. It is because I got a coq. Yeah an example of flippant. Pick up lines. As shall we talk or continue flirting from a distance. Always see you here. You must be the bars best customer since you're a lot since you're alone and I'm alone. Why don't we sit together to that? MAKES ME WANT TO BE SING. I'm easy are you you. That was obviously. There's a control so that I think I think that is actually an example of scientists writing comedy being not not a successful way to these conversations and then sample size a hundred and thirty. They didn't exactly go in two zero zero. Oh yeah that's what I said it's the conversations of course. Yeah and then innocuous can you recommend a good drink. I've seen you before. Do you work here. I mean really what what they did. Find his direct where the most successful flippant was second most successful innocuous released likely to be judged as effective but they did say no matter the pickup line when they raided the attractiveness attractiveness. I didn't matter what they said. Yeah please I don't know thank you. We have a very visual creatures. Yeah Hey what do you ever you walking down. It's like it's hard not to look at some later. It is hard. It's like a woman for me is the most compelling thing no obviously want to write songs and Sonnets I mean that's what we do create and then we try and get on stage. We're trying to be funny and Hopefully find out why for their get like and then I guess it's the same the ups away. It's just a Yemen beauty. There's video is so so hard to ignore this. This idea that like. There's a need for this study. Like they're a women or I guess it just seems odd to me. It's not as no way our society. He is set up a sort of just like this patriarchy where the man pursues the woman and that sort of People are just inundated with a sort of messaging. I'm not it sounds the thing that like a lonely men would need this study. It's like hey direct is the best thing guys you know. Don't be all like hey. Did you see that fistfight outside decide. That was so wild. Like I don't know I think these two are fighting over dude anyway. Hi My name's miles literally some pickup artist type Shit. We're really yes. You talk rather than rather than pulling up direct like Joe. I think you're beautiful Ma. Have this drink with me. Inches from the FA- more about sort of being a little bit more obscure about sort of just a general conversation started by pointing to another event and then they go. Oh No I. I didn't see that and that's more organic than like anyway. What's up I'm lonely? I mean I'm miles. Do you ever notice as well when you WanNa talk when you really really really WanNa talk to somebody you know that this is the one something in your brain your brain literally sabotages you. Yeah you can't. Oh Yeah Speaker. Can't think you start opening all the doors. The fridge door every door evidence like an and the conversation just it just. It's like your jeans no that you are not supposed to mate with that but I yeah. You're not good enough. Fry your circuits. I I'm Horny your sabotage from the inside out your genetics. Don't want you the windy good enough. The second date I ever went on with my wife. She was like I kind of realized that you know I was in love with third but the second day it'd be really weird. I love you but she she still talks about it because she was like. Yeah there's that one day when you couldn't talk and you're all sweaty. Yes the worst thing you know when you know that they're assuming it did perceptive creatures on the planet yes let me start sweating. Are you sweating. No you're sweating and then it getting on me and it gets worse and worse and there's there's no way out right on the only thing I think you can do to kind of is a preemptive strike which is sites like before you go into an interview go for a run so your endorphins bench pressing something. So there's a little tests Estrin in there. I don't know maybe Stan wide-legged with your arms arms above your head is power then you walk in and go. Hey you live around here so yeah yeah also why. Why are you holding that chewing raw meat on your shoulder? Yeah my new shoulder pads you like the dribbling on their rabbis but do you like my relies on you flex and you Lick Alexa Vegan. Yeah but that is weird. How the universe keeps us in line? Isn't it oh yeah like. It's like it knows that you're hey you you feel so you know what I'm going to do. I'm literally going to make you deaf and mute and you're not going to be able to hear what you're saying and you're not going to be able to formulated in your brain and you know what what you're talking with a concussion. The whole thing stars in Liar. Yeah question for the audience gang. Does that does that happen on the other side you girls get that. Do they get the same feeling. I'm sure like anything. We're human right if we had something the possible threat of losing something right causes saying Zaidi or not to get the thing we want. I'm sure on some of the thing I'm more interested in this idea of being hit on because I've only been and maybe like a direct pickup line. I remember someone said that to me when I was. Dj Party in Highschool. Was this a girl. I was in