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Due to the graphic nature of this killer's crimes, listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder and graphic sexual assault that some people may find offensive. We'd wise extreme caution for children under thirteen. Pretoria South Africa April nineteen, ninety, five two year old Sibu see so long Amandla curled into his mother's arms, hiding his face from the packed train. His mother, twenty five year old lead a Nintendo so long I'm online was traveling to a bustling urban center. She needed a job and she knew this was her best shot. There was no one to look after her son, so the mother brought her toddler long. As LEDA got off the train. She checked her makeup in the glass window. Presentation was everything she wanted desperately to make ends meet and provide for her son. Wandering through the busy station, she caught the attention of a handsome young man. He approached her NAST. If she was looking for work. Let it couldn't believe it. She hadn't even left the train station and this charming man was offering her work. The man lead Leda out of the station and suggested that she and her son follow him along shortcut that ran through a nearby field, but once they passed out of sight of the station neither Leda, nor her son would be seen alive again. Hi I'm Greg pulsing. This is serial killers of cast original every episode we dive into the minds and madness of serial killers. Today we're taking a closer look at the horrific crimes committed by Moses Tulay the South African murderer Alva known as the ABC killer. I'm here with my co host. Vanessa Richardson Hi everyone. You can find episodes of serial killers, and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or Or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream serial killers for free on spotify just open the APP tap browse type serial killers in the search bar in today's one part episode. We're talking about Moses subtly. A sexually motivated killer abandoned is mother at a young age in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, four and nineteen ninety-five. He lured countless women with the promise of employment only to strangle them to death. We'll begin Sitoli story in just a moment. Moses it totally spent his whole life. In the Greater Johannesburg Metro area born in Nineteen, sixty, four in the all black community of Fos Laura's South Africa sitole as childhood was chaotic. The records of his early life are limited at best, but what we do know is that the death of his father set off a disastrous chain of events. When, toll as father died, he left the children's mother Sophie macy's with many mouths to feed and no means of supporting yourself. After a few months, the family was evicted and left with nowhere to go. They were homeless and may have been forced to beg on the streets to survive. Sophie was so desperate. She felt she had only one option left. Sophie brought totally and his siblings to a police station. She told them to pretend that they didn't know who their mother was or where they lived. According to the tollway, his mother sat him down look Tim in the eye and said that if he ever told anyone, he was her son, she would kill him. Sosa totally, and his siblings went to the police station and pronounce themselves orphans. They were entered into an orphanage and later separated. The impact of a mother, not only abandoning her young child, but threatening to murder them for trying to reunite cannot be underestimated too young tollway, any sense of home or security he had ever developed must have been destroyed in that moment. What followed was no better, said tollway experienced years of sexual abuse in the foster care system. Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode, please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or a psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks Greg. The details of Moses as developmental years are critical to understanding his heinous crimes, according to psychologist Judith Becker and psychiatrist Bradley Johnson Abuse is common in the development of killers who commit sexual crimes, Johnson and Becker route that after puberty, certain serial killers who were abused, develop violent ideation, perhaps hoping to enact a twisted revenge. We can't confirm that subtly experienced physical abuse prior to entering the foster system, but it's likely that the abandonment and threats had a similar effect on a psyche. It may explain his early experience with criminal justice as a child Sitoli was likely already familiar with the juvenile detention system. He may have even spent periods of time living on the streets of Johannesburg. It all made him furious at the system that had failed him and at the local women who reminded him of his absent mother. Of, course, many abuse victims never take a violent turn, but we know that subtleties. Childhood haunted him for the rest of his life. He argued that he'd been wronged. As a young man mistreated by the system that was supposed to him. He wanted revenge. According to Johnson Becker many individuals who consider committing mass murder were abused as children for them, the fantasy of murdering their abusers and people like them can restore a sense of control to their life. For some the fantasies pass for others. They become a horrifying reality. Soleil work slowly up to his most violent fantasies, but when he was twenty two, he took his first steps toward his violent destiny. In Nineteen Eighty