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Eleven hundred. That was on the phone this morning. To a colleague in Hong Kong. WHO's a professor there? Who's done the evidence review for the World Health? Organization on face masks, and we're of the same mind that there is no evidence that general wearing a face masks by the public who are well affects the spread of the disease in society. What matters right now of course social distancing? But in terms of the hard evidence, and what the UK government recommends, we do not recommend facemasks general wearing by the public. Right That was from late May and That was from W. H. and that was who exactly was Jonathan Van. Tam Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the United Kingdom. Yeah And the reason, the one of the main reasons that I played it. It's very short. He makes a great point in there, okay? Play it one more time in. Listen closely because there's an excellent point in there. That was on the phone this morning. to a colleague in. WHO's a professor back? Who's done the evidence review for the world? Health Organization home face masks, and we're off the same mind that there is no evidence that general wearing face masks by the public who are well affects the spread of the disease in our society. What matters right now? Of course, he's social distancing. But in terms of the hard evidence, and what the UK government recommends, we do not recommend facemasks general wearing by the public. Social distancing. Is Way more important than face masks in my opinion. And I guess the WHO's opinion also if you listen to that? Think about it for a second. Social distancing is what it's all about. If! You want to stop the spread. Of the corona virus. But let me ask. A serious question. Because I'm just as a hold. Of course. That's what am I doing? I'm just asking you a question. Pardon. I'm just asking your course. Do that's all I'm doing? Okay. Is asking a question and you can talk. That's all I'm doing. Two one six five seven eight eleven hundred. two, one, six, five, seven eight. One, one one. The social distancing. Is What we need to do. But I will ask you this. Why do we pick and choose? WHO Social Distances. I mean. The last time I checked only churches, buyers, restaurants barber shops. Nail salons. Really have to practice social distancing. Protesters, don't. Sports doesn't. I. Mean you heard today you? You don't have to wear a mask I I. Don't know if I got them all okay. If, you have any medical conditions. If. You're like a priest or a minister talking. At a church. You have any health problems. If you're eating if you're drinking or you're playing sports, I have that clip here. Again a following do not need to wear a mask. Let me just read it. Those who have medical condition or disability. Or those who are trying to communicate with someone who has a disability. second those who are actively exercising or playing sports three those who officiate at religious services, and this includes anyone who's speaking at a religious service. were amass would and impede what they're trying to do. those who are actively involved in public safety do not have to wear a mask or those who are actively eating actively eating or drinking. Yeah there, you go. So. That's all right to spread the corona virus if you play sports. Right is that what he said? Basically, yes, actually said, come on, let's let's not put them on the on a football season to come on. No I'm asking. That's not what I'm doing at Carmen I hate to break this to you. But there's more. Sports than just football. Understand. Yes I'd. I'd makes makes the audio full so okay, so that sorts a selfish thing, yes, one hundred percents. Wide there you go perfect first time in. The first time he hasn't live. His truth, yes. It's just it is just totally totally totally amazing to me. And the contradictions. The last four months. My head is spinning. Ida Conversation with somebody today in the media. and. That person agree with me also that what is frustrating I don't know about you, but for me. It is for some people it isn't. But when you don't know who to believe in what to believe, doesn't that just frustrate the hell out of you? Yes. Yes and how would you like to be president? Trump Oh! Yeah Nancy Pelosi yesterday. I took on one of the TV. Called it the trump virus. Have that. that. Comment impeached. You want to hear it. Yeah no good play it. Think with the president's comments today he recognized the mistakes that he has made by now embracing mask wearing and the recognition. This is not a hoax is a pandemic. That has gotten worse before it will get better because of his inaction, and in fact, clearly, it is the trump virus. Yes trump the virus. What a which! syfy nasty person. She just the net. How would you like to live with dot? Seriously like she drives a broom to work every day. I mean. Any flu any virus any anything like this. It has to get worse before it gets better. Think about it. Mean, how else how else to do this? Would you do gotta magic wine? You just wave it and boom. It goes away no. You know how it goes away. Over time, herd immunity vaccine, a number of people get it yeah. You remember all the news about it, okay. Oh. Yeah, northern Italy was ravaged. For the first two months that's all we heard about Italy Italy it. When is the last time you heard the word Italy? April twentieth maybe. I'm being serious. I mean I bet you. You haven't heard the word Italy in two months. Right around the end, April. Why? It's under control. No. They got it. Pretty much. Heard a museum. So like I think it was, I don't remember it was rab. Law gator Jack Windsor. Who was quoting? Somebody? Say you're either. GonNa. Get this that we had on the air. Do you remember? You're either going to get this fast, or you're going to get it slow. As a nation. Believe that may have been Jack. Look at New York. Came on with a vengeance in. Late late March Okay, so but the last month. Have you heard the word new? York No. No? What happened? They got everybody got it. You're not gonNA prevent it. It's impossible to have a human society and prevent corona virus. Even if you stay home. It's possible. Very. Was Possible, but it's very possible you could still get it. Somebody has the we've the house. Something has to be delivered to the house. Is. There's no way it. You just want a shutdown society. Just absolutely shut it down. No one goes and gets gas. No one goes and gets whiskey. No one goes. It gets cigarettes. Doan goes. It gets food. No one does anything you don't have anybody. Come to your house. You don't go anywhere. You just sit in your bedroom for the next two months and not eat. I mean you get tomatoes delivered? You could wash those tomatoes. From now to kingdom come. How do you know they don't one of those? Don't have the coronavirus on them. And the virus could live, what was it? But forty-eight hours on on produce something like that. You don't know you don't know how you can scrub the. Scrub the daylights out of your tomatoes and. Still have issue. I do every day sure. Potter up the boys. We're getting. We're getting behind here. An like sound for AAA advanced plumbing and drain whenever plumbing problems strike, AAA advanced, plumbing and drain is therefore you twenty four hours a day seven days a week. If you're on the phone line, hang on, we'll get right to you. waterlines. Toilets sinks faucets. Hot Water tanks made sanitary lying waterproofing. AAA advanced plumbing and drain locally owned company earnings the owner. It's been in his family for over seventy years. Column, four, four, zero, three, three, one, fifty, five, fifty, five, or write the number down because you never know when something's going to go wrong, four, four, zero, three, three, one, fifty, five, fifty, five, or go, their website, advanced plummer dot com. AAA advanced plumbing and driven hundred. Answering the greatest things Glenn Beck ever said he said at this morning he could hear Glenn Beck every morning and w. t. a. m. e. seven hundred. And I almost peed my pants when I heard him. Say that this morning play one more. So. We want to get rid of the police. And take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens Oh. That's GonNa work out really well. That's a liberal. That's a liberal. That's what are the things the liberal stands for? You ever catch yourself just screaming inside your head. HOW CAN PEOPLE BE? Gosh darn stupid. I laugh you laugh. I don't I don't scream. I Yeah No. I get a kick out of it privately. Fifty five nights. Five nights in Portland have been crazy I listened to I'd Louis just about every night? He got teargassed the other night. All he was doing was trying to get to his car after his show. About the guy filled in for rush. Candidate us. Yes, Ken Matthews He. He was telling a story about Reverend Jesse Jackson. Of you heard it or not. I didn't think so. This is what he was saying Reverend Jesse. Jackson I think the New York. Times wrote the article. Then when he was a waiter, he used to spit in white people soup. Oh, yeah I. Did hear that I did not know. That was Jesse Jackson. Unbelievable. Yeah I! Don't know if you have that bite or not. No know. WHO's I carol? Carol. How are you doing? Okay? You know I can't believe what's happening in this country out the mass a couple of weeks ago. The that Cuyahoga County was going mandatory mass at six in the evening in the morning I was in a local store in this woman stops when I was in other shopper. During the look and to you don't have a mask on and I turn. A mandate doesn't go into effect until six o'clock and I says at seven o'clock. You're not allowed to shoot kill or rob anybody. Who? With all these shootings and killings, you know there were. Shootings in Yesterday. And stuff, and that in Canton today to one year, old twins were shot and stuff got dry. The twins died. Whole. Countries followed apart in the worried about mass like that's the most important thing in the whole world. Carol before I let you go. What do you think about a terrorist putting a bomb in their underwear? I think that wouldn't be a good idea. If you WANNA ever have sex again. What do you think? You for the phone call? Yes, thank you, yes. would. You like to play that? Karm. What's what's label? You know what the slopes! Dry bombing underwear. On the other machine other machine. If you were an Islamic terrorists, and you're gonNA blow yourself up and kill a bunch of Americans, and your reward was seventy two virgins. which you allow them to put that bomb in your underwear. That was care, wasn't it? A Susan was. WHO's next. Mary! Mary you're in the Mary. Hi. Hello Mary. Hi How are you? Did you mentioned the? Did you play the WHO piece yesterday? With dewine, and if so did he respond to it? Second of all, are you? What do you mean the W. H.? O., the the basically earlier today. She played earlier well. Don't forget now. That was from the end of May though. you. Corona. Corona virus everything changes like two or three days. You know what I mean right right? That's what they'll tell. You where they voted. The house when they're in session. At the Capitol that they. Voted for them to not have to wear masks. When they're in session basically when it works. Really. Capital. And then. Question I. Oh, Yeah! The staff and the. House and Senate when they're in session. Voted that they do not have to wear them when they're session so when they're at work. And a certain that I have for you is. In your heart apart. Do you think this is just about a virus? Or do she'll. There's more to it. said that and I have to move your. Thank you for the phone call. I've said that right from the beginning. It's definitely a virus, but there's way way way more to this than just the virus. Will continue what your phone calls after Kyle gives you the news. Attributes three thirty four governor. My wine is announced that the entire state will be under a mandatory mask mandate Thursday at six, o'clock dewine, said though not all Ohio counties in the states already level three Cobra. Advisory Masks are needed to curb the spread and keep numbers as low as possible. A man accused of shooting a Cleveland. Policewoman Monday arraigned this morning Daryl Board and pled not guilty to his charges of attempted aggravated murder and felonious assault. He's being held five hundred thousand dollar bond. The officer was shot multiple times in her arm and back during domestic disturbance call and was released from the hospital today. Legislatures introducing a measure to repeal house bill six. This is the measure. Federal authorities say House Speaker Larry Householder in Ohio and others where bride with with sixty million dollars to push through that sense, take money to power plants managed by first energy in northeast Ohio and more than fifteen million people around the world have tested positive for covid nineteen data from Johns. Hopkins University shows a US is on the brink of four million cases since. Since the start of the pandemic you're the renews forecast from the Mr Hero, hot butter, cheese steak weather center. Here's Ollie strain. No, for the rest of your Wednesday looks like we'll