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Acids intended for mature audiences. The views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way those the podcast partners sponsors or affiliates enjoy this is Michael Buffer and you're listening to the voice of the people. Let's get ready for boxing. Voice Dot Com. Thought this here all the way that you could take power warrior limit. Welcome Back Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back at his film study Tuesdays Seven PM Eastern time Tuesday night. It's film study Tuesday. We're doing KANALELO ladder. And we're ready to rock and roll. You can find this fight right own zone and it's not gonNA have any ads. It's going to be aged equality and if you don't have the zone you can use our link you can find our Sign up link to design and most of our youtube description links on any of our old Shows but definitely Hopefully you got zone so you can watch alongside with us. We'RE GONNA be starting at the five minute mark on zones canola versus Laura's feed. What's up gentlemen? What's going on and head on out to New Jersey's zone officials chapman. No No. He's no Alexander. I'm Beth ever did never offense compatible with your off gap Yemen. Shout out to all the TB champs out there joining us for this film. Study in shutdown boxes schedule. We've real lights right now with our boxing can always hit the back to the future button and come back and see. Somebody's fights from the past. You know some drew much interest others a controversy and this is one of those kind of controversial rightness. Cannella versus Lada. Definitely got some controversy in it but let me let me head on out to Corpus. Mattio WanNa do me. What ness yet man. This is definitely An idea that I couldn't wait to do especially with all the boxing that we're not getting me a little too early on the clip And so this is just the perfect way to do this. You know no boxing. We go back we watch and This is definitely one that had originally. I am however GONNA keep an open mind and scoring this again But you know we'll see how it goes. We'll see we'll see how much changed. I think I have my old scorecard to check my head honestly. I'm not expecting to be biased. Man I haven't seen this in forever. Oh Shit about the roll up and do me left me a magical surprise. Look at that. We go so. Let's go right into a mental. We gave a little bit of Ptolemy. See we just started 705. I guess we could talk about another two minutes. Letting people activate their disown and go-to it's very simple to once you open up your zone. You just go to the search bar and you can actually just put Canova's Laurie. You don't have to spell the full names or anything like that POPs right up and we're ready to rock and roll man. We're going to start it at the five minute mark. So mark you want to join alongside US. You can do so. We won't be having any volume you know which is now watching us while we wait. Let's take them back in time. Real quick all right hit. Hit the delorean like Dumi said this Saturday. The twelfth of July two thousand fourteen canals currently forty three one in one. He is facing off against Arison Delores who has gained the reputation of a hard luck loser He had been in a couple fights one with Paul Williams. Another one with I can't remember who And they were tough fights there were fights. He should have won. I think he got a draw and one loss and the other but he is entering the ring at one thousand nine hundred one and two on this date so these are the two records heading in in the at the MGM Grand Arena in Las. Vegas Nevada This is a golden boy. Promotions with Oscar de la. Hoya this is before the split with Richard Schaefer and Al Hayman as they Left golden boy and one went on to start. Pbc and the other is With Ring Star Eraser And so yeah. The referee is going to be Robert Byrd Levy Martinez Dave ready and Jerry. Roth have The honor of being the judges for today and now the contract Wade is actually at one hundred. Fifty five pounds for this fight Report suggested that Alvarez rehydrated to one seventy one while Laura apparently rehydrated to One sixty six so there is a five pound and again this is reportedly. None of this was confirmed That I could find through either the broadcast nor reporters at ringside. So this was just kind of like an open secret That people had that night and then they report it and it goes out and Y- so Supposedly five pound difference between these guys. But Yeah we can get to it whenever you'd like Definitely definitely man. We taking it back for many of us that this one. So this'll three hundred thousand paper view buys actually just a tad over but This is if you don't remember. They never waited forever to release the numbers. This started the The idea that Cannella wasn't the pay per view draw that people thought he would be Because he had just He had just fought on. Gulu on pay per view right before this I believe And he had sold just over three hundred fifty thousand at that time. Pay Per view buys so fun fact Laura's wbz lightweight light middleweight title. Was not up for grabs. It was a non title fight and Alvarez was the WBZ but because this was contracted over the hundred and fifty four pound weight limit. Neither title was on the line so We do have an average score for the media. That was there but will release their scorecard at the end. We don't want to Sway anybody's decision. Making you know once again. If you don't have design I guess you can find it on youtube but you know the quality boy golden boy golden boy a channel on Youtube has it so and as good quality. So if you guys want to shoot on over there it's definitely there all right. Well there you go you know. Hopefully you got the zone. You know. Eight bucks a month heavy catalog new fights new fighters but if not IT IS GONNA golden boy as do me said so i. I'm just trying to make sure that the post is pinned before we move on. Let's synchronize on the On the fight to guy so we don't yeah I'm at five. Yeah I'll do. I'll do a three to one countdown for the play. Button. Josh did you. I mean Josh is in there so he found the link. Because I know do me you asked for it too. Yes I did. The did the upgrade. Its in there. Just don't know if it's going to take effect until next month or whatnot and I know I know. Patriot said you could search now for posts. I mean this is so difficult to get used to honestly let me see here. Polls why would you watch to fight without us? Trent Jones? We were supposed to watch together. Buddy what's up with that? Have you found the post for the other goes film? Study Tuesday can lower here. We go here. We go now. Reportedly Alvarez made one point five million. Laura made one million for the fight disparity of five hundred thousand dollars if my calculators correct yes all right here. It is who it is here. It solves share this now right and I'm GonNa pin it so it's easier to find. And this was a showtime pay per view by the way. Don't think I mentioned that. Did that. Crossover man for a little while anyway. Espinosa gave him a lovely deal. All right let's see Dumi. Where are you bomb? Hopefully this works all right. So what are we doing three in play or one to play? How is it I would say three two one? Go all right so starting from you You know who's going to count it off go ahead of me. Dum Dum dum. It dropped the ball on it. All right hold on. Let me just get back on five right through you to one all right so. I'm at five one five. Oh two three perfect five five. Six seven KINETICO's in the corner looking young young Nello Young Nello Round. One right man I ya. This was when I was so high on Laura. Right here look at them. Just just Jab Jab just just using a job for range finder right there. Cannella with his hands you know in high guard is not doing much again. Jab but damn kinetico counter with a good job landed on Laura there but lords already about seven jabs. Would you can see though. Is that Canelo speed as fast as two jobs through the counter made Lord jump out of danger but Laura Again with the Jab Fan? I wanted to to one law right down. The Pike is using that Jab. I it's it's it's he's also using the faint so it's working overtime that jabs doing multiple things and he's setting these things up. So you started when you see these back to the future fights man. You see the evolution of of these fighters like he's evolved so much more. Oh absolutely and a lot of a lot of doesn't look like the small guy man. He looks very very similar to to. You're absolutely right I. It's hard remembering back. Then but while can oval was not much bigger. And he's got he's gotten so he's matured so much definitely definitely not catching up to Laura. If he doesn't do anything this is a this is a laura around in the bag on absolute. I mean yeah you got a minute dirty. But but no no no no punches. A lot of mental mental pressure. Like he's in he's in Laura's you know face making Laura Work and move but he citing to let his hands go. It's real ed great straight times to own and there's a left hook from canola to the body. We recognize that punch become signature to step stepping forward body shy. It doesn't even ran a charter landed. Y- Laura Laura. Laura is definitely on his bike. But but he's he's he's being effective lower. Is He's landing