Seven Patricia Kumolo and her sister like many black South African women were looking for work. The job market was discouraging and they were desperate to find some income. On September fourteenth. The pair travelled to Boksburg and met subtly by chance. He was handsome and well-spoken. He introduced himself as Martin. Said Tollway claimed that he had recently secured jobs for two other women in Cleveland, a short train ride away, but those women hadn't shown up to work. He asked Patricia and her sister whether they would be interested in the opportunity. While her sister was wary and opted to stay behind Patricia decided to trust the stranger. He seemed like a good man and she would do anything to find work. Said Tollway was delighted and told Patricia that they should take the next train to Cleveland Patricia bid her sister farewell and headed to the station with the young charmer. During the journey to Cleveland satellite was a perfect gentleman, so when he suggested they get off at the Helen Ice Station and take a short cut through a nearby field. She agreed once they had walked out of sight of the station. Everything Changed Sitole as demeanor darkened, and he turned on Patricia threatening her. It was obvious how much stronger he was than the smaller woman, so when he ordered her to hand over her wedding ring and earrings, she quickly obeyed. Patricia hope that the man was just a thief and let her go, but he had other plans. Sitoli tough Patricia clothing bound her hands behind her back with her Bra and raped her when he was finally finished, he left her alive, but tied her clothing tightly over her face, then through her dress over her body. Patricia Khumalo was most first victim, and in his mind, the plan had gone off without a hitch. It's not uncommon for serial killers to go on dry runs, attempting crimes that reflect their later IMOs years prior to their next set of crimes like many serial killers Sitoli began with rape before he graduated to murder, and even in this first crime, we see his obsession with femininity, his fixation on Patricia undergarments and his need to control her. Already it was clear that Moses's tollway had developed a compelling strategy to gain women's trust and isolate them. By pretending to offer job opportunities, he could control countless, desperate and impoverished women. After the success of his first attack, Sitoli was ready to try his act again. In September of nineteen eighty eight, almost exactly a year after his attack on Patricia. Khumalo twenty-three-year-old Sitoli found his next victim. The story was horrifyingly familiar, twenty six old Dirk Koetter Bony, Kabbani also from plus. Loris met Moses at a friend's workplace. He promised her work in Cleveland and like Patricia dorks jumped at the opportunity for a paying job. dorks was charmed by young strapping Moses, and willingly followed him out of the train station and along a wooded shortcut. As soon as they were alone, Saito lay once again showed his true colors. He turned and struck Darcus then he held his hands around her neck as he raped her multiple times. It's unclear. If toll a plan to kill Dorks, because he was interrupted mid attack, according to her, he stopped when he heard someone approaching scrambling, he took orchises, valuables and ran. DORKCAST didn't report the assault until much later in court when she realized she was lucky to escape with their life. And only five months later, said Tola back to his violent ways. In February of nineteen eighty nine bogus. AW, SWAQA! Mesa met a young man while she was out looking for work. Like his earlier victims, who yes beliefs Attali when he told her about a job opportunity in Cleveland so she boarded the train and followed subtly into the field. This time Moses reenacted more of his first attack tying. Yes, was hands and feet with underwear, raping and robbing her, and then tying a coat over her face as he left, Moses threatened to kill Bouillabaisse. What if she told anyone but Bush did? Alert the authorities who were able to use her description to track down to totally and prosecute him for rape. Twenty five year old Sitoli was sentenced to ten years in prison for rape. By all accounts Moses was a model prisoner during his time at the Pretoria Central Prison, he read often joined the choir and became a great devotee of classical music. Saito lay even met the woman Martha, who would become his girlfriend while in prison? Martha was visiting her nephew in prison when she and Sitoli struck up a conversation. If she asked him about his charges, he likely claimed that he had been framed, then picked out of a lineup by woman who he had never seen before in his life. It seems that Martha believed his lies, and began a relationship with him, and she wouldn't have to wait long for his release. In nineteen, ninety three, Sitoli was paroled for good behaviour. The twenty nine year old choirboy had been rehabilitated. Oh, how wrong they were! In a moment Moses is terrifying. Murder Spree begins. 