see showers and storms more scattered highs in the eighties seventy overnight, partly sunny for your Thursday. There will be the chance of showers and storms were in the eighties. This report is brought to you by the podcast. Eleven hundred was on the phone this morning. To a colleague in Hong Kong WHO's a professional? Who's done the evidence review for the World Health, organization own face masks, and we're all the same mind that there is no evidence that general wearing face masks by the public who are well affects the spread of the disease in our society. What matters right now of course social distancing. But in terms of the hard evidence, what the UK government recommends, we do not recommend facemasks general wearing by the public. Just, so I could jer myself up. Could I hear Glenn Beck, police? So, we want to get rid of the police. And take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. That's going to work out really well. Sometimes he can really make you giggle you know. Oh the guy hysterical. Another liberal thought process. Getting rid of the police had taking guns away from law abiding citizens. That's. Here that one more time, please. That's just priceless. So, we want to get rid of the police. And take guns out of the hands of law, abiding citizens. That's GonNa work out really well. You gotTa tell. Them on one day talk to him about that on the air. Sure sure and law-abiding get. That could be the best thing I've ever heard. Email them and tell them that. I got a kick out of that police. Absolutely we will. That couple in Saint, Louis talk about law abiding citizens can I play that story on the heels of what Glenn said. Saint Louis couple facing felony weapons charges after they pointed rifles at protesters who made their way into the gated community of Attorneys Patricia Edmark mccloskey, the mccloskey's came out of their home armed after a mob of protesters broke down. And entered the private neighborhood, the protesters were marching to the home of Mayor Lyda cruising to protest racial injustice mark mccloskey says the only thing that stopped protesters from his home was the fact that he and his wife were standing there with rifles. The mccloskey's are charged with unlawful use of a weapon. So what are the? What are the the ground ball by the way Oh by the way? I know you guys. Oh, pay attention too much, but Glenn Beck had that prosecutor APP Today. I did not hear that what time was that on? During, the Glenn Beck Show. Specific time. Okay because. I could pull it. Yeah Yeah Yeah, the prosecutor. I think. I have come to the conclusion. There's a lot of people that make money off of mental health problems. Right yes! A lot of people. And I think. That the mental health organizations? Are Behind all this. I think what they're trying to do is make us all crazy. So! We have to seek mental help. Therefore their businesses will skyrocket financially. Padded will set so even the commercials we play. Make me half nuts. Okay all right. We'd play commercials to make sure you take your baby out of the car on hot days. And Take Your Narcan with you when you were doing drugs. Yes, take your now if you have to. Be Reminded to remove your child from a hot car, so your child doesn't die in the heat in the car. Number One. Should you have a child? No. And number two. Do you really think we have to tell people that? Travel unfortunately improbably once or twice a year. There's a story about some guy. So that person should go to jail for the rest of their life. Yes, if you leave your child in the car. And your child dies 'cause. You left them there that long that he's going to die from. A exposure. You go to jail. That's murder. You go to jail for the rest of your life. That's murder. I can't help if you're stupid. You go to jail for the rest of your life. Then we run commercials like set said if you do drugs, make sure you do it with somebody else. And make sure you have narcan. That's a public service. That's a PS we're running. I was at a public service. That's I believe that's a PSA that's giving people, but we're not allowed to talk about a bridge jumper. Well, that's true because we don't want to give anybody else any idea. Yeah, you don't want copycats well. If you running public service commercials to do drugs and have nar can do it with other people. You're not giving people ideas Yes, you are. Okay, she were. Thank you. Then we have a podcast with to. WanNa tell everybody how they love each other. They beat their aquarium with a baseball bat hello. Misreported. True Romance. True Romance is the podcast for anyone who loves listening to two girls. Talk about falling in love, and then taking a baseball back to your aquarium tank buckle in folks and listened to true romance with Carolina Barlow and Devon Leery on the iheartradio, APP, or wherever you listen to podcasts like your kind of woman. That's my luck. You do. You agree with me now I think that the Mental Health Association is behind all this. They WanNa make us all crazy. Trip we spend our money on mental health. That's the first I heard of that. That is outstanding the fact that got to do that as library. That is hysterical. Can, we played A. Five year old goods. This report is brought to you by true. Romance true. Romance is the podcast for anyone who loves listening to two girls. Talk about falling in love, and then taking a baseball bat to your aquarium tank buckle in folks and listen to true romance with Carolina, Barlow, and Devin leery on the iheartradio APP, or wherever you listen to podcasts sounds like your kind of woman. That's my luck. Never Aquarium but I had a rolling. Owned radio station. Wouldn't you be embarrassed? That's great I I wouldn't. Wouldn't you be embarrassed? I don't know what is great about it. I'm trying to figure it out other than the fact that. You'd Mouna fireplug. You'll be the first one listening I. Don't I'm, not wasting my. Standards. Now you don't know we know that's not true. That is true. No no, that's. been through so many ladies. I've got standards that they're very difficult to meet. Because they don't want any. Point there, yes. That's how you been through so many. I think it's the other way around I, think they have standards. Look! What am I said for years? Every female in my life says simply didn't appreciate my talents. Yeah, right, they they may be few, but there are some talents there. You don't want to set the talk about the to screw balls. You brought to the hill. Stop. Commercial. I thought I taught standard. Oh No, you didn't. Oh, you know. I been hundred. That was Beck this morning radio though UTA eleven hundred. Hotline, right now we have the manager of the The Pittsburgh Pirates Derek Shelton and Derek. It's it's It's it's unbelievable. Say the manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates Dirk shoveling because I. Go all the way back with you when you were the hitting coach for the Cleveland Indians. that. How many years ago was that there? That would've then I think my first year. There was oh five, so we're talking fifteen sixteen years ago long time. I had. Back then. Yeah. I my program director. Ray Davis text me last night. He goes. You got to see Derek. He's got gray hair now. Yeah, that's funny. I got gray hair. My wife's there blonde now. She used to be black headed now. She's blonde. It's crazy you never know. Tell Alson we set a low allison was on this show with me for years, and she did a fantastic job. And then you add a screw everything up by Marian her. Yeah I I I apologize for that she she reminds me of that all the that I that I screwed it up by by taking her off the air, so Yeah Chevy. She loves her time with you. She loves going back and forth through the I think now. She would like it even more because she gets older. She's even more opinionated so. All boy they sheltie. No offense but with Alli. Out Kick your coverage. My friend Oh my God it's not even close. Why why do you think I tried to get her off the air in and get her down to Florida Yeah I am very aware of that. Talking with the manager, the Pittsburgh Pirates Dirk Sheldon. Indians play the pirates tonight Derek. First year as as manager, the pirates and A sixty game schedule the corona virus, no fans Are you ready for all this? Yeah I. Don't know if anybody's ready for I think if anything you know we've learned a lot during this time. It's definitely made me you know look at myself as a person and a leader going forward and I think we're excited about it, you know we have a young team here in Pittsburgh and. I think we're ready for the sprint. It's not GonNa be as you and I talked about for many years. It's not gonna be that long season where things happen, and you can bounce back. It's it's GONNA be different. Atmospheres can be. Different atmosphere because of band, and then a different atmosphere, because games are much more meaningful. Derek, can you give us some idea without going into complete detail what you say and what you did say to your players about the corona virus in the sixty game schedule I mean. Is there any of pep? Talk there any type of rules there. I mean what what did you say to the players there? There's a lot of protocol that goes in place for Major League Baseball but the one message that we had with our group is trust yourself really don't trust anybody else because you don't know. The decisions and other people are making, and then the other thing is regardless of what your beliefs are on the virus on what's going on in the world, respect your teammates, and you know not only respect teammates, but respect your teammates and their wives, and their children and their family, because we're in this little bubble and we don't want to expose other people are put people at risk so the major message was you know trust yourselves, and then respect each other accordingly. Derek, I still can't believe at fifteen years ago. We met that I mean that is. I mean. Where did those fifteen years go? I don't know it. You said I mean I'm dray, hair and old. Then It seems crazy I. mean that's a lot of. Its lettuce from meeting in winter haven doing. Doing the radio shows and I mean the as you reference. Alley worked for you on that. That's where Allie night on your show. And Winter Haven, when it was you and the Big Daddy, and Ratto and we're sitting at the beef, O, Brady's and winter haven It's been a fun years I've been cleared. One I'VE BEEN IN TAMPA TORONTO MINNESOTA now. Pittsburgh, so been very fortunate with the people I've been around in the people I've gotten to make. Fi Ad and I. Don't think that I didn't notice it before Brady's. When we had you on the air, you given a googly eyes. Now don't think I. Did notice that you know? Why would I not give me I? mean. You've seen my wife I mean. Derek. That story difference she started. I was rude or on the air. I don't think I. You know that Rudy like. That route. Derek if I may. You got one of the best kept secrets in your own Dugout, and I became a fan of his when he was a vandy of Brian Reynolds. I mean this is a kid. That's compact short through the zone. He's got to be a nightmare to pitch to. How good can this kid be? I, think that's a really good point I think Brian Reynolds is one of those guys in the game that no one knows about outside of Pittsburgh, and in the next three or four years. Everyone's GonNa know about because of the fact that he hits from both sides to your point, it's really compact. It's really short, always good swings. He's never off balanced and you know I think it's like some of. Of those guys, we had in Cleveland back in back. In the late, two thousands were because we were in the smaller market. People didn't know about until we played played in the playoffs and play later in the year but Brian Reynolds is going to be a guy that people are going to talk about. is one of the elite hitters. The game as we move forward and he's got a great glove. Does I, mean he's an all around player I mean he's only in his second year and came up last year in stabilizing. If you spent any time around him, you know I, say this that he has no heartbeat and I mean that in a good way. He's the consistent the the same every day, and now guys like that have a tendency to to really be able to maintain not only their swing, but their emotions during a major league season. Derek Shelton we gotta go here but a lot this year. And and and I will be doing a great job with the pirates. You deserve it. You're ELVA baseball guy. I appreciate it. Thanks for having me on. Guys have a good night to eight and take it easy on the Indian spear. Yeah, okay, all right I'll. Take to hear their daycare their. Shelton manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates. How many times do the Indians play the pirates this year? While the pirates are in the NFL. So the. Let's see. They're playing ale central in central teams. Carmen, we all know where the pirates reside. That was my question Jesus God. Let me take a commercial break here. Look at the schedule. They play. We'll be back in a moment. Eleven hundred. Night a texter text in and said we played pirates six times. Is that True August? Eighteenth through the