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Finally: The Chrises


Chris leaned over. What do you like his accent was always stronger when he came to? Anything? But vanilla I replied, he smiled in response with a gleam in his eye and everything. Realm. Like a broken printer? And I love it. That was my porn. Sorry. I I. I am refreshed. Yeah. I didn't do anything to refresh myself. I'm just saying, I'm refresh. I feel like if you claim it will happen. I haven't seen you forever. I know it's been seven years. Yeah. It's both remarkable is we've been able to put out a show despite seven years of distance. I know that's because we know what we're doing. We really do shut out to go magic, which is more from the non go hard work. Right. Black girls stress. How are you? I'm good. I have been upstate. I was house sitting for some friends, and I use that opportunity to create my own little writing retreat to get some stuff done. Right. Right. And it was very dark. I went driving at night. And I am a huge punk about these things. So I was like oh my God. I'm gonna have nightmares. I'm thinking about death and like wandering into the forest and trying to see how many bodies are out there. It was it was why I mean you say punk. But really what you mean is less with a very very active imagination. Yes. Yeah. And a healthy respect for nature ancestors, sometimes decide to stick around for a little bit after they have left this, mortal coil. Listen, I'm here to support everyone who believes but I really mostly don't so shout out to everyone knows that road. I'm just believe in goes. I think this, you know. Lord. I have a healthy respect for the supernatural thing. I don't believe. But I respect just in case. Like I'm gonna stick kind of like if it exists. I don't mean disrespect. Kindly upon me. I don't saying you don't exist. I'm saying, you know, just show yourself to be right, right? Yeah. Anyway. Yeah. So that was that was interesting, and then a hat, you know, little come up keeping companies. That was good. Excellent. That's your retreat his prime. Do you perfectly for this week's episode? Yeah. This is going to be a bumper episode is not just about one subject three three. Yeah. You gotta make sure everybody gets equal time. Well, some will. Yeah. We're going to have one that's going to you know, he's going to be our focus. Yeah. He's always my focus. Okay. That's enough. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Okay. Okay. So this week Nicole, tell us exactly what we're exploring this episode. Well, you know, we've had many people at us about about doing an episode about the Chris's, right? The Hollywood Chris is. I mean, you get that on tumbler, you get it on Twitter will come to our direct Deums. Hey, guys. What do you think on? I'm like. But it's all good. We love you. That's testing we appreciate it. But yes mean that, you know, listen, we've been thinking about this since I think the very first season. They won. Yeah. One. Yes, we go to very famous Chris notch post earlier this year. The finale. Yes, the season one finale. Yes. Mr. Christopher Evans. Yes. So that lets you know where we stand on him. Yes. We're not going to rehash that too much beyond the fact that he is amazing. We love him. You can find that interview. Everybody you get your car. Yes. Tom, blah, where we perhaps post too many gifts. Chris evans. I don't know. It's up to us thing is too many. I appreciate you over. So thank you. Like like, Nicole says we already have a position on Chris Evans, and it is very clear that he is number one. Yes. He is D V Chris Chris there. No more Chris right off to him. Come all, the others. But he stands alone. He stands pots. Yeah. He's on the podium, but that podium, he's not even with the others. Right. You know what? I mean. He's in a separate balcony overlooking. The of the crisis the field of Chris's, right? So we won't be talking about him today. But we will be talking about Chris Hemsworth. Chris pine and Chris Messina? All the way. You don't think Christmas against the love he deserves because he doesn't he does not. So we're here to shine light on the second Chris. Yes. But Chris Evans think Christmas sina, correct? What ranking. Yeah. I appreciate that. And we try not to rank because we're all goes creatures. Nicole always says there is literally live for every poll. However, however, the foof wants the foof once. After evans. Nicole? We all beginning the segment with a lesser, Chris. I feel so bad Colleen. In general in this very specific parameters. Right. Yes. Yeah. Listen, we love everybody. Everybody loves us. It's this is this is being delivered with nothing but love and affection. Yes, they you go. Okay. He made it to the episode which tells you all you need to know. Right. Because we didn't like it. You wouldn't be exactly you're the name would not be in our mouths at all. Yes. Yes. We have talked about him a little bit. And with Tom hardy when we talked about the movie, this means war. Oh god. Yeah. That felt like seven million. But Chris pine this. All right. He's cute. You know, actually cute. Yes. He is what you called the one that would do in the pinch. Guess right. That was a recent tumbler talk for Chris pine on I'll blow which you check out. It's Thursday kit podcasts, tumbler dot com. Yes. Lee has been featured on the blog because he is an objective. I yeah. And I mean, I prefer him with facial hair. Cousy fucking do you love anything? That's hairy. Peaches you love a patient here. My. Okay. Yes. With facial hair? I like, and you know, I think he gets away with a lot because he has very striking blue eyes. Yes. I knew how you feel about blue is in general. Yeah. I'm just like, okay. Yeah. We get it. Right. Like that is the world has deemed them to be the most beautiful. I don't business with. Okay. I just don't I can't I can't get on