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2019 Mini Review Aric Almirola


The final lap with Kerry Murphy is on. We begin our look at the top. Fourteen Nascar Cup series drivers of the twenty nine thousand nine racing season and coming number number fourteen. Is Eric Rolla. Who racked up three top? Fives twelve top. Ten finishes Opole however he did go winless this past season but he did lead one hundred hundred and eighty laps of the nine thousand five hundred sixty four laps that he ran and had an average finish of nineteen point seven. His Lone Pole for the season came early at Atlanta Motor speedway at a Texas. He was part of a storehouse racing. One two three finish in November after leading sixty two laps on the day. The guys in the shop and everybody just working so much harder And then when you don't see You know the benefits of that It becomes even more of a grind and more of a challenge. It almost feels worse than what it really is But all in all I felt like we had a good year I was. I was proud of the year. We had You know it's an accomplishment itself just to make the playoffs playoffs but we don't want to be satisfied with just making the playoffs. You WanNa you WANNA make a run into the playoffs like we did last year and and and win races and unfortunately we. You didn't do that. Eric put together a run of six straight top. Ten finishes with his best finish on that run coming at Phoenix when he finished fourth early in the season. And that's our look at the number fourteen driver of the twenty nine thousand nine NASCAR season. Eric all Merola up next is number. Thirteen on the final lap dot com.

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