Episode 155: Dellin Is A Met, Hubbs Got Christmas Cucked, And Phil Hughes Interview


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I can't tell you like I thought it was a prank. A thoughts explained for the people at home so I now live in New York City so I wasn't able to much Christmas shopping there and like you know like the schlepping here. It's just the whole hassle so I came on December twenty third Monday and I was like okay. Great we're going to get into the car and then I'm gonNA drive around and figure out idea. My mom have been dropping hints that she wanted to. TV sixty five inch really. Yeah well there's four K.. TV's Roku and all that bullshit great because the living room TV is spending money. She's she's like when they all save for get it. I was like all right fine all figured out. I didn't say it's alright so I went to best buy today and was by the way it. It took an hour one full hour for someone to help me every place. I go where I don't semi twenty-third like everybody and everybody's nobody's Christmas show. But every time I go to a store at any point I get harassed when I walk in and I don't WanNa talk to you the one time I wanNA talk to somebody. No everyone's everyone's busy doing so eventually. Find a guy and Online was the the sixty five inch. TV that that was perfect. It's all I needed. Has All the things she wants she would love it. I go to the store. They only had the fifty five. Don't need I don't want to be. I want to sixty five so Had them order it in the store and they were like Oh we can go to twenty six. I'm like great twenty-six is fantastic because my family. We're all that belated gifts whatever. I got like all all my birthday gifts like three days when I saw the biggest deal and I'll still be here going home and few days after that. So great fantastic. I ordered it. Whatever paid done great? Don't have the guy with few other really small like gifts this show also really like but I got the big one of the way. Don't worry about shit today. Wake up just this land bed watching and Harry Potter going on it just hang out relaxed and then what happens around. I don't even. What was it? Twelve thirty she comes then and she's so happy she's like you won't believe what just happened. What mom what happened she goes she goes a the guys names ash and he's like Asked me a TV for Christmas. Mike what she gave me a sixty five inch. TV for Christmas. I'm so happy happy to offer one. I'm GonNa Watch released like she's like Star Wars on tonight. We Watch Star Wars all day on this new TV from from again. So what you'd say go ahead. I was like ashes boyfriend. Yeah Yeah and I it in my head was literally on fire like the gift with all the everything's burning cowbell things by. Oh that's great. I'm sure I gave the most happy for you. What that I'm so happy for you? It's it's exactly like pretty much that I have. You be fucking kidding like Wassot. WHO gives gifts and Christmas Eve afternoon? Yeah that's nuts. That's the craziest part. May Be the whole story each insane. It's like look on Christmas. It's not even Christmas Eve. It's Christmas Eve debt. Yeah like a family. Got An argument like a couple of years ago because my sister wanted to open gifts Christmas Eve night and that was an argument. This is like before noon on Christmas. The safe it's like something really. Oh you're an idiot for ordering for December twenty six. Hey Pal. I wasn't gonNA give it to our Christmas so the same situation would have just happened. I I would've had the hidden somewhere or to be delivered on Christmas Day. And and she's here. Say It could sane. I got caught. I on Christmas Miss Gift Card and I don't know what to do. I just don't i. It's not even killing exchange it yet like it's a sunk cost right now. I can't even get it and bring. Yeah I mean how much can I ask how much it was. It was like five hundred bucks a lot of money. I mean you said your new apartment. No that's not what I WANNA do. Spending gives them myself I haven't TV. We have like Shelvin. TV's me apartment. Ever to its we have too many. TV's and the the process of getting that to the city would be a disaster. I think your your biggest Alpha move here is you just be like look. I already bought you a TV. I'm your son. Tell asked to get you something else. And then that's just what you do so this actually hasn't come up yet in the story story last year. Use it for her birthday. I just realized this is actually insane. Either birthday or last Christmas I got her one of knows Alexis. Yeah he got her a Google home. I didn't I just haven't actually realized that until divert Eric it's this isn't this crazy. WHO GOT IT FOR I O? She uses mind like she loves the electrical. Yeah she likes the Alexa also but actually I think she uses both. I think one is in her bedroom and the kitchen but I I don't know who got I don't know I. I think it was like a tie last year. But this is I have no. I don't even know when delights held her that I got TV twitter like she can read the blog or anything anything trump. She's out Christmas shopping and do a bunch of shits but so it will probably come up. I think she falls instagram burner account. Okay okay Yeah I don't know if I tell her today if I tell her today then she's going to feel bad. I don't WanNa feel a bat. But and then she'll be like at least she can enjoy for few days. 'cause she's GonNa keep that. TV Mom out luckier on issues. Not Let that TV up yet. No it's in the boxer staring me in the fucking. I'm telling you you got just you just got a you got to be like. This is my gift and like asked to get you something else I think I I think I have to. I'm going to get a screwdriver. Fuck with the wires and then when he turns on. It's not gonNA work all what the doors ringing. This is great time Jamie I got I got you a TV. That actually works. I've debated just paying someone to rob my house. That's not bad. It's not a bad idea. It's it's really not you could take out and the Google home and em I burn. Take my birds. We don't yet expert Maybe like I Dunno unlike one necklace or some shit too so it's not completely obvious. Some some people were like you gotta fight him. He's like six five. He's enormous like a gentle giant. I'm not fighting. This is not gonNA happen. Some people said you need to buy a bigger TV. Yeah but I don't have the TV right now and Eric doesn't have enough money to buy two. TV's right I mean. Can you exchange this one for a the bigger on though I think I gotta go different route than the TV. I think I'm luckier. Well at least this time like she can no longer expect like you have like another weaker so to get our gift. I don't think so I gotTa de Fuck Today. I'm going to get the car back. And she wants grill. Apparently how much do grills costs. You could tell me grow cost ten thousand dollars. I believe you. Yeah I have no idea what to real cost. My sister said it causing four hundred bucks. I'm like well that's great. Like can you exchange a TV without getting it. I go to cancel this. Yeah probably we do that. I don't know a mom. It's it's just you go there explain it makes you just be like hey man like keep the TV for free like that. That's like you could just keep. This is your laugh me out of the building. I also what I'll also probably do is when an exchange at again her one of those sound bars all these. TV's like sound usually sucks solely. She'll have a quality sound. I think I think that's it's cheaper to surprise. Surprised saving some money. Not that I care about the money but just crazy just absolutely fucking insane. I thought I was like agriculture. Was GonNA come out and be like you're you're out you're unpacked like Gotcha no or like that was your TV. Someone said I should have just told my mom. No that's the TV that's my TV. That came to their. Oh Yeah you should that I guess ashes late Guy. Now you have to what you have to hate ash now. Yeah Yeah. Oh Yeah I mean. We're more lines. This point like Christmas. Dinner is ruined. Yeah and it was Christmas. 'cause the low Belle sent me steaks. And it's it's going to be unbelievable unbelievable dinner and now it's just route. I mean oh I is bullshit. I'm such a good had sun. And then the worst part here is I have to go to the mall today and hang in like park three miles away and like with all the people who were saving their second. Not that I did that too because I wanted the twenty third but like not Bisley and it's just bullshit I don't I don't know man I get whatever. At least it was a good blog and I'd continental hosts next episode right like he's just now the host of the short port it was the editor in chief a lot of fun with us. Yeah he can produce. Yeah I don't like this at all. He's a nice guy too but now I mean he just has to die you might maybe you just pee on TV dislike. Mark Your territory. I would put a baseball bathroom or something. uh-huh asleep sorry in someone just destroy your TV. That's really offered whether any good suggestions avery of what what I should do. Yes so we had Someone obviously there is a couple that said cut the cord And it'll just make you look like a hero Yeah Yeah Yeah I think I think that was the consensus that you should cut the cord or you should buy an IPAD with multiple subscriptions and draw the TV costs a lot of money. That's like subscriptions is should any prescriptions like net flicks Amazon. Have that already L.. That was the idea is. It's like a TV designed specifically for like Roku stuff so she can just click her stuff like on the TV instead of having the external Roku device and assist in is the worst part is. It's just sitting in the living room so anytime kitchen get water or anything. It just stares to me. It's like I was here. I fucking loser. It's terrible I don't know what whatever so. Yeah I mean today. It's it's insane that on Christmas Eve. There's one sports game it's the