punches but he's on his bike. It's a wonder you know why couldn't keep this pace? It is a lot of moving. It's a lot of movement but it's also a very well timed execution. He's not exerting more energy than he needs to when he's yet. Yeah Yeah you know looking at this around finishing up right now I don't know if it changed. I don't remember put John Lewis giving them the way too much time I mean cutting the ring off Laura's able to get out of every corner casinos sitting there and it's a it's a thing where lars figured out part of the distance and can I was just getting tagged. Looks like round one in the bag for Lada. A can't say otherwise man that's all debacle to nine for me law nine for me for Laura and just an F. Y. I guess I'll give it right now. We're awaiting the Punch stats for that. Total punches landed for Alvarez was six seventeen and in that round Laura Land at Twelve. Thirty one thirty nine percent to the thirty five so that was definitely evident. We did see Laura throw more punches. And we didn't see Alvarez throw enough and he still landed half of what Laura that's a that's a maximum around. That's a mags. Kelemen right there. Who WOULD YOU RATHER BE? The GOGGIN was six punches. The guy that got tagged with twelve. Yeah absolutely round to pay per view on showtime coming out. The Young Nello young nettle is he turned around mellow coming through Canosa. He's right in the pocket. Admire the the way that he could stay in a pocket and he just Perry's the JAB. He's just there. He's inching forward putting that mental pressure on you. He's got good defense. Let me tell. He's underrated. This kid is very underrated. Yep It looks like ladder. Got His number right now. With the distancing a lot of clones Jabbai Laura. It's always a one two and then angle one to angle. He's working the whole ring. Pretty Damn good. Whoa Nice shot right now like another level but allied than on the on the shoulder but it still looks good though Oh and they charged him with that right hand and that definitely Laura felt that right hand for sure that's the hardest punch of the fight thus far for anybody trying to link up. We're we'RE USING DISOWN. Cannella versus lower Fi- it's on the disown APP and we're at the ten minute and seven eight nine second mark. I got lower up one round but you can see Oga bodyshop Bucknell and you can see that. He's adding more pressure. You can seize adding more pressure. He's he's cutting the distance now. He's hopping to cut the distance. Canellas doing so much. This this version of Laura Indo bodyshop Cannella up to hit the try to trap them and we work that into the game all the time. You know he's going to the right. You throw that left body. Hook you know landed and it landed landed very good. It's the impact punchy. He ran into it. Plus the velocity Cannella was throwing those low shots work. You man named they they they pay up later in the fight and this is the same story right now in the second round of you know a soon as he sees the canals come in a little too closely that he throws punches. I and angles out where he just works the ring. Yup Good bodyshop by Cannella that uppercut to the body and asks. Who's going to slow down? Laura in the later rounds man. But that's the thing Laura's landing but he's not being effective unit. I mean Oh Cannella. Can All those frustrations there. We saw that in the trout fighters. Well that happened a couple of times. I mean he's got to let you know just because I look like You know I was brought up with a silver spoon. There's a lot of Gangsta. Emmy may people people like to miss You know they don't give him his respect because of the way that he looks honestly. Oh he calls. From Familia their politics does Cheryl know what that is. Like the. You know when people there'd be with the little cart selling popsicles s. That's where he comes from a man. I fight three headed by liberals. So they call them little badly better. Do something to cut this ring off. I mean good body shot goodbye shot and you say you got lower complaining which is definitely not new but look. That was a really good. Can all around in my opinion I I also don't like some of the facets of canola. There was no very little discipline at times. He's just throwing wild punches out there. But I don't think while I don't think wow but I definitely gave that round to Cannella he UPTEMPO You know look at the highlight very close to. It could have gone either way. Oh yeah that was a trip right there. Yeah but but still punched him though he did he did know exactly what. I said earlier that that looks bad to the judges. That looks much better for Nilo like this trips all the time. Yeah that's what happens. He's not even breathing in that corner. Bow My man so conditioned. But he's just like nothing in there y'all and Laura's mouthpiece looks funny man you don't see how his big mouth protrude broad style that was going on back then. Two man look. He got food in his mouth. I don't know why he got it. Herbal Scott to be uncomfortable and you see the first round. I gave Laura a lot of credit for that Jabber. Now I'm not really into the job because he's just like he's just wrong with it because he's just he's just like hitting KINETICO's gloves. It's a range funding. He's not being effective with it We got intrigued. The incredible joining us on skype in accident a chat. What round we're in actually in round number three at the two twenty two mark and we're in the thirteen fifty second mark of the zone link. India's own APP Cannella versus Laura Lara Literally Guy Canelo doing the job. The job man right now in the rare. Yeah he's he's he's skipping. He's skipping towards them now like to cut this but I can see why why can ello said you know the the. He didn't stand in fi because he's moving in La and he hasn't had the same success that he had in the first round like now is just like move move and I go. Plan is to let. Let's see could Nello get tired? Because that's just moving right. They look like stop. No a moving. Now that's a lot of movie you know a lot of people like I said we're controversial about it but I'm starting to see now that maybe a lot of people didn't give the dividends needed it. Well this is the reason he never got a rematch bro. Because it's like who wants to see him run away. He's not fighting as close as the fight was. It wasn't anything that inspired people know this. This is running now for the last thirty forty seconds. He's been running now. He left four shots go. That's how he covers it up. He left four shots. Go Nice back on a bike. Wow yet better. I had a better understanding of range before this round. But also he hadn't felt Kinetico's full power until that second round so that could be a big difference too. We finally felt something. It was like all right. Maybe I should be careful here. You Know He. He looks like he you know he was actually preparing for this fight. You know floor will not prepare him out because he was the first fight And it was of money fight. Of course you would have taken it but it looks as though he he used floyd mayweather as preparation for Lada. You believe that for sure. And that's what I'm talking about right there. You see those punches. Those punches are like Swan flies type of thing so he got fly in the ring brother. Duty I sean punches. Because Laura's run in those punches are hard to stop at the same time. They're just but you see Laura's occasional you gotta give credits Lorcy. He landed that straight left. So he's laying there his occasional straight left here and there he's Poverty Jab hearing their Cilicia. Frustrate them it really comes down to what you like. I honestly I was such a canal. Oh hitter that. When I watched this I was giving lower credit canal out no six years removed. I'm not liking. What I'm seeing from Laura. Honestly it feels like he's running a full full minute man but but but that is a low around that is around actually had it a ten ten right before and I said No. I'm not going to score. Its intent so I gave it to Laura. Ten Nine Bud light that's by the League thinnest of margins and Laura hidden with the hardest shot. That shouldn't a bit just wasn't doing anything. I can have the occasional level to the body whenever you know. Laura was changing directions. But he didn't really put the punches together in that round. He did. Add more pressure. Which I'll pay. I'm sure it was going to pay dividends in the next row. Was He was frustrated in this rank on. That'll may still real wide shots. There's no way Lorca keep up this pace though and I know that he does but I wanna see when he breaks down. I don't remember that. Yeah because there's no way he's GONNA be able to keep up this this moving like that. It's too much moving a lot. But Yeah I mean. Kinetico's defense definitely under underrated. He's right in front of Laura and deflected a lot of those shots perryman. His left hand. He does really go see. He's he's looking at stock there. Yes Alley let go three punches there that left land into the body. Okay okay. Now he's getting a little more aggressive. Now okay go left to the body and uppercut okay. He came out to give us some action round Laura Laura Land with that Jazz Laura landed at Jabbing and disrupted the left hook of of Canola. I think I right now. I'm starting