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The buck sexton podcast. We are on defense big time and a lot of us got used to be in on political offense for a few years but the pendulum has swung far to the other side. Now this is not a cause for despair. It's just a cause for looking at the reality and preparing for it and understanding who you trust your alongside and how we move forward together the buck sexton podcast. Get it for free. Daily on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you find your podcasts. The question is ordering the previous question on the resolution. Those in favor say aye does oppose no. Oh an opinion of the chair. The ayes habit. Mr speaker on that i would request the as a nays. Pursuant to section three s of house resolution eight yeas and nays are ordered members will record their votes by electron device. So what are they. I believe that is like a rules. Okay now during. Yeah so now. They're getting the vote on ordering the previous question. I don't have any idea what that means. you know. Even though i was the parliamentarian of my age group. I do not know what they're doing right now But that's not the official vote and it's a pretty simple. I don't have the exact words but it's a pretty simple impeachment documents. It's not complex. The president is accused of inciting. Yes four pages. I guess often those rules votes are turn out to be the vote because anybody who wants to do a certain action will vote for the rule that lets it happen and those against against the rule number three in the house liz. Cheney came out yesterday and said that she is in favor of impeaching the president. A little of what she said much more will become clear in the coming days and weeks. But will we know now is enough. Cheney said the president of the united states summoned this mob assembled the mob and lit the flame of this attack. everything that followed was his doing. None of this would have happened without the president. She says she's yes. Vote mitch mcconnell. Not on the record but not denying the reports that he has said behind the scenes he believes the president committed an impeachable offense how that will translate into how he handles the senate. I don't know. I see both parties. Just fracturing right in front of our eyes You know and it goes differently when you're in power and when you're out of power but there's absolutely a faction of people who are pretty loyal republican voters who are split now We have to political parties desperately trying to pretend they aren't four political parties at least for now because the the woke woke chavez they got nothing to do with nancy pelosi and and mansion from west. Virginia any moderates really joe biden. He's got nothing to do with the woke. Chavez tried to pretend to to get elected but and then on the republican side obviously the division between the super duper trump loyalist to believe everything he said and think dick chair or at least chain. Rather as a you know a swamp creature and a rhino. Or whatever i don't know how do you hold it together. I don't know that she should how about. We cancelled both political parties. Close all offices the rest of it and then just start up some more. I wish so the vote at some point today. And we'll bring that to you if it happens while we're on the air but that it's not in question. It's there's no drama. The drama is what happens with the senate. And that can't start before tuesday the day before joe biden becomes president so i don't know we'll see in covert news jack. The bbc's staff will wear electronic devices to enforce social distancing the gadget which resembles a pager will buzz if the where it gets too close to someone else. And it doesn't record personal data at says or get you in trouble or anything but you will wear a buzzer. If you get too close to any other human being it will go off. I thought i had heard in the united states or is going to be some sort of app week at all. Have and then our photo phone would ping if we're getting close to somebody who tested positive but apparently that had never came together or not enough people signed up for it or something. Because i haven't heard anything about it. Well an apple tried to launch an app. That will warn you if you came in contact with somebody with david but it's all like the opt in and then reporting in that you have the in the state of california cornea. According to a road sign. I drove past has some sort of program to do the same. I'm in the media. I've never heard of it and honestly i didn't give it another thought until right now so nice program so believable. How is your state doing in getting the vaccine out The state i live in california's finishing forty fourth as they have gotten out twenty four percent of the vaccine that they have so they're basing this off of how much they have distribute not based off people or population. Okay how much you got this much vaccine. How much have you gotten out. California's got now twenty four percent. Which makes them forty fourth on the list out of fifty states. That's horrible as the state with the most financial capability of dealing with it but And if you merely setup one center in each of the five biggest cities in california you could give it all out by the end of tomorrow. You certainly. you almost have to unless i'm missing. You almost have to say this is based on the competence of your state's government. Because i'm not seeing a write. A red blue divide. I'm not seeing a big small divide necessarily s- well you'd think a lack of population density low density. Well texas a good excuse. Texas's ninth for instance second biggest state in the country. Right there ninth. They've gotten out almost half of their vaccine. Well it's just a question of competence Right but then you've got other blue states that are up. High connecticut is third at sixty percent There are tiny state. Texas giant state tennessee's pretty highly populated state Fifty one percent. let's get. let's go to the dea. Dfl who are the worst. Arkansas has gotten out fourteen percent georgia. Seventeen count up alabama now road. There's three your southern states right there but then it's hawaii. A blue state has nothing to do with the south. It's a serious a little islands. Hawaii was not part of the confederacy had been interesting if they had been but they were not there. Twenty three percent. And then you jump to virginia then idaho then it's california ladies and gentlemen at forty four thousand fifty. She's just amazing. Why that is a weird mix a states you got high taxing at low tax red blue huge population centers much more disparate Population clusters think. It might just come down to the competence of your government. I i'd be interested to hear what idaho and think of that. 