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Digital Marketing with Voice with Paul Hickey, CEO Data Driven Design


Hey have you applied to speak voice summit yet. Applications are open until March thirty first. So if you have something to say about voice go to voice summit dot. Ai and Click Click on apply to speak to be considered. Go ahead. What are you waiting for? Apply now if your small business and you're not sure how or why add voice to your digital marketing strategy. CEO of data driven design. Paul he explains exactly how it can help you. He talks about how and why he's such a fan of digital marketing. The voice skills. He's created how he's helping small and mid sized businesses create a voicemail that meets their needs and how he's educating the business community in his content and conference high inside voice. PODCAST Haad cast listeners. This is your co host Kerrie Roberts and today my guest is Paul Hickey. The founder and CEO of data driven design and the founder of the Nashville Voice Conference. Welcome Paul thanks so much for being here. You're welcome Kerry thank you for having me. This is a very exciting. I'm super geeked up about voice and Super excited to talk to you today. Thanks again yes and I know that you started your career journey in the sports and PR worlds and in the amount of years that you spent there. What did you learn about marketing? That made you want to focus on digital marketing and now voice is typically. Yeah I was the sports get growing up. I was a kid I followed all stats used to pretend to be announcer and Played All sorts of sports in the NBA for seven years and had a great experience. There mainly Detroit the Pistons. I learned just about everything that I could possibly learn about business at that the time so at first it was a lot of writing and sports information and then it quickly grew into marketing and learning how you can provide value to other organizations using your own. Let's call him assets in monetize things so absol sponsorship sell tickets and it was really. It was all building relationships so because it was all building relationships and understanding what's valuable to other other people what's GonNa put them in a position to succeed and then how to create things or create situations deliverables that they can get excited about I i. It became really really easy to essentially accomplish my goals and my organization's goal so it was professional sports. It was Kinda like high pace. Ace fast paced high pressure high visibility type stuff. But I mean it was really like business at its core and so I mean I find that a lot of what I do today mirrors that experience in understanding. What the client's goals are I mean? We're really in the business of understanding. What other businesses is this is goals are and then helping them implement solutions to achieve those goals? So I think in many ways my early career experience definitely hopefully still needs today now. Why did you decide to start adding boys to the type of things that you do and I knew created quite a few voice scelzo flash briefings? So I'd love to hear how you got into that. How you created them what they are and then if you could tell us what you think is working well with them and what still kind of needs improvements as you continue on yet carry so as you know? Our Name is data driven design and that name came from really wanting to be the more efficient with everyone's time so in other words we used to get a lot of opinions that would bog us down when trying to make user are experience design decisions for whatever project engagement we were working on whatever deliverables gear building and so we quickly moved to okay. What does the data essay? And how can we use whether it's Google analytics or heat mapping or AB testing. How can we use the data? The real that it's a make our business decisions. idioms design decisions in our clients and so getting into voice was really as simple as looking at the data to seeing growing numbers of the amount of the people that are getting their information from at the time smart speakers the growth of smart speaker usage from I think two thousand seventeen through route through two thousand eighteen pretty huge of course last year twenty nine. Tina just continued to grow and so when we started challenging ourselves to understand what are other ways that we can help our clients get on platforms where their audiences will be. I mean voice quickly really skyrocketed. To the top of the list I'll say towards the end of twenty eighteen in one. We really probably June twenty. Eighteen Really started building doing a lot of flash briefings IMEN- voice APPs custom voice APPs Alexa Skills Google actions etc.. And so can you tell us some of the voice skills that you create it and did. Did you do that yourself. Did you use another application love to hear kind of your process in building those. Yeah for sure so at first it was myself as the owner of the company. Were a smaller company. We have about ten people so when you have ten people full time I mean you can get a lot done but a lot of times when you're introducing a a new service offering or trying to introduce a new service offering literally is knee myself figuring it out on my own kind of being self taught in a lot of ways and so at first it was building flash briefings myself and then it quickly materialized into meeting with my CTO and figuring out what's the best last way to try to code a custom Alexis go from scratch because there were some things that we wanted to start to achieve an. I'll talk a little bit later about at skill skill but just to kind of wrap up the answer to this question. Eventually we found tools like voice flow. There's a tool called engage age by voice and there's a tool that were actually we actually just launched called the voice designer at the voice designer dot