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Yeah my podcast. Doug Brown today. I'm awesome thank you. Thank you for having me on your the. Ceo of business success factors and an offer of traffic buck lynnwood selling. I'll let you finish off the rest of that. But what are you doing nowadays? Well I'm I'm consulting. Mostly with companies and helping them do sales optimization in revenue expansion so anything to do with increasing sales and optimizing all the processes around that which sums handed quite often for me like. I've always been sells for thirty plus years. Now tell people everybody's until so certain extent. Well that's very true. There was a book called to sell US Human Dan. Pink which says that same thing and I've always agreed to that I mean we're selling whether we're selling something that people would consider traditional sales. You know we exchanged money for value but we're exchanging value for value even in our interpersonal relationships. And all kinds of things you know selling to our kids or I'm GonNa tell you know whatever it might be. Yeah Oh gosh yes. They're the children are the best sales people in the world. And my from my view as they they don't have any filters they're just you know natural at it exactly exactly right. So how did you integrate the book? The win win selling book with what you're doing in your company. Yeah so I wrote a book all on It's called win-win selling unlocking your power profitability by resolving objections. Right because objection seemed to be one of the big all points scorer for people they don't know how to handle them without crushing them And crushing them tends to break. Were poor like trust and respect and then usually the deal is not gonNA go You know in in the direction that people selling wants so but I had a book idea. I wrote the Book and the book actually sat for about a year and a half And then a friend of mine asked me you know. Could she the book and so I sent her the digital copy and She called me back in a couple of days and said hey you know I read your book. I think it's really great Why haven't you released it and I gave her. You know an objection basically well. I'm just really busy. Cetera ET CETERA. So then she started asking me questions you know like. Could you tell me why you wrote this book in the first place and I said you know I wanted to help people selling? I wanted to help people communicate better. 'cause that's what. I do as well as optimization revenue expansion and Which is part of that and so she then asked me a question she said. Oh Okay and she asked me two or three more series of questions and answering those questions and then she asked me a an additional question. She said well. Doug if you really. Did you really write the book to help people and I said of course they did and then she said well. If you don't release the book to the general public how are they going to know about it and what I realized Pete was well? We were going through this conversation. I'm like Oh my gosh. She's using some of the formulas that I have in the book. Yeah working on. Yeah exactly. So that's why I released the book and the book went to be a common an international bestseller And you know it just kind of is progressing from there but it's You know win win selling unlock the power of profitability by resolving injections By Doug Brown and people can pick the book up at Win-win selling Book Dot Com. They want to okay and I'll make sure to put that on the on the On my website too okay. Thank you all the links out there. So they can just click on it and go. You know the the some hits. It's interesting because the reason you wrote. Your book is really similar to the reason why I started my podcast. Was You know I told my wife? I want to help people I want to. I like sharing my ideas. I like coaching. I like doing that type of thing. And she's like well. Then why aren't you trying to reach more people and I was like? Oh it's it's it's a it's a fair question. I agree with her and the and the lady was asking me the question too. What are we going to know? I was GonNa say we asked the questions all the time in sales but it does tough questions. What is interesting because I just had a guest on a WHO initially said no to me and she said No. I don't want to be in the limelight. Something thing and literary almost say four to six months later she reached out to me. Sent me an email saying I don't know if it's the opportunities still there but I'd like to take you up on it and I'm like well heck. Yeah and so I said what you know what happened she goes. She was mentoring teenage girls and telling them to get out of their comfort zone and telling them to to to be more what they could be and they literally federal. What what are you doing to one of your comfort zone. And she goes. I remember saying no to you and I was like. Oh my gosh. You're giving advice and not taking it so it's interesting how others can out of you you. Yes and in this case children right. So children brutally honest. They don't filter most of the time so and they questioned things that adults sometimes. They're afraid to even