Bucks 1 Win Away, Collin Morikawa Wins The Open, And The Boys Go To The Movies To Review Space Jam 2


On today's part of my take we have special guest. Lebron james and the tune squad verse goon squads jordan and michael now spoiler spoiler we review space jam too. I think either you have seen it because your big lebron fan or your parent or you're never going to see it so There will be spoilers but who the fuck cares. It's funny joke about this movie. We went to the movie theater old fashioned raw dog in its style We're going to recap of that. We have a ton to recap in terms of the nba finals. Call morikawa little f. Talk who's back great show for you on a monday. And we're brought to you by our friends at molson coors listen time for that beer campaign here. You probably had it happen last year and a half. Someone said hey. We should get a beer when this is over about a thousand times in the last year and a half now most in courses gonna hold your friends accountable for getting those beers. 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And the milwaukee bucks are one win away from an nba title. We have a series now big cat and so the stat that you always look at is the team. That wins game five. They have a seventy two and a half percent chance of going on to win the nba finals. If they go up that three games to two right so it's it was the pivotal game five and it was a crazy game and two games have been honestly some of the best basketball that have ever seen played in my entire life. They've been so far in game. Four was crazy and weird and in like you know flops and all that game five is just an incredible game played by both teams. The shotmaking making was off the charts. The sun's didn't even you know a game is good when the losing team actually played really well. They just didn't play his good as the winning team. The sons i have a stat for you. I saw this tweeted out. Ralph michaels was who tweeted out teams. That shoot over fifty five percent from the field over sixty five percent from three in over ninety percent from the free throw line have lost just once in thirty two thousand one hundred eighty game since nineteen ninety five on saturday night. That was the second time ever. That's insane son. Shot over fifty five percent from the field over sixty five percent from three point over ninety percent from the from the free throw line. They shot thirteen for thousand nine from three and lost the game. It's a it's it's mind boggling and if you watch that first quarter you're like the sons are going to go to absolutely trounce the box and the box just kept on punching back and their big three which i think we can call it now right well. Your big three all stepped up. They are the big three. So jaanus middleton and holiday. They are the first team in the nba finals. Since nineteen eighty five to three guys. Go for twenty five points on fifty percent shooting in the same game. The last time it happened with james worthy kareem abdul-jabbar. Magic johnson pretty good. Oh pretty hurtful. yeah ever heard. Yeah it was crazy. The like i said the shop making was insane. Drew holiday was the guy like that. I love jrue holiday because he picks and i went and looked back. He picks one game every series. Where he's like. I'm just going to be off. Awesome offensively like stevens always great. I think people actually. We joked about the chris. Paul injury i think a lot of it has to do with drew holidays defense or sorry. If you're ryan hollins drew holiday. I don't know if you saw that he. He tweeted in the middle of jrue holiday. Going off saying. I told you guys to respect drew holiday that you can always use a classic speech to tax messed me. Up is the only person on earth named drew jr. It's an awesome man. It's fantastic but so drew holiday one game every series so therefore series obviously in these playoffs one game every series he just decides he's gonna shoot over sixty percent from the field and you can look at it. He's actually done it. And so it's i love guys like this or like the. What if guys. They're the joe. Flacco elite guys like hey at some point they could just put it all together for that one moment and they become something totally different than what we right but joe flacco is moment was lasted for five. Yes well you know. Drew holiday spectrum mr flacco. Same these are my stats. I found these stats so as in his four games. These playoffs in each series literally one in every single series. His fuck you games. I'm gonna just be awesome He's shooting sixty three percents from the field and fifty six percent from three in the other games. He shooting thirty seven percent from the field. Twenty seven percent. You know what the differences in those games so i. I read a little bit about your holiday yesterday in his dad is like his biggest cheerleader. His dad is the opposite of job. Marantz yard whose his first hater Holidays dad is always like you need to be more aggressive. You're the best player on the court. So his dad gases them up like once a series and he gets frustrated like if his son isn't playing up to the very lofty standards that he has which we'll discuss more and space jam to review but his dad just like gases them up. Like you gotta go off drew. You're the best player on the court and then once every week or so he's like you know what my dad's right. I'm pretty good at pass. I if you're a fan you love those type of guys because you can always be like. Hey what if. Tonight's tonight's the night drew holiday decides is the night that he's gonna shoot sixty percent from the field and he did that on saturday night and that was the difference. And then obviously he makes the biggest play of the game with the steel of devon booker and then the the lob pass jaanus which i. I don't know if you guys agree but in the moment i was actually shouting out loud. Don't pass honest because all there but clearly that's why we're sitting on the couch and these guys are playing in the nba finals. Because it was an incredible. It was a gutsy play. It was an incredible lob. And then chris paul is chris paul foul okay. Well ryan restored. Gone he's really having a tough week. Okay i'm i'm officially out on chris. Paul i'm team. Fuck chris paul for life now unless he has a big turnaround in fixes. Everything about who he is. I'm team fuck. Chris paul because that fell on. That alleyoop is like dirtiest thing that you can possibly do. He is precisely. It's also so paul. What makes me mad jones guy. Yeah i do i love. I love the songs. But fuck chris paul because if that same thing happened chris paul chris. Paul would call the police. Yes the person that that shoved him in the back off the stretcher. Yes so if you're if if a if a really tough guy made a foul like that you'd be like oh you know he's kinda he. He pushes the line some free by. Yeah exactly sets the tony. He's just known as a mean. Dude you can play dirty and people are just like. Oh you're just mean you're an enforcer but you can't do that if you're a wimp and chris paul is the definition of a wimp and you can't try to injure the teams best player that dirty ass. I'm out i'm out on crystal. I can deal with him. Like all the theatrics in like the flopping and stuff. That's funny that stuff can be very hilarious to me sometimes but like you can't be both at the same time. This is chris. Paul like the denver. The denver series chris. Paul is chris paul in that when he has it all going. There's no one came in terms of controlling a game and doing everything but the downside. Chris paul the haters of chris. Paul which i'm putting you in the category now. I think i'm a defender of the game. He flops he he is Sometimes he is known for cheap shots and he has not come up in big moments in this last week has been like all the bad side of chris. Paul and i have to wonder if i mean ryan russillo named him. His son like a week ago and now. He's got to live up to those expectations. Well and also. He has to carry the way to lebron james on his shoulders. The games opening rooting for 'em lebron james. Basically treating chris like his son. I love the disney pettiness of putting the reviews which we'll get to space jam underneath lebron. I don't know if you saw that. I see does amazing. They thought at first. They showed him on the sideline and then they went back to him. And it says lebron james star space jam new legacy thirty one percent rotten tomatoes. Yeah one out of ten. Imdb thirty eight percent medicare did see that and it's also tougher. Lebron that that picture of of that dunk like the greatest dunk of all time with chris. Paul doing a cheap play and he's in. It ended right rich. Paul dating know that yell saving for the review but our rich paul show rich paul Yeah lebron sneaking in his tequila which actually was the greatest marketing ever. It's it's against the law it in arizona. That was genius. Shirt was allowed us. Hell it was. It was definitely a party shirt. Yeah that was the. Dan flashes special. Yes absolutely chris. Paul like the head of the nfl pa or the nba be bad. If one of your star players is promoting another brand like he sets the precedent. That's going to be bad thing. So a lot of people were calling me in newark online. Because i i questioned the sons rebellion whether or not. That was legal. I just i. There were kids that were watching the game. Big cat came on at nine. Pm eastern time but that means that it came on at six pm pacific time a lot of kids still awake watching that watching your hero and the fact that he was going. I don't know. I just don't know if that was appropriate for the children on on a real like that. Is maybe the coolest thing that lebron james has done is guy. Yeah i love that. Every way why holt cuba. Yeah everywhere should be agreed Speaking of rebellion limoges. Throw this out there. He said sons and four guy trying to pivot his fame. Two sons lost four guy. That's fucking awesome. Put on you can try to match reveals wit. His anti comedy is some of the best comedy