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Thanks for pressing play. This is locked on marketing. And I'm Christopher lockhead now. All of us is marketing leaders and frankly is executives and entrepreneurs understand that every big decision and for some reason marketing decisions are very hot in this area involves a a group of people and so In business if you're going to do something legendary whether it's a strategy or campaign or even another areas of the business of course multiple people will be involved involved. It will be a group decision on this episode. Let's talk about. Why getting people to understand that they need to disagree and commit is one of the most powerful powerful skills you can have as an executive now we're sponsored by my good friends at Oracle net sweet learn how to turbo charged the growth of your business today at net sweet dot com slash different? That's net sweet dot com slash different. Because if you don't know your numbers you can't grow your business and my friends at Spiro. Oh dot AI. 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This episode is inspired by a recent conversation. I had with legendary technology executive a Lisa Steele on episode one twenty nine failure different and on the episode one one of Things Lisa touches on is the power of being able to disagree and commit now as a marketing leader. CMO Or frankly CEO or executive any kind On big decisions we get a lot of help and for some reason in marketing we get a lot of and I put help here in. Air quotes Even more help than I think. A lot of other department department leaders or Group leaders in business get and so I think debate and discussion and disagreement are good things. When we're we're working on strategies or creative ideas or new campaign ideas or for trying to design a category etc and so I think debate discussion and agree? A disagreement disagreement are good. Here's what I think is bad consensus because what I've learned is if everybody agreed by definition the decision probably probably sucks. If someone is scared maybe even little upset or at least a little concerned. The decision we've just made is probably not a legendary everyone and so if you understand this How do you get in front of it from the very first meeting when you're working on a new initiative in marketing tell people well number one we want to do something legendary here number to China Jim generate as many legendary ideas and creative strategies as possible in the beginning? When we're we're in the you know what the consultants call the quote unquote idea stage And number three when we finally decide we're going to lock and load and we're going to execute like my friend marketing assassin. Rick Bennett says like a pack of speed crazed wolverines and so I think it's essential to lay that foundation on Dacian upfront in the first meeting and And understand as we go forward and frankly tell people this that some people Maybe potentially even board members of the company or senior executives will not like the strategic decision that we make and that's okay let everybody know from the beginning. It's fine nine and here's what they also need to know. We are not aiming for consensus. Were amazing legendary results so from the start of the project let everybody know a who the decider is in business. It's great to get feedback. It's great to get input. It's great to consider ideas but most businesses says are not democracies and so making it clear who the sole decider is you know typically in marketing it's the CMO sometimes of course it's a CEO but make that very clear. Second set the expectation that we expect even if you violently disagree with the decision that we make that everybody audie on the team is going to commit an that might mean disagreeing commit even if you hate it and you know I want to share share with you a story about this I was involved with a major strategic category design initiative a little while ago and it was uh the future of the company was really at stake and it was a multi multi month process that included the board the senior executive team of course the marketing team team senior sales leaders senior product leaders etc.. And as we were going through this one of the major leaders in marketing decided that he did not like the kind of leading candidate idea for the new category that was emerging and he even brought forth a competing heating idea and tried to sort of UNHOOK the decision. That was in the process of being made which frankly I think is fair game. If you have a competing idea that you think is better. I think you should stand up and talk about that anyway. Here's what happened over time This marketing leaders counter idea was not chosen and The idea that was sort of in play from the beginning ended up becoming the idea. I thought this guy was probably going to have to get fired. Given how much he disagreed with the idea for the new category that had been decided and this guy did something I have rarely seen in my career. He did did what you could think of as a complete stop change. Start and the minute. The decision was taken. He got on board and he executed like a pack of speed crazed Wahlberg Wolverines and later on through the process as the execution was going forward. I pulled this guy set aside and I said you know I'm incredibly impressed. Most people who disagree as much as you do can't get on board with the decision that they disagreed with and we had a powerful conversation around why he thought it was important essentially to disagree and commit and once the decision was made he got over it and got on with it and I think that's incredibly powerful and I think it's an important skill and one that I've always tried to get behind. There have been points in my career where I disagreed and I wanted the world to think I think even if I hated the idea if this was the idea that was being committed to that I I loved it and I was on board from the get-go and I think that's what legendary leaders do do and I think it's especially important marketing. Where big marketing decisions tend to get a lot of visibility train? Everybody coach everybody condition. Everybody that that we are going to WE'RE GONNA launch. We're going to get aggressive. We're going to execute an order to do that. People are going to disagree and part of being legendary marketing leader. Frankly part of being legendary executive is the ability to disagree and commit all right. We would like to thank the amazing Marketing podcast gas marketing over coffee with my buddy John Wall. If you love marketing check it out marketing over coffee if you WANNA design dominate legendary categories. My Friends Eh. Category Design Advisors Dot Com can. Help you check them out. CATEGORY DESIGNED ADVISORS DOT COM if you're in the UK and you want to do some legendary marketing and trend Jax you've heard him on this odd cast checkout positive marketing. That's Paul Mars Company in the UK Positive Marketing Dot Com speaking of legendary companies. They do marketing outside the US my friends at rapid media DOT COM dot. A you are the leading Independent Agency Agency in Australia for legendary marketing across all platforms check him out a rapid media DOT COM dot. AU and also check out the number one bestseller from my friend. Bruce Cleveland traversing the traction gap. I think is a must read before entrepreneurs and speaking something that I think is a must one of my favorite podcasts. grumpy old deeks. Check it out wherever you get legendary. PODCASTS the thought I'll leave you with comes from Asia. Paul Satra who said commitment is an act not a word. Stay legendary my friends and until were together again while you're different

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