question. Yeah mostly not straight talk instead that the teenagers like what do you do you know exactly? It's it's a show me say here you know and and and the reason I bring that up is because in the book I actually breakdown. Why objections happen. How they form from childhood all the way through so like the psychology as well as the practical application of formulas and things of that nature But understanding the why behind it has been very helpful to most people. That's what commenting on Because they didn't realize that the habituated through life like the scowl seemed to be and she learned something early on where she developed a belief system and a value system. That said okay. I you know believe this. And then she was called out by kids. Who Don't have that filter. So yeah so I pretty interesting I've had that happen with my kids as well. My children have called me out on things and I'm like Oh yeah I imagine you had that with yours as well. What's gets worse but when it got worse was when they got older. Yeah 'cause you know did Graduate College now for my girls. So now they know there is no more BS. It's like you didn't do that. Mccosh can't use do some white long been there. That's funny wit now with with you setting up and helping all these people in companies you really. Your Business tends to work with company. You have to travel quite a bit don't you? Are you doing I do I travel well? You both I try to do as much spiritual is I can And but I am traveling a lot because part of the part of the extension. What's come out of not only the book but I you know me having a background in supporting training companies. My my business is actually starting to grow into a training as nice as well Where I'm doing it in groups so doing for example a live event and Canada In March and then. I'm doing one in Boston in September. And then you know it's speaking different places and and just travelling between that and four clients but I always a lot of my clients. They don't really care to even have face to face time like they used to. You know years and years ago. I'M NOT GONNA NOT GONNA date you and me for but you know back before the Internet was available because possible exactly correct. Virtual is an analog. Telephone back then right so So I you know I finding a lot of them. You know they just don't WanNa go through the setup and the process and waiting and have any wait for somebody to come into their office and some people like that and they still do it but a lot of them. You know just prefer to use video conferencing or something like that. It's much more efficient for them. They can do it from their home. Sometimes versus you know when they haven't gone his office but I did travel quite a bit. I mean I'm traveling. I've gotta go to Canada and then going to Austin and then from Austin to Savannah and then from Savannah Georgia over to Indianapolis Indianapolis back to Hampshire so That's all happening over the next. Yeah that's all over the next Twenty five days or so. What do you like about business? Travel? What do you not like about I like seeing new places and going to different places and meeting different people I mean even doing it. Virtually Nice but there is that difference being in the same proximity of of all Other people as a human dynamic So I love that because I love to communicate and as we talked about helping people I also like to see new places and experience new new. I'll call it even cultures. You know from certain places in here and So I like that aspect what I don't like about that. Probably most of you can say the same thing. Airline travel getting into security lines having to deal with You know the wait. Sometimes you run into traffic issues. You know all of that and sometimes that delays actually getting there on time and that's the beautiful part about virtual. I have a couple of different internet connections in my location. So if one goes down the other one's up I actually have three of them. And so Usually always connected but you know I remember flying back from Florida one time and I was trying to fly up north and You know tornadoes blew through and in the Midwest and they closed down Atlanta which I got stuck in Atlanta overnight. So it's Kinda like you know myself and twenty thousand other people trying to find hotel rooms at the last minute and you know it wasn't fun but it is part of travel to deal. I was in Kansas City and getting ready to fly out and they ended up in Tornado. Warning coming in my flight was at seven. I'm like man. I hope the storm a little bit and I hope my life on time. And that's the thing. I A lot of a lot of your guests travel. Probably even more than we do and I I have done like four cities in three days So you know when you when I'm on that type of schedule it's like you know won. Miss Flight can just mess up the whole trip especially on the first day. You know you're late for the first one the second one the third one. It's like that's not fun. Sometimes things get cancelled You know for meetings Due to delays. And sometimes you know it's just it's weather like you said. Tornado blew a hole. One's GONNA go off. What