in the yes. It really is like you have to really yet. You have to be sick in the head and poisoned by the internet. Which i count both of us to be in that category to be like. Wow actually that's funny in a totally not funny way. I think my favorite one of those is when katie decky won that race and he said katie. La- l'idee terrier. Yeah that's pretty good. Yeah the big three of the box needs. I mean janas has been incredible. Incredible but chris middleton like they're half court offense is basically jaanus can bully de'andre eight and if that doesn't work chris middleton is just gonna make a shot where he's completely guarded and his shot making his off the charts and then drew holiday having that type of night. We played great defense all series. This is the other part that i love is that it was actually a real thing. The bucks when they traded for jrue holiday a lot of teams thought. They were going to try to get chris paul and they made the decision. They wanted jrue holiday instead of chris. Paul now. I don't know if chris paul would have gone ghana milwaukee but it pays off in this series. And i love storylines where you have to is they. Could've they could feasibly taken either one and they went withdrew holiday. Who's been playing better than chris. Pollens the crazy part about janas when he does get the ball in the low post against eytan who's a massive human being jaanus look so much bigger than yeah like arms are so much bigger his waistband. I don't know if he actually has a bigger wingspan. But the way that he moves makes eight and look tiny and he's jaanus so alpha like he he just goes guys like when he just goes at them and either do a spin move or just you know pure wet on the baseline he just. He just goes every. I don't know how you how you make a player that can stop janas like unless you figure out a brand new type of defense. It hasn't really been experimented on and that works. I don't know you have to grow somebody from the age of thirteen. You have to identify okay. This person is gonna be seven feet tall. We need to get them working out in this specific way to put an upper body mass and just have them wedding threes all day. It's it's the The ra reggie evans clip is going viral again. This week of him. When honest i came in the league asking. How old are you and yours is like twenty and you can see ready. Irvine's be like twenty and like shocked about it. Yeah there's really. There's no way there's no human being out there then it's that's jaanus at all and he's very likable and he's fun to to like watch and i. I don't root for the box. It's hard not to root for guy like jaanus which which the long way of saying is. I can't wait for america to tear down in the next couple of years. I would say for right now. He's definitely like the best superstar. Athlete in wisconsin. By far the best leader of any professional sports franchise is dedicated to the state. This is the of anybody. That's that's playing week. I heard that aaron rodgers got his house deep cleaned this week. Probably putting it on The market i would say i heard this is a true thing. Aaron rodgers was taking spanish lessons with his lovely bride and they cancelled their green bay. Spanish lessons that might not be in town anymore to allah spaniel in started going french there. That's okay after work on the rest of it. It's all languages of love their old latin. Yeah yeah the i mean. I don't know the bucks with should give them their flowers. It's still got to win one more. I actually think it's weird but like the sons. Are the game six. This series has been fantastic. I think i would be shocked at the sons are able to cause that game was so well played a both sides it again. It didn't feel the stakes are so high they lose game five. I didn't walk away from repeating like man. The bucks killed the sons. The sons played incredible. They just came up. Short bucks played the perfect game. they did they. Did they actually. On the road and hank cuisine. When we were watching it he was saying that. You thought that the bucks. We're going to win that game the entire time and then the sons would win in game six. You still feel like two sons. Have a shot. yeah that'd be. That's his won't be the most fun for chaos. If you're adam silver yeah thinking about making the call like to win wherever the scott foster. Hey honest a janas turns out was hanging out has been identified as a close contact brother. who is out with kovin. We're going to have to hold them out while he test negative at least three times over three days. Guess what he can come back for game seven little bible hypothetical data interesting. If i was adam silver i would be looking very hard at that scenario very strongly. Yeah i mean the the box have just i- says just out of this world right now and he's like yeah i. It's funny too because everyone wanted to make de'andre eight and the new shack. It's like you're watching him. he's gone. I did i sing. That's shacking world wanted to make that. It's like janas. Is's who's physically. They're obviously very different games. But in terms of physical dominance and like stat sheet dominance. That's very close to actually think that this is just. He's just baby honest at this point. Yeah because like he plays it completely different game than shack it. Yeah he said aden is more of like a guy that really wander further than you know ten feet from the basket and he dominates the paint. So that's why. I thought baby shaq for eight and and it's just janas. Just being honest and pat coniston. He's been awesome. he actually has. He tries so hard and now he's making shots so I speaking yada. So i wanted wanted to just do. The media loved his quote. I don't know if you saw it. I was just going to bring that up okay so if you missed it. Janas had a quote after game four. He said I think it was a media day off day. Said when you focus on your past that your ego when you focus on your future that your pride when you focus on the president. That's humility in everyone's like this is incredible am my own is that quote makes no sense. I don't really understand how you can focus on the exact present all the time but no not even that part the futures your ego the passes your pride past his no because you can also ego and pride are very similar thing. I did x. y. z. Have accomplished this much. That's who i am. That's why i deserve to feel good about myself. Now that could be called either pride and then if you think about the future accomplish future being like i deserve this. That's your ego. Are you thinking. I deserve this. Are you thinking. I i get this. I think it was just. It was a quote that was engineered in a lab to make your every youth basketball. Just like have their heads explode like i'm going to get this tattooed across my chest. He is the perfect time he did. I just. I thought that the pride nego things should have been swapped. I get the sentiment. It's essentially repackaged to what is it yesterday. What is it tomorrow yesterday. Days given given tomorrow earn a gift and today is a president is do everyday forgotten notes. Tomorrow's a gift live laughing live. Laugh dance like no one's watch successes and owned. It's least yeah. They got dance like no one's watching live laugh. Love to our is a gift. Today is of today's if that's why we call it a president to god damage. A we found yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that is why it's called the present there. It is jake. Thank you champagne for all my real friends real pain. For all my sham friends. I liked that. I liked that. I bought a book at toast the other week. It's amazing. just send her to honor is a perfect toilet. Read hand and come on her. what is it. i don't know that's that's that's a that's a real toasted like everyone who's like twenty years old. It's the funniest thing ever i remember. I thought it was if he can't kamar if you can't all right now i'm having to honor if you can't commander look honor. Oh here we go. Noth- not safe for work. Every time i see the not safe for work tag valor to honor to getting honor to sting on her. If you can't come in or come on yeah there. you go. Doubtless sky stuff row nineteen years old. Funniest thing that's ever been made and you say once in a mixed crowd nope but yeah says quote like this is the honest slow fest and he deserves it. he he really does like it's He's been incredible and that quote was awesome. They still got one to go. I also think with. I think the most amazing part of that quote was that he just he just thought of saying that in the spur of the moment. Somebody who's like tell. Tell us how you remain humble. And he liked thought about it and gave a thoughtful answer. There's a plan ended up sounding like poetry. Yes it might have been plant that you could see him like thinking about what to say. It's like the you should be like. You are a greek flaws. Yeah yeah that's amazing. The i i also think the way the bucks are doing it because it's like it's the opposite of everything that they were the last few years where they were kind of the front runners best team in the regular season. Get punched in the mouth in the playoffs. You know remember. They won those first two games against the rafters and then the raptors made an adjustment. They never made a counter. Adjustment the bucks entire playoffs you know. This year has been counter adjustments in and fighting back jaanus gets hurt. It's just been fantastic to watch. I was thinking about it like all the way back to game one of the playoffs member when the heat went to overtime. Like there's going to be a tough series for them and it's just they're completely different team and game six in milwaukee at night. The brewers. we're going to play that game as i report on part of my take last week. Y'all they've moved that game. What three thirty four christian yelich show hit a home run with nineteen away boys of christian yelich will probably be at the game chugging at least two full gear yes so hopefully hitting