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This is Rebecca Lowe will Rebecca if you listen to sub optimal radio, and you on this thing to men in blazers on the NBC sports network. This is real. Life the cone route hotel in London town rule on the road. Dave's in LA producer J dubs. He's impo Soluna. I'm still tingling after we witness the Goodison pie yesterday. And I wanted to and need to after recap this weekend with a weekend in which told my daughters. I on to first game of Goodison Park. It was only ever to Manchester. United nail as Rita Astill. Come believe. I was there to what Jit impersonal just way owed, but the whole four of my kids, and my old man church. Jive Bennett three generations of stoic passionate blues. Pain witness to the wonder, and this was human one that they say they say the football is a story of generations of memories passed from parents to children, and I just want the memories this weekend. Standing there. In Goodison Park. Just rekindled so many memories. Good, bad miraculous. Disastrous all wonderful memories for my child than they mixed remote doors excitement in the game to her is it made the Sunday one of the greatest of my life. At Jay Roach, three tweets. Enough performance via doors, I gave it should be borderline child abuse. You've set expectations to a level. The now is hope. Oh, Jay Roach. I'll tell you the heartbreak I will we say we can whether Hungary whether famine after what we feasted on yesterday together a golden day to save a good support in full voice in glorious sunshine. Did this really happen making this up because it's like a dream efforts playing like English I attacks. I mean before kick-off I asked that of my kids, we were there just to kill tell us all right school predictions. And each one was a different shade of gloom three one. You know, he said some Mullah less three million back the money. News moves in the scene the dog that's in the eye. The most look a combine all this pessimism on this thing. I thought thought it would be full to you know, he said I was. Listen to shot, by the negativity way blood yet does nothing more frightening. The looking at yourself in the mirror, and that's why I felt like not second allowed Lee proclaimed Everton gonna win this five wom-. They all they all. I mean, my thought just Scott the majorly you said you've always beat a fantasist real Joe. The acropolis. I wasn't be as saying I felt such a conviction in my bones. The some was out Goodison Paul was busking in the race. Hope place felt like a crucible of wonder, and so it turned out to be. I mean, the score go wrong grunted but the goal difference. Everton? Destroyed Mengistu United didn't make it up this happened. You watched it too right for real this. This happened it Drissa Gillan repelled chemists banal beguiled guilty dominated all akin to watch little messy, Phil Jones over and over and over again for an entire no emits Everton for Manchester United. No and even on Wolcott scored recod- self thinking miracle in the Passover exodus. I kid, you know efforts. Embattled United every possible way, mentally physically. Tactically, Hunga passion were ready, hugs, you know, without? But I mean all is not well in the locker room they played like a t key plays moins all elsewhere with agents thinking next, please pay you like what Jim on the sideline thing for love. United found Sydney. Sabaj removes is he a fulsome cya six defeat today game. I don't know. I mean, by the way, the six defeat today gauge, always entirely coinciding we've is being given the job on a permanent basis. There is an IRI modern day. Big time reliving of the Steve some some story that covered in my American fascade putt cost about the nineteen ninety eight. We'll campaign, you know, a squad so elated to be freed from coach you'd worn out. His welcome playing. I with freedom. I'm relief and joy, but I also spiraling into chaos in the medium term. And the question is now what can late data to revive the Manchester? United squad dish exquisite cool of the school Bila, huge coast. But over the coolest three previous fell management regimes trench windy too. Correct. To ruminate to one the legit. Just say whatever to hang full goals on you. Snowboarding? There's no way on singular for Liverpool. They will be cheering for you know, with all spirit of several totally himself was as for unite, apparently, but more on that in a minute, let saver Avidan can way because a lot of the media of just kind of passed on this side of the story. Marco Silva jury still are now being United aweso and Chelsea in successive home games. Yes. Squeezing in the old lost the full of full of in-between variety saying they've out. We've won we being Everton Tim points against the big six three wins. Two losses this season. We feast we feast on I mean, yeah, went not so good against teams outside the top sex the full against the big clubs green shoots on which we can build over build a case for hope was hyperbolic defeating do away. But for now, I'll just. Just say Goodison port beautiful beautiful Coldren good a symposium, which is going to be replaced by new home forever. It's a sporting wonder Bill in eighteen ninety thing Fenway think Wrigley. But older she's a back pet that smells like a football stadium. Should a big dreams and spill Bayer American funds listening to whom you support make the pilgrimage travel to Liverpool Goto Goodison this just full more years of this beauty standing is evidence. Make sure you can say the U of that at least once in your lifetime in other game sit in Spurs game in twelve days getting back into the ring lay Mohammad-Ali Joe Frazier three which believe alley one in the fourteenth round league game coming after we've got soak about this the Spurs. Funds