fucking Hawaii double and that's it like. It's almost like destiny that I have to like go do something and like you know peaky myself preoccupied. But I don't know all right. Let's move on to some actual topic here right before we started recording. Good timing on US Record Lord I guess but just signed a one year deal with the mets. So that sucks. I like to see what the money is. Not as a player option for twenty twenty. One I don't think the money Johnny is out yet but yeah I WANNA Delon back. Y- I mean it's very obvious. I think two things here either. His injury is is bad enough that he's GonNa miss a lot of time to start the year and like no that's not out yet or whatever because he did have an Achilles tear like. That's a very serious serious. Injury wasn't a full time job as a partial tear and in need surgery. But like I mean that's a big deal that could easily become a very big problem like there's already a picture him in a fucking can match Jersey and hat probably photoshop now no like he took it in front of his trade. Oh get the fuck Outta here go to. It's like the mets twitter tweeted it. Oh my God all the God what the Fuck I mean. What the fuck is that? Oh my got to. I mean if the I know this is a big. If but if the Yankees didn't get Garrett Cole this would be a disaster urban off season. Oh I mean suicide like actual Dell and both signed one year deals neither end up back to the Yankees role mine walks. They haven't addressed anything except for Garrett Cole I mean they did Resign Gardner obviously which is good but look I love Garrick. Obviously I'm glad we have them but the Yankees just ignoring every little every other thing is like Kinda what so passing says a one year deal player option for twenty twenty one best thing player option for twenty twenty two so I guess that will depend on innings. I'm assuming but money's not out yet. He said. The market was the market for potential so strong allowed the structure deal with upset and security. I mean confirm I liked don a lot like I don't know one can be mad about down here you know 'cause like it's very the Yankees just didn't want to sign him like they your his injury Well I guess it is possible. He just has a bad rainy Levin. It's never going to go away and like he wanted to have leverage. Whether it's I think I mean one person can't can't make that big the difference. I don't think probably I think the latter is that which is the true part? is they're going to get Josh Heater. I think they're just sit on Josh. I don't know I it just doesn't make sense to you. Let him go away like that for one year. Just doesn't really make sense. I don't really I don't get that money. unclearly not an issue when you pay Garner you paid coal everything this point. What's a few extra million dollars? Maybe it was the years they don't WanNa go past the year you guys player option Testing option to who knows The thing is how quick do you think They become they he becomes he comes closer and just is a disaster for them. Yeah I mean it's tough like I liked Alan but I'm I'm GonNa have to root against them now if all my heart and for the people who are like it it. It's a little more upset that he's leaving the Yankees the fact that it's for the mets. Yeah it sucks from New York so like I can't fault them for. I want to stay home right. No I'm not blaming him at all but I'm saying like met fans being like Ha- like we stolen like I don't really give a fuck about that like I wish it wasn't the match but I'm more just like upset that he's leaving the Yankees. Did you see his numbers against the mets career. Now thirty nine batters faced this triple slash. Oh fifty six six one zero five. Oh Eighty through twenty one got someone walk. He when he's on and this is for any mets fans. Listening here are tears. You're getting one of the best pitchers in baseball. When he's on like there's very few people who can match his best peak is ridiculous? Regulus like clothes gets though his what is like valleys or as low as guests when he's when he's not when he doesn't have it. You'll know immediately you'll know when he's like warming up and it's he never really gets hit heart if he's if it's a bad start you'll see like it's it's a one now walked four headed guy and then there was one double down the limit scored everyone. That's pretty much it like. It's never a string of hits with him. It's always just east as complete losses control troll. But when he's on he's like show good he just dances off the mound. He's like wiggling into his curveball. Drop from the sky is fucking fastball as painting the black. He's when he's on his really. Not many really pitchers out there. That are better but he's never gonna be able to cold for you. He just doesn't have that mentality. Maybe the Yankees. He's like pressure. Maybe he'll be different. The mets I jury still out with that but when he built figure out a way mess him up they won't use them correctly or something. Yeah yeah the probably due to winning bullshit like it was. There was that stretch where they They they really try to force him to pitch multiple innings and then They did it was really good in that fucking wild card gaming. It's the as he was incredible post-season who's great but the pills before that. He was disaster so like he was unusual unusual in that two thousand seventeen playoff on us going into two thousand eighteen. We didn't know if Delon was still good pitcher. Yeah he's truly jekyll and Hyde. But Damn it's just gonNA be weird seeing him out there and the mets bullpen. You Assume Diaz cannot be that as bad as he was last year. That's what I said. Let's hope let's hope he is. Yeah but odds are it's pretty hard for Diaz Infante to be as bad as they were then you add to that and Lugo and it's like well that's actually a decent package still not close to what we have but it's a decent it's better than last year I mean the Yankees Bullpen. Last year was still like you know the the best in baseball without dylan except for one inning right right right in Britain keenly green and judge. That's still what no charge. That's still like a killer five. Yeah for show for sure. And they're going to add one more. I don't know if it's going to be like this Tim. Hill Guy Daniel Hudson still after one if they take a stab at him he was great for the nationals. Great yet what could be I. I don't know if he's going to get bigger contracts. He's got that world series champ. Think he will. He's thirty two assume he's a little older. I mean I don't know part of me thinks that you just keep hearing Josh Hader Josh haters like well what is it. Realistic cost. Get Josh It's Debbie who. I'm pretty much losing confidence in by the day partly because he's not going to be relied upon in the future turnout gear coal in the mix to beat at starter that like saved us. He's no longer you know we don't need that. I keep hearing mixed reports issue starters. You believe her what's going on with control it's like maybe we should do this. It's almost like Jeb Garcia and this could expose easily but I'm getting very similar vibes vibes to Esteban Floral. Where Floreal got so much hype for his first couple of years in the minors and then eventually he stay down there long enough that people realize like? Oh Oh this guy's is actually is not good at baseball. I mean he's just like a disaster and Debbie's not there yet. Debbie showed amazing signed last year. Be also like wasn't consistent enough. I don't know I just get a little the little over hype scare with Debbie Garcia to the point. Where if he was in a Josh Hater? Trey wouldn't really bad not josh. Here's four years or team control. He is show valuable. So it's Debbie it's like Javed. Let's say Medina Law. Let's say clint. I'd probably fucking do it. Yeah I would do that. I don't want to give up and you're probably not. I know that's so Yankee delusion to knock you up and for hater but I just love his potential and and you know when you have such a good bullpen already. I don't know if I want to give it up for a guy who could blow out his army day now. I don't think the brewers would want and Har because he would have to play the fueled fueled yeah. I don't know if you're telling me Debbie Clint and another prospect. I'll do it. Yeah I mean I mean just don't trade king or Schmidt because our boys that would suck. Yeah I would do that I think I hate her also. Has that ability like if Chapman goes down for a little bit which he tends to do a week or two like there's no longer I feel like he just slide hater in there that's a no-brainer like right. Natives leaders are calling threaten. Couldn't do it. I think consistently I think probably really like him in like that. Andrew Miller old role where you could just have Andrew Miller in for you know what he'd like to winning six and seven or whatever like the Indians used him like. He's that type of pitcher hater. Ideally Yeah and the argument most important outside necessarily glass throughout the bones with him is that he's a lefty and he brings the aside from Chapman. There's we don't have a guy who can just come in and and get a few left these out like but but he's more of the eighth inning. I'm a guy who can land rover around. Maybe yeah you know so who who knows That would be yeah. That'd be something that'd be awesome it fuck you acquisition. So we'll see It's definitely suck so that that picture will pitch down by Christmas. Tree will haunt me. I am happy for him because I he had a very injury. Prone year and it sucked for the timing very similar with Didi You know like contract. You're and all that but whatever the met that sucks They'll probably using the wrong way and then he'll leave after. Come back to the Yankees and be really good again. So that's the that's the whole I guess moving on. That's really the most Yankee stuff like we like of news that it was very quietly for