'cause i know we have lots of folks listening. And then the great state of idaho mailbag at armstrong and getty dot com if you wanna email mailbag armstrong and getty dot com or you can text for one five two nine five. Kfc by the way number. One was north dakota seventy five percent of their vaccine. They've gotten out to the people. Now that's a did they get ten doses sparsely populated state. They were absolutely getting swamped with corona virus. I mean it was south. Dakota north dakota had some of the highest cases of hospitalizations and deaths in the entire world. Yep super crazy late getting to them than it was terrible. I don't know. I don't know i don't know what you conclude from this other than maybe the conclusion is. Your government matters. The competence of your government matters part of me wonders. Because i want to be fair about this. Even though i consider the government of california to be utterly incompetent the happens to be where i live and and The idea that anybody who's pro recall is a white nationalist or an anti vaccine or was storming. the capital is a few of the utterly just morally bankrupt. Politicians suggested it's ridiculous. Anyway no matter the size of your state. Oh or the or any of the factors we mentioned if you did as i joked get ten doses you're going to have a hell of a lot higher percentage than if you got one hundred thousand right but then what about texas. Well tha yeah. I'd have to know how many doses they got it. Yes so so. California got more doses than the average state. Which would lower your numbers should. Yeah well Perla hundred per one hundred thousand residents so it's based on a per capita so that might explain some of it but You know just looking in california. Here percentage of doses administered forty fourth doses administered per one hundred thousand residents forty first but then they got more of the medicine than all but seventeen other states. City are send twenty percent want to be misled by some freakonomics thing. That i'm missing right but i'm not seeing a riser re a rhyme or reason to who's at the top and the bottom of these lists what's become just spectacular spectacularly obvious to me putting aside frontline healthcare workers okay and if want you get it. You've been dealing incredibly bravely with all of this is You know. I agree with our listeners. Sean who pointed out. According to the cdc and this is the up-to-date data eighty-one percent of cova deaths are people sixty five plus eighty one percent. That's that's really sixteen. Sixteen point five percent of the population so vaccinate that sixteen point five percent of the population which is around fifty four million vaccines one out of seven. And that's right and you'll reduce the deaths and death rate by eighty one percent. I mean roughly. How how can you miss that in. Go into long. Tortuous woke sessions where talk decolonisation have complex. I actually looked into this yesterday. We got an email from our employer saying hey is broadcast broadcast professionals. Here what do you call it Essential workers priority. So you're in group. One c one c s been a roll up my sleeve. See and i looked into it and there are just so many different groups and subgroups and it's complicated and you have to read it twice to comprehend it. Turns out that anybody fifty plus is in group one see anyway so jumping ahead in in the line at all but what it didn't say is just get it out to everybody sixty five plus stead this long tortuous micromanaged centrally planned planned to get it out. Just give it to the old. For god's sake radio professionals obviously president biden of soon to be president biden announced his priority for the the helping businesses and reopening. Sure sounds like racism to me racial discrimination. At the least. I can tell you about that. And other things on the way. Uh the government has declared them essential the armstrong and getty show one of my idols growing up. Was alex travek. You know and and being able to be on jeopardy even though my job out was the greatest choice. They're doing some Some guest hosting spots. And there's going to be released here pretty soon. But i have the opportunity to do one of those that's nfl. Hall of famer aaron rodgers he will be hall of famer One of his idols. Growing up with alex trebek's from jeopardy. That's surprising. I don't think that's probably true. For most of your jocks. You know it was funny listening to that clip us thinking that. Sounds just like aaron rodgers. All right. I didn't see that coming. I i'm sorry. Alex direct died. Seem like a nice enough guy and everything like that and i watch jeopardy enjoyed it but is it is. It is the is it. The cultural worthy of this much attention seems like there's a jeopardy story everyday. Yes yeah. I've maybe it's just a diversion from all the news that covert and the ugly ugly politics mentioned. I got some netflix's news for that. I think it will. You'll perk up for the number of new movies. That are coming out. But i wanna pay this off because i mentioned it I saw britt hume re tweet. A portion of joe biden speech from the other day and brit hume said racial discrimination