a couple of home runs during the day. Yep also shout to the reporter. Did you see this asked. devon booker. Who's sitting next to chris paul. They're doing the joint interview and he said how sorry do you. Or how bad you feel for chris paul right now and just like looked at the guy in chris. Paul looked over. Adam like you fucking frustrated or you for christmas i. That's a great question. Great question take some balls to ask that question i have. I have some a wo- number that's not going to really translate to a podcast from seed. Anyway i wanna just preface it with saying my neighbour told me this so if it sounds really stupid. Blame him if it sounds great. It's all my credit your neighbor. Jj radic no not jj rettig. My neighbor told me this about the box. Box fan okay. So he said He they crunched the numbers. And there's gonna be a tattoo. Someone's going to take a lot of people are gonna tattoo this in milwaukee if they ended up winning on tuesday night the box. This playoffs are going gonna go a perfect sequence of four wins two losses to wins a loss to wins a loss to wins a loss to wins two losses and four wins. It's exactly it's four to two one two one two one two two four. Okay i again. I preface it. Did you hear the preface four to. I said that this could be very stupid and you just did. It probably is someone's going to get a tattoo of it. And i wanted to say shout out. That's cool tattoo. I feel like i'm missing something though what. What makes it a perfect sequence of numbers. It's exactly it's race car knowing rates same. Same for it afterwards. I probably didn't say correctly. But that's it. Yeah they're gonna and both they're going to end the play gonna start at the playoffs. To four straight wins are going to end with four straight wins exactly two to one to one to one to two okay so pollen yes. Got it cool now look at. It would be so hard like look at it right now. I wrote so already. That's kind of cool. No save an happened. Yeah i know you just mushed it from woman if you probably. You probably should get ahead of it now. It's definitely not going to happen. You know right now. So we'll that tattoo today. No one gives send it to us. No again i'll give you a hundred dollar gift card of the barstool store. Jeff fisher had a lot of pelham drome records as well. That's true no one says. I said it was listened. Play my neighbor. If stupid blaming neighbor. I said that right at the beginning. Oh i don't. I don't think it's stupid at all. I can do. Then i get the credit that you said it today as opposed to saying it after they won on tuesday. Well i'm calling my shot again. What our podcast is gonna be so chuck filled with show on wednesday that that start even that fun probably wouldn't have had a chance exactly it be able to sneak it in so there you go someone get that tattoo today hundred dollars i will send you because you can always explain it away you if you don't how many numbers are in that one to read this mike. Let's so four five six seven eight ten eleven eleven numbers eleven numbers. That's wild and oh here's another one four in the middle numbers one in the last numbers. Four doubts milwaukee's area code. Now that's cool that's hidden in there in their what you're gonna have to do is you're going to get the and then you're gonna get those like either outlined in green or folded. Yeah so like really pops to latitude points of that. It's that logic longitude. It's crazy. Two zero is there is no logic behind this all those numbers that is exact logic logic. Tude yes yes Hey i don't know it's stupid. It's stupid billy. I thought you'd like that you liked that all right. Cool anything else about this game. I'm excited for games for for game six on tuesday To the question earlier in twenty twenty thousand one hundred and nine hundred boys named jr you e. so that's going to be the next jalen. Yeah girls jalen rose was like the first jail and now everybody. That's getting drafted in the nba is named jalen. Can you look up ten years ago. How many babies were named drew. 'cause i would expect it would be on an upward trajectory. Like to got it eleven. Oh all right so we're building something. I can't wait we're like amc. Yeah we're have to do every year and every name do they tore. 'this don't make any doors spell it. How else do are so. They're yeah they're none with the wire and never so t. h. y. And an eight. You said yeah. Oh wow. I feel like i've seen that before a strip club via give me dorothy. Dorothy what year this year. Twenty one of their five hundred and fifty nine baby girls named doors. Wow that's really not gimme a what was update on agnes. What was yeah. What was the thing to wow. That's dying name harder. More druze. that agnes is now. We've crossed that line. No one nineteen years okay. Well next year. I especially after what we happened the other night. Probably a lot of babies conceived in milwaukee last night what was the hard knocks who did that when they were talking about babies antonio commodity no no not that one Fuck i can't even. That was actually rip off bit from a comedian. That was like you ever meet a baby named or something. Who was it. Who did that. I forget i wanna say fuck riley. No it wasn't it was often. Who's the guy who who got in the fight in pittsburgh. Todd haley todd haley. It was him. He was definitely him so todd. Haley old bits for hard knocks about hit me with joan. How many jones. We got cooking now. Joanne hundred seventy-one boys hundred and thirty seven girls. Oh some boys are taking joan. Wow that's interesting all right. Let's get to smother stuff very jake Brought to you by our friends at body armor. Today's athletes are more than just your grandfather's tired old salty. Sports drinks which is full artificial dyes enter body armor made with potassium packed electrolytes and antioxidants b. vitamins plus no artificial sweeteners. Flavors are dis body. Armor sports drink provides hardworking. Hydration and more plus. It tastes great. My favorite flavor is Strawberry banana body armor helps. Today's athletes stay on top of their game body armor available for purchase in store in an an on amazon. Now go check it out They got all the flavors that you love. Got some tropical punch strawberry banana orange mango new gold berry blue. Raspberry berry lemonade. Go with the. I'm telling you if you try strawberry banana body armor once you will not be disappointed and you want it again so go to drink. Body armor dot com right now or find him on amazon. Okay call more kala ho boy. That was he was insane. It was dominant wins the open championship. Br what do they call them after the like the golfer of the year. Yeah you win the golfer of the year. it's fucking set title. Yeah it's an awesome. It's it's it's a low key. Great great trophy. I actually there's a part of me that thinks would rather win the open championship than the masters. Nah no it's just so much. Clyde sound good coming off your talking. Does how much class for. Second i was into it and then i was like now just because for the green jacket for so many years after the fact you just get to hear. Scottish people address you as the open championship winner. Yeah and that's just a bad ass thing to hear. He was awesome though so call. More kala went bogey-free in the final round of both of his major wins. Basically saying he's the only player in the last twenty five years to win multiple majors with bogey-free final rounds He was incredible. It was pretty much a no doubter. After there was a moment on saturday where he fell back. I like he i i say. He fell back three strokes and then he was like nah. I'm good and then just took over and did it. All and he had a nice speech after good guy. It's a good show today. thank us. He didn't eat wall kind of understood. Nobody did you hear speech now. He said we don't do it enough where we look to the people next to us. Just say thank you so he did kinda think. Yeah we were next. Oh yeah you said thank you know what you're welcome you're welcome collin. Collin does seem like a good guy he would definitely be in our golf crew if we had space for them. We we can't open it up for everybody. And i think he's. He's a good person or root for root for absolutely every time unless it's one of our main dudes right there about two. And i'll tell you what brooks captain what's the award that they give to a player that shoots the lowest round on sunday. Yeah they should brooks gets the golden golden golden spikes. Yeah he ran out of time and then we had to like insane stories with other our other guys wills l. tours got hurt which i felt. Bad for you to withdraw. He'll missed putts. We hope he gets better and then maxima the craziest story of all weekend. He made the cut No-one no-one plead coming. I tuned in on sunday morning. As i do it here. I it was like a normal wakeup for me. I woke up at ten thirty. Am and max. Homa was team thought. The open champ. I was like i know that guy. Are you supposed to be in the crowd. That's max the guy that's on twitter. Holy fuck he's a golfer. I just assumed. I think what happened is that he probably shared a private jet with colin. So they probably just let them make the cut no matter what like graphics put him as max homer for a little bit really. I love that congrats to our guy. Maxima for making the cut Was good it was good moment. I feel bad for us susan dude. He noah was francesacon calls. Who's to who's to. Who's because he is. He is mr saturday. He's mr moving day. He's like always shows up at the top of the scoreboard for about an hour on saturday afternoon. He's a majors version of tony. Female is bridesmaid project. Yeah he's just leveled up tony fee. Now it sucks it every single. Yeah it sucks for him and then Pricing good job. Good effort dude. Would you finish like sixtieth. Well he also had he tied brooks for the golden spikes award under. There's also some some. it's not just bros. people like aids brooks verse bryson. Did you see justin thomas. He had a He commented on hon An instagram