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Income Stream Machine Interview with Sara Michaels Part 3


Welcome to the kingdom mom podcast. I'm your host Lindsay Anderson Founder of Kingdom coaching and helping homeschool dot com here are kingdom the mom we grow together and identity marriage parenting home management and in our finances. We would love for you to join our community go kingdom on podcast dot com to join her paid monthly coachie community. It's basically like the podcast but on steroids and you get to hear weekly coaching coaching calls. Plus you get live. VIP QNA's and we also have an affiliate program where you can actually earn while you learn but you can also join our tribe of mom binder masters absolutely free by taking our free ultimate mom binder video course just go to kingdom mom podcasts dot com. All right are are you ready to take back your territory king. Demaim let's begin. Hey Hey kingdom. Mom said. Today is our third and final episode with Sarah. Michael's if you have been absolutely loving this these episodes this one you're gonNA love even more. This was the one where I was like Sarah. We could go on and on non but we have to like cut this off. We cannot talk for three hours You're GONNA absolutely love this I. I can't wait to to hear the feedback from these podcasts. So it's because we record these few months in advance sometimes and I. I tend to forget like how massively impactful they are going to be. And then I start getting the Messenger inches. So if these episodes have spoken to you please leave a review And let us know like how these have affected you but also make sure that you access access the Free Bonuses that Sarah is giving just to kingdom on podcast listeners. So the way that you access those is you're GonNa go to Sarah Michael's Dot Com S. A. R. A. M. I C. H. A. E. L. S. Dot Com forward slash K M bonus. Km Bonus and those links links will be in the show notes as well if you want to reference that so without further ado. Let's get to it all right so businessmen in such a fire station. I feel like like Saron. I could totally geek out about business stuff like we just are on the same page about like goal setting leading and like dreaming and I love it but I knew that people were going to lake. Grab their pitchforks. And stuff and come after us if we did not talk about about creating income streams this is probably honestly One of the number one reasons why people join our kingdom membership is because they're like okay. She's GonNa teach me this stuff but she's also going to teach me how to build income streams and they don't realize that they actually need the other stuff before the income streams but. I think that people just need to see the road map of creating income streams to realize how possible it is so Sarah can you you and I were kind of talking about this already. But can you kind of explain your different types of income streams and then how you kind of built those and how they sort of stacked on top of one another and so I think candidates think I have as of right now five income streams which include affiliate marketing marketing. And so essentially. If you've if you've hung out with Lindsay you know season affiliate not her her Kijima membership. You can become an affiliate of that so if you don't know what to the result there's one you can become an affiliate so affiliate marketing is essentially when you partner with another company An entrepreneur or something that already has a product in you get paid to promote back. So that is one of my income streams Another another one. Is I have partnered with a home based business opportunity. That aligned with my personal vision in which this happens to be in the health and wellness field and nice thing about home based businesses is because it were kind of like an affiliate however there's a higher potential to earn more because you can build a team and Dan earned income Get paid a little more but essentially it works Mike affiliate marketing so I do affiliate a home based business and I have my agency which we do. Website Design and advertising social media management and I have Recently recently expanded and rebranded for the move down here so we handle on on one client. Essentially what what I realize from from my experience of building my own business was that some people you need a website or you need social media or content. Who does that? And it's something. I got good at and loved in so I opened up in ISI inside. Now you do that for a private client like Wendy respon- of ours. What a superfund on project? By the way. It was funny. Because I had seen Lindsey come out with kingdom mom and I just like I'm like oh my I just wanted to get my hands on her brand Iran because I loved it so you probably had seen the website so the first the first kingdom mom the website I built by. I myself like the membership platform in Y'all it was like it was bad and so I basically came to. He's made this pretty I don't i. I did this myself. Building websites is not my cup of tea. It was like good enough. It was good enough and yes the content carried kingdom the website insight. Let's just say that. And that's the most important part was that she did it like she got it done so that was one of the main concerns case so there. There's here's that I I like being able to express my guests in creativity and be able to use it and get paid for it because I believe that when you create income streams you can been paid to do what you love in. You can figure out how to integrate your income streams into your unique gifts and figure out how to make a living off of so Affiliate Marketing home based business. I have my agency and my team where team members and then I also do you a little bit of consulting so one on one. If someone doesn't WanNa you know if they don't WanNa hire my agency they already have their own team they just need some direction. They'll Ohio that way and then also became a creator of course creator so one one thing that I learned the evolution kind of of this whole business thing it was Whence you master something? The next logical step is to turn back around in to help people who who who are where you were so that kind of where I