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When twenty nine year old Moses. was released from prison in nineteen ninety-three. He walked out of prison into a South Africa. That was changing dramatically every day. The oppressive apartheid racial hierarchy had fallen, and by the next year Nelson Mandela would become the first black president in South African history, but so totally cared little about the turbulent political climate shortly after his release he and his girlfriend Martha welcomed a baby girl. For his part said totally seemed to be trying to keep his nose out of trouble for almost a year Sitoli was tied to any crimes. He likely occupied himself with his new family and relished his opportunity to listen to the classical music. He had learned in the prison choir. It's possible that he truly made an effort to reform after his time behind bars. It's also possible, but he felt he just had to wait it out until his parole period was over. Because beneath the veneer of reformed man, the urge to kill Lert, it wouldn't stay dormant for long. On July, Fourteenth Nineteen, ninety four nineteen year, old Maria Monet name Nama left her house in the suburb of Mamelodi to go into the closest city. Pretoria, it's unclear exactly what happened when she got there, but based on our knowledge of Saito lay weaken. Take a guess. Maria must have been overwhelmed in the largest city that was possibly looking for someone to help her navigate the bustling streets. Unfortunately for her, she met twenty nine year old Saito lay. He must've seemed charming and worldly to the teenager odds are he offered her a job? Around this time, totally had founded an organization called youth against human abuse. He likely used his own traumatic history in the foster care system to explain his connection to the cause and what he hoped, his organisation could do for abuse victims. There was just one problem you against human abuse had no offices and no employees. All that Saito lay did have was a stack of job applications that he carried everywhere. These may have been enough to convince. Maria Manama two days after she ventured into Pretoria. Arenas body was found in a field behind the local hostile. She had been raped and strangled to death. In the emerging methodology of his early crimes, we can clearly see how Sitoli mirrored his early sexual assaults in his murders. His fixation on women's underwear adds an additional layer to his sexual crimes. It's possible that he associated the garments with his absent mother in a paper, Co authored by Psychiatry and public. Policy Professor Janet Warren. The authors show that certain sexually sadistic serial killers fixate on a certain type of victim or object that the victim possesses this radically increases the risk. They will be caught, but it's so central to the fantasy that they presumably cannot resist. According to other sources underwears commonly fetish is trophy for killers. But. It's more common for these killers to take underwear souvenirs after murder. In some cases, they were the underwear as part of the sexual fantasy. Toll as case he used lingerie as his weapon, and now that he had perfected his routine for murder. Nothing was going to slow him down. Earlier that year, so Tony started dating twenty six year old. Amanda kebble feeling while maintaining his relationship with Martha Amanda was yet another woman taken in by Saito as lies. He most likely told her that his rape charge was simply a case of mistaken identity. Amanda must've believed him. The relationship quickly became serious and Amanda even introduce a toll late to her parents, but as they grew closer, things took a turn. On August Second Nineteen Ninety four Moses followed Amanda to work. She was last seen a train to winter feld where she worked at a school four days later, her body was discovered dumped on a mining site. Amanda had been raped and strangled with a piece of clothing. Likely, her undergarments she had her pantyhose and panties in her mouth, and a Jersey hung over her head. In the second half of nineteen, ninety four, the bodies of five more murdered women were found in the Johannesburg and Pretoria Metro areas. The murder scenes board chilling similarities to one another. There was thirty-three-year-old Joyce to Connie Masha Bela who had been traveling from Johannesburg to Pretoria to visit her sister on August ninth on August Nineteenth, she was found raped and strangled with her pantyhose tied around her neck. Next came twenty four year old Amanda Rafeal Way Moqhali Amanda. A local student was heading to Pretoria, but she never made it. was discovered on September eighteenth. She'd been strangled to death with her own raw. In. Many of these early murders is unclear. How a totally learned the women at, and it's possible that he improvised some scenarios, but we know for sure. He lured in Rose Rebbe Teela Mageuzi with another promise of employment. The twenty two year old had made a note in her calendar that she was going to a job interview with tollway in Pretoria on September fifteenth, but she never returned from the trip. Rozema goat's body was eventually found behind a hotel and BOKSBURG. She had been raped and strangled to death with her own underwear. By the spring of that year it was obvious to the police that a serial killer was preying on vulnerable young black women. They dubbed the killer. The Cleveland Strangler because many of the victims had been found in the Johannesburg suburb of Cleveland. In the summer the police received a critical break in the case, an informant for the Brixton robbery and murder deparment tip them off. The Cleveland. Strangler was a man named David Saliba. Thirty one year old David, Celebi lived and worked in the same general area as Moses Sitoli, and he was also widely described as charming and well liked. Celebrity had a flashy reputation in his neighborhood. Thanks to his, Mercedes. With Celo became aware that he was under investigation, he fled to neighbouring Mozambique