are you GonNa do your stock nothing? Exactly there's nothing and that's the act of God you don't think the natives are probably the worst has happened to me with a fight was it was so delayed going into Dallas from Denver at the rental car company that I had already paid for was now closed so I ended Uber to my hotel room at two two in the morning and then I had suber back to the airport. Get my rental car in the morning and be at work at eight morning and it's a lot of fun My my mind didn't care you know. No no I mean I know right. That's suck the. Hey let's get to work and and I I remember. This has happened to me twice to the rental car companies. I've showed up in the class of car that I wanted. They didn't have right so I I reserve it and one time they had a pickup truck for me and it was. It wasn't even a nice pickup truck. It was like the you know the utility type that right right and and I'm like you. You literally want to drive to us to see owes location and they pick up truck right so like we have and then and then one other time they had another vehicle that you know if I was sixteen and a half trying to you know who's The beach pick up girls that would have been fine but Camaro convertible wasn't even as nice as that but it was just. It was Kinda replica trying to emulate that. I won't I won't put down the car company but the it was just like I cannot do. Oh by the way. The caller was insanely bright yellow. And all that type of stuff so so yeah it's fun sometimes travelling in In running into those things. But sometimes it's horrifying that can't work to your benefit. I flew into Bismarck North Dakota and it was a mixed between rain and snow checking in getting a rental car. Day guys like. Have you ever been here before we go now? I'm heading over to Dickinson. I have to like a ninety mile. Drive is that I'M GONNA I'm GonNA upgrade you. Okay how much you know like because we're not. We're not busy right now. I'm like Oh great. He gave me an SUV like To GMC Denali brand new four hundred miles on it nice. And I'm like oh I'm just gonNA keep us for a while then my trip. I drove down rapid city. I'm out rushmore. Came out to Sturgis and then went to work in Dickinson. Nice Nice drive but yeah in a in a four hundred miles an olives like fu doing this. I only doing this right. That's awesome when when you're traveling what do you find Would how do you pull up your time? Because we talked about the Labor airport sits and all that how do you. Are you watching podcast or you doing work? Are you preparing for your meeting? Or you're just trying to zone out I. E all of the above I listen to a lot to audible. Dot Com guaranteed books so. I tend to study That way the best So you know even on airline flights I may not need watch a movie or even a long one right. I mean I sometimes I work. I wrote a speech. You know coming back from England so I came back from the UK on the flight. Back I was. I wrote a speech. So there's different things that I do but it's everything that you mentioned And sometimes you know when you're traveling along the worst thing to do is not rest because you know driver type personality people. They tend to just go. Go go go go into multiple time zones and you know e traveling on most people is Takes out more energy than they think so. Sometimes it's just important to rest when I recognize that I just literally you know breast that was it. I was in Denver freight days for for sales meetings in work meetings and then not clients come in for the last three days and you know fifteen degrees on Friday which I know. That's not super cold for some people. But for Californians. That's that's cold as you'd ever want super as I got home. Yesterday I got home late Sunday night yesterday. I was like I'm just. I'm tired at eight straight sipping hotels on beds and out every night. It's like okay. I'm going to rest so well. That'd be nice now. My wife saying get back to work. Well you know you can't stay down for long day off and I'll get get some shit. So let me about it In terms of bodybuilders I used to know A fair amount of bodybuilders. And they still tell me the same thing. It's all about nutrition and it's all about the rest because the muscles recover during the rest period far more than any other time frames so A friend of mine one time said to me he said you know you're going to continue to burn out if you don't take some time. So like e after events or after long periods of travel I take a day off. I usually now fly in a day early if I'm going someplace that requires lengthy travel especially to Europe when I go to Europe. Because it's such you know there's a six hour time difference. I spoke in Poland different places and you know. Take an overnight flight out. Yeah I don't know where. Oh I mean the last time I flew internationally flying England and then England to Germany no Germany and then Germany over to Poland again and I flew first class because I wanted to sleep but there were three people behind me who didn't WanNa sleep one of them. I will not mention. Their name is a as a lead singer for very famous band And they just wouldn't stop talking all throughout the thing you know so it was like what by the time? I hit the ground in Germany The flight was delayed You know getting out so I had about a forty minute connection to go through security in Germany. They get the next plane and all that stuff and it was just a horror offense. 