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Lucy leave me alone. Lucy sty and not a dog to be chided when you're unsatisfied but I am not your property. Are you Robert Sleeper dancing. It was nothing look like nothing. Everyone saw you shove him including my father. How do you think your chances will fair with him now. The it'll make a difference once he's taking new Spain. How did you find out. Why didn't you tell me? Do you know why I don't want to be with Robert. Lincoln the real reason and I mean you're a part of it to be sure but don't flatter yourself into thinking that that's the some of it because Robert Behaves the way that you're acting right now. are nothing like him. Oh you have your plans. Don't don't you your visions of my future. Future is your happiness. Your future is your own happiness only to bow my head in subservience and do my duty and following. You know that's not even if it were what difference would make wants. Your father drags you across the Atlantic. What do you know exactly. I know that your father has taken a political appointment in Spain. Is there more to the story. There is a way I can stay. I would do anything keep you here not this. What is it Roberts Hint Christ it. How did you answer. I said Yes why play a game that we can't win. I mean if I made that we can. We can still still have this and you have mine. I mean this way you will you will have my bed my body and my heart is that not enough. I would have all all of you lucy. I'm no Robert Lincoln. No tyrant like your father or his. I would marry you or not Mary here you. If that's what you desire I would do anything you ask me but you're not you're locked away imprisoned by Robert by your father by these duties obligations and I am left here in despair asked anything Lucy and I will give it to you but do not make me live another day in this prison Mary me my father will never give us his blessing. 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Thank you Sir what brings you buy this fine April afternoon if you're here to call on Lucy I'm afraid she's not in no actually Senator Reid came to call on you. Is Everything all right. I want you to hear it from me and not from my father Robert. What's wrong. I'd like to call off the engagement engagement what why respect senator. My reasons are my own. Do you find Lucy unsatisfactory. No Sir far from it. I mean what is the issue. May I speak freely of course. I don't want to force her. I don't want her to be forced to marry somebody when she would rather be with somebody else else. I don't understand booth Sir the actor nonsense I expressly forbade it as she expressly ignored you sir. She doesn't want me. She wants him. Do you garden Mr Lincoln Garden turn. I've taken it up to help me pass the time. There's a plant I've read of cold good. King Henry grows in England no surprise there and like the Great King Henry in its infancy. The plant is prince since how weak and fairly useless but with potential because once matured the stock grows into a mighty King mm-hmm strong durable and reliable harvested year round sprouts and shoots in the spring grain in the form and leaves like spinach in the winter after that is what marriage is Mr Lincoln. It is not passionate in time my daughter's affections for you will grow and your marriage will be like a good King Henry strong Europe and`reliable. I wish I believe you don't have to believe it because Lucy has has no choice senator she will do you stay the course. Robert and you will reap you. Are you all right. Talk to me surrender so much stay. You can just walk away. It's time for the bloodshed to stop John War time for us to stop killing each other and move on all of us together to what to wear future future beautiful day outside come. Let's let's go for a walk. Sumitomo's hospital what you heard what I said. I don't know what you would be at the national no so he could be there to me. I didn't lie to you. Keep me away from him to to protect you say you can't protect him. Now no one can't you see he would name himself King of America and now the war one must must I sit back and suffer these poor fools these these the generates hideous sun and watch either by the help put the crown on his tired head tyrants extreme the snap of his finger he forsakes the constitution makes outlaws of half the nation and subjugates us into his preferred brand of slavery. Lori and you say tyrants a bit extreme life liberty and property. Don't you see what's happening. Don't you see what's to come who push for citizenship then he'll give him the vote. God knows follows an entire race of hopeless uneducated uneducated animals are turned loose on the could God fearing people this country. Lisa rendered Davis on the run. There's no stopping but as a common proof loneliness is young ambitions ladder where the climber up with turns his fame and when he wants obtains the utmost round he didn't the latter turns his back books in the cloud scorning the base degrees by which she did ascend so he may then less team may prevent since the coral color for the thing he has fashioned the dust that what he is augmented augmented would run to these and these extremities and therefore thinking as a serpent's egg which hatched would as his kind grow mischievous and kill him in the show John. You're scaring hiring me between the acting of dreadful thing and the first motion all the interim is like a fantasma or hideous dream no John John John come here no they didn't. I tell you stay away from me. You were at a speech. You heard what Lincoln said. I'm moving forward but I can't take the next steps without you is no next denecker since the ship. He's he's calling for nigger citizenship. There is no other alternative left. If this is the next battle in the war than the battle will have very dark and bloody and tragic ending for us that we could come by Caesar's spirit and not Dismember Caesar but alas Caesar must bleed for so I'll kill him. Boldly Surat covered dish fit for the gods not hugh him as a carcass fit for hounds. Only this isn't a play booth. I fear you you can no longer tell the difference. I want no part of this. I think they do two menu kidnapping plots. What do you think they did. Confederate spies is and blockade runners. You already are part of this is leaving suppose. I were to write a letter a confidential letter disclosing certain details about your wartime. I'm activities. You give me up. I prefer to appeal to your sense of loyalty. You can't not without putting yourself connected to the network. If I give them you give me immunity. I meant what I said before about the girl if you think I'm bluffing then go ahead and write your letter but you better make sure you kiss her goodbye. I because I don't make idle threats neither do I if you don't help me might tale won't be about you alone. There will be an entire chapter devoted to the unusually gracious hospitality extended by your mother so she has nothing to do