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Local Hour: South Florida Sports Sweep


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FDIC all right it's a local hour here on a Monday November the fourth and and there's plenty of reason to be excited your energies like really low for like the weekend the Miami had well I wanted to get to that it was an amazing weekend and I'll pick pick up the energy I was just trying to see what the date was yeah an amazing South Florida sports weaken a clean sweep Miami hurricanes obviously Veasley huge win Miami Heat look amazing this season the Miami Dolphins now the tank talking the talk of that's maybe one one of the worst football teams of all time that's that's gone and it feels good to beat Adam Gates New York jets wish Chris Cody we're here so we could actually because I bet you. He was rooting for the dolphins and that game he's been room for the dolphins the whole season he's just going to root for whatever the winner is the leg if they lose like yeah and if they win he's a yeah he's a dolphin fan but it doesn't stop there horry Mas but all F I u do the Florida Panthers are looking good things have turned around in this town for the time being now the dolphins are still going to have a bad season but that's cool because you're going to achieve the goal now the danger is is there not going to get the number one pick and I'm sure everyone's freaking out you loaded up on trade assets I still don't think you need to be the number one overall pick back in terms of just record to be able to get to I think you have certainly more than enough our artillery artillery artillery. Sorry about that Monday morning to move up and make a deal with whoever does have the number one pick and they're still very strong possibility that could be the Miami Dolphins what about this what about if the plan annalong was never to get to what's the plan if you're playing every time right to true what if you're playing to not get to I think pe- people think that you're trying to get to and then play bad Cincinnati bengals get them you don't really want them but then all you have is you know multiple picks inside had the top ten possibly of the steelers goes awry chase young chase young Herbert's billy guy guy the entire Hagley and the dolphins are actually playing chess not checkers around the league but they could lose every game and still the number one pick trap the person they actually want where it doesn't make any sense I like it though well I had the number one pick and then they trade it back Ooh what about that I'd be shocking this anthony he's crazy ideas there was there was like Ed weeks ago because you're not asking them as questions if it's a take you gotta come like forceful often don't want to it's not going to happen and they don't want the number one pick and if they have it they're going to try to seven because that's what they see their guy so what excited you the most from the sports weekend billy me yeah was it. GM waiters return the Miami Heat Organization as they didn't exactly welcome him back with open arms did he play no I don't think so Jane Johnson did set off my James Sean some various rare dirty guys been nothing but a team player wants nothing to come back and play for this team and they don't want him to play for some reason I think he's done nothing but that'd be a team player as he wants to play yes or no yes he wants to okay so that's the worst thing he wants to be a Miami Heat member too much I don't think they thought he was a team player in regards to how he approached approach Rehab motivation motivating people. You're dion waiters guy unapologetic I like the I'm fine with you like in junior yeah I don't think the the book is closed on the waiters I hope not misunderstood it's a chance to be different if you didn't see him face to face and talk to them in person well that's the thing is that possibly but you know I was out in the field and I got to know the man and I feel like not enough people getting to know the man that is dion waiters. We talked about roller skating we talked about Philly what did he think about roller skating. Because we know it's dead I didn't know the metrics talking about blading rollerblading aiding Oh so skating and different oh yeah rollerblades or like in lines and then row skating's like the four or yeah four is not dead dead in lines that well so it was a big part of his life I guess growing up and he loves roller skating and he wants to buy and reopen the place where he used to roller skate in Philadelphia Adelphia thanks for listening to Mr Ritchie that he worked on an early episode Jesus Christ So if we were to dedicate indicate this first segment to one of the teams who should we celebrate them the dolphins because there it's going to be tough sledding I think Mazda Mazda would have been my bed but let's go with the Miami Dolphins because that's a huge win Roy we covered in this game yup what was the sense that you got in that Miami Dolphins Locker Room Post the first victory of this season they are not going to go winless not going to be remembered as one of the worst teams of all time well when I got into the locker room the they were blasting meek mill and they go I I doubt that any of the stuff that I get was usable because of all the profanity but they were overjoyed aesthetic how much of covering the dolphins this season is just trying to to read into what music they are playing because I feel this week they played music really yes they haven't played music every post game