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The Birth And The Girth Of KJ


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Zoll Ceac Bearman. You guys, welcome to this episode of house of Kim. I don't know who keeps I think my hairdresser my makeup artists constantly mess with the mics and stuff they do because because trying to readjust it as I'm sitting here because it's, it's just bizarre like stop touching my shit. Genetic Nikki, golly, what's poppin you guys. So he missed the podcast last week because we had so much stuff going on with the end of school and parties and gifts for teachers and thank you cards at took us an hour and a half per kid to write and anyways, so we are back up and running. That's always our goal to produce two week, but life happens man, and we because these are alive per se or current. I guess it makes it a little difficult. We do want to get a couple of heads so that you guys don't miss out on the Wednesday podcast or whatever happens to be. But, but then I don't know if it would be all that current so we'll see you give us your feedback. So you guys think that we should get to podcasts ahead so that you can be guaranteed. On your drive to work every Monday and Wednesday that they're up. Or would you rather them stay current? I mean, we've only missed one in the last couple pulled you'll do a little Instagram post for this Grandpa's for this on Monday. And then underneath that post you guys give us your feedback gives you comments what you think. Leave us a rating and review. Poll on I g you can also text us or leave us voicemail at three two three two one three eighty one hundred three two three two one three eighty one hundred let us know what you guys want because what to do for you. So listen to this, you guys so you member last week's podcast. I talked a lot about baseball. I was pretty heated in pissed off. I'm over it. You know, I get over shit real quick most of the time. So I got a text message from a mom who asked one of my girlfriends from for my number. So she's never text me before. And she was like, in fact, I'm going to read it for Begum. Hey, kim. It's so and so, so, and so just told me about the craziness and that baseball crowd after your podcast now. Nice job calling a spayed Spade, if they have a problem being called a douche canoe. They'd probably shouldn't act like on integrity as a life lesson here way. More important than wins all the time. But especially at this formative age, thank you so much to you in Koi for setting a good example, and being willing to speak the truth. So you know what that made me feel really good because I like I said, I know I can get a little feisty. No. I got that Italian blood. So before I get on this microphone. I think like okay Kim. I mean I do have an opinion, but I do ask, why do you think I'm a little crazy? And of course, says, yes, sometimes, and I still say, what I have to say, but I was very accurate in my analogies in, in my stories of baseball, when you speak, your voice when you speak, your voice when you stand up for something that you believe in or stand up for a waste of the you think should be done. Sometimes you feel like you're standing alone until you look behind you and you see that you have a lot of people that think the same way and they're there to let you know, they think the same way and they just needed somebody to see you kind of take that initial stand. And so, I think that's why I got I have been on television for so long. And I'm very vocal. And I believe what I believe. I always. Tends to come down to like an integrity issue or like I'm very, I'm very loyal sometimes to a fault. I think that a lot of people and I myself at times are afraid to share your opinion, your thoughts, because or you have to be very careful on how you do it because in this day and age. It can get you in very big trouble. So I think people are more free to talk ten years ago. Now, it's like okay once it's out there it's out there or if you word it, wrong God forbid, then you're really in trouble. So anyways, I just feel like this, this podcast is platform is really easy for me to infer you guys to get to know the real Kim, and Croix. And obviously, don't be tardy is not very edited at all. They at out me like going P or something. But it's not edited very much. So you get to see really the real side of us. But I think there's been some stuff where I've been, I've been portrayed very differently. So, well, I think this is a great platform. I think you guys for listening and being a part of it. And I think everybody that Texas me. And supports, you know, kind of what I'm saying and the message I'm trying to convey, and I think that text message was really awesome. Because integrity is really important at this stage and our kids as much as we may not, we don't think they may hear us or pay attention to what's going on. They're very aware, you know, so at eight K j is going to be eight on Friday. I'm going to tell them the story of how I found out, I was pregnant because it was like so bizarre. Weird long story short. Everybody's fired up over baseball. Guess what though I'm outta baseball. I'm done for the summer. We're not doing all stars of not sure if we're going to do fall, we'll be back. Definitely for spring, but it's funny. How upset people get over the truth, though. I want to conclude on this thought and whoever's out there listening mull over this a little bit when we play in our park, all the little guys that are playing in the teams are created within side, the park, we're not we're not playing any teams with outside the park is the civic told me this in the car, and I was like you're so right in this specific season. Right. So there's other seasons the summer season all stars things like that, where we leave our park, we take our part guys are a little guys, and we take them, and we played them against other parks and other organizations and other coaches and things like that. But the current ones that were in these are all our little guys. We. All