board with that. Because I understand the history and the context blue wise as the is right. However, they work in his face. He's always kind of like slightly ruddy looking. Yeah. He's not like, he's not a pale kind of Irish suits. He always looks a bit. Like the blood is close to the surface. I don't mean multiple. I mean, he just looks. He looks like times really well, and I've seen him be quite time. And I'm like, yeah. That makes sense, and he has the Sunday hair. And he, you know, he's lean in a way that I personally find vary tractive. So it's not as though. Number post by you. But you'll do it's no, no. He's puffing fine. He's a solid I object. Right. He's like five eleven maybe six feet something like that. Like, very safe height. Really hit the nail on the head. Chris point is a very safest object. Yeah. And that's fine. Fine, fine. It's fine. But yeah, like he publicly adequate he will. He is critical do in a pitch, and you know with the finest. I mean, we'll come back to his demography in a minute. But for me one of the roles that I love that. I love him. The most is very recent movie is calling on. I may have seen it bit of a book BUSTER two thousand eighteen film cold a wrinkle in time when he yeah. Oh, yeah. In that he plays Alexander Murray. I like that he plays perhaps in twenty the strongest black father. And he's got a beard. How do you go to bed like all of his chunky cardigan? Yes. I haven't felt feelings. I'll let you know looking tenderly kisses mixed race child. My head. I was like, you know, what if Chris, and I had to bet he would kiss that child just to send. I'm. For me. That's how low the bar underground this looks as though he's no scared of black people, and you know, what that's a reward thing. But also, I'm just gonna like it'll do it's a rough year that's some real shit because of Jake Dylan hall right Calvin Klein, right where he's playing the father of a mixed race child. All I will say is it's affected. Trapped. Dangerous to. We bring you home, dad. So. Yeah. So he's on my list. Now, he's on my list of struck father. It's a kindness sweetness towards black women and black children laying in that you don't ever as and you don't try to act like Ono if I touch you. I'm going to burn hill or something, you know, even though this is acting acting. You know, there was you can feel some feeling. Yeah. Yeah. I have nothing to basis on. But I feel like, you know, listen correspond also won one over twelve years, a slave one. And this veterans crying in the audience shock. I was like, you know, what this mine is trying to. I would not be surprised that he has had, you know, some significant partners who are of color, and then we just don't know about it because he's very private. He is. And we love that. But I I wouldn't be surprised either. I just feel that you know. Well, I wouldn't have to explain to Chris pine y cooking oil follows me everywhere. I go he just kind of like being tried to pick up a job. And I've been and he was like, oh, don't you use coconut Chris while I do and it would be fine. So that's my kind of of Chris. Like, he was see my little cocoa butter smudges on the table. Just be like oh there. You are. What are you doing? I'm just watching the leather couch because he loves them cook. Going to say what big so's sorry about that didn't mean to and it would be fine. We'll be fine. And I feel like that's a strong enough reason in twenty respectable enough to be like you wall. I don't hate you. So do you Chris pine, but yes, okay. By his earlier stuff. Well, he comes from Hollywood family. His father used to be on chips TV show, which was about the California Highway Patrol officers. What time to be on TV? So he comes from Hollywood family. And I think his mother used to be an actress before she turned to another career, whatever. So he he is familiar with Hollywood. And I think that's part of why he, you know, we don't know much about his private life, and he's very like his look down. Yeah. Yeah. For someone who was born and raised in LA in an LA kind of Hollywood family. We don't know that much right? You know? And I think that's admirable because every urges to reveal. He's like no need right, which I'm okay with. Yeah. I'm I'm not mad at that. I like that. I was watching him years ago. Now, Nicole, you may not have seen this film because I feel like seven people saw it. It's a two thousand six film, cooled, just my luck. And if you Chris pine, and you don't know this film, you know, correspond fan, but he's does in this. Oh my gosh. I at the movie poster right now get out. With Lindsay Lohan hero a heroin even of early two thousand cinema. Because what a what a life was often Lizzy low harbor in just my luck is a movie it's like a tween kind of reminded comedy. And it's does her on him. And she's like, the luckiest girl in Manhattan, and he's like the guy who is, you know, not the luckiest dude in Manhattan, and somehow they bump into one another and they switched destinies. So she becomes the unluckiest person shut up then make thinking that look. And then he becomes the luckiest, dude. It's trash it is also one of the few movies on TV I will watch it to the fucking end. Really, you know, how movies when ago was glosses takes a modem only go to right? So you don't be they give him like ill-fitting suits when he's still be unlucky guy. They make him. You know, have a little bit of you know, and then the minute he becomes the luckiest guy. They put him into a nicer they brush his head. And he's like, oh my God. He's beautiful. I always really appreciate seeing that happened to a mail car. Can I say, I'm a pathetic disaster. And I give up. I don't care anymore. You know, what it feels great? Years ago secret to happiness. Wait a minute. Oh. Oh, man. Done. I'm sure. You know, one of the things that strikes me about pine is that when he first started out he had, you know, his skin wasn't the best. He had a little bit of cystic acne, and he's clearly worked to deal with that. And smooth out his recess. