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Serie Awesome: Time to Drop Ronaldo?


It's the awesome podcast and web back discussing cussing another weekend of games as ever. I am joined by Gab. Not and of course Nikki Bandini as everything. That's happened over the weekend. Kent and the fact that event is no longer the the league leaders because we have a new one in into. What's going on with with you? Vent is because we've got Renaldo sulking not attending the ban on door. Because he didn't win it Collini come out and said he was robbed last season which to his I agree we with and let's be honest right now. He just kind of looks like a luxury player. You sort of both but you can. So you having to alternate do Ballerini Wayne. Hi We deal with Rinaldo. I rinaldo the to Georgetown obviously yeah so not Cristiano Balladur. We've had this election from before if I were to play Christiana Fan boy I would say we'll of course she didn't go because he was busy accepting the player of the year award at the Italian League League awards. And by the way I censor coming on we're GONNA get into all this come on this. Whoever it is goes and organizers this nonsense why would you have the official Italian Shadia team and whatever the hell of the season awards right? There's this thing that you work for years years ago on the night of the balance door when you know. Christiano Ronaldo there's a chance Mussolini's schedule. There was a chance he could win it. I Dunno about other a player. Might one day be nominated for and it's the same freaking night. You have a fixture scheduled because of course comedy played some audio last night and it was acting game of the week tremendous game fish four three. Why because I think they just figured no? Italians are up for the awards. Let's go around. There was up for me. I don't like someone just flat. Check the date and then they let it once it had happened. They W didn't refuse to change Congress. Callous okay at Meena Markazi Nikki. Ben Dini please league teams. I know you don't know the president right now because because a very arcane and complicating boring reasons but you do have people who still work at that league. Somebody's schedule this. Come and Callus. Why are you trying to go an obvious skate? Euroleague and make your product crappier. Is this your goal. I'm sure it's not so you can tell that trump just met with Gavin. cavs day. Five discussion before about. He doesn't go to awards that he doesn't win. And whatever I made the point I don't I don't know why you care. There's so much about these types of awards you said it's because he's a competitor boom. I'm done this is what he's done is nothing new. It's what he does if you WANNA hate him for hating waiting for twenty years we've been discussing the fact he doesn't show up. Yes he's Betcha island. Yes he's that guy that guy. Let's just stop discussing. I didn't want his constant the topic of conversation. You're the big shot fan here so I'm going to stick up for kicking. I love it. When decides what what we are just the signs the assigns that role I look I have? I have very little strong feelings about about on door. In general I'm talking about 'em this Amina beforehand. I think became disillusioned with the Balladur and my sort of feeding about what I think. It should be. which is entirely subjective and everyone is free to tell me I'm an idiot for it but in two thousand and ten when ways Ida shows up at basically is the difference in winning a treble then carries Holland into the World Cup? Final doesn't win. I get that he was not if you were picking the space jam team to beat. The MARTIANS ran that year then he would not necessarily be. Oh I pick but he was the most influential player that year in football and he should have won. I'm once we came to this conclusion that it's not just for the the heart care about. Yes Maxime are now the two best players in the world. They happened for ages. And I don't know there's there's a way to fix this and give them. There's so many any stupid awards out there. This would differentiate your word. Change the rule so that you can only win the award once so that once you want it. You're in some kind of magic circle of exploitation. You can never win it again and not what you can go and you can reward people like my one. Reward Van Dyke or or whatever That would be a way to make your award different. I see the idea and so on but hey everybody listening no come on. I'll be honest. I mean we're not just should've maybe one loss to you that I don't know I see him. Being the lead lead candidate Venice season onto the Rinaldo. Okay Rinaldo got a lot of stick for his performance in this game against us. Well well obviously finished. Two two people highlighted the defensive mistakes and they were really really bad. I'm sure we'll get to them Rinaldo. WHO's Kinda kind of humorous incident? When D- Bala shoot shoots and you figure is definitely going to score and run although standing? What do you not see the ball to do? Just jump over the ball or just step sideways or what. He's actively trying to make us news. Now what's the deal. What's the problem? Is there a problem I it was funny. Actually because initially my my diagnosis of this tuition was he was really happy. Event is no longer feeding that massive urge. I do the happy event is right now. I think that this is driving him crazy when he's doing what people are doing in the Champions League but I don't know whether this is the injury or whether the fact that he doesn't have a midfield that walks the him the way that he did a Real Madrid. I think that there is a lack of like right now. You've entered just looked like a collection of individuals they told look like a team unit and oh I think that he thrives off a team unit. This is great time for the likes of Egwu anion and e Bala to show off what they've been dying to show off that they all these great players who can score these magnificent agnes int- goals but to be honest. The fact that you know we can this is what really bothers me about Saudi. Like you've been bought on to create a team that plays beautiful football people. But I still don't know who they are right now and I thought he was very cautious in the sense that he was only playing those three together for what on a half an hour. Why not if you can't afford Oh to play all three against our swallowed