plain and simple the biden harris presidency which it's always referred to as the biden harris presidency In a way that. I've never heard in my life. Heard constant bush-cheney obama biden that sort of thing with everything you talked about it. You barely knew who the vice president was my entire life because the president elect is oh fitted one foot in the grave. Come on anyway. Biden said yesterday in terms of getting out and he's going to have a giant stimulus package right eighteen controlling dollars. That's going to go out to try to help people and he said you know as any gal can tell you a lot of guys claim to have a giant stimulus back. It's not true. Our priority will be black. Latino asian and native american owned small businesses women owned businesses and finally having equal access to resources needed to reopen rebuild. Said president-elect biden. Wow so after. All the carefully racially doled out goodies. Then we'll just get the business in general even the women are you know fifty eight percent or whatever. It is. College graduates of undergrad degrees similar to the whole vaccine. Roll out being a disaster because of this very sort of thing is that just because of historic injustices that you're gonna give out. You're going to help a black owned business over a white owned business. It's not the fault of that guy. White guy owns the bagel shop. Keep going with identity group politics if you liked to rwanda you'll love american at once again. Is this this is sort of thing. That's going to calm people down. I don't know it's a horrible idea why it's horrible picking winners and losers based on skin color fan freaking tastic anyway hurting them together like animals and demanding that they all vote the same way. Yeah that'll lead to a more perfect union. Know if you know this. Movie theaters are closed. Ain't nobody going to a movie practically anywhere. Netflix's releasing seventy new movies brand new movies in twenty twenty one at least one released every week. I'd say if there are fifty two weeks and seventy movies that would be on math checks out one and a half practically and a lot of big movies big time movies of big time stars like every week. You're gonna a brand new list movie. That will be on netflix. That you can watch it home since you can't go to the theater while go cool is right now. Hey what's the one night in miami. I've seen some ads from that. That looks really cool. I know nothing you seen that zero. it's mohammed ali at the time. Cashes clay at set in nineteen sixty. Three four it's cashes clay malcolm x. Sam cooke the singer in jim brown and jim brown the football player all in miami at the same time the like the night before. Twenty one year old cassius. Clay becomes the heavyweight champion of the world. And it's fictionalized but it looks really good. It's supposed to be quite the work of art. And i'm sorry that's a net flex or is that just a regular movie all see it on netflix. It's a regular well. These are all regular movies. Will i get that. Yeah but it's it's being released on netflixif. Did you say that's actually no. I assume everything's released on the tv movie theater near near meaning to whereas that released i'll i'll take it as watching What i watch always watching Releases on amazon prime cool. I was watching now last night. I rented it the fortieth the direct the final director's cut away. It was meant to be the nine. Our version yeah. Wait a minute. They only added twenty minutes but this is what he said he wanted to be anyway. I'm watching it on my really big tv and four k you hd. and everything. like that. And i thought my own food and drink do i. What am i missing here. Anything maybe a little bit. I mean the giant screens a giant screen. But i've got a pretty big giant screen and it cost me like five hundred dollars. Volley goes expensive well and as an older man especially during an epic movie of that sort. I stay hit the pause button and go relieve myself. The action speaking of technology we're going to talk to the fabulous jeff fowler about the consumer electronics show. Yeah speaking of big. Tv's yeah it's it's very different this year for cova reasons but still pretty interesting. What they're doing and introducing the gadgets to ask him about those dance and robots. He's into technologies. Probably got an opinion on the and robots terrify opinion has ever armstrong and getty armstrong. And getting if you're looking for a new year's resolution that's easy to keep we've got just the one yup result to help protect your identity and personal info with lifelock identity theft protection lifelock alerts you to potential threats to your identity. You could miss certain. 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I've come across the The display of smart lipsticks and smart perfumes perfume. The hell and they can talk to your refrigerator and tell you when your eggs are out of your garage door open or something stuff still does not make sense to me jeffrey. Fowler's the technology columnist for the washington post. He writes from san francisco about how to navigate the confusing occasionally. Scary and deeply personal world of tech and jeffrey joins us. Now how are you sir. I am good. You know that smart lipstick and smart garage door goes very well with the smart ass. Just can't well if the shoe fits. So what the consumer electronics show in twenty twenty one. The age cova. What's happening. Well it's a series of never ending zunes. The rest of our life has become at home they actually basically cancelled it. This year used to be that they gather about one hundred and seventy thousand people including a lot of nerds me in vegas for this show and said this year this is gonna be all online So so yeah it's been Zoom streams All times of day and night with companies touting this bad and sort of trying to in many cases response to the pandemic crisis which i think is actually kind of fascinating Deserves deserves a little bit of