the most part Difficult Yankee if you guys didn't know that still really cool that happened Other than that A Berry that guy on twitter right after we pretty much. We're done with break Because someone was shitting on us and I I was like we were both in like a fighting. Move your text. Each other like like faulkner's combative mode at night. Sometimes you just got to like get in the mud with these people. It's fun it's fun and I usually don't do I usually like I'm just I. It's just too much work and now fuck this but I I notice she was talking Shit I think his name's Frankie Marco or something. I don't fucking know but he's begged me to vote on twitter. which is such a weird move? I feel like onto just like hey do for fallback be creative on twitter that I liked your work. That's never i. I was confused by people who New York police following back like. Why we WANNA do suck people named Frankie just suck? That's okay yeah but anyways So we call that guy. Apparently he's hated by a Yankees twitter and he's like a scumbag and all that so we actually were doing. God's work it seemed like What else does it? There was the baseball quarterback going on from that guy in CBS CBS. Sports which I don't think I should have really been in the first place. I definitely don't think I should've beaten Phil Hughes like he's much funnier than me But I did I took down. Heyman was like fucking seeing things so I went to twitter and I see John Hayman. Tweet congrats at borstal hubs. What world are we living in the little guy to shoot on him all the time? Yeah talk on my foot. Would you say Charlie Horse in my left foot home is now Haymond follows me so I guess I don't hate him as much he's annoying. I don't hate him. He's just his twitter. Just tweet anything new. But he breaks every Boris deal but before the break. It's always like the same bullshit. Yeah I think that's just because he's gotTa do Scott. Boris is like propaganda form but if he gets a big scoops like that's the price you gotta pay. Yeah I guess Some people like Oh my God. If you lose losing something you lose the Heyman. You should delete her twitter. Yes six hundred thousand two hundred dollars. What are you talking about like like he broke the biggest signing of the offseason? All all of them he broke coal and Strauss per hour and probably. Yeah so Yes that's called an average average era. Be shocker the Red Sox fans didn't vote for me no way It was actually closer. Thought it was fifty two knows it was like fifty eight forty two thousands worse than that but whatever fish for classic cues move to just get into a tournament you don't deserve to be in. And then the making the final four just a classic Syracuse basketball. They're moving on okay so we had this any refill used for you guys Feels Great So we definitely didn't talk about me beating him in baseball That definitely wasn't brought up but it's a good interview Feels the best. He didn't call from starbucks this time in the calls from his home. That was good another positive there. But we'll fill before we get into the Phil Hughes interview. I WanNa talk to you guys about Indochino now Indochino. Excuse me was founded on the belief that you don't need to spend a fortune on a custom wardrobe. I mean we all want things to fit us. Well no one wants to look sloppy. 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So once again Promo Code Short Indochino thirty dollars off your total the purchase of three hundred ninety nine dollars or more and without further ado two thousand nine world series champion he tried the dunk on Jay Z. Once at a at a party till us we now welcome in a recurring guests to the short your porch. Two thousand nine world series champion Phil. Phil's going on maybe introduce baby. He's still he did the same thing last week when we introduce our producer. TJ TO REVAMP. What's up baby like just enough? WHO's Jimmy Garoppolo? Does that also your other people do that in the world. Yeah Whoa you're not Jimmy Garoppolo. Do you know that like I like. I'm not allowed to do that. Jimmy Garoppolo is like a very handsome. NFL quarterback who like banks porn stars. And your hopes all right Phil Phil. How's it going man? You never know what's going to stick until you try it. Yeah so we're we're testing out. I guess I'm not even doing it on purpose. It's just coming out so I have to be self conscious about this. Yes obviously fills with us He actually came on when we were at the old office. I think before even we were unofficial podcast and the network. You call this from starbucks last time. But there's actually an awesome interview and now you're recurring guests short board so we thank you for coming on again I think we should. I think we should hop into right away the biggest story of the offseason by far. Everyone's talking about it you know. It's it's everyone's writing about it. I took you down in the round of thirty two in the best baseball. Paul twitter bracket Forty four percent to thirty seven percent. Your thoughts first of all. I don't even know what that was. What wouldn't it out starts? The what what you get if you win the guy is still never answered me. Yeah I don't know a little a little bit of pride and whatever and it boosts your ego a little a bit but yeah there were twelve thousand two hundred sixty nine votes. I only re tweeted at once and I got forty. Somehow I have you know. It's like a cult following. I think I was kind of up against it but Congratulations thank you. Somehow I think I got the fourth most votes the entire bracket and the only people above me where like Rosenthal and pitching engine Karavas. So that's a sick. There's something wrong with that. I don't care I don't Care Talk Talk David Heymann I think is ironically getting votes right now. It is is truly impressive. I'm sure the the players and they laugh. Because everyone of his tweets are legitimately the same. They just changed one word around. It's crazy I mean he's just a Scott. Boris Mike so that he gets the big soup. So you know what I said. You GotTa do what you gotTa do. Villages quick question we would you trade your own World Series Ring to win this tournament like what do you think like. How much would you give up tournament? What do you think were I think last time we asked you? Would you go. Would you trade going viral four. And we'd like to find what viral was like five hundred thousand retweets on something. Would you go viral of an exchange for the ring. So we're GONNA keep asking because every time you come on we want your rings. Yeah I think I could get another one made even sweeter you know About the ring. Well well we'll take that part out of the equation ago. Yeah you know. The rings weren't weren't as they are now now ridiculous to make a bigger one now. They're worth like more than like home. So absolutely The actual big news. The season is that you're now a father. So Oh congratulations. Fill your father a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. How is how is dad life treating you? Oh it's great. It's awesome because he doesn't he doesn't do anything yet. So I'm just along for the ride you know you haven't really like faced the brunt of it yet. I guess changing diapers yet right right. Yeah Oh yeah I did. The I did the first one like the first home from the hospital. One Tar Yeah I got I got stuck with that bad boy. So what is what's his name Harrison Harrison Harrison. That seems like a guy who's GonNa be in the League. Ten years I think Harrison News Floating Harry Hughes. We can go short there Harry. Who's on the bump? I I like to be the next generation of disappointing half Ernest pinstripes. And he'll get a ring so it's totally fine. How're you sounds like a guy who pitched like three hundred fifty innings in the nineteen ten till his arm fell off and he liked got shot like mid game just catching a bullet wound is still there? I love sixty seven wins in nineteen. Those are the best the most outrageous thing I forget. There was someone last year too. I wrote a blog on. Yeah it it was red or he pitched legitimately like every single game the rest of the year because like all the other players like left the team to like go to war. And he's like all right on this to the playoffs and he just pitched every single and then he ended up dying like randomly like it as he opened a store after he retired and he just became like a hermit and just died like quietly without any family ending the story but it was really cool the amount he pitched in The other big news you know. Like oh all these starters pitch like five innings now and you get these these crabby old guys on twitter that are like Oh you know Howard Johnson. Yeah it's like you know are can't stand it but it's funny you mentioned people who pitched five innings. Well the Yankees decided to go out and sign someone who can pitch a little more than five innings. We hope at least the next nine on years the big news of the OSCE Garrett Cole Nine Years Three hundred twenty four million with the Yankees Just your your thoughts like finally the Yankees like Waking Ghosts of George Like Haunting Hal and all that and what would you think of the whole thing going on. That was my prediction is that is that go there. And it wasn't because it wasn't because of like he grew up a Yankee fan and you know cash drafted and you know all this other stuff. It was like you knew that he was gonNA take the biggest contract contract. And you almost felt like like cash wasn't going to get denied on this one. You know what I mean. Yeah I mean. I didn't think he was going to fly across the country. You know you you want to pitch for the angel. Sorry you just felt like he like cash wasn't GonNa lose this one yet. I I wasn't surprised I think it was a move that they had to make like you. You can't build The core that they have of like you know power hitters and you know