and tell me when are we ever going to have the ambition to play good football against good teams if that's too scary to play the front three against I wanna any team in which I have to consider whether it's Guano de ballot because frankly speaking right now they both deserve to win to play another one who deserves to be on the bench spot on Rose Racing Meena spot on Mickey? Yeah I basically agree in Matt Am. I don't think I mean this is the awkwardness Renaldo. And if you didn't see see this coming though sign then I can't help you now. There's you cannot drop him like you're dropped right. But he's the the awkwardness is that event signed him at a point where he is older at Madrid he never needed to be dropped except maybe a little bit. He did when he started getting some injury. Problems was ended managed to just manage that right so he was able to be fully fit for the most important games. We still don't know and we will not know because we're not there in the medical room. How much turnout those being affected by injury? But I think it's unquestionable what you just said right now is true the event disability best when it is he coined and there's no question about. I think there's another other element to this and this is something which is very Italian invariably venting just freaking obsession with results because if we WANNA break this this game down. There's an incredible story on the other side involving swallow right so if you if you if you try to take a step back you would notice that. They've got this. Eighteen eighteen year old keeper comes in his name is rocky which makes it even cooler. He's the third choice keeper. He makes debut he makes at least two tremendous saves saves the one from the fruitcake later. He confesses that you know my legs were shaking the whole time. You know normal circumstances Renaldo scores one or two goals you know. Oh he did get on the end of it and he did us some good shots. What the penalty? But whatever I mean why. Don't you go from open play. You linked to score a bunch of goals in normal circumstances you don't defend like the keystone cops at the other end and we'll need to talk about before intellect again And everything's fine but my concern is you haven't played well for a very long time. I used the plane bound. Not The plane beautifully. Not The stakes only care about that in terms of creating chances not conceding chances and you know what they didn't do that for a long time in these final season either and everybody says like Oh but it's fine no funeral I feel great because they play badly and win. No it just means you play badly Liam one whatever reason thanks for the warning signs have been here for some time. But that's not even my issue. My issue is that the whole point of Saudi. Whichever one it used to be like hot about when it was illegally was that there it was cautioned? Oh he always has on the side of caution. Oh He's always defensive again. This kind of seems to me that that's what you said you're not getting the Saudi of Napoli. You're getting a Saudi Arabia. So I think you're spot on. This is a different Saudi. WHO's trying to be something different? And he's basically trying to be I. You know a version of of illegally and not a good verse so I I I understand that I also think that criticism awesome was thrown. A lot of Syria. Chelsea was playing football that everyone had been promised from from Napoli. And I think that you could at least make a case and You can decide yourself how you go with it. That sorry took most of that season at Chelsea to start getting his football team so it did come but it didn't come this Season Chelsea I would take a totally opposite view and say that it actually. His football came very very early and then he adjusted partly because of Eden Hazard partly because of the need to get results later in the season and he kind of turned into something else in fact. That's that's the point. A lot of people made one-sided came into use oh but he's fine because beneath that he's also pragmatic attic and he and he showed it later in the season at Chelsea. Okay there's not obtain at Chelsea and I agree with that but I also think that I mean certainly not but he didn't get it straight away. The point is that when he demands if his attack what he wants to instill didn't sit not only is not something that is easily learned overnight now contrast to draw because actually can't say has just put some things in a pretty much overnight but the the interchanges the things that we do we praise Napoli for with that. It will Smith's that was. You can't do that because you have different players different quality but whatever you're doing if it's something intricate if it's something complicated you can't necessarily get it in. Three is the the defense I think he can give him. Would I especially if you've got to always take up until November before. He found his from day one. Sarah himself often of set out loud. Basically doesn't have to play within the system so he's trying to build the whole system ten players yes but again a luxury player because what you get with Renault. Those fussy one of the all the two has to be benched another thing is you need a midfielder who covers for him. So you're losing that aspect as well so right now to me now. There's a luxury play until he finds his feet. I'm going to be with him sitting on the bench right now or playing in the magic wants to pay in which is trump was. Exactly this issue is if you can have a system that allows for now though but you can only really he justified that system. If we're now is doing what we expect. Today we should decide games like he's not the issue back home last season. I think when you talk about what happened at the back to with that goal because Judy Fong you know he got he got stick. Delicate stick by drought. Got Sick justifiably justifiably and I. I also thought there was huge. Screw up the first goal. Jeremy Bogart tremendous tremendous leadership. FM But equally. You've got an attacking corner at one end and you can see it at the other and that should never ever happen. I think in some ways that was even worse than the mistakes and the second one because then the second one they were three brain farts little aside though on Jayjay Boffon. Maybe it's just me and obviously I love gee-gee by I don't like the fact that he's like. Oh Yeah I'll