to seek annella range. He beat them to the body. Right there okay. Like that no. He got his hands down exaggrating down after that body. Wow that hurt. Ooh And look lorn getting his foot on the outside of Laura's front foot that's how you maintain power in your right hand South Pole so beautiful. Bro He's running for real now. Like China Oregon Book. He got from one side of the ring to the other with like a leap faulk side. He's still very accurate. So you're gonNA see he's GonNa Land Potshot on Canal. Didn't he didn't? He missed that one though. He missed that St Louis County Down. One thirty one twenty nine. I'm on twenty six five. Okay I hang onto call so three to good one round four minute. Nineteen we're at the eighteen fifty five second mark on the dissolve link for Cannella versus Laura. It's film study Tuesday where we review a fight that you guys pick. We're watching film. Study Tuesday another Laura. Next week's post is out. Get your topic in a sea of Lee. Choose your fight look like Hagler her Leonard. Her Leonard is in the running for next week though coming in pretty strong seemed like four five recommendations for that the pressure is there by Cannella manage last four ground super face. I feel I feel bad that that gave lower this fight because like you know I'm looking at it now and I just don't feel the same. He's moving so much but then again I give him the last round. Even though he was moving he just land the definitive Laura. I don't think it was swung swing rounds. I gave him A. This is a canal. Oh round so far but you know. Sure for sure. A like like he did. He wear shorts. Versus Kirkland. Were I'm sure a guy on this level doesn't wear shorts but I feel like I remember him on. Jim Black before man is just around off took that run on. Let me see so I got now. I got Nello so I got it thirty. Eight twenty nine Cannella. So far added nine. Heff FOR LAURA. I got it thirty eight thirty eight right now. Yeah I got a thirty eight thirty eight. That was on on C. I'm telling you laurels. He doesn't get credit for his defense. Look up the inland as it. But he's defending. He's an he's he's definitely not. He was accurate with the straight left. But it just wasn't enough work. He's getting out work though STOIC. Anelle around I can't I can't give you the round. If you're just throwing punches eighteen punches in every once in a while you know how do you get hit with that mouthpiece in there and it does not buses you can. Nello fan into the crowd with that big ass. Miss Laura Beg for this fight to. He should have been fighting harder bro. Oh Nice right hook by Lata. Hurler on him told he had been running so many miles to put up this type of form on his toes. Literally Ray right there for seven steps ron and Bro. It's literally Ram Bro and Laugh to Oh good. Pasha to them man and he'd be lorcy how you went under that. He's winning this fight off off. He's been his body. Yeah I that heard it while running again. Those are the worst shots of the rate. They're Canelo beat the drums right. There can another with the light. Nice little under over again. Uppercut to double bodyshop Mike On. Oh Lord uppercut Laura hit him with a straight lead that got his attention look at his ass welte already and I think all right hook by Laura Shit oof good bodyshop by other wise large complain about that left Hook. You will South Pole. You're going to get hit to the back a little bit when you turn like I. And now he was complaining about the head shot. You say happens to happen or you get an hip enough man this as they can movements to seminal Laura's on ABC glitter translation bicycle. You know May when they used to fight on the back foot meh combination punching man he he. He's real tentative. Lotta he's picking at the guard and then he throws in pop popping left. Wow so you had to take that. Deep breath embody says Kinetico hurt. But he fighting back do that right hook. I just don't like all is bouncing around. Says Stick and move on he definitely making Cannella Miss. Like a Mo-jo. Yeah but it's almost like he's playing tag man. Yeah Yeah. He's not there to be and then punches. Land and Laura's running halfway across like what is that. Show another judge if they have a bad angle on it in their mind. Maybe they think he's getting hit with something that's sending him flying like. It's a bad look. It isn't an exciting fibers in the fifth round. And and I'm not happy. Yeah no it's it's definitely a one sided fight from an interesting point of view again. You know he picks up the team that I should say lot. Ladas picking at the guard and then he doesn't do nothing. He'll throw one shot. If that got you got Alvarez on him that precious crazy man I tell you what man This was six years old. I appreciate Kinetico's Defense Allot mortar. Yeah that's that's I wonder I wonder if he's still This this cause. He's got no knee braces here. Yo version of Laura right there. I think beat everyone fifty four pounder and WanNa see that version in law. He moving too much. Yeah an awfully look. It is limited as Danny about the TAG Camello. The Right Hook Bang. I I gave that rounded. Canelo felt like the body work was just brought. Laura Guy No power you know look at this replay lower no power. He fucking hit him with the left. Hook where everything. He turned his whole body. That's exactly how they want you to throw it with when a coaches training new bro. How did he not Joe? Kinetico's he stay. Run rolling with those punches Bro. He did that to to to the all night. Forty eight forty seven for me. I got KINETICO UP ONE ROUND. Forty eight forty seven. Hopefully lower could take because I promise you. I scored Florida first time and I was upset. I thought I thought Robb Laura so hopefully take Nello up by around the immune to forty or forty seven. Hopefully Laura turns it up in the end something here. Okay Okay Laura man you know he throws that Jab like the way that People that do swords and stuff. You know what I'm sensing. Throw that sort. Yeah fencing. There you go bro. He doesn't respect Spencer. He doesn't respect Laura's power he doesn't at all at all it's on Lord does a job. He's trying to counter this. We're GONNA. It'd be so much different if it happened now I mean I mean yeah probably stop them now with that right hand because he he's killing them to the body and this is trying to slow down. Yeah of course. That's what the body work is a lot of swing around. Because you know they. They don't count the body punches as much as those head punches. Yeah but those are you know. That's why that's why you know it's good to rewatch right because you know. Obviously we judge better. I think you know I hated that freezing by so they don't really score body size. What the fuck. Don't they really hurt? So then you should really score like you. Don't even make sense man. It goes to the the the typical Cannella pressure with the head movement. But it's just seems to be not letting the hands go. You know what it is too. It's like Laura understands distant so well but as well as the understands that he's not willing to do anything with it and I realize that it's starting to make you feel like well. Why Oh it's because he scared of Cannella will then who's winning. This goes body size right there Mari. He got scared. The focus canals counter instead of bodies saying Cova fight. All over just happened six years early every time he does. He's taken to the body. Well put your right. That's exactly what it is. He's throwing some of those faints similar. The way he did in the Copa left right working. And you see his eyes toward calendar lean on on the head and then he throws that body shot. He's so good at that. He's totally counter like shoveling. Uppercut Nice left shop looking at two more body size. That's that's all you want us. He wants to counter to the body. Those those that he's got no respect for Laura's Jab Laura Laura getting no respect with that job anymore of Go Right Hook by Laura and a pivot out. Why why does this fight? Seemed like it started. Oh good shot by lower cats and fucking can. Okay make an element. He called Cannella China's Glenn AT BIG AS O. Y. Oh no running after him. Yeah no and ripping them to the final bright. He's a great counterpuncher Brown. How do you? How do you judge this at this point right because loyalty definitely landed? What look prettier but Cannella had him in the trouble? That was that was Cannella for me but I know it's probably not like the official judges probably scoreline. Because he was he did mostly body size but that was a canal around for me. He landed so many body shots he set the pace of look. He had Laura Rome in like an ill around. Yeah Bro. He barely stood before he was he was he was like he was packing a punch as well you know how patching moves now with an punches. Charles Young. They look did they. Those duck duck quick total punches in that round those around six standing got no punches of thirty eight to Loris seven of thirty five Cannella through eleven jam. How many Cannella landed six of thirty eight? Laura's seven of thirty five no way punches while in COMPUTRAC CELLS. That's what they say. They landed six and seven punches in their own. Hell no I I know for sure. He landed more than six pro. One to step aside as one to step to the side one on Tuesday