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Drivers start. Dune enough your workweek. It's immoral in motor sports, Monday, presented by outback steakhouse and brought to you by Hercules tires, and grunt style a payroll WARNING, PLEASE keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. And do not beat the host. Here's what he came and Joey Meyer. A Halloween edition of our in motorsports. Monday, presented by outback steakhouse. I'm Woody came. That's Joey Meyer talking about the weekend. That was at martinsville. And looking ahead at the coming weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. Well, we saw what everybody seems to have been asking for the bump and run at martinsville. Nobody settling for a spot similar to what we saw at the wroval. Jimmy Johnson went for it. Here. We had a great duel six laps or so side by side between Joey Logano Martin directs junior all the drama all the action you could ask for in the closing lap. So that race. And as you usually say when people are mad. It must have been a good race. Exactly anytime you have somebody mad and somebody happy it meant somebody got something they wanted and somebody felt like it was taken away from them that they deserved it or they were running. And we saw that definitely in the last handful laps at martinsville. The rest of the evening was actually a decent race. We didn't see a whole lot not drama. We saw good tight. Racing around the facility but the last twenty laps really had the the the fans on the edge of their seat. What what's the Halloween costume? That's pretty scary. It's a it's a motorsports. Monday host very really hard on the very very. Yeah. But again, we saw the the attributes of the end results of Martin x being taken away. Again, if anybody watches a show enough, I said it a hundred times racing is selfish. It's a very selfish sport, you have something. You don't wanna share it with anybody else if somebody so you can have some candy. It's not always cool. All right. I'll work on that later. But if I you have something, and I wanted to steal it from you. You're not willing to give it from me. It's very selfish. So we saw the hundred percent act of stealing yesterday with Joey Logano bump and run. Perfectly executed Hercule executed. Unlike we saw last year, which was a failed attempt at the bump and run and became the dump and run in some respects, you have to rely on the skill of the guy getting bumped to not want up in the wall. But on the other. Hand the guy doing the bumping has to do it in such a way that it's not just completely turning the guy backwards and wrecking. There is is hard of racing. As it we saw. There is a lot of finesse involved with a bump and run. And we've seen it from the best drivers in the world rusty Wallace. Dale Earnhardt Kyle Busch. Jeff, Gordon, car lead words, Dale June to name a few of the good drivers that have championships and a lot of in the hall of fame, execute, the bump and run very very, well, and Joel Gano can add his name to that list. All right speaking, Joey Logano, here's what he had to say. After the race. Huge to to be in that championship for again Soviet third time we've been in there. So we hope this time is the time that we finally get the big trophy at the end. But you know, obviously today is a amazing race car car that we try to the front apply. More spectacular is the pit crew. They're on their game today. Just the laying down great stops every time gaining spots. And the you know when you're out front here. Martinsville, you're able to. Clean air means a lot. But it means a lot for different reasons than it would add at a Miami or Phoenix or whatever it is. I think when you're out front your control your own pace and keep a lot of air to your to your brakes and keep your car, cool, and it pays off on a long run. And at the end cut tight. Yeah. We made some adjustments to try to fire off better there and did not work, but we're able to hold them off. And and almost all the moth and then viola to make the move into to get the win. So juliano punches his ticket to homestead Miami. He will be one of four drivers racing for a championship. And by the way that race winning car from Joey Logano you can get that and other race winning die-cast the one at martinsville speedway as well. As all the race winning and others available at plan b sales dot com. The classic look there for Joey Logano the Pennzoil colors on the machine, and that's just a function. Now of what we see in the playoffs. It's a situation where that's the environment in which we're operating under now where the winning is everything good points day, especially in the final ten is no longer. Good enough. What we saw yesterday was somebody winning the lottery right last week. Powerball was record one point six billion dollars. Somebody was playing for it. But. Then what we saw was after winning the lottery, which