know each other we see each other every single season. So what we're trying to do is instill the aspects of the game. And what sports give these little guys, give them structure. It gives them, you know, integrity, it gives them confidence it gives them, you know, all those things that, that sports give to a child teamwork, all of that. We're trying to give that to them all while having fun. And learning a game of baseball and maybe a few of these guys are going to go on to play college baseball, or do it in the majors or the miners, or whatever you never know. But the whole point is to encourage these guys to do things right way into see us all having fun and getting along. So what's happening with inside the park is like we're cutting. We're cutting against each other within sight of our own park. It's fine to be competitive. What more competitive any more aggressive to the buyers when you're outside of the park, because when you're outside of the park, you went to represent the in, you want people to understand that we, yes, we're competitive were. Great program. We got good guys. We got good coaches were doing the right thing, come play at our part. We want to grow our park and make it bigger. There's, there's some out there like east Cobb is known like regionally or, or United States wide, as being the best part, and they produce ear auto p- in my ear is my microphone, too loud, or you, maybe it might be me getting wound up. I'm wound up. But so, but when, like some of these other parks that have been established for a little while have these big, big names outside of outside of their park, I guarantee they're not cutting each other inside their own park, like we're there to have fun in like build all these guys up if you win great. And we all want to win don't get me wrong. I want to win the whole point of going out there is to win. But if you don't it's okay, not winning. That's the problem is still your big. Then the team that lost is how I see it. So I'm always big. I'm integrity. I don't know. I just I don't know. I think, you know, I went to church, I was raised Catholic, I went to Catholic school. My mom would say, we're going to church. I'm like, why are we going to church again? It's in every Sunday thing Kimberly get in the car. I'm like, oh my God. What is the point? She's like for you to have a conscience. Well, it worked. So thanks, mom. But anyway, I, I just but, but here's the funny part. I didn't really know that people are riled up until I got this text message, and then I had to call my girlfriends and other people on the team like what's going on? And they were like, I don't know what the hell's wrong with people involved that it's kind of funny, but a lot of people also want to stay out of it and stay neutral and, you know, she and shit like that inside. You can kill you. So I'm not gained for that. I'm all about sharing it, speaking it and feeling it and let it go and moving on literally just kind of living your life with integrity makes me feel good. And also, I get heartburn. Learn if there's something like that's going on, you know, or something that I'm upset about not necessarily like with the kids in baseball, because that's kind of easy for me to let go, I just want my kids to have a good time. That's my goal. But if it comes to something like with my job or with Croix or my kids or something, you know, and I don't speak it or share it I've Harper. 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But this week, I'm like, what he turns on Friday. He turns eight years old number having a little surprise party for him. I'm acting like we're not doing anything. He's wound so tight. He wants to know what kind of cake. He's getting first of all, he wants volcano cake. And I'm like, what? So, of course, we made that happen, and we're having a little surprise get together with just like fifteen kids. At this location that he picked out. But we're acting like we're not doing anything because he's wound so tight and has to know everything. He's a busy body. So I just told them before I came up here to the podcast. I don't even know what we're going to get you free birthdays. I set a skateboard a helmet pads, and I'm like I'm catching. No. And he's like, are you going to tell dad? Good go tell him so it's just funny. I mean, we're being, I guess that's kind of mean but he'll have a great day on Friday. He's all about if you tell them, you're going to do something like I said, we were going to go the melting pot for dinner the night before my birthday tonight, up my birthday, the day after my birthday, and we never ended up going just due to weather and timing and scheduling, and he's like you lied. You lied. We never went to the melting pot. And so I like I know that I can't tell them we're going to do something and not do it because he will hold your feet to the fire. So anyways, Caja was a surprise and I'm trying to think we had gone to psychic rose, what was what was surprising about it. Well, I mean, we'll select it was your married or anything. But what do you mean we were partaking an activity that could? Okay. Cry. Stupid stupid stupid. I know my body very well or so. So anyway, we had gone to rose in the beginning of September, and she had said, be careful you to you're going to get pregnant before the end of the year. No, I think you are actually. You guys are going to get pregnant before the end of the year. You know, be careful that that'll be your boy. I'm like rose shut off. And then she's like, you know, you, you met the one, I'm like, shot up rose and so rose at Artie told me that I was going to meet a man and have a son before we got married for many years, if you pan if you pan that's just video terminuses television terms. If you go back, I should say to real housewives of Atlanta, you'll see her say, I'm going to have a son, I think season two. So she said that one of the initials of the guy that I was gonna marry was an e in criminal name is Evan, but it didn't really occur to me until I was like being a