the ability to score runs and then like not. Get that Guy So I I feel like if Cole is you know he does what he's expected to do and Severino's back and healthy. You know it might be a fun summer for you guys. Yeah should be fun nine years. Hopefully you said that you know kind of figured he's GonNa the Yankees offer the biggest contract some people that go. He's GonNa Angels because he's from there as a player. How much do you you think that narrative gets overblown where it's like guys? WanNa go home to play. Well it's it's so I don't know it's it's so particular to the person you know like everybody. Everybody thought trout was going to You know sign with Philly like why they don't there's no son in Philadelphia he gets to play county. A you know lives by the lives by the beach and you know he can take his private jet whenever he wants to watch an eagles game like Yeah so for some guys. I don't think that that matters and then you know for other guys. It's like you know. Oh I'm just GonNa take the biggest contract. I don't care where it is. Play on the moon for half a billion dollars. You know right So I think it's it's kind of all you know how that person feels and so many other factors to like your wife and kids and they're in school. Where do you want him to you? Know being during the summers and you know. There's there's lots to stop. That goes into it but for most guys I'll tell you it's It's it's the dollar amount I have legit. I mean obviously the money played into it and they offered the most money by far. It seems teams at least by twenty million. Maybe way more than that. Who knows? I heard it was thirty. Thirty million. Okay yeah so yeah. That's definitely a good chunk of change that separates it but also I mean he just I think he he. I've heard him in eighteen different interviews. I feel like say eight outs. He keeps saying that they're eight outs away. He was eight hours away from being a champion and I think that's legitimate bothering him. And he knows that of the teams available who were going after him coming to the Yankees and assuming that thirty five people don't get hurt next year. They're going to be unbelievable believable. And that's the best chance he has to win. Win a ring moving for win multiple rings and I think that really did play a part in it obviously the money too but I think he legitimate just wants to win a world series showmanship and he finally unlike other people who just don't chase rings. I guess they do chase strictly money I think that played a factor into and I agree you cash from the moment I I think. Cashman went on the embarked on that flight across the country. Like he wasn't coming back empty-handed he wasn't GonNa take the embarrassment of losing to like the angels Merano where the dodgers you know whatever it's and then you know they say it's how how authorizing the ninth year really changed everything so it's a good fucking time to be. Don't let me put together. You had to shave his face. Look like an investment bank. Yeah Hey he looks like Blake Shelton you know. He really wants to win if he's willing to go through soups. Yeah what is your take on having to save thing by the way so I think it's GonNa it's starting to get phased out already because if if you saw last year. He pretty much had like a beard. The whole just realized excuses just like did he. I mean part part of my anyways. I don't you know I don't give a fuck. Yeah yeah like he just like what are you gonNa tell me. You're GonNa find me or something. You're not going to do that and like I'm giving. I'm literally pitching out there until I can't move my arm and Mike. My unease throbbing in pain. You're not gonNA like bitch and Moan to me about me having a father of a little more than a five o'clock shadow so I think I think what Hal and hack now like you know the George passing. I think it's slowly but surely like becoming very more lenient and I think in a few more years like there won't won't be a thing I think like I like it from the perspective of like it gives us that little obnoxious Yankee Fan were so much more classier than everyone else. Because we don't have beards now. I'd be personally offended if the guy walked onto the man with the fucking beard. No absolutely not but I do like having that in our back pocket. We're still classy and professional. But I really don't don't care where you're the you're the derrick jeeter gators exactly no hill. Thank you thank you Phil. I didn't even think about asking them that. But you can see obvious jokes side. You can see the resemblance. Yeah the well there was a photo I think you posted and I would like. I thought it was Derek for a minute. I A lot of people listening. Talk before like. Oh it's going because it's like well. What's Derek doing on social media and a lot of people like phil must be being sarcastic Catholic deep down? I think he's telling the truth and I'm GonNa go to bed tonight. My head's GonNa hit that pill thing and Phil Hughes thinks look like Derrick. Jeeter I don't like that. I don't like what just happened to lot. Walk around. Yeah Yeah so much. It's like Oh Derek. It's no no not Derek like Tommy I. It's like awkward. And then I have to put on a good good front because like basically representing Derrick jeeter. If I do something stupid it's GonNa Headlines Him and then you're exactly exactly all the backlash for it. It's it's a nightmare Phil. I got a comment yesterday. It said I look like Roger Federer instagram. So I'm GonNa take that so Roger Federer Derrick jeeter and your host the short bursts. It's pretty cool knocking on better superfan or tweet he is my guy. I gotTA dictate the gambling on tennis and college. Kinda just fell like I just like by default like just started learning every single player and I always like fed gives you wears all black. And he's cool and yeah now I'm just pretty much obsessed with it and like I just met a requirement for get hired by far barstool degenerate Morelos Simon Requirements. It's like the personalities they seek. They just ended up being degenerates. It just works out that way like he liked the personnel is just fit fit that way but yeah an accidental. Tennis like Degener- At this point which just makes someone actually at the Christmas Christmas party. I think it was Carl. We're going through top five top ten like normal people barstool and you came to this. I'm like how is that possible. I watch tennis like in France like randomly on like a Sarah goes all right. Never Mind your top finally personnel in the company. So that went through quite a change part of the Garrett Cole Luoyang lowering them over to New York was this golden plate that they keep talking about how it opens up and we described it almost as like the book of of secrets from like national treasure like with the president like knows every American secret. And it's apparently this IPAD and it says all these special things about New York and like probably the secret tunnels and places we don't even know exists in the black market and all that and then it was Yankee hat in there too. But like have you ever heard about this golden home play 'cause now all like obsessed with it and I need that. See this thing in person before I die. Yeah so I'll be. I'll be honest I never. I didn't watch the press conference I just saw on twitter. And you know people were uh-huh impressed by it or whatever and then I thought thing where I guess he described you know this thing they brought to him. Yeah But yeah so so say that again. It's gold it's a thirty pound. It's a thirty pounds golden home plate that opens up and there's like an ipad in there to guide to New York City and guide that just how to survive New York. What's so great about it? You know where to go the best places to be. It's basically just a big yelp like the Yankees version of of yellow. But it's just just hearing it so hilarious and apparently it failed. I guess what Machado Harper and Corbin but it appears got it. Yeah maybe they didn't get it maybe they. Maybe they just finally launched this thing for call their new their new things like okay. We missed out on a couple of guys we need. We knew the Golden Plate. You so you have no familiarity with it. We're thinking maybe people on the League they had Roy Spurs about the Yankees Golden Play. That's honestly like the weirdest thing I've ever is it Are you allowed to like give gifts during a during Negotiation I think once you're free Asian. Yeah I mean it's not like it's not like college basketball where you're like Calipari like giving someone a car like it's a little. I think it's a little different. You're just weird during the season and like if a guy like comes to third base your basement cab you like. It'd be cool if we played together next year. Dono right you can get a guy like thousand dollar bottle of wine. which apparently apparently that was a big thing to getting him? The the What was it was like Lou Lou? Kacoos like remember the conversation you had with like I told you they were docking to be died on this one Atas you had his minions out. They're like hey you know. Make this happen You know it was yeah you you just had that feeling the entire Carl. This is thank God and now we need one more reliever looks like if Delon's and come back so maybe you're going to hear a knock on your door and they'll get shower retirement. They'll bring they'll give you your own golden coldplay. I think that's that's probably the next move here. In the Aussies I will be the closer they deliver for sure. Okay yeah so so clearly okay. Well we'll we'll drop some uh we'll drop some news to the upper manage. We'll see what they say Another thing oh so we don't ask you so when you were a free agent what what was described the process of like you know meeting these teams and their pitches to you like what were they like. While I wasn't apprised is free