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The acme thing. I thought was very interesting because I noticed his face the comer would like linga, I'm like, right? Even under the makeup. I'm like, he's some acne stuff like, okay? And that feels welcome. Because I think about you know, we don't often talk about the perfection that is required leading men. And I still think it's important because I think when we think about acne general, we don't often think about boys and men right on how you know. I think is cool that you know, despite that even with all these 'isms of privilege that he was, you know, an acne scarred leading dude. Yeah. I mean, he was just like, yeah. I'm still cute with scars on my face. That's how I feel about mice guard. I'm still I leave the house and blow a kiss to open the hallway mirror, but the thing that most people now is Star Trek, he's playing the rebooted James t Kirk rebuts James D cook. I wasn't sure if I. Likes him. Because I think Shatner meant a lot to me. Yes. Childhood turkey. Yes. Same. Okay. Good. I felt like his Kirk was too. It felt like he was bringing his real self into it and chew snarky to too smart too smart as to just like, you know, he thinks he's better than everybody else. And that's not how I saw Kirk growing up. Interesting. I thought that he was exactly the right level of cookie because for me shop, nor was felt like his cook always felt like, you know, like, I'm clearly the best of the bones. Like, I captain not just because of the the way the show was maybe because you know, I deserve. He was to me like a very kind of specific what male privilege in kind of like tights. Federation uniform is man, spanks whatever they had. Just look, and I'm like, well, the aesthetic really has changed. I always thought that that was something about him. And I thought the thing that Chris pine really kind of captured was this thing of just kind of like amls the worst can to like James always always had like a kind of James piles, right? Coco was had like a recklessness to him. And I thought pine redefined of like he really got that of being like this like what's the worst? That can happen. I don't even know this James Cook. I I don't know. I really really liked and I, and I think also the thing that I really liked was the expansion on his back story in the new in the niece of actually pine was very good kind of showing you. Yeah. You know, the circumstances of his birth on his his life. So yeah. I really I I mean eventually grew Kirk, but you know, at first I was just like. The costing news. Yeah. I don't know. But that's fine. Chris pine is fine. Yeah. I met a rhyme. He's he's okay. I'm not mad at him as Kirk anymore. No. And I think part of that also is because of the scripts really helped meets kind of just sets like sessile all the way down the fact that they didn't push a, you know, a unit with a her. And instead what the more natural, you know, a her and spokesman my made me so happy I love it. Because when you know, there's a bit in the movie this spoiler because this movie's literally a decade old, but when they about to teleport down to the surface of whatever fucking planet and her kisses spoke. Yes. And she says I'll be monitoring your frequency, which still wouldn't corporate. That's my wedding vows fucking. But then Kurt look what the fuck. And then we're going to give them a look, and he knows very shopping. And I love it simmered because it's like this wonderful self-aware. I'm like, wait. What I mean? Don't look. That would be the transition of my weight wall. Is away. And then he does. And I just I just really I really love him in that ruining the chemistry like you saying his cost. Yes. It just seems really natural. And really lovely. Yeah. He he's surprised me. He was a he was my big surprise in the Star Trek reboot. 'cause I already knew it was going to kill it. Because he's Joe. Hello. Hello. But him I was like, I don't know much about you beyond your cinema important working just my luck. So I really wanted to see what that would look like, you know, what Chris pine is fine fuel anger. Break for the need to stop at nothing to avenge the death of the woman who gave birth to you you feel nothing. It must not even compute for you. You never loved. In that first Star Trek reboot. Starring Chris pine, we see his father. Yeah. Who was played by someone. We're gonna talk about. So who? Yeah. The strapping Chris Hemsworth strike, do you know, what straffing is precisely what I feel like it was made for Chris Hemsworth. Now, we called Chris pine the Chris that will do in a pinch. Chris hemsworth. However is the Krista makes coal forget her slow from her likes. Yes. Boy. Because going, you know, it's no secret. I like, you know, a French fry a man do I like a slim snack along streak? Appease. Yes. Yeah. But Chris Hemsworth is thick and Hari. Okay. He's a winter soup. Howdy. That man. But I feel so strongly when I look at Chris I do think oh a healthy. Boy. Yeah. Yeah. That's a man with an appetite. Cobb loading. I love I truly love it. So listen that snuck up on me. Yes. Same. I never fancied him. Sometimes I'm like, okay. I understand the appeal, and I would just be like I would look away. But then I don't know something happened something did. And it's not even the first or the first door was the first one was good. But I was like, oh, he's very funny. They need to let him be funny more often because right now, he's just beefcake. Yeah. He had a very clear role to play. Yes. I get them. And I think once he started being in the adventures movies, and you know, being more part of a bigger onfan Bill. I guess we could see more of his humor coming out. And that's