to decide. He's like one of those pitchers in baseball. That has to really good pitches but like has never bothered to develop the other pitches and the news that Laura and Jamaal Charles might get miss. Yes I saw that crazy. That's going to be Ronnie Shields motherfucking vindication right there. He wants that right there. I WanNa see it but at the same time. It's kind of mess up. These findings interim champion. When isn't resolve the super champion? Rosario Rosario is WB A. I thought he'd veto. Oh and Lauren's like a WBO intruments right he's WBA. W W A and I B F and and the I B O But. They dropped their ideal. Yeah so I don't know but I still want to see it though because that is the kind of bad blood that live with The combination by Laura. One two and he put it out again same thing. He's doing though wants to move onto by he's throwing that he's stolen like changeups and fastballs he throw in like real slow methodical one to speed up that too fast right. August body southbound canal. Oh he keeps catching them on the way out. I think it's because he's a southpaw. Folks who easy to Lan something be Laura not doing himself. Any favors like this man. Shit my fight buffering. I'm not to slow down on Ya. Dan where you at just let us know. I'm a close. Somebody sought now alarm. Buffa- I can't even say much about the fight right. Not because it's the same thing is it is it is but connotes frustration starting to turn into focus. You know he started. Sit Down with punches. A little better. I think he's making them count a little bit more. Very Nice uppercut from cal ness where you at we can get to where you're at Man I'm all fifty forty nine on. Okay let me pause just completely froze on me now. I'm on thirty one. Fifty three fifty four fifty. Five Canal Jab right-hand to the body. It's looking like he's using the JAB as a arranged to cover ground and then throws a mean right to the body. Looks like Lila at. This point has swelling on his right eye as well. So it's not just another now. Those body shots just look worse and Worse County. Down for me do me right now. It's thirty to twenty one thirty to twenty four thirty to twenty five thirty to twenty six thirty to thirty to thirty one. Now Watch this now. The doing a slow play boom uppercut. He's done. This is one of his favorite punches. It's SORTA like look at my right hand and then while you're looking at it I come up. The middle with that left uppercut Hook Body shot a hook but very tricky punch very sneaky. Very skillful for what? What's the time stamp on video right now? It's thirty two well. Thirty three thirty three to thirty three or four Behind a bit so stop it at thirty three O six or seven. Whatever you can. We'll wait for ness thirty. Three Fifteen Osha. Yeah well I haven't on play. I don't know if you guys just want me to stop you or will I don't know necessarily WANNA do Yeah lettuce catch up so you pause thirty thirty three thirty right. We'll get yeah man I do remember this fight going this way at the you know I. It's definitely how I remember it. There are just certain aspects of right. Now that are I'm like Oh yeah. I kind of remember this. Remember the jobs press play or Woah Woah. Three three two one well. I'm thirty twenty nine rounds a minute to forty and o'clock local but it's definitely. I don't know what the fuck is going is definitely slow. Bra. Okay Aggie for me right. Knock Analyzer mid range both Kinda pawn at each other with Jabs. I don't know leaving his jab out there like that. Yes casinos putting stick out there. I guess he's just kind of trying to blind a lot a little bit nicer to. Maybe catch some distance for the for the right hand step. He's stepping in with a lot taught. Laura caught him with the stray. He's going good. You know when you think about this is a South Pole. It difficult with a southbound. I feel like you lose your job versus the South Pole. I mean me. I'm not saying professional fighter. I felt I just feel like it's hard a jab from the Orthodox position when you're fighting the South Pole it's unorthodox and it's literally like you know both both of you are fencing. That's basically it. You know we got the sort out there and you know you can go John. I can't believe Laura don't do more than one two like. Why can't he throw a hook and there is a? He doesn't want to sit there and say he doesn't wanNA commit bro. You don't want you don't want to get here. He rather rather like he's sneaking man he's sneaking Little Peck Peck amount and Lee. That Canales making his punches. Count in ways that Laura's not and lars reacting but Laura's lamb is he's landing this rams leading absolutely he's landed you know pretty well last couple got him bleed and there was a mean yet right. I O body show again. I Connecticut a let that right hand. Go right there. Oh my goodness man. This is a look. I don't remember it being this much running man but I I guess I guess when we I watched it. We were giving a lot of so much credit because of I guess maybe we were Kinda paused. Lloyd banned Yeah Man Paul Williams Carlos Molina fight. I mean Laura had proved himself to be a very very dangerous out. Thirty five tents causes causes such and I don't know I'm I'm trying to check nine seconds left in the round all right. I'm at seven right there okay. Perfect yeah yeah I remember this much running but like I said maybe maybe when when we saw versus floyd you know we've seen how can they don't have so much trouble with that type of style and when we went ahead and watch this fight you might have. We might have gave more credit than he really was doomed because of the the performance Dick Mayweather. I mean He. This is just an absurd amount of running and You know in some of the rounds. I can't give lot of credit. Because he he he throwing he throws the shots while he's running But a lot of these times just running and side to side lateral movement and Sorta like you're trying to like saint football broke. That's exactly what he's doing like he'll stop and go. The other way is not like he'll stop to fight. He'll just stop to come out and you can do that. But it's just the whole fight every minute of every round. It's just that and he's not throwing it as much as he should. He's just he. He opened up as scared fighter. He this whole fight from the beginning. Looks like he's just been kind a survival mode and he hasn't given Alvarez anything that the ours is going to respect him for What Time Stamp Era Nine seconds eighth left nine seconds. Left in the eighth it's Thirty six zero two three two one. Bam All right. Well it's like it's like every other around and look you know the fact that we're saying his running but it sounds cliche to say he's running but it's the way that he's moving. He's really good at what he does. He takes a step back. And it's like a frigging elite or skip you know so it makes it look or feel like he's running these moments to where they're both open for exchanges and Laura's not committing Laura just looks like he's in worse shape. I mean not like physically. I've just me like he's taken more damage. Yeah I think it's the the the gives that allusion 'cause definite you know he's getting hit to the body more than anything in an Emmy 'cause he's definitely knows look a little bust it but yeah I think looking as is too little bit. Low blood shot you know. I mean yeah can. That'll shots are more impactful than than than sorry. It was you know what's happening right now folks. Tv Lot is fighting on his back foot. What timestamped Bugai's on this thing is buffering for crazy for me bro. Thirty seven thirty three thirty four thirty five thirty six seven thirty seven forty thirty seven. Forty one the pullback Perry right now see I like that. Move that pullback Perry I that's something he should have utilized a little more but then that would have made him have to follow up with something afterwards. Can't just sit there and the pocket after that does bodywork is unbelievable in this fight man. I'm in peril. It's aggressive. But that's because he knew that that was the only way to catch up to go. I'M GONNA switch to my phone. Brothers thing if he would have landed one of those uppercuts that he through this round I think he could have stopped them out. Stop Bodyman you know. He's throwing the left to the body and right up right up the middle to the stomach. Yeah I don't agree with it. Got Robert Byrd. Right now and I don't agree with birds call there. That look like Laura charging in I mean Cannella definitely was there but is that you see. He's leaving his. Oh why you got that looking at bad looking Laura how we react to those punches whether signs not not ninth round a minute. Thirteen minute twelve. That's thirty nine minutes thirty nine to one thirty nine to thirty nine. Three thirty nine four Bro. It's been Cannella fest last throwing these double jazz from like half a foot out of distance. Laura is I mean he's you know. I think it works better on the phone because it's smaller resolution. I think it's their servers. Bro Yeah 'cause I'm on my Mac my Max twenty seven inches in all I get his buffering now. I'm on the phone and it works then. That wasn't a nagged. I was asleep. Well you buffy the vampire slayer we'll Marco Yawn. I'm at thirty nine. Fifty four thirty nine forty eight thirty nine