agent. So it's much you're still free agent though you're free agent with any themes ally anywhere You know my agent basically called me Maybe about a month after you know. It's probably just after the new year and was like. Hey these are nine teams interest. I is this is what they're offering and I basically just had to choose one There was a little back and forth But it's not you know there's like two guys every year ear that You know the GM flies out and they pitch you know the city and you know all this stuff but you know for the for the guy that was signing a three-year twenty four or you know. I basically just got a phone call. So that's how that's how my my free experience with. What made you choose? You know it was coming. I was coming off that Awful last year in New York. So what made you choose soda that last year Just I mean the money and it was one of only that was one of only two offers. I had everything else was a one year makes sense. Yeah so okay. Process was slightly abbreviated to garyk golden plate. You're you're very important for me. Another big thing. We all season another big thing. The off season was obviously The cheating scumbag gone back. Houston Astros Scandal. That's still unfolding here and it. Just it's you know there's over seventy thousand emails that have been reviewed and it seems like every dates stopped like recently. I guess like there's still conducting the interviews but at one point every single day there was just a new way. They were doing it and cheating. And you know winning the world series in two thousand seventeen and just rubbing it from the Yankees so What was your overall thoughts when you heard about what you surprised at all I would imagine not imagine there were enough murmurs Iraq? Yeah something's going on. Yeah Yeah I mean. I don't know I'm kind of torn on the whole thing because there was I think it was back in. Like what what. What was your that? The Blue Jays were accused of doing that We're the blue blend like. Oh when they had the hotel out there. Yeah they thought somebody the hotel room while ago. Yeah and it's and the thing that's weird for me about the Astros one is like there was definitely something going on right right like there's so much video evidence that nobody can deny it but the the thing that got me was like you're the trash can bang and then there was like a couple of clips of like Carlos Correa like way out in front on a breaking ball and so part of me was like well if he knew that was coming. Why did you take such bad swing? So I don't really know I mean. Obviously there was something weird are going on. I'm curious how they'll be handled it I don't think you're GONNA get your wish and they're going to give the Yankees a title. Well my my wishes. Aj hinch goes to jail. That's my actual witch and we also wanted the astros have to pay goals contract to the Yankees. So we're halfway there with getting Girka in the keys. Okay yeah no I think. That's I think that's fair. That's not a simple. But what do you think would actually be like a just punishment if you were commissioner Yeah that's tough off. I mean well first of all. Let's see what what is in these emails. I mean this is calculated as As it appears from the video stuff I don't think it would be unreasonable. Unreasonable for well. I don't know it's weird. Could they take their title away and just awarded to nobody. I don't think that's like a college football college basketball. You just can't do that and like I think I'm my actual like involved with pensions right. You know I think like they'll draft picks like the guy making sixty grand a year. Would you like to like who do you suspend though hint was it front office yellow. It was it his idea like you have to find. You know who actually write suspend players. I wish I don't think you could suspend any players I think that's that's pretty tough but I think like Beltran could definitely get something which would be hilarious. That like the mets. Just bring this guy in who's coveted as everyone respects him and all all of a sudden he just involved the biggest cheating scandal baseball history. And then you know he just automatically suspend to start the year. I think core could get something. Maybe I think hinge is going to get something for the GM maybe the owner and then you got a ton of draft picks and like the fine is irrelevant. Whatever the find numbers baseball team like that? That's not GonNa Kill Them. They're printing money. Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean. Yeah the draft picks would be the most the most sensible You know Kinda like take away some of their international allocation Asian and you know take away first round pick for two years or something another good one would be like the house guys out when they didn't know what I was draw. Yeah now these guys are saying trash cans that's brutal. Yeah obviously that's going to be my might take a picture because forrest. Gump I think I think maybe they should have to yell out what pitched or throwing for the entire season. Tell them scream fastball. I'm like okay well here I I I would very much. But yeah they're cheating scumbags hopefully they all go to jail. This past year. Twenty team was your first year. Where are you just? Didn't you do not play in the major leagues. How is that like Like the the lifestyle change and all that and obviously having a kid wasn't the first year I didn't. I didn't play in the Matrix. Thanks I didn't play from when I was Zero okay okay. So Yeah Twenty First Twenty first year. Yeah I was like Shit like did we miss them when I was like. Oh now he's just being sarcastic wasn't the first I wasn't the first infant. Ah by how was how was adjusting back to normal civilian life Sounds like you're like a center the first It was like my first summer. I've spent California since I was like a teenager in high school so it was nice. I I watched a a little baseball. I didn't watch a lot I mainly watched Yankee game just as I still pull for like see Guardian guys and But yeah it was it was it was good to the world series. What are your plans like going forward? And you've got the youtube channel up and running yeah. I'm doing youtube videos. which are a lot of fun You know I kinda told myself like if that day comes where I start to miss it and you know maybe we all go out and see on my arm feels but I really haven't had that moment yet so I'm just enjoying life and being dad and all that fun stuff so it's been It's it's been nice. And what is the name of the Youtube Channel so people know not aware the find it goes Paul Sills polls right just the ten thousand a humor. That's that's actually awesome are ten. That's looking very legit. So you open baseball cards in Pokemon cards and your commentary your endings. Is it you editing it. Oh No. I can't do that. I don't know spent the whole year away from baseball. Maybe you learn how to edit myself because I have to pay this guy. I lose money money on these videos already. So I haven't editor and he he makes males and videos and it's fun it's easy it takes me you know Fifteen fifteen twenty minutes to do and people seem to like it any thoughts doing Phil Hughes Corp to rival A-rod Corp like you sit down all day and like look at emails and signed baseballs where where suits in my house. No reason yeah yeah. It'd be funny if like you actually like did like a video phillies corporate. There's a free idea for you in your work on that right. Now be unbelievable we bring him. NANDITA brings era. And we need one of those big One of those big calendars on the tripod. Yes because you know. There's no calendars on your computer. Your phone so I need. I need a big paper one. Yeah you need a real fancy pants nearby. Like a five in our pen or something like that and just sitting sitting on a notepad and then you're good and then you have your feet up in a suit and then boom in a cigar in your hand or scarring your mouth and you're like yeah. That's that's that's the money shot right there. That's perfect but yeah. The Youtube Channel is the YouTube channel is is going well. I've I've watched a few videos and actually very entertaining And so that's good that's That's one way to spend. That's that's like okay like Phil. Like just didn't sit on his ass like all Aussie all twenty nine when he was just. He created his own youtube ten thousand subscribers. It's very legit. So congratulations to that very cool so cease about the you you said. I think a few times that he was your favorite team right. I believe you set that CECE. Yeah so he just retired so give us your best see DC story. That's not story. There's a lot of good ones well. Well I don't know if there's really a story but When he had his I think it was his thirtieth birthday? Gosh was it like that long ago. 