L. comeback to you then you let me play ten or twelve game so I can set the city appearance record and you know in all hang out and help out I I would have much preferred to like. Do you want to set this up here in record go to Lecce go to some crappy team play every week be yourself and then set the record. Then that's fine but if you go to your at Uva the number one keeper should start and you should have a number twos number two and this idea at the club where they feel like Oh. Let's gee-gee game this week because we're just playing swale at home doesn't really sit right with me. He doesn't need to do this. And gee-gee senior running against us because it's spoiler but de Morales still rotting on the bench and not being able to give me give trump sweetie bothers me. I know I speak about it every week before slots we do. We didn't have a couple of we didn't have about onto a winner but we do have the young player of the year until He wanted Yesterday in the door at the one for the Youth System Copa Trophy. I think it's called Congratulations to him. He's been a bit of up and down up and down but it's an interesting game gain. That's coming up this weekend because what you have is a bunch of individuals that Saudi has created against a real team in what Simonian Argus created the goal-scoring scoring machine that is cheering mob. Nikki Nikki isn't a mobile fan at least when he when he's operating with she wants to be sure I have scored more goals than live on. DOS season. This is absurd this more than that. Isn't that because he's always giving them up exactly. He's given up to penalties now this season. So he's He's scored a few years. That I found I I respect. Take but this. This was the second time this season in a situation. I think this weekend. It's almost more extraordinary was on a hat-trick and hattricks strikers. I think he hasn't got one year. This season despite scoring seventeen goals and just says no that Lewis Battle Take it because there is backed scored for a couple of months like he's being selfless whilst also being streets ahead a serious top-scorer and I think that as you too so eventers Goto lots here this weekend. It is a shroud because they've just lost. First Place Interplay the night before says a chance. Even there may be a wider gap at the top by the time kickoff. Yes you Guinot Fashion Pfiffner for several. I guess for the first part of the season. I'm looking at them. Going okay. Inzaghi is really gotten into pretty consistent performance level over the last few the seasons and And it's high they have been on the verge of the Champions League without quite getting in I think this season they might have taken it. Another step forward not a huge amount huge. That have something transformative but I think that if you go two seasons ago they had this team. That was very much founded on Louis. Albert does Fish savage tandem behind immobile last season. Relinquish savage has this horrible year. A mobile it has slightly more indifferent. Year career comes in an ends up being very important to them and it feels like this season. For the first time you actually have all of that foursome all playing well and you were watching this game with the united and look it's only denies it who are quite bad but they are gonNa tell you see you see this sort of the variety of options that you have in that attack now. Because here's here's the guy who can run at defenders. You can take them on. Wins to in this game who can triple really effectively newest better toys city as leading assist provided. He's doing an excellent job of picking his passes by an attack attack. I'm an incubator. Savage finally starting to look like the Perry was two years ago again. The way he sets up this first goal is just everything. That's great about him. He's big strong. Hyun it if a player. He's like six three but he's also got really subtle feed. He's also going to pick a pick out in a busy penalty area. I think that's really important because the career Luis Alberto Mobile trio is they are are all most effective when Nazi are doing. What the first version of Latino did play on the counter? Sit Deep Soak it up into space but man anchorage savage when he plays like this gives you something that that the others dome which is breaking down a pack defense. It's being able to be in the mix handle at crowded area and still find your way through it and yet what I think is so beautiful about Latino is that they have these four offensive players. who was so great when they come come together but they still have defensive balance? They're happy to play with four going forward doing everything they can to get those goals. Whereas you've just can't afford to do more wouldn't you? At a time and still concede the goals up to some shooting won't be because it's like a hundred and Ken Goals One hundred fifteen goals over the last four years before this season now even more. So why can't he played. Center forward reliably for Italy. Why do you the white way always get jittery when I see the lineup and that dude is in the I know? I've been traumatized by the Sweden game but it can't just be that and before you come out and say oh but it said yeah. I Guess Bania these other Weirdo sides in Europe due to be able to score right. So who's fault is it so. He has scored in the last couple of games against yes lesser teams for for now. I think that for me. I don't want to sound like I'm knocking down. Because I think he's been Britain. I think when you look at him as a footballer he does not have the standout physical attributes us here. He's not he's not a classic number nine who can hold the ball up and can resist everyone we want. He's not someone he looked at and with the ball is feeding think. Wow that's a really super find technical lab what he is is Certainly someone who knows how to lose mockery tight space play. Think he's also just very efficient with his movement. I think he's very good at taking. That one set that gives him yard and then also getting shot very quickly now. Those are skills that can separate you against a level of competition but perhaps at the highest level of competition. Maybe he needs a very uneven it and he needs a very unique. I I mean I I keep using us today again. He's just one small. I guess it's that I don't know I I'm just still hoping and you know no disrespect respect cheeto. I'm hoping somebody