post game I guess it's music's only reserved for victory in music for winners yeah where Did you talk to any form are Adam Gates players because I think the overwhelming feeling thing that I got watching the game in a sports bar surrounded by dolphin fans they were just so happy to get this win particularly because it was against Adam gays who now may be fired did you follow that whole slater scoop thing yeah there's like well I didn't follow the whole thing I just saw the one tweet was there more well it's not exactly funny because I think there's like someone that's now in the hospital for the New York jets so for those of you who don't know what we're talking about because why would you and slater tweeted out in the evening that that someone familiar with the story told him that they told Adam Gates if he lost the game he was going to get fired and then he went and lost the game but then someone else had a medical issue of some kind possibly medical issue I I don't know I saw the one tweet and then kind of clicked on it to see if there was more and there was nothing more at the time and then so is that the source had a medical issue and now he's no longer reliable or is it somebody within the organization those opposed to fire Adam Gates who had a medical issue she like where's the where's the tie I think someone else may have had a medical issue so they said this kind of is taking precedent over Adam gazes firing yeah are precedents I guess yeah precedence over the Adam gay situation which is weird because if your head coach is going to be relieved of his duties that seems like an important job not that you you know health is an important do both ride be like hey I wanna go crawley dirty but unless a person is like really important into both duty did you see how the media was treating Adam gays afterward it was coming from New York people I dunno Benicia yeah that was coming from New York yeah they were asking him is this the most embarrassing laws and prioritize history should should you be retained as head coach like straight up Adam Gates was just like yeah he he was cursing and his response was kind of BS at Adam Gates said it'd be put to that speaking of coaches I lost her job Willie Taggart Oh happy about I'm not happy awesome year okay so let's make one thing very very clear the college football team that I dislike the most is the Florida gators number two with a bullet is the Florida State seminoles obviously now I like most Miami hurricanes fans wanted Willie Taggart to stay but I also wanted a devastating stating win for the Miami hurricanes to completely thoroughly embarrassed that Fsu fan base so I'm a little conflicted and I feel like if we just didn't zoom in on the shirt of the hurricanes fan that had to keep Willie Taggart t-shirt on maybe we could have all survived this credit to FSU for realizing they had made a mistake because it was a mistake and they fire Willie Taggart a season and a half into his tenure now they get a full leg-up on the coaching search really scared to death urban Meyer goes there because if he goes there that's all she wrote to be real so I have a question has has there ever been a better move than Willie taggart he's been failing forward so much maybe link Tiffin's the only other guy yeah if can go through his history because he's Eh he's had four yeah inside your time it's weird the jobs Willie taggart his head without actually having good win loss records everyone everyone just assumes look at his recruiting track record and the talent will eventually start start winning which may be the case because look at the job Mario Cristobal is doing an Oregon right now good job a a lot of those with Willie Taggart's recruiting class class at he helped recruit by the way and USF had some success early on when Willie Taggart had left USF off for Oregon but then it gets FSU again does decent with recruiting no real favorable win loss record for him he's made made so much money in his career without actually being any sort of proven winner so he was at Western Kentucky from ninety nine to two thousand six wchs in various roles wide receiver coach coach coffins of Coordinator Assistant head coach then he got the rb job at Stamford to be the RB coach seven seven zero nine and then back to Western Kentucky head coach ten to twelve then we go on the run of South Florida for three years organ for like sixteen minutes and then he goes to to Florida State and obviously you know we know his and their fifty six and sixty two overall record urban meyer good Fsu why not right the Well I think Florida state there the recently committed to improving some of the facilities over there one of the everyone used to crap all over Miami's facilities ladies FSU facilities weren't great weren't anything to write home about and they actually for public institution they don't have like this huge booster base base that booster based though came a hit came up to bat in regards to this because the boosters raise the money to buy out Willie taggart which is kind of CBS when your institution like that you're the people that made the higher and committed that sort of money and then people have to bail you out of your bad decision it must be nice but it's also good a good place for Willie Taggart right like I have a lot of pressure being the coach at school that there's a lot of expectations for as far as recruiting classes and stuff and then all of a sudden I get get relieved of my duties but Hey I also get twenty million twenty million dollars that's a pretty good place to