post. That basically said Where i'm trying to find it right now. It was saying like you know repeating everything the bryson had said and he was like. I can't believe the mad scientist didn't figure this one out or something like that. Like essentially making fun of. Oh here it is. They got never would've thought swinging at one hundred and thirty five plus miles per hour. It'd be hard to drive it straight. You think mr physics would know that. Yeah nice justin thomas. Welcome to the welcome on the show. Any time i've started to weirdly respect bryson for being just such a world class against off. No no no no. I'm not not in a good respect. Way staged what no no. No just as is very i. Guess mary mad respects the wrong word but like i'm almost in martling i don't i don't know how much you know. I percents five percents not ally. Don't i feel zero percent bad for. But i just keep wondering. How much further can he go and he always finds. He's really good at being a prick low. Yeah he's amazing and do you know how big of a dickhead. you have to be to get fired as client or as a spokesperson for somebody like yes. They're paying him. Money right to be there sponsor and they're about and they're making his club for yeah they're about all they're about to fire him like the guys that they went out and begged be a part of their team. It'd be like the face of cobra drivers. They're like we can't work with sky. yeah he's unworkable. he's not he's he's never happy never quote. He's an eight year old is never happy but yeah called awesome. Yeah awesome and i his time ever playing links golf. He plays the why the week before the scottish open and then wins the open championship and it was something about the british open. I think it's just the timing of it is always such a nice pleasure like you finish like he. He wanted at one o'clock. And then i was like okay. Cool day like go for a walk. That was nice. It was also i think it was on the anniversary of the john vandevelde. Meltdown carnoustie yes. I just like every time a tune in for the open championship. I need to see just a picture of him standing in that black water. The shoes off about hitting the ball out of his trousers all the way up to his knees trousers and mike tariq be like oh no he's not going to do what is going on. He's not so somebody needs to slap some sense into him. Yes that is. I think that is the. That's the most hilarious meltdown on that. I think we did this for mount mount rushmore season by the way starting soon i think we did the moments that we wish twitter existed for. That was a big mess incas. That would have been an all time. It was incredibly like he's standing in the water on the eighteenth hole. He had a three stroke lead. Going into a hit this out of the water six. And that's all you need and he's trying to hit the ball the water so his caddy slaps him he also degrades spins on afterwards when they asked him about like melting down he was like what is everybody making a big deal about this for like it's a game. It's a game of golf sport. Yeah no one's. I don't care i'm not gonna care tomorrow. And then jack nicklaus was like. Oh he's gonna care. He's called out to coach k. Lose just say it's a sport you know sport not life or death All right Little f one talk. It was electric. Also we have this league moment. I don't know if so maximum. Stop and who i think we're gonna have on the show eventually ain't no stopping. We're fans of his or fans of the sport. And he's the best of the sport right now. All-time salty instagram post after. So he got crashed by lewis hamilton. The first lap loose hamilton goes on to win afterwards for stopping post first of all. I'm glad i'm okay. It was quite an impact fifty one. Jeez but feeling better. Obviously very disappointed with being taken out like this. The penalty given does not help us in any way and doesn't do justice to the dangerous move lewis made on the track watching the celebrations after the race while still in the hospitals disrespectful in unsportsmanlike behaviour. But we move on. It's he basically could've just summed it up with stay classy lewis hamilton. And that's that's a tough no matter. What is he mad that he watched a television while he was in the hospital. No he's mad. They well he is an all time like hyper competitive guy which is good. Because that's why he's one of the best drivers if not the best driver right now in the world but part of being hyper competitive to a sick nature is that you can't lose well and so he's mad that he was in the hospital and they were celebrating and they didn't stop the sport for him okay. You're disrespecting lewis hamilton right now by the way why max is the best right now. He hasn't won shit. I know but right now. He's number one in the neighbouring. By like i mean constructors are up. Three points mercedes is right on there. Yeah but yes hamilton. bristle champ. Did i stutter. No i'm just saying like you. He's one you're you're you're being. Just yeah i guess i mean louis incensio but maximum stopping is the best race car driver right this second. You wanna say car. that's fine. it's like a brady rodgers argument. We're having here. But he's he's leading right now. You're right now. Yeah right now when she juicing wins championships every i actually took lewis hamilton side. I thought that he robbins rayson. They caught my favorite part about it. Is they call it a racing incident which i really do think similar to how the rebranding shark attacks like a bang. Bang targeting call. That doesn't isn't targeting. But it's like hey guy moves into last second and they hit helmets football full incident. You know it's football incident okay. Should the refugees come out and be like listen. I looked at the tape. Football incident play on. Well that's that's what they do after a catches like is there an act. Come into the game of football football football. You like football incident happened. Let's keep playing. And so my my whole thing is. I can't get up for the f one races in order to watch them live. Because i'm still not caught up yet. So now i feel like if i watch a race. It's spoiled spoiler alert talking about stuff that happened and the race is like the last couple of weeks so i understand. I need to step my game up a little bit so wait. Which view do you need to push push. I do need to push you know what. That's what i'll do tomorrow. Push tomorrow out when you fired up. Call me and i'll just say push push push who which. Which is a canadian billionaire. Sun that stroll the guy because two of them. There's one guy that's on williams. The i want the shitty one lead. Oh i don't know what the other ones glance drills only one that matters land stroll to his dad's a billionaire like evil. That's that is the guy that anyone on twitter with the rose. Avatar he is. Yeah okay. you're right. I'm a stroll guy. The other guy only got his job because his dad's a billionaire not lance stroll. Yeah earned earned not giving i so you thought. It was disrespectful to lewis. Hamilton will be. Yeah i mean you're talking like maximum saban's got the championship. You know you're right already today. Changed everything. Yeah i can't. It's standing there on their up. By what i've everything they never talking about i am i am i wrong or is there a very closely between one and two hamilton's when all the championships in the past so in this year going into today if that crash doesn't happen for saban's got a better car he wants you know he was sitting pole position he probably wins in. That's a different story. But you're right. it's yeah. I have no problem with it. It's a. it's a fucking racing incident. Guess what guys race you race heart. I do like whenever someone is just whenever. Someone's at the top of their game and they're so competitive and they just can't like they become the source losers possum. It's actually kind of fun to watch. Because broken wrist baxter. Stopping is has probably been in that exact spot on the other side where he's pushed someone or crash someone who's like. Hey rubs race was that that was a british f. One race gender pre. Do they all take place in weird time zones or is there everyone that like austin candidate that will be like the episode to like because all the absolutes kind of go the same way but it will be the beginning. We'll be like max tap and doing that and then it will be like then we'll be the british and him getting fucked. We always do like when they do. Come to the united states after the race. We just right with the next f. one drive to survive. Episodes should be. Yeah and then just see how close get it. I do it is kind of fucked up in in your head now with the way television works. Is you wash something live. And you're like. I can't wait to watch that in six months you know. They'll be kept because when they showed in six months. It's going to be different cameras. Yeah the cameras are going to be shot. A different frames per se. They have the announcer. Do like do a new announcing of every single hunt which is kind of sick. Have you didn't figure that out so like halfway. Through the first season i was like. Why is this announcer. So locked in the race between like tenth and eleventh. There's like oh you idiot. The he does all this. Have you ever. Dvr game that you were at and then gone ho at. That's fun to the best part about. Being a sports fan is going to a game and then watching sports center. After i'd like oh that's sick. I was there. And so i used to do this back in college. I went to a couple of washington football team games back then and we would watch the game at the stadium and then we go back and we'd play the commentary and then be like see. You hear what the sandra now here explained to san. I said that to you like two hours. junior spotted. the only thing i had before we get to. Who's back was anki fans. Just this is the second time this year. It seems like yankee fans are just walking around with baseball's in the stadium. Still so i. Was there any video that showed