com and those three tools are all different ways to essentially bill Alexa skills in Google actions without coding. So initially it was building them ourselves between myself often our CTO. And then now it's very quickly materialized into okay. What's the goal for the project? Or what's the goal for the client and then based Pharma's goals in how we want the user able to interact with the skill in what we want the users to be able to do. What's the best tool build it and I'll sauce a voice flow is a big one for us and again engaged by voice has some great templates you can use? We do sometimes use Alexa blueprints not necessarily for client skills more for maybe some other skills that we might be I using internally or to create content on and then our own tool obviously were fond of the boys so yeah. I'm happy to talk in more detail about all of that as well. But that's the general overview of how we got started and how we're building our skills today in our other boys obsolete Google actions. Yeah and I love for you before we get into that. You know one of the things that I hear over and over again from people invoice is still the issue of educating people who don't know so much about voice what it is and what it does so I'm curious areas how you as an individual and as a business owner within this space. How do you showcase the value and importance of waste businesses? That aren't quite sure what it is yet or or how it could work for them totally and I love this conversation because I had to challenge myself think like how do I even make this boy staying thing relevant to business owners because the reality is for me in our business that our clients are mainly either small to mid size level. Business owners that we're talking directly to and they're making the purchasing decision or a lot of times I would say the other half of our audience stakeholders I would be like the VP of marketing at a mid level company like a regional company. And so for them they all kind of fall into the bucket of you know. They don't have huge marketing operations budgets. They have money to spend but they need to super wisely and they're really more focused on lake. What is currently on on their plate and so that typically covers like website and maybe like upcoming quarters digital marketing initiatives related to lake social media? Seo uh-huh and maybe even like print and outdoor you know to be honest with you and so we don't do any print or outdoor we stick to the digital stuff introducing voice. I knew knew was going to be kind of a marathon so the first couple of things that we decided to do number one was build a skill called data driven design so I asked that a driven design is is a customer Lexus skill that allows our clients to ask Alexa other web. Traffic is doing in its integrated with Google analytics account and the reason why we decided to do this. I is because our main differentiator when earning any kind of businesses that we use data and so our clients loved that we use Google analytics. They're all about it when it came down down to it though they were less inclined to use it themselves than they were to have us and salt and show them the data and what it means and so knowing that AH voice APP can really save a lot of time. I said well if we understanding that you don't want a VP of marketing business owner. You don't want to log into a platform look at your data. Would you ask Alexa about your data. And they all were like one hundred percent yes and got excited about it and so to really introduce voice as a possibility ready to businesses and to create a differentiator for us we created ask data driven design. And we give it away to anyone who does business let us and they also get an echo dot. Aw that's like branded with our bread. And so it's a way to provide additional value. The second thing and of course it was a good way to give ourselves a project and challenge ourselves to create a skill with the counseling gang in Google analytics integration and different things like that and then the second thing we did was the national voice conference. You know I said Said Okay. I love doing marketing workshops. Marketing workshops in front of like ten to fifteen or twenty business owners or marketers. Like those are barn. And they're useful they're mutually beneficial. And what if I do one. That's a little bit larger. But it's just around boys and so we did that in twenty nineteen. We did the inaugural National Voice Conference. That was a hit in our doing On August Seven Twenty Twenty National Voice Conference Twenty Twenty Money at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. And we're really excited about that. So bad event is really just solely focused around. How businesses can become more or efficient and effective through integrating and Alexis skill or Google action or both into their operations indoor their marketing strategy while Paul? I want to congratulate you because everything you just said was not only so smart but really fits into your vision of data driven design invoice. Because you did did exactly what you said you looked at your own data. You did some research you ask questions you said. How can I use voice in a way? That's GONNA benefit by organization as well as my I potentially clients in a way that I can use it for marketing. So you're bringing into people you're showcasing into them. You're right Google analytics. If anyone has ever looked at it it can be very overwhelming overwhelming. The amount of numbers that are there and not sure what to look at. What's important even if you put it on the spreadsheet it can be a lot for anyone and so? I think what's great about your skill that you're talking about about as you can ask you know what's going on with it. What's happening would have been the increase in traffic to my website? which is the things people truly care about? So I love