smart ass telling my best friend in core was kind of in the garage that, hey, rose told me I'm gonna marry somebody with the middle initial e in a some of them, and he's like middle names. Evan genitally told me that. She thought I was going to marry Croix. And I'm like about marrying him. He's twenty four years old. Like, I'm thirty one. So anyways, long story short, I hadn't appearance at a club called the camera you were disturbed to be in denial about it. No, I thought you were different in. Cool. But like I wasn't really looking. I think when you're not looking when you probably tend to meet the one like I wasn't really I had so much going on, in my life music, real housewives, two girls like I wasn't dying to have anymore children because I had my two girls. I feel like if I had two boys, I would have been like dying for that girl. But I had my two girls. I wasn't dying to have more children had, you know, number one show on Bravo. Housewives of Atlanta. Don't be tardy was a huge hit. So everything was like I was in a really good place in the even better. Yeah. Hundred percent. Right. So you tracked good things when you're in a good place to take that and run with it because it's the truth. But anyways I hadn't appearance at the opera nightclub here in Atlanta and. I had gone to the club in my uncle John came with me for some reason, I'm not even sure why would he come with me? And so we were kind of there and I had two glasses of wine, and that's it. And I was hammered like hammered to another level. And he's like, are you. Okay. And I was like, no, dude, I feel so weird and he's like, well, I'm gonna have to drive you home. I've never seen you like this. And I'm like, I don't I've never felt like this, like, oh my, what the hell's wrong with me, only to be like somebody put something in my drink or so. He's like, no, you had to glasses. Why I'm like this is not enough to make me feel this way. So we got in the car, and I said, can you stop at steak and shake and get me a hot dog in a chili dog and a milkshake, which I don't like ice cream very much once in a while and I don't eat meat and he's like, are you. Okay. But on the way to opera I stopped at quick, trip and got Cheetos a grape soda, so that's probably the first sign of like weird like you're weird. I love Cheetos, but, like not to this extent so. We get the hot dog. I eat the whole thing in a second. And I drink this milkshake it's like you're not right. Like what the hell? So he drove me home. Well the next day headed game on TV. So I was watching it and I was very busy, every time I get up from the chair, and I'm like God. This is so weird. I guess I got drunk last night, because honestly, I very seldom have been drunk in my life. I don't like that. I don't like being out of control. So whatever I watch cryan TV, and then I go to bed that night, and I woke up out of a sound sleep at four thirty in the morning that I was pregnant and didn't have medical insurance. And that was my dream, which is funny because I didn't have I had Aetna. I think I had no right? Or no Blue Cross one of them. I had one of them that I was paying out of pocket on my own every month for years, and my production company and Bravo, they don't give you medical insurance. So I had to just get it separate and I didn't have the maternity package because I had no plans. Right. So I had I had like this huge thing that I was pregnant with no medical insurance. Well, sweetie had told me about five days prior you're pregnant, and I'm like, shut up sweetie was my assistant if you don't know who she was. She was my system for many, many, many years in a very close friend. And so she said, you're pregnant, I can tell and I'm like, no, I'm not. And so I had taken a pregnancy tests, five days before, and it was negative and I threw. It out. And it was like. And she's like, okay, smart ass. So the chest that, that she had bought was had to in one. It was like first responser everything. So when the package, I got out of the bed, I went downstairs. I was in my town house in the bathroom there. I went to the cabinet. I got the pregnancy test out. And I think I was still like a sleep when this was going on. I swear it was the weirdest thing ever. I peed on it, and in one second, it was positive. When I tell you that my hands started shaking uncontrollably. Like uncontrollably shaking and I'm looking at it. And I'm blinking. And I'm like, are you awake bitch? Is this for real? So I call sweetie a Mike. I call at four thirty in the morning. She's like she answers. You're pregnant I'm like over here, right? Oh my God. And so she immediately drove over she lives like forty five minutes away. And so she came over. And then I was like this is crazy. I just was like walking around the house losing my shit till like nine thirty. I was like losing my shit. Well it was a big. It was a big shock. And you knew it was going to be this massive publicly in happening in your life. That was going to completely change the path that your life was on having a child with within your current situation was, it was going to be a lot for you. Right. And that was that was where you're coming from and publicly. How am I going to share this and? Oh my God. And I'm gonna tell Croix and. Oh my God. And I was just having on my God. I called them. I told my mom and, and then I called the OBGYN office because I was had two glasses of wine the night before, and I haven't seen, and I'm going to bring my OBGYN on here to tell you about some stories about him because he delivered five out of our six kids, and I'll tell you the story of Arianna and her delivery, and how awesome he was. And why ended up calling him as soon as I found out, I was pregnant with k j and so I called up there and I got on the phone with Dr Hood's nurse. Karen, and I said, hey, this is Kim. Zoll ceac. And I just took a pregnancy test, and it's positive like really positive and now that I think about it. My period was like a day late. It was Tober eleventh, you guys. I remember like it was