comes up. I have been ought to get good all of a sudden healthy or manage. Can I just need need a striker to fall out of this guy so I can feel confident going into euro twenty twenty. I mostly agree with you but I think that on the confidence efficiency has right now if a mobilized like this I want to see him I think I wanna see those guys. Rumbled told me okay. So you've into stopping points that means that Inter had the chance skirt up at the table which took now I remember just two podcasts ago. Sitting here and we always we all we were all down on Antonio on your content as a way of speaking to the press and the stupid things that he would say. But I would like to say that I felt like I was the only one sticking up for actual results now. Two Games later. That top of the table We still saying the contest only doing a sufficient job. I think he's doing really good job on the pay is Nikki's revisionist history. Don't you back these podcast. Show the efficiency over. I think that issue was was that well my issue anyway. I don't want to speak for Gabby but for for me it's Fussy. Your team is very good so I'm not going to sit. There is a Ota. You have screen Ya and dry lukaku lateral Martinez and sense. But I let everyone wants and Oh yes. Oh well done for beating spot as in I look my point is is that the team is very good icing that you've performed below expectations fixations. They haven't lost many games. They haven't they haven't drawn you know. Well she had no even. You're right but it's about when it comes to. It's about the big matches right within like against Juventus against a Bosnian against you want there. Is that quality that that doc I miss and that is for me where I think that he's not great. Listen for me what it is. I know this sounds crazy but when you compare and and right now Saudi. It's Duma but it's like the team that they were both in charge over in one season you have conti who's good and wins every matches and it's never spectacular football but it's good and hard and Guittoune determined and then you bring in Syria. And then he does these wonderful things like gets these points against Juventus Napoli because they were both in Saudi Arabia. He takes be and he takes them far in the copy Italia. It's sad. He's the kind of guy that does things in the big teams against the big teams and shows. The quality of his size is a guy that wins against spell and against all the teams and get two the points to possibly win the me but the team is good enough to be at least second. Sorry let me remind you. We were critical of him around the time he was contriving to get into to eliminated from the Champions League against any group that contained the worst Barcelona in recent memory. The worst Dormant except for the Peter Ball Sara. Marie Slavia Prague okay so and also saying silly things about his players after throwing away. Tuna leads from Kellyanne. Exactly I it was also critically the things he said. I think you have a I. I think it needs to be set because I think there's this this stand. That's being set for him. Yes I agree. They've spent a lot of the money in this window. It's obviously signed good players however however he's going up against a team that actually is on top of already being ahead of everyone. This dropped one hundred hundred nine hundred on two players lost some just on election Renaldo. He's also He he's he's also comparible. And if you want to talk about money spent with hey didn't spend more money two summers ago. Continuing on seventy five million expectation dictation. You're you're you're you're basically saying it's impossible for him. If you're saying that competing for the title is not a High Enough Bob. No okay I always figure. I was hoping to talk about title Koku but since you know you turn day into the consulates rub it all in thing how about a few reminders. Such as the fact that a the team that he took over ended up getting knocked out in the group stage of the Champions League With the same goal difference as a team that advanced they got knocked out on a tiebreaker. And the reality for him is that he has yet to show that he can advance and by the way last year's team going to judge them. I'm going to judge series those full under splitting the grapes age. Because if you adjust couldn't disagree with you know they're they I haven't seen I haven't seen great performances. Frankly from either one. I saw our against Barcelona a little bit against Borussia Dortmund winning performances neither one. I don't think we've seen tremendous performance form inside out what we've seen is tremendous results and I give him credit at the weekend. The guy from the guy from calculating the guy from swallow the two. The two irrelevance weren't there. They are and they beat spa at home. Well done spot I think would scored. How many goals away from home going into? Let's check your Woah. You're trying to do even now trying to minimize the successes. Yes he beats. You know why which have never done is at play teams like spout every season every season. They play teams. I mean let's wait and see what he doing but when not saying go right. It's the first time in history that they won twelve out of fourteen. But I just want to remind you that she's going to seasons ago spell. Lat was in first place on the fourth and fifth and then they went terrible and playing turgid football. He's trained better football than does your. Let's give him credit for something he has realistically done. which is he's playing a front to which I was trying to think of been? Correct me if I'm wrong here. Sort of the top fifteen twenty teams in Europe to find who plays a front to sometimes arsenal under under emory. We know how well that went. and I think that's it and yeah if you want include Schwan include Lester. We see that we see that sometimes but then sometimes it's so I think it's remarkable and I think we have to give a lot of praise. These are two really really intelligent. Footballers mean Lukaku and not saying this. Because I saw him interviewed in Spanish unlike when the hell did you learn Spanish language but you know the speaks crypt. We speak six languages. People's all vendors speaks Japanese doesn't he can say good morning. Good bye right. You'll BIOS. Well I know exactly. That's that's Kinda level red but the guy is doing a post match interview in Spanish. The guy has