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The portal opens for facebook and twitter stopping deep fakes right at the processor level and animatronic dolphins. This is the daily Tech News for Thursday October, Fifteenth Twenty. Twenty in Los Angeles on John Merit and from studio red with it. I'm Sarah Lane Remote Oakland California I'm Justin Robert Young. And I'm the show's producer ascertain. We were just talking about. Idea that you can't use getting hacked as an excuse anymore because it's all over the GIG is up. Get that wider conversation good day internet become a member of Patriot dot com slash. S Let's start with a few things you should know. Barnes and noble confirmed it experienced unauthorized and unlawful access to certain Barnes and noble corporate systems on October tenth causing outages in Nick. Service and cash registers outages continued through. Wednesday when Barnes and noble acknowledged system failure and added Thursday. It has no evidence that customer data was exposed but can't rule out the possibility just yet no financial data was exposed snap introduced snapchat. Sounds on IOS letting users dad's song clips to snap stories. Snap has deals in place with BMG Universal Warner and Merlin for tracks notably, it does not have music from Sony so having up on a snap though we'll give you music which will show the album art song title and name of the artist with links to listen to the whole song on various streaming services Dj I announced two new Kimble's the Ronin to and the smaller Ronin s c. to the STF has a small one point four inch touchscreen display that supports active track without a need to put your smartphone on top of the camera, which is nice. Dj I also introduced the Titan. Stabilization Algorithm to optimize speed dead band and acceleration settings both Kimble's have built in batteries for up to twelve hours of use and both feature a new quick charge function both are now available eight, hundred, forty, nine dollars s four, hundred, ninety, nine dollars for the SC to. We need a gong. Yahoo. Announced to users. It will shutdown Yahoo Groups on December. Fifteenth. Twenty Twenty Yahoo suggests facebook groups next door google groups groups dot io as alternatives. In fact, groups DOT IO supports importing members from Yahoo Groups. And of. Well Apple announced that it will not include headphones with the new iphone twelve four most customers. Those in France will receive a free pair of wired ear pods French regulations require phone makers to include a hands free kit at a customer's request as a precautionary move to protect children under fourteen from any potential risks of electromagnetic waves from the device promoting the use of a mobile device without a hands-free accessory is also a offense in the country. Let's talk a little bit more about stopping deep fix Sarah. How do we do it? Well, seen it report on a San Diego Startup called true pick developing a system to verify the authenticity of videos and. True pick foresight runs on snapdragon processors and creates a digital signature that can be then used to prove an image has not been manipulated or deep faked. The effort goes along side similar systems being developed by cannon for its devices Adobe has won for it software, but true pick hopes to embed its technology and qualcomm processors. So it would be available on the majority of phones. QUALCOMM processors are kind of everywhere true pick foresight works by moving. Images taking insecure mode to the secure enclave where then authenticates pixels date and time Geo location. A three depth map creates a crypt talk cryptographic signature also so it's a lot public key infrastructure is used for validation as well. So if you want to try it out, Rubik offers an APP for android called Vision Camera that uses true. Pick foresight to embed signatures in phones taken within the up in the photos and the photos taken within the yeah. Not. The I'd like that because it's not it's a phone level yet the APP let you try at the signature but the point being, of course, as you mentioned that eventually they want to put this into the chip that it's just happening anytime an APP takes advantage of it. Now granted every up every photo, APP would have to take advantage of it that would be up to the manufacturers, the phone, the makers of camera APPS, etc.. But with as you said, ninety percent of the phones out there at least particularly android phones running on qualcomm chips. If they strike this deal pretty much every phone would have that capability. This is kind of been a worry that we have had technology for the last thirty years. The idea that are is indeed Ken Lie to us, and we saw a lot of the cultural fears around photo shop. Along these lines at software can change what we found. Is that people who were practitioners in the software were able to tell elements of its use. So of course, this building is not actually You can tell that this is the stamp tool that was used to make it look as such it. That's indistinguishable from a somebody's random I but not for somebody who knows what it is the question now is with deep fakes. Are we getting beyond even somebody who knows how to use deep pigs? To tell whether or not, this is something that has been altered. So I think this is the next