when I was like, oh, let me pay more attention to him because he's funny. Emma, unique from this special time stuff spun it really foster fly to him. Bik? It would. Oh my God. Jeff the ground to me off the ground up into the air flying. Everytime. I through the roadways come back to sounds like you're pretty special intimate relationship with him and losing almost comparable to. Using. There is this picture of him with. I think he's in a white shirt, and he has a little watch and a bracelet. And he's got his hand kind of on his face some kind of way on his like Chan or something and the way that the bracelet falls on his wrist. Swallow swallow, Nicole. It's such a small thing. But I'm just like, oh this man can wear jewelry. Very I don't know striking way. I know exactly what you mean. I think men and their jewelry is another very underrated pockets that many of us. I'm gonna go south so feel I just want you to know how. Actually, I think that's like literally a brand of kitchen towels, but we'll go with your pills. Of course. I saw him. Like, he was saying, he's Chris Hemsworth. Is Australian yes. So he he's earliest credits on not on American TV show, whatever he's all in. It's all in a straight. And it's things classic things. Like neighbors hand in a way because I don't think you can be an Australian accent and not be on either one or all of the TV soups because that's just the way it was the law in Australia. Electrics? Dream was something. Confession back to me, Brian bucks. He's he's I wrote in Hollywood wasn't Star Trek, and that was his first time on this massively global scale. And of course, plays the tragic. Father of James, Cook, George cook, who is cups in for only a few minutes and in the person of doing so saves many hundreds of lives leading the life of his wife and his son and he's a hero. Which again, that's what I thought know Chris really well to kind of develop something about we're here for debt, and I really liked that. Because the thing about he's only in this movie for literally a few minutes. He's essentially the pre credit sequence. Right. Yeah. That makes makes everybody cry everybody cry thing about him is that he really does exude nobility. Yes. It's remarkable. Yes. Because this is like a big acting role is like really digging deep Meryl Streep style you looking and I'm like, wow, George really is a noble motherfucker. Sucker forcing himself to Niro. And he's motorist. Embiid just to make sure the the crew on his ship makes it I was like who is this guy. Like, I literally stop. And you know, he's told them big and whatever, but he's nowhere near the bulk of. No, no, he actually just kind of disappears into the Star Trek universe. You know? Like, he just he doesn't stand out. But also right overwhelm the set. Exactly. But then he overwhelms and because he's playing literally knows gold. Right. So you said you didn't really feel feelings in. So this is the thing up until that movie. I don't think I had ever expressly said, oh, I like a mostly dude. Because I don't generally I'm not looking for the I myself quite small, I do not look for, you know, it's not my it's not my ministry. I'm like what if you have them cool. But also who kids right? And then I remember watching there's a in the the first tool movie where they give him us clothes. Yes, you're see. Yes. Let me finish. But when he pulled on the jeans have he's topless. Yes. Feeling I. He pulls on the jeans and first we get like a site, like an oblique view. Then we get his back in there like dimples above his book. Yes. And then we get the front sorry. Smack in the microphone. And then he kind of he flexes a little bit. When he pulls the genes up. Yes. And there was a gift so years back I used to a blog and a thing on Twitter called Benton things and every time I put in that gave of Chris Hemsworth flexing in his jeans, all these incredible just very quiet Fave Fave. People just like the tweet. So they know so they can look at it later like the commute lull at work because again for those people who want really drones muscles. Chris hemsworth. I just knew I ten. That I'm quite basic. No, I love him. Yeah. Put it on my L eats. It. I am I sucker for a bare chested man, and jeans bare-chested and barefoot in jeans, and has long hair, which is another one. If you listen. Yeah. Yeah. And it's just like, he's blonde. Yeah. I know. I know that's like my off switch. I was like blown tonight. Thanks. Yes. And then he looks and the genes are this like dark blue rinse ditch. They. Again. I really what really showcasing in this episode is kind of like, they might say not curious things like the way the bracelet sites. The way the genes. It's like sometimes, that's really all it. Yes. Yes. It's not just about like the way your faces set up the way your body structure. Sometimes it's just the way the clothes hang on your body. Yes. There's something about a book that became like his kind of his whole month. Where I also that he was in the company in the woods playing the jock. He was in obviously, all the avengers movies, even snow on the Huntsman playing the Huntsman. He's he I think he's bigness makes it almost like it's commonsense cost him as some kind of hero beano bully, big whatever. But like, you said there is something about the fact that he's so funny. Yes. And I really love seeing him be fun. And yeah, they expanded his humor in avengers. Especially in two ragnarok. Yes. Which is now in my top five mobile movies. Absolutely. He's so funny. So good and the chemistry with Mark Ruffalo banner, so good. Excellent job hearing them together. They really did. And you know, all his other interactions with all Cree with low key with. I forget his name. Now, the guy that Tyco IT himself voice a pile of rock. Oh, yeah. Just has like this, really. I think. Also, he has he has that very good reggae of being