never ever lived in Spain or played in Spain. We heard the story about how he learned Italian because he was watching his brother. Jordan on Sky Italia. That's great and then obviously obviously he speaks Flemish in English and all the other nonsense. That Belgians have to speak so but you know sneaking a lot of language you can tell a stupid things at many different languages. In fact there are people who do that but the intelligence of movement and the way he and Lukaku Kinloch dotto are are meshing in the way. They're moving living in the way. This content Stewart talked about the blind balls and how they during our actions are almost all vertical and the way they angled their runs. I think it's tremendous. They're also get help from the fact that most of their opponents aren't used to playing in strikers most are used to playing against the front three and I want to give credits and give the credit for for for that I know there are still a little powder me that's like I'm not sure about the intelligence of the movement because in many ways I look at the way that sort of they lost it last week against Torino and I just thought you know basically went out there and we're like here's the red carpet. Please scored games does. I didn't think that they were very intelligent. And their defense I don't necessarily thirty thing. This thing will spell in my opinion how I judge. Those two is by how they Oregon's actually could defenses and I think they're growing you can see there's a distinct difference especially in Lukaku for example from when he started and to what he's doing now I think he's much improved plan. It's already been in three months Louder Martinez still for me is the kind of guy who scores mostly in the very beginning when he's sort of surprising is opponents. I I want to say like. I don't know whether they'll be figured now. I don't want to judge and say yes. They have reached this level of intellect. I don't know yet because I'm not sure that they have faced opposition that have adequately defended against them because I'm stone zone entirely sure of that movement. Is that great. I think they will probably face into continue to grow and continue those impressed Nikki. So much It's astonishing to me. How E. S. twelve out of fourteen? Now come on you. You've pulled out. Why is twelve out of fourteen seen in this season when it's never happened before not impressive is fourteen points? Fourteen Games into the season. Yeah it's the same as you know when a team gets over one hundred points. It's it's just numbers at the end of the season. At what point. Allow yourself to get the team credit. No I just gave credit. I gave him. I gave him credit because without fancy and without you even though you know we've made fun of him for forty seven outstanding players without those two Amazing have father and and and and frankly I give him credit for the way he set up with Kakuta Lotto and this your point I think James will probably figured out and they will start gain planning against them because they do you make the same runs but you know what if I have to go and get my defense to defend differently in a way less comfortable because I'm playing against Cochran out that Oh that's already Netrokona because that will weaken something else me saying that's why okay so. Let's applaud. Their Hellas Verona. Because we're a mature for them. Do not necessarily sometimes you'll just pragmatic and good and you know. Oh how to stop two forwards. I don't I yeah I mean okay. You're you're right as he's going to imposes football but for me. I don't know yet how to judge to. This team is play point but I'm I applaud them for that consistent. That's always I I personally am. I'm all aboard the Tattoo hype train. I think he's going to become something good Shall we move on chew their opponents this weekend. Aroma how're you. How how is a guy doing on the meter this? I'm still love although I'm so disappointed that evaluated better than Fonseca but I thought it was Hanson Innings. He is just a wonderful Listen I love the fact that he seems to really be getting a grip on Saturday. You know like okay. Let's go out attack. Okay let's take this back in like defended a little bit. Let's the little bit more courageous now because we've gone to defensive. That's fine balance. Let's try to you know Boost possession stats but at the same time. We're playing paying Hasbro. Not let's be pragmatic I. I think that everything he does is intelligent. But if I watch this game over and over again I'm still at a loss as to how Verne didn't get the points points because they were for me a much to watch in the way that they played think they all they lacked was the efficiency to really make those chances count and I. I am surprised because I'm not a fan of Jewish. I was initially in my soul his flaws but this this Verona sided stromer. I thought it was exceptional. Play the fact that Roma Has Pellegrini. Who for me is one of the most intelligent midfield as I've seen what a what a glorious player to watch you know? It's great for them. That may Qatari. Sorry in his back and scoring goals and that will boost his confidence. There's so much about Roma that we should be happy about but for me this was a game. They should have at least one. If not lost. Nikki how confident are you that. The Palestinian upstanding incredible twelve out of fourteen gene or whatever it is record will stay intact and the win again. I feel good about this. All of a sudden his record. We'll stop being as good as it was the week before. I I think that even if they lose this game I still think that he's doing a good job. I'm sorry this is such a ridiculous argument. I think you think it's a really good point. The winning twelve out of fourteen is an impressive. I don't know why you keep repeating it but okay good. Do I think they'll be Roman Seri no through and Para Fonseca's doing a pretty good job. I think Meena analyze this weekend's game pretty well they didn't have their best performance but I'm yeah I I think he's he's. He's got a lot of things going well for him including remarkably Chris Mauling but he's managed to find a assistant a bit less records and the size of the season. They're not quite as high with but they are still able to take some risks and I think he's also the confidence of his players. They seem to be so happy to fulfil his you know