'cause I was so tired so you know but I flew in a day early so I could recover so that was. That's the key that I've learned when you can fly in early or when you can't stay a day later You know even though you might WanNa get home. Sometimes it's more get home and take the day off Or at least you know part of it. If you can't and just rejuvenate I think you know and I I I completely agree with because I used to be exactly. I used to want to get in Thursday night. It's like start working Friday. Then that works out Saturday and then on Saturday night you know and and it just seemed like it was wearing me down and now I'll I'll try and come in early on Thursday or I'll leave on Sunday even and I think because I think just mentally it's like I know I'm not free so now my body. I'm not hurry you know because when you when you I mean there are times when you you have no choice but if you have a choice and you can plan to look you know an extra half day. Also on your body goes okay. I'm not in a hurry. Now and so right whole your whole physiology is kind of relaxes a little bit. Yeah in the mind is in the minds able to rest right. I mean a bit or at least focus. I mean I. I was joking with a friend of mine. 'cause you know when we traveled together doing lots of events or or seeing clients back the back? You know there's only so much you know there's only so much green tea extract that we can drink to stay alert so yeah so I don't know five or energy drinks her. Oh those things are I. I used to as the drink a lot of them in in one day I woke up and realized you know. There's probably not that good for me to continue trying to down five hour energy but you know in moderation and every racial with How do you balance you know marriage? Kids Right Yep so how do you? How do you work it out with your wife about being gone you know? How do you balance your your work life? I make I make a joke and say she's happy you know but Y- so especially when 'cause I made a conscious choice knowing I was going to travel to We home schooled our kids so I used to take them with me. A lot of places which was We most of the time of blessing I because it was kind of like they were getting an education and they were able to hang around especially when I was in the training industry. You know Doing work for large training company. So I got exposure to a lot of really cool things and even some of the corporate clients I mean so the the children at that time got a great business education by traveling And not just travel but they get to go to different places and hang out with some you know some of your clients you know famous or semi famous people So that that was one way that balanced it and sometimes we would. Do you know full family trips And do that and then what I would do is take a couple of days and go someplace fun and educational for the kids. So if I flew into you know I don't know we went to Austin one time and did a live event and then once I was down the live event we flew. You mentioned Kansas City so the kids had never seen the Midwest. Yeah so we got the hang hang out in Kansas City and and Took him to Kansas and Missouri showed him split of the line is between Kansas City. You know just certain things like that and you know trips to you. Know the Eiffel Tower in Paris. So it's one thing I found reading from a book. It's another thing when you could just bang on the side of the Eiffel Tower and look at it and go to Israel. Israel Brady Bunch metal leads a hunk of metal. That's what the kids said. It was a hunk of metal. Sound right I guess it's true so you know now that they're older my children about your your children's age They still travel with me from time to time but have lots of life experiences in lots of stories so for me. I mean everyone's but they. I think I like traveling now so much because as a kid. We didn't travel a lot. We my parents have a lot of money and they both worked There there ninety five jobs and we went on a few occasions but very very rare. Because once you know Gosh we you know I played football. My sister sister did gymnastics. And so we between both of our support. Schedules is just difficult to get out and travel and money so now when I get to travel I soak up everything. I want to go to museums almost as much as I can't because I never got. Yeah Yeah and and you know back when you and I were growing up at that age I mean it was pretty much jump into the family car and drive. It wasn't you know wasn't jumping airplane. And you know go to three or four destinations conveniently because it just wasn't what we did so it was either. It's hard to explain it to you. I mean you can tell you can tell people what like be before you had your phone in your Internet but yeah international flight. Was You call it? You have to call a travel agent. Yes you you'd have to rely on them and