is the phrase fans asking for that kind of racing. Then we saw the complaints of winning the lottery and having to pay taxes. Yeah. Right. And of the deal part of the deal man, when you when you wanna win the lottery, you've gotta pay taxes when you ask for more. Short Jag racing or road course racing to have cars close to each other stopped with the complaints about the event that we saw with the last two lab. Yeah. That's what you're going to get. That's what you're asking for. You wanna see that don't complain about it? It doesn't work both ways hold that thought on track off track coming up. We'll dig more deeply into that. At that point. Also coming up another driver punches his ticket to homestead Miami as well Johnny solder wins the truck race. He will raise for his second championship at homestead. And he will be a guest on the program a little bit later today. It's all ahead on MR in motorsports. Monday, stay with us. Great. IBM's is staying. Boom. That would. On. Hamm brand. So there's this guiding Jordan, he's a healthy guy. He's a dad of six and he works as a guide in Alaska. And he goes to the doctor true story goes to the doctor and he's diagnosed with cancer stage four, and here's the thing. He had switched earlier for medical insurance to medishare where Christian share each other's medical bills. So the question for Jordan and his wife Jenny was is this actually going to work our medical bills exceeded one hundred sixty thousand dollars meta share members shared all our bills, and it was about more than just the money to this is a real community. Meta share is is a family a group of people that stick with you the hardest times of your life. I just don't know how I could have done it without medishare. It's so worth looking into. There's a reason this is growing so fast. So if you wanna find out more here is a number for you eight four four seventy four bible that's eight four four seventy four b. He I b l e white flag in the air. The side by side wheel the wheel back into turnover. One the bottom of the racetrack. True. Got against side. They touch Mexico's sidewise God I'll get by here Cup. Standing hamlin. He'll get second Gano. Catch the win. Joel Ghana winds and punches ticket to homestead Miami. Martin true X nut very happy about it. Understandably, so, but as you saw in that clip there I was reminded that any Hamlin almost snuck in there, and stolen thing is all about momentum and speed off attorney or but one of the things we've been preaching about on the show all year long. You can go back to MR in dot com. And listen to our previous shows, we've talked about the big three all year long, big three men. Everybody knows who the big three is a year ago at this time Martin tricks junior had such a fantastic year that he was locked in homestead didn't matter who won what happened is long as he was breathing and his team was operational. He was going home to g rash that playoff bonus point England and everybody now with joy Lagawe winning this first race we have two more races at Texas and Phoenix if somebody in the playoffs besides the big three wins race one of those big three are gone because of the math on drivers outside of the playoffs. Besides. Kyle Busch true and carved win if you have a curb chased Clinton-Gore Eric Mola win two of the next races. Two of the big three are gone. And that's really what's putting the pressure on. We saw very ordinary day last week. Kevin Harvick had a very ordinary day yesterday. And you see him at the very bottom of the list. And that's very surprising again, one of the stronger front runners all season long of the big three. I don't know if there's any weakness we saw last couple of weeks with Martin tricks running bad. But yesterday he proved right there. They're speaking. Kevin Harvick it is a blooming Monday because Kevin Harvick had a top ten finish over outback steakhouse that free blooming onion. It's been a couple of weeks since we've been able to say that but head over there now and get your free, blue and onion lots of great lunch specials as well going on right now. But back to your point about one of those guys possibly not making it Kyle Busch at a comment about this could be a situation that we didn't expect. I'm not so sure that that you can just advance on points, even in our situation where we're at you know, with the way that all eight of these guys have been running lately there's an opportunity for let's say the bottom three guys, whoever they are if they win and Harvard has a better three races than we do. He's in on points versus us. You know? So I'm not so sure that that situation can happen. I'm not so sure that that situation will happen. I hope it won't. But. I'd like to think that you still have to go out there. And you still have to kind of push the issue to win a race that obviously just cements yourself and gives you a win martinsville. You