twentieth in Pittsburgh and we wrap up the season with them at home September, twenty fifth through the twenty-seven. So six children texture said we played them six times right? That's six games six games. Full numbers are two one six five seven eight eleven hundred. To one six, five, seventy, one, one one one I mean I i. mean I cannot believe the Derek Shelton the first time I met him was two thousand and five at winter haven when he was the hitting coach for the Cleveland Indians fifteen years because. That seems like yesterday. Yes, anybody. That's spend listening to this show for any time. Allison used to be was on me for years I think she was. I don't know. Five six seven years something like that. And then she married Derek and They went off and a family together. In Tampa Florida So I cannot believe that was fifteen years ago. If you want to know how old I was when you met him. Eleven. What have we are probably among his biggest backers and supporters and cheerleaders the in this country, it is so great for him to finally get that big break and wish the sooner sooner or later. I knew he was going to get the break because he's a little baseball guy. Yeah! He's He's Al of a baseball guy. Kyle want to change the subject before we go into news very quickly and ask you a question tour. If. Mandating wearing masks is so important to the state of Ohio. Why did governor do I need a press conference to announce it? because it's been rumored three days ago. and. He's not starting tomorrow night. that he was going to do this. Why didn't he just put out the mandate and wait for the press conference? If it was so important, why did you wait three days? I guess probably the feeling would be to any mentioned to kind of tinting towards that over the weekend with my parents as he made it even talking with us a few times on on. A little bit year. They kind of seem like he was trying to get people ready for this announcement is kind of his thing, and of course he does the day after usually to Kinda. Give people okay. This is your last day. That can help you if you don't have a mascow yet. One that kind of thing so I kinda get the reason why he he kind of 'cause he knew probably like you said the beginning of this week. I'M GONNA. Make this mandate. Either Tuesday Wednesday Thursday whenever I'm going on, so he kind of started lean towards any mentioned anything on Sunday to. About, you know, there's going to be more mandates that come down and all that stuff and even though. The, thing last Thursday as well that you know, now's not the time for mandates, but they could be coming that kind of thing. It seems like you. Kinda was leading us towards this road, so so if masks save lives. How many lives he waiting three days for a president. Yeah, there's a whole lot of spread between press conferences. Just Barry just that. Maybe that's Jack. Windsor question he could ask. Because, that's how phony this whole thing is and I'm not saying the corona viruses phony. This is how ridiculous this man had wait to do. A press conference to announce the state mandate the wear masks, and if masks save lives like he said well, then, how many did he cost in the last three days waiting? The add to do was three days ago. put it out in the media statewide mandate mass. In the whole state. If it was so important, he should have done three days ago. Not Wait for a press conference and show business. This is what aggravates. If. I was truly the leader in truly concerned about people. You think I'd wait. Three days of mass were so important and save lives. Wait for my press conference to announce that you're going to wear masks. I would have done that three days ago through the media. He's expected to other. He's expected to have another news conference tomorrow at two and I'll talk to Jack and see if we can arm them that question. Why did you wait? Be? You're going to sound like you're attacking a, but that's a legitimate question. Shirt is if masks save lives. Why did you wait three days? You mentioned the press conference to announce that you mentioned something to during his presser at the beginning that he had taught to all the health department's finally got everyone on the phone as far as one hundred thirteen center, seventy dead in the state and I think that's one of the reasons why he was waiting. He wanted to get kind of the okay from every single health department. Like yes, we will try to enforce. Enforce this again I'm just I'm I'm shooting in the dark here. I think the reason to Kyle. He doesn't need the health of no, but I'm sure I'm sure you want you know some sort of like. Yes, we will. We're all onboard with. This obviously doesn't need Carmen. You're exactly right, but I mean I still feel you probably want some sort of camaraderie there where he include them in it and says hey. Everyone on what we're doing this because I think I'm going to do. It just seems like that's kind of maybe what his mindset is the. Well the other thing, too. And maybe there's a legal person listening, but you don't have to wear a mask if you have a health problem, so the health department can't enforce that, nor can they ask you what your health problem is because they hip loss. So how they going to enforce wearing a mask all you have to say I have a health problem. You got him out of technically. They can't ask you what what type. They can't ask you what the problem is. So there you go. That's possible way around it for you know for folks. We'll see what happens. So there's no way I mean. He said that in his press conference today. About hip loss. So I. Don't know let's let's let the way behind Kyle with the news. Then we'll take your phone calls. Thank you trip? It's four zero nine governor Mike. Dewine says as of six PM on Thursday. Everyone in the state should be wearing a facial covering tomorrow at six o'clock tomorrow night our mask order. for people who are out in public will be extended throughout the state of Ohio Governor says our allowances for people with medical conditions and very young children, the governor adding goal. Goal is to get the spread of covid nineteen under control now to determine how things look in the fall Robert. Redfield director of the CDC has one simple message to Americans and ohioans concerning covid nineteen, if I have one message for the American public. We are not defenseless against this virus. We have powerful weapons long before we'll have a vaccine right and that weapon is really a face covering. Technically sophisticated just as simple face covered talk to our bill wells this morning. Redfield added is biggest concern in taking the CDC job was an upper respiratory pandemic, and that's over twenty thousand workers. They are doing everything in their power to work to slow the spread. The meantime more than fifteen million people around the world have tested positive for the coronavirus data from Johns Hopkins University shows. The US is on the brink of. Of four million cases since the start of the pandemic yesterday over one thousand Americans died in a day for the first time in week, says the toll now sits in over one, hundred, forty, two, thousand dead. The respiratory illness has killed more than six hundred eighteen thousand people worldwide, the nation's top infectious disease expert Dr Anthony. FAUCI says Kobe nineteen may never go away. I think with a combination of good public health measures. Measures, a degree of global herd, immunity and a good vaccine. When you put all three of those together, I think we will get very good control of this new SPO- Getty Alliance event this morning. Saying officials may be able to control the virus, but it's here to stay long after we're gone. Bounty says the increase in cases banned for public health, but it's helping researchers develop a vaccine and Delta Airlines and it's improved. Improved health and safety measures will ensure safe lying during the covid nineteen pandemic CEO at Bash in told the today show. The company has added a strict mask mandate for customers, health screenings, and de cleaning protocols on Wall Street the Dow currently up point six percent. That's one hundred and sixty five points, the Nasdaq up point two percent. That's twenty five points and five hundred up nearly point six percent. That's about sixteen points. Sports outfielder Mookie, Betts and the team close to finalizing a thirteen year deal where three hundred eighty million bucks, the twenty-seven-year-old back expected to earn twenty seven million. This season is a former American league. Most Valuable Player is a member of the Boston Red Sox and the tribe and pirates capping their three-game exhibition slate in Pittsburgh Tonight Indians open the season Friday night against the royals at progressive field, the home of the Indians and Cavaliers Carmen Angelov Newsradio W. t. a. m. eleven hundred. Get traffic and weather together and mornings and afternoons eleven hundred. As the Best Glenn Beck said this morning. Right here and wd eleven hundred. You can hear him every morning. And WTI weekday mornings and that's exactly what the Liberals are trying to do. Exactly get get rid of the police. And take guns from the. Law abiding citizens is protected the constitution truth. just the. Matter Anymore. You think you'll see knows anything about the constitution. No. No hold on hold on. I am told this is garbage disposal. I've never seen a garbage disposal I never had one in any place I've ever lived. It is terrifying. I don't know what to use it for more. Purposes. Like food scraps like is this. Environmentally sound I don't know. Somebody text in in I'm pretty sure this is not true because we've addressed this already. if, you're a C. C, W holder, and you wear a mask gets a felony, and you would lose your license no. even though you're a C. conceal and carry You can still wear them, ask. You can't commit a crime, but you can wear masks with your gun. Sounds a little weird. But I'm I'm pretty sure it's a ninety nine percent accurate information. They gave out there now. You're going to wear a mask into a bank to who would have ever thought that would be acceptable. Speaking of Banks Sherve. Give you an update because my wife works at a bank. It's been five weeks now that she's ordered coins and has at zero deliveries. Zero I've been five I've I've heard about the coin shortage I have no idea why there would be a coin shortage. It's part of the master plan probably have. To. Eliminate all currency. Who knows. Read the top text. I have didn't eat masks April may June. July. No, no well the one. It moved already the one where my wife works at the clinic says. Tread. My wife works at the Cleveland Clinic. She heard at work that nurses at Marymount hospital or getting sick wearing cloth masks. They were protocol. The mandate cloth masks as you enter the buildings then paper while in the building so cloth masks do make you sick. And we have that sound bite from Jonathan van Tam out of the UK. He's deputy medical officer there. Seth I mean that's a perfect. Follow up to that tax. If you can fire that I was on the phone this morning, to a colleague in Hong Kong WHO's a professional? Who's done the evidence review for the world? Health Organization own face masks, and we're of the same mind that there is no evidence that general wearing face masks by the public who are well affects the spread of the disease in our society. What matters right now, of course, he's social distancing. But in terms of the hard evidence from the UK, government recommends, we do not recommend facemask general wearing by the public. and. This is how frustrated I. We went along in the last segment. I Apologize. If you're on the phone lines, hang on. Here's a big John Eleven hundred that was great by Glenn Beck today I got a kick out of that when he said that. WHO's next John. John You're near John? Hatred, thanks for taking my call, but. Yeah, so they switch yesterday around twelve and one. o'clock the mandate came in from the clinic. They sent emails out. That employees were no longer while to wear cloth masks. You can enter the building in a cloth masks, but you cannot wear the cloth masks throughout the clinic. You have to switch to the paper search mask. Why patients are still I, have nobody has any idea that there wasn't any explanation for. The clinic has kind of like a a blog type thing for all employees, and they announced it, and there was all the comments were from nurses. I'll touch with employees asking why people handing out the mass. This morning had no idea why it seemed rather arbitrary, but. They all employees now you're a patient or somebody visiting someone there. You can still wear cloth masks walking around the planet. All employees are mandated now to. Where the paper surgical masks! Well I don't want to put any words in the clinics mouth, but obviously cloth masks don't work. That's why they're handing out the paper masks I guess something has to be. Something has to be on wild. They do this unless I got. A warehouse full of paper massive. They gotta get rid of which doesn't make any sense, so they have to be doing something. Yeah all right. Thank you very much for that information