be right like that's the the success that we're all trying to make is like I one day want to be a coach that has has the buyout that I get hit and all the sudden good for the rest of my life Willie Taggart does not have to work another day although I am sure he will because did you read is very classy classy statement yeah you you have to realize that there's a human in all of this but he was absolutely wrong higher for for that program and I'm just let's enough about the Willie taggart stuff for a second credit to Manny Diaz and his staff because that's the most prepared Miami's looked all season on the offensive line has improved I think the real takeaways from this game are the two number fifteen jaren Williams had some better protection and I got so excited seeing Gerin Williams throw the ball downfield finally throwing the ball downfield Dj Dallas number thirteen what a fricken leader I know it's become a cliche shame what does it even mean to become a Miami hurricane if you're a hurricane fan you put that up on a pedestal but whatever the old school cain mentality is that we gravitate advocate to and we wish the entire team had as what DJ Dallas has leaving from the very beginning the pass blocking I know it's not sexy and you WanNa look at maybe the screen passes passes had he catches some of the tough running all great things but dude wasn't unbelievable pass blocker is bliss pickup he's he is an absolute professional running back it's I hope he doesn't go to the NFL next year selfishly I know he has a family is probably going to go there he is a great kid a great leader and Dan. I can't say enough good things about Dj Dallas Greg Russo is the second best defensive end in the nation and when I see him succeed seed I get so mad that he wasn't starting at the beginning of the season because this is not a surprise to anybody that follow the Miami hurricanes and camp or even last year Greg Russo the most of any of the opportunities he was given it was puzzling to everybody why Greg Russo wasn't starting over paget Greg Russo in a three game since he started twelve sacks yeah pretty good he's five sacks away from setting the Miami hurricane sack record good for a single season with four games ago if you include the ball game he is going to get that considering the pace Mike what he looks like to me is I know he came into came into school at like two hundred fifteen pounds and when you look at a defensive end or anybody on the defensive line you say to fifteen dude you got to bulk up had that bulk of forty five pounds sounds of shredded muscle right he looks to me at the edge like Jason Taylor and I know it's a lot bigger though he's bigger and I'm seeing more muscular his moves moves around the edge the way that he's able to use that speed rush with motor that Jason Taylor that's what I see when I see them like Oh wow this is this is a guy that has that high motor or has that ability to get around the edge not with force brute force pass but like around with moves and stuff it's like really interesting what sucks for him is that he has come back right it's awesome for us he's a redshirt freshman you look at that Dude's body and his productivity that dude is absolutely ready to be in the NFL if you were able to go in the NFL kind of worried that the XFL is gotta take this guy because if bag I yeah well it'll be interesting to see where the tipping point is on who goes to the XFL the XFL hasn't come out and said that they're gonNA target these college football ballplayers I imagined some like mid major programs maybe players outside of the power five maybe players that aren't exactly securing the bag in some of these college football programs that it might be you know day three draft prospects might take the opportunity to get you know sixty thousand dollars on the books but Greg Russo has another year of eligibility if he were to enter the NFL draft right now he'd be a top ten pick where do you think it would benefit players like that like going to the XFL for like a year or two or like playing college that's interesting because some college competition would be better than XFL competition you would think if you're playing in the SEC is the XFL going it'd be better than the SEC. I don't know I I don't really know the answer because you could be getting like a short term payday for the XFL and cost yourself draft stock like you see an XFL player player being drafted number one overall in the first round like it's difficult to say obviously but I think that certain schools level competition would be you better in college than in the XFL because college players are playing against the X. early NFL where XFL players largely would be players that are like fringe NFL players can't impossibly really answer that outside of seeing like some of the players that they bring in now the XFL had their draft and the vast majority of these players actually made it to the NFL fell some played multiple seasons in the NFL whereas in the SEC yes we look at Alabama and we assume men that entire team is going to the NFL that's not exactly exactly accurate some of these players don't even make it to practice squads the vast majority of them don't even make it out of Camp Alabama's a different animal but when you play the likes of Vanderbilt I I think going up against a team that is consists ed made up of former NFL players even though there are a couple of years away from maybe their their time in the NFL and XFL team or the University of Florida I think an XFL team would be you F yeah if I'm like looking