get a couple of weeks off almost and being able to focus and think on exactly what you gotta do for homestead the final week. But even if you don't win those, you know, I think it was fifteen we were the last guy through on points to get to the championship round. We ended up winning it in fifteen. So, you know, however, you get there. It's just a matter of of getting there and making sure that you're eligible joy Lagawe was done that with his victory. But the cows point the math may work out where one of those big three is not the one to make it on. Let's talk a little on track off track. Now the portion of the show where we discuss things going well in the sport and some things not going quite so well on track. What do you got what's good for you? If you go to outback get your free blooming onion that doesn't count. You do that don't play with your Joey. That's all I'm saying this. A public service announcement here in the show. Right. You can't play with your Joe, they get they refrained on that. Even if it's Allah. We is that sort of thing frowned upon. Yeah. We've asked and we've clamored hey, I want to win the lottery right last week. One point six billion dollars got tickets at you have tickets. Yes. So you go neither one of us were no because we wouldn't be here. Thankfully, we have pay taxes on those million dollar tickets. But what we saw yesterday we've asked for short track racing. We've wanted short check racing in at the end of their race. We saw the bump and run perfectly executed when we go back in history. And we look at bump and runs and dump in runs. There's a distinct difference the dump and run victim never gets to finish the race. The bump and run was side by side with the eventual leader winner of the race. And that's what we clamour. That's why we expect. That's what we look forward to with short trek racing. We need more short treks road course racing. Right. Everybody clamours for that. But that's the racing that we saw years ago at Watkins Glen, Marcus Ambrose, BRAC Laskey slipping. Slide in the oil. That's what we enjoyed. We didn't enjoy the technique of road course racing. You know, the finesse of getting through the gears and how the brick no we didn't care. How good he was. We enjoyed the side racing. Exactly. Right. That's what we saw yesterday. The bump and run was perfectly executed kudos Joey Logano. I feel bad for Martin drinks junior. I understand the the heat of the moment, you're gonna feel bad, but they have to appreciate the technique that was involved and how it was used to get the lead and take the win. Mine is a lot like yours track racing was my own. But I think it's a situation where we know it's going to be a couple more years at least before the reconfiguration of the schedule comes because of contractual obligations. But I think if we could get to a situation where we have more of these short tracks, and then you get into well who's going to give up a race. But if you get into that situation, you can avoid at least a lot of this tweaking with the rules tweaking with the body style to try and make the racing more compelling if you put them on short tracks that stuff doesn't matter as much fixes itself. We don't have to worry about aero advantages lean air and restricted Motors and all the stuff that goes along with these larger tracts martinsville. Bristol the road courses handle themselves because of the speed differential between low speed and high speed the the ability of simply it's a race car on a race track. It's not an era amick machine. We heard Joey mention being out front mattered. And really wasn't about aero. It was being able to run your line kept you faster brecca's Lasky that a really good job of having a fast race car. But a difficult time being able to pass once he got out front was able to drive away. He was running his line. It wasn't clean air that was helping it right as off track. What do you got? There. Simply matters. We talked about again, everybody clamored and clambered and clamored years ago. Dale Earnhardt rusty Wallace. Jeff, Gordon, Carl Edwards junior. All those drivers deady bump and run. The fans went crazy and they were happy yesterday. Some fans were mad joylin Ghana. They booed him for a bump and run and the pocket. Crecy of what we're asking. For like, we talked about earlier I wanna win the lottery, but I don't wanna pay taxes. Can't have it both ways. They gave you what you've been. Exactly. Right. So simply put keep asking for what you want stop complaining about getting what you just ask for. Absolutely. I agree. One hundred percent. Let's go to break though. We've got Johnny solder coming up in the next segment. Let's go to break with what Roger Penske had to say about that move that Joey Logano executed at the end of the race. I certainly didn't knees racer and should know better than to say that that was his claim a shot as you can have an