able to create chemistry with almost anyone that you put him next to each seems to make room for his co-stars. Yes. Which is so delightful. I mean again, he's not overwhelming. You know, I think I think maybe sometimes when you are a person of size, right? When you I mean, you know, when you're what he is sometimes people can their freight. If you are intimidated by you, or you have to be very aware of how you Ryan how you move in certain spaces. And so I think that he is one of those people who does not use his size to intimidate writes that he uses his size to you know. I mean, again, just make room for other people, right? I've like that the photos of him in his babysitter. And again, how basic and the bar is underground it says like oh my God. He didn't pump the baby over the line. How wonderful what I mean? Is that something that I really react to when a person is good with children and adults who other domestic animals warm kind of like, Geno, will what are we go have Sunday lunch. Like, I just have a really strong reaction to that. And there's a quite a few. He's kind of holding his threat Switzer recently where someone just collected all the photos of Chris have withholding his infant children. God just wow tens out. This is exactly my speed. So shut out the have to go back very quickly through the whole thing about him being funny on hall and all this other stuff. That's why I loved him and Ghostbusters the movie itself wasn't like this amazing thing. I think it was actually very competent movie. It was great for that. But for me one of the key takeaways beyond the fantastic female chemistry in that was. In fact, Chris Hemsworth plays the dumb, but very. Hot. What a life. Listen, it is what it is some people. Listen, we're all God's children, but he played Kevin who was very stupid, but very beautiful, and I just I just wanna say shoutout to shout out to Kevin more -portant question. When did you have time to get a sandwich? I was looking into that Delhi over there when we were risking our lives. Trying to save New York City you stop getting to get a sandwich. Splitting his title. Title tomatoes. It doesn't matter point is the Ghostbusters. Back together again. He played a similar character in the two thousand fifteen movie Bakke Shen, we had this prosthetic this huge prosthetic penis. I'm at one point. He's like he comes into the room. And you know, he's in his underwear, and it's very prominent. And he puts his one leg up, you know, like the captain Oregon from pose. And you don't know what to look at like, the you look at the prosthetic. Do you look at the rest of his body because his body in that film is how I prefer him where he's slimmed down. He's not as bulky. He's still obviously, very cut or whatever. But he's he looks more natural, right? Right. And doesn't look like a nose. Good. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. He looks like a beach bomb thrive. Australian dude. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But you don't know where you're supposed to look because it's just is so much onscreen. I'm personally look at his head because he has like this ridiculous boof on like Kohl's. I I liked his hair. Don't go. But it's it's such an interesting again like someone who is he's always he wants to be a serious access Wilkes. He's doing stuff like I looked what I looked like how I look. I was going to do the silly. You know, ridiculous things. Women have a prophetic Deng. All right, cool stuff it in. Then I just I just impre- that he seems to be very at ease with himself. And he seems to understand his place in things which I think is a very big part of what is so attractive about him. He has fun. You know, he makes jokes interviews. He's addicted. Yeah. He seems like a nice guy. Yeah. Half the time as we said before like men make very difficult defense, he them. And so God doesn't make it difficult. I'm like that'll do pig. That'll do so he's he's hot, and I like him despite myself bite, my general preferences. Yeah. And you know, I I would go for tea with him. Yeah. I don't drink coffee. So okay, t that's sure. All right. Cool. I like that. There are many things that we talk about here on this date kit, the remaining things we don't one of those things is deodorant I simply slick it on and I leave the house. However, I've got to tell you about this element deodorants that has changed the game for me Campari is a coconut deodorant, and it is element free. And interestingly, it doesn't suck. It doesn't leave behind that sticky white residue that tends to come when you use deliverance. It has a really subtle sense. I used mine actually on the first day that I went to meet my personal trainer because I'm fancy and what I came out. I had very light fragrance still I didn't feel as though my own fits had drowned in a massive, stinky war, the really cool thing is that Campari of a money back guarantee. So there is literally nervous if you know what to try it. So go pari beauty dot com slash thirst to make the safe switch today and save five dollars of your. I order when you subscribe, that's Qatari K O P A R I beauty dot com slash fest. Okay, nicole. Yeah. Just my bra. I feel like we've been doing jumping Jackson the Conan deliver for this particular. Chris listen. When I when I tell you that my feelings for this particular cruise they run so deep man, I just I just wanna spend I don't know like a lost weekend. Yeah. And then just come out of it. And you know, just returned to work, and why are you smiling? My bitch, you need to know. Right. Each needs to know that I'm happy right now. Yes, I feel at Christmas could provide the happiness. Oh my God. Just I love him so much Nicole, I do too. So he is more of my speed, body wise. Right. Like, I don't mind. A slight man short, man. I don't know. How tall he is very tol-. Maybe he's five ten five