in some of these rousers I think an NFL team played well in college too there's a lot of guys that had a lot of accolades in college going the Xfl so it's like you have that year or two do extra of learning the game playing somebody else's eighteen or nineteen thousand nine really takes these are just borrowed from players in the NFL like I listen to that Tomahawk podcasts and they played on some browns teams were always like who wins browns are Alabama and they would get so frigging offended you realize that work in our entire team is bad as we are we're all conference players like we've all made all conference first and second team now Alabama's not their entire team isn't making all conference like we were the best in our programs in many many respects but they're in the NFL the XFL is made up of people that can't even make that roster I mean I think people would compare some of those browns Rosser if they were having the conversation akin to the talent that's you know at the XFL we don't really know what the full thing is this became an XFL do you see XFL's tweet yesterday about the the jets dolphins game so was that were you're Xfo was that a fake Exxon and now I'm going to go with it as if it's the real xfo wait wait a second what is happening now so there is a tweet that against Anthony saying may have not been from the actual XFL which probably makes more sense because why would the XFL be doing that or the the XFL said or the XFL fake XFL twitter whatever was said something along the lines of congratulations the dolphins on their first win we'd make some sort of snarky comment about the jets but we don't want to upset the players because they may be in our league next year so I don't think that was the actual XFL that I liked it they get to the point where I click the button to say that too though like I I saw that and I was like there's no way and then I clicked on it and then the the was like at real real XFL the real real real real really think it's dots here why make a trip to the post office when Stamps Dot Com brings the post office right to you you know need to interrupt your workday to fight traffic to get to the post office especially now during the holidays when the post office is extra busy with people sending holiday cards and get stamps stamps dot com brings all the services of the US Postal Service right to your computer simply use your computer to print official US postage twenty four seven for any letter any package package any class of male anywhere you want to send which stamps dot com you get five cents off every first class stamp the forty percents off priority mail stamps dot com is a no 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ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash game ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire are we saving for national what happened to your team or well this one win more than the worst team ever yeah this is a local hour and I really feel like we shouldn't talk Cleveland browns on the local hour considering that I'm GonNa get dunked on all national show the a good thing is that I didn't hear from Stan yesterday which means Baker for I believe the first time this season didn't enthrone interceptions so progress there right you really want to do this we start the local hour and yes your energy is not great it was under why it's an amazing sports weekend but last night was absolutely devastating and I went or attempted to go straight to bed after that game in the evening they didn't really watch by the time I showered and got into bed it was seventeen zero ravens house like I don't need to watch this I'm not about this time change by the way yeah it's taking egging some getting you figured out if it's going forward or going to be gained in our back yeah but that's that's where the confusion lies yeah fall back but we then we gain we spring forward yeah falling usually as bad spring is good right yeah I feel like springing we're gaining falling we're losing but I don't know what you're saying but I'm with you I did have the is it's too dark it's five thirty in the sun going down and then this morning I woke up and it's like sun is up yeah so it was way before me I did have a son I did we'd have like the best daylight savings experience because I was in New York for the Mazda fight awesome energy and we have so many great stories he's from this way and it was hilarious what transpired there at the theater at the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden we'll get into that with STU gods but the fight card ends like around one thirty in the morning I got a six AM flight by the time I get to my hotel I settle in and it's to am I'm like damn it I'm GonNa get two hours of sleep nope you thought wrong I three huge usually clutch I think it was just like like a boom stick and red bull night if I didn't get that extra that extra hour and awesome thank God for the upgrades it's I always request the upgrades on the a APP thinking you know never know my batting average angry but the two times I've gone it'd been on early flights lights where I need to make it back to Miami one time was from Fort Wayne Indiana and I slept the entire time thank God because in coach just my knees are just like right up against search for guys like us it's painful it's really inhumane yeah it's really inhumane what what we do there sean size there should be size differences on planes yeah if you're over a certain height you have to be able to sit should be segregated based on height I just need it's an