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The Yardwork: Ep 139: Yakkertech Joins The Show!


What's up guys? Welcome back to the yard. I'm your host yard work. Andrew and today, I'm with Greg from yakkers tech. And we've got a real grit episode in store for you guys. Greg was going on then. Hey, guys. Thanks lever. Today. Of course, we got a real great educational podcast coming. I think it can really help people especially pitching coaches like we were talking about pre show. So we're really excited to bring you this episode and yes, oh before we get into it. Make sure you guys follow follow us on the pod nap subscribed to us on I tunes and cheddar sponsors hit factory baseball and baseball. I've style when one and with all that said, Greg again this. I'm ready came away are immense. I want you first off to. You know, explain your technology menu company. Sure. All right. So we basically do things a little bit different than some of the other nice. Nice providers in our space that we use the use high speed imaging cameras so use imaging software to capture data on Fitch baseball. It what imaging does is it actually houses to see the seams on the ball. So because we can see the seems as a rotating all the ball were able to get certain data points at a really little bit better than everyone else my partner, and I both came from the golf industry where this technology has been in place for about fifteen years and in Iran across him and his former company and said you wanna week one. We bring the imaging technology, you know, to baseball. So we're basically all about providing a pretty simple simple system. It can be portable installed or or. It could be on a tripod, and if three or four seconds data pops up on a tablet that is designed metabolise designed by variety of pitching coaches. And basically there to help the pitching coaches design tout, the kitchen coach to know when he makes changes the -xactly what's happening with the ball with his picture. So and that's where trysted in Nevada MLB customers get codge customers. Again, we got baseball academy customers, and we have softball customers as well. So we're all about providing high quality data on pitching and Greg ac-. I think it's a great idea because this is the first cumby I'd seen doing this. Like, you said how Goffin doing it for like fifteen years before this? I have not been seen this with baseball. Well, you have radar based devices the radar based vices rebel to pretty do prejudge up tracking mall. But then they have to do calculations to actually get spin reading spin axis and some of those calculations are quite good. I don't there. None of the none of my competitors. Have a hard time getting spin, right? But some of them do our challenge a little bit with spin access because this'll complicated to get with a bunch of formulas that are based upon just seeing object to me dead the radar. It could be anything fun to their bird Elif falling from a tree a dark running across the yard or your car going down the freeway, right? They use radar, but they don't really know what it is looking at. So they do calculations you know to spin axis. Whereas we are seeing seeming on the ball. We know the spin axes perfectly. Do you know like you've been saying is because I've seen some of the videos that you gotta do. And like I see was like it was like eighty three percent like breaking like, a a certain time or whatever. Like, it's incredible. How you guys are able to piece all that for a pitching coach. Well, the, you know, the the customer in in reality, the Altima customer is the individual who is who is trying to improve the pitch. But a reality are pitching coaches who we've designed the system Fornace, I used to Emo, be pitchy coaches who were former MLB pitchers and one former Shelby be pitcher who spent a ton of time with me saying, okay when we're standing on the mound with the pitcher. You know, we're trying to help him improve whatever pitch her boss lider forcing fastball. What do you want to have? What is it that you need right at that point in time? So the first thing it was a make sure the data pops up in less than four seconds because gentlemen, people thought a bull pin that they throw bullpen tonight seconds of time that all of the country. So the data pops up of the tablet at about half the time it between pitches and the pitching coach could see right away. Whether he got when he makes grip adjustment where the. A little bit more horizontal movement or a little bit more vertical? Or he got to spin access spend the spin rate spin axis moving properly, and it's right there. So he got and throw three or four pitchers than go. Whoa. Whoa. No. That that are working. You know, let's try another one. So it's a toll. And look I'm sixty four years old. I still think I could see pretty well. But you know, fast. Baseball's mcgarth no one could really see whether one Kerr bulge without much better than the other unless dramatically different. So the system. The pitching coach is it's not trying to tell him which way to change grit. We're not trying to do any that were just given the pitching coach is. So he knows exactly what just happened when he managed to pitcher. And also on from the semi about some of the points, you to go over is one thing that's really sticking out to me. Is you believe that gives the pitcher better confidence? And I wanted to go into that on how you think your technology helps pitchers with more confidence on the mound. What are your winner in the bullpen session? I mean, you're you're. It's important to know. Whether let's say you're trying to develop your core ball. So if you don't have confidence in the curb all the game is highly likely throw it. Well, but if you've done five six seven eight sessions in the bullpen, and you're seeing the data and you're getting maybe not a perfect twelve six, but you're getting some similar to it now on twelve sixes out there. But you're in something like that. And now you've thrown twenty thirty forty fifty times and you've been repeating it in repeating it as different the tiger was hidden. He'll a hundred five aren't all the driving arranger. No, they can a fate or UK. Now the pitcher knows he's throw this Kirpal. Almost exactly the same