I mean we? We have been light do. This and we're GONNA continue being lied to I. Don't ask me why I miss that but. the the droplets from the virus are so small masks does not protect you. Or protect anybody else okay. that is pretty much a medical fact that I have read now. Does it cut it down a little bit? Yes? Does it protect. Your is no. but Doesn't protect you or the other person. Because of the droplets being. What do they call? Mike Grants Mike Graham's. Yes, point one. They're so small. they go right through a mask. Even an n ninety five mask, even though that protects you at about ninety percent rate, the and ninety five masks, but how many people are going to have an end ninety five mask? Of all the people I've seen wearing masks, I do not see ninety five masks out there, and Trivia regarding the cloth masks. See you take Bandanna and use as a mask. Wouldn't you think as far as effectiveness that is better than one of those surgical masks I've got to surgical masks in my car. And BANDANNA is thicker would think of cloth masks of some sort would be better. We just got another text. I work at the Cleveland Clinic. And office building. We were told you must wear surgical masks going forward. We've got corroborate. Masks might be spreading the disease or added that stopping. Who knows I mean I? Don't even think the medical people know that, and then the way the people contaminate their own masks. And then people bring a mass calm and they reuse it. They hang it in their house or from their mirror and their car, and it's full of germs and it's I i. don't know I I. Again this is what I discussion I had with immediate person today. I'm just so frustrated because I don't know who to believe what to believe when the believes something. The misinformation, the changing of information I mean it's just. I've never seen anything like this I never have. Sold things that dream. I want to say nightmare. It's nightmarish to a degree as well, but this is a dream. It's so surreal. I mean I I I. Don't know Dream Nightmare. I I don't know what word you WANNA. Put on this, but this is. This is unbelievable. This is That that crazy show years ago, we played music from periodically to set forgot about playing anymore. Was a twilight zone. This is better than the twilight zone. Better than the twilight zone. The twilight zone couldn't make this up. They, really couldn't. Carried it. Just it. It's just one day after another of of. Misinformation or changing information which makes me believe it's misinformation. Well. Yes the greatest misinformation throughout all of this was January fourteenth with the World Health Organization trip where it was stated by that organization. That there's no human to human transmission. Things. It's absolutely crazy. Then, how would you get it exactly? Exactly. And I mean we have. The best part of the not the best part that's the wrong choice of words, but the craziest part of this is. You could have the corona virus and not have the corona virus. That one. That's true. Jabari Parker. Are you going to have it, but not have it. You have not one single symptom. I mean that's like saying. Good. Have a cough, but you're not coughing. You, also the diarrhea correlation as well. Well then I do I have a cough. I mean you can. Literally they'll tell you, and then there's nobody that will tell you if you get the corona virus. Can you get it again? That's the million dollar question. We don't know and we've asked several people and we've never gotten a definitive answer. You know we always. Go. They don't know those answers, but they know a mask is going to protect you and the other person. How do they know that? We when I'm Mike Grand could go right through a mask. It's so tiny, yeah! The Corona viruses point one two five microns, and the with of a human hair is apparently seventy five microns, so that gives you an idea of how small this virus is. As nickname. And then amass. Don't doesn't protect your eyes. Dan We found out what about six weeks and oh? Yes, you could possibly get it through your eyes. Will you get any? Airborne sickness through your eyes, but I mean initially. They wanted they wanted our knows They were concerned about ingestion through the nose and mouth. Well, they were concerned about spreading it through the nose and mouth. Yes. Hey you're you're putting misinformation. Why I mean, we really didn't hear anything about. The, reason, the reason you wear a mask is so you don't spread it when you sneeze or cough or talk on one hundred percent correct. Okay. That's what I'm trying to tell you. You're saying just the opposite. You can't but if it's airborne, you could still get it in your eyes. So, the mask isn't to protect you. It's to protect. Other people is what they say. So then, who does the vaccine protect? Vaccine protects us. It protects me. It protects you. Well. It doesn't protect the other person. Who? Ultimately yes. See. That's not that that that's where I'm confused, so I get a vaccine. I can't get the corona virus. That's the whole. So, our night protected you just you are. If you're not infected, you're not going to infect others. So if I get the vaccine then I cannot get the corona virus. Yes, do I care if you get it or don't get it then. Because I can't get it. Right in my part we're all safe. People that aren't GonNa get the vaccine. Can spread the corona virus and other people that aren't going to get the vaccine. You're sir. So maybe we should have vaccine neighborhoods and I'm vaccine. Neighborhoods Segregate by vaccine. Vaccine Bars and UNE vaccine bars. To get into a bar. A beauty shop. A Nail Salon. A box store restaurant. You'RE GONNA. Have to show your vaccine card you days coming. Who knows who and then you know what's going to happen? The scammers are GonNa Make Phoney Vaccine Cards. The did you can Pi- without getting the vaccine? Oh yeah well. To your point regarding that I mean you recall Dr Amy acted and we can't find. This clip will never find it, but she said in an ideal world. We'd all be walking around with immunity cards. Right. Well. Wouldn't that be a vaccine card? Would? Here's Kyle to news. Tributes of it's four thirty six governor. Mike Dewine has made it official beginning tomorrow evening at six PM. The entire state of Ohio will be under a mask mandate, everyone ages ten and up, and who don't have a medical condition are required to wear a face covering indoors in public or outdoors. When social distancing is impossible, governor do I putting a travel advisory in place in Ohio it will require. Require residents of nine states as well as Puerto Rico to quarantine for fourteen days after coming to the Buckeye state also applies to Ohio who visit those areas and then return home. You can find a list of the states on the list of at W.. A. Corona Virus Dot Ohio Dot. Gov President Trump is ordering federal agents to several cities to help curb what he describes as out of. Of Control Violence Today. You said he was sending a combination of agents from the F. B. I. D., A. and AF T to Chicago in Albuquerque New Mexico in an appears European. Researchers have created the world's first uncuttable material. It's known as protease and has made of aluminum and ceramics, so it's lighter than steel and stronger than a diamond experts in England and Germany could use the material to develop. Develop Light Armor armored vehicles, protective equipment locks and more your three newsworthy asked rumney universal windows direct weather center. Here's alley strain for the rest of your Wednesday looks like we'll see showers and storms more scattered highs in the eighties seventy overnight, partly sunny for your Thursday, there will be the chance of showers and storms were in the eighties. This report is brought to you by weight eleven hundred. On the greatest things Glenn. Beck ever, said the g mail them. I am in the process. Yes, yeah, I want to get him on with. WHO's. Who's actually Jack Windsor from W.. Mft Television Mansfield Jack that afternoon to your trips. Hey good afternoon hats. Good to hear your voice in. Thanks choosing to me on. Another Day in Paradise Mr Windsor. Indeed indeed I did I did get to laugh out loud time during the presser today, so that was enjoyable. Eighty four we before we get into governor dewine in corona virus and all that stuff. We're talking with Jack. Windsor Jack any news and the investigation will there'd be more people do. Go down in this corruption scheme, or just be householder in the four would have you heard? So based on what I heard during the presser yesterday with the US attorney in the United States Southern District, there in Cincinnati as well as a special agent. It's an ongoing investigation and there are they named twenty one people say that may have received money from what they call team householder. And it implicated that those twenty one then turned around, and voted householder speaker of the house, and that had a lot to do with passage of House bill six, and you know so on and so forth what I later learned is that there? There may be a twenty six that are somewhat linked, and that doesn't mean that there's going to be an indictment, or charges I think they're just looking well into the matter of each of those and you know yesterday. We heard a lot about the Republican Party, but I'M GONNA dive in on the number of people that voted for the speaker on on the democratic side as well. it looks like there may have been about twenty six there that voted so it would be interesting if that net gets cast that widely to include those on the on the left side of the aisle as well as those right, but yes, I expect there to be more arrests and And indictments coming down the pike. Jack, for the State of Ohio how is this going to affect the state politically in your opinion I will it. Well, first of all I think what it does. Is it just shakes us to the core again? Right I mean my gosh. What else do we need in twenty twenty locusts frogs. You know it's it's unbelievable. It just makes you go all right. What in Hades is going on in? Who can I trust and I think it does I think it has just a collective fall out there? It certainly doesn't look good for Republicans right now. Even if many of them are cleared although I think again, they're going to be some Democrats that get implicated You know. He had this really tough situation. Where you know, there's an election upcoming, and it would appear that some of the funds that would have been available to assist the. Folks in their campaign or campaigns. That's probably been seized so you know. The county parties want to replace someone and put someone else in that place in their stead to run, then they're going to have to re raise money, and you obviously can't knock doors in this environment because social distancing and whatnot so yeah, it's GonNa. It's GonNa. Create a really wonky election cycle. That's for sure the optics on it right now. Don't look for Republicans, but we'll see what the next day or two brands. Is this part of the draining of the swamp as they? The president would say. Well. You know when I listen to The gentlemen the US Attorney yesterday. I originally heard that it might have been a two year investigation. He said that it was a little over a year. It seems to me that. Yes. There was some sort of knowledge about corruption, but What we also heard yesterday, and then the governor kind of alluded to today, and then backtrack and so I, don't know for sure, but is that somebody? There was a whistle blower somewhere and Yeah, it. It seems to be I mean these are allegations I want to be extremely careful because you know we've seen. We've seen this movie before. Even on the federal level what where somebody gets. They get thrown in jail six months later. They're exonerated so but yeah, it certainly feels that way and I thought it was interesting because the question was asked by somebody in the media yesterday of the US Attorney and he made sure to say well no I was actually appointed by president trump and he was i. think back in our. Might have been October last year I think. Jack, this isn't the first time that POW speaker householder has been in the crosshairs of an investigation. You're correct I want to say and this is just totally off the top of my head circa two, thousand, three, two, thousand, four four. Yeah, there were you know there were rumors their investigations and I don't think that anything came back but you know there's there's been smoke before for sure whether or not there was fire I don't know. Jack I don't want to embarrass you. But when I was young I used to be a snitch. A think stuff like that now it's a whistle blower again. When I was young, whistle blower meant something completely different than it means today. Awards change. Talking about officials right refereed football. Hey. Go Windsor rest perfect. Way To get out of that one How how did? What did you take out of today's press conference with the governor? Well I was actually I was able to ask a question number two today, so that was refreshing. Usually on, you know pretty low and totem pole. So I was able to get a question in and. The answer really. Showed