that Champions League must the piece of a bible which Burs lost four three but won on away. Goes amaze much gave a football. I see since little champion league victory in stem bull two thousand five Ohio, you renti- thing. When is a football fun base had reimagined relationship to boom plant so quickly like spills funds bid with you rent after hinted such a your reds. I'd go hit. Not the winner. But what fell like the winter? I mean, not man, a walking disaster turned instantly. And I connect superhero that every Spurs fan was suddenly DT f for one glorious punk is not only question ahead of this weekend's league rumble was how would that loss teams that facility in particular? How would the end of the Champions League run for them? The dreams have a gluttonous quadruple inva- the realization. Now, they'll merely mortal how impact and after say admirably that quick statement the quick go. Find in the back of the net inside the first five minutes. Again, the signage at Manchester City signature good the one weaving mischief, but all Guera selfishly. Heading back across the face of the goal for local boy, Phil Foden the kid kill stop poor any esta future. Manchester City kept in a believe all five foot four of them had. The end is I go from close range from Manchester City reading it was Paul site to watch linka boys to wait so long for his chance to seize it. And sump his chest in vindicating after scoring a crucial. Go before the delirious city fans city led by the no I'm going to want potent dominance Spurs chances on the counter attack through song. And at the was Mike -nificant so hard to do what he does which is being on your toes for the few chances that will come gauge, but being focused being ready, and he's snuffed out. So many did one donate the city funds. Throw football fans believe watching Kevin debris limp for injury. And chairman is once again is a theory talent easy money thinks differently to all Asia around me plays fully she space in time differently. His affair being undermined by the physical limitations of his body. We are all worse off to resent since not you Liverpool fans city held on you know, he should know why disperse funds before they three games against city in twelve days. You would have snapped you handle for this run of his all to then some it's magnificent magnificient semi final of the champions the poetry no interested the project sustained enjoy every second you deserve. It liverpool. Land Helzer case game called shifty you held on for the first half. But then succumb to a stunningly. Joyous stripe. From when I first time off the corner body shea church since just a goal was more explanation point of relief from one after which I swear I think you could hear the peculiar sound of you couldn't England maybe could in America to I don't know how to describe it sounded like Wales mating. It was the sound of a million. Unlivable supporting sphinxes just loosening similar Tena sleep around the world. The second go from penalty giving what can only be described as a grouping inside the penalty area. If at the fend can no longer caress Saleh's nipples in the bulk. I don't know what to cite gauge, soft gauge month. What happened to prison? Rules gems for Cada. I'm for Liverpool. It's all going to a different into the table down to the very loss. But it was wonderful to watch liberal wouldn't tell him this. But it was wonderful to watch him with livable support, brother, knowledge and see his joy, which is pretending to manage light me by the worst is always about to happen to mitigate against disaster toys, constantly doing, Brendan Rogers and Stevie g slip style. Israeli tool lessons, which are being lived out. By many Liverpool fans, the amazing thing about this clubs Liverpool disaster has not heard the bottling the nervousness the choking new sewing event live. Liverpool a Manchester City have not dropped a league point two months, which is simply through us neutrals football fans for city founds, livable, it scintillating livable champion league final against Barcelona a semi final for the second year running and two point claiming Manchester City with just three games to go football. You're amazing one of these fantastic. Dazzling teams, they fall will not win the primarily stay chain for the next episode to find out which site God. It's the greatest rose ceremony. Evidence thing Liverpool fans unit become the world's biggest temporary munches. You know, it's suppose football does crazy things to people as we've on goal himself with said vote is this world twisted in other top four dream news. Well, everyone pre while crowd the bad United spicy above all slow. All snow. After winning. You lost ten. You crumble again, stay magnificent Pele sa- team when you meant to be on vacation already Crystal Palace, the TV when also sends ninety ninety four instead even Christian Ben Taquet June themselves together in the school shake his first goal in three fifty days. Moustapha you might just be in the running Tottenham funds play the year you with that. But for the whole ninety minutes and the gun is missed the chance to leapfrog Spurs and go third. You police still looking like the sewers route back to the champions. The is a chew joy to be in England. The sun's out a burn everyone in England. We don't kick with the sun is just joyous streets full of drunk Englishmen and women outside pubs about the head off. I'm raising glass. I love you. Enjoy the Chelsea game. Enjoy more than. You know, United city gave a Wednesday is the churning point of the season, the greatest bachelor rose seventy of all time, we will report off to that from Dave from producer J dubbed. This is Raj in London, wishing you all courage.

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