their expertise and you know and you. You don't meet them. There's no reviews. There's no yelp reviews on these people know he's just everything was it goes to the yellow pages to find him. You know. Now it's like we're playing to my wife airplane a trip to Japan a first trip internationally and we're for bird. It's so you go on the Internet and you can do street news of the hotel and you can say you know what I mean like you can bet virtually be there to see so when you get okay. Yeah that's the building I was. You know what I mean. I I certainly do 'cause I just did this I was in Charlotte. North Carolina rented a house for a week. And my daughter's when with me and so we got a three bedroom house and I exactly that because I wanted to see. What kind of neighborhood are we getting in? Yeah so yeah. I was the restaurants downtown. La Or San Francisco from visiting or or Denver. Just that and I can do the same thing. I'll go to the street view and go where the landmarks or what am I hoping to see so I can see where the front doors of the of the either lockers building the parking garage or whatever he gets it back in the day. No no people don't even know how to read maps anymore. Right though you're usually looking at the map this if you're even close remember the rule right and up right when you look at a map right now stats but you know my my kids are funny like I remember when my youngest was I think she was somewhere around seven or eight years old and she had her iphone right and so we were driving in Texas. Set the time down the highway and she said to me dad wouldn't how old were you would before you got your first cellphone and and I was thinking I was like wow I gotta remember this right and so I said keys I think I was twenty eight and she looked at me like I was some relics that was in a museum somewhere. Like what are you talking about? Twenty eight years old. You got your first cellphone. What what's the matter with you right? And 'cause she doesn't have any conception of not having the technology which makes traveling a lot easier like you said we. Can you know? See Sal abuse of places and things and get to know things before we go there but I also think there was some you know when we were traveling back then trying to figure out where to go and how to get there on the map Getting lost and doing all the things that happened back then or you know making sure that you preplanned the whole trip. A lot of that is kind of missed now because we take it. You know we just take for granted that you know if I want to fly to. Wherever is usually a flight going up this day or tomorrow if I really needed and I'm GONNA pay more for our but if I wait you know fourteen twenty one days. It's reasonable I had a comm you'll pick US attorney Doug because I had a client in San Diego who goes to you. He owns a store down. Retail store. it's a family owned business and so we're talking to you. Hey are you. Are you heading back Merck today? Yeah you're you're for Sunday. He can give me a favor you go. Yeah what's up? Can you take the airport Sure YEAH NO PROBLEM. Your flight he goes. Why haven't book because I wasn't sure if you're GONNA take me. I'm like why wasn't sure so. I DIDN'T WANNA book until I you know but I'll look when we're in the car. He Larry booked a flight to Europe. We went to his house. Got A bag. I'm like what you know. That didn't happen back in the day. No no no no no no I mean we in my car making airline flight off points exactly Europe right right. You just didn't do that so no no you could try domestically but that would that would work out but Yeah no definitely not. I mean it's much more convenient in some ways to to get transportation today because there's so many other options. You mentioned that Uber earlier. You know lift or whatever Verses Know Yeah Yeah Car Services and then there's private companies now that you know Instead of getting a pickup truck I could call them and they show shirt for me there. Right so That's the biggest hit some of my territory so I don't know what you're planning to. Yeah you know. I've been to South Dakota and some other places like that and I agree I I love pickup trucks. I actually own a pickup truck as well as other vehicles. But it's going to be a billion no company. Ceo and then having to pick up is not a good idea. Time and place for everything. Yes yeah well. That's that's market. GonNa go really. Well I told my daughter says I'll share with us the the negatives of having a phone with you twenty four seven is like when I used to go to appointments if I left here and and I had a two hour flight or drive up to Santa Barbara. That two hours was mine. Right there was. There was no emails. There's no indications there's no emergency cellphone. I mean I remember when I first got my pager and I had to tell my office I said look nine one one if you need me to stop and get to a phone right you know a four on one. If when I get to my appointments can make sure to call right. You know because it was like I'd be driving up to wonder what freeway here in La. I'd get an island one of my God. I have to get off find a payphone. Which