yesterday. And so I said, but I had two glasses of wine and I'm like, cry tour. She's like it's fine. It's okay. I mean, let's drink a lot of water today, when do you want to come in and I'll just say, I don't even know right now. I just want to make sure that the wine was okay like, you know, freaking out over it. So anyways long story short. That's the story and I found out I was pregnant, and then I took ROY he. Needed. I said, hey, I need to talk to these. Okay. And so his arrogant ask him over came over. I think he tried to break up with me. You're, you're I wasn't giving him enough attention or something, I don't know. And he was like, you know, when you can give me more. This is just like the day before I found out, I was pregnant or two days before when you can give me more attention call and he was just being like a smart ass. You know, he's twenty four year old punk in the NFL gave. And so came over that told them I was pregnant, and he didn't know what to think, and I didn't know what to think, and obviously, he's the best thing that ever happened. But and he was the hardest pregnancy. I had I was like very nauseous in the morning and never threw up through any, my pregnancies one time, I think, with Brielle, I would dry heave a lot, but not throw up because I'm one of those controlling people that doesn't allow myself to do that, and cage as name is inching, how it came about because I loved the name Croix. I couldn't remember it for the life of me for the first week. But then once I could remember it was like I loved the name. And so I used to joke that I was gonna have his baby just to name Croix. And so I knew that I wanted him to be Croix, but I knew or quit. I think you had mentioned you didn't want cry Evan because it just social security reasons. And like it just makes. Difficult. Brielle's friend, Brandon, Saint Regis, said, well what about like, like since you like wine, like KENDALL Jackson. I said, I king hate KENDALL Jackson, like I don't like that one. And he's like, let's just call him k J for like Koi junior. And then I said, okay. Well, that's cool. I kinda like that, actually because you never hear Caja PJ AJ, whatever. And so we had gone to the beach when I guess it was the year before was it the year before. Yeah. The year before with the girls me, and the girls are going to the beach, and there was a kid there named Jagger, and I loved it. So Arianna, I was like why don't we do Jagger? And that's kind of how coy Jagger came about. So, so the pregnancy was difficult. He had a lot of fluid. It wasn't difficult where I had complications. I just I did go into a little bit of Preterm labor like thirty three weeks or something. But that was stress of housewives. And I had extra amniotic fluid. I could barely walk the his pregnancy was harder than my twins. He had it was like having triplets in there with the amount of fluid that I had and. When they broke my water, I could have been pregnant for another twenty years, my water broke and Creuset said, I've never seen any or they broke my water, and it just came gushing out like it was out of control. You double the amount of standard pregnancy, yet, for the, your measurements, Alexa, whatever he was, and whatever your uterus, should measure it had double the amount of fluids in the Ritz Carlton. And he was he could float around. He's but also makes it very dangerous. Yeah. So I've had double the manic fluid with all of our boys, but not Kaya which is ironic. So each sack that the boys were in all Wm namic fluid. We have no idea. Why obviously they're very healthy thank God. But I was wanting to know if k Jay had red hair during the delivery, and I was like super anxious about it, like is he going to have red hair or not? I wanna know nothing's wrong with red hair, but I definitely wanted to know if he was going to have this, like, bright red hair. So I'm telling the nurse. Hey. Like he's coming out. Could you please could you tell me? So she's like, I'm like, does he have red hair? She was like. It's gold and I'm like, go hold. But K J literally had gold hair like gold jewellery. Looked like it looked like a gold wedding band like that color Okla literally low gold like it was it was goal. It was the coolest color he was so he was so tanned because he was so jaundice he had the biggest lips I've ever seen on a baby to date. And I wanted to blue eyed baby so bad all of my life, and I got it and he's been a pain in the ass since he loves his dad. He loved his dad from a second. He was born I used to have to call his dad when he was playing on Saturdays out of state. You know, whatever team they were playing, and he'd have to talk to K J to get the little shit to go to sleep. And as soon as I put the phone execute Jay's ear, and he's like it's okay in the little shit would go to sleep. I mean so he's obsessed with his dad. I carried him for his dad. He looks just like his dad, but he's been such a joy. He's just a genius. And the best thing that ever happened to cry. And I just can't believe he's going to be eight years old. That's so it's such a cool perspective to see a human life through your own child. It you can't can't describe it. You can't really I wonder if you love him as much as I wonder if mom's so we have this baby that we love from the second, we find out where pregnant, and we don't even feel the baby until he's or she is sixteen or eighteen weeks along. And that's the coolest fucking thing in the whole wide world. And I feel very blessed to be able to have done that five times and have all healthy children. But the connection that we have you actually have a physical or by biological connection to him because he's, he's grown from you in. Oh, so that connection that you guys have father crazy. It makes us dry. Heave or throw up or your I had major migraines. K J, horrible migrants, with k j, and we love this little human so much. Right. Yeah. So you have that connection. That a father doesn't doesn't get to partaken, but still, I fully believe that because he's made from our