forty six. Just wait for us. Thirty nine forty nine fifty thirty nine fifty one fifty two fifty three fifty four fifty five fifty six fifty seven fifty eight again it's it's pawing at each other's John where you are now. I'm at watching. Go ahead. Four eight thirty nine forty ten good. Okay turnaround few seconds behind. You know she's drunk. You see it in the pink dress. She says you talk is that is that many robots the cut man for for Ronnie. Who's in the corner radio? Who's doing the cuff? Laura him on. No Oh you know who that was. That was Doing the cut. I thought you said outside the ring that should have been in Iran. That's knocked out. He hit him Danny. Split left on the water there but he got hit. I look let's see let's see amateur. Oh thank God for replays but when you happen you know. He's hot bro. He looked yohiki hot. Seven feet right there like a cat straight up around round two I. I wasn't able to score ever. I'm and I've been fucking surfing. I had to switch from computes the phone just the fight to stop buffer would aggressive body punching man. I mean account by lower though. He kind of just sit out popcorn you like. I feel like Laura's never more like a couple of steps away from turning around and turning this fight around and yet he's not commenting not committing enough because he knows that firepower was deborah. He got a standing at a little bit more toward one-two-three even there was one time one two throws one-two-three that she wants to and Cannella overthrowing but he is definitely getting frustrated. That looked like on such punches. A little bit there you know. Chipping away at his pride. I'm an no. He's passed sign Cannella but just one. The one added Tom and none of them have enough sting on them to do any real grads among through a left and then kind of just held them in place. It's very frustrating. When you got a guy like that it doesn't when you held them so you don't go it'll move anymore and that jab just moves like machines throwing it. It's the same it's see. I mean he changes. Oh sit very gone through three by Laura who is that right hand that that s what. I'm saying Oh but now cannot by four. That's what I'm saying. Those around I if you Laura man you gotta start doing more than one. Because he's not expecting and you can land but he's not committing by the time he's doing number three he got. He got half his body out the Running out the door look Amazon. Canola too I mean that right is the only thing I see men in. Uh It's not that bad is spend the same thing back up one two punch go to the right. Go to the left. The right go to the left. He's just running. He has has this little moments but they're they're so short and ended ending so soon man. You got this constantly putting pressure constantly landing these body shots and for some reason. It hasn't winded him. He hasn't hasn't slowed down. Affiliate key isn't running as much in this round like even the times we was getting away. It's like he's only you can see it in his mind definitely reciting but he he had enough. You're right. He's moving a lot man. He's moving a lot in and it comes down so I guess charging styles man Fighter th that's what you're GONNA do go for like a boxer but I mean even if you like a boxer how could you give that a lot of when he's not throwing the amount of punches needed landing these shots that are? They're not he's not he's not holding back and then they'll just a hundred miles. Holden canal obeys even his own ground. I did give this round to Laura but I think really close. I want to that. He did here. One-two-three was nine but it was really one two one two. He just missed the last one. Look Heathrow them and it goes to show. That goes to one two three. You see the hook landed because Bro. You doing his one to all night. Fucking Hook Man. Big Body southbound. Yeah I I I feel more confident given that one to Laura even though like you said to me I mean nose landing the shots that really count to me. That was one of the best rounds. Laura's had in several now we could go ahead go ahead and give that around a lot as well but it quits man where around eleven to fifty four more. We're on the link for the CANNELLA versus Laura Minute Mark. Forty five twenty six again crashes all night exactly all night can always the star good was was what I was GONNA say. I mean you know. Only one guy's making a fine. My boy looking like Michael Myers right now. I don't know I mean these. The last two rounds maybe Laura can. I don't know do something. Good Good Corps movement by Cannella. Always man you gotTa love style. And he's just in your face but he's moving not just only from the head performed the core and throwing these vicious body shots that I mean. It's making a lot of just leap out of the way like a cat every time he doesn't wanNA keep getting hit with these. He needs to do more a lot of needs to do more. He's going to go ahead and claim this pfeiffer himself. He's on same Combo Mona should according to. It's a want to want to say one two. Maybe he expected on to eventually be be super frustrated to the point where he would catch him with a counter. But it's just such a disciplined fighter. Same thing once who wants to hell actually have it? Six four right now for in terms of rounds finally do the right hook. I landed very nice right on leveled up. Yep Pros that he's wiling with the same fucking things. He's predictable there. We go left or right left to right back to the left. Hoax is right hook and he always. This is why I don't go back and watch fights where this fight was so much more exciting to me the first time around like now. I'm dying for over Yo. They could've fought in arena. That was shaped like a half moon and they would have been totally fun. That was a hard right hand from Condello wise. Can I'll try that goofy uppercut like that. You don't get knocked out. How he's definitely refined it. Though I Shit. Shit from wall iheart allies would do yo- actually coming from the Dow under Bri- he bending his knees in everything that was hilarious tiger uppercut every day. You got the time stamp. We are on forty seven fifty seven of the zone versus Laura link where in random ten nine seconds left Cannella versus Laura Film. Study Tuesday's TB Rocking Out Doomsday. Mighty among church. Yeah Yeah Nah. I'm on I'm on my laptop and I got a log in. Forgot the password to to dissolve. That's sure as hell this guy your password like Rico now on once. I and I restarted nettle with a rights and shot Laure Taya. Macy's guys exile. I thought he was Whitney. You may him. He made them deep. Get a deep bre. Oh Man Laura's fast though he just flicked the Jad once he seen Atlantic Phuc. He's sent that left now. The Job Position The JAB shop position the head for the Rice Shot Ryan Shot. That's not that's not. That's not no that's not. It looked like if it's short but we know him to yeah. I can't remember this guy's name in the corner now so right now in the Cordo cannily Eddie was Eddie. Her NOSSA wasn't even famous bagged. And that's why they ain't call them Eddie. They had his name. Eddie son also I build the swagger that just because Eddie. Y'All Round Twelve Karnal. Big right hand back in. So that's the only bad thing but oh my God well how much energy is Cannella waste and doing all that Mike Tyson? Shit ooh lean body close. At least he's gone for. He beat in that body in the morning Lori Lori. Probably all good Shit Laura while our fucking big right there that same left hand down the middle and that all my God cannella with the six punch combination is bishop. Put your headphones on. You always doing out a mutual to you. Just sit together a lot. A lot of must have had an interesting night that night after his deal. Good Buddy sub. I can go right hope by low. I think that would hurt him. Laura I heard about. I think that right. Hand Laura's Jab this kid just he flicks Jab some machine jab seized. It's like he's just built to throw it out on the back foot dancing. He actually landed a really good job. Can Nello Magnusson belial La Mancha? That's his post phase. When he learned how to fight I'll give them the re-met and I see a man. My man say we Mexican Independence Day. You on you on your do coty right now. My boy got special mouthpiece. So he breathed more MANTECA. Look look look at the amount of movement man from one to twelve bro. Wow amount of movement is crazy but not enough punch as shape he remember. But you gotta you you you could kick told you zagged and who spa both the Charles just running back. Danny spa both Charles. Because they was all in the same stable with running laugh hand by Lahood. I wish we need a compromise on them left. Ho How many fucking love hosted by the Kennel? Damn Bro a lot. I don't even know how he did. Slow down man. Oh this was July not Mexican in the Perez. What yeah why before the date yet. You like twelve still at the Gar pond at the Gar. Cannetto in the mid range tries to shore up looks like Ladas complaining for Blow Blowpipe then looked like it was every even when they made a lot of old lives. Right hand stumbled them. Laura Laura Laura overhand looking Laura Laura Lucky. He got a life fight. Yeah man on the top term. No don't do it then. He slit his throat. Like I killed him. He's slated to my job. I did it. He said off with his