high school is using parties. Comes up to your queue. What's what's your number really and I was like fucking I panicked? I was like I don't know phone away. And then I'll ask you'll give him my number so unconscious indirectly that she was so fried my insecure hormonal teen circuits. I just was unprepared and I just just sort of went into myself But again did that did that. Carry it for the week though because when I if I get a compliment like if somebody says something nice to me like that. I'm attracted I'm terrible. It'll keep me going for week dude. I'm running extra miles donate and more. I'm terrible with just as a personality. -ality if I'm ever GONNA come. I always mitigate right. And that's the thing. I'm trying to do less of because I think that sort of betrays my own ability to sort of see myself as being worthy of accomplishment psychological real quick let me get on my couch therapist Francis because you know I wanna feel like I am worthy of these compliment but inside. I don't WanNa feel like I'm flexing or something like that. I don't know if you had a great accrued nerve podcast about how guys you'll complement a guy's shirt shirt and that's all they'll wear for. That is so true that is true. Oh yes do you know. The power accomplishment has yet man you and also you know it can. It doesn't have to be even ally you know like we're talking as if it's a manipulation you can and literally say to something someone just a nice commonly. Hey you know what you you just. You're great personal really. Felt like we connected today too. I wish you the best that just that little serotonin hit that cortisol spike in the brain. Or whatever I don't know if they walked the planet a little better and then that trickles the little reverse tributaries into the world. Yeah like just because you said some nice person walks the earth telling people feel better all day Eh. Yeah go give a complement complement challenge do it but not to not to me. Because I suck don't know showers. Lucky smell terrible. Might be granny said the best advice is just say. Thank you and smile actually helped because it's so simple but it's it's like you don't think of it because you're just too much into panic to put that energy. Yeah Yeah Yeah that's true what's overrated overrated. All right. I don't WanNa be controversial or anything but okay. We have gone way too far with Oat milk. Are you fucking fucking kidding me. GonNa milk next wood chips here. We go just walking by my God arrive all all. This should taste like a broom closet. Mom I supposed to know from downward the rest of my day. When I'm drinking liquid broom closet Ed? Why did you not like oat milk has been one of the tastiest? Wants to come out so far thick and show everyone is all aboard the OATMEAL chain. The little chunks regular milk votes little chunks on the website is so thick thing I've ever had hat and wounded riding so hard for it in on like you're sick. It's turning. Milk is best milk in the land of Sake. I want everyone to be happy about you. I go back and forth between a regular milk and almond if you think too to heart if you actually think about regular milk at all. It's puget in discussing ideologically but All men I feel like joy actually like almond sender. Wasn't something a train myself to. That's for me. I understand because you think about the dairy process and what that looks like. That's why I only drink milk directly from the cows autres the only. That's the only way can guarantee freshness. Yeah I mean natural integrity to go through that day. Let us have been kicked out. A lot of petting zoos. The votes have been kicked a lot on the face terrible head injuries. Direct glows too much. Thought that was against the law. But who am I who watch porn on Google Google video player like what. Look if those two broke girls can keep a horse or whatever. I don't see why you can't keep a Akao way who you know that. Show Senate cable your incredible all right one percents that show true brokers as about a horse. There's a horse in it and also it's not able you guys. What are you dying? You thought it out the plane okay. Okay wait because one of the heiress or like wealthy person isn't I don't know a lot of it literally was a horse in it. So it's based on the simple life found a horse. I I said out loud when I was watching it on the plane or flipping through or whatever I was like. Hey there's a horse in it and the woman sitting next to me said said it's a it's a horse episode. She goes no the horses is always on the show. And that's she's like the horses a permanent fixture of the show and I was like I is in this New York. She could not explain you happen. been to be sitting next to two broke girls enthusiasts historian during the first time that you saw two dude have. Have you ever sat next to anyone that likes the Big Bang theory. That's all the people that fly on planes. That literally who you sit next to. Have you ever sat next to anybody. Nobody on a plane. That isn't watching one of those things when someone speaks to me on a plane. I am truly shocked. I am like what people have hobbies. Neighbourly Verizon chatted up on. Yeah people are like. She's ready to hear about my