me where the administration continues to go, and then the big thing obviously was this date like mass mandates, those are the two biggest things We can talk if you want. And then the third thing I was actually pleasantly surprised, have to go back and nature I heard it correctly, but I raised a about the ICU indicator on this new health system, warning system and how eighty. Eighty percent capacity doesn't tell us anything about Cova. Well, the governor did say that they're going to amend that. And for that indicator to be triggered, the hospital or the facility would be at eighty above eighty percent. Icu Utilization which I still really don't like but then also above twenty percent Cova. Gillis, so that's that's that was close. That was one of the process for me today. You know what my problem was with today's press conference if masks are so important and they save lives. We knew about this announcement three days ago. Why did he have to wait for face time with a press conference? Why didn't he just mandate mass three days ago? If it's so important, Jack? You know that raises a really good question. Because you know, we've seen that before with orders, right, they'll issue orders in the you know. The the late late night hours in posted to the site, so yeah, why wouldn't why wouldn't they have just released if it were not important I don't think it is a you know. This is dangerous territory for me because I don't WanNa, be a detractor. detractor of the governor I want to be the secret of the truth, and so, but to me it feels a lot like political posturing. If you heard today, he said. You know we've already seen that. People are wearing more masks and we don't have problems in our hospitals, and this is you know maybe starting to Plateau, which by the way we don't have problems hospitals at all and it's. kind ago, but. He's putting himself in this position where. Two three four weeks from now. He's GonNa go velocity. Mandated masks, and and look is numbers, and so it feels a lot to me like you know, it's a Cya type of thing or that. That turned into. He's GonNa. Go well. Listen I got out of the gate early got a handle on this, and we flatten the curve and you know at the end I ended up the more people from no really ugly hospital stays and deaths down. That's what it feels like to me. on the masking thing, but the interesting part is. He did also talk about the exemptions, and there are a lot of exemptions And know one would be anyone. That's ten years of age or below ten years of age infants. Medical conditions and disabilities communicating with someone with a disability actively exercising officiates and religious services, and those actively involved in public safety, and if you're eating or drinking, so those are all the exemptions and he did say if you see somebody out, and they don't have masks on me to assume that they have a medical condition so I think it gives out to the people who go i. don't care what you tell me unless she staple this thing that might face I'm not gonNA wear I think. He gave him out to those people today Jack. And when I heard Jack would hippo laws how you going to enforce wearing a mask? Because what hippo laws you don't have to reveal your sickness. All you have to do is say you have one, and then I correct in saying that also. That that seems to ring true to me is where it gets a little, if so, if not in public, let's see I'm going to go out and in Delaware tonight and I'm going to walk around and go to a restaurant with my daughter. You know we're on the sidewalk. Yes, that applies. You can't really ask me now if I go into private establishment. And, they say you need a mask. And I say well, but I have a health condition. They can say that's fine, but we still require a mask. They're going to win that one I think in. So you know it. Kinda comes down to do I. WanNa patronize this restaurant for not and I will tell you I've walked I walked out of the restaurant yesterday for that reason so I? Don't know if you heard Jack I. Don't know if you've heard but the Cleveland Clinic now is told their employees that they have to wear surgical masks, not cloth masks anymore. Land. Wow. You know I. It's been a while since I dove into the advocacy in the safety of masks, the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons came out with for really nice piece a couple of maybe a month ago that they dove into seventeen different studies, and they reviewed a lot of the material. And they indicated that mass mask wearing is not safe, and it can actually be harmful and the ninety five th. You know if it's not worn properly. In worn for a great length of time that seems to me that it could cause some significant health issues I mean. I don't WANNA trap. My my my sheer terror, my you know carbon dioxide, and breathe it back in and read it back. Read it back, that's. Interesting. Yeah Yeah. You had a question Grammar Yeah Jack. The governor did say the rates of increases in counties under the red level has slowed, and he said obviously that's promising now when you look at say, Crawford and Laser Clermont Allen counties, where the cases I don't Wanna say or minimal, but They've slowed a big time the narrative of mandating this mask through all eight counties. It doesn't make sense. It surely doesn't make sense from so many different angles, and I could talk an hour about this It doesn't make sense and I think that's one of the biggest disconnects to train this new advisory system, and then just looking at the raw numbers, so they stood this advisory system. It seems to me in order to justify things like mandating masks I will post something later tonight. And talk about it, you know. Maybe we can talk about it on another show. How each of these seven indicators on the map, they can actually be triggered without. They're really being an active infection. So then they said that last week. This is an early warning. Signs thing well. We're kind of sheltering. For a tornado that might happen in January, and it doesn't make sense and particularly in areas where I'm not going to be around a lot of people or I mean the jury has come back on this. If I'm passing somebody in Kroger or you know if we have less than fifteen minutes of contact, you know and are more than six feet away. It doesn't it, doesn't you? Don't need it, and even even in situations where you're in close contact. Look, there's a there's a lot of literature that debunks the advocacy of of of masks worn by surgeons. Even so, is it stopping the spread I don't know. Is it a liability cover? Maybe but it certainly doesn't make sense in counties where there's not an of spread now. It doesn't and that by the way. I'm not a constitutional lawyer, but doesn't that kind of go under the umbrella of equal justice under the law. Like why am I being charged or assumed to have to do this? When the facts of my case, entirely different than the facts of the case of a large city that has a lot of people on top of each other, you know what I mean I believe Clare County head, four hundred eighty cases and seven deaths since the start or the outbreak of the pandemic. A Jack before we let you go. HOW DID THAT NEW YORK? Times article workout. Well interestingly the the gentleman who wrote it out. You may remember me saying this is also the gentlemen who wrote the that released the steele dossier which incorrectly. Assumed that the president was getting help from Russian operatives, so that guy for whatever reason decided he to come from Manhattan? Central Ohio to talk with me and You know their opinion editor. Resigned last week and talked about how it's a basically a bullying organization that targets people and goes after him. Tucker Carlson called them out. Just the other day and I believe Liberty University is suing them for millions of dollars right now for a fake Kovic story, so if you take all of those things, you know collectively. That's about how the articles written. And it was what I expected it and it shows me journalism is. Not Alive and well in some parts particularly at the New York pants. They Jack as long as they. Go ahead. No ads going to say Jack I. Don't know how old yard but did you ever think media would get to this point in your life? You know I did. and. That's kind of a trick question. That's that's not a wise. Wise answer on my part. It's a great question on your part. I Don. I don't have a TV I stopped watching TV minus you know the sporting events. You know that several years ago because they call it programming for a reason and I saw a really big shift Gosh probably fifteen years ago and the way that programming was delivered, and what was delivered and particularly newspapers I mean it. It just became a shock jock kind of thing with CNN MSNBC, and even sometimes Fox News, and you look at it, and if I watch program in my blood, pressure goes up and you know we're not in the middle of a crisis. Something's wrong and they've sensationalized the distribution of information and I. think that's you know that's part of the challenge here. People don't know what to believe because things have been so sensationalized for so long, and then you get you know. Get newspapers like the one that you just mentioned and they clearly clearly fabricated at peace on people. I didn't think it would get into our. People are texting in Jack. We gotta go here, but people are texting in saying. Why are you people so angry about masks well I'm GonNa, give you a little prediction jack. Windsor and you could write this one down and do the story on this one, and you don't even have to credit me because it's going to happen when the vaccine comes out. Watch and see it's going to be mandated mandatory that you take that vaccine. The same people that are pro mask right now are a lot of them that all a lot of are going to bitch and they're not gonNA. Make Me Take Anything Watch and see Jack Trust me on that one. I agree one hundred percent and yet absolutely the same people involved in in contact tracing at the same people who are going to put money in their wallets when people are forced to take back to joe absolutely right I agree with you. Jack will talk again soon. Thank you very much the phone call. Thank thank you. Thank you both God. Bless you take care take. Jack Windsor W. M. F., D. Television in Mansfield Gay does a great job and asking questions and doing research. He does a fantastic job. Hey I'm lecture recital for Trips Restaurant in strong will open for lunch open for dinner. Right across the southpark. Mall on route eighty two. Great launches great dinners Great Patio. You WanNa, eat outdoors, you can eat on the patio column make reservations. Algata Lounge, live entertainment got a buyer of a front dining room back dining room. Social distancing is being practiced at yours restaurant in strong, and the food is fantastic, and you can get it to to if you want. TRIPS restaurant in strong. They do a fantastic job. Here's Kyle with the news. It's five O.. Four Governor Mike DeWine ordering a statewide mask mandates. The jury is back the verdict. Mass Work, and particularly when masks you is with the social distancing the two layers, Dr. acting used to talk about the the Swiss cheese, a couple of those layers on their makes a huge huge difference, said you, order will take effect tomorrow evening at six or require face coverings worn at all indoor public places and outdoors, when social distancing is impossible more than fifteen hundred new covid, nineteen cases were added to. To the statewide total since Tuesday today, also bringing these state totals over seventy, eight, thousand, seven, hundred, the director of the CDC Robert Redfield to talk with our bill wills today about his biggest fear, when he took over that position that said then, and they've continued to say that it was a respiratory pandemic and of my team in China, and the called me over New Year's and let me know we had twenty. Twenty seven cases of an on specified pneumonia that was causing deaths on China immediately I became alerted that this could be a very significant event. Redfield also saying we're not weaponless against COVID, nineteen are weapon until there is a vaccine or face coverings, the forty two year old. Cleveland accused of shooting a Cleveland Policewoman. Multiple Times Monday morning is facing a slew of charges Cleveland Court Records Show Daryl, borden was charged with. With two counts of attempted aggravated murder and two counts of felonious assault on Tuesday, according to Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams to police officers were called to an east Cleveland residents because of a domestic disturbance when they arrived the entered the residents to speak to the suspect who opened fire on them. The officer was rushed to the hospital and Williams said that the officer was stable as she recovered in the hospital. I'm Julie Holiday W. T. A. M. News. President trump, two point federal agents to more American cities to combat violence. We'll work every single day to restore public safety protect our nation's children and bring violent perpetrators to justice being at the white. House trump said there has been an explosion