nine. I don't know. Maybe shoot within that. Whatever. Those pocket-sized to me. Yes. I would put him in my pocket any day. Let's book it. Yes. Oh. I know he's just so cute in hand. Like, you just. And you know, he's got these little slim little hips used to be a dancer did used to be. Oh my God. I am a crush on Christmas. I don't mean like a little one like a medium size. I mean one that is outside and carried on my back like a bowl. I love him. I feel like if I were to see him, you know, in a store or something here in New York, or whatever I would be. I would be flushed. I would not know how to like maneuver around him because I would just keep looking at him not even to approach him or anything like that. But just like his energy to me is so compelling. He's very spunky. Yeah. What was the first time? You saw him. Do you? Remember, I don't remember, obviously, you know, remember him from the Mindy project. But I saw this film twenty eight hotel room. Okay. Let me take. Carrie, okay. You know, the great Hollywood Chris debate is fine but Christmas ENA. Is the only one who has done you Celso southern right now, he's the only one. No, he has he's not the only one because Chris pine recently did this but Christmas was the first to do full frontal nudity. We thank the Lord. Any you know? Okay. It's in twenty eight hotel rooms. Yes, it is. Don't go in looking for the huge prosthetic penis you know, going to get it. You're not going to get that. But you're going to see, you know, just some real real deal. Right. So if you haven't heard about twenty eight hotel rooms is basically about two people, and the the film covers a period of years in which they meet up, but only in hotel rooms, and they live far away from wherever they're meeting up. Right. And they come together. Law Laura Showtime, and then they go away again. And then they do this over the course of twenty eight different hotel rooms over the course of. That's it. Yeah. And it's basically an intimate character study of a modern woman. Right. Just the intimate thing. I watched it with no expectation. I was like oh Christmas. Oh, watch that. So I clicked play by the end of it. I was well and truly wrecked. And I thought, wow, I know he's married, but I must marry him. And join my sister wife because he's just such a compelling Performa. And that's a way from older incredibly the whole shenanigans that go on in the movie his face gives you so much. He and he has that voice is deep on a hit to your chest. Very New York. Oh my God. I'm making a fist. So I just his voice his accent. And when it comes out of his face, and he does such great. He has his mouth and he has chocolate. I. The soul. So I just. And then his hair has like curls. Really? Blushes? So I just really really really love that movie. And like I said it has like I said a lot of good stuff. That's what you rented. Yeah. Really? Okay. I love it. Film director who also wrote the film was like, you know, the movie came from conversations I was having with Chris. So they they kind of built it together way. I just really really like that. I like this idea from being this collaborative perform who's looking because I do I get that feeling. I feel like he's a very thinki- kind of person. Yeah. He's doesn't directing himself. Oh has he? Yeah. Let's feed in a film called, Alex Venus. I don't know. What else he's done that? But he's like getting into that. Right. Right. I think that that you can see that. He is a thinking actor. Yes. Yes. Yes. You can always see the wills ptunning. We talked about this a little as we were prepping. But you know, he's so competent he so he gets it. He does what he needs to do. And he leaves is not a lot of fanfare, you know, with what he does. He doesn't need you know, fireworks going off. He doesn't need to have that bulky body. Right. He doesn't need to be like gorgeous and some kind of supernatural away. I mean, he is. But you know, it's all. Like extra with because he's so when he's onscreen you cannot look away from him. You don't even know why. Because again, he's you know, he's a very slight man. You know, he'd looks like some guy you're gonna see on the street in New York, just the very regular looking dude. But when the camera is on him and the camera is on his face. You're saying you just so caught up in the way that he his face folds, and moves and shifts and the way that his voice moves up and down to say, you know, 'cause when he was on the Mindy project. All right. Let's talk I I was going to get here. Welcome going going going. He's very much a caveman as Danny. Yes, right. Yeah. Yeah. Look, I I am not turning in my feminist car. Never. Why would you not mad at a little caveman? I as long as you will literally not bludgeoning me on the head, right? Has the thing about Danny Castellano. Dr danny. He is a he is as the euphemistic. He's a Munns, man. Here's what I think the Mindy project mostly gets right about this. They skew a him. So yes. So it's like, you might be all these things. But many of these things are ridiculous. Yes. They have Mindy and other just puncture the pomposity of this Fokker. Right. So the by the end of it, what is left is the true because what you get in that performance as Dr Danny is he's a sensually a caricature of male privilege laughing because I keep thinking of him with his red reading glasses quick magnetic or anything like he's. But he's co he's clearly very sweet he loves his Ma he loves his brother. He goes to church, even the, you know, I don't think he gets any joy out of it. It's mostly the guilt off his body. But again, like these these things that what I do love about the show is. Yeah, he's all those things, but at his cool because of the characters and the way they kind of what the fuck, man. It's slowly gets peeled. Yes. I'm peeling. What is left is essentially this person? Who is a