hand Let me see let me see some man Edam At the Mitsubishi had Yo so it looks Li- my first time going. I gave us it to Laura back. No but I told Ya I told you that fourteen right you can talk about back in two thousand fourteen but right now I got it. I believe this is right once. Seen One fifteen is that right No it should be wants to see if you have eight rounds to four once went to a gave a lot of two. Rows Day Gentlemen. Ten One sixteen one twelve for the first time I ever scored. I had it won. Seventeen thirteen canal. I mean I'm sorry one seventeen one eleven cannella so actually had around closer and I wouldn't mind a a one fifty one thirteen scorecard. I think seven two five eight two fours a good scorecard I don't see a draw here man. I really don't like that style. Then I guess I could see but I don't know I just I I don't think I could. I could watch one hundred times. I'll never get closer than seven to five. Gave him two rounds men to islands. Which rounds were they? This I came round and round to you. Ain't give them twelve excuse. You Ain't getting around twelve. I had a different bolt at whatever had a different I gave them three rounds. Excuse me again round one. I gave him around three and I gave him a round ten. I gave them those same rounds. And that's it that's all he gets from but also gave him a browns. I gave him rounds nine and ten and I gave around one in three one. Three nine and ten but that eighth round to me was very close. I think that could have been. I gave them round one ten. I mean excuse me one. Three ten and twelve. I think twelve is arguable. You know I did a lot of things good in that round. I just felt like Cannella landed the harder shot at definitely. If you're watching swing rounds man my swing. My swing rounds is five and six. I see anybody giving them either way but yeah that was that man. I'll I'll next. Week's fight is better that she was trashed. Yeah short man I swear I. It was so much more exciting for the first time around. That's because I was invested in. This is what I'm saying about guys. You Know Club. Leaning I was invested in Laura Ivan. Seen him winning because of everything he did to get that fight and Watching it this time six years later Bra feel like he ran entire fucking night. It's crazy but You know I can see what I guy wants. Sixteen twenty eight to four But I won't argue if you had it a draw with each getting because if you gave if you gave Laura five and six draw but let's go out to the callers guiding you jumped on pretty late man. Yeah Nano wish I could watch re washed it because I was one of those guys that would like damn thing Laura had it. Bye Bye bye around. Had All draw. I was. That was my argument. One happened back in two thousand fourteen. So Yeah I was wondering start Laura One and then looking at it today just am I. You know my man on his bike too much but he can hit to the body. Every time he tried to run away he again left to the body so another thing not even watching the fight not rewire. If I'd rather a Mario sent me punch stats and I was still in my mind like year men Laura one body stats but then you know the power. Punches percentage for Cannella were higher. So maybe they score the base of affected I Laura Laura Laura landed like five power punches that fight but he was both Ambra then make it says those power punches really made a difference in Rega- hell yeah they slow lower down. They made a difference physically. Because you could see that Laura started fighting listen. His best round was the first row. That's the sad part that was his best round is like Mario say he full of power yet so he was fighting confident. Once he felt them level to the body it was over. He went European. God on these calls are brought to you. By El Camino trickle services experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation visit us at El Camino electrical services dot com. Remember to write his fivestarsoap on I tunes. Alright alright we're going to trey in obey Boomerang would ado I come back to me. Right we Intrigue Boomerang the full full forty feet and the paint look every owner that we know the ruling Tudor City Swag came on Fu flicks was good. It was good. What intrigued I ha. I was missing something to of the book. I'm glad I did this which I ended up having scored in fight once sixteen once a draw because it all depends how you scored it. I mean I scored it for Cannella. This time I know I am. I thought I started to go to go back and see what I get the combat I was. Everybody gets all right. Steve Chicago Talk to us. Yeah Hey what's up Yeah it's fun watching it. The second time around you see a little different aspect of it. I'll be honest with you tonight. I scored at a draw. I gave Laura around one three six. I gave them round nine and then round twelve or ten. I'm sorry around ten and twelve and I give Carmelo to were five six seven. I mean I'm sorry. Seven eight eleven but I I had at a draw tonight but but like you said this white was so the Guy Ran. Lara ran the whole damn fight. It was so hard to to score it. He hit him. He hit a movie. It'll move you know but like you said with the power punches he didn't land any you. That was all canal. Could cut you know so interesting. His scorecard because then I say five and six swing rounds. And I'm like do me. You Ain't give him twelve. So He gave Laura Twelve and ten two rounds I gave he gave nine and ten he said twelve and then he switched back to ten really. I heard him say non. I just thought he didn't nonsense. He said nine twelve and then he said Oh. Wait my bad nine and ten. And honestly after hearing Steve Talk. Yeah I could see a draw because those were swing rounds and then I had to other swing round so you know what I'm saying like how could it not? How could I not see to draw? You know looking back on it now looking back on it now though man. I know the first time around. I'm not even GonNa see here and act like Iraq. Another win in the first time around guys. I had a lot of winning. Yeah me and I don't know if it was because I was just watching it through the scope of. Oh look what may whether to him. He hasn't learned his lesson nine. Now even height. There was a lot of hype around Laura. We thought he was that dude man. It was a lot of hype. That's all it was burr and and you know what it was on sorry. It was the knicks. It was a mixed thing for me like where y'all were like critical because you know he was given that golden boy treatment. I was like thinking here comes our next Hula. Says I thought? Oh man you know Mexico's back in like a real big way. Imagine though because it's not like good fight like yeah like like it gives guys ammunition when there's no threat like is a little bit of tweaking at a game plan you stop. Laura you know what I mean But I guess it ain't working at this point with the style. Don't get me wrong. Like he was very successful at times with a discount rate in that Ford Pressure. Cannella was putting on him but he wouldn't yeah by running yet. No and and that's what you do with a guy like that but he wouldn't see an exchange. It was just not enough punches being thrown. And I I don't know what the game plan was net corn. I don't know if they were trying to break the rounds down and say hey. Just get the cleaner shots. What was it because it was just the whole fight on the back foot. There was nothing else and that's why I now looking at it and I guess this is a while this is four or five years ago right so it's like now I'm looking at six. Two Thousand Fourteen two thousand fourteen. So I'm like I'm my cues risen a lot exactly. That's what I feel like. I say you're GonNa see the seven because you learn you evolved and you learn how to appreciate certain things so now when I see Laura getting out the corner instead of just saying Damn Cannella are letting them out the corner. He's not he's not cutting them off. I start to see them. He didn't cut him off but he hit him with the left. Hook on the way out is going to do damage over the length of time. Let me go out to the next caller we going out to New Orleans. They'RE GONNA make really ship. Hebe farmers the way I WANNA talk to You. Turn off your station. Jt Gt all right. Jt's busy we're GONNA INFO JOE INFO. Just jumping ma'am. I gotTA change the batteries on my mouse might have just died mid Sir Noel L. I started to draw a doomsday Tell your cousin may did a good job to man in a fight with many tell them. I said that Appreciate that man. I don't know yeah I scored it a draw man. I gave Laura. One two eight nine ten eleven and I had to have three swing rounds. third Three five and two well but I think Cannella landed the harder punches but I thought Laura landed the cleaner punches. But I did but you know. We know lar city now. Before the fight started he was going to be on the back foot. You know what I'm saying. I just style. He never changes since he heard. That's the only time that he stood here in a win. to-to-to but that's all. I got all right. Joe Man thanks for calling in then sure was joke. I told you but that's two people that said they see. I said I could see to draw then Last do say conceded. Draw Steve Wright Steve. Say He escorted John. Infra said that I mean comparing it to floyd mayweather that we we never saw flow mayweather. Run