of violence in numerous cities. He signed a deadly violence in Chicago and argued that he has no choice but to get involved and Delta airline CEO ED BASH says they've made changes, so flying with them is safe. During the pandemic with the planes have been sanitized. We Electro statically fog every flight every seat. Every service level before every single plane takes off, and we've been steadily and and rather aggressively. Aggressively stepping up our enforcement of the mask policy on the today show bashing says they put in place de cleaning protocols, health screenings and a strict mask policy for all customers. He says he feels confident. People will be safe on their planes and a want 'em. He does want to instill renewed trust air travel on Wall Street the Dow finishing up point, six percent, one hundred sixty five points to twenty, seven, zero, zero, five, the Nasdaq finishing up to four percent that's twenty five points to ten, seventy, six, and the S. and P. Five hundred, finishing up nearly point six percent. That's about eighteen points to thirty, two seventy six now WTI. outfielder, Mookie, Betts and the team close to finalizing a thirteen year deal where three hundred eighty million bucks, the twenty-seven-year-old bats expected to earn twenty seven million. This season is a former American league. Most Valuable Player is a member of the Boston Red Sox and the tribe and pirates capping their three-game exhibition slate in Pittsburgh Tonight Indians the season. Friday night against the royals at Progressive Field I'm home of the Indian Sam Cavaliers. Carmen Angelov newsradio. Eleven hundred. Traffic and weather together mornings and afternoons. Its Nature Stone. Now got a texter. Ask a great question. I'll make comments head. Blow up on this one. So the texture, ask. Go ahead. If a mask works right yes. And you're wearing a mask. Why do I have to wear one exactly? Any Bio Aerosol is going to be trapped in the mask. I'm wearing, so you're not going to be susceptible. Anything that's coming in coming out of my body. and Amass works. You'RE NOT GONNA. Get it. Yes although you possibly could get it through your eyes. So! There's one shortfall. So. Then mass don't work. Yes and it's. It was made quite clear, Bhai. You WanNa bring it up the deputy medical officer in the United Kingdom regarding masks in conjunction with the World Health Organization. If you WANNA fire. That's up. I was on with. This morning to a colleague in Hong Kong WHO's a professional? Who's done the evidence review for the world? Health Organization own facemasks, and we're of the same mind that there is no evidence that general wearing face masks by the public who are well affects the spread of the disease in our society. What matters right now, of course, he's social distancing. But in terms of the hard evidence from the UK, government recommends we do not recommend facemask general wearing by the public. And the efficacy of masks. Okay here. You're questioning whether they work whether they won't. They don't work right now. Nineteen counties throughout the state of Ohio have that mandate or that ordered wear masks tomorrow at six o'clock every county, all eighty eight counties, people went out in public, and over going to have to wear the masks. One of the questions I, asked Jack Windsor from w. m. f.. D. TV was counties. Clermont County now again. Let it be known that any life loss because of covid is a tragedy, but in Clermont County out of seventy, eight, thousand, seven, hundred, forty two total cases in Ohio and thirty, two hundred thirty five deaths Clermont County terrip has six hundred thirty five confirmed covid, nineteen cases and eight confirmed deaths. Is they're. Just. GonNa just text in to one zero, nine five by absolute roofing. If I test negative, do I have to wear a mask? Yes. Yes! We're all wearing white. We're all wearing. It's the what if you test negative because then you get it the next day. And now you're. Mike Pence's press secretary two months ago, she tested. Every day. Well in the ideal world that would be great for all of us to be tested every day, but you know there's a testing site right by my house We're the greatest country in the world. You gotta go to a parking lot to get a corona virus test. Drive up, absolutely works. One hundred bucks. Bucks you know what I will spend that hundred dollars on a test and people may think this selfish, but I will spend that hundred dollars or make the appropriate copay if I have symptoms. And they said insurance doesn't cover it. Doesn't cover it I know somebody to stop there. Hey I'm curious. Donald four window nation. We are super excited to announce window. Nation has installed their one millionth window. Think about that. What an accomplishment! especially in what everything that went on this year. Mean for you as a homeowner, well, it gives you peace of mind knowing that they have satisfied over one hundred thousand homeowners. I mean they're. installers are literally the best ninety nine percent of the time boom right on the money. Of course everybody can make. Every anybody could make a mistake. It's called being a human being but window. Nation makes very few. And right now you get up to fifty percent off. Any style window would no down payment. No payments and no interest for twenty four months, and you need windows. Call donation now eight six six nine nation. Eight, six, six, nine, thousand nation, or go to window nation DOT COM eight. Tell them of censure. You may even get a better deal. Here's John with traffic. Eleven hundred. our full number. Two one, six, five seven hundred eleven, hundred to one, six, five, seventy, one, one one one. that's one of the greatest things Glenn Beck has ever said. That is that is. The liberal thinking today is just absolutely unbelievable. What's the fun police? And then let's also. Take Away your right to bear arms. Yeah. Let's. Take away your guns. Limit your guns. And defunct police, yeah, her law enforcement and trample on under constitutional rights, which well unfortunately, that's going on the last three months trip. Can I read this text to you? Yeah just got perch radio trip. This is my last text to all of you. I've loved your show. Since Ninety five metre few times I will not listen anymore because you keep putting down masks and finally finding only those who support your views unfortunately. Your views will cause a weaker economy and blood on your hands, mascot or casket by by. Wow Well. I mean I. It is what it is. I'm a firm believer It's all predetermined anyway, so I'm not going to get into that religious belief, but it's all predetermined how you're going to go and That's been set in stone a long time ago. that. That's irrelevant, but yeah, there are things you can do to protect yourself, but usually sicknesses is just bad. Luck bad timing. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Eating the wrong thing being around the wrong person at the wrong time at that's just how it goes. And the Corona virus in wearing a mask is not gonNA change anything. That's just the way it happens. It's whether it's airborne. Whether it surfaces I mean you don't know where you're going to get this. How you're GonNa get this, but you're probably GONNA get it. It's just like the flu. Unless they come up with a vaccine that prevents it. I mean I i. don't care what you do you you. You live the rest of your life like this because it wants to come up with a vaccine. That's what you're. GonNa to do. And you literally cannot protect yourself from every single running. You have throughout the day. Unless you're an all day, but even then you around people that did leave out on trips. Set me three o'clock hour. The most important thing here is. Not necessarily a mass, but social distancing. Supposed to me, I guess it'd be a good thing and social distance from my wife. Is that what we're GONNA do next. Social distancing is probably four hundred times more important than wearing a mask. But it's. Possible to go on with today's society and social distance forever. Are GonNa, do it. Whether it comes to schools companies how you going to do it. I mean really I mean the the health department. They're checking this. They're checking that chicken buyers nail salons restaurants. They're checking their every everything today. Check big box stores. No. DOUBT IT WHY NOT! Pay, a lot of taxes. I mean. Is there somebody to make sure to people? Don't go down the aisle at the same time and pass each other, because that's not social distancing well. I can tell you one major box store that I. Frequent often there is typically a line outside and everybody socially distanced in that line at least six feet away, their markings to keep people six feet away, and there is a security guard and a local police officer at the door, and they will allow a person, and when one person walks out, so they do a great job of social distancing in that aspect. Inside the store. That's a different. That's a different animal. I mean people are walking past each other. There's no way that. It doesn't make any sense there's. Social distance do all the right things outside, but once they get inside. You're not protecting. Yeah, there are no one way aisles well. How? Does that make well. That'd make the inside. The store makes no sense I mean. Social distancing is not practiced inside. Well. That's my point. Yeah so I. What's the difference what they're doing outside? If they're not doing it insight. That's part of my point. I mean outside. We're all socially distanced, but once inside the game on. But what's the difference now? I mean yeah. The walk inside. What do they accomplishing while nothing absolutely nothing Bingo. Are they doing side if they're not doing it inside. That's a good question. I have no answer. I don't know. Did you hear the owner of Amazon Thousands name. Yeah. You're much he made. He made thirteen billion on the stock market Monday. Thirteen billion. His net worth has gone from. The last eighteen months one, hundred, five, billion to one, hundred, seventy, three, billion off the top of my head and his ex wife, she made fourbillion. On the Stock Market So. Clear Living A. Nice to have that. Brennan somebody texted I'm done with trip to mass can hurt. Doug with me over mask I'll see ya. Don't let the door in the ASS. You take care. What are the greatest phrases that you say? Is Those mask people? And those are the same people a lot of them that when this vaccine comes out, mark my words. Okay, it's going to be mandatory. And, they'll say mass people are GonNa say I'm not taking this vaccine. You're not making me take this vaccine hypocritical. Watching C.. I mean there's a lot of them right now. There won't admit it that are listening. That are mass people that are going I'm not taking any vaccine. Not me I'm not taking a vaccine. No I'm not taken a vaccine. You know what trip I gotTA. Tell you I mean at the beginning of all this. And when we were told that we were going to have to wear masks, I was vehemently against it I. Guess I'm a hypocrite, because guess what now I'm wearing a mask at the beginning of all this. When we're talking about a vaccine, I said I'm not taking a vaccine. Well guess what now I'm going to get. The vaccine whether moderna comes up with it or some other pharmaceutical company comes up with it, so I guess I'm a hypocrite. I mean I've changed my mind. Yeah well I've said all along I would get the vaccine and you. Are you going to get the vaccine, or are you just talking about wearing a mask out there? At your big reason why I'm going to get the vaccine. Beards and long hair and stuff like that. You know Germany germ filled. That is sure. If you're a woman, just think about putting your face now in some guys, beard or long hair. Yeah very worried about wearing a mask, right? Mike you're Asana for Ryan Young. Ryan young and the young team Keller Williams. Excuse me greater metropolitan. Selling your home. You WANNA solve for top dollar. You wanted so very quickly. Call Ryan Young. He has a million different programs say you don't WanNa go through open houses and remodeling and all that you'll get cash offer for your. I then another program you sit out Ryan Young you and him. That's right. You and him agree to a price for your home. You agree UNM and a deadline. That it sold by if those two aren't many, buys it from you at the price you agree to with them. Dig about that and you can get out of the contract at any time if you're not happy with Ryan that don't happen too often. Get stopped dollar and sells homes very quickly. As buyers lined up in most markets, waiting for houses, the come up for sale column, two, one, six, three, seven, hundred, ninety, six, eighteen, to one, six, three, seven, eight, ninety, six, eighteen, or go to his website, young team dot com. Let me squeeze one phone. Call in here before we go to news. WHO's next Odell? Oh, Dow, Beckham. A couple of questions on that same thing. Oh! Yeah! So Go ahead and ask one. I used to be an instructor. Teach hazardous waste and teach respirators. That a lot of these guys under the twenty nine year barred nineteen ten eleven. o one the regulations