great father, a great character a good, man. Who loves you know, what I I really I just I love him in this. And that's I mean that only goes up to a point right makes them they've ruined him. Vision that show ruined him. But in the roll up to the first dip on the roller coaster. I was like, I'm all the way. Yeah. And then that very famous scene where he dances for Mindy. What was the Lia? Oh. Oh, my God does yourself off and try try again. And in that moment again, I don't wanna give points. But I was like. Rhythm. Yes. I felt like a completely shell dance. Yeah. Felt terrible. But I was like, you know, it's such a pleasant surprise. Like, oh, Chris. He can actually does it. Then it was revealed. A lot of. Really? It's so great. But we listen I watched I remember watching the first season of India product with real kind of like eyes wide open 'cause I just love the idea of it. But the thing that really got me about that kids. 'cause I think that kisses like I said, many products deeply flawed, but what it gets right? It gets really fucking. Right. And that first case where they're on the plane, and they've already had like a semi moment. So looking at one another with slightly slightly different chemistry in the F. Like, wait is this going to whatever and held hands because the turbulence was law, and you know, they're both a little bit shook. And it's an emotional time for Danny because he's a strange father and all this other stuff. And then eventually she goes to get like, I think Celta because he's a commotion who doesn't he drinks any New York sell something like it's very ridiculous, but again puffing and keeping and while she's at the section of the back of the plane would the flight attendants get this Knox drinks, and she gets the drink. And she kind of I think he he walks up behind her. And he turns around oh my gosh. And. And they kiss. And when I say, they I mean, it looks as the Danny's trying to eat Mindy. He did he all these waters the same. I just don't. Her reaction seems so natural and real like not rehearsed at all, you know, she looked so overwhelm. Yes. Taken aback. Yes. Way in the best way. Like so fucking passionate so passionate and at one point he's hand kind of slips down he grips Mundy's bum. And again, not for nothing because we all have bums for the most price, whatever. But I thought to myself that's telling sir because the fight by Johann when they're so naturally. Sure. That's of course, what the carbs will do whatever. But also, I was like is it Chris because I'm a Dipak because men as a woman of color, she got a little something back there. It's a little something, you know. And he knew how to handle did grip shit. Like it was going to save him. And I was like, you know, what he might say. Yeah. I feel like Christmas is a man who falls asleep on the booty like he'll put his cheek on it. And, you know, take a nap. I listen. I respect that so much. I really do. I just have I have a wealth of feelings about Christmas, and I didn't put them. So it's a good thing. We have this podcast been aching. Just I wanted to talk about him for so long because I think also like you said he's the overlook Chris. Right. So we had the Chris that will do in a page. We have the crista makes coal forget herself. But this Christmas in a he is the overlook Chris. But the thing is he is perhaps the one who is most worthy of your time. Yes. Absolutely. I mean talented, but he's done. So well in all these movies that you've heard of having likely haven't seen like he was in Algo. He wasn't ruby spock's other great movie that I really love his the giant mechanical mind. It's great. Yes with what's her name from the office, Jennifer? Yes. Yes. We played Pam. Yes. And she is so good at it. He is even better. Yes movie. So good. It was on Netflix. Forever. I don't know if. You have to see to. He was also Celeste and Jesse forever with receipt of Joan and Andy Sandberg. That's right. Oh, Vicky Cristina Barcelona. He wasn't Jillian. Julia. Like he has been. Yeah. For eagle's, even listen, he was even in you've got mail. Yes. Look for Christmas. Like he has been doing the work and he's doing it. So so well, he's a he's a powerhouse. He's like the small power like he's like a little spark plug. Yeah. Just goodness. And I think, you know, it's time that you plugged in very very good. I just love him, Nicole. I do I do too. So. Yes, Christmas CENA, the Chris the the Chris after Chris Evans, but the Chris. Fulton copy it. So we have gust Chris pine who was just fine. All the just, but he's fine. Chris Hemsworth makes me forget myself. Listen, same and the ultimate Christmas ENA. Yeah. Yeah. Relation to now. It's time for fantastic wars. Listen, it's been a while. I know right. Oh, things have conspired. I know, but baby guests and extra special episode and all that kind of stuff. But now we are back ready to give the people what they want. So who did did you pick for your do? You think? I picked the. Wow. Yeah. I'm saying to the other Chris is right. As soon as I knew going to do the Christmas allies like oh K. Yes. Yes. I'll go first. Will you? I just want to get it out of the way. Sure. Sorry. It's so this one is just really silly. I think oh good. Okay. Chris had banished me from the kitchen. So I sat outside on the back patio watching him dance as he cooked every now, and then he'd do an exaggerated hip wiggle. Then send me a, wink. He didn't care that. I watched I couldn't temper the smile on my face if he's saying into a sauce spoon soon. He opened the patio door and stepped out reaching his hands to me his face contorted and power ballads seriousness only he can do journey better than journey. Can I laughed at his Steve Perry impression watched his bare feet move closer to me? I love how hairy his big toes. Are. That's how I knew. I was a goner when I saw how strangely hairy his