life I could. I used to get on planes and now I don't know what it is. I think I've never had a conversation. Your face ten years. Yeah I think so. I'm a person of color fucking ears. It works in favors right for you. Done on my Ah Ah but I liked I usually will give You know a close lipped smile that you're not playing like no like look. I'm I'm nice. Yes I want the best for you but I am also Gremlin and I'm just trying to exit my see and do not feed me when it's all right. We're going to take another quick break. We will be right back. Five G. is changing business. It will usher in a new era of connectivity that promises to revolutionize the way we worked but it's pointless if five G. doesn't reach the people and places that need it. The reality is that not. All five edgy is being created equal and your industry whether it's agriculture transportation energy retail. Or something else isn't limited to a dense urban in court T. Mobile for business has invested nearly thirty billion dollars to build the only nationwide five gene network T. mobile's five G. Network reaches farther than just high density neighborhoods. It goes into the suburban Andro communities were businesses actually operate bottom line if you haven't looked at T. mobile for business lately it's time go to T. MOBILE FOR BUSINESS DOT COM to learn more a five G. capable device is required and coverage isn't available in some areas some uses may they require a certain plan or feature C. T. Mobile Dot com for more details And we're back. It was only a matter of time. You guys till McDonald's came out of their scientists scientific lab kitchen with chicken sandwich. Yeah Dave earlier this year. We're talking about how franchise owners at McDonald's you're like we're getting fucking killed by chick fillet chicken sandwich. We got nothing. People fucking hate rat meat Burger. We need the chicken and and now they have A. This is only a very limited number of markets. So if you're in Knoxville ten key or Houston Texas and yours liking. Let us know actually WanNa know they have the southern style buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich. It's everything it's hint of dill. They've gotTa pick on buttered the Bun. They know what they're doing. They know what they're doing. They're trying to come after that chick-fil-a market and I need to know how bad or good it is. I mean so. They're going going to do this locally. I I'll be interested to see if it's one of those things like with Popeye's where they rolled out locally because they can't afford to make sandwich as good as it needs to be on a massive scale. Yeah I don't know I'm trying to remember the last time. McDonald's made something that was was new and I was like. Hey you know what I do. Remember such a weird like hardline stance at times that they always cave even on A. We've had this menu for fifty years will never have salads people. What's here's fifteen? SHAPE excelleage L. each iceberg in a plastic cup with with apples and when they put that salad on the menu they became America's largest purchaser of apples harvested salad basically created a doubled the apple industry industry. I'd love to see them meeting when the guy came in or I assume it's a guy the CEO of McDonald's comes in all right. We're doing complained long enough. We're going to make breakfast all the time. Sick of having people their entire youtube streams of comics just laying into the fact that we don't serve progress all day so we're doing it and and then everyone would cut our forefathers wanted us to save. Yeah and then they changed it more if there's like May Donald Constitution Institution originalist ripped it up. We're new and hip now an expansionist and no one cared people. There maybe a couple of tweets or like thinks are fucking. I started levitating when they brought him in all day. Great deal I felt like the one thing I eat phenomenal donald sides. I've ceased to eat like the daytime food there. I'll eat the fries. The front of the occasional dougie's chinky dougie's don't eat the burgers really unless I'm feeling really wacky high. But usually I'm just eating a bunch of sausage mcmuffin with egg. Yeah I don't think you're alone in that and then they doubled it up boy. Rip Miles arteries doubled up. What when you could put like two sausage patties? He's like oh a humid style stack right who they also are a billboard aboard. That showed that they're selling breakfast sandwiches with chicken on it now. That's the new thing with fried chicken chicken breasts Gosh it just feels feels a little wrong to put an egg on the chicken. Yeah we let's give chickens at little break. Yeah they and they even like drew attention to the fact that it was like gorgeous kit. Yeah it's like a chicken egg no egg and they but they the advertisement I saw for it was like. Here's a yoke of an idea idea or something like Oh this breakfast sandwiches. No yoke and it was like chicken without the egg but with the breakfast sandwich. Uh of bread. Part and Yeah the biscuit the biscuit often I've it's funny though griddle even though I'm like Oh that's cool. One of my favorite Japanese he's dishes is called dome. Budi and Oya means parent and call means