that much and not and not and not hit as this Roy. Foy moved but he was super successful at landing and avoiding your shot that you know we were seeing right there. Maybe because I feel like may whether it was more comfortable in the heat you know look like Laura was just flustered and like he just if the ring was bigger he would Iran the whole. I mean this guy is I agree. Let me go out to Israel and Oklahoma. What up izzy doing doing pretty good. I got one fourteen one fourteen. I'm with Steve and Joe on this when I got draw. Wow and there's yes I'm with you I'm with you. I will never watch that fight again. That was terrible. That was horrible. Bro. I can't believe it that it's don't like it. Don't like it all right well mister just just so people know Levy Martinez scored at one. Seventeen went eleven for could Nello Jerry. Ross Gortat one fifteen hundred thirteen four Alvarez. I'm sorry for Laura and Dave Moretti scored at one fifteen hundred thirteen four. Nello eighty nine media members. scorecards were averaged and it came out to one fourteen one fourteen so press row had it pretty much draw One Seventeen one eleven is actually one more round than I gave. But everybody's hovering around that draw makes sense Because there were a lot of swing rounds you know what I mean like. I think Joe had probably the best idea of all the swing around those trying to remember mine which he had a few of and then there were a couple other ones there too that I was like. Oh wait yeah I remember thinking well Lori did pretty good this round but Yeah it was just to me was a Cannella fight. You know plain and simple. I'm which you bro Let's go to trae redoubling back at you actually before we get to looks like J MAG jumped on. So let's go to him first to give you time but you and intrigue obviously yourselves together. We're going to double back at you right now. Bitches in the sport total disrespect long guerrilla. Smartest thing if you stay away from there if I'm I'm challenging this one hundred million a million three canal commentators how we get a fair fight man. How'd you scoring still got live ruining the fight? I'll have to fight to know who wanted to fight the fight all the stuff dog in Connecticut. You giving a guy Coming forward and his face pushed in In a guy landing against his heyday in In comparison to the body shots canaveral dominated due to fight and stuff and I heard you saying he's running. He's running. No there's no running. Running is a attracts. But when you run north to south he was moving back moving movement to same type. Moving you use in a ring when you try to establish space. I just listened to and that's just go to show me what type of casual Paschall when it comes down to Connecticut all three Oh you Marlin and doomsday on On this show we might as well change just Canal box of. Hey I guarantee you I guarantee you get the picket. I guarantee you get what you need. And it definitely pick that up. Look today you got to cut that Israel. Israel's all the way in Oklahoma and not on the panel and he seen it a draw. Steve is all in Chicago and he's seen it a draw. Joe's all away and Info in in in California. He's seen a draw so your biases. Yo Bias. You know you got to say he didn't even watch it exactly. He's got his fellow. Hate goggles on the main. Now you know can I say I think it is about what you see and you claim that effective you know said I saw serve Allah judging and on on that on that. I guess they would judge in body. Punches scored those rounds. I didn't even see the second time but I'm the first one to say Laura won that fight on one point where we had lower win the first time we saw it. I mean that's the same thing I I I i. I don't know what I was thinking. Either either by saying it ain't abide this. It ain't a bias man. It's just now I know that that you know I'm more like I said my boxing. Iq has increased. I know how to counselor and shots. Just because their body just doesn't mean that they're not effective shots and yeah he's right. My Man's right. That just called you know he was popped US pop. Shankar nettle every time he came in. What else was he going to hell? No not every time he came ember man who said man like we says. I row was his best round by K. About what J. Mac Talking Haney? What's the fight man? He got? Listen when I watched the fight? I scored for Laura to score the foam so I should be scoring a form again. What did you see the first time I see? Only seeing golden boy baby and fucking canal and him. Fighting a bunch of nobodies in law was the toughest. Do He'd four since then other than mayweather so I wanted to see them lose and I thought he laws but he ain't fucking lose he ain't lose watched it just now six years later and it's totally different and what I meant to say. Every time he came in what I meant what is he wasn't catching Camilla. Every time he came in what I'm saying is it pretty much was that he wasn't even fucking using his jab bro. You can't. How could you school we were doing based off the stats? He was using his jab. Because they don't know how to count. That's why everybody always say Compu- boxes is relevant is deuce outside the ring with a clicker. He don't even know I'm sitting here saying he's just flicking his dad. He not landing it. He ain't got no no power bond. It's not. It's not a power job. It's not a fucking snapping jab. He's flicking it. He's just rained funding but they cowan every time it lands on camello gloves Cannella. Perry's get the free got it. Yeah he was using it more like a distant barrier. You know what I mean. Just trying to keep them at bay. It was a measuring. It was to keep keep canal honest but he wasn't even respected as because he sees just palm with that. You Ain't nobody knows. And every now and then he was successful. He would throw that fast. One two one two but it wasn't enough in the twelfth round in the twelve. Really good success with once a month. That's why I gave him a twelve in. Listen he did some high level stuff you know. He was throwing changeups with fastballs in any you know he was. He was working against Canales Momentum. He did a lot of good things. Listen let's go to the Boomerang train obey Y'all when you do The the show about might probably the mall. Just give me some time so everybody can ask whatever questions they want to act so we could get that out the way once you A. He ran because he no Cannella got bad feet and I never wanted another fun would saw man. That's just sounded disgusting. It was also like that when I'm watching my favorite fighters boy. That's just how terrible and Man I'm GONNA be y'all sound bad man cave harbor. I hope all sound like that man. I almost la that Shipment I missed I got all my own like the Arrow man. I'M GONNA be missing most of all the fight study man. But that's my first call Listen It's strange. How many favor fighters are you allowed to have? I thought Danny was my favorite fighter. Keith wow the now is canal right on Lucas. And now I. It looked like the phase right or more for me like as soon as my mark quote unquote favorite fighter lose. They move on and say I got another fighter so now kennels my new favorite ain't while the no more all of a sudden I ain't got the bomb while denying the camp I've been going through for the last six is is. I mean I don't have that. Oh I know. Steady beat user. What should stick with fury? Now is our favorite five dad. Oh okay now. Careful fury. Teddy B. E. C. E. C. At East Cleveland. East Cleveland Ohio. Oh asked questions to the Cleveland fighters about the specific so okay. That will yes. Yup Yup Yup Yup air will reidy is in a couple of other fighters but Actually backed by China. Love like we was young like teabags too but I had to fight a draw. I had a wide three five six nine eighteen for the rest of the rows. But I see Wah so back there. I see why my hat Laura win? It's because of the headwork. Torello wasn't really collected with his top. He really disconnected a lot to the body. Like I wasn't as a training. I'll watch boxing as I now. That was six years ago. Our kid and I was just like newer to box not do but like. I don't even watch his boss a couple years like three or four years. I have lost the old vizquel. Watch it a lot of courage back. Jay Matt Counterparts Bank. Yo you know it's funny. This will be my last time watching the fight what you do but the fuck is jerk in. Watts. Know that she's sound weird like Tracy. You got four motherfuckers. Oh celebration jerking Oh. Hey pick shirt said man. Nasty motherfuckers wanted his fight with a man. How can I don't need to watch the fight to know what I watch like? Do they say about the I? I watched another face get constantly bad and also them that landed that you just say didn't land and it was misconduct. How come they landed. And that's how you taking away from that did land on his physical space out at the fight enough statement. You was just an answer to fight. Check his face out at the fight. You can watch the five six years ago Danny Garcia winner fight by knockout in. Come out of the fight looking like he went to a war. That's what happens. The light skinned people. Can they lose a challenge? Man is facing. You know swelled up in bruise now now now winds based on. Hi how Bruce's your face. Look I mean like. I don't know