'cause he's like forty right. He is thirty nine. signee like huge birthday party where like Jay Z. was there like it was insane right and there was like these. He's he's hired these These checks to like walk around it was almost like You know they had like drinks and you know and tally yeah. They had like snakes like like literally. Like I don't know I don't know what these kinds of snakes pythons or something okay Anaconda like huge fucking snakes and I. I hate snakes more than anything and they were everywhere like there was these ladies everywhere with like like with these big snakes wrapped around their entire bodies. And I just wanted to get out of there because I didn't want to be near any one of these snakes and She magic that's the Yankee like a really fun party. And Will it was a fun party for a Lotta people was absolutely terrified for me like Derek. Auditor's out two months because you got bit by a snake it was it was sup- it was so bizarre but I mean when you have a shift onto money you just you do stuff like that you know so like nobody wants. Nobody wants balloons that their birthday party. Right a multimillionaire. You know you need Boa constrictors inserters. Jesus Christ was Jay Z.. Just like all your parties because I mean there's a famous like a-rod party right no nine that we could. You told us having some about that. But then more came came out David Robertson. Be Too scared to jump in the pool. Like Jay Z. Basically he was really mad. US really meant to be there. That was the night I tried to dumb country. Now he didn't go yes. Tell that So it's in the book that Yeah Hulk wrote that right yeah yeah and Yeah yeah so like everybody was just trapped at this party and had already like everybody had already jumped in the pool. And this House era was He was renting that year. Had like a a barn like basketball court and so everybody was just like shooting around or whatever and like chase he was just standing under the Hoop Just like talking to somebody like not playing basketball. I I just ran up and tried to like post horizon and a failed miserably like fell on my ass and I think he I think he's still dislikes three to stay. If you successfully pulled that off and got embarrassing shot like you'd be debt like Jay. Z has the power murder. Yeah you're probably a the thing that I that I was like such an ass because embarrassed them. I probably would be a good story though. How did it feel die? They'll Jay Z.. Actually had him killed because because he does and he does a really good idea. I wonder if we win. The world series. They'll work to grow. I wonder if they rally around your death in. Oh nine if If Jesse just kills you still win the world series. That's a big. What if and sports one of the greats show live which is good and you have your youtube channel so everything's it is going great But yeah so. CC retiring and along with Didi leaving So Guard is really the gardens coming back thank God because and romance got seemingly everyone with a good personality. That was gelling the team together. It's just gone except for gardeners there's a lot of pressure I feel like I'm Brett Gardner But do you think I didn't Do he still on your ear with an option. Yeah Oh gosh yeah so. That's good for them. 'cause yeah for sure especially with being awesome. Welcome to picks being out with the Tommy John and you know the like talking and I think they believe in and we believe in obviously but there's still the uncertainty of. Can he do it again this year. And he's ziesel still the same guy says you can't take that gamble so they definitely to bring him back. Thank God because it seems like every single person. We talked to you from the team and around the team is just like Gardner owner. Is that guy that you go to anytime you need anything like if you need any advice whatsoever. He's going to tell you the right thing. He's almost like the team therapist that seems like. Did you get that vibe. Live from Cardi. Yeah he's also like the prankster like Laureus. That's that's why everybody loves like he would get mixed pusher so much shit back in the day and And like you need you know like not every clubhouse like is You know needs like the rallied all the time. You know you need like you need the comedy to break it up. 'cause around he's got so much that's a garden definitely brings that it's He's a good player. Like everybody's like Oh you know he's good for the Club House the group that solitude. Yeah I mean. He had a career year in with power ups. RBI's last year was ridiculous. Well we didn't have a career car. You're right so that brings us to the juice balls. Do you by that. Like something crazy going on with the balls and that they just for whatever reason they were like. Oh yeah we need more often so they just change the ball's laws out I don't know what happened but yeah there's definitely something different. What the boss? I can't speculate on you know if it was you know. Plan thing four If there was just something different about the machines that they use to make them. I don't know but Yeah I mean you don't you don't break like a record. Was it last year two years ago. Yeah for the most runs ever by a thousand and then shatter that again the next year by right There's yeah there's no way. That's not a coincidence. What would you do going forward like? Leave them as is 'cause like you can't go back or do you. Just try to try to go back and be like that. One year was an aberration. Yeah I don't know I don't want to do. I mean well first of all if they know what the issue was like if they if it was actually a calculated move that they changed with the balls ause and I guess you could go back But if they don't know what's different Then I don't I don't know what you do. I'd like to believe that nobody knows what's going on on but I feel like it is like A. Yeah go ahead. I know I feel like math. Is Evil Genius. who was like? He's behind he's not auditees behind everything and he thought he was doing the right move and he just isn't like as of now. I think everyone except saying something with the seams and you know Tanaka was just. I remember Tanaka specifically. We're just trying to find a new splitter grip like basically on the fly in the middle of the season eventually got it by the end of the year last crazy. Well you gotta like and also like it's it's insane that they won't they didn't address it in the offseason like come out and say something because Howard team like teams are going to go out and get pitchers or going to go out and get hitters to pay based on like what's going to happen in two thousand twenty like who am I going to go after hitters hero. It's crazy it's like I don't know what you do is GM in that situation absence shit show. Hopefully they just even if they wanted to increase home runs and increase offense right to get You know younger audience more into baseball. Just say it just like right. I'll just say that this is what you're doing like the NHL you know they. They limit the the amount of pats at the goal. It's GonNa wear because they want more offense football. They don't want extra points to be so they move them back like just just be transparent about it you know but like just trying to sneak some different balls in You know it seems it just makes me look like a crook you know and so another change. They're trying to make which stinks is the three battle or he bring relief pitcher in the have to face at least three batters unless it's to end in ending. What do you think about that? I got is trying to increase pace of play but I know awesome. A lot of people think I mean can't mess with the strategy of baseball riots. Dumb it's not gonNA work. It's not it's I'm not gonNA speak games up you know By how much like you know if you WANNA speak games up you know. That's there's other ways to do it and it's not you know forcing a guy to to stay in for three dollars right because not only that it takes away. You know you've got a guy You know reliever that maybe pitched the night before four. And you're forced to basically have him out there for sixty seventy pitches if he's struggling like what are you. You know what I mean. It's like I don't even think of it in that way. It's like you can't get it bring a guy in the next day just to get one out right like. Are you going to back to back. Days because MRS fucked. Is it too late to just be like this. Move fucking stinks. That's why we doing from Afri- Nydia one for anybody out. Yeah that's the biggest deal. Yeah Dis gives up three home runs. It's like a just kill. The guy on there was a mets reliever. I forgot who it was and they just set one of. KFC blog that. I can't remember his name but he was in the minor leagues and they. He just pissed three batteries. Not Three hours okay. Three batters but there was a guy in the mets minor league system a couple couple years ago who just left him out there for like three innings or two innings and gave up like fifteen runs. He retired like after the game he was like. I just can't do this anymore. Philip down might happen a lot more frequently. If this rule is gonNA stick and people are GonNa Listen to twenty thirteen where I just wanted to go home. Who doesn't I mean everyone? Everyone has their bad days. But I mean yeah this. I don't see how this will sticks. I mean I feel like there's there's a lot of changes in baseball and sports in life that you were like they they freak out about and and after a week or two. It's like all right. Well whatever this is part of like the the D. L. to the I L. I thought that was insane to start now. Just call it the like no problem but like this is going. That'd be different. I think this'll be a problem. router threats like the average Stafford's game went from like three hours twelve minutes to three hours and nine minutes. It'd be like okay. It was this worth it right You know it's it's we're trying to trying to baseball popular with young people. So try experiment. Walks wants us to homer so that they are. We'll wrap up here. I know you're not happy about the obviously Nike is now going to to be on the Nike. SWOOSH IS GONNA be on every Single Jersey in two thousand twenty moving on paid over a billion dollars. It's being reported for the for the switch and and you know where to put it. What are your thoughts on the Yankee Jersey tradition and having that Nike's poster it's brutal and and you know me like I don't believe in the shaving thing I think there's a lot of like dumb traditions that You know are around. That are just silly but you know having the swoosh on the chest as like it just takes takes away from the uniform too much specifically with the Yankees or saying right walls. I mean specifically with the Yankees just because it's such a classic but it looks bad on all of brutal and you know I get that. If you'RE GONNA pay that much money you want You want brand recognition on TV and you know the sleeve is obviously not as