DNA and our chromosomes and all of that meshing together child's view made, would you communicate with energy? He feels that energy that came from me and from you, so the bond of a father in his child, whether it's a boy or girl is instant for you the father because you're more mature, and you understand what that connection means. But the child feels you and I think makes that connection over time versus the mon-, the moms like instant, because you guys, I mean you literally grown or she has grown from you like he knows your heartbeat. He knows your smell like he smelled you his whole life. So that's different. It's crazy to me to me, it blows my mind to that you have sex and create a human. It's insane. It's really insane. So he's a blessing and he wants to join our next podcast. We'll do some kind of fun game. How well do you know your mom and dad or something? But I just can't believe he's going to be eight years old. Like that's in saying to me, that's always been wise beyond his years. He's always been a smart ass. He's super gifted anything. He touches turns to gold it's like he's like, his dad. He's a mini mini Croix. I think cash has more of his mommy's tendencies, and Caja definitely is cry. And then Canaan kayak Kanus is Croix. I think he looks a little bit more like me than you. And then KIA's can be like her mom, she's not interested in school. She wants to wear high heels put makeup on curler hair jewelry. Handbags like Kaya this morning is walking around in Arianna 's platform boots, and she walks better than I do or Brielle or Arianna Neal's. It's on icicle. 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Bucknell's news, make sure to hang around at the end of this podcast for the latest breaking headlines on the AP news minute, if you like my show you're going to love the podcast with Rick Fox chase hall and Todd ROY on podcast. One log onto see the world behind the eastwards you love and find out what good game really means we're material who's taken a business by storm, including the three-time NBA champion behind the team, echo FOX. Download new episodes of the podcast every week on the apple podcasts and podcast. One. Now back to house of kin. All right. So Caja happy birthday, buddy, love you like crazy k J Liederman everyone more before his his actual birthday. Got you're gonna say there's going to be one more like we're going to have another baby. I was freaking out, like I scared the shit out of sin. Send us like me, like bitch got me all excited. Okay. So little man will be joining us for Wednesday's podcasts. Okay. You guys of the positive segment. Have you checked your priorities lately, keeping it positive? Enjoy people are positive segments turn that frown upside down. You know, I think as crane, I start more companies and, and do more things in have more kids activities in all this stuff going on. We had to really learn how to balance and juggle our priorities. And what's important to us? You know, we talk or marriage is very important to us, and that's first and foremost, and then our children and then everything else, kind of trickles down thereafter. So I think this positive segment is going to be very important with summer and your kids at a school. But. Your priorities in your life or what you spend your time doing at the end of the day, you know, and I think, and I know at times in my life that my priorities were just routine. You know, I get up. I take the grossest school. I jump in the shower. I get ready to hair and makeup. I get ready to film. I do that. Pick up the girls do their homework, take a shower, go to bed. I never really thought about my day. I didn't have nearly the amount of things going on then that I do today but, you know, you just kind of go through the motions and never really thinking about what you're what you're doing. I at times of spending eight hours at a job that I hated, you know, the one nursing home that I worked at. I just hated it. But that job still is my priority in essence, that'd be because it was a huge chunk of your time went, so at the end of the day, if that's okay with you. And you wanna spend eight hours a day at a job that you hate then fine. But you could find a more fulfilling job or do something as simple as reading or learning to paint or doing something more fun. But you have to think about why you're doing something. I think it's very important to take inventory of your life and figure out why you're doing something like do you really love your job? We'll just start there. Do you love your job like I love to film, right? Who wouldn't we are so blessed to be able to film with our family and do and just live our everyday life, and share it with all of you. It's such a blessing. It's been such a blessing, and it's been my life for twelve years. So it's even more fun to film, with your family. Then a bunch of bitches. Anyways, but it's been a real blessing. I really do love it. There's been some trying times the situation with cash. And stuff like that. You know trying to go through, but there's thing I'm saying I love my job. But there's been trying times that come along with the job. But think about why you're doing something think about all the things you do on an average day or even on the weekend. And why do you do those things are those really your life priorities? Or do you just do them, because that's what you've always done. That's a big question. Do you always do something that's taking a lot of your time without even realizing it, this is a big one? You guys do you come home, turn the TV on? It's very easy to get sucked into watching hours and hours of mindless programs on television that Blix, but even on Instagram you just as I was gonna say social media. It's just valuable energy that you that, you know, you should really probably turn the TV off Instagram off. I mean, it's okay to give yourself five minutes to scroll through we'll get updates or comments or engage your fans or whatever you're doing, but you need to get motivated into do something else and