to execute his ideals and to keep pushing into keep trying even if they feel they are in Syria to their opponents and feel like okay like we've really got to get a cold. They'll get the goal. Oh really good five in Rome not so good vibe in Naples now since meaning I are biased. We all are biased. Asked in favor of This is what I don't get I'm going to step back on. You guys. Explain it to me show. You have the the issue the beginning with is start with the Lorraine peacemaking stupid crack about them. Going to hold themselves out in China than you get the repudiated the nasty training camp and shut up saying well I don't think training camps really make sense and then they leave then after the game against Salzburg were they feel like Oh look we've qualified they. They'll decide that the players there's a supplier mutiny. They decide they're not gonna go to the training camp Currently nearly come to blows with deputies junior as well So then they loading. Discos takes legal action against them results. Except Yep for when they play bad teams like Liverpool. Just kidding just kidding kidding kidding They got a great result at Anfield. And you figure this is going to is going to carry over now. They've turned the corner. Nope nope because at the weekend. Horrendous result booed off the pitch Angeletti comes out very strongly he says in these situations it's up to the manager manager take responsibility. I'll take my responsibilities. I'm not the only one who needs to take responsibilities Here and you can decide if he's alluding to donate the players but tomorrow will sit down with the players and we'll figure out and I'm going to ask them what needs to be fixed and they can't figure it out. I'll figure it out for myself next thing. We hear they're off again. I don't get this I don't get it. I know I need some decision. Obviously to send them back in. What what what's going going on? But you said his kin it's ending. It is obvious necessarily. But it's important the Enchilada who is an outspoken critic of retail as a concept like. He's written about it before for like he doesn't believe in his suddenly taken them into radio. And why tell me about. This is the first time that he's ever worked with a group of people I thought on to the very highest level of professionalism. I think he feels right now. They he protected them. I'm not saying that professional sale. But he's used to let row Madrid Tehrani by a few years ago. Okay but you vent Ismaela very these guys wanted to be balanced or winners and right now. He's with the team who have been around for a long. Time may have lost their motivation because they continue seeing the fact you vent is just continue winning screw that screw that now into challenging. They're not getting the the investments required to actually challenge. There was a little lack of motivation. And I think that he felt he stuck up for them when it came to Laura antiques and he stood by them and he took the blame shouldered it and I think now he's feeling you know what you don't pay me back. You'll not doing what I'm asking you to do. You're showing the discipline that I need. I need you to do you do it in in moments where you want to shine because it's the Champions League in Liverpool but when I needed you to have this discipline and maybe it is because instead he either expected to actually controlled possession and be fantastic going forward whereas they can be a little bit more defensive in the champions the maybe that is what it is but they attitude right now I think he. He feels slightly betrayed and for that it could be that he is lashing out in the sense that you know what. Let's put you in richer and see what happens. I think I think I agree. Agree with that analysis. I think the the feeling that he's been let down by people who tried to stick up for his way has to be a little parts of it I think he he must also feel some genuine frustration at this point. I think the the He slightly assailed on all sides and Chelotti. He's got this sort of President who has taken control away from him in the beginning of this situation and and it was no secret that he was frustrated by the initial Rita. He wasn't happy happy about that. He had this power taken away from him. And Yeah you you try and tread the line. They're keeping your present happy because of course you went on his own when the players wouldn't would have broken his contract if he had one of the and but you haven't got from the players who've had what they wanted did not do it and let's put this in focus right because you talked about the team you talked about the players you talked about being let down by some people teams just collections of individuals. Right as you were saying that I was trying to think who let him down right. who was in that garden? Arden get seminary letting gown kind on Solti find if you think about it from the perspective motivation frustrations and you've a win year after year. Then we can safely say it's not mad at it's not devoting so could be his cy guys. I don't think it's cool Bali at all. It's not it's not mine Alaska. Just got that's bobby. And Reese who just got there. Do you want include Zielinski in that where we talking about because I actually think to some degree. Some people say it's not threatens. I like these Americans but some people might suggest he's would fit that profile. I E senior I think is the obvious one that we would would lump in their eastwind. Jason's came on board on. He created something easy to just WanNa run here who has let him down but who has denied him. Three times is an allen performance. This wise you name. Tim Seniors the first name that comes to mind is someone who has not delivered. The level of professional looking motivated motivation lack of professionals. That's what Meena talked about. Yeah yeah well. It's a little bit of listen to me. It sounds a little bit late. Jaden Sancho dormant Sancho for Napalese word. This is what it is you sort of understand both sides of it. You understand understand why the players are feeling demotivated. Why they're upset about everything that's happening to them? The fines the fact that that professionalism was called into question the fact that they're being asked to fighting on stroke drop when they're not being paid as much or they're not being able to have a team that's invested in evidence that they can