if you didn't see that shows me that you're willing. I was willing to say look. Let me scored again. And I didn't even have the score again. I could've stuck with my original score. But like that's what he's doing. I mean look for the photos listening like when you see the fight. Like who's who looks like. He's in trouble the whole fight. Who looks like he's in desperation? Fight he didn't he didn't give anything for him to respect the men and it was just a constant runnin. Runnin and I'm not saying a lot of good shots. Yeah that's what happens when you gotta fight on his back foot who always fights on his back and he's really good at it with the guy that's coming in and trying to make a fight for the fans they're trying to put some action into the punches lot. I was just trying to pick his shots but it was just too much pressure that another was putting it make him look good at all and it frustrated him and you should have landed more for the amount of time that he spent moving like day. Should've hit him with more counters up but it just got nose bodywork impression and allow him so he was the one that looked in trouble. He was the one on the back for. He wasn't look like mayweather. Mayweather know how to go on the back foot pull counter. He knows how to be on the back foot. Hold his ground. Stay with you a little bit on the inside work. Manathat that he'd run fest the fact that he threw one three points combination says it all and I let let them raw phone. Whatever lower about the fight Djamil man? Let's see what happens next. Trae boomerang I give it give it to. Jt Jt go. Oh that's why text you to up. Takes the brother. The same thing to double check but Embargo it was hard to watch the FRY star watching it on my phone because the beyond which I ain't even know it was folio. I thought it was three three three and Rica got on. He didn't get to see a either. I'm being is man. Y'All signed beyond his next time. Devises folks I had to go watch myself wants to fight but I mean. How's Gordon how I couldn't stop watching rows leg got a phone call part folk? Were I'm saying narrow could AC- WANNA give canal but I see how lower could've WANNA fight? If he was the Eisai fight. If he was as I part company in the fight they would have to fight to him even if he changed it up enough. Cannella was the eighth style Friday. He got their fight in Picanello. That's why I keep bringing up to Lord Mitch's Andreotti a Now Aerospace I feel can be Cannella because they go do moral it lower. Don't handle inside game so I see why he was. Oh I bet you J. T. came out I I'm telling. He got the IPHONE HE HE UNDERSTANDS BOXING. He fought ten fights. Jt You came out. I man I could see if I can see. You ain't even watch the fight. You just angry but go ahead Stainless gave his boomerang are now. I know this my boomerang my second call I kinda punt so this is my second one and then I got another one was saying. Thank you stainless first of all. I don't have to watch a fight to see what I seen affect while our did enough to even though he didn't fight on an inside which I totally grew my brother just said. Now we're not that effective on a it's our but guess what number did never cut the wrangle to control the range of fight lower control to raise the fight. He was more with the JAB. Let me get my smoke off because you had your chance to beat you me and wants to fight the whole time. He was doing anyway. Hey what I saw when I remember in the fight I paid for that. That was my last time paying for Carmelo Judge in a in a bag. Alvarez of fight what I was saying I saw lower be more effective with the JAB controlling the range of job. I saw by the Chuck. Hasley trying to catch up with him and last but not least could it could it so let me get this as you were. You went once the counterparts what you got two more or less. Oh he was just want to keep going he with the combination. Do you want me let me go. I sure do I sure do. Hey let what I saw was a flat but a guy who was not enough to cut the Ring Auburn effectively. Control the range of the fight. When I was guys. Give me canola. Look at him. He's trying to make a fight book making the fight. Be Good enough to cut the ring out and bring the fight to the person not destroyed by all fight and then give them a win for that. Cannella was not affected up to the top. I don't care what I don't need to rewatch anything. Meyer you keep coming from me and keep saying I watched why I don't give a shit I don't have the watch the bullshit I remember like yesterday I saw Nello not effectively cutting rangel. I saw him go because he couldn't top everything. He swung top. He fucking Miss. Lawa's patent their face up and that's lower did not sit on inside. Lower realize that exchange was was a bad idea. He control the range of the fight. Like my brother. Save lower was ace. I guess what he won that fight and meat man with a lost fight. 'cause we know where meat man you know we know you gotta get his advantage and stuff like that could never gonNA start cheating juiced up corn. I swear is coming. 'cause they always change the love poem? What's next what's next but I I hate on a guy that your big up but don't call on none of this. Is this guy going on this sport? He fucking Pixelbook Capanna Mayweather. Please Canoga wish he could put it as bad fucking. That's why he cheated and pulling juice in is asked. That's mccaw your intriguing with the killer instinct common. Listen he's triggered somebody's girlfriend he's triggered but this is what this is this. Is this the bottom? This is just the truth. He is trigger right. We scored for canal. No one scored it for Laura yet but him but but we're bias every wanted called the either had draw for Canelo but he didn't go back and re watch it. He's knows more about boxing. And he's the only one that said Laura everyone else on this show and on this call today has picked. Canelo or draw just saying but I'm biased. We we beat not meet to mellow. I guess I guess no one else was being. Amy took another but they still pick them to win or they still seeing the draw. I don't know I don't know but look who we got. We got to go back to jt because he didn't get his call. He got trays. Cost your call. Jt. Back to back to the fight. Like I say many Laura's Eisai he would they would have to fight him but based off what I watch. I can't get bikes cleared on canal. I got it as as a joy was a close fight and I told my brother that longtime ago Larry know inside game if you stay there and traded black and that's why you gotta appreciate flow amid where the fight versus. Could you stand in a little bit in exchange for them so Lloyd has inside game so I mean I have to finish watching the fight? What y'all come and take this out by pulling for Canaletto. Seen Lot of stuff was clearly running he was moving out the way a lot is different than running. That's not considered running box. And you know what I'm saying but he didn't think so that's why he ain't get the get the nod to win the fighting because he wasn't east. I mean that's all I got on it right now. It's funny because he said that that you know He. He was effective of top Why am I was all busted up? Why his nose is all busted up in what I'm saying? He had effective shots of top two. Br eat the whole Cannella. Cut The ring off thing like he wasn't landing put Lord did. Laura wasn't doing anything with that like Laura. It's one thing to not be able to cut off the ring and not getting the offense in but he was still getting offense in Intrigue Talk to US Boomerang Go back and watch the whole man can give my input on. I'm not a has some bit. Yana taking tally light. Taking the talent to see who else I would draw panella win. Lar- win y'all taking Ono. Everybody train watcher Info said draw. Israel said Draw J. Maxx Laura but he didn't watch it. Jt said draw And Steve said draw. I said can Nello Alex say Canelo Mario Sake another and you is. He is he said is he said drew. Yes I'm on my watch. I'm a watchman to the mark. I thought you said you watch take not not worth wasn't but I ask them delivery commands. I was like you know. I don't like watching the fight like missing Iran coming back going going over to you. I gotTa Watch all in one little run. I would like that. They you have it. Ladies and gents join us on next Tuesday for film study. Tuesday the post is already out and So far looks like Hagler vs hearns is is is in the runnings. I think that's GonNa take it and we'll see that that was only a three rounds is from what I'm being told the greatest around. Maybe we could do that. Win a ornament. We'll talk about it afterwards. Yeah I I never. I don't think I've ever seen a unit I mean so. Yeah you definitely seen the end. I'll tell ya I gotta see. Could I get like Joe L. D. S. JUNIOR. I mean Joel Versus Guy Robin Yo dull fine that was adults fight. Bro. That was. It was a six rounder right. I Dunno sign crazy but they knocked each other down so you know what we gotTa Watch though just to get some newfound respect of Victoria tease. I wonder how that looks now. For how many years ago was Victoria? Tease or now may Donna. How many years ago was that Bro Band that I wonder because look this is six years ago and it just you know disgusting but ness. 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