use your time more wisely. Even if you have the TV on in the. Background. It's still noise, it till it still takes time and concentration from core. That's a very prime example for you. The TV will be on in the living room, like we don't really watch TV in our house, very much to be honest at night, we do for maybe twenty or thirty minutes is unwinding. Then we go to sleep, but we don't have it on. When we do though, Croix will stop doing whatever he's doing. And he'll just start watching the it could be the middle of a movie. And he just starts watching it like, what's the point? You have no idea what just happened in the beginning. Like it's mind blowing to me that this is what he does. And he does it all the time, so anyways, but at the end of the day, think about why you do the mindless things that you, do you know YouTube videos random searching is it because you're tired, or because you've gotten yourself in a rut is there a way of a better way of doing things you know, I think that's I get sucked into right? Going from one Instagram page, another Instagram page. Look at that girl's necklace clicking on the necklace that she tagged the company. Oh my God. Look at their rings. Wow. They got this watch. From so, and so, you know it's just kind of a cycle start heading down that rabbit hole. Do you find yourself? Spending your weekends, you know, doing errands, cleaning and cooking buying groceries. I mean, you know, again taking inventory of how you're spending your weekend. Could you get the groceries during the week on your way home from work? Could you go after dinner one night to the store when it's less crowded, and you spend less time at the grocery store is there, a grocery store near where you work, and you can get groceries on your lunch break, or could your husband or wife pick up the groceries, or could you order them online, which I'm a huge fan of instant art. I do it almost every day, the only thing about insecure it is that they don't have like our Melk online. But what I like about insecurities. You can add an instruction to that. And you can also communicate with the personal shopper. So you could specify like I really want me that's going to last seven days because I'm not cooking it until Thursday, so insecure genius. And I'm wondering one of the most genius who founded insta- car. I don't know. But one of the most genius. Marketing things that they have is after you hit check out the next screen that pops up is you've saved fourteen thousand four hundred forty hours of your life, and that really kits hits you in the head man, like your if I can save that amount of time, not being in a shopping store and just hit it. You know, shopping right? They're making that list while you're making your list. You're actually shopping pretty much. It's just crazy. And what, what can you do all you can order them online and pick them up yourself to. There's other services that do that. But by thinking of more efficient ways you guys do things you just freed up some of your valuable time by getting groceries during the week, you've just given yourself more time on the weekends to do something that you've really enjoy, or you know. Want to do whatever you want to do if you wanna go running, if you wanna do whatever. So it's really about juggling and your time, and looking at your time and taking inventory of what's important to you. And how can you make things work more effectively and efficiently? But are there more things that you wanna do do you want to spend more time with your kids? Do you wanna go for a walk? Do you want to read a book? Do you want to go for a run? You know, do you want to go to the gym? It's easy to get caught up in the rush just to accomplish all of your daily life activities, and not really consider what you want to do or have in your life. And I think it's just becomes Dane. It becomes an every day thing for people to just get up and how's your new year rubbing the hell out of it. Oh, I got a little crow's doing like me day like he's rubbing his knee over and over. But it is not even realizing it I'm watching him through the glass, table here, and it's gonna funny, but anyways. You know, also another big thing that and we'll talk about my nail tech and second and what he told me yesterday because I find it very interesting that you think you'll just do it someday, like okay someday, I'll get to go to the gym or some day. I'll get to take my kids to the park or some day. And there may not be a someday. You know, you really have to take the steps today to figure out how to accomplish some of if you don't have joy in your life, and you're just doing the MU day and you're just getting up. You're getting showered. You're going to work coming home. You're eating too. We know whatever life becomes pretty boring. And, and you lose that joy that spark, but if you're, if you're feeling like you're in that place where you're like dang. I just I'm okay, but I just feel kind of blah or feel you know. Your priorities if you if you take an inventory of your priorities meaning what are you doing today? Obviously, we have to work, you have to do some of those things that we don't like doing shopping showering brushing, our teeth, all those things. But if you're doing something that's taking a big chunk of your time, and you're not happy with it, and that's a big priority for you. Obviously, work has to be everybody's priority. At some point, or at a big portion of their life, you gotta, you gotta make shift you gotta change because that is, is going to have a ripple effect on your life. If you're doing if one of your largest priorities is something you don't like doing in your in your nut feeling good vibes from it. It's going to arouse it. It's going to ripple out, and you're going to have those feelings that when you get to after work, you're not going to wants to go to the grocery store. I don't like it just ripples out. And then you get home and who wants to deal with a wine and husband or whatever, and he's just ripples out, and it