race like this. I didn't hear Kyle butcher the forty to have any of that kind of conversation. You know after that race. So to me, I'm looking forward we want go to Miami. And to me joy drove great ratio led most of the race. I think you look at the number laps as far as I'm concerned, you know, that just a comment that I don't think we deserve. And where he's him day after day. So sure at some controversy that he's trying to bread. But from my perspective joy drove a great race. The team won on on pit road. You could see that. How many times he got out front and certainly leading the number laps shows the kind of car we had and the job that Todd and the team did. So that's my position. Are you a serious die-cast collector? Do you have a favorite driver? Are you looking for a gift for a race fan? No matter what the question. The answer is always plan b sales dot com. Plan B has all the latest in die-cast from Lyonel and apparel artwork and other items for your favorite driver in this car or other forms of racing. Go to plan B sales dot com to your driver's name in the handy search window and look at all the options, your one stop for die-cast and other motor sports. Collectibles is plan b sales dot com. What style the American fighting spirit is everything. We are five hundred patriots veteran strong. Manufacturing that to the United States of America, always moving forward. Never retreating never giving up. We are what? He'll defend get yours. Style dot com. Bobby? Boom. That would. On. Still got three quarters of a straightaway advantage over who's had a great afternoon coming back into the field run second here. Malate going down the backstretch for the final time in terms three and four Taty looking for victory and a chance to race car championship for the six time in two thousand eighteen the twenty third time in his NASCAR Camping World truck series career shawny solder takes two free lane. Johny solder punches his ticket to homestead he'll race for his second championship. Coming up at homestead Miami speedway. Based on his win at martinsville speedway. In the driver of the ISM. Connect Chevrolet joins us on the guest line now, Johnny congratulations, man, six wins. And now you're going to run for a championship. Have you pinched yourself a little bit yet? Well, I, you know, this this whole playoff thing gets things a little bit stressful as we get down the stretch here. So to be able to get that way out of the way and know that your championship. That's that's pretty awesome. So unfortunate enough to be able to do this over the last couple of years. So yeah, we're we're ready to go. You know, the reality of of you know, homestead is is going to happen. And we just gotta go down there and try to get jobs. So pretty proud everybody. Jason the truck that we had this weekend r race the final couple after my race wasn't nearly as exciting as coverage censorship. You know after sitting idle for a couple of weeks after a really blah finish you show up at martinsville. You get your fourth clock. My question is we're all the clocks and are the chimes all going off on them. Well, you know, the cool thing is is obviously have four children than each one of them will get a grandfather clock someday when I tip over. So that's kind of a cool thing. I think, but yeah, we got them kind of tucked away the basement there. So you got little -sconsin basement here. Come more. And been broke it by kids. So that's a good thing. Martinsville's one of those tracks is right up. Your alley Johnny. It's short-track bumping and banging but realistically your truck. You didn't have a whole lot of scratches on it except for one small restart incident where the second place guy decided to take away the spot you were taking, but you're able to get that back on the next restart was your truck really that good all day. Did you guys make some adjustments early on? Yeah. You know, the only last we really had before the race for qualifying. In the first age, we were the first segment of qualifying. We were really good second one. We were still pretty decent. I felt like and then when I needed to go fast third round. I couldn't do it. So had me scratching my head a little bit. And Joe like, I promise you it will be fine. And his you know, we had done a lot of work. Those guys had done a lot of work different set of package to to go there with and spend a lot of time seven posting whatnot and get there, and it's raining. So what do you do now? So they we just kind of aboard mission back to what we had ran. They're spraying, and which some other small little changes. You know, we just had really good speed. And I you know, the truck was really that dominate. It's not every day is something that fast. So honestly when we were all front, you know, I felt like we were running eighty percent and still pulling away. So like I said it's not every day. You get to drive