Joy, Peace and Compassion for Ourselves and the Planet - Mi Shebeirach


so let's start with our meditation. Find a comfortable seat. If you're standing bats okay if you're lying down that's okay but whenever position your body's in noticing where it's making contact with what supporting it and then if you feel comfortable gently closing your eyes if not just a gentle downward soft focus so that you're not disturbed by anything in your referral vision and we're GONNA take three nourishing breaths in through our nose and alterra mouth together and we're GONNA breathe in for four. Hold it for four and breathe out for sex now let your breath find its natural rhythm noticed where you find your breath most easily could be tippy. Your nostrils could be the rise and fall of your chest or the rise and fall of your belly but wherever you notice it most easily. You're seeing and feeling your body breathing in and your body breathing out Resting your attention on your breath A little many body scan just to make sure that you're relaxed relaxing from your forehead your eyebrows relaxing down your jaws. A slight smile to the outside corners of your lips dropping. That smile down into your chest noticing how your one precious heart feels today dropping down in tear abson releasing into your seats feeling supported letting relaxation flow down your legs to your feet softening your hands. You may want to place a hand or hands where you find it soothing. It might be your heart or your face or your belly. You're hugging your arms just as a reminder that you're giving yourself compassion right now. You've Cairo felt the special time for yourself really. It's a blessing and then when your hands are weary just relaxing them and releasing them where they lie could be your could be your lap face up face down doesn't matter rusting your awareness. Sign your breath once again now calling so mind an individual that brings you joy an individual when you call this being up into your minds. I. It's very difficult not to smile. What color is this this being have? And if it's a dog or a cat what color for how does it feel as a human being what color skin tone and the classic phrases to be repeated in your mind over and over can be substituted by your own loving kindness phrases if you have them the classic phrases being bay you be safe may be happy? May you be healthy. And may you live with these? These blessings going round and around or so easy so easy to bestow upon this being that brings you joy. Shame you'd be safe. May you be happy. May you be healthy. You Liberties Now talking yourself into that photo noticing for a moment how it feels to be in close proximity to this being. That brings you joy. No social distancing no masks gloves just right there may we be safe may be happy. May We be healthy. May We live with these. Just like all beings wished to be safe and free from suffering soda. We Now knowing that these blessings are shos too good to keep to yourself opening your circle of compassion to include others categories of people continence specific people friends and family doctors and nurses essential workers. It becomes More of an abstract guided visualization. Where you're painting you can paint the whole globe with loving kindness phrases pouring the blessings out of your heart may be safe. May We be healthy. May Be happy. May We live with these All this goodness pouring out of you takes a little bit of energy and bandwidth and so now you get to narrow your focus to yourself here with miss seeing and visualizing yourself and filling yourself backup may be safe. May I be healthy we? I'd be happy with these filling yourself back up so that you can be of service. May I be safe? I'd be happy I'd be healthy. Demand Live with these Now staying in the mid meditation but letting go of the words and taking in this poem a blessing for the senses by John Donahue may your body be blessed. May You realize that your body is faithful and beneficial friend of your soul in. May you be peaceful joyful and recognize that your senses are sacred thresholds. May you realize that holiness is mindful gazing feeling hearing and touching may your senses gather you and bring you home you may your senses always enable you to celebrate the universe and the mystery and possibilities in your presence here may the Aeros of the earth. Bless you now as you gently you're is. I'm going to share my screen so that we can sing a blessing together. But I'd like to have this experience with you just with a thumbs up. LemMe see if you can see them. You should bear on the screen. Okay and here we go. This is for the planet for ourselves Tain like a stall be singing together. Makore Habra Li Mo now may the source of strength who blessed the ones before us. Help us find the courage to make our lives a blessed game. Let us say Man He you know Jane Makore Ha Bra. Do less those in need of healing with food. Shlaim Ma Renewal love bide he the renewal of spirit and led. Us Say And Okay thank you.

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