the South African. Police called on Interpol to help and on December fifteenth he was arrested and transferred back to south. Africa The South African police puts a leper through a brutal interrogation. Until he confessed to fifteen murders, investigators believe that he lured the struggling women with promises of his wealth. By that time the murderers had hit the papers and celebres capture had become a new sensation in its own right. It's unclear just how much of celebres confession police believed, but they knew they had to put it to test. The detectives took Celebi to various crime scenes and asked him to walk them through the murders at some sites celebres, knowledge of the murder was chillingly detailed at others. He seemed less certain. It didn't make the detectives anymore. Certain about his guilt or innocence but detectives were tired. They'd been traipsing Celebi all over Johannesburg he didn't have all the answers they had asked for, but his insights were accurate enough that they still felt he was there man. With, Christmas just a few days away. It's possible, but detectives were ready to clock out and be with their families. Surely they had enough to close the book on this one. Perhaps, that's why they didn't immediately react when Celebi told them to look down in the bushes and see where he had hidden victims close. CELEB- picked up a heavy tree branch. Ben Selects Struck. He hit one detective hard in the face with the log. The officer went down and select fled. Instinctively, a second detective drew his gun and fired. The gun shot was fatal and Celebi died. From the police perspective, David's Lepas death was a blessing. They had identified the Cleveland Strangler, and he had been killed by police officer and a simple act of self-defence. Now there was no need for trial. Unfortunately the question of whether he had an accomplice was now impossible to answer, but as far as the police were concerned, their job was done. It's possible that David. Selecta never killed anyone in that. He simply crave the attention that came with being labeled a serial killer. It's also possible that he and incidentally collaborated on one or more murders, but so totally has always denied ever meeting celebre. After David Celebres, DEAF DNA testing tied him to multiple crime scenes, but in mid nineties South Africa. The technique was more of a general indication than perfect forensic fingerprint. The South African police's forensic scientist could identify that Celebi had a DNA grouping of twelve twelve. The same grouping found in semen samples from various crimes. But they could not differentiate between poly markers. Salameh was one of many with the twelve twelve DNA grouping. Still with the news of celebres death, the women of Johannesburg slept easily during Christmas of nineteen, Ninety Four, so too did Moses, said Tola. With celebre, having taken the fall for the Cleveland Strangler murders, he would start the new year with a clean slate and no police attention. When we come back most strikes again now back to the story. In January of Nineteen Ninety five thirty one year old Moses said Tola had been out of prison for two years, and was living with his girlfriend, who had become his common law wife and their daughter he had killed a number of women in that time, but police had arrested David Celebi for the murders when selected died in police custody. The pressure was offset Tola, and he was free to kill again. In. The early months of nineteen ninety-five, a string of bodies appeared in Atteridgeville South Africa about an hour north of Cleveland, but not all exhibited clear science Attila's Mo.. On January fourth an autopsy on a murder victim's bodies showed signs of rape, but by the time the body was found, she was so badly decomposed. She couldn't be identified. It's important to note that not all of the bodies discovered during this time can be definitively linked to sit tollway. The end of apartheid was a tumultuous time in South Africa with many unexplained deaths. It's possible that multiple serial killers were active during this period, and that some of these murders were attributed to sit tollway erroneously. The next killing that we can firmly attributed totally was discovered on March Sixth Nineteen, Ninety Five It was early in the morning and municipal workers were digging trenches near Atteridgeville. A worker pulled up his shovel to see a hint of what looked like skin. He pushed away the dirt nausea rising as it became clear, he was looking at a woman's decomposing breast. The victim was later identified as Sarah. Mata, Kala Makono. The twenty five year old was like many of Sitole as other victims looking for work. She was living with her parents when she went to meet with Sitoli about an employment opportunity. In the early months of nineteen, Ninety five Sitoli must have felt invincible police didn't even suspect him, and he was killing at will on April seventh. He arranged another fake interview in Pretoria this time with twenty four year old. Nicola Deco. When was body was discovered in Atteridgeville? Three months later, she had been fixated. Her pantyhose were twisted around her neck with a stick forming a garage. Authorities suspected that the killer toyed with his victims. Before they died using the garage, he could bring them in and out of consciousness while he raped them. When he was done, he would end his game. Russian psychiatrist and serial killer expert Alexander, Bukowski has written about the significance of his