being next impossible nowadays but Yeah I'd have to find a payphone at a gas station usually and use my credit card. My Calling Card to calm office and then they would go figured it out Just cost you a dollar fifty or maybe more didn't make that phone call right so and then and then the fifteen minutes to get off and find a pay phone. Yeah all right. Yeah Yeah Paul my account. Because I'm cellphone so now I gotTa Call My client saying I'm going to be a half hour twenty minutes late because I had to stop and get a phone call. I needed to do anyways swimming. You could get back onto the highway in the same route. You went right helps you the resources map APP like then. I know I've I've ended up Do you remember the old map was a map quest but it was used to buy a GPS Walks basically right. Yeah the garment garment. I remember one of those took me to a unemployment on a dead end street. Forty four forty minutes away from where I was supposed to be. So that was fun In the middle of rush hour on top of that so that was that was a blast But Yeah I mean you know I I I think travels great and technology has made it so much easier and I think you know it's there were so nostalgia about doing it the older way and you know Planning stops along the way and things like that You know just because you needed to going to me. It's kind of like the people that say eight track. I remember eight player cool here again. Now I've got fifteen hundred songs on my phone right now. Yes yeah so yeah. They try romantic. But I still have fifteen hundred dollars in my pocket. I still have friends that actually swear by old vinyl or eight track or right so I think they dislike on the eight track. You remember the tracks just skip tracks and you had to put like a match book underneath it to kind of hold the eight track up to some some of your young listeners would be like what are they. Yeah look it up on the Internet. You'll see it was the thing back then so but yeah I mean Technologies Great. It's made things a lot easier and I'm grateful we have it but as you said you know sometimes technology especially when you're traveling can actually be a distraction in an entering as well you never know and I see people driving down highways in the middle of traffic and they're texting Just the other day I I passed No somebody passed me and there were two people in in the vehicle. They were exceeding speed limit by at least thirty miles an hour and they were both texting. The driver and the passenger were both texting at the same time. Like oh my gosh so you know. It's not a good idea to take our eyes off the road so I hope our pilots in our airplanes. Don't do texting while they're flying plan until we all get a Tesla Self. Driving cars probably not good idea. So I don't know about you brother but those things kind of I Dunno drivers driverless cars unless there's an amusement park I I don't know I have not done next to one And I have not been in one I and honestly I don't plan on getting one for a long time and I haven't been in self driving but I've been at Tesla but not self driving but I I. I'm here in La. And I'm telling you it's weird. Bizarre feeling driving next to somebody in their hand wheel and they're like doing something else and you're like man I think about how many how many what reaction you have to make a human things that happen exactly right and and in near completely One is completely out of control now. One could argue. Hey look at the the computers a lot more acute driving you know then or aware. I should say then. Human being sometimes because they're always constantly sending things. I you know I don't know I mean it's a debate. I mean It's I I I just you know as I think we talked about before. I also have a software company And you know I talked to my developers quite a bit and they're like oh I could hack into that thing no problem and I'm like no we're so I can. I can see myself going toward an edge of a cliff in off. You know. Because they're playing games exactly they too but the reality is that you know right now is not for me but Maybe maybe in the future would be. They'RE GONNA have to get a lot better before I entrust my or or or after you get a lot older or or or see a lot less right you just kind of you know maybe fifteen for senior citizens. Yeah exactly I don't know where they're going anyway. Sometimes they can. They can maintain their autonomy but but yet boom responsible see. That's you know that's actually I? Is that how you can get because I you know. My mother is eighty six. Believe this year and she's having trouble seeing that's why I brought up a seeing. You know 'cause if my mom's listening to this show here all here all about it but yeah the the reality is that you know for some people. They can't drive their impaired. Now and driverless. Vehicles might be a good way. They can still their mobile. They can still get into the vehicle but they can't see like they used to or here like they used to etc so it does get them around in that case. The computer might actually make better. Decisions lost DRIVE-BY ANSWER. That one of my mother's Listening to it but but I would