got into. I started Beta testing a couple. A couple of different courses in The fall of this year you know on teaching people how to start their own agency at how to become site designer. I found that I really Malo. Hello be system that like. I am a total nerd so I out for like the tax end like the setup in the the student side of building the business automation and so we decided to open up something called what attack which is a membership community so penalty Lindsey has here the we have something similar. Only it's for like the tech side of business. So that's that's what there's what that is I was just getting started. I always recommend if you don't it. You know the type of business that you start will depend on your current ability you know your. What do you currently know about business if you you don't know anything and you don't know how to build your own business? It's always best to get promoting someone else so affiliate on or for a home based business if you love makeup. There's makeup companies out there now if you love health and wellness. They're supplement companies. There's all different kinds of things you can look into so I would do that when you're looking at businesses though one thing if I can give my the combination because the first company that joins I never. I didn't know what to look for. I just joined the first company that came my anyway so there are some things to look for in companies. You WanNa look at. Is the company debt. Free like what's I say it's like the three C.'s. You look at the company Compensation Plan and you WanNa look at the culture so when you're looking at different business opportunities to join or different affiliate programs from first of all look at the company K is this. Is this somebody that you could align with. I found once I got in my first company that I did not ethic realigned with some and it was like marketing their product was like taking being a piece of my soul and eventually I left a decent paycheck. Because I just I couldn't do it right so Look at the company Are they debt. Free what you know what. What is the leadership quality like? Do they have like a sense of greed. What's what's the feel on the company Look at the compensation plan is the compensation plan built for to be more in favor of its independent independent distributors or do the earnings get capped off wizards of questions to ask. You can even look at if you go online. And you the Go-to Lake Better Business Bureau or you go to if you type in like top top earners in whatever company You can see like the different companies that have produced higher earners that that's something to look at look at. The compensation plan is trustworthy. I got into a business where it was like. They kept your earnings because there comes a play and so it's just kinda like well shoot What do you do? It's so you and by the way just because you're best friends. Cordon invites you to join a home based business. It doesn't mean that you necessarily have to join with that person. You are allowed to position yourself for success and do a little research into the team K.. So if you're starting a home based business and you're going to be joining someone's team look at the team will do. They have a track record of success. Do they have success. Systems in place. Is there duplication. Is there on training laser. These are questions I would ask yet so that that would be where I would start if I had to say if you're listening you're brand new to business. You don't know where to start unjust. I just WANNA create a multiple a stream of income look at affiliate marketing fine. I'm someone who has a products audits or maybe a membership or course that you could get behind our promoted promote kingdom mom or or if you know if there's a company that you're taking products for see if there's a way you could be an affiliate for that company Or you know. There's plenty of home as businesses that you could check in tune. Just pick one that fits your lifestyle so that would be where I'd recommend. Starting this is so good and so oh I just I wanNA paint like what this looks like. So this is very similar to how my personal income streams are set up so I have affiliate relationships ships I think I probably I don't know I probably get about four affiliate paychecks a month from different companies that I partner with And also I have a home business relationship so I have a company that I promote That I use their products that I align with just like Sarah say like you. All of those criteria it matched up and so I- partner with them but and and then also you know we have the blog. We have primarily primarily the way the blog makes money is through affiliate marketing eating a relationships there but then also You know We have the Kingdom of membership website and different things like that. So plus yes you know. My husband then has his income streams as well so we probably I think we counted it up. I don't know what the number is now like seven different streams of income that we personally finally have and some of them are bigger streams of income. Some of them are smaller streams of income. But it all adds up and so. But here's here's something that I would love to touch on Sarah Building business whether it's your marketing. Somebody's a product as an affiliate. Whether whether it's home business whether it's your own business at your promoting there are the basics of business because we've all seen we've all seen the home business the people that are just like posting on facebook spam and like we've seen it but building business no matter like it. There are some basics and I talk about this in our coaching. There are some people and we all see them where it's like. No matter what they touch it turns to gold like they talk about a product on their social media and everybody goes goes and buys it whether they are getting not like. It's just like people. Just listen to them. That's because they understand the core fundamental mental basics of business building. So can you kind of talk talk to that just a little bit. Yeah absolutely so we settle on when you get into any any businesses visited. I recommend not wrap your identity up in the identity the of the