that you created this from your whole ethos of what you're talking about. And it's a great way to showcase it and then you're also kind of having this conference to answer questions and to teach more so very very smart i. I think that's very well done in for anyone listening. I think it's a great way to really showcase how boys can work for you and for potential clients. Those that are unsure so really nice job. All thanks. Carrie Carrie Yeah I appreciate that. In the you're right you hit on a really good point there. Because like with asks data driven design he basically just took all the like five. Main questions is that we always get asked him that we always the answer and we. That's where we started and so like anyone who is starting any kind of application especially of voice based Application Gatien. I mean I would encourage you to start with something simple as a minimum viable product and then grow it out from there. Can you give us some examples of clients. You've created aided boy scouts for or even if you WanNa talk a little bit more about your own and the data use seen and what. It's kind of showing and it's growing for them. Yeah absolutely so one in particular titular. I'd love to give a shout out to a woman named Carmen Johnston. She's a great person and she's a client of ours. We've launched in our continuing to work on a scale and a google action for Carmen. Johnston Gardens is the name of business. I think this is a great example. That kinda bring everything together. So she's a small business toner and she's also building personal brand around her very successful business and cheese in landscape design mainly but she also is a master Gardener Gardner and is putting out a lot of content around home and garden tips recipes. We kind of joke around and kind of color like a mini Martha Stewart and. She's a content creator but it really you know like a service provider to her client. So we've worked with her and she challenged us to basically build a skill with video capabilities because she he noticed and this is what happens when you really good relationship with really good people. She noticed in her data that her audience is inclined inclined to be around the home and ask Alexa or Google for some information but then want to see it on video you know visually really as they might be doing something else around the house. So it's that friction lists experience with boys but then it becomes multi modal with the ability to see a video and many even touch screamed like you can on the echo show so on and so. I'm really really proud of this one. We launched the skill. All the armed Johnston Gardens. You know you can ask Alexa. It's a to pull up videos of how to tips on either homer garden recipes holiday gift ideas different things like that that that Carmen in special ed and the really cool thing about it carries like it doesn't stop there right because like anyone listening probably knows voices changing so rapidly. Lisa Lake from the different things you can do on Alexa presentation. Language down to being able to integrate Amazon A. N.. Even have parman say things like. Hey you know if you enjoyed tip like you can add this Amazon Cart. You know this product that we were using you can account Lincoln and make it searchable and just have this entire library. The of you know robust content that is very useful to her target audience. In this case around the house out in the yard out in the garden you know really being officiant at home around the home and so entertaining having guests over and things like that so really fascinating to work on things like that with people that really get it and understand understand how voice can be kind of part of the overall brand experience and can you share with us. I mean I don't know how long ago you created that for her but how her or are her clients had interacted with it when they'd have to say what is the data showing from that standpoint. Yeah so right now. I mean the opening indication or you know the for those of you listening. That might not know with that is probably most of you do but all you have to say. Alexa launched Carmen Johnston Gardens. And you'll get an opening menu and the menu will allow you to navigate. We've actually done a thing. I like about this. We replace the lexus voice with Carmen Voice. And she's got a great presence about her and so I think that makes for even even more improved experience there are custom intense built in and so the main customer tents you can skip directly to holiday tips tips home and garden tips or recipes by saying Alexa. Ask Carmen Johnston Gardens for recipes Alexa. Ask Carmen John's the gardens for holidays politics and then carry. We have built in close to a hundred different customer intends to skip directly to a bunch of different pieces of content and actually to go. uh-huh find those you can go to Carmen. Johnston gardens dot com slash voice. We've looked just basically listed them out there and that's going to be like along with integrating promotions into her social media her instagram different. Things like that. We're going to use kind of her existing digital presence as away to educate her audience in her perspective audience on how to use the skill in what to ask the skill in different things like that so at Carmen. Johnston Been Gardens on instagram. It's Johnston with a t there. And then Carmen Johnston gardens dot com slash boys to good places to go check on her Alexa skill. And so you're using that's great. You're using the data not only what you're getting back from the voice stuff but you're integrating it with the website with Google analytics with the social kind of looking at all the touch points as to how people are finding out about it interacting with it and then can use that to kind of make it better every time that's right and the other thing I'll add to that because that is a great