agree. Yes in theory. You're saying yes. Yes in theory and all right. Mom never peed show. So Yeah Yeah it's my call. I'll take the blame. Well Hey Doug I appreciate the time I don't want to where your time. What's the best way for people to reach out to you or your Paul you or see what's going on well they can either You know find me on Lincoln and Doug Brown one two three four You know So I have email address. Around one. Two three four g mail which used to lengthen or they. Send Me A link They could send me an email to doug at business. Success FACT DOORS DOT COM Or you know they can buy my book at Win Win. Selling BOOK DOT COM. And then contact me. Oh by the way inside the Book Pete. I didn't tell you tell you this but for your listeners. Inside the book I actually have a a digital video introductory Objections course complements the book. Which only we sell for for about two hundred and forty seven dollars out of the book but If you have the information inside the book you can access that for free. So it's what about twenty five dollars bucks or something like that. Yeah it's a hard covers. Twenty four ninety five and the digital version. I think is fourteen ninety five but right now I think they dropped the digital version down for a limited period of time just for ninety nine cents so if somebody's listening to this and goes there But but I will say Standard Fourteen. Ninety five and twenty four and ninety five right. Yeah I mean some twenty five bucks is yeah it is. It's a good deal. Well it's about fifty years of experience writing into this too so not to see now again to your audience but you know once in their works and I've been teaching it for years And it's a very different approach and The reason I wrote the book is because I you know a lot of a lot of sales people and people selling their two big things that they have challenges with our number you know number one and number two and I think they're pretty equal Getting quality qualified leads right so the prospecting aspect of it and the second thing is you know. How do they handle objections without Raking report and so. I decided to tackle that problem because when I was looking there is not. They're not many books out there that actually address the psychological aspect of all of this. Just giving kind of routine things to say if this person says this and that person you know the selling should say that well sometimes that works and many times a dozen because they're not taking into consideration the psychological underpinnings of what caused that objection which is usually some discomfort of fear. So they answer it with a routine phrase and then they just dried more fear into the situation. Unfortunately the buyer is anchoring that fear to the seller at that point and that's what's causing a metaphorical. I'm lock if you will emotionally so totally. Obviously I agree. I mean it's interesting too. I always enjoy hearing other people say the things I kind of live by. You know what I mean. Like and people You you were. You were being very overt about your your Well and privately so About the success of your book Came back from Denver and I got the award for the most sales dollars of the year. So you yeah I mean to increase and I didn't self person of the year now that those aren't the ones that want more dollars so well you know. Y- everybody has a different flavor of ice cream. They tend to like and you know I. I made it into category one and two and a couple of categories. I was like Jeez those even exist. I didn't even know existed right. But I'm happy to have number one and number two in those as well as the ones I wanted so So congratulations to you. Know I have. I have a question I'm GonNa put you on the spot. Are you doing anything to celebrate that? Yes Japan? Oh great school. And the the the new podcasting equipment I just purchased was a direct benefit of having the most sales dollars in the company. So there you go so a lot of times people selling. They don't celebrate success. They just think it's kind of routine right when that that. That's just Kinda what I do is what I'm supposed to do but what I found out if we go ahead. No you go. You're just there I thought I was just GonNa Well your your air selling expert to as we both know The you know the reality is that the human brain. When we don't reward it stopped valuing. What the compliments. Minimizes or The accomplishments that we have in the future and I found even taking top performing sales. People or people are not top performance at this point and celebrating. The wind starts to build upon that confidence. It makes want to do it more and more and more. So it's kind of a tip that I've utilized over time as well and It does help Good I was just GonNa say just talking to my boss. I'm trying to tell them I go. You know I'm in it for the money. I mean if you stop paying me for my day job I won't show up tomorrow right. So that Kinda Zibo. I love my job. You know. stop paying you anyways but a lot of people don't do it for the for the financial reasons so it's you know these just give us a two hundred dollar gift cards prize and I'm like no one