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Hey Everyone Julie Sanders here. This week's episode of believer is going to be delayed. We didn't factor pandemic into the production schedule and they're just some intersecting health issues that are causing some complications episode. Three will be up very soon. In the meantime I thought I would recommend some other shows for you to listen to so if you have enjoyed. Rosa Delgado as mayor Terry Boone and believer. And you really want to hear what she can do. Then check out elaine's cooking for the soul. It's a post cooking show. It's surprisingly gentle. It's Quirky it's fun. Rosa plays the titular in lane and she is absolutely incredible. And I'm grateful to the series Creator Alley Schloffmans or connecting me with Rosa for the show. The work of Alley and Rosa can also be heard on listen. Rinse repeat a new fiction. Podcast featuring twenty-second long stories that you can listen to while you wash your hands on the nonfiction side. You can hear Sarah. Gorski the actor who plays Camille as one of the hosts of brought. You should know. Podcast highlights women from history. It's fantastic and if you just want something. That has a similar length and five to believer than three shows. I highly recommend are unwell. Call of the void and cryptic words on well is a midwestern gothic series. They were recently featured in the New York Times so they probably don't promotion me but check them out. Call of the void is a cosmic horror stories that New Orleans and CRIP did follows skeptical radio host who uncovers a really original bit of paranormal mythology. All three of them have complete seasons or even a whole series available so you won't be hurting for content so check them out There's links to all these shows in the show notes now finally thought with the story. This is a true story from my life. It's not connected to the believer verse and it does involve some harm to animals so I am putting it at the end so that you can just skip ahead if you want. There's really nothing else here but this story. I grew up on a five Acre farm in the middle of what is now oregon wine country but was then just the middle of nowhere and a five Acre farm. It's not very big as farms. Go but it does have a barn and one thing that Barnes come with is barn. Cats barn cats. If you're not familiar are sort of random countryside cats who settle into your barn and keep mice out of your brain. Nobody really gets a barn cat. They just kind of show up one day and they like the food you put out well enough to fight off raccoons for it and they stick around so it was with an adorable strange little black cat. We called Kirby full disclosure. We named her that thinking she was a boy. But I think it's great. Good girl named actually Herbie came to us as a kitten but even as a kitten she was pretty Feral. It was kind of like having an aggressive but very adorable squirrel. Lost in your living room somewhere like it was really cute. But also you'd better be careful around the couches because she will absolutely claw you. But we stuck with her. We were dumb but persistent. Children and eventually transitioned into a friendly garage. Catch was close to the house but she didn't have to live with a barn sometime after she was brown. Though Herbie started to change. She got strange and unpredictable. Some days she was happy to sit and be petted like always and other days she histon ran away her favourite scratching spots sometimes. She would hissene swipe at you for touching them other times she would like per immune to you and you really never knew what you were going to get the like. They're six kids in my family and we were nothing if not persistently loveable so we kept playing with her. We still have this joke that this cat was pretty unstable was like the two sides of the Moon Right. She waxed and waned just like a good witch cats anyway. One day my mom took a corner a little too quickly coming home and she found Herbie the road. I don't know exactly what happened. But Kirby got hit by a car and my mother saw this cat and I thought was ono or Herbie. Her second thought was a lot. More compelling Oh no what am I gonNa tell the kids see. My mother is a very kind compassionate woman but she was raised on ranches in Montana so she knew that bar cat sometimes just kind of go missing and she knew that she had six men who were each louder and more dramatic than the other so while we were all at school. She scooped up Kirby off the road and buried her in front pasture. Never said a word and that was that until one day my looked out the window. She saw black cat walking down the driveway. This was the same black cat. She ultimately petted dodged for several years. This was the black cat she found on the road. This was the black cat she buried and never said a word about again and this cat was mad as hell. And that's the story of how my mother found out that we had to identical Black Barton cats one of which was very friendly and one of which was not but both of which were to territorial to share space. Or at least that's how she explains it back with an episode sin by now.

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