the player getting hit with ball. Because i've only seen the aftermath. No i haven't seen that when it happened. I was like oh. That's scummy thing but maybe it's You know a home run ball. He throws it back. Whatever that happens. But then i remembered that wasn't earlier this year that the there was a delay in the game because there's to run baseball. So yes are yankee fans. Just showing up yankee stadium with baseball's in their pocket. I mean if out of things we have to yankee fans on the couch is that a thing. It's not a thing but you sometimes do. it happened. people bring ball to the game. Can't sarah games. Yeah yeah yeah. So first of all i was gonna say we disavow the throwing of baseball on field however however that was a fucking hoes that that guy has. That's rookie of the year. That is the intro to rookie. The are where he just drills somebody in the outfield. Was it right after a home. Run or no. I think it was in the middle of thing. Okay i do think there's like a i don't know maybe call one minute after a home. Run that if a ball hits like that's not. I don't know if you'd necessarily meant to do that through it. But guys throw balls. Mac guy that hit the net was never mind. Isn't that a yankee stadium. The red sox right now when in was running around or maybe that was also. I come right back into the infield. Yeah this about my own comment. Because now that. I'm thinking about the red sox from the outfield makes i might reevaluate comment. Because there's a chance that maybe the red sox hit that home run ball at the end of the previous inning and that guy still had it it was still kind of his love and if that happened before the next to do it. It's got one minute one minute thrown back. And that's it. I don't think i wrigley. Who bring a ball. They do the. They bring a ball in their gloves. So if they catch an opposing teams homerun. They keep that one and throw the other one. Smart move. Yeah i got. It was in between the sixth inning. The ball is tossed up into the stands and chance immediately began for the fended. Throw the ball back. Okay oh so. He saw overdue both through it up. Probably him yeah. Okay now this gets murky because there were eight. Throw back everyone that said. Throw it back. That's inciting the bronx zoo. Yeah they also were playing the game through like they called it straight up downpour bizarre they call the game and so he actually hit him. Look there was going to be a fight for a second now. That fan is banned for life from all should should over really all thirty par. What actually a huge flat. Yeah what if. What if they get a new year. The raise move to montreal. We put is that a thing that's going to happen. I think there were talks. I think you're confused. So i i say this huge flex upstate for the fan. Yeah like that's the craziest thing to be able to say like. Hey i cannot go to any baseball game. You're gonna get banned from one get banned from all because then the guy is like. Hey hey joe you wanna go game no i. I cannot which sports you think would be the coolest to say you got banned from all the arenas for i think cross. I think it'd be football. Don't have to ever go. i was gonna say because then that just like i'd rather be watching red zone on sundays. Yeah with scott hanson. You but then late sunday if the wf t go to the super bowl that sucks no again. I think he'd rather watch it on tv. Every there's certain games you'd like maybe go see in person. I mean the chances of them going super bowl. Yeah that's true that's fair all right. Let's get to who's back the week. Who's back the week is brought to you by our friends at the cash app. The cash app is back Buying and selling bitcoin is back plane. Stock market it's back so go check it out right now. The cash shop is officially back. Delo cash up entered the referral code. Barstool you get ten dollars. Free ten dollars to spca when you download cash app from the app store. Google play store today so go download The cash app. It is the best app in the world. We love the cash app Catch up ketchup ketchup. Who's back the week. Hank have a couple whose backs my first one is. The kells brothers. Yeah kelce tells brothers. Calcium helps brothers. Kelsey kells kelce kells. Apparently everyone has been calling travis and his brother by the wrong name for their entire careers. Brother jason it's pronounced kelce kelce. What yeah there's like a talk traps kelsey hussein. And he's like yeah. People just always call me kelsey so i went with it but it's pronounced kelly. It's too late you if you let me get away with calling you a certain name for like a year. I'm not changing it. Also he sucks now. Whoa no. I'm just saying like if if you told me the chiefs have travis kelce. I'm like well they're not gonna win anything. It's a rebrand chelsea's like travis ca. I dunno it's got some swag too it no fence who is named. But yeah tyrod taylor was great until he changed his name to tyrod. You know what's interesting so you're not going to respect that you're just gonna keep going kelsey. Listen yeah i think ass. Hey you're asking over the age of thirty years old if you've been pronouncing a name a certain way for longer than five years they'll never change it. Never really. I still call him john wootton but the question is there's one person in this room that should probably change the pronunciation. Will he billy now. Just getting jake de five calls game and make sure to. What if you're calling like when we're in the gambling cape this fall. I will take that seriously so you will call him. Travis kells however it says in the pronunciation guide in the game. Well that's a little. That's the point of it interesting. So you think that everyone has just gone like has read that you think what's breakdown for me real quick. Is the pronunciation game notes wrong or is it that people are saying this is just what his name is. We're going to say it this way. I think sometimes the or the communication specialists puts it out there without confirming with the player from there. Yeah call that person lazy now. There is a patient. Zero in the kells calc- due to do. Yeah we gotta find that guy and have them hung. Actually i actually think that this is. It's bullshit something to me. Smells like there's an ad deal out there I feel like there's an appeal this lingering under the service. I haven't figured out exactly what it is yet. But you have you have two brothers in the nfl. Maybe maybe at kells bells or something like that. So they've been in the league for so long both them playing at a very high level all their teammates. Call them kelsey. All like patrick. Mahomes like greg name skills like he. He made like public statements. Terry kills at the same thing. You've told me that this is how you pronounce your name i liked. There's i'm just saying i smell either. Kimmel incident yeah. I smell in some sort of sponsorship lingering under the surface and who created tick-tock chinese. No patrick mahomes brother. Connect all the dots lebron's james. Hey mother one hundred off this. Pf teas but if it was you can take it. travel mcgee. yeah. I love it all the way. Back to javale mcgee. He's on the olympic team. Now he is the funniest athlete of all time. I think he might be my favorite. Nba player because there will be times when he is the best athletes on the court and then five seconds later he will look like he has never played the sport of basketball before and he does something that nobody else in. The history of the game has done like try like he he'll he'll do a three sixty dunk on somebody and then on that next defense a possession have the ball. I hit him in the stomach and get trapped in his pants. He's a great addition. He's a great addition team. Usa he sania somewhat something like this and now they have it. There's a chance that they don't medal. I was thinking about it. I think they're actually gonna win the gold. I think the a little rope-a-dope this is a great rope-a-dope if heard story a little birdie told me that the boys are maybe having some fun in vegas okay so there may be doing some drinking before games and that might be why they're playing drunk. No they're just you know they were out the night before there. It's a tune up. They're not taking this seriously. once they take it seriously. they'll beat everyone. That's dangerous attitude global game now what i heard. I got the barstool. Sports sportsbook gold medal odds. Usa still have your favorite at minors to fifty. Spain's next plus six hundred. I just. I can't. I won't believe it until i see it. It would be very funny if we didn't meddle. Yeah would it's. It's the us soccer soccer. We're gonna if we're not gonna be good at something. Be the war. He really should. Yeah so fought bad that we can make fun of it. I will that dovetails perfectly because my whose back is us. Men's soccer. we want our group stage in the concacaf gold cuff tournament of french championship. So that's the trophy so we got another trophy. We beat canada one nil. I feel like we should be beating canada by way more than one goal by what wins a win. You know we. We parked the bus. We we did. We got that early. We scored in the first twenty seconds of the game and then nothing happened for the rest of ninety minutes. My other whose back is football guys are back and vanderbilt specifically their coach. Clark leah clark leon pronouncing the defensive coordinator at notre dame. He took way every single number from every single player long program. He said we're going to earn everything in this program. We shared when asked why his players don't have numbers on their jerseys. Until we understand that we rent those numbers We don't own them until we are ready to work within them and leave them better for the next person to wear them. That will come. And i'm not going to put a timeline on that i love it just because vanderbilt no fence to vanderbilt but what am assays can be offensive. Their peak in terms of like being a football program is to maybe start like four no