How to Think As an Online Business Owner to Get Results During Coronavirus Crisis


Hey Gary and this is a data insider podcast and in today's episode. I WanNa talk to you about the Koran wires and how. It's impacting drop shippers. Right now is going to impact over and businesses over the long run and really how you should approach From the business standpoint situation right now and what you really need to prepare for so as of today billions of people are now for sit home due to this pandemic and I think that this kind of turn was not planned or expected while literally anyone in the world. I mean you know there. Were you know things happening in China in one place? China and people talked about that for a month or so but nobody expected that it's going to take the magnitude that has now taken where literally the entire Europe is lockdown You know United States is long down. India as of today is in twenty one day aloke down so there are a lot of things happening Right now that really will impact pretty much anyone regardless of who you are and what you do now if you are an established. Oland business than obviously you are in a little bit of privilege sedation. Just like here in. We are because we don't need to reprogram our mind thinking when it comes to remote work. This is what we have doing for a while now so literally. We are prepared for that. We have the skill set for that and we can really adapt and sees that biggest manufacturing into world is pretty much resuming the work as of today. There are news that you know China is pretty much starting a you know. manufacturing again and people are going to work there so that means that supply chains will be running and that eventually means that as an online business owner you have an enormous opportunity right now to really establish You Know Your Business and this goes back to the three core principles that we have here. Ah Dash Nixon does our simplicity speed and results and today more than ever these principles are vital or an online business to adopt and really You know get the results from this opportunity and you really have to do it. Because here's what's going to happen. Since billions of people today are forced to sit at home. You know there will never be the same as before. There's this kind of in the news cycle. People are talking about. You know all this is going to pass and we are going to resume and go back to work just like we did that this before but the reality is that it's not going to be the same because a lot of Businesses all fine businesses and also individual people. Now learn how wallner bowl they can be if they don't start to work from home if they don't start to work remotely right and so they are going to be searching for opportunities how to make that happen and so there will be more competition online than ever before. You don't feel it right now. You might not feel it right now but it's going to happen within the next six. To nine months there will be more people building all my businesses than ever before there will be more people looking for opportunities to work remotely than ever before which is why if you are already in business you really have to think about long term and how you can establish your brand how you can establish the position in the marketplace. So it's not longer just about you know. Here's one product that I'm selling and that's about it. It's more about how you can really position yourself in the marketplace with that product so that you can continue to sell that product or months and years a hat so my message to you with today's podcast is really bad. You know you have to think about your position in the marketplace. You have to think about how you can streamline everything in your business to make simple make it fast and make results driven. You'll have to eliminate all unnecessary clutter in unnecessary staffs in order to move monster and if you are someone who is just starting a drop. Shipper drop shipping business. Then you're essentially what wanted what do you want to do? Is You want to Really tax as many products as you possibly can in order you can fine a few winning products and start to build business around those products or around those product categories right and here a Dash Knicks fake. Willie with you know dashing expound technology that you can get you obviously have an opportunity to not only tap into literally any channel. There is any sales channel there is alive but also you have an opportunity to speed up the whole thing and simplify everything so that you can cost as many products as you possibly can and find your place in this giant giant marketplace. That's going to be You know or exposed for everyone. On why so will become more civilized online? There will be more people trying to build the business salon. So competition will be really crazy. The cost for traffic is going to go up significantly. And that's why this is the time for you to really kind of maximize everything you have. you know if you are starting out. That's fine you are already. You already know what wasn't only businesses so you have an advantage overdose. Who are just trying to figure this out and please know that I talk from experience here because when in two thousand eight. The financial cries crisis was happening. I had no skills and nothing and they started from scratch. I was just going online at starting completely from scratch searching for ways to make money and build business so I know how hard that process is. But you have to start. You have to start now. This is the best moment in time to make it happen so stock to do this from today. Don't focus on negative liberty. Don't focus on us. You know things that are that you can't impact will happen regardless what unique is really how to maximize everything that you do in your business so you can get results and really establish yourself as a serious business online. So take advantage of the darkness. Politic offer as well and Stock to build a serious business as of today.

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