fixation in serial killers. In a case study Bukovsky Co authored in two thousand seven. He argues the disfiguration as a method of murder Lens, the sexually sadistic killer greater control. This suggests that Italy was hungry for power something. He sorely lacked in his fractured upbringing. By July nineteen ninety-five, the bodies of at least five women had been found in Atteridgeville under similar circumstances. All after the death of David Saliba, the man who had confessed the earlier murders in response to this a police task force was formed in the Pretoria murder and robbery unit. At this stage, there was nothing to suggest that these recent murders were connected to the Cleveland Strangler case. Which DNA evidence had linked to celebi though as stated earlier, this testing was rudimentary compared to today's technology. After the news of the Task Force became Public Sitoli moved his killings back to his old stomping crowns to be safe in ways. However, he was getting sloppy. Sometime in the summer of nineteen, ninety-five Sitoli paid a visit to a nonprofit organization called Kidshaven, he spoke to the employees and handed out fliers, advertising his own nonprofit and said they were hiring. The phone number on the form led to an answering machine at the totally sister's house. One Kid's haven employees mclovin tryphina Mahachi called the number to ask about job. She scheduled a meeting with Sitoli for seven am on August fifteenth at the Benoni. Train station. That was the last day that she was seen alive. When McCulloch's mother went to kidshaven looking for answers, she was told about her daughter's meeting with lay. She gave this information and the flyers to the police, but it was of little use. The Cobras photograph was circulated as a missing person, but police opted not to follow up with lay. It was an oversight that would have deadly consequences. Mokaba's body was found months later buried in Boksburg. As winter, turn to Spring Sitoli became more and more brazen. He hid multiple bodies within walking distance of each other and left purses, containing identifying information at the scene. While we know little about Saito as home life at the time, it's clear that as the pace of his murders accelerated, his relationship with Martha deteriorated, Moses moved out some time in nineteen, ninety five Sitoli later claimed that he began living homeless somewhere in or around Park station Johannesburg. It was one of the largest train stations in the city and conveniently close to Cleveland. Both factors worked in his favour given his preferred victimization. toll as domestic situation fell apart is hard to say as Martha has always avoided talking to the press. By this stage, the murders were making national headlines, and it's possible that she began to suspect he was the killer that she read about and seen on TV. News reports ran weekly demanding progress in the case Nelson. Mandela himself gave a speech in Boksburg begging for the killings to end. With the added pressure of the media, attention said tollway was feeling the heat. The police also under extreme pressure had decided it was time to call for help. Thanks to the end of apartheid relations had normalized between the South African American governments in recent years, this troubling serial killer provided a unique opportunity for additional collaboration. In September of Nineteen Ninety five, the South African police formally requested the help of one of the FBI's experts serial killer profiler. They sent Robert Ressler to assist once on the ground. He studied the case and created a profile of the killer. Restless suggested that the killer was a man between the ages of twenty, five and thirty five. It was also likely that he was self employed at enjoyed standing out. Perhaps he wore flashy clothes and drove a luxury car and would probably come across as a charming ladies man. Rustler also suggested that the killer with playing cat-and-mouse Games with the police and follow his case closely in the media finally, he hypothesized that the killer hated women due to a root trauma. As a psychological profile wrestlers analysis got quite a bit right. His biggest mistake was suggesting that the killer drove a luxury car, said Tola always claimed he could not drive, but that might have been ally used to protect accomplices. Some of his victims bodies were found far from train stations, suggesting he may have had. To a car. So toll, his emo made use of the rail system. It's possible that the American wrestler turned a blind eye to public transit. It's also possible that law enforcement officers before him wrestler had partially confused. Tollway with CELEB- Celebrity Bell, so met most of these criteria and had driven a Mercedes. Regardless restless profile set investigators on the right track within a month. The police found their next big break. In September of Nineteen, Ninety five several local police departments joined to create a special task force. They began referring to their target as the ABC killer in reference to the initials of ATTERIDGEVILLE BOKSBURG and Cleveland. On September seventh. The ABC killers struck again the body of airport worker. Amelia, Deka mccown, so rob delay was discovered garroted with her own pantyhose. Sitoli had been particularly sloppy here. He seems to have identified himself to Amelia by his real name. When he picked her up from her workplace, which her co workers had overheard then after he killed her, he left her purse near the crime scene. Traced