ideal as the chest. But I mean like Major League. Baseball is printing money. Do they need a billion dollar deal could they. Maybe I've said hey would you Do It for six fifty if we do it on. The leased leased But yeah I hate it Did you see my picture where I had my buddy photoshop. Just a big Nike swoosh on the chest and the yeah. I think you're doing all these things secretly at home by yourself. And now you're just outing yourself the you just have everyone do it for you. And I'm a little I mean I don't think phil uses making that himself L.. Fly I don't think it feels like Oh expert. I can barely like crop. A picture like Photoshop. Come all right. I'm giving you a little too much credit. The but genius ideas. I just need help executing. Okay that's fair give us give us one I'll get back to rush out. I'm press so after Youtube. And My my photoshop picture about. Yeah you've got the holidays through march on those. Yeah your your your your holiday seasons coming up you take a break you you. You're on the couch. You had some good ideas and then we'll get back to cook it in the right right around like spring training or the regular season so exactly okay et Fille. Thank you so much for taking the time to join us today You're now back to back. Years on the porch has pretty good Thanks also for saying I look like Derek jeter. That was me. I can't wait to get that clip out on twitter. I was ridiculous. It was one of the worst ruined by Friday. Good God to fill always a pleasure. Best of luck. Best Luck with a kid. I think it's going to get a little harder on you. You seemed to be coasting right now as a dad but from the looks of it From people around here in the office who just avenue newborns. I think it's going to get a little bit harder. So maybe the next time we talk to your like you hit the places on fire and you're like yeah. Everything's not really fine anymore. You're just GonNa hear screaming in the background. Yeah it'll be. It'll be interesting to see how that evolves in three or four months. Yeah we'll have to check in at some point But Yeah Phil always a pleasure. We'll talk to you again soon. Take care thanks I appreciate you got all right. Thanks getting to fill USA. Fake will be talking to him throughout the season as the Yankees go undefeated and win the world series in easy fashion but always awesome. Always good to talk to him. He's got a chance to go thousand youtube channel spills. Polls he's got over ten thousand scrubbers. Mitch very big deal very hard youtube subscribers I we can use some youtube scrubbers too so the short on youtube as well so follow that we tried to posted many visual. You can you guys can see you know. Get an in depth interview people in the studio you can see what's going on different aspects that rather than just listening to podcasts. But listen to podcasts. I anybody else. We can both the clicks where do the Yankees all decade team consists the last short ports of the of the decade. Actually I'll credit to us. We're like a switch shit. It's like a hundred and fifty fifth episode. One hundred six crazy. How many episodes to be done but Thank you listeners and everybody vert subscribing and all that in listening it's crazy we started this kind of you know just a hobby end up turning into a job which is cool all decade team. Now did you do This on your favorite players the decade or best players in the decade. I did it as best. That's okay that's what I did. Okay like in all. NBA team is just the writer's his favorite players are. Let's let's relax. Some eye-catcher is Gary Sanchez. Stay starting this like going through through. I'm not surprising. Didn't want world series this decade. Like looking at pretty shitty. Oh really shitty all decade team like I. I was expecting expecting it to be like it was more like trying to find guys. As opposed to squeezing guys at I couldn't find a D. H.. Like I kind of guessed him. I D H. We'll get to that which I just put like the best left. I didn't do a okay. Okay anybody that was sort of my check up but yeah I've also carry US capture. Okay first first basements to share. I wanted to do because I love him. But I mean it's tough to share. I still any of the decade. who was putting up some numbers I think here is where second basis where you can make an argument but like probably not but I put canot? But you've got labor. I put canal but I mean Labour's had two years and he's played shortstop for Canot four years was an all star. MVP Top five second baseman. Like if you if you compare like their wars like could no. I think I was like twenty more wins above replacement so to me. That was easy. Honorable Mention was stolen. Castro I love starring. Yeah forget about starting shortstop. Aw I have to hear me to heater Belykh. Jeeter did nothing pretty much the last couple of years into the decade like right like twenty two thousand fourteen his last year he wasn't good twenty thirteen. He was hurt a lot one of those other years. Who was hurt a lot and it wasn't like Didi like jeeter obviously owns the the two thousand in the ninety s but I think Dede meant more to the twenty ten yankees than jeeter? Yeah I I would I would agree. I mean he got better every single year right and like if you if you're a guy who's leaving people are devastated like that means you do a lot in that decade of Your Life Right. They also played probably way more. Yeah I would I would agree. Yeah he yeah for sure Sir Bases A-rod I mean pretty straightforward their. I D only played fifty one more games as decade than appear to be. I mean but jeters like end of his career was Sadie. Had Eight eight more war though so I love you. Single Shit on Jeeter for his defense like his feeling percentage and all that and you know all the Sierra metric fielding things like the guy just refused to not play anywhere anywhere shortstop like he was just way too old. This is like that to be fair though. That could be a knock on them. Yes that's the thing that point. He wanted to be a shortstop the capital Yankees. And like I don't know it's just like you wrote the last couple years because like you know shit is fucking really old. Every other player moves their position in when they get that old. Jeeter Peter to stay there base. Elevate Rod some people I was there was a few viral del decades that were going around and some people headley at least some people and you just can't have and hearts. They played like one year. What are we talking about here? At our played one year chase headley sneaky like played a lot for the Yankees. Yeah but none of them were good. He was good and like era. I mean he's a-rod like he still had he was hurt but twenty fifteen in the big year twenty tiny was still productive Sprinkles and like eleven twelve. I mean he's a-rod he's GonNa be on my all decade team. Of course yeah and the big moment is obviously that hit the astros game where he should have been thrown out at second because he fell but then he miraculously got Miraculously got the second. But whatever Al feel might be a little different here but let feel I am Gardy. I mean you got me to forever. He's probably the player of the decade. They probably are easy. Centerfield Curtis granderson man. I thought that was going to be a unique pick. We said the same lists pretty much the same exactly. I forgot how good granderson was. I was going through his baseball reverence like he finished fourth in the MVP MVP voting. I totally forgot about that. He has if you look from in the decade. He has the third highest or of any Anki crazy absolutely insane but a superstar years twenty ten twenty eleven and twenty twelve. Yeah he was impact Tarquini with her. But I mean that's a mouth to you know. Put her up there. Yeah I mean grandy was he. Never you know defensively was never really that good like never had the arm and all that but I mean he gets every ball in most barn he just he. His swing swing was so perfect for Yankee Stadium. So perfect And the right field. I've got Aaron Judge Ami to what we what are we doing here D. H.. Would you prefer Deitch H so I just put jeeter 'cause like there's No D. H.. That really stands out so as Johnny lunch. I'll just got the best guy left like you can't leave out the captain. Okay the captain I originally down here Beltran and then kind had Giancarlo D. H.. which is a lot? But if we're just GONNA take we pick over a little boy. Am I all decade team. Fuck it I don't care. Now here's work stopped are fucking rotation is so bad after th. There's three that you're gonNA work. We're GONNA have three Locke C. C.. For sure sure spy is your is your all decade cat to knock Gardy. I think it's easy Tanaka for sure. Yup Yup. Okay now. Who's your fourth so this to me? I actually forgot about how much I liked to the sky. I and I think he I think he has to be in it. Hiroki Kuroda we have the same list as much I mean I forgot how good he was in like. Twenty twelve twenty thirteen two thousand fourteen pitch two hundred innings every one nine last year two hundred every year like er a in the mid threes just so solid like you could set your watch. Good Hiroki Kuroda Star. He was the ace of the rotation for like a couple of years in a row. And I'm pretty sure he just re signed one year deals every time he's like I don't want to commit to anything longer within one year but eventually he went to Korea. They went back you. He's still pitching. I believe it may to okay my last one. There's no way you have. I don't know there's no way who is about Nova. Okay wow so I I had. It was either or like I. I've actually deleted nobody. But he was like he's number six for me. Line is still whose fuck it all right first. He he picked like five. Years is a star. This day I looked so to me. It came down to Nova Hughes or Andy Pettitte. Jesus Christ Andy Pettitte did have A couple pitched in a he. He didn't pitch that that