company or whatever product. You're promoting K.. Because then you lose a little bit of yourself so when you you you're building no matter what business you have light you're doing you. Are Your own brands. Like you're your own brands and if you're using a social media media if you're using social media using it like post means or whatever and like what I mean once in a while there is a need that I cannot resist assists and I will repulsed but for the most part I'm not hosting like controversial content like reporting stuff. Be Very conscious of your presence because because that's essentially online business card your social media instagram. Your facebook Youtube. Whatever it is those are laid if you were to have a brick and mortar business? Those what essentially I'll be like different locations and they all the same place right. You've got to Treat your social media seriously like a if you go on you go on facebook a new if you don't look professional or you don't present yourself. That's what I would say. Presentation is key. Have a personal brand cigarette. What is that that you value? Hey on that your product is GonNa Aligned with kind of present yourself. Accordingly and then create create a culture of people that would either be like your dream clients or your dream community in engage them. Make Nick be part of that. You can't just go on social media an act to get back all all these people are going to buy from you if you're not putting something thing out there as well so you have to be willing to provide value Like there's ways to talk about your products in a way I I call scrambling you know. You could share a behind the scenes of what you're doing you're sprinkling you're using attraction marketing which which is one hundred percent now how I build my business. I do not pop into people's inboxes and be like Oh man that that totally turned the off in why I didn't want to go back to a certain business model because they're teaching people to happen to people's inboxes unlike any go go go message. Go friend three three people a day on have been there. I have been there done. Matt got the T shirt I a lot a lot of the Sabbath teaser. I think a lot of us have been there done that. Got The t shirt and then realized yeah. No my friend. Hey what did I do you. But it's about like we you hear a lot about becoming an influence and this influence word gets thrown around and this is what I I say like yes build influence but you actually earn influence. You earn the right to speak into somebody's life and you earn earn the right you to get that and you do that by providing like you have to give you have to give order now. I WanNa talk because you mentioned it just a little bit now. You and I both have Membership website platforms right. Yes and so I think sometimes people are like okay. Okay well I don't really WANNA create a membership website. Like I just want to do and of course but you have also created courses on is brilliant I know several people who it doesn't even matter like your business model doesn't have to be a coaching or whatever but Like my sister for example shameless plug for my sister Mr Six Zero five six zero five assistant solutions. She's a Va and she works one on one with clients but she also created acorss as another income stream. She created a course to teach other people how to START A. Va Business. So there's different things you can do to monetize your specific business more about course creation and what that looks excellent. I think that So the education industry is booming. Right now so if you have any kind of expertise expertise whether and when I say expertise I don't mean that it. It doesn't have to be something that you know you went out and got a degree for. I don't have any of his zolder graves. Expertise is simply Experienced that puts you ahead of where someone else currently is right so you don't you have to be like the best in the world. You just have to be able to help people who are in the position where you were at right. So what other heard this knowledge that you've learned you can turn this around and helps them so linus Looking at the reason I looked at course creation specifically was because I wanted to have more freedom I've been working a lot with one on one clients and I love that but I wanted to taper down and do one custom projects like a quarter so that way I had more freedom I want to to train people so I've affect courses because I was able to duplicate my efforts and help more people so I actually sat down one day A and was like okay. How can I walk the person through this process and get them to the outcome and turn this into a course and I did that? I tested it out for us. I Mike Okay. Does anyone want to try this out. L. I offered it soon for Promo Price Off I knew I was onto something when people were paying me the full price for the Promo Mike. This may be a good market on it was it was. It was a really good experience. We got a lot of good feedback. And so we're launching officially into twenty twenty as discourses and is really GonNa be my main focus like with a membership. Site membership sites meant money like literally. It gives you the ability to duplicate yourself to help if you have a desire to share your knowledge college right but you don't WanNa do it one on one or you don't have the time. Maybe you have multiple kids or you're just busy but you want to help more people having a membership versus or like a community allows you to be able to multiply the impact that you have while still making as substantial income which it is something. I love about memberships Something that I just want to add to that Sarah is. I was just talking to another businesswoman. A few days ago Who Does like sort of mom coaching similar? What I do but she prefers to work one on one with people? She does not find Joy Day in the group coaching. She likes the one on one. And so here's what that looks like because we're talking about vision. And what would you want your day to look like. We talked about that in the last episode. Like what do you enjoy. What brings you peace what you like? Okay so membership. Website might seem like oh well I would make more money with a membership membership website