big toes were and thought oh my God. That is so cute. I forgot about his toes when he stood in front of me and begins thrusting his hips at the beat of Loverboy. Everybody's working for the weekend. I stood up to join his dance party, and we flailed around to eighties music together, the sentences cooking, the site of his ridiculous toes. The sound of our giggles ceiling us in love. Like. I love I love you together. God bless his wife and his kids. But although I love him so much. He's actually not married isn't. He goes. Oh, chris. That's sad. Sorry. I I do remember with. However, the door is only go. No, I love him. And that was a beautiful job. Thank you, very silly verse. We I appreciate that. Thank mine is not a silly. Okay. Fine. It's like I feel like I really bird from your playbook. So let's prepare for this. Like, you said is about Christmas sina, we'll see how it goes. I have the the listeners like it the early a few of the cause on the road for a m the streetlights cost chumming shadows Chris had offered to drive me to the but insisted instead that I could get an Uba, and he could do with the sleep the final compromise was that we would now both here in the strangest call a simmering restlessness hovering in the air. It was sleep deprivation shoe, but also a lingering sense of a conversation from the night before that had received no resolution metaphorical dishes in the sink after a big dinner. Still we mostly in silence, stealing glances and preparing speeches that never made it pasta. Libs, the inches of leather seating. Between us feeling a lot bigger. It was the driver who inadvertently break the silence Shopian American voice began. Speaking driver, learning Spanish for a podcast. No keto get two sub gusts. The voice said. I do not want you to leave beside me. I felt Chris shift the woman of his body immediately. Closer, the voice repeated locate okay to sell gas. I looked at Chris whose hand was now on mine. Excreta the voice said, and so I did I repeated it and then in English I added I do not want to leave. A sound rumbled in Chris's chest, then came his voice, warm and Ross v and familiar don't. It. I shall not. I live here. Oh my gosh. You know, I love kind of like a sad tense moment. You love it. I love it favorite fucking thing. Ever this for you? Thank you. Thank you. Because like a fun fic- exchange. I know I was domestic. Yeah. Hello, domestic food. Rubbing off of one another. Doing fucking Angsi one show you're doing and then he sang into the spoon. I love it. I love it. I love what. A welcome return to fund. Yes. Great. This is good to us. That's down south as the voice on the Spanish podcast. Maybe. Maybe. Doing amazing. So anyway, as we say all the time, right? Nobody Eliza head everybody was we will win. Yeah. I love it. It's my favorite whole thing about is that nobody walks away here tell between their legs right low butts having said that we are going to put these stories on Twitter. Yes. And you know, thirst buckets, you'll vote pick whichever one, you know, hit your heart a little bit. Now. That's exactly yes. Yes. And just vote 'em. You know, we'll keep doing this until until the end until the wheels full. Yeah. Whenever that is whenever that is. Because listen was really is a highlight not just for us. But we have had it. We've heard it from you guys. You Email those you us you tumble us you tell us on the number of times I opened up the book sometimes like fucking what wasn't a coal playing. I know I wasn't a studio. Also as well. I love it so much, and I'm so glad that you guys really care about the take Pau votes. So like, Nicole says we'll let it kind of Cima for a day. Yeah. You feel how you feel in your heart. And then you you votes on what can they what can they find the poll they can find the poll on Twitter at Thursday kit. And yeah, it stays up for, you know, days about five days. So you have tying. But make sure that you vote, please. I love it. It's very good for my ego. Kid is produced by us them on Nico Perkins. TK de says, Camille, less Alyssa and Judea for Lennon our music is by Tanya mortgage. You can follow the show on Twitter at thirsty kid, and where at Tennessee with woman that n whiskey with an e woman and been do be. I am eighteen w plus we're on tumbler that's Thursday kit, podcasts dot tumbler dot com. You can ask those questions there. We'll get to them. Eventually, maybe hopefully. For Augusta me service. You can call and leave us. A brief message on seven six five eight eight four seven seven eight seven six five eight I'm known US listeners can also send us a very shoot voice Newt by Email as aid kit, plus keep dot com. We are going to be in Toronto. At the hot docs podcast festival. Doing a live show on November second you can get your tickets at hot docs, cinema dot CA fourth last four clash podcast. It's also pinned on our Twitter account. She can just go there and get your tickets. We wanna see you. So just go there and get your tickets. These don't wait to Canada. Again, you can also head over to apple podcasts and leave us a review and also show it helps discovered us because believe it or not there were people know about this AK, can you when you go off that you give them. And if you live tweet, listen, please use the hashtag tack pot. That's AK OD, and you can send us emails of love and affection. And I know all kinds of goodies that are safe for the consumer to thirty eight kit at BuzzFeed dot com. Yeah. In the meantime, we'll be back very soon. But don't ever let us stop the fact that we are not in your as getting time doesn't mean you compensating liberally go out their kids. We love you this. Oh my God. I hit myself. Say home. I know I know. Collect yourself back into yourself. I could see all right. Let me gather. Yes. Like all the Chris talking.

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