the purse back to Amelia's work and from there learned as name. Captain Leon now. A member of the Task Force remembered the missing persons photos of Makoba Mageuzi. That year he pulled the fingerprints that had been taken from the Cobra's body and ask the forensics team to check them against the ABC killer's victims. Days later, the forensics team confirmed that the same prince for the body were also on the other victims. Now the investigation had to leads that pointed straight to sit holy meanwhile thirty year olds to tollway kept killing women at an alarming pace on September twenty fifth, he strangled. Old Agnes Bouli with a belt yet as he continued his murder spree, it seems Sitoli. Realized that it was only a matter of time before he was caught, he began to plan his own on masking. On October third, nineteen, ninety-five, a man identifying himself as Joseph, telephone local reporter Thompson to beer. The man claimed to have killed many women as punishment or a false accusation of rape. The reporter knew that with the ABC killer on the front page. This call could be a huge story. A beer alerted investigators and attempted to arrange a meeting with the killer at a railway station, but he never showed later totally claimed he was scared off by the police presence. Sitoli then reached out to reporter. Charles Megani. Asking to meet at a train station where he would hand himself over Megani agreed, but did not contact the police. While, megani waited, he grew suspicious. Two men sitting in a car parked across the road from the station. He was sure they were cops suspicions that were confirmed when he saw them. Get Out and Frisk passer-by. Megani was furious. Someone had tipped off the police, and his big break was ruined. Saito lay never showed up. In this period Sitoli showed his tendency to toy with investigators, justices profile suggested. It's possible that here again. He was displaying his need for control. The tollway was approaching the end of the line, but he would still do anything to assert dominance over the police, the media and his own story. So totally did not let his flirtations with the press slowdown his killing spree while the police hunted him Sitoli manage to kill four more women. Each was strangled using a piece of their own clothing and left in a field by a rail station. My October thirteenth the police were getting desperate. They finally released a photo of Sitoli to the media and asked the public for their help when Sitoli saw these photographs. He decided he wasn't going down without a fight. Soon, only called his sister's husband Maxwell and asked him for a gun. Maxwell agreed to bring it to a factory in Benoni about a half hour west of Johannesburg. Sitoli. Arrived at the factory on October Eighteenth Nineteen, ninety five. It was quiet yet. He was suspicious. Maxwell was nowhere to be seen. As it turned out Maxwell had informed the detectives about his brother-in-law's strange call, the task force knew they had another chance to catch the tollway and they were determined to not let him slip through their grass. Outside the factory Sitoli was stopped by inspector Francis Moeletsi who is disguised as a security guard, so tola ran mullahs Vecsey pursued and cornered him in a nearby alley. Like a caged Beast Sa-, totally turned on his pursuer. He produced an accent stroud at the undercover cop. Possibly injured, but still moving. Mullahs Betsy managed to get off a shot. He wounded totally in the arm and stomach. Sitoli was taken to the hospital untreated for his wounds, then released for interrogation. Once, he recovered. The police took him in for questioning after their experience was selected the previous year. They were wary of making mistakes. However said me was able to answer all their questions in excessive detail allegedly, he counted his crimes with chilling smile on his face. At, one point, sue totally became so excited describing one of his horrific acts that he began masturbating in the interrogation room for the authorities, there was no question. They finally had their killer. Ultimately, forensic scientists were able to tie toll as DNA to multiple cases. He was charged with thirty eight murders and forty rapes. The government was confident. They had an open and shut case, and they were determined to make an example of Moses Sitoli perhaps in an effort to show the strength of the post-apartheid Government Mosa. Toll as trial began on October twenty, first nineteen, ninety-six over three hundred fifty witnesses were called to. To testify against him in a process that lasted over a year, according to witnesses, thirty two year, old Saito Lay, wore a smile every day of the trial except one the day. That's a toll as estranged common-law wife Martha came to visit the courtroom with his daughter, most begged to hold his three year old child Martha ignored him. Anatoly cried out furious brisa tollway. His daughter may have finally sparked some form of regret. Ward than his eventual two thousand four hundred ten year sentence this moment seem to truly upset Tulay. Perhaps. He realized that his crimes meant he would have no part in his daughter's life then again. Maybe he just couldn't handle a woman defying him. Thanks again for tuning into serial killers for more information on Moses the tollway amongst many sources we use do. We found strangers on the street serial homicide in South Africa? By Micki pistorious extremely helpful to our research. 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