ugly word I don't know I personally just just give me an another inch yeah yeah just get an exit row it's not that easy because also sometimes that's additional money that I don't want to fork over so when I changed the seats because of how many flights that I've taken for work can occasionally sometimes get into an exit row which is huge but it's easier said than done pay like twenty five dollars forty eleven forty seven sometimes a lot more than that I had trouble sleeping after the Mazda they'll fight I was so jacked up that I couldn't sleep I don't know how you went to the hotel and like slept I was I was up I was super excited but it was a little deflating because yeah that was a pro canadiens crowded navias is always going to be one of the more popular fighters in the UFC there was a strong contingent of Mazda fans but if you were just doing it off of what you were hearing in the Arena Lena Nate Nate Nate has history of being able to take an absolute beating so hard to kill and turning it on miraculously in the later rounds so so people were really upset that this fight ended to which I say Mazal kicked his ass yeah if you look at the scorecards maybe maybe someone one out there might have given a d. as the third round no Mas Vidal was up big on those scorecards he was toying with them from the outset I was so so confident because we're a Mazda I'll fake that flying me and laughed it off and made the as lynched and you just knew there were times that he was faking being hurt because navy is kicked his his tummy hospital was toying with Navias that entire fight and it was super exciting and that's like dude I went from a Chelsea game in the morning in which Christian Pulisic scored award to to Miami Hurricanes throttling of F s you just going up man do I was I was I was on a roller coaster that was only going up ric flair save room and stay up yeah and you were you were just up yeah and I was so happy Mazda all one and it was but it was a little bizarre czar that they call the fight that way and I was the only dude celebrating me and my Miami next to me and there were two guys with like a three zero five two rows right in front of me and like we were we we were excited but everyone else is like bullshit why they stopped the fight Diaz was GonNa win people were actually saying this is GonNa win that he was just GonNa turn it on Oh yes sure and it I was just a little aggravating because that became the talking point after what should have been you know Mazda the b. m. f. right like he he just kicked his ass this is a great south Florida sports sports story this is amazing and said we talk about you know referee controversy and WanNa dude got his ass kicked in a main event leave that actual like the organization made a title I still I can't believe that that's a thing that exists it says the word on it and the president of the United States posed just with it with his title belt that was also surreal it is surreal because I've been in rooms with Donald trump before before he was ever like a political figure and you know he was always just you know a reality SAR rooms with Donald Trump and I know you know sometimes sounds like a hospital event these important an important guy these places that people are important and I was actually on the apprentice season three gene audie there's almost made it yeah it was almost is freaking I mean we had this partnership with Eggo waffle and it just looping face either way like it is so bizarre to see who is now the president of the United States walk him with like no introduction because that's done by design and forget like the the boos and cheers that happened let's as to when he is in a seat and he's just a guy watching watching mixed martial arts and you have to remind yourself that the person sitting behind Josh is the president of the United States who saw some dudes head get kicked clean off off and the president had no reaction like how do you not have a reaction that's one of the greatest knockouts in UFC history a dude's head got kicked off his body his body fell into the cage and he was out on his feet hit the cage it was one of the greatest knockouts I've ever seen scene and stone cold president of the United States like he is hitting that a million time who goes through a UFC fighting doesn't go doesn't elicit some sort of reaction actually it was just like the fight hadn't happened yet he was waiting for the fight to happen like Ted gets kicked off he was basically he was basically at my twelve the entire time I is on I had a how can you not look at the president of the United States like any time something would happen in the octagon I'd see if there was a reaction from the president nothing never you're not lean and talk to advisors but there wasn't you know there wasn't like a fist pump thrown the airline no not like when Bobby Lashley beat who who was the wrestler David Wrestlemainia in Detroit but you know when Bobby Lashley one and he had he got the shave Vince McMahon's there was fist-bump and they're right out there damn damn who was a wrestler it's going to bother me he's dead now he got choked out by the turnbuckle and a title match with John Cena the wrestlers debt yeah the wrestler that Bobby Lashley be died in a match no he didn't die a match he didn't die because he was choked out by John Cena Laga Maga thank you is dead Maga died several years ago did you watch his five billion doesn't sound like it I I didn't watch it the night of the fight so you don't watch you watch what happened on twitter I guess side I saw