attention. Even when there are a few other things happening in the news i will. I will admit well that makes me think. Maybe you're leading up to talking about razors new high-tech and ninety five mask that they've got rate razor as i miss this. One razor is in the the This company. I don't know it looks like the same knowing the The computer peripherals company. Oh okay okay okay. Oh yeah. I just hit to this smart masks doping. The world's smartest mask it makes sense that the consumer electronics show they would be Bringing out newer mask they they they They audio process your voice in such a way that you don't aren't muffled protecting right. Oh yes this is the the phone a mask idea that there's a microphone. We've seen all variety of smart masks at cs and these virtual presentation So there's you know the kind of microphone built into that when you're taking that call or your meeting somebody on the street. You don't sound like on there are masters one called that we spent a little more time on the art. Destroy the air pop active. Plus this got the sensor on it that connects of course with your phone unless you know things like How bad the air quality is around you and when you need to replace the filter other kinds of stuff so mask. Culture is definitely kind of trying to follow that. That's smart trend and bring some data to that to the discussion. Do you see these actually being something people. By though i mean will they be cheap enough and around enough and will we be meeting them long enough that they'll they'll actually be a thing. It's super cool looking. I'd love to be walking around the office or in one of these i. I'm personally. I want one. That makes me look bad app. Banners lights And we'll be sending messages and if it's two hundred dollars and i'm only going to be wearing a mask for another couple of months then i probably don't want one. Yeah look Cs is is is a rainbow of thing. Right it's like stuff that that's a dream that will never catch on. It's just like a weird idea. Just things that are you know very practical. And you're gonna wanna buy pretty much as soon as possible so you can see the whole range of because that's why we we continue to pay attention to it every year. It's just that it's you know it's got all those things any other notable trends we should know about so one. I'm personally obsessed with is Is is tech companies trying to figure out how our personal technology can help combat the coronavirus and help bring us back. Bring the economy back. Help bring us back into public. And and one of the the ones that i found super fascinating is this company that makes a product called the bio button. Actually sent me. When i'm wearing right now just to see what it's like. Basically it's a sticker that goes on your chest right above your heart and it's a connected device and what it does is it basically you know when you're in a hospital. And they have all those sensors hooked up to you getting your heart breaking temperature and all that stuff constantly basically recreates that temperature your heart rate and respiration all this kind of stuff but it but it gets constant date on that and then they're going looking through the data and they're saying Is there a sign that this person has kovic and maybe doesn't even realize it so it's kind of an alternative to taking a lot of different. Races maces them well and then says to them Are you allowed to go on that. Cruise ship Are you allowed to go to that. Conference you know. I think you know they they. This product is just out it. Got the the research into actually partly funded by the department of defence which fascinating and they've already got For example some conferences signed up to say like. Hey if you wanna come to the conference where one of these for a week before you come to the conference and during it and it'll be an extra layer of screening and so it raises all kinds of fascinating ideas like first of all. We've never really had that much data about our bodies. I mean yes. Some of us were fitbit's and apple watches. This is a lot more and it's been cleared by the fda so it's actually getting good data So there's that but then there's also like wait a minute. Do we wanna live in a world where you have to literally have your every breath monitor To be able to go to work or go on vacation or on the plane so it definitely shows you know shows us where things are headed and some of the conversations we're going to be happening is ever had a health problem or doctors told him it might be. This knows it can turn into a paranoid wreck pretty easily. So yeah you become stars actually phenomenon when you when you're doing so much surveillance of your body or your sleep or whatnot sleep. Yeah and then. Some people call internet cancer. You know you look at the variety of the things you've got the internet will tell you've got cancer. We're talking to jeffrey fowler about the consumer electronics. Show to the extent that it even exists as your samsung Debuted some new robots that are supposed to help around the house. We're just wondering because we are watching the other day. The boston electric's ix latest robot video. Where they're all dancing. Have you seen that one. Yeah the dog and the horses doing the mashed potato. We can do the twist so our question for you. Because we've asked this question for ourselves do you do you watch that and think it's cute and inspiring or are you terrified. I am more terrified. Yes we also we a terrifying mersal react. Yes one thing that will make you feel better. However is that you know. We've been talking about these robots for a long time and particularly the boston the boston ones and yet nobody's really figured out what to do with him. That company has been bought and sold like seven different organizations in many really investing. Yeah in the time of this This phone call. We've been having here so I just you know it. We'll get scary and they're gonna keep developing technology