against weak opponents and then get really excited for alabama and lose by fifty. Yeah that's the best that they're looking. I was gonna say like being being less than a touchdown underdog in an in conference game as a massive win vanderbilt. Like six thousand. Six in the liberty ball That's that's an amazing season. Yes yes so it actually to me that while they're doing this football stunt the numbers from plays and practice. That's probably going to make it quite a bit. More difficult for coaches wait. How good the players are off the tape. Can you imagine watching tape. Like the scissor left looking doubt. We'll probably not because he's came from but like watching that film and trying to identify. Who's who and just not being able to tell who your good players are and just fucking yourself over for entire year. Gave you know what though they're all going to be equally good because you gave them the stunt right trying to earn that number. Vanderbilt's back all right. My whose back is the beatles. I was watching paul mccartney. He's got a new documentary on hulu. They also have a new beatles documentary coming out in like a month and also who's back is. I didn't realize this. Until i tweeted that i was watching on friday night. There's i guess. A large part of not a large part. But i would say a decent amount of the internet is now just co opted to take the beatles suck and it's blows my mind. It was one of the first true times that i was getting i was. I felt like an old guy being like you. Guys don't respect anything Because it's like you music at subjective. You can say you. You don't like personally like the beatles you could say you. Don't listen to the beatles. All those are acceptable things but saying they just suck is crazy. What do you think is crazy. Saying the beatles suck would be like saying drake sucks. Hypothetically didn't mean walk. You know well because i went through this yes. I went through this myself about a year ago year and a half ago i realize like hey maybe i just haven't given a shot but it's just try. It is saying. And i listened to it. I was like not you know. Beatles i get it but i know where maybe that person was because when i saw the person tweet you i was like that is the dumbest thing to say that the beatles suck in objectively like you you cannot like it right. But like the beatles soccer like music that is occurring. Right now would not happen if it wasn't for the beatles right and yeah that's actually very similar to what i went through a drake and i if i can change you can change. We all can change. I was just shocked. Turns out like popular. Music is typically popular for rees. Right it was just. It was just bizarre. Because i never even thought that that was a thing people were. Were now running with that. Like the beatles fucking suck i. It's just it's a weird thing. I think it's just looking one guy. Did it looking for attention. Got the attention and now a bunch of people just do it for that same attached. I think i'm going to become a music sucks guy. You know what music is just trash. Okay okay listen gonna music. Yeah try hard. I'm not the bills are not in my top ten bands on my top twenty beds. These suck is crazy. It's crazy you got a john lennon. Version fifty no asthma. Back all right jake. Who's back too soon. The toronto blue jays with emphasis on toronto. Earning july thirtieth for the first time since pre cova city the country for the city fat aspect. Call six pf thi six. I know they call the you can get the did it is up there was that pop that codeine absolutely good one jake and then bill you got some the. Pmt bump is back. Yeah not only did call them. Morikawa win but christian yelich hit home. Run and dave j-o-s-e Yeah the mets had a. I think a couple of sections in the first inning. He coached the rest of the game. Had an unbelievable comeback today go so he also went on the field last friday. I think right yeah no. He's been on the field a couple of times. They've had a couple he's the best light. He is the best bench coach. Major league baseball at stepping in between the manager and the umpire quick on that. Hey he always knows what the cameras i think unintentionally but his back always goes the camera so you can see very clearly. This is a joust special. i also Just speaking really quickly the mets. I our colleague. Frank tank if you were ever to get a tweet framed or put one into what is it. The what's the library in dc that holds everything library of congress library of congress. Yeah i think. The franks tweet about the mets would. It would be the one that he did. I mean does a hundred night. But hold on. I gotta find. Oh i'm so cursed everything. I touch is cursed but the second cursed he fucked up and it's c. u. t. s. e. So yeah so he has typo in the second curse. It's actually likes pretty. it's better than shakespeare. I'm so i everything. I touch is cursed and he spells that cursed incorrectly. Kirsty yeah i was like. That's it's just it's special. You also said michael kahn. Oh for tow as in like over four whatever it would be and then like two seconds after tweeden conforto hit a home run curse strikes again all right. I think it's time we do the space jam to review. Pfc you have a couple of days before we get to it before we get to space. Jam wanna talk to you guys about me on these. 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And then we'll get into spoilers so you can still listen to this if you haven't seen the movie and you're planning on going to see it ruined in the movie ties and then tony kills. Christopher people get really mad at me about that. Well you're on the jersey shore. Sure yeah good. Ma billy billy billy his assignment. Let's be fair. We gave him assignment. He brought in Six people's worth five peoples worth forgot. Jake's orders a chipotle play into the movie theater in his pants and the best part was he. Did this well hanging. Pf t- walked into the movie theater with backpacks and it was. I don't think he realized it until afterwards like you didn't need to do that. He loaded up his cargo pants. It was a great performance by you. We ate burritos inside the movie theater. Well also big challenge. Let's set the stage outside. When he was he was loading up his pants with the aaa he was doing so directly in front of the giant window. That was right in front of the ticket taker. So they can see billy sneaking all this stuff like he was just putting burritos infamous pants phobos one after the other and then there was a guy that was standing in line who steering billy mouth wide open saying. That guy's a genius. I think my exact quote was. Please don't encourage more because again t. And hank had huge backpacks. They walked in with paul and no one said anything. So let's just put yourself in that guy's mindset like he sees somebody putting burritos into their pants and he's like that's fucking brilliant never thought paying goes great job. Also i think would made it look even better was the outfits abilities rock and so he's got the camouflage kit. Yeah the camouflage cargo shorts you had a wolf sweater on those are pants cargo pants. Yeah do do they unzip no they convertibles ones often these days he's got the thong sandals onto the great work. It's sandals is a wild common. Billy does it all the time. It's so easy putting on socks on the pay. Well i get the cargo. Yeah sure at least. You're not wearing those toe guitar. I'm very disappointed on the state of movie theater. Secure was nowadays. Yeah there's like four people working these days and they ran business they can get exactly changed i. It was nice going back to movies. I think he'd been what two years all of us have. Been there I think all of her last movies was nineteen seventeen. Yeah yeah nineteen seventeen or knives out i ca. I couldn't remember the. I don't know which one came after nineteen seventeen came after i thought it was nice. It was a reminder like a still got it like when you shoot a shot or you like run a mile and you're like ooh i still got it. I finished every single one of my snacks including a burrito before the movie started back and i was like yup still got. Because there's i mean who doesn't do that where you get the large popcorn candy and maybe another candy and you sit there for the first twenty minutes and you just go to town and then the movie starts. You're like well a lot of snack. It was very. He did not feel secure walking in the movie theater with backpacks and nobody even bothered to look back backpack at all so we get up there. We start eating or or snacks. We watch the movie. After the movie's over everybody leaves. I know billy's rummaging through his seat. And i can't figure out why he's getting his flashlight. app out and really shining underneath the seat trend. Move the cushions round. He lost his wallet in the seat and the search for the wallet went on so long that it had emptied out entirely the employees. Were walking into the movie theater to clean things out. They saw billy had moved because it was one of the big chairs. Yeah yeah billy had had pushed it out of the aisle and was crawling underneath. Like sir sir are you okay sir. Can we help you student remodeling over here. And so then. Two people had to come help. Billy look for his phone inside of his chair. Wallet inside of chair. And billy what happened whereas you all was at the front desk. Wasn't i think's good performance. I think you need to bring back chain wallets. Billy i think i will start wearing a chain All right so the movie itself. How should we do this. Because i don't know i don't know where we have not said a word to each other about the movie since we walked out of the move. Can i come clean with a confession. Well i have one two while say at the same time. Yeah three to one sleep for you. I was trying so hard. And then i was one of those things where the harder you try like i those i miss probably like the. I woke up at halftime. When michael jordan came in michael beach. I i missed the first half of the game. I