the fight there's a Lotta hugging lots of hugging close slake nate was like doing like this thing now but it wasn't a full point I wouldn't I was playing rock almost seems like yeah like almost knocking knocking on doors up for this fight I know you have see really your watching me and I fell asleep honestly before we got to the main event vent this was I feel anthony was this like an event that Miami people would gather in front of televisions because this is our champion are absolutely so I had a buddy of mine works Adua Ajay Wakefield and he sent me a picture of j completely packed everybody looking up like watching the fight there's a couple of people that I knew that had watched parties and stuff on my fiance wasn't feeling well so do I stayed home watch the fight but it was for sure something that everybody was gathered together to watch it's our guy I wanted to that was what was sort of the bummer for me because I wanted to feed off of that like Miami Energy and I wasn't really I didn't have anybody to celebrate with because everyone in that arena was mostly bummed that they call the fight which is a shame because that shouldn't be really discussed we should be talking about where he mazda at all him being a great champion what's next for for his career now I mean career defining moment dudes a bad mother effort it says so on the belt I don't know what the numbers mean there's numbers on the but there's like five five hundred you know what the numbers mean Roy lights five hundred live Ese fights okay and what's it there's another number like two forty was UC four four to forty four so is this about like it's going to be defended no I don't think so I think we have a rematch itself has a rematch does he get the beltre's it's like a catch weight belt that it might be that can just be an all right let's do it it's just like the hardcore title it might be man that'd be great live events I should say okay fight like bent it's all right that was another thing that bothered me because everyone like Madison Square Garden was saying how do you have a title fight and have it stopped by the referee ahead good good point though I mean if any if any fight goes to the death not that we should go to the death and these fights but very too yeah doctor shouldn't be involved it is a great ray point if the belt were actually like a real thing and told him real the rock delivered that is true so we have great rock stories to with Stugatz at the way in and the rock absolutely should run for office because he was talking at that press conference and what he's doing he knows what he was doing but I I don't really know if he'd you told me that the rocket never watched a UFC fighter ever in his life and I could have believed you but he can be his way around anything so well all that I'm like this student needs to be running for office because he has everyone eating out in the palm of his hands and like people caring about marker when I'm going to do a movie about marker and like nobody is reacting remember marker and by the end like everyone wants to see the movie just because he's back charismatic shirt Margaret Kerr a former FCC fighter that the rock announced that he's doing a project that's why the Rock was there because the rocks not just there to hand title over this is a paid appearance for the rock or he's getting promotion or access and I imagine he needs the cooperation the UFC to do this film on wealth worker was jacked yeah does he look like the Rock is the rock actually playing marker are bad director stars UFC legend Mark Kerr new movie 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to be a playoff team I feel confident in saying that there's a lot of teams bunched up with where they are still very early in the season but the team is improving defensively I finally for the first time have a lot of faith eighth in our head coach too big deal I this team was obviously very talented team and they should make the playoffs I think the last two years and they have budding stars as Roy always tells us Barkov is the best two way player in the NHL you so maintaining that yeah absolutely but he's taking a lot more penalties than he has the previous season's Barkov to me just watching this has become more of a Khabour doe team early on in the game that I'm watching now I'm doing especially during this West Coast Road trip I've been doing some scoreboard watching because I can't watch everything and Saturday I was committed to Mas Vidal and hurricane and so I didn't really watch a four zero shutout victory to me in the Games that I've seen and correct me if I'm wrong it seems as though Heuberger has probably been the more consistent better player early on not even though Barkov is the establish and this isn't really a knock on Barkov this is really to give Huber does some credit yeah who knows how to greet stretch lately and so as a Britt County he's out of Greece stretches well in a Petrosky in a little bit better yet as I showed out versus the reverend's four nothing in right now I think it's it's a definitely a playoff team what does this team need the defense was bit of a concern early on tightened up as season has gone I imagine I I don't don't think this team is presently constituted can win a Stanley Cup it all depends on how hot the goalie can get they probably need to make a move or two maybe for the first time in my lifetime the panthers become I'm like super aggressive since the first time since the days of Mike Cylinder they get really aggressive and make a deadline deal to help