fifty times. Now gets in the game. I mean, just like it's natural. You have more confidence. No, I present agree because I know from personal experience when you think something's not working for you. You're less likely to try it in the game. I know a lot of times even coaches will say like practice how you're gonna play whatever like don't do like, you know, stupid stuff in the field. Don't do. Jeeter jump throw from short. Because chances are you're young kids not be doing that in the game. And I think if kids are all discourage that maybe they're not working they get to middle school high school, but they're able to learn better and see where they're going to. We're gonna break in. They're going to have more success with it than tech yet. They're going to be more likely to start in the game. And you say the data when they see pop up on the tablet Amish the pitching coach has to make a decision and win. Does. He wanna show speaker the data today, it could be arguably distraction, but what's the coaches confident that he's got his pitcher doing the best. He can with whatever just. They made in getting the best result. Then you start showing the pitcher another pitcher was to see all the time. And when you see data on your performance performance, always improves and the problem now that we've had pitching is relative rather subjective. You know, a lot of times at one MLB coach emphatically telling me that you know, I've night to these eighteen year old guys coming up and I'm arguing with them. You know, 'cause I think another curb Alden and good, but just good. They struck out ten twelve in high school game. Great curb on I'm trying to get them to adjust it. Well, they don't believe because there's not the show I run data. So now now the now the player seat he knows he knows it when he made that gripped change, the he got three unbelievable Kerr balls. He knows he's got to keep practicing it to get consistent. But now he saw himself when I can't wait to do it to keep doing it. Because he knows he differ once or twice or three times and nine was against it can do ten fifteen twenty times in a row. So then they practice harder. And they any situation with your sales are running an assembly line when you see that kind of data you want to work harder to make it even better. I agree. And I think even the point you said is how removes the doubt from the pitchers because lead you to now they can actually see the data. It's not maybe it's not super good. But they're feeling like it isn't there coach of their tongue of maybe tried this this and that's going to discourage the player, but now they see near the. Vote on the tab. Like you said now they can have often AB or see to try again and see what works best for them. And I pick and coaches when they have something like this. I think they're going to be more likely to try and more of their theories, you know, 'cause now they themselves can see the data that you've never talking earlier, you know, might be that a particular pitching coaches got four different things that he tries with his pitchers to improve slider. Let's say, but after a while he begins to see that really option B is working higher percentage of the time. So I would start without should be every time, you know, he begins to see himself, which one of his methods really seems to catch on better with different pitchers, which ios is gonna make a great for for pitching. Coach. Let me me to have to be able to see the different things. The results of the different things you try as a coach it seems like a lot of fun to me. Yeah. Gives Koji nor chance to lease experimental. Pitches with their guys in practice of like that. Because if let's they see maybe this guy's got some stuff, it's working the data's looking good. Then it's your more confidence is going to give them more time to practice and they're going to practice harder. And they're going to be more dominant the games. So I was just with one of our one of our great customers catava college on North Carolina. And the coach told me I was last week that one of his pictures thought he was thrown a four seam. He was really thrown a to save the system showed it was a two seam. And then the young man on his own than began adjusting, his grip. And by the time they got the end of the season has had a great four four same as well. Yeah. Exactly. He started in the village. I can explain things vigil that with coach Sean me while they started having him do and before long had 'cause 'cause twosies was pretty good. He just thought it was a four saying was really to seek and he made some adjustments and practiced it at the end of the season. He's not gonna foreseen as well. I'm nothing credible. Because a lot of the sub retry to do the yard work is one trying to help people, you know. And I think company new your technology is definitely helping people and getting kids better. Like, I said, there's probably probably the the kids love. It comes more vici coaches until the pitchy coaches, you know, get used to because pitching coaches at their way of doing things, you know, like, we all do we was we done something some type of career livelihood for awhile. And at surly, though, that the younger kids are all over data. Now, they're totally into look at whenever kids throwing other of the young guys. Throwing the other pitcher often stand around the tablet looking at looking at Bob's fastball. Bills curb baller? David slider sector, just to see everybody got going. And I think like you said the kids are more excited about it. I can remember when I was like eight years old and we're playing little league baseball, man. Everyone got a chance getting too. I remember so vividly known cared about like the whatever happened in the game. But when they got back to the dugout that ask like the guy who's bookkeeping bench coach he'd be like having pitches throw how we're strikes. That's so the kids love the data. They love to hear their stats. So when they had this technology now and give them even in more depth to that. And the older they're getting in are more serious level. I think kids are loving, you know, if you went to today, if you went to a group of top notch high school offers a sixteen seventeen year olds they would be able to tell