much. The war was still pretty high and like he's Andy Pettitte but let's see pitched in twenty ten. He pitched was eleven and three only pitched twenty one starts. He retired hired in twenty eleven. Came Back Two thousand twelve seventy five innings and twenty thirteen is pretty legit hundred eighty five innings three point seven four Jahra but Yeah I just want on over because you know how much I love Avendano also pitched if you if you look at innings pitched by this decade of Nova is third. Yeah Oh yeah. They weren't all good innings but when he was on his game oh boy best pitcher in baseball he. Also Yvonne Moment. Didn't know how to get a notice. I feel it's either. A winner. Lost us every time he pitched like really good start or he was me so bad he was definitely taking the loss so I feel like he's got a ton of wins. Well that just thought off a gut And then I said to pick three relievers. Obviously oh I did have Mareo really oily pitch three seasons seasons fucking Marianne St Caesar's. There's probably no one better. Yeah true I just don't know twenty. He didn't pitch it all. Twenty twelve all for like a month and then obviously it was unreal and twenty in eleven in our ten eleven thirteen all decade. I wanted like a little more longevity. I don't know maybe I should have put what him in all right. Now we have this. Could we have a difference of. WHO's your number one so I didn't really have an order but whatever the three I had were Potanin Chapman David Robertson? Okay so misers mode Chapman Potenza. So I I like my bullpen. More than you're I is the Dave Robertson. Yeah well no shit man rather Maryono. But if we're doing like all decade like Dave Roberts any pitched let's see four hundred twenty five innings this decade Marriott. Only one hundred ninety. I don't know take anybody then. Yeah I'M GONNA take Marrano but I was thinking more in terms of like who did more in the day Robinson was like a big hit so many ridiculous years then he came back for the second part of the decade to you. Just think it's okay you think Dan Robertson's better than most it's fun. Whatever you left off year I thought that putting a Java just to he's awesome but not in twenty tend and now didn't he pitched into the twenty cents? No not well if you did to like Oh eight whizzes or seven the light but like I just loved like his job in forever I well. I left off jeeter because I didn't didn't really think they put him in. But you left off now so I guess we're worry fuck what else I had something to talk about Oh Oh I was remnant youtube last night and as watching Roger Clemens like his return to the Yankees. Did you realize how much they paid him that year to come back. It's like twenty five million or something. Twenty billion. It was appropriated twenty million dollar contract and start that that that's insane and like could you imagine something like that happened where he showed up and was like imagine like twenty nine points. It just shows me like yeah. I'm coming back. They brought me back from Houston. That won't be fucking and stick. That whole situation was show Yankees. I mean the best is Susan Waldman like yeah go nuts oh my God. It's Roger Climates. He's in Georgia box. He's enjoying this black skies. Oh my God what a moment so funny I just forgot how much made him absolutely ridiculous. He's good that you're too. He's like I start for so so good that you're well now. We have dare called who the girl two point. Oh so what would be your prediction. I twenty twenty the twenty twenty s all decade starting rotation. He was forty forty five that year. That's saying it's like they million starting was forty five. That's such a George Steinbrenner move it's the most memorable time. It's actually sleet whatever we want to interview at some point. Obviously what I feel like. That's unlikely the George Roger Clemens. 'cause in his watch watch this press conference and he said I don't know if you've ever publicly said it'd be. It was a conversation he had with George. And he's like I'm GonNa keep this quiet for now but when this is all set a dumb maybe maybe I'll say it out loud like what George told me to come back to the Yankees. I WanNa know what he sold. And I know Remembers that it was probably so trying to threaten his whole family something. I didn't need to know that thing. So whenever we down the road we ever get Roger Clements. Somehow I guess it's not out of fuck realm of questions but I want to ask him that. What else did it has sakes all my friends? Who in the hotdog thing? I guess that was that I tweeted. That out like randomly and had like five thousand likes on twitter. I just did not think that would catch on with US progress. He so as last night he was through twenty three two you days. I'm not with him right now. I won't see him till Friday but you guys are stupid for like doing this this week. You should done it on a week. I'll track like don't you live together. So it's his call. It's not our call but he wanted to do it a week that he he can't he works for A cab big four accounting firm so he can't. I can't do this at work. And he's about hit busy season so like he had to do it this week while he's off from work otherwise he's Never GonNa do it so we'll see sending you videos every timing each one. He's it's a group shot yeah And he's He's through twenty. I don't I haven't looked yet to see what this update right now but I think he's ideas. He's trying to five for lunch at five for dinner for just seven straight days. That's the plan. And he's doubts anyone the honey monster. He bought the biggest buns ever with this thing. Which I guess? He said it's a good idea because he's tasting less hotdog and bun when he's eating them but I don't know that's that's GonNa fill you up quicker. He's he's in trouble. I think after like fifteen he was ready to throw up I don't know what he's going to do. But yes. So He's definitely through twenty and he's like one of the worst punishments ever. Some people are like this isn't a punishment. Yes it is your one. You never looking Arnott's on on the planet. Yeah you're never going to be able to eat hotdogs ever again. It's just like you know it's just a ruin thing which is fine when we go dance because we get low bells anyways but Which I made the point? He got very happy at that. That's good. I want to feel bad about ruining hotdogs but he's going to gain weight. He's a hundred and twenty seven pounds. He doesn't eat anything he was good. At least at least he has at least he's not like almost fat but like I'm saying like this is torture to make him eat this much like not just stomach like his business punishment earlier in the year and I use it for my league and the loser of our league it it was between one or two people one was in shape and the other was not in shape. And we're very concerned that if the one rude loss it would be like a health concern we we would have to shut it down. We're starting our as the next week. Yeah I mean it'll be pretty because he had off of work and he could do anyone it'd be able to do it at work by Joey chestnut comment the to the. I didn't even notice that until until afterwards but yeah just chestnuts like all also Eric Cool. Yeah so I'll try to keep the world updated. I don't think he really wants people to be updated on so he doesn't have any social media. He's one he he. He is an insane person. He gets all his news. He doesn't have twitter instagram facebook. Nothing he gets all his news from bleacher the report or boxful. He has the bar slap as the bleacher report up and bleacher. Report has like the twitter. Thing that's happened. Follows is. News is through the twitter thing on bleep. That is because I. I think he's the only person in the world who does that. I think he is crazy but So he doesn't he has no idea. I Like I've been tweeting about and whatever but it's it's something so I guess you WanNa keep updated on that. I'll try to tweet out the rest of the week and see what he's doing a- all I know is that he's through twenty and he's he's dying on the inside other than that if this report. That's it for the decade of the shore ports spent a good decade. Komo few years of doing this so be back January second it will be recording again. Hope hopefully there's some some news year going around. Hopefully my friend has died of a heart of a heart attack from the hot dogs. Maybe I can get him on the show for five minutes. We can talk to. Who knows probably like that but That have everyone have a merry Christmas happy Hanukkah Kwanzaa as well happy New Year A laniers ears but happy new year and And Yeah thank you so much. Everyone who's been listening to this report in this decade negate fucking great time the next decade. It's that much. Oh I wasn't real quick won't be your prediction for the Yankees starting rotation of the next decade the All Decade Garrett Cole Right We Severino Okay Michael King putting candidate they're both of them and if they reassigned James Paxton I'll put him in there maybe Jason Domingus Angus decides to pitch to and he could see that a really good at this as well. If in my spare time I could pitch a few winning streak guys who had been my fifth I mean ideally. It's Debbie Garcia. If he's this fucking good I guess it could be Medina. I see Tanaka. Probably Pitch for ten years could beat Tanaka. Yeah who knows but that's already better than what we had twenty ten bad so bad All right so we're moving onto the twenty twenty s thank. God we've got Gary Coleman the twenty twenty. It's very good news anyway. Happy everybody and we'll see you back here next year on your porch. Oh there's a John Sterling. You've been listening to short porch Byproduct of Barstool Sports. He's not detainees. BOBBY DOT COM. Starting Eddie's Eddie's these knobby nose battle the first the list off thirties.

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