improve this team for cup run what what do they need to address consistency different how do you train for consistency you don't treat you just keep playing and they made a big signing with Brian Boyle big big man he's got good size got cup experience experience so so far in free agency mortgage done pretty well we'll see how aggressive they had ah come the trade deadline and what names might even be available perhaps it's time for the Pittsburgh Penguins with one of their stars on man what would you do if they got Sidney crosby not not that he's ever GonNa get traded but how would you process that I would be very conflicted you'd buy your Jersey no by the kids All by my Jersey everybody by Belva Jersey Florida Panthers James Harden had a night off Miami that never goes well what a crazy game so that was that was hot sex that that game and this is the problem with being in south beach whenever team gets his spend an entire Saturday night here play a an evening game the following night your team's their credits could be diluted a little bit because the South beach flu and I get that James Harden especially considering the NBA finals there's one that he had done here on the plane with Oklahoma City the reputation is somewhat earned but let's put that off to the side the Miami Heat are really good this year and I sort of touched around it early in the season and it may still be laughable and I even walked it back the next day but what I saw from the preseason led me you to believe that this was a team that could make a really surprise run at a top seed in the eastern conference and so far they absolutely look like that and addition by subtraction got rid of some knuckleheads specifically one knucklehead that was really holding the team back Jimmy Butler is doing great things if he's not talking about weight and that's who I'm talking about Jimmy Butler is doing some great things even if he's not scoring he's facilitating he's initiating the offense I think one of the things that's really jumping jumping out to me in most recent two games against Atlanta in Houston that justice winslow as miss there is a bit of a redundancy the skill set of justice winslow Oh and Jimmy Butler Jimmy Butler can initiate the offense they don't need to have a point guard when Jimmy bothers out there much like justice winslow it's great to have both but this team if they're gonna go for it let's say around the deadline and I think the available superstars might be limited compared to years past justice win so so has to be the centerpiece of that deal I'm sure teams are going to be looking at the likes of Tyler here on Kendrick Nunn to me those are non starters right now we got to see they've had really good starts to careers in the NBA if they are what they appear to be early on you needed hold onto those rookie contracts and if you're gonNA trade them you need to trade them for an absolute glued surefire all star superstar that's going to help you win a title is Kevin Love that type of player I don't know possibly but one of the things that jumps out to me when I watch US Miami Heat team is Kevin Love would fit in really nicely in that Meyers Leonard Role because you can trust him a little bit more defensively the Meyers Leonard Kevin Kevin Love isn't going to be Charles Oakley down there but more consistent three point shooter better on the Glass Dice Championship experience if you're going to a play if you're going to spread the floor out you certainly respect Kevin love shot a little bit more but Meyers Leonard has been good he had really good game last night on defensively offensively it's not for lack of effort with him I don't know if he's suited for it but you could really see if I told you this team ads can love I think they'd become the eastern conference favorite I really do you and that's someone that is saying that that has had his respect grow over the weeks that seem Philadelphia because they look really very impressive what Philadelphia especially to win without embiid tonight will be a nice desk what's going to be really nice measuring stick for the Miami Heat is this west coast trip because I think they play the nuggets they play the sons who have all been very impressive the season they play the Lakers so really measuring stick games go out west I think this team is going to be one of those NBA teams that teams hay playing for because you're not gonna be able to coast against his team like you have in years a prior they are gonna play hard every night I love the way they play I love the way they share or the ball I love that it could be a different guy every night I love Jimmy Butler hasn't come in here and been a usage monster and just thought I Alpha Guy I'm just going to be eating I know he's facilitating the offense and he's doing great team things it's it's a pleasure to watch on US I think the difference between this team and teams in years passes at teams in yours passive more top heavy as far as the achievements and goals and scoring and everything that's happened this team is so much more balanced when it comes to rolls when it comes to positions playing positions likes likes to do let's see six people six players were in double figures lastly that's lobbyists lobbyists numbers were crazy. Bill you still just WanNa see dion waiters though right no I like the heat even without dion waiters I mean I think that's what takes you to the next level Karalis free agents available even the best players just sitting on the bench doing

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