because I could have you know five hundred members and you know whatever however there is so much value in one on one. Coaching like doing one on one coaching. Because I did do that for a long time at very very draining for me in so I preferred furred. That's why I created the membership platform. I was like because I can help. More people with an overall message and then help MHM One on one in the VIP. But but then I'm talking to this woman over here and she prefers the one on one. So here's what that looks like then. Okay because because one on one coaching is very high value. Like I've People will pay for that personalized attention and that personalized plan so while a membership might be you know a hundred dollars a month what coaching might be five. Five hundred thousand dollars. I know people who have ten thousand dollar coaching programs where they work one on one with people so that is where it. That's where you charge more. Because you're offering a more specialized service in getting your one on an expertise so you can create it. However you want you can have the the kind of residual monthly income from that but you just design it based on your? Yeah absolutely I love that because it really and it all goes back to figuring out what what your values are what you enjoy doing lake. It all comes down to that and so that's where it's like setting that vision for what you want your life to look like until you know that like until you have essentially that punched into your GPS. I think there's a quote in. It's like you know until you. You know where you're going any road will do. And it's so true it's like you'll you'll take anything like like Lindsey. One Person Might WanNa do do one on one. Coaching one person might find more joy in memberships that personally I reserve. I have a high ticket one on one consulting program the I don't advertise for its invitation only And I like having maybe one to three of those types of clients at at at any given month and that's it the rest of it was it was too much and so for me. I found like Menzies said you know. She finds joy in having the membership. I love that as well because I'm able to interact in a way that has like boundaries for me where I'm not available all the time you know. I've got multiple things that I like to do. I'm a multi passionate entrepreneur ex. I love my beach. I thrive on flow and spontaneity. But I do need structure and so I've built my business in a way that allows me need to do that so from for how it looks for me as we have our Our Agency site and market that online so people will find us. We advertise the book. A call. And we'll do that. And then I give that assignment to my team which is not talking nights at eleven as soon as you tan it you can hire health. It's the best investment to make your your sanity. I highly recommend that. And if you're building a business thing when I was a single mom I thought that I there is like this willing guilt thing about doing it all you do. Not what after all I had a nanny personals soon I had a housekeeper I had a guy mowing my grass K.. A and that was all so that aid in my favorite time might vary limited. Spare time when I wasn't homeschooling when I wasn't nursing my baby I was Ziebel to focus on building my business. People thought I was nuts. They're like you know I had quote unquote air quotes friend. That hat were just be very rude about me hiring. Keep on him like you. Don't they're not gonNA get it right at higher help If you start to have a business get a VA VA Lindsay's sister. There you go. Yeah you can hire help and Structure Your Business. How you want in a way that allows you a to enjoy the freedom that you desire? So that's how I built my business. We have a blog. My blog will bring in some traffic on. We have a business resource about where I share in Sosa make affiliate income in that respect. We have one on one clients man Dan in order to help more people without Megan burnt out my courses in my membership site essentially allowed me to like duplicate myself yourself and be able to help more people so pretty exciting. What's also great about the course? Model and the membership model and different things like that and having some sort of like intellectual intellectual property that you can mark it is you can really scale that. So it's one thing to create it and then to promote it. I mean I know people who they don't have a membership site. They just have have courses like the people that I haven't affiliate relationship with a have worked really hard at promoting and creating that sales sales funnel and then building those affiliate relationships so they are duplicating themselves. They're making like a hundred thousand dollars a month from selling their courses. It's and so here's a thing but going back to this because here's the problem when we start talking about money and business and stuff because Christine podcast right. They're all like it's not all about the money. No it's really not it's really not it's about the piece From not having the stress of money and having the freedom to go do the things that you WANNA do like we've been able to give able to try like we've been able to live life fully because we've created these income streams Talk about but here's the pro. Here's the other thing because there are some women out there that they want to go make a whole bunch of money. They want the Nice House they want the car. The here's de. Yeah that's okay that's okay. That's the way my husband is like. I don't need the Big House. I don't need that like travel. That's what I want. He's like Gimme that big house us. I'll take that big house all day. That's not that's not It's not necessarily greed. Okay it's not only only can be very careful to judge people who have money or people who are living out the dreams that were put inside side of them because you will never Become wealthy and you will never become financially secure if you judge the people who are wealthy and financially Ashley Secure. That was a lesson that I learned Many years ago and not really stuck with me. If you're judging the people that are living Eh. You're never gonNA get there because there's a certain part of you that doesn't want to