just it's a, it's a big thing that people just don't necessarily think about. So you have to take. A massive inventory of, of your priorities, but it all circles back to yourself being the priority. Everything that you're doing yourself, you as yourself should be your number one priority. Nobody cares as much about you, as you at the end of the day. And I think mothers, women in general not saying Mendome, but women in general definitely tend to. You know, give to the kids give to the house. I mean, our roles here are very equal. Croix cooks actually cooks more than I do. But he'll also do laundry he'll we are tasks are fifty fifty if not quite doing a little bit more with the, the household than I do. But, you know, I think women moms in general giving giving give. And then you're just so depleted. While you're not giving your children, the attention that they need because you are so depleted. So it's really important to take the time to find the time for yourself. So, like, you know, people for example, that take lunches to work, right? People have to they make a lot of people on the weekends when their whole week and making their meals for the whole week, right? Well, you could do stuff like a crock pot. You could do for your dinner when you get home that day. So you're not worried about planning all these meals. That's a big thing that I've read it from people is that they spend Saturdays and Sundays preparing their lunches and figuring out their dinners. Well, you could do stuff like have takeout one night. That's not a big deal. Get pizza, which pizza is not all that bad for you. It's got a lot of the food groups in the Pete. But, you know, you could use a crackpot you could put something on in the morning before you go to work. And when you get home the crock pots there, and it's ready to go, you know, laundry, putting your laundry in before you go to work, and then putting it in the dryer, when you get home from work, instead of saving it all for the weekend, and then you realize I'm back to Monday, I'm back to work. You know, it's really looking and taking him into where your life and figuring out what's important paying attention to your daily routine and figuring out what's best for you. What are your priorities Manila? Take yesterday said something. Very interesting to me. He's very funny. His name is Ben. I'm going to him for years at eminence nail salon in Buckhead. And he says to me, he loves to travel, right? And he just got back from Vegas. And he's showing me he's in a club and I'm like, Ben, you're a mess like he's just so funny. And I said, you know, I want to go to the beach, and he's like, well, then go to the beach, and I said, we'll have to work and I'm just going on. He's like, you know, my mom Kim, she lives in Vietnam wanted to travel to Thailand. She wanted to travel to Los Angeles. She wanted to travel here and all these things. And so she saved. Money. And she wanted to do all these things. And now she just doesn't have the energy, she's sixty something years old, she's tired. She can't imagine being on a plane to the United States for that many hours. She doesn't want to do it. So she'll probably never see Los Angeles. He said, and she's not hot anymore. So if she is in Los Angeles. He's really hot pictures of her aren't going to happen. He's like you're hot. You're you know, you're, you're still somewhat young. He thinks he's funny. So take the pictures enjoy the travel, and I said, you know what you can always make more money, but you can't make more memories. And so I realize, you know, if you have to choose between a handbag and outfit cheap cheaper cars, so that you can go on vacation with your family. I would do that. Like you can you'll always have the memories you know, if you can a car that gets you from point a to point, but you don't have to have a Range Rover, you know, you can get a car and pointed at point Honda, Arianna drives a Honda Accord, great reliable car. Save that money and have a trip with your family and have that time to unwind. You'll be much better mom and dad and more effective at work. I mean, this is just examples of things, I think I realized, too, sometimes I get on my phone at night, or in the morning, this morning, I was on my phone on Instagram, trying to find a picture to post, I was going to post the Brielle and I and then khloe posted a picture that was so cute and her hot pink, good American close. So idea her was, like, hey, I need that outfit girl like obsessed love it, and then I started Texan in. My girlfriend man. I started like I just got I was in the bed an hour and fifteen minutes on my phone doing nothing. Like so. I should say nothing but, you know, I realized, oh my God, I have to get up. I have I want to get outside and get a tan today. It's really important that I do that. And here it is now ten o'clock we've been, we've got to sleep in yesterday and today, I slept eleven hours, yesterday you guys I did get a couple up a couple times because our alarm kept going off because the battery was dead or are home alarm. But I slept eleven hours yesterday and I slept nine hours last night. Funny funny. But again, make yourself a priority in really take inventory of where your time is being spent and if it's time the time that is being spent are you enjoying that time spent doing what you're doing? Because I mean every minute that goes by you don't get it back and why not be enjoying those minutes. And you don't want to not enjoy him, you know, and so if you can help your process of, of your daily life, and that's maybe adjusting your route home from work, so that you can swing by the grocery store on your way home, just so that you can save so much more time that you can then do things that you are going to love, and that are going to help you be a better person. You know. And if you want to get to that hobby that, you, you just maybe you just don't have enough time for that, whether it's reading or writing or painting, or modeling or whatever it is that, that little hobby that you