something. That's that good and that much fun to just make laps and then get into rhythm cell. You know, martinsville's Ben race check for over the the past however, many years, and I just enjoy it. It's a fun place for you. You got to be aggressive. But you gotta take care of your stuff and get into a rhythm. And you know, we just had a phenomenal Trump the other day joining Johnny solder who won at martinsville on Saturday. The m connect Chevrolet he'll race for another championship. Coming up at homestead Miami speedway. Johnny may not feel this way to use that you were in the seat having to work hard at it all afternoon, but it seems as if some of the the traditional short-track beating and banging that we're used to seeing it martinsville has gone away. Does it seem that way to you? And and if it does why do you think that is? Well, I mean. Say that everybody taking care of their stuff. But I think obviously you've got guys trying to make it to the round of four for the finale. So I think you see some of the competitors. Maybe give it a little bit extra. You know gap on the guy not maybe beaten out of as much maybe they respected position that he's trying to run championship. I think that was the tire in the engine package that we had this weekend. You know, it's even harder to to get to the guy. You know? It's kinda like, you know, I feel like we were maybe one of the there's a handful of three or four of us that really pass trucks, of course, the day. And then a lot of guys just seem to me after watching the replay the race. They were kinda stuck it was just really really hard to pass. And that's a product of a hundred things that's not you know, just one thing. So everybody stuff's getting so much closer. And it's so much more competitive. It's hard to get an advantage. So, you know, a lot of times that that unfortunately to single file racing. But you know, it didn't bother me. See people taking care of the equipment. That's that's kind of the way race and should be. And I know people like beating banging there's plenty of that going on just weren't the big wrecks. And I kinda like to see that more than I do to see big pile up. So it's okay to beaten bang, and as long as I guy keeps going Johnny were done. A six drivers. One driver yourself is already through homestead we have the other five one other driver as your teammate with Justin Haley. Do you start going with the next two races and try to assist him to get him to homestead or do you not want to compete against him in homestead how does that work with the team differential? They're gm's. Yeah. I mean, honestly, I texted him after eight since the man we got to figure out what we gotta do to get your around four. You know, obviously, those guys are doing a great job. And he's he's doing a good job. I know he didn't like martinsville. But but those guys salvage really good day out of it with six place. So I think it's always good when you come out of racetrack. And maybe you don't particularly like and have a solid day. So I believe he's out on the pole at Texas last year and ran really well. And he had a strong truck at inex- last year before getting caught up in interact. So I think this is going to be able to hold zone that that entire bunch. You know, he's got a good group of guys. So obviously, I, you know. Put your team cap on and you know, for GM, I think it would be awesome to have to ratio championship Miami. Still way of one of us has trouble the other, you know, the team itself still has a shot at winning the title. So gonna do everything we can just to try to help them and help those guys get get where they want to be race for the championship. Joni a would be remiss if I didn't ask you imagine the answer would be different depending on which seat you're in. But you mentioned the Cup race earlier in the finish. There. A lot of folks up in arms about the move. Joey Logano made at the end a lot of other folks saying, yeah, that's what we've been asking for where do you come down on? That was just good hard short-track racing. Was there was there? Anything wrong with that? Well, I mean if you're race long enough. At least I could speak for myself. I've been on both sides of that Corey. So I'm not gonna sit here and say that what Joey did was wrong because I've done it. And and I think like I said if anybody races long enough, they're gonna find themselves tempted with with the internet position. So I can make a case for both sides. Joey said everything online racing championship on the flip side of that, you know, might racism extremely clean, and you know, it was probably expecting to to to cruise victory without a bunch of you know, running into each other. So you know, I it's racing at the end of the day. That's what this is all about. And and joy did what he needed to do and Martin raised its way he thought it needed to be done. So I say don't harm foul, and you