but nobody's figured out really what to do one thing they can really do. Rip off your arms and beat you with the stopes. Imagine why they would do that. But it's terrifying -nology exists. What else jeff. Anything else in particular that you've witnessed on the endless zoom calls that we ought to know about. You know the thing that. I think most People will care about is if we've learned one thing in the last year that really matters in our technology. It's that you need to have good wifi and really exists without it It's actually been some surveys. That show that americans find it as important as electric city running water as an essential in their lives especially mentioned that when when Because i live in part of the world that's like i live in haiti. No no california Where the electricity gets turned off. It's windy and so are electrically got turned off the other day in the first thing my kids when i get to generator fired up number. One is get the wifi going. Oh yeah oh yeah i. It's it's the main thing. We need electricity for in the modern era. Anyway you were saying totally but a lot of us got routers and boxes from our internet provider. You know like ten years ago and since that time the number of connected devices in our house has like increased by thirty you know. Our neighbors are all using wifi. Basically the tech. We've now can't keep up but there is good news so ask. Cas we saw the first generation of a whole new kind of wifi and it has a really nerdy name. That i'm gonna share. It's wi fi six e so if you have the six e kind of wi fi Basically think of it if your if your internet connection at home as a as kind of a two lane highway right now. It increases it to like an eight lane highway and that is a pretty big deal way. Does that is it. Opens up a new New wireless spectrum that wifi can take advantage of and that's a big deal because that that's That's part of the the wireless airwaves that Your neighbors aren't currently using. It's not competing with other thing. Wow and that means that a lot more stable connections going forward. And i think that's just going to be a huge deal when we all start to get These routers that support it and then also the devices that will support it as well. Those are probably going to start with the ones that really need a good wireless connection mike. You're four k or k televisions or your you know your gaming laptops or tablets or evening. How soon those wi fi router is going to be available to suppose next week. That's the good news There's that will go on sale. We seen a couple of makers. Come out with them now. The first ones that are coming out you. We all know the the game attack. The first ones that are are expensive. And they're not for everyone but i think You know in the in the coming weeks and months. We're going to see a lot more. And basically if i bought a new router in twenty twenty one. I would definitely make sure i saw letter six and e on it. Not just saying okay accent. Well that's good to know. Wow making a no jeffrey fowler. The washington post writes about tech from san francisco probably from texas soon following all the tech companies to the chain area. George and do whatever you want. Jeff fowler's always great to talk. Jeff thanks man. You want to be farther away from boston. So those robots rip off. Your arms can probably run at two hundred miles per hour so sooner staff to keep moving keep moving like it's the what the walking dead so smart. Lipsticks and smart perfumes. Actually read what that was so smart. Perfume is you've got this little container in it's got several sense in it and you can like program for what you want and then it will mix the sense together to give you a unique scent and then menu. You want a different sent for you. Know work than you want for declutter. I don't and then you press your smart perfume than it. Mixes you a different one. I don't know i. I find that most of the stuff. I don't think happen the mask one. The masks look really cool if they would work but again like i said. I don't know how long let me wearing masks and I don't even want to think about it because that brings up the question. Does the thing just keeps mutating and we just always hear this mask. Looks cool though. You got to see a picture of it. What they work in the rain. Though i mean think about if you gotta let through electrocute or had a smart umbrella just just like your smartphone is constantly electrocuting you in the. That's funny. i was at target. Last night is buying a new Alexa for my son because the original lexi got for christmas. A couple years ago won't pair with his new headphones because the technology change too. I just love the fact that you have to replace something that the only thing wrong with it is the new software for that thing doesn't hook up with the planned obsolescence and obsolescence. And so i bought a brand new alexa. Just so i could do that anyway. They they had a variety of like the smart speakers and stuff like that. That sounds so freaking. Good completely waterproof. Br drop proof and waterproof and it sounded great. And i thought man that is so cool. So that's your excuse. For letting jeff bezos into your child's bedroom you'd shoot him on sight if he tried that in person. That's a bad parenting until you wouldn't know how to react to them. So nonsensical i don't even. It's this as stupid as it is unfair. Anyway i got a couple more things that are interesting here and we'll check in where we are with impeachment as they are like voting and stuff on the floor as we speak The armstrong and getty show. I think a lot of republicans at this point. I'm sure that congressman king configure is right that there's some fear someplace but i haven't heard this week what i've heard from fellow. Republicans is that they've had enough and that the presence conduct quite frankly since then has gotten them upset. I mean it is a national disgrace that the flag at the white house is not at half staff