you instantly their launch angle. There's been raid excetera off their driver. They would be able to tell you that like the the names of the members of their family. I believe in three years baseball will be the same. What's the the sixteen year old pitcher will be able to tell you the spinner Enel's forcing fastball? The fishing saying on his to seem know the horizontal movement that he's getting on his slider. But what is what is really wants to get to? I think this will start to flow right off the tongue hasn't off for many many years. And it's coming is coming rapidly. There's a there's basically like a data revolution with technology now coming into baseball. And it's making very exciting. Definitely. I think it's the data part of baseball is very exciting for pitching. Like this thing. It's very exciting did in general. I think there is there's a time and place for data in baseball. Like, I don't like the shifts that we see in field shifts. Like those data analytical, but to help help pitchers improved. I think it's awesome. I think everyone should be using it because it's showing to make people develop better. Many coaches have telling me that. And it's probably the reason one of the reasons why there's over one hundred pictures on every Melby team pitch pitchers can can really dramatically continue to approve that roof and develop you'll at any ages. I mean, I I can't remember all the names, but there's plenty of stories of guys coming out of the Marna lakes at age twenty eight or twenty nine adding several good years, you'll guy guys constantly trying to develop you that third and fourth pitch, and you know, and people getting better or careers being regenerated. You know, so pitching his is honest allow Goff. You can you can continue to improve and get better based on technique learning learning different things to do. And the date is gonna tell you whether this thing, you're trying is working or not, you know. And so it's I don't advocate will make pitchers even work harder. They. Ever worked out that they can see what's actually happening when they do their training, and you keep mentioning pinching a lot like golf, so everyone mind school bit more indepth with that. Golf and pitching do something. Very similar. They start to stand still, right? They're not moving. You know, they've got control of the ball. Now. The pitchers got the ball in his hand, the golfers got a Bali the on the ground, which he can or on tibby, and he can position himself around the ball and way once the fiscal the fiscal movement is probably you know, in my opinion, eighty five ninety percent similar you start from the ground up. Basically you drive your lower body. You clear your hip, you rotate, your core. And in the last thing that happens in both golf, and and in pitching is in your upper body goes through the heart arm goes through with pitching, the arms go through in golf. And so there there's a lot of similarities in in that that that folk connective is is almost almost the same. I mean, you got both feet on the ground with the pitching coach of the day. We show the. Video. He had a kid. Who's back foot was coming off the ground to soon hit him. He's said to me golf. You don't want that come off the ground. So there's a lot of similarities and even other similarities to golf at baseball. There is different because you might be able to hit a golf ball dead street yards. That's deputy tried to five thousand SO. I see pitching the pitching movement and the full swing golf. They're just very similar. So would you say a pigeon movement, maybe golf movement would be more similar than like hitting hitting a golf on hitting baseball? The physical moment hitting a baseball golf ball is also similar the the differences that you know, golf, try to some going ninety miles an hour or go into desirer curb this nation or voluntee-. It definitely simmered hitting a ball. Definitely similar definitely ground up. If you you've from the ground up trying to clear those hips, and and in the last thing that comes through repre by rotating through and I know you said your golf guy. So one of the question I wanted to ask you was how do you feel about people taking happy Gilmore pro to drive Gulf law. Alan let right now gone full take any way anybody was to come out and play. So if the topic you more or unhappy, then flown people come out and play and fun. You know, if you're trying to become a professional Abigail more swings not gonna work. But if you wanna go into the weekend, and and knock the heck out of the ball than the that's fun thing. Detri-? I gotta say, Greg. When I when I get the happy do more swing, and I make clean contact double sores. It makes more over the house out of bounds to careful, right? Yeah. That's funny. Ran the no question to ask. You was before the show. I was a little bit about the name yakkers tag. Anew said how Jaka is old school word for curveball? So I gotta I guess like a funny like funny curveball named nickname. And I would say that when. Fifty percent of the coaches KOMO remember when I when I start to say start to get ahead. Fifty percent coach is now. Now, maybe that's coaches fourteen above perhaps haven't really kept track. But yet it's sort of a nickname for a funky curb. Aw, back from the forties and fifties maybe early sixties, but that's kind of west never got came the name. Did you come up with name? No, my partner. What are what are we thinking? How did they have that one come about? Well, I mean Bill Bill talk to me about it. And then I just a good idea. He'll it's it's our first product, you know, we're going to focus on baseball. Even though not everybody completely gets it. Or knows it. You know, it it's it's it catches. Remember name yakking. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely in our in our our number owner website is whatever the first two numbers Yager. So so we we have on way of fun with no hundred percent baseball's a fun game. If you're gonna be working base where you'll be working sports phone with it. Absolutely. So another question to ask like you've been saying is your technology. You aren't to help the pitching coach. You don't want to take over the role the pitching coach. But do think that in the future? There's a chance that it accidentally technology takes over the role of a pidgin code. I don't think there's any way possible. I man really don't Astrum hasn't happened. The golf industry is ten plus fifteen years ahead in using the stuff, and it has not at all know that there's no way. There's there are there. So many every every every players a little bit different Ryan every every. Whatever you're training someone in anything. Everyone's different in the capitulate coach that pays attention to the differences between the players which they already do today. They come up with different ideas based upon how the see the pitcher doing things it will never go away. And the techniques of of how you should throw a ball Hodel excetera now as you're gonna always the coach, and as a Senator dishes makes the coach even more valuable because the data combined with the coach means that the coach can make a difference. Much more quickly with a player. Know, I agree. I was just curious. Have your take on that? But another thing is, you know, you put in the notes was your you guys were look at kenley Jansen and stuff like that his cut fastball. And I think, you know, coming from New York, I think when I hear like a cutter cut vassal. I think of Marianna Rivera men, and how effective those pitches are newer saying how fly kenley Jansen not about his his velocity. It's telling makes that pitch move in injured to, you know, slightly tweaked and injure to and that really gets the batter an easy that such an effective of fastball for using such a good closer. So do think that you're you're. Technology more pitchers trying to get that effective cut. Fastball. Let should be able to help everyone get better movement. And you know, when you without understanding spin axis, you can't really improve the movement. The spin rate all by itself philosophy all by themselves. Don't really tell you enough of the story spin axis is what determines movement, and you know, if if you somewhat has had been able to dissect the spin axis Americana reveres pitch, he'll the head coach. She threw a cut fastball. What are the different names? But then I think you would you would see people trying to replicate it. But without having the technology, the see the spin access. I don't think people knew exactly how what were the what were the specifications around that pitch? You what was the spin rate of loss? They had been rated have that. Well, and then you combine spin axes, and then you could find a window a. Beat the other thing is that if you think about pitchers in general, they sometimes they lose their pitches. Right. So if you if you know, the basic staff or specs on your to seek fastball, then if you start to fall away, then you know, you can kinda see this. I gotta get back to the give you something more objective in which to pursue and set of subjective in kind of guessing to a have my to have my pitch back. You do. I have my two seam fastball back with this will tell you you'll know right away. So it allows you to go. What things look like whenever go, and well, and then when they fall away you're able to look in and get yourself back could get back to that point. Which again, ultimately results really good confidence to throw that pitch. You when you're when you're in the game. But the key to move into spin access. I mean, some of the great career ball. Who misses their spot is going to be hit less often than the person with the poor curb all right in the misses their spa 'cause the ball big big her balls got just a ton of movement, and you know, an extra enter to and movement. It was a difference between a double and a pop up or a right groundout or maybe even Swain best. So spin access is really the keys the holy grail ball movement, and that's kind of what? While we focus on much on making. Sure, we're extremely accurate spin axes. And my last my last question for you is so I'm big with ball guy. I got a football league coming soon. And I wanna know man, would your technology be able tell football player crazy movements better whenever they to try. Not right. We've that we've tested for Bob played a bunch of Abbasi kid. I tell you. I just am having great memories my hand. Now play with my buddy for the Hamilton played home run derby with with. We had a crush SRI to get it over the ditch us with otherwise you're out and yeah. And the pitches, we could create that that would be so much fun. There's some crazy with -able pitches. You could throw that exactly exactly. I remember that would that would be a pretty interesting, and I will itself is so hard to hit a crazy with -able. You get some of these guys have some some nasty stuff. Get your head their hands on your technology men, and there could be lethal then release on the front yard, man. The front yards across America. No one would be able to anything now our system to implement their with their football pitches. Be the lowest scoring football. See the history. Incredible of yet, Greg. There's anything else you wanna you wanna add, man. I just want you for your for heaven may today, you know, and we said it throughout the show. We're trying to be a tool for the pitching coach. I mean, we kinda us a little bottles where the pitching coach is best toll. That's what we're the pitching coaches, technically our customer who were trying to bring value to which of course, alternately brings value to players as the pitching coach uses the product. So we're we're trying to work pitching coaches. You know, every time we're out there. We've got our ears open for something else. We can do develop show provide pitching coaches as well. So we're we're always learning stomach it out there as well controlled. I think you're doing an excellent job on really helping kids develop better, helping pigeon coaches understand better too. And do best of luck. Keep up the good work. And thank you for coming on the per share a very much as everyone can find us your. Kretek dot com. We've got just graded our website, by the way. So I think it was pretty nice dot com. To learn a little bit more, balanced sort of finder phone number center. Thanks a lot pre L courtyard, and then you guys retuning on Rosie org. Andrew this was the artwork.

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