question in the US so in the Amazon Alexa developer console. Right now they do give you some data on I would liken it to sort of Google analytics top OP viewed pages data. It's Kinda like that where you can go in and you can see you know how. Many users are using the skill when they've used the skill which great you can also see the top customer intends to use the top pieces of content and so we actually just got another meeting earlier today with my team with armaments team at basically the art of the conversation was around. Like how do we continue to manage the skill. And hear exactly right. What we're GONNA do is we're GONNA be looking at as we add new pieces of content and decide what to feature as custom system intense? We're going to use the data from Amazon developer console. There tells us what's being listened to most often in being engaged with most often and then on the data driven design skill we actually built that out of the gate with account linking so. It's got a back end web-based dash or that actually tells us like if you were to use it for example to check the analytics of saved boy summit DOT AI. We can see how many times you've used it and what questions you've you've asked it and so then we can take steps to improve it based on how you've used it for example so you had said earlier that you started a conference. Last year in Nashville L.. Can you tell us a little bit more about it. And how it differs from the other conferences. That are out there. Yeah totally so. It differs from the other conferences. That are out there in a few main ways one is that it's strictly about using boys for business. It really doesn't touch at all on voice for gaming gaming or boys for home use smart homes different things like that. It's strictly for like if I'm a realtor what kind of Alexis skill could I build. That would make make my business different from other realtors businesses for example if I'm in healthcare or if I'm in big Pharma if I'm whatever vertical man should I be looking at building a voice based intranet at the Alexa for business private skill. It's those kinds of discussions which I know are happening at other conferences. Burns says but it's really only those kinds of discussions another thing that I was really proud of of last year's National Boys Conference and we're going to do some more different versions of this coming up on August. Seventh Twenty Twenty we actually built like fifty Alexa Flash briefings at the conference so that we could actually show the attendees how to build the flash briefing and how to manage ad council flash briefing while they were there so number one. It's strictly business focus August number two. It's really practical in tactical. So we didn't opening keynote. But then we really got into these workshops and actually got stuff done so I think those are two to differentiator is about the National Voice Conference that I'm prouder wonderful. If People WanNA learn more about everything we talked about today where they want to connect with you. Where can they do that? The best thing to do is to email me directly at Paul at data driven design. But I'll also say if you're not ready to email me directly yet that definitely check out. National Voice Conference Dot Com for more information on the conference if you'd like to attend and check out my instagram profile l.. In my youtube channel I'm constantly putting out onset. Their instagram is easy. It's AG data driven design. Youtube is all Hickey on Youtube. And and then I put out content every day on my blogs of the blog is data over opinions dot com. I really think that the best way to engage with me or follow up with me is probably to check out the convent. But I'm putting out every day on most platforms and then go to the conference website. National Voice Conference Dot Com. You're listening to this and you're like man. I really WANNA lineup. It's time to talk to this guy. I'm happy to do that too again. That's all at data driven Dot Design Perfect Anna last question. We like to ask on this show to help promote voice as a whole is beside your own what is a current flash briefing or voice skill or experience that you're using and really enjoying right Dr unloving the echo show five right now. It's got these great promotional visuals that are very engaging had enticing it to go into different skills like let's say the food network kitchen or all recipes. I'm really really enjoying being able to see the suggestions. What's that echo show five actually shows you? I think it's not easily my favorite device right now that I own and I'm just really really intrigued to see what what direction this goes in. My thought is that or is it a ton of opportunities for businesses to work builds skills that get used and then featured On devices like this so just named a couple of skills that I like and my favorite device that's now in this world of voice is changing so rapidly that like. I really do think that next month. That's going to be like a whole different new slate of things that I'm GonNa be liking but Yeah it's exciting. Thanks Gary Yes. Thank you so much for being here Paul and sharing your insights and I look forward to working more about all you do in the future. Thanks so much you too. Thank you for listening to the inside voice podcast. We greatly appreciate you being part of our community. And if you enjoyed this episode or you like the podcast we would love it if you would subscribe if follow lake share. Leave a review of the show. If you have any questions comments feedback people WANNA see on the show. Things you WANNA learn. Feel free need to send us an email at Carey. MOTIVE DOT COM that's K. E. R. I at 'EM OD E v Dot Com and. Be sure to check us out online at Voice Summit Summit Dot A.. I thank you and we look forward to chatting with you next week.

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