for that capitol hill. Police officer kinnock Who gave his life protecting one of our institutions of democracy. That was over the weekend. The flag flying at half staff but chris christie has said that the right the incitement right is an impeachable offense. He would vote for it and He's you know he. I i watched chris christie every sunday on On that. abc show and he defends the president. Pretty much anything he's ever done. We're saying what a ride chris. Christie is had humiliated by the president on the primary stage then standing obediently behind him in that famous shot and becoming a part of the team then humiliated again. Not given a cabinet post then. He defends trump for for years on the talk shows. And now he's these said impeach him But the they're voting right now a bunch of preliminary stuff It is expected to pass. It will pass today the article of impeachment and then it will head to the senate and then then there is some drama because our there seventeen republican votes. I think that's what you need to Actually booed him on office. And could that happen. Well no nobody seems to think it can happen before the twentieth. So you're not putting him out of office. what are you doing. what exactly are you doing. Well preventing them from running again. Mostly i guess according to most constitutional scholars again so i was trying to watch. The proceedings live on fox news. While i was go into the bathroom and This is what happened. I think i think will happen again. That's the audio. The video is master. Control news edge. Please stand by for level to cut him. So i'm standing by for a level to cut in whatever that is an unable to watch live. But i do have some quotes president the republicans both chambers split on supporting the peach moments Let's see so the debate is going on then to procedural votes two of actual debate which will only need a simple majority to pass the measures house rules committee chairman jim mcgovern d mass and i saw evil of the storming of the capital. These are not protestors. These were not patriots. These were traders and they were acting under the orders of donald trump rules. Committee ranking member of tom. Cole's republican from oklahoma. So the house wasn't giving the president enough due process in a snap. Impeachment that will divide us further President biden president-elect. Biden's going to be sworn in. Give it up um and then let's see chad. Pergram fox news points out second time in thirteen months. The house of representatives is trying to impeach the president. The first one was an idiotic joke with. Throw away your credibility and famously as we mentioned earlier today. Liz cheney the house. Gop conference chair. That's the third ranking republican in the house said the president of the united states summoned. The mob assembled the mob and lit the flame of this attack. Everything that followed was his. None of this would have happened without the president. He could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence he did not. There's never been a greater betrayal by a president of the united states of his office in his oath to the constitution. I will vote to impeach the president well about fifty five percent of the country more or less agrees with her but it's quite small percentage of republicans almost all democrats and a a big majority of independence Believed that he should be impeached. But not that many republican. And i wonder if you ran an experiment where you didn't impeach the president over something that you know most people didn't care about and if you didn't claim all these different things for the last four years and all this happened if maybe you might have more support. Yeah well yeah. Of course they've turned people completely cynical to they're crying. Wolf binding way completely cynical inappropriately. So if you're talking about the media or nancy pelosi word to the wise or in some of these cases the unwise if you're gonna commit a crime in a an area where you know. There are a lot of cameras you are going to get caught they've now arrested camp auschwitz guy. You've probably seen him long. Beard looks to be in his sixties wearing a t shirt that says camp auschwitz with the skull and crossbones got a lot of attention. Last week he was inside the capitol. Rummaging around. well you know. They're a million pictures of. It wasn't hard to figure out who you arnie's now been arrested. Nice fifty six second. Roughly my age. Is that what i look like. God but Yeah that should be a lesson to people right there. You are going to be arrested if you go into some place where there's cameras freaking everywhere. They will find you. They've they've arrested. You know horns on his head loincloth guy and auschwitz guy left. Turn guy and everybody that there. There is lots of pictures. Floating around main characters from the show have been arrested. Zip tie number one. Sit tight guy to write all arrested. Many more to come according to the f. b. is one of the widest ranging investigations. They've ever done. I can't wait to find out to see how many of those people had planned on this. They were going to go in and they had something to do. And it was part of a coordinated effort versus the people that were just You know kind of along for the ride and the doors were opened and they went in might be two completely different crowds. Well yeah. They're pleading that right now. I'm sure are strong. And getty the buck sexton podcast. We're on defense. Big time and a lot of us got used to be in on political offense for a few years but the pendulum has swung the other side now. This is not a cause for despair. It's just a cause for looking at the reality and preparing for it and understanding who you trust who you're alongside and how we move forward together. The buck sexton podcast. Get it for free. Daily on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you find your podcasts.

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