got caught on that. I was like holy shit. This movie is awesome. You thought that mj was coming. I saw that coming a mile away. Edible well 'cause. I also like i wanted. It was actually a great. It was a great psychological tests on everyone. Because if you're an mj fan like routing it for for to actually be michael jordan so then you could be like oh. Lebron needed michael jordan movie. That's why lebron would never do. It would've been great. If mj lebron benched for the yes all right so i actually i hate to it. I didn't hate. I kind of liked it as i was with my confession. Okay so. I think that part of the reason why i didn't hate. It is my dad brain like i now. I think my brain has been warped from watching cartoons all day. Where like i can watch cartoon. Now be like i could see how this is to a kid. So that's part of it and then at the end of it. It's it's father-son story so it made me got me a little. Sappy wasn't great. But i didn't. I didn't hate it was good. I can turn my brain off and watch this. And i'm like oh they're the cartoons that are recognize. Jews are funny. I learned fucking. Looney tunes are objectively hilarious. Their looney tunes. He's funny best part when like bugs. Bunny is just like whipping out of piano playing it. That's awesome when when wiley coyotes running into a wall. I i will watch that every time and laugh at it. I have a couple of big bones to pick with lebron james though. Oh he's terrible actor number one normal i. He fucking killed bugs. Bunny okay. he bugs. Bunny is dead weight at the end. That was not but bugs. Bunny is not alive that was a hallucination. Lebron james part because he was drinking too much wine before he dropped his son off nerd school. That was not the real bugs. Bunny he fucking killed bugs but bugs. Bunny well sacrificed. He'll bugs. don't well you go. Yes that's leader of the team. Yes thank you. It's the exact same scenario passing from the end of two cities where that guide which is his body with charles darnay and gets executed for them to be the hero. That's that's what bugs did and lebron. James signed off on the script. He fucking murder bugs. Bunny mad that. I think is just lame whenever a movie does like we kill this guy and then he's not dead. Yes out fucking drafts stranger So that was stupid That was stupid. Yes stranger things exactly. You know what i actually think when into the script i think lebron james might have endured son and i think that lebron james is higher reason for making your face jammed to a new legacy. Barack was to show his son that he loves him even though his son doesn't want to be a basketball soups. Yes if you watched. Any of lebron's videos and instagram maximus his middle child like. Have you watched that movie. You're like fuck that kind of sucks it like you just. Don't they go ever be good at basketball. He is good basketball. But he's not as good as brownie junior. He's a tank the the videos i've seen. He's kind of a beast. I was surprised. Saint kendrick perkins as he we. Where's the glasses and like. He is smaller because he's a little brother but then in his grade versus kids has size like he's a beast yet but that movie like if you watch that movie if you're him you're like wait. Dead basket okay. Yeah i had no idea about the family dynamic. But i i think it's a direct message. He decided most dads will be like. Hey son i want you to do what you love. And i'll support you. Whatever endeavors you want. Lebron james is like. I'm going to make a multi hundred million dollar fooling feature face jammed to yeah and the plot will sit around my love for my hypothetical nerd son. Yes yes yeah no. He's that's a tough watch for bryce. You definitely is gonna. That's gonna hurt his his ego in terms of what would our future pride pride. The don cheadle character. I think i finally understand how. Nfc's work because like he was just doing he was making an. He's not computer right i. I'll go rhythm. Yeah algae rhythm. Algae rhythm that guy i'll i'll i'll g rhythms name was al rhythm. Yeah and the initial was g right. Got it okay. Yeah t's algorithms. As far as i know like don shields characters just he was god. Yes us morgan. Freeman in in whatever that movie is bruce almighty yup he was god and but then he got beat at the game that he controlled. Yes into terrible guy. And lebron tried to go at at don chitose character and don cheadle. I wrote down this line of dialogue. He said i'm the king of this domain. I'm not your coach. Kinda subtle dig. That lebron is uncomfortable because he who rates all of his coaches. I like her that some good digs adam who sheetal. Yeah i know ron brown was written. He's not a good act right. Where we're geeta was like your weight. Your dad left again. Kind of his. Mo like you didn't cleveland. Miami cleveland again. Yup would what what was like We lost the grace of all time. The jury is still out on that. Who who do you think Was the mvp the tune squad. Because i i noticed right win the momentum change Granny that was one i was. I was third because he come back in the third quarter. I thought granny was a superstar. Wiley. cody's move of duplicating the basketball's to cut the lead. He cut the lead from like a thousand in thirty two three hundred thousand thirty two thousand That was that third quarter was a monster quarter i while he probably put up. I don't know what the fuck keep that must have been. He must put up seven hundred points in that. I think those are assists though. Because i think roadrunner scored. The basque roadrunner was. The ball is hit. No roadrunner was feed yet. Roadrunner was assisting with the feed. But that's why lee coyotes machine and he was also scoring himself member. He put the feet on top of the button. Yeah so then. He hit the button. And then the basketballs went shooting out there. A couple of that multiplier was gene. I love that machine. I thought it was a second coolest machine that was in the entire movie. The coolest was just the normal ball. Feeder that lebron james had on his courthouse. Where you just had ball and ball would come out to. Yeah i want that. I want that. So bad yes the but it was. I mean the tune squad. He needed to be bailed out by the tune squad. They put together an incredible second half third quarter especially like that was lebron. Needed every little bit of help you need. That was that my my point is like career irving 2016 finals. Wiley coyote. This game. I would also like to say that they should never make cartoons. Three d ever agreed. It's weird and i think they even did probably a better job in this than most movies do when they try to do it. Like you remember when the simpsons went three fucking bizarre that was yep. It's never gonna look good. Yeah it's like it's like they're trying to make like the. It's like gross. Yes you don't add that extra dimension to it. Just don't do it some things so going from four k. cameras to the case on the fans. Sometimes things are just better right in cartoons or one of those things all right so i kind of liked it. I could see why kids kids movie. I will pick apart a couple of other things though. lebron lebron's not care about concussions. Anymore i counted. He got concussed like fifteen times on one play that will that play and then he also can cuss when he ran in the force field can cuss them so he can cost. Heels costs a bunch of time when he was hanging out with bugs. Bunny i just. That's a bad message to set. He i counted at least fifteen concussions. That lebron had not one person checked it out I think that in in the instance where he got hit in the head like multiple times by the balls right in a row right around. He's probably making the argument that he probably was seeing seven rims after that and was aiming for the middle yup Notorious pg was awesome the ramp. Just the tune squad. That's i think that's really what it ended up being. I the movie. Lebron as an actor was great. The movie was silly but anything into looney tunes does is fucking hilarious. And i just. I love them like you. Don't you don't see them very often. Because you're not dulce but when you do see him. You're like man. They're fucking funny. No matter what age you are. I think that it might even be under appreciated by like the kids. These days are like even kids that are billion jake's age because you guys had spongebob as cartoon that's what looney tunes was for us. I think we need to reintroduce the kids too old school looney tunes stuff. Because i think it holds up. I think they should do a looney tunes jackass. Crossover tunes does jackass. Because i could see them getting into these kind of hijinks all the time. I love looney tunes. I simply i really do. I used to watch hours and hours for got how much how much they were the second that i saw bugs bunny on the tv or on the movie screen. I would i just immediately felt like a nice wave coming over me like oh yeah. I remember when i was nine. Yeah when he when he did when he did. The classic draw a tunnel inside of a mountain. Yup yup that always place. I will always fall for that trick. I think that wet fire is one of those nicknames that is wasted on a sub average player. We who you think klay thompson of average. No i think in that game. Oh got it. Let fire was not he was neither. He's very wet. He was never fire right. He was too wet right so like they. He put him in fucking bucket. You've got absorbed by the giant read. Harry guy like a mop yeah. you can't. It's like tarantula being wasted yes is sweet nickname. And i feel like it was wasted on terrible player. In this game the dame was the best. Yep Why don't they just make it dame all the time. Yeah they should have Diana tracy i felt like that was a little misogynistic. They're like oh you. If you're a girl boss you also are snake. Yeah that doesn't make sense to me. Well the girl boss thing was yeah. There's definitely implied. They also didn't really do any favorite. They made usually. If you're making a celebrity into a cartoon you make them more attractive