wants to. That's not why you do it. You know so now. They're giving US my industry. I get a really nice belt. Buckle and then the western industry that means something yeah and I was talking to the guy that makes them you know. Have you ever seen any of the the Rodeo belt buckles I am not Live I've seen pictures of them. the one he's GonNa make us The three sales reps that won the award for like three grand. Yeah Yeah so next time you see a cow you stupid Hicks you know. He's got a docker cowboy boots. He's got a three thousand dollar. Buckle along you know you're okay. I've never said that about a cowboy and I don't ever I some of those people on the road or making some pretty heavy money so And you know some of the people that are riding around on horses where people like what they make their money. You know they got a one hundred million in the bank So you know so how I make good money. Oh my gosh say you know. I had My my wife's UNCALL- actually owned a cattle ranch. Next to Ronald Reagan's ranch in California at one time when he died the amount of money that was dispersed to her family was inspiring all so good. Well yeah so I mean that's centers. I feel like I made a new friend. Actually so I really appreciate the time that we spent on the phone And anytime I can learn. It's a good day so I wanted to say or forgive me your time. You're welcome and remember. I've learned a lot from you even in our previous conversation. So I shout out to your your listeners. That you're the real deal No so try to be and I'll make sure to put all the links out there for you and you have any questions about your own podcast. Please give me a shout. I'll give you shit all the care. I appreciate that from and I definitely will and You know the folk an invitation on my end and certainly if you make it to east coast Let me know your especially if you get up around Boston. Because I'm not too far from it and I'll tell you pint and get their September October whenever the leaves change this year. That's my goal is to get up there. Well here's a cool thing if you come up anytime in September early October whatever I can help you plan out exactly what to do and where to go because I know that place like the back of my hand so Y- you'd better be sincere because I absolutely hit you. I absolutely can tell you all the spots to go to the ones that people say you should go to and why you shouldn't go to them. I can give you the reasons. Why right so So yeah I mean I've been here for over fifty years so I know the air. Yeah 'cause I WANNA I WANNA hit Vermont Maine Hampshire Massachusetts Delaware. Well hit that whole northeast corner. Six Days I WANNA get into so the late. September is better than mid October depending on the year because the trees will change. Yeah depending on the on the weather in a two week period to be the difference between missing peak season and not missing peak foliage season. So when you get close to that let me know and I can let you know what's going on and But Yeah I mean if you're coming into Boston and that whole area all the way up through Maine Vermont where you know depending on where you WANNA go. Maybe WanNa go to Ben and Jerry's ice cream place up there in Vermont or you know you WanNa see certain things in Maine I've been all around this area for a long time so I got up. Because that's one of my goals is to see all fifty states. I'm pretty good on the West Coast from about Illinois over But I haven't been up to that northeast. I've been to Maryland. I've been to New York. I've been in New Jersey but I haven't been up that that northeast quadrant. Well come on up. That's a great time of year to do and the weather's just saying about that yesterday going okay. That's 'cause the I'm GonNa go make it happen. Well I'm supposed to do We haven't set a date yet but I'm supposed to do a live Training Event in Boston somewhere in September. So I'll give you the date. Maybe you can. You can come and write it off camera awesome. Do you ever do anything out in the West Coast? I do idea I've had some clients out there Culver City Was My last one. That's twenty minutes away from me. Yeah yeah so I mean I have I do. I do have some clients as I started Starting to grow out on the training side. I'm starting to get more and more. You know worldwide as well as west coast and things of that nature so I think It'll definitely be happening Done quite a bit of work in California. And you've got nickel tour. If you come out I would love to do that. So thank you so cool. Well thanks brother. We'll be talking more so I appreciate it very much and have a enjoy your flying over the next. Yeah Yeah. I'm in Canada tomorrow so jacket. Yeah that's for sure I'd be nearly by. He wants notices supported. They're gonNA this stick at the Gustav. This edginess sandwiches Kennedy cousin. Balsa PLASTIC COPY LEVELS. Raffray sevenstock table set the set. You see it a medical center. You'RE GONNA be analyst EPO. The present dam sandwiches mcchicken biscuit. It chicken mcreynolds. Mcdonald's who NATO Sawyer Vilas Viva La Donna and McDonald's participant I.

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