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From salesforce studios this is blazing trails back to blazing trails. I'm your host Michael Ribo both salesforce studios and your co host. More would senior manager of the salesforce blog while Laura. We've been at home for a while and we're trying to keep this podcast going with our home recording setups. I have a microphone But I think you're going directly into your computer. Is that right? I'm actually recording on my iphone from my pantry right now. Well if you get hungry you'll be all set. That's right lots of snacks. We are super excited to be back with blazing trails in a new series called leading through change. This is something that we've been doing across our organization right now in a bunch of different ways and this podcast is just one of them. Laura can you tell me a little bit about the program and how it came together? He asked so. This is a really exciting content series for us. We know that this is an unprecedented time for everyone including all of our customers everyone in our community the people that use salesforce people that follow US literally. Everyone is trying to navigate through this crazy time and we wanted to bring some tips and advice to our many people in our community. Yeah that's right Laura and what we're trying to do is help businesses and all of us figure out how to navigate in these uncharted waters and how we can help both from what we're doing and what our customers are doing to share information and share inspiration and get through these really difficult times. That's right it is all about helping our community and just to give you an example of what you'll learn if you engage with any of this content. We're going to be sharing tips on employee. Communications which is so important right. Now as many employees are wondering how to navigate a completely different workplace environment customer communications as well. We're going to be talking about solving for revenue challenges that many companies are thinking about right now especially our small businesses and of course maintain customer relationships in this work from home era. How do you service from home? How do you sell from home? How do you market from home? Those are big topics that we know. Our community is thinking about yet. It's great we're running the series across our blog and our website and we're also doing weekly live events with customers in salesforce executives and some amazing musical guests and we'll get to share their performances in these next ten episodes we've got performances from Sheryl Crowe Lionel Richie Dave Matthews. These have been such an inspiration and it's been great to bring a little joy and happiness during this time. Absolutely one thing. We talk about a lot here at salesforce is just having a mindset. That is resilient and can help you through stress. Our mental health is so important right now is thinking about taking care of our families doing good work for our jobs and we think music is a big part about so. We're really excited that we're able to bring this to our community. Is these really amazing performances. Indeed we've got some great guests as well. We have award-winning journalist. Soledad O'Brien not only a journalist but she runs a small business and talks about what she's doing to maintain her business and stay connected with her employees and she's got some really interesting insight about how people respond in these situations and the opportunities for people in her company and what she sees out there in the world and we'll also hear from amy and Ben Wright who are small business owners they own a coffee shop called billion. Boe and they're talking about how they are navigating this new environment where people can't come into their shop for coffee. And how are they maintaining their business and serving their customers remotely so our guests come from all kinds of different backgrounds but there's a common theme that exist throughout the whole program and that's that we're facing this challenge for the first time and we're facing it together that's right Michael. And you can catch those content across all of salesforce channels including our blog at salesforce dot com slash blog. You can also tune into our weekly live episodes on salesforce. Live those happen Tuesdays at ten. Am Pacific and now you can also catch all this great content on the blazing trails. Podcast our first podcast. Episode of the Series Launches Thursday April twenty third subscribed today on Apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast blazing. Trails is a production of salesforce. A customer relationship management solution committed to helping you deliver the personalized experiences customers. Want so they'll keep coming back again and again salesforce bring companies and customers together visit salesforce dot com slash learn more.

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