want to do. You can find the time if you streamline your daily process, take inventory of your priorities. What are you doing? Where are you wasting time or not being very efficient with your time? Get that. And you never know where that little. He could take you. Maybe you could make some money from it. Maybe you could start a you know, a book review, blog, or, you know, selling some of your paintings that you do on the weekends as a little side gig. You know, you just never know. So don't feel bad about cutting things out that aren't good and, and changing some routines here without change. There's no growth, you will not grow with percent right? You're looking to grow in a different way. He got to make some changes. So streamline your day lots of questions you guys. This is our golden nuggets on what I do for my face for tanning, because you guys know I'm huge on sunscreen on my chest. And my face. Golden nugget, you use my Kashmir collections sunless tanning lotion, you guys. It's formulated with a ton of anti-aging stuff Ivy, seaweed extracts. And it's, it's got tons of hydrogen it. It's got almond oil avocado and shea butter. It has vitamin A and it you guys, which is an anti-aging property. It's clinically proven to reverse and repair existing signs of aging, decreasing wrinkle, and crinkled, depth diminishing, hyper pigmentation discoloration, that is in the sunless Tanner, which is really awesome. It's got three in it. It's a skin saving vitamin that's essential to minimize the appearance of pours evening out your skin tone, and reducing lines and boosting radiance avocado butter, which is rich and vitamin. A. D N E plethora of fatty acids. Avocado butter is rich and intensive moisturizer that helps reduce discoloration and wrinkles, also while hydrating and healing, the skin leaving your skin, baby. Soft shea butter fatty, compound extracted from the nut of. African shea trees producing an alternate rushing and super conditioning butter that keeps your bait your but your body baby soft anyways, it's really awesome. If you guys had to Kashmir questions dot com and look at the before and after pictures of people, you know, here's the thing, I love about our sunless Tanner out, it has the Kashmir signature scent. Number one, number two craze over reaching everywhere. No, the wrong with me. I won't tell you where he's ching. But it's got all these incredible things in it, and it doesn't give you an orange glow. So, like if you're really, you know, have no tan at all. It gives you a really pretty Bronx glow. Or if you're like, I have someone of a tan, I was outside yesterday. It will give you even deeper glow. It smells good. I like it highlights. It it's super hydrating. My chest is more sensitive than any part of my body. I can't just put anything on my chest. I can't put creams lotions nothing on my chest. Right. Except for this on this Tanner because I get like pimple like rash from it. I do have rose Asia, and that definitely makes it worse. If I use any kind of product on my chest. So anyways, you guys that's to answer your question I will use it on top of a tan, I do go in the sun, I do believe in getting son. I let my children gets on, I think twenty minutes, thirty minutes every day is healthy. It's healthy for your body, so I do go out in the sun, and that's where the tan originally comes from. And then I use the Kashmir self Tanner every night on my chest. And my face because I use our SPF so you, don't you know, your chest, your face the skin is so much thinner, than any other area, your body really want to protect your and your neck as well. Nobody ever told me about my chest. I've had to have lasers and stuff like that to kind of fix the tissue there. But it gives you a really beautiful glow and it's not sticky. So when you put it on your body, and if you're going out for the night, it doesn't take that long to develop and it's not sticky and it doesn't transfer in your car on your clothes. So that is the golden nugget of the day anything else that you want to add. No, you guys have an amazing week. We back here with you guys on Wednesday. Let us know you guys what you should we. We jump ahead a couple podcasts just to give you guys consistency every Monday and Wednesday. Do you like it this way? And you possibly miss out. I know that your answer is going to be could you just do the current ones and beyond time. And and you know life. Sometimes gets out of hand and this last week has been crazy. It might not be as nuts. Now, the kids are out of school, but I mean cash at projects and we had baseball championships, and I mean, just all my goodness. So it's just life in general. But anyways, guys, thanks so much for tuning into this episode of house of Kim. Don't forget to leave us a rating and review. Thanks for listening to house of kin with. Kinzo akbulut. Akbulut catch new episodes weekly exclusively on podcast. 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School restrictions apply. Just kidding visual for over firm. More troops to Iran. I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news minute, President Trump announced fifteen hundred more US troops are heading to the Persian Gulf region to monitor Iran's activities wants to buy. And I don't think they wanna fight with us. He also announced before leaving Washington for a state visit to Japan that he's declassifying intelligence documents to help attorney general William bar, investigate the start of the Russia probe is life behind bars for the Wisconsin men who admitted kidnapping thirteen year old Jamie, Kloss after killing both of her parents inside their home US immigration officials say sixteen asylum seekers are being held in quarantine in San Diego. They were flown in from Texas experiencing flu like symptoms. A popular judge on the show, the voice is leaving after eight years is unfair because all you deserve to make it. And I got shoes one and I don't even know what I'm gonna do Adam LeVine. I'm Jacky Quin.

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