their answer your questions about what those masks do. What a respirator does those not respirators? Respirators have parties in it and. Everything down to mold spore. It's just a piece of cloth. That's all that is. Okay. So. What's? Going to stop you from it and if didn't. That contagious. Why don't we have bio? Teachers out there? Throw the mask. Weigh in when we're done with them the. That's a great point. took. Trivia remember I was all. It's all questions I'm not thank you for. Go ahead. I'm not there yet either. Okay when I went out to the field, and I worked next, versus this is going to stop something that he says point one two, five micro in size. Hey, that's not too much smaller than that. Buses fibers swear that busters lead mold. I mean I worked at the new plans to you. Still GonNa wear a a cartridge. You Still GonNA, take those clothes off. You still go tie back. Suit on, you don't take. Home with them. So if you're out there in the store and somebody sneezes, they got you're taking moment your clothes and your hair to car to your house. Through stealing A. Steering Wheel to your door knobs to your carpeting, because most people walk into their. Shoes Yeah. Oh. I gotta go to news. Thank you for the call. Thank you for the information. Here's Kyle with the news. Thank you Dr It's five thirty three government wine is ordering a statewide mask mandate during a news conference center noon to wind said the order will take effect tomorrow evening at six o'clock get will require face coverings to be worn in all indoor public places and outdoors, when social distancing is impossible. A seven year old hospitalized after he was shot in the head in Cleveland. Cleveland police say. The child was hit by gunfire last night on Parkview Avenue. Best together say the boy may have been struck by stray bullet, knowing that have been made president trump bordering federal agents in the several cities to help curb what he describes as out of control violence. The president hinted last week that he would announce a plan to deal with the tick. Tick in violence and democratic cities today. He said he was sending a combination of agents from the F. B. I. D. A. AF. T to Chicago and Albuquerque, and if you can go to them, fans must wear face coverings. At NFL Games this season leak spokesperson Brian, McCarthy confirmed the news tweets, your three news forecast Mr hero hot butter cheese steak Senate. Here's Betsy. Betsy Kling cloudy. Skies Muggy conditions. As we head through the overnight hours, we'll pick up scattered storm. Chances to temperatures fall back into the low seventies for Thursday morning by afternoon. We'll get rid of some of the rain will have some sun peaks. Is temperatures top out in the low eighties? This report is brought to you by the National Highway Traffic Safety Eleven hundred. Greatest Things Glenn Beck as ever said truly is. Our full numbers are two one six five seven eight eleven hundred eight year about the teacher in Michigan. The got fired for posting online. Trump is our president. Are you surprised. No Really I'm not taking you to task. Yes, there's no. Would you have a professional broadcaster for? One of the basketball franchises fired because he tweeted out. Let me. Interrupt all right. Oh, I just spotted this one. I. Guarantee You. There's a lot of people that have this I got to tell my wife about this also. The FDA! Just recalled. Hand sanitizer sold at Walmart and Costco. All right well we got. We got all of them. Reading I, don't think all of them pull up the article do toxic chemicals. Computer takes forever. I think they are starting to find out that the more you use hand sanitizer. The more might not be that great for you. For a one time use not for. Every thirty seconds. FDA expanse hand sanitizer recall to at least seventy five brands across the United States. some of those sanitaire hand. SANITIZERS are sold at Walmart Costco and other national chains. As you said if. I'm trying to look for the brand names. And, those brand names are not. Being released as part of this article. Costco has recalled the bloom in hand sanitizer. They did well. They did that and May. Walmart also. took off the shelves in July. FDA listed import on a number of hand, sanitizers stop the products from entering the US including bloom, products, clar and Dan ver- instant hand sanitizer. Mo Desa instant hand sanitizer moisturizers vitamin E.. Hello Kitty by SAN REAL HAND SANITIZER and go? Hello, Kitty by SAN relance energizer in assured aloe. All for complete you have blooming and home said I do have to bottles sitting at home. What is this over here? Stuff all right? It's blue but I have two bottles of Bloomington sitting at them. We don't use them since the recall came out, we. Haven't thrown. Okay, this hand sanitizer that mister. Hotchkiss has supplied us with apparently is. Safe, it's not on the list. But again there whether saying seventy five. Complete list. You don't want to go over that complete listening to no, no, no, no! who's WHO's next John? John, you're near John. I I. I think you might have some overlap with some people you might not Going agree with, but I think that people that really alternative source of information because you said you don't trust the media, and there's a very good article called fifty facts about CI control of media. Wars by a fire professor who WHO's got a? Kick medications and the media, but because he's been exposing talk test, he lost his job in university in Boorda so I think this This Kinara that all of media's liberal wing is yes that because I in factor there. Virtually is no level a left-wing media. If you really know what left or liberal media would be like a a there. We have fifteen hundred. Big Business billionaire owned a a right wing stations run by end. People by right wing host Glenn Beck a rush, Limbaugh, all their copycats on fifteen under say she's quitting the country anywhere. You drive and none that I. Really let such as global research. Global Research Dot, ca which you say, a small very credential Greg site of four people within the walls of the shadow government to see I the Pentagon and the rest of the do that. Discuss it with lies that are being. Tolan came out, but they can only get a hearing in these little needles with a haystack a couple. Okay all right all right, okay, and going also, but yeah gotta move here. I got to get somebody else in. Thank you for the phone call. I've been radio longtime. Let me tell you a fact. The one of the reasons that left wing radio doesn't work. People don't listen to it. That's a fact. That's that's an absolute fact. They get no ratings. People listen to. Donate if there's so this, that's the thing that kills me if there's so many liberals. Wouldn't you think that left wing radio would be like? Like boom in his fires ratings go. No, it don't work that way. That's why Russian guys like get Glenn Beck. Those guys, even television CNN is like way at the bottom ratings. They get from eight to ten. I think they average about three million viewers. Fox's then won't. God knows how many viewers there but Fox's like number one. By the same way and talk radio. Left wing radio don't work. Trust me on that one. What was his next was that? Air America trip real. Quick before we get back to the phones. was that the the liberal leaning? Network years ago. And, it didn't last too long. I. Mean None of them Do. It just doesn't work. They don't get the ratings I mean. They could last for long time, but. They don't get the ratings. that. Right, wing radio gets. WHO's next Joel? Joel you're in the air? Joel Joel Joel. I'll go ahead. Sir, go ahead, go ahead. Okay, then as Y'all I'm sorry, not. Good job. Okay, okay, real quick, so I agree with you that there. There's a lot of information out there, and it's so hard to find the truth. I agree hundred percent. You could probably person you can get about nasty and good or bad. I can get someone a doctor. Whatever you just can't that they're good. You can find someone says ask. Couple coupled with yeah coupled with the fact that. Percents I'm addict like you say you have it, but don't have it. People walk around, don't even they have coupled with that and then the fact that it can affect. How affects people differently like? Gets real quick just from experience. I have an uncle nine years old, and the nursing home got it and he he went through it. He got sick, but he's okay. He got through it and I have a friend that's in his forties that he's got it. He's not hospitalized what he's very close. Because it. Really, it's really you can't read well, so that someone said on track pretty bad. It'll be get through it. So given given all that information, okay, real quick I! There's a demographic outdoor that I think people don't think about okay. I'm part of this demographic case. There's a people it's not all people in nursing homes people that are at home. They are they have free into the conditions or people? COPD people with Multiple Sclerosis there people like me that takes care of someone. That's a fairly disable okay. I'm roll the dice. And I don't have that walks you roll the dice and say okay. You know what I think. Max are doubtful, and I think. This is all blown out of proportion which I do believe after I actually do I'm on your side with that, but I only the look three to to to to believe that hundred percent so I have I. 'cause I gotTa think of her. I have to be very careful. So. This is my thing, I think there's a good I think we can both agree. That, there's a very pay small one percent chance that the masks may help. If that's the case, isn't it? Our duty as Americans to wear the math, even if we're not a hundred percent sure they're helping for this other demographic out. There wants to get out I. All I go to giant. Eagle! That's it used to go to trips restaurant. I love going on. I'm not going there now. Not It's still safe, and if I didn't have to take care of, I might be just like you saw hypocrite flight okay? I understand. We're running out of time. I understand your points. Okay, but let me ask you this question. When are you going to feel safe when somebody tells you to feel safe, because obviously, somebody told you to be scared. Good Point your point, and it will not shock me that com November that they start reporting things that are more positive about this, and it's not a scary that I make you feel safer. One hundred percent light on Sir. I feel Joe I feel a joy I gotta go. Thank you for the phone. Call I feel the same way you do. You might not. Believe that but I do I feel the same way you do, but then I say to myself. What am I gonNA? Feel safe when the same screwball. On me. Tell me. It's okay to go out now. You WanNa believe him. What are you going to feel safe? I come to the conclusion finally. I'm not I. Still Take Precautions I still do everything I can, but I'm not gonna live my life in this house. I'm not doing it. Sorry I'm not doing that. And, then you have no idea the same people that are lying to you now if they're lying, who knows I don't know? I know they changed their views and stories every couple of days. What it one day! They're gonNA. Tell you okay. It's okay to go out now and you feel. It's okay to go out, so you're going to run out. Seriously! I mean I I. Don't get it see. This is what I don't get and when I don't get it I. Tell Them Goten Yourself. I don't get it. They're scared me half to death telling me I gotTA. Do this I got to do that. Kundu here, social distance, stay home mass hand sanitizer. Wash your hands. Wash your feet without whatever. Don't go near people. Schools are bad sporting events. Don't. Okay and then so one day I'm GONNA. Turn the news on, and those people go. Okay all sorry to go out now. Everything safe. Is Big Jowitt traffic. Big Bad eleven hundred tomorrow at six o'clock tomorrow night our mask order. for people who are out in public will be extended throughout the state of Ohio so again that will be at six o'clock tomorrow night, every county in the state of Ohio. people who are out in public should in fact wear a mask. Ohio, Governor Michael Dewine putting into effect that mass quarter for all eighty eight counties, throughout the Ohio going into effect, six o'clock tomorrow a Thursday evening Carmen with you for the six o'clock hour along with Seth, as a tribe is taking his new normal our something that he's done once a week. for the past couple of weeks probably the past three weeks or so trip is working six days a week. Obviously, we do the show on Sunday morning from nine till noon. Wt Am eleven hundred so trip is getting a much deserved. Our often set the myself will be here for the six o'clock hour. If you're on the phone lines we'll get to. To you in just a second. If you want to join the show to one six, five, seven eight eleven, hundred or two, one, six, five, seven, eight, one, one one. What do you think about the order? Is it necessary especially when you look county? Say Like Clermont County where they've got a little over six hundred cases. They've got eight confirmed deaths now again. Let's stressed that death from the corona virus is tragic, but they are now mandated where