know, I like I said for me to sit here and say, oh that was a bad deal or the deal I've been on both sides. So just that's hard racing. And you know, people are gonna get your field. Shirt and and vice versa. So it's just it's just part of it. But it was definitely entertaining. Watch. I enjoyed the heck out of it. Yeah. Me two minutes early wasn't. I guess again. It depends on who fan in the off season of these drivers have hobbies we talked to Martin tricks junior. He's a big hunting fishing guy. Joy, Lagaan, Alexa. Go riding four wheelers and razors. Johnny solder has a little bit of racing. Hobby on the side you like racing late models. And I hear a little birdie saying you may racist noble. How accurate is that? Yeah, we're working on it. So you know, that racism huge. It's a big undertaking. And, you know, not only from you know, obviously finances, but if it takes a lot of manpower to make it happen to it's not just it's a five day deal. So working hard on it, obviously went down there last year. And it didn't have the weekend that I had hoped. So. Yeah, you mentioned hobbies that's pretty much. What we do. So is sitting out in front of the shop already for today to go in there and work on stuff. So I just love Star Trek, Grayson and late models and all that kind of stuff. So yeah, it's just my kind of hobby. But I I will say I'm trying to take up more fishing outdoor stuff. I've seen it up here not this last weekend, but we can before my son to three days fishes. So it's a lot of fun to just get away from from cars racing. Sometimes to see what else is out there. But I always come back to the shop. That's that's where I'm comfortable always dance with. Yeah. So you always dance with the running of the race cars. Ahah race car will never leave you. Yeah. That's right. That's true. Well, listen, Johnny. Congratulations on the big win. We look forward to seeing you run for another championship at homestead Miami. And a few weeks you and the three other guys as yet to be determined. And just congratulations on a really fine season. Well, thank you very much, gentlemen. And hopefully, we're we're talking to it again so care. Solder. He takes him. Connect Chevrolet to victory lane at martinsville for GM s racing. His sixth of the season this one the most important because it allows him to run for a championship again this season. No the right here on are in motorsports. Monday. We're going to start looking ahead at Texas right after this. Boom. That would. Whatever you drive wherever you go, Hercules tires. We'll get you there. Whether you're running on dirt. For running a job. Dependable high-quality tires on the perfect fit for your needs from much selection in warranty with industry-leading road hazard protection. There's only one choice Hercules tires to learn more. Visit Hercules tired dot com or call eight hundred six seven seven ninety five thirty five Hercules tires right on our strength. Let's coffee. Born mooresville North Carolina's redefining drive through coffee game in race city. USA the clutch experience is quick efficient and personal unmatched customer service at the name of the game klutz coffee bar offer signature, Expresso drinks. Classic coffee. Custom flavored infused energy drink smoothies and more with over twenty five flavors. There's something for everyone. Visit our two locations mooresville wreath six Williamson road. One fifty four westbound ride open daily five AM till nine PM, however up today with clutch coffee bar. I'm Kevin Harvick in. It's another blue Monday ask for your free blooming onion tonight at outback steakhouse. Now, it's back to Woody Kane and enjoy Meyer. Listen to Kevin go by if you're watching on Monday and get your free that's free blooming onion, outback steakhouse purchase and tell them. Hey, I want to bloom onion. Kevin Harvick had another top ten finish. All right. Let's start looking ahead to Texas that track has raised a little bit differently since the reconfiguration the turns are markedly different from each other. Yep. Turns one and two are a little bit flat or the bottom lane tends to be a little lower. We really want that one in two to widen out. But man, if you can't get through one and two normally you can get through three and four makeup time there, and that'll be the difference. Speaking of which I saw a tweet from Texas Motor Speedway. You know, there have been some guys in the past when they show pictures of the tire dragon or on the track. They're saying no go higher higher. And somebody said well, are you going to let Kyle Larson enough? Forget who other Blaney maybe you're tied Dylan or somebody run the tire dragon in Texas at hey, we had the keys if they wanna get behind the wheel of it were more than. Willing to let them do it. Good. That's what we should do the band. There you are dragging. We don't need to rip up a lane that's already faster and dart off