win the trophies so they feel a little down I think Colorado not has come in and wanted to take the side a little bit further than won't even Saudi managed and he's feeling let down as well because he's not really getting everything they want either. That is not that great. They are a team when they I want to play it. Their best like we saw in the first leg at home to Liverpool Damn -nificant to watch they can strike and shoots and creates and they are Delicious on every level to watch the return leg to some of the commentary in this country about absolutely they showed the second leg showed more about their discipline than anything ours was a complete performance. Yeah I think this it's thing of I mean again. To use the words he used Gabby talks about a team being a collection of individuals. And that is not the problem that you haven't Napoli more than looking on individual basis and saying who's playing really polling saying who'd looks to motivated and unprofessional because that's what we're calling Allen is again viewed from the outside and not being there because we would conclude that he's talking about Alan you would conclude that he's talking about senior possibly marathons possibly chi-han but you know in that group because they're in the last year of exactly exactly so many missing a guy in midfield but knows how to control if we want to get into by the way if we want to get into expected goals and all that you could make a case. Napoli are better than their results. You know that they just there definitely are so so how much of this is down to a circumstance but attitude is complicated. Because it's not just about whether you're trying sometimes it's about confidence and I know we're going to talk at least briefly about Calorie on this show and Kelly area defying expected goes in a huge way gap talked about it last ball costs. But it's when you watch them it's because anyone who's played a bit of sport knows even without having to pay the high level when you just are completely confident that what you're doing is going to come off. Sometimes it does Undo Napoli right now like a team you have no confidence or sue percentage chance that Napoli fit love. These percentage chance at Napoli finished four only one of the top four. That's tough half because I think lots you really pushing this season or just got to AS Roma that's I'm GonNa go thirty five percent China because I was gonNA say forty percent. I was forty so yeah so we all we all still sorta believe less than fifty percent. It's not that much. Yeah I mean basically what discounting Kennedy furnished art. I do not awed. Okay well since you you you don't believe in Cagliari but it's not a real place I've even been but they're not gonNA finish top four. I I don't I don't think you're gonNA finish on the top floor. Sounds crazy like obviously because I used is firmly believe in natural at least getting one. Yeah and I do think Atlanta being something special but the way that you'd pay in right now I mean there's Rachel to watch Nainggolan is really truly world-class to getting any let you just Nandes stealing the bull by I mean they they will really down outings. I'm Doria and what they did in those final twenty minutes. I was like Oh my God. This is so fun too much that was and I feel. I feel like they could be a mini lester in the sense that they do win this could that Oh but they could meet make Tokyo just to sort of name. The game you're talking about. They won four three against some any game. Eighteen eleven three one. Yes so yeah it was. It was pretty raucous. It's funny Just to to not not expected goals you mentioned a second ago Olson who is coming off. The worst season at Roma didn't play in this game and actually one of the subplots their season is he's had like one of the best savings uh ratios have like shots on target saves in the whole division and then he goes and he said he can see three goals a Robin Olsen also a subplot inquiry. But he I I mean yeah. He's the defense. Nine has always been a very talented footballer. I think there's reasons to believe on recent years that he probably won't. They fit for the whole season. I as reasons to believe that everything that is happening right now has a little bit of confidence self belief that cannot endure the whole campaign. Shaw chargers in this campaign and he's coordinating Jewish Falesa. It's endured for many people endured ca finished in fifth place. neely made of I twenty. Oh I believe that your confidence and if you continue playing this why I mean. We're fourteen weeks in their amazing to be a state back there you go. That's that's my. Take us out for a steak cut in all right. Okay is that is that a shake on it take Nikki slide. The thing I suggested but I should point this out since our regular producer Freddie is basically abandoned us this year and last this time Freddy went and snuck into our lunch. Go and eat some steak or whoever produces the most this season gets the invitation. Anyway meet on on the other hand. They beat Padma they way. Now I know that came. Lay All go and laugh there. There's the left. Back is our highest scores. Thank you feel but I thought they played. Well aren't discussion because I think we all agree now. Counting is not not good. Level is good but the rest of the team's walk to you know. Actually I do want to mention something on which kind of bothered me. Yeah because a lot of ah he's beginning in fact he needs to help himself and he's not doing that but there was like a moment when terminology pause the ball. It was a straight line and he was waiting for you in the area. I do think there are times when some of the players around him. I just a little bit selfish like Casey wants to shoot the ball. You know why he's there and yes. He might squander the opportunity but but I don't necessarily think he's being helped anyway. Twenty nine shots from you and I believe They are they look like they have a care plan a clear strategy. I know then collecting as many points as we wanted them to you on deputy but my shooting enjoying watching them play I on their way back and would intensify now. Is We've done this before. But it's maybe the next show. We'll have an answer one way or another one hundred twenty us Anniversaries and the big rumor is that they're going to announce slapped on Ibrahimovic any. I know that they've had had I I know