childlike. Khanjian things so it's literally parent and Child Rice Bowl and and ooh that sounds like we have a dish. That's like fuck this whole family right. I WanNa make sure they came from the same blow. Exactly Oh let's get to the real important issue. The one that had Blair's mind working three hundred miles a minute But how Josh Brolin's out at at the end of last week there was a post of this woman who is like deemed metaphysical Megan. I'm sorry this made me so mad. Add in so many ways self-described Healer Teacher and Embodied Mermaid who had her post went viral. Because she was basically out here spreading her asshole out to the sun. This saying that we need to get sunlight. UV exposure into our UV radiation into are assholes. Brought the fucking Tau is send to it. She gets an ancient towel west practice. Yup Bitch you don't know what you're talking about. Yeah well again. It saying according to them it it could strengthen your organs increase creativity recipe. No Yeah Regulate Your Circadian Rhythms. I mean who wouldn't after reading that Shit maybe talk about crystals and shit like that. It's the same. Put Him on your asshole but no all of the things that they do for rhythms itself office not wrong. It's talking about it at all. That is wrong son. Your asshole like my the absolutely. Go off sleigh. Queen does not talk about it too. Even one person like live. You don't do it because you actually will get a horrible asshole. Burt Josh Brolin here hosted a picture. I think. Think of This woman's post and basically said try this SUNNING that I've been hearing about my suggestion is do not do it as long as I did. My pucker girl is crazy burned and I was going to spend the day shopping with my family. And instead I'm icing and using aloe and burn creams because of the severity of the paint. I don't know who the fuck out out of the stupid fuck you nonetheless seriously. Now I live is a sensitive part of my body that has never seen a thank one time in my life. Yeah I should probably just sit out there and cook it. I mean he must have his circadian rhythms and Libido must've been fucked if he was like I don't give give a fuck overturned but I'm ready to go but I'm ready to put a bunch of alum asked me lay some pipe. I don't know iron cream up my our. I'll try but but I think it only only maybe two minutes at most. I don't know if exposed asshole Santi this is how it starts. You try and I'm not saying it's going to be good. I'm just saying I need need a reason to send my house and I'll say it's because I'm doing an experiment these people my God posting about Sunning there asshole God God kids some shit even escalated from there. I don't know I feel Sunning your asshole I don't know how you get more like laughable. Why are people always listening sitting around them white bitches telling them what to do about really sensitive body? He has dreadlocks Joshua Tree and saying like Glenn Feigen Goop loop walk. I think Gwyneth has that thing where people don't realize that between genetics and a lot of money. Her life is the way it is because of that not because she was rubbing Robin Rasoul Crystal. No but she'd be like put some jade eggs in your pussy and then all the doctors are like no. She's like okay. Steam Your Pussy. They're like no okay. I'm just saying why are people out here being like you know who I should listen to fucking gynecologist. Yeah just just this random with no degrees shows yourself a mermaid invite all yourself mermaid. Sorry Valerie I dislike you Paul Frey Valerie Shit on instagram. So do you really embodied mermaid. I don't I don't follow any Mermaid uh-huh I do a lot of like healers and stuff if you call yourself a mermaid or like if you're a self-described like babe boss babe of out I try to hear ain't my instagram feed for all positively. Yeah so it's a lot of like therapist accounts dealers in like a stuff like that. I'm Arianna the way better for you to jog. Sophia Jesus Christ guys bring it up you can follow an account without touching the dog it. I'm pretty sure that's you can still get sick like boop. My nose is a dog account. Your smile was so big when I said counts announced their faces are right in the camera. Because you're like oh I saw that double tap on there. I am smiling really big. Okay all right. That's going to do it for this week's weekly Zeitgeist please likened review the show. You like the show Means the world demise he. He needs your validation. I hope you're having a great weekend and and I will talk to you Monday by uh-huh in aw. The future of business will be powered by next generation networks. Ai Machine learning cloud and edge computing all require fire reliable connectivity. Where and when you need it T.? Mobile for business has invested nearly thirty billion dollars to build the only nationwide five G. network it also reaches farther than just high density neighborhoods neighborhoods and goes into the communities for businesses actually operate a five G. capable device is required and coverage isn't available in some areas. Some uses may require a certain plan or feature go to T MOBILE FOR BUSINESS DOT COM to learn more.

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