masks starting at six o'clock tomorrow night. You gotta think about this way. Their counties around those counties that are spiking and have a lot of people in them and people don't just sit in one little county. Travel I understand I'm not. Geography major, but I believe Clermont County and surrounding counties or rather role, and I may be wrong. But still people travel people. Go see people go to different stores throughout the state and. I know I had some of my family going across to like Amish country that sort of thing and so. I everyone who's to say that for the past three and a half months. That hasn't been happening there. Seth I totally agree and I'm not saying I'm a fan of mass. I'm telling you that. I see what he's trying to do. I believe other than purely control is. Okay so boy, there's a dichotomy. Contradicted yourself to one six five seven hundred eleven hundred. If you want to jump onboard back to the phone lines, we go, Russ. You're on the trip. Show good evening to you Ross. Ross. taught to me Johnny Commend Rambo. Russ's gone back to the phone lines John. You're on W.. I'm the trip show go ahead John. This John Make it comment on masks in why they help not necessarily one hundred percent. Why they help as you guys were talking about earlier in your show, the virus is extremely small minute with very little mass. The droplet that attaches itself to is magnitude larger much much larger so as you sneeze, breathe cough whatever. Those droplets with the attached. Virus will be picked up one hundred percent, but it will slow it down on the other side, the person that near you breathing in through a math, it will also pick that up. An example would be. Say the virus using marshmallow lights, not much mass and the droplet it attaches itself to. Is a baseball. What can you throw farther? A baseball. So the virus being so small, and with hardly any mass is not gonNA travelers are Tanit actually can afloat in the air, absolutely, but the mask school help and those environments. Somebody's coughing sneezing or the old saying was Say it. Don't spray it. Bach and Unfortunately sometimes that way so math do help I. mean there's no question the magic of that behind that is yeah. Obviously, John, we we! We've got to look at the efficacy of masks and. We're hearing that cloth masks are not as good as surgical masks I've got a couple of surgical masks in my vehicle and I believe that if I were to take. An article of cloth say like a bad data and put it around my face that it's probably has a higher efficacy rate, then a surgical mask no. Well an easy. Is To get a match candle. Something can put it in front of you obviously do the same distance and try to breathe the same way and see if you can blow it out through that mass versus that piece of cloth. And whichever one again logic, whichever one lows it out isn't working the best, and so there's a lot of different factors. I mean W-. How hard is the person sneeze versus another person those kind of things, but the large droplets it travels the farthest, a mask or a cloth or anything. He's going to impede trauma that and on the on the receiving side. It's got. No no way. So. You know it's just. You know it just the logic behind that kind of a of a function of a mask or cloth, or anything is going to impede, and if it impedes. Five percent ten percent I have no idea what the percentage would. Cuts the risks you know ten percent than certainly I mean you're going. have us the alert segment of society. It says hey, where the mask and obviously on I thank you for the call. We gotta get the traffic here shortly, but. You also have guys like Dr, Anthony Fauci. Who? The Third Week of March I believe it was, he said no, it's there's no need to wear masks and. Six and a half weeks late or six weeks later he says okay, we we must wear masks and he shows up at a news conference with the President I believe it was in the Rose Garden and he was massed. He flip flopped. And then you have in south of you could bring this sound. Bite up! Jonathan Van Tam Easy Deputy Chief Medical Officer in Britain. This is what he had to say about masks now. This was in late May. But this is what Jonathan Van Tam had to say. This is a guy. He knows his stuff when it comes to medical. That was on the phone this morning. To a colleague in Hong Kong. Who is a professor there? Who's done the evidence review for the World Health Organization, own face masks, and we're of the same mind that there is no evidence that general wearing face masks by the public who are well affects the spread of the disease announced society. What matters right now, of course, it's social distancing. But in terms of the hard evidence, what the u! K Government recommends we do not recommend facemasks general wearing by the public. So. There you go, Jonathan Bantam this guy. He's one of the health leaders in the united. Kingdom and you just heard what he said to one six five seven eight eleven hundred. If you WanNa join the discussion, you can also drop us a tax to one zero nine five. That brought to you. By the fine folks at absolute roofing right now, let's get a check on traffic and weather point nine FM mid eighties, but feeling humid today with chance for thunderstorms. We'll see a low near seventy tonight. Partly cloudy skies, leftover thunderstorm chances possible throughout the day on Thursday temps in the low eighties. Common Angelo back on the trip. Show along with Seth were with you for the six o'clock hour trip taking a much needed that new normal our off which ship he will do as we are working on Sunday afternoon or Sunday mornings rather nine hundred nine W.. T. AM eleven hundred so trip getting a little in our two one six five seven hundred eleven hundred. If you WanNa, join the discussion back to the phone lines. We go my Man Stanley in Slavic village around the trip. Show Stanley. How are you? Hey. You guys do a great job and I love hearing all the callers. On what they're going to do about social distancing and mask wearing, but you guys also have open lands, America eight states and half Canada I'd like to see open it up to every spokesperson from age eighty and every politician on any level and just exclude. The callers the JOE SCHMOS and have every agency spokesperson and every politician opalines America, see what kind of response you get and let them have five ten minutes and get some feedback and hear what what are they thinking on all these levels with all these agencies I'd love to hear open lines. America cater to those people and. People in the medical industry medical industry public health industry politicians on local mares, superintendent of schools open it up open lines, America for those kind of people, so the listeners the community eight. Canada, let's hear what anybody out there has to say when you do open lines America. pigeonholed into that vein, and and see what kind of feedback you get and see what kind of maybe publicize it. We're going to do open lines America for just Blah Blah Blah you know maybe and maybe we'll get some more feedback from what what they're thinking on the local level agencies politicians let them all way in. Let them all have open lines America for those people those who wants to trip up. You don't want I think we can exclude the politicians, the school superintendents and strictly have on the medical people, because the politicians and the school folks, the superintendents and board of Education member members. They're basically going on the teller the info that they are getting from the people in the healthcare industry in the middle class. I think opinions may vary from superintendent. The Superintendent and they may vary from politician. A politician and those varying opinions might be intriguing. AH, again with the superintendents, though and you do make a good point. I mean they're the ones that they have the ultimate authority if and when that they resume school if they're gonNA do in late August or early September, but who's saying what what district? What community is saying what to their? Their community every community might be different. Every school district might be different, or it might be all the same, but open it up just to that or agencies, you know you might have the CDC or the local health or the Red Cross, or whoever calls in might say different things and have different concerns, people that run hospitals might say things and open your eyes and shed. New Light or put a spin on it. I don't know. Once again. Brother, great call you got buddy have a great evening to one six five seven eight eleven hundred back to the phone lines we go and Russ had earlier. Call dropped welcome to the trip show Russ. Thank take me back nine. That's a long way. Call. The most of them Question for you might be interesting. I personally don't like that here. The math but I don't mind when people wear, and there are circumstances where if I'm around old people are certainly aware one, but if the governor and the politicians are so positive. That masks are not harmful in any way you know. The government has qualified immunity. They're they're exempt from most lawsuit and damages from the citizens. And, except in extreme cases I governing wine. Respectfully if you're that five, he said the jury's out. There's no question anymore about math. And if that's the case I would love for him to just say if any citizen can prove or shows that they were harmed by these math, then they can sue the state and I would like to say well. Thank you for the Call Russ. I'm glad we were able to get you on look. He did say today. The wearing of masks is making a difference. And he spoke of the rates of increases in counties with Corona, the counties that are in the red level, he says. Those rates have slowed. They haven't plateaued, but they've slowed. And that is promising news so I, mean obviously we will we. We definitely know what his answer would be if we pose that question to him one six five seven hundred eleven hundred. If you want to jump on board back to the phones, we go and Liz Liz. You're on the trip. Show on, am eleven hundred? Yes I was losing another talk show and they said if you have difficult to can't wear a mask. there was gentleman. There is name was Patrick, but I didn't get the last name. You could Google or whatever it citizens for free speech Dot Org, and they'll this blue car with a lanyard for every and so a free one, but any other one you might want is Dollars and then the question that and they can't ask you your condition because they hit a long. And this gentleman, he went into a nursing home and the. Receptionist your mask and he showed the card and told her you're good to go. Yeah and Liz. Thank you for the call. I'm glad you brought that up. Because my colleague. On the other side of the Glass Seth has one of those cards and landlords I'm wearing it currently. Yes, you are, and you wear it every single day as I do. And what does it say? Wearing a face mask poses a serious health risk to me. Under the health insurance, portability and Accountability Act. I am not required to disclose my medical condition to you. Have exempt from any local or state regulation. Mandating, face -ment or face mask usage in public. The Americans with disabilities act provides a that organizations and businesses can be fined up to seventy five thousand dollars for the first violation and one hundred fifty thousand dollars for any subsequent violation south. You know we have to do and I'm sure trip would he's all on board with this idea? What we have to do is go to. A store say a big box retailer and. We've got to put that to the test and I. Will Facebook live that? Would be interesting to see what happens if it actually does come into play, I have yet to try to use it. Yeah, I, mean you when you go shopping. Heather goes in you. Stay out in the car, the air right, or if I run into gas station. Just put the stupid mask on but I. Do have this and I did get it and I do intend on seeing what would happen I think. Think good science experiment without a doubt after the show. Let's call trip and let's try and make that happen. Maybe not this week, but next week you and I will go out I'll facebook live it. We can walk into a big box retailer or maybe a fast food joint. Whatever you want, whatever happens to they mandated masks at your, and you could show Matt Card on that Lanyard and see what weight that has. Be Interesting to find out without a doubt. Early on in this thing you got that about a month and a half. To six five seven eight eleven back to the phones. We go Roger Your on the trip. Show getting ranch. Roger. For you to investigate my concealed carry permit expired so I went to the Lorain County Sheriff's department. And they said I have to make an appointment to get it renewed I. Don't take the earliest possible appointment. Guess what it was for five pm Saturday. April tenth, two, thousand and twenty one. Wow. Well, you guys check out what's going. We will look into that. Roger, I hear the music that means we're up against it We will be back after Kyle's news. I'm the trip show on his radio WTN.

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