right. They made her less attract right and rich. Paul scared lola. Yeah what about her. She was all star. She was great. She was insane character. That socks for him yeah. He's dating adele mouth though. Is that really that much of a come up. Yeah because like adele was. I think she was fucking chat. Hey thanks not too long ago right chad. Hanks is awesome. She that's a downgrade i know. I know because if you're rich paul guy be like damn this guy this amazing human being like. She's definitely going to go back to chat at some point. The that chet dick shrew she. She's probably probably just broke up white boy summer. Once you leave you never get wh don cheeto by the way he's the. Nsa what is he the nf. T i know well though he creates i think he isn't enough. T. e. isn't an empty. Also the nsa when he had that thing. Where like if you have if you have a camera on your phone or computer. I'm watching that was just like. Oh that's cool. That was one of those things that if sony had tried to put this out like three years ago north korea would have shut down who sells scary. I saw that lebron. You're watching what's up. What's up with don cheetos little. Psychic little clipper character. That had like that. Who's pat supposed to be. I don't know. I think like you looked like just a floating monitor mouse. Yeah something you guys. Billy what you think jake. What do you guys think of the movie. I loved it. Okay there we go. It was kind of. I did miss. There's mon- stars and some of the stuff in the first movie. But it was like pretty cool. And yeah i mean they did do it was. It was the first movie. Just you know they changed it to. Today's they throw in all their old franchises. Just got a little game of thrones. Harry potter style. Didn't expect lebron making himself a hustle. Puff move is such a raven claw move on his part like. He's not awful poff. Yeah he's not he's just simply slithering and he's he's way. Would i say raven claw. Yeah he thinks he's slithering. I don i think he's raving claw embraced bozo the line in the movie nerd much dirt alert alert. I also want to say that i. I don't think that any of the actual cartoons voices are the original voices of looney tunes will probably all dead. Probably all dead right. i think mel blanc is kicking anymore. But you can hear occasionally yet basketball bunny impression still not bugs bunny right especially after lebron james killed him yeah kept brought him back Tasr is the best. I fucking law. Tasr wildcard to the max. You just never know what you've ever. He's just going to take the game and flip it upside down ends. It spins it around the martian. The martian really is the the whole thing he was the scene stealer. The martian comedic relief. Yeah showing up just because of the flag see. That's what i'm saying like that stuff. Looney tunes is so funny. It really is bugs. Bunny planning earth in marvin the martian showing up the next. I actually think what this movie would have been way better without lebron james oh absolutely i think no lebrons. I think lebron made a great movie actually besides all the scenes that he was in right right. 'ca- job lebron. Yeah yeah that's exactly. That's probably the best way to review the whole thing outside of lebron. This movie was ten out of town. Yep and that's not us. Hating lebron was in the movie. So we're judging it in. It's so talapity. I'm going to say it's a decent watch i yeah. It's not a great piece of cinema. But while i for kids it's for kids. We're not the intended audience. You like most original space. Jam was original. Spacium was up there with the godfather citizen kane. All those movies. What was the movie buffs move. Yeah i think that The original went also had stronger supporting cast of human actors. Yup than this one did. Yep maybe lebron. James doesn't get along well with his teammates. There was there was definitely a a time at when they were first starting to assemble the tune squad and they were getting all the shitty cartoons. That couldn't they're all goofy. And i was just thinking myself when this was being written. This was when lebron james was dealing with his shittiest teammates on the lakers and this is absolutely how he felt. Yes and this like that guy right. Yeah that could be swaggie. Yeah i don't know if they actually played together but Anything else from the movie. It was good to go to a movie theater. It really was. Wasn't chris paul supposed to be involved with the secret stuff remember. He was drinking. I think that was like lebron. Call him up was like. Hey chris. i'll publicly tweet about twice during the series. Tell everybody that. I'm rooting for you. If you can drink. Chris secret stuff on the sidelines remind people. I'm in space jam to you think he was supposed to do that. If you've made it farther in the finals yes definitely would have been absolutely put. It actually would have been steroids so just like he would have been one of those. You can't you can't Give him a penalty for drinking steroids. If he says it's steroids it would have been funny. If when lebron james was in human form he had or was in cartoon form he had like they put the jersey on him and he had done the thing before the game where he stretching out his pants except there was nothing underneath yes when he was getting reddish on his dick like yogi bear. Just flat anything else. Bill you gotta recap anything. yup also only the classics. I love usa for half the move at all. It's actually you you get you. Get king lebron hater. Like you've you've taken over for me. Like did classic. Lebron just can came come up clutching the end of the five five fifth grade game. Yeah also scary to have barksdale that came out of nowhere. The move when avon barksdale choose basketball or video games. That was like okay. Well so yeah. I chose video games like every other. If you had made the decision though at that point that you were gonna play basketball you'd be just I like how the very emotional scene when lebron just stops the game and just hugs his child on the court explains to them like. Hey i'm sorry for being a bad dad. I like how that the entire message of that scene was the real life lebron james if he's ever a bad he's only bad dad because when he was younger yep he had to be so focused and so excellent as a child so he could end up giving his children enough free range to make choices that he would be therefore able to be mad at. Yes so he's like. It's because i worked so hard that you're able to do all this cool stuff that sometimes. I don't know how to handle you being able to do cool stuff. So that's on me. I'm sorry you also wanted to get himself deleted from his son's video game forever True good point and he wrote his oldest son as an idiot like brawny. Junior was was was a bimbo. He was a member in that movie. I thought he gave he got good. Good good out. No he will like he got hit by the ball twice at the beginning. Remember that with allergists. Because he was that was meant to knock him down a peg when he was talking about the nerds habit. He was like oh he probably never cracked book that that was kind of what was implied on kinda made. It seem like brownies athletic. Funny one yeah all right billy recap so about a f one right. What is this push push thing like. What is oh just said in the in the ears to like in driver's ear when he's there saying like you can pass a guy in front of us say push push our bush and then data quote about kelce was extra buzz with the boys. Yes so that's where that came from in. That's actually pretty wild. Because like i've seen jake like look everyone's name like the fact that they have and there's like youtube channels like four. The fact that this is gone so far is crazy. We'd go to up tease point. I'm also vander speaking vanderbilt football. You know who is probably the most famous vanderbilt football player. Sir thomas aaron rodgers brother well jay cutler was pretty good there for awhile true but recently pretty recent i was like what when he get jammed g cutler. One thousand six georgia aaron mary. No you aaron. Murray went to georgia. You're thinking of aaron rodgers. Branagh brother jordan rogers but yes it would definitely be jay cutler perry also watch. I was perfect. But like that's a shame was on the show like a month ago. I know but i. The most famous bears is asking about you actually. Yeah he was a way. We flew rumoring going up so we did watch all the looney tunes boomerang was like that app. You know you're still like also on the planes and stuff they'd only play looney tunes. Yeah we need a new. I i'd be down for more looney about this. How about one night on grit week we get really stoned in which we make looney tunes memes like we do spongebob but also how do we you not give bugs bunny. Mvp again. i was we coyotes. That's little for no. I changed the outcome of that game. I think that it was a legacy situation for bugs. He literally killed himself. He was like die. I'm going to have to kill myself. Who protect lebron. And you go. Oh so sad like was to be. That's right and then he wins the game and all his friends get to come back but he doesn't. There's actually like some christ late tendencies with that story of bugs. Bunny that i think need to be explored. Yeah you think. It's just an allegory for the bible what could be christ or like i said earlier could be like the charles darnay till cities ending yep. Grizzly bears are as fast as resources. Whoa six ninety nine sixty nine eight t bag damn straight gave us some one second seki end o bill whatever. Jd equals him so fun. But didn't you have eighteen before last night and now billy's extra stop and where he's like this. He's not right he's guest. How i'm on on sixty nine twice and you've worn on eighteen twice. Yeah that's pretty cool. Good recovery perfect. Perfect to go. Billy actually citing billy's pumped that whole time. I'm so happy for you. Love you guys shopped old. Look third can't say a consumed own a.

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