with Mr decide so blood for blood is that I would rather shut Lincoln if we don't do this sounds dies everything. We've done everything we fought for. It will all be for nothing. Is that what you want. You know. It's not an helping please so I'll talk to my people but then I'm gone. You and I will never cross paths again Where will you go somewhere. No one will ever find me goodbye. Stay stay away from London. we go to night. How wear aware Ford's theater. You shouldn't be in the presidential box the first lady to I can't wait to see him. Get what's coming you. You won't see none of you will. What are you talking and if we kill Lincoln alone the North will still be standing on two legs Johnson waiting in the wings right behind him but if we cut off their head and we attack the limbs to will cripple them entirely. What are you suggesting we take out Johnson. The Secretary of state to Jesus nine of kind filed Asuka Hookah Fairly Johnson. I understand why seward why not that warmongering son of a Bitch Edwin Stanton President and vice president dead the process of electing a new president can only be set in motion by the Secretary of state so we we kill off three of them. There's no rule book for what comes next only electoral chaos and that's the stanton we can do no more than an Lincoln's arm and Lincoln's head is off. What do I need to do. SEWARD's bed ridden for the carriage accident can hardly walk get inside. The house run a knife across his throat considerate done. That's right. Do Johnson will be at his home. All night unguarded alone not exactly how I get in through the front door in defeat shut up or it'll be unlocked to trust me I I I sent him a gift to congratulate him on the North's victory more gift. The vice president has a bit of a weakness for the fairer sex so I sent him a lady the of the night to keep him company. She'll be there to let you in well at least go out with his whistle. Wet have a little respect all right the way he respects Mrs Johnson Johnson to hell with his expecting. You Send Lucy. Excuse me Lucy knock door. You keep her name out of your mouth. I that's undue wrong. He said whore Franz Not Hale's daughter. You think boosts going to let the vice president barrier fucking his fiancee. Did you not hear what the man just said. Hey those spit the venom it me I get it. I'm just clarifying for the German. Lucy has nothing to do with this so keep her name out of it. All of you understood yeah as far as you're concerned. That girl doesn't exist assist. You really think that's gonNA keep her safe. You don't know when to quit do you. I'm just saying the president murdered you think. Lincoln's people going to give a stake in shit whether or not Lucy's innocent to hell. They'll lock her up. Just count her letting you prick to help. You don't know her of clear. Failure is not an option gentlemen. You should know I've had a letter limited the national intelligencer I name you unless you all at what you do something like that. So the world knows what sort of men we art so they understand that God has put me here. Put Look all here not as butchers but as as instruments of his punishment claim what we've done and what we will do tonight if everyone does does his part will live his heroes in the south but if you don't you'll hang for treason Why did you give me your voice that you read my letter yes. Why didn't you burn answer the question. Why did you give me this. I may not see your yes. You made that perfectly clear by piece in the letter I will say no. Let her take it back. I know you love me. There are no words that you can speak or write down in a letter that will make me think otherwise no doubt you believe that you certainly made me believe it and you were all the more deceived. Believe me then what does that. What does that make me some sort of four for taking you at your word. We were knaves all believe if none of us believe that. I don't believe I don't believe this. This is alive during that letter. Everything do you hear what are you trying to protect me from. Horizons Beyond Sends Remembered Lucy Robert. Am I interrupting not at all. Enjoy your lesson missing. What's he doing here. Robert Actually don't tell me I don't WanNa know. I just can't tell you that I can't make regard lesson today. I plans with my family afford tonight. Yes meant to accompany my mother and father. Don't stay with means. Are you seeing Komo get no. What do you say to you. Nothing forget all about John Wilkes Booth Reverend. There is no threat to you at Mischie- trench you lease recollect you addressing might doctor and in my presence yes. I'm offering Mile Hawks and Johnston. She wants them with nothing. Augusta dear to your room smile the nasty base wear trench that you are not used lose to the South Good Society the battles of good society to turn you inside out to go six separate turrets uh-huh with Harold in John Webb render now we will take you down by four mm-hmm Christ. They could find bottom. If we hold out longer. Kill dead going out. You walk outside. If you don't shoot you on the spot they will string you up. Got Choice. Go on cow the whole damn world abandon in Washington. I'm sorry John Wilkes Booth speaking. There was a a man here who wishes to come out. Get the hell American example. There need me no more bloodshed on this day. You're for me. Boys will never surrender some down there Sir Makoto three one two three Dr Steven. We've ordered from Mr Stanton to keep them alive. There's no one around for miles. Then send writers quickly yes. I can't move my study. Mr Boothe till my mother died from my country. The doctors will be here soon. Raise up my best. You stay Razu up so I can see them. Please the easy easy uh-huh after being hunted like a dog through swamps woods and last night being chased by gunboats till I was forced to return wet cold and starving living with every man's hand against me. I am here in despair and Y for doing what Brutus was honored for what made tell a hero yet I for striking down a greater tyrant than they ever knew and looked upon as a common cutthroat. My action was pure than neither of. There's one hope to be great himself. The other had not only country but his own wrongs to avenge. I hoped for no gain. I knew no private wrong I start from my country and that alone a country that groaned beneath the tyranny and prayed for this end and yet now behold the cold hold hand they extend me guy cannot pardon me if I've done wrong. I cannot see any wrong acceptance serving a degenerate people in eighteen sixty five is an airship production featuring Montgomery Sutton Jessica Renee Russel Verney Stephen Walters Cameron Com Max Parman even Derek Phillips Tyson Reinhard Matthew Gray Tamdan. DDR Taylor Harris and Eric Hardship you created by Stephen Walters and Eric Archer directed by Robert McCulloch written by Stephen Walters executive producer Lindsey Graham Co executive producer Eric. 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