that all I know is well might be obviously spoken. And I know that they know how much Latin wants bomb others have reported that it's actually other way round made the offer and Blah Blah Blah. Others are even reporting it. Was The store the Telegraph saying that. The deal is done. You don't know how do we feel about. This is is dead on to the. I'm sure I'm sure I said this last week. I I think it's a terrible step in their direction. And even if he comes in go fish for the season no so. What's what's your long term? Skirt meaner well to a certain degree. I agree with that and this has been going to finish changed for us. So what's the point. Convince he's going to do that. What if he does come back but but I knew I mean I I? I was still bringing earn. Showed cap would you know by. I would take that money and figure out whether you get a strike on loan or whatever I think somebody has to come in. Somebody has to coming to school. The goal budget the money to bring Latin then budget the money for alone half a season and the striker whose maybe unhappier not producing or whatever. Honestly I couldn't Niemand. That's why I think I can't name a strike right now. That would make this difference. The difference to moment anyway Chelsea Lewis when he stopped the coming in like that'd be do-able like even just keep knocking out to them and it makes you imagine. Could just all top scorer gory Darby's instead but I should have thought was this weekend and it has often been in setting has not the same because they've been up banana at different stages obviously it's a weird rivalry brayshaw Atlanta to very wealthy cities to very close very close to each other Just off the motorway waterway and just six comets parading them. It's a wonderful local bragging rights thing because you know people in bad Gamal will say like Oh look but you know we have a a bigger airport and people in British say. Yeah but we have more exits off the motorway. So we're more important. Is this what they're bragging about. Yeah all kinds of slightly odd but two three teams in different directions at an impressive again but a shot. Guess what another managerial change. Also gone well I see. I have very mixed feelings on mess. Because I think it's ridiculous of course challinor gets humanitarian and gets rid of them up to three games on the other hand. I thought it was a terrorist in the first place. So yes getting back and let him do his job job. Yeah I agree with that. Ten goals conceded non scored under Grosso. But I I kind of feel a little sorry for him because you sort of like ruined his career. Little bit there But I I'm glad he's back. It's what the fans really wanted them to see. I do think it's interesting. That ballot tally was those the threat against Galanter The you know the player that WHO's been criticized for not necessarily even on this by me always following the antics of the team but not always are not often uh-huh yeah well that'd be good but three now I mean. Did you ever read anything that would lose you know. Let's be on Dr Beth at this is something where you know. She's awesome but yeah. I should've been catastrophic since cutting you been really off. And it's not a cross is provided one of the ESPN and in my lifetime. He will always be here but he's not done a good job in the very limited time. He's also can I just mention Naito. Dino could be anymore dull to watch any more daughters surprises was such a lovable manager. I'm I'm just. It's amazing that Genoa didn't win that but anyway let's say let's Rant of this pot with with some knee jerk reactions. McKee this is your favorite Segment at the very end of all comp- always going to say at the end of our competition at the very the end of all put. Should we start with you. Shall we be my knee jerk reaction this week is now. It's it's the when you confronted God with something that he might have been wrong about. He just doubles down and gets angry. So that's my talk with trump. Wash her wrong. I'd this is nicky. She's fixations in her head. You know how many worried about this take didn't revisionist history No I think my major reaction is that if I might eat society and do my best right now to not make this Jonah saying a saying and and I think while the focus has been on Defense and on the attack Christiana Blah Blah Blah. I think you've a really really problematic in the middle of the park. The ways changed people around the weights. Keep sharing things around. There's no solution if piano isn't there. I think that's where you need to work on. Sorry he's not great. No but but I'm saying he's crucial was game and nobody else will bears or the new. I think if you fix a midfield you take pressure pressure off the back. And hopefully you create a more stable platform for Cristiano and as me necessarily get more players around him and then he'll be happier. I'll give you a real knee jerk. Reaction Rub reality check reaction. Is I think that as good as lots Yo have been I think the milinkevich savage average is the piece that came out of eight into something. If if it's an it's not a he is that it's an I think that what he gives them different enough that if he can maintain the head the performance. That's the gap for me between them. Being right on the verge of of trying to break into the champions he places and with Korean Alberto being the level they are really pushing on and being in the top four now he s PFC producer. Pete if you're listening to this Pete. Combs controls me about the fact that I love. Oh yeah okay. He had a bad season. But you know what if he and Sandra Otani where you've enters right now. Yeah I'm telling you this you would be doing something but this miserable midfield field honestly miserable. I mean might as well have been like. Listen Dude I'm out you know. What is the point of him? I didn't want him in the first place. I'm doubling down on the fact that I think he's terrible But this midfield cannot go far at all and I feel sorry for Saudi But I do. I just do things that all you need is me to midfield. As an event his would be flying in every competition. That's an hour from us here. At the city awesome pod caused caused do join us next week. And it'll be a TRUMKA's each week and it's the final matchday so let's see you what Atalanta could do an inter. Actually see see you then.

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