their they'll start there for some reason. We're we're going to be on the bottom. What you're looking for as the tires lose a little bit of grip in the speeds fall off. Then you add more grip because the track hasn't been used on the higher lane of the track. That's where we're trying to blend in we want to add more grip early on in a run allowed give the guy in advantage to get off the bottom and open those tracks up. You don't wanna see a train on the bottom lane through one and two. And unfortunately, with the reconfiguration we've seen a little bit more of that the trucks that are really good job initially of wine that Trump tra- that corner out, but we've seen now the migration back to the bottom. As again, the bottom lane tends to be faster. It's a shorter way around speaking of the trucks, the Jag medals three fifty comes your way right here on the motor racing network. Friday evening at seven thirty. It's a tripleheader weekend performance racing network. Our good friends at PRN will have the Finnity race on Saturday. The Cup race on. Sunday. But speaking of that Cup race, we got a couple of drivers. Now who are going to preview Texas for us, Texas is a lot of fun hardest thing about Texas is balancing a little bit of fun, and and and your job no different than then you guys. I mean, it's just everything's more fun in Texas by the race tracks. It's the repave is is not so much fun. But. Did to challenge, you know? And and within those challenges you got to be open minded about you've gotta be excited about that challenge in in and ready to attack it because you do definitely have to attack that. I mean, it's it's a it's a track that's the grip levels through the roof until it's not very tricky. You know to to get a hold of you know, that place was always been fast, and it's always kind of been one group around the bottom. And so far, it's kind of what we got with the repave, you know, obviously, you hope that with time and an age in the asphalt surface said, it becomes better more racy. I'm not sure that I'm not sure we're really there yet, especially the time of year we go there now being in November. And as chilly as it is. It's it's pretty cool. So there's going to be more. Urgence to run the bottom all the time. So that's tough. That's always tough for for race ability of the race track. There you go Kyle Busch and Clinton bull. You're breaking down Texas for us. You know these two races earlier in the season. We're one by Kyle Busch. And Kevin Harvick next to racist, Texas and Phoenix. So we have no reason really to expect that they won't be strong. Again. Do we know all the the big three will be strong? I think tricks comes guns a blazing he realizes that Texas of the next two tracks that he feels he has an advantage on aerodynamically. And horsepower wise, Texas is that trek, I really expect a strong showing from Morton tricks junior net Cam, we've got good battles. Just an all really needs that come on strong and expand series terrible trouble and Johnny solder again. You heard him say he's going to try to get his teammate Justin Haley, who's over GM mess right there at the bottom of that cutoff line. He needs to leapfrog over and possibly win that race. And it'd be a very good track. For those guys with a strong proving that N t one. Engine where you those guys can run wide open. And now with that small engine rule change, which we don't talk a whole lot about. But the engine rule change in the truck series gave the anti one a touch mo- horsepower. Which NASCAR felt they need to be equal to to the OEM brands. There's been a lot of talk about how much money that is saving the teams. And it's in the tens of thousands of dollars from what I hear. But that kind of goes out the window. If people are using the built Motors and you start the whole arms race all over again. Yeah. Absolutely. Nascar's trying to mandate through technology, and engineering and rules that the N T one is simply a better motor. It's the first year. There's been some some changes some revisions if you will. And how you're running those Motors the anti one is a fuel injected motor. We can tune electrically. The OEM Motors are not we still to nose with a carburetor. So there's still some disparities with four racist. Go NASCAR chose to make a small revision change, and we're going to see that in Texas a lot. All right as we mentioned triple headers at Texas Phoenix and homestead to come the rest of the season. We will have the truck race for you ride night. Seven thirty. Eastern time. The Jag medals. Three fifty also don't forget NASCAR live coming up at seven o'clock eastern time on Tuesday night every Tuesday night. I'm what he came. He's Joey Meyer. We're headed to Texas Motor Speedway. We'll see you right back here next week for another edition of motor sports Monday. Happy Halloween everybody.

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