reap that judgment from people like you and so you all self sabotage advertise and are not. Yeah you have to stop judging those people you really really do. And you don't know their heart. You do not know there. I will tell you the I am actually less greedy now that I have money now that I have money. I am less greedy than I used to when I didn't have money because when I didn't have money it consumed my thoughts. Money consumer thoughts and now that I haven't now that we have the security thirty now that it's not a stress it no longer consumes my thoughts and I'm actually no longer wrapped up the idolatry of money uh-huh so on it is so true. I feel the same way lake when I was living in like this depleted state. Where there there's no matter and I feel like I had like money was like you know and Oh my gosh and it was? I didn't want to share. I didn't WanNa you know give because it was like I felt like in giving I was it was was just this huge thing. It's not we have it. It's just like I like money now. I didn't have a healthy relationship with it before i. Yeah like if I would have had money before all the experiences that I had before living minimally before. I think we talked about that. But I gave up everything and we sold everything except for what fit in eleven by ten storage unit We lived intentionally in minimally in a camper I developed this new appreciation for what I need what I have when I want the difference says and just how to have joy de happy with what I had and ever since I got that foundation like just the joy in just being right so for like one somber somewhere out there camping. We have nothing. We're in ten K.. I was like okay. God it's just crazy everson ever since that experience we thought it. Would you know whatever it was now that it's like a foundation where you're okay. You have joy in anything on top of that. Not I have this cake. Anything on top the money on the Oscar just a thing if the icing on the cake and I feel if I missed out being more generous smell where I do. I'm one of those people that I have goals my dream car. I wanted gee wagon and so I love them because they're like shiny and pretty but they can also like Baja which I really love. So there's that and I want to travel but a four. I found myself getting really jealous of people who had money and I'd be like Oh man you know an envious and now now there's this plate of it's like I see people with money and I don't get jealous. I get encouraged and I get excited because when I see other people of something that I desire that had something that I watched I no longer lake one hoarded or like keeping her get super jealous. I get excited because I know that if they can do it that means that I can do it too. And there there isn't this like mindset anymore there's like this knowledge there's more than enough. There's more than enough for everybody. I think lack is like biggest thing that keeps US greedy and keeps US held back and like she claws into what we have. It's because we were so desperate and we just think there's enough for everybody. There isn't a non-flight I can't have it all. And it was like do. The creator of the universe has no lack there is no lack so if somebody else has hurt art you can have it. It ain't GonNa read out there store houses up there where you start getting in that flow and it just it just pours out so I had you once you make some you realize you can make more like you realize that once you once you freaking master that bit that gives you that security you realize. Oh my gosh this is actually super easy. You start to have that. There's no lack there's plenty there's plenty and John Can. I have some doesn't mean that person can't have some and that person and if that person it like it's something that's really hard to explain until you get there so all I can say is be very careful not to judge those people because has and like you said that envy thing like check your heart on that because that will keep you so stock it just it really really really well and I hope that a year from now there are people who listen to these episodes with you sir. I'm so grateful for you and these episodes because I really feel like they're gonNA change the people's lives. I hope that like a year from now there are some of you who come back. And you're like you guys are right. I didn't get it until I got there and I realized that I had been so trapped by that lack mindset so Sarah thank you so much like I feel like like I just got my soul has been so fed as we reported these podcast episode. Like you just like nerd out with me about one of my favorite the topics which is business and money. I truly think that like business and money is is part of our spiritual journeys for some us like like our our soul to To go out and build things and to see things grow and multiply and it's just so rewarding and so i WanNa thank you so much for giving your insight and giving people hope at you can you can do it. No matter your circumstances so so Grateful and yeah. I'm excited to be hearing from you again and you need a website. Can I say if you need a website but this is your girl your girl I really have to say like I've worked with a lot of people and there's people who say they're going to do staff and then there's people who who They don't necessarily follow through and I really haven't. There told me what she was going to do. She did all of those things and then exceeded my expectations So I'm just so grateful for somebody who has ethics in business and I can tell that you don't don't have that. Lack greed mindset. Just based on the way that you performed as me with me as your client like that you went on and you weren't like hey I need more money for this. I mean it was really amazing to work with you and I'm excited to work again in the future with you so all right. y'All have a highest compliment have a great week and godless. We hope you enjoyed this episode of the Kingdom mob. PODCAST don't forget to head on over to kingdom on PODCAST DOT COM and click membership to join our community of Kingdom moms. You can also check out the free ultimate mom binder video course. We'll see you next time kingdom mom

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