Daniel Boone's Wilderness Road


The early eighteenth century the Allegheny mountains which stretch from northern Pennsylvania to southern Virginia with the biggest obstacles to settlers trying to reach Kentucky and the west. But in seventeen fifty an explorer named Dr Thomas Walker discovered a narrow passageway through the forbidding alleghenies annoy between two mountains. Let's now known as the Cumberland gap today. It lies near where the borders of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia all meet. In seventeen seventy five a wealthy businessman named Richard Henderson hired Daniel Boone to forge a trail through the Cumberland gap. Henderson's plan was actually to create his own colony in Kentucky, which he wanted to name Transylvania. Boone and his men soon arrived here at the Cumberland gap axes in hand. They started hacking their way across the mountains, creating a path that would later be known as the wilderness road. That path still exists today for those wanted to retrace the journey that thousands of early settlers, I took to reach Kentucky. After two weeks Boone and his men finally made it to the other side of the mountains and chose spot for a new settlement. They called it Boonsboro today. A reconstructed fort stands on the same site. Soon. Hundreds of pioneers were pouring through the Cumberland gap heading up, the wilderness road and arriving in this frontier outpost. Boone stayed on to protect the settlers from Indian attacks. But one day while hunting he himself was captured by members of the shawnee held by the tribes chief Blackfish Boone quickly discovered. Ashani force was planning to attack the Boonsboro Seth IRS. Linter turn to spring and boom was unable to warn his companions finally in June as the shawnee made their final preparations delay siege. To the fort Boone made a daring escape. Legend has it. He crossed one hundred sixty miles of near impassable wilderness in just four days to reach Boonsboro before the shawnee. When the shawny finally did attack the settlers will well prepared and armed for ten days. They held their ground until the shawnee finally gave up and retreated. Boone's real life. Exploits were quickly turned into fiction by newspapers and magazines in America. And England imprint he became a larger than life hero, the American frontier. Leaping off cliffs in his Coon skin cap to escape capture by native tribes and leading hopeful pioneers. Through dark forests to the light filled bounty of the west.

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