level figuring out a way of for us to tag these things earlier, and if this isn't the solution, my hope is that we continue to find different places in the chain to authenticate photos. So there's just one more piece of evidence to show that we can trust what we're looking at. Yeah I think. This is this is going to be I've got three questions about put it that way. Does this work well. With will, in fact, in practice and I shouldn't say work will it be effective in combating depicts? Will we get trained to look for whether it's from Canon or adobe or true pick will be trained to look for that check mark to go like I can trust this image it's verified and look askance at any photo that doesn't have it. That's what makes this effective if we're all trained to say like I saw this crazy picture, but it didn't have the little check you know so. Fake. I'm not going to believe it, and that takes us a bit of social learning. We all have to get used to that has to be out there in the wild a lot and we have to get used to seeing it. The other part is, can it be faked? Can Somebody Hack these digital signatures? Trooper is doing all the right things putting it in the secure enclave, making it a cryptographic Lee sealed signature. But pretty much everything can be hacked. It's a matter of how and win. There's also just there's a lot of. Well I don't want to say lazy it's just convenient ways that people share images on the Internet these days whether it's on mobile devices or otherwise you know take a screen grab in a variety of ways so. Original. Image that has a check mark saying it's authentic or doesn't you know that's not always going to be the end image that you end up seen that might be shared by early? And that's why the training is required in other words it's not the check mark is on the image it's that the checkmark is generated. It's. Played, because the cryptographic signature is there and if you're taking a screen shot and spreading it, then we all have to get trained to go. Yeah. But it's not generating the little check mark I'm using checkmark. checkmark but what whatever that symbolise? Yeah. But. and. We're going to get into this a little bit later in the show you'd just want points of data. You just want as many fail safes as possible because the world isn't black and white. We're always piecing together a little pieces of it to make a better understanding for ourselves and to to markups point in the Chat Room I. Wonder if there will be tagged altered by the artist. Yes. Both Adobe and troop pick have systems that they want to put in place to allow you to see how an image was edited so that if an artist is like, yeah, no, I did edit this. You can see like, Oh, yes, it was edited but it was edited by whom by the original artists intentionally, etc and I've talked to some photojournalists who are like really love that I don't WanNA reveal how I. touched. Up My photo I don't want that to be something that people always see and in the adobe situation that's optional. But if it's optional than, does it become as effective? lament of the artist. GERMAN MOBILE MEASUREMENT COMPANY ADJUST RELEASED A report on subscription services in the United States adjust worked with census a wide to survey one thousand and three TV and streaming customers aged sixteen to sixty in the US between September twenty third and twenty ninth streaming video apps made up thirty point seven percent of subscription based APP downloads followed by gaming and news consumers who use streaming entertainment services spend an average of thirty three dollars and fifty eight cents a month on them. Net flicks, Amazon Prime Hulu Disney plus and new DVD made up the top five favorite streaming services. This is lower than I thought it would be honestly I mean I subscribed to Youtube TV. The prices went up a little bit recently at sixty five bucks for per month now used to be fifty. But it still exponentially cheaper than any traditional cable service that I used to pay for, which was oh. Always a over one hundred dollars. I wonder. I wonder how many folks are like? All right. Well, now that we have all a card options, we just have to choose the stuff that we care about in the way that we never were able to with cable subscriptions before I. Mean. I. Don't know anybody WHO's like I have one hundred and fifty channels and I watch them all now you watch five but you like the fact that there one, hundred and fifty. But if you don't have to do it that way, then you end up paying less. Sorry Thom Gunn Donohoe no. I was just GonNa. Say the perception too is that people are spending even more now than they used to and I to like you Sarah was was taken by the idea that this was only thirty three dollars and fifty eight cents when everyone thinks the average cable bill is lower than it is the average cable bill is somewhere north of one hundred, one, hundred, fifty dollars if you if you go and look it up, it's because they always advertise forty dollars a month, but it doesn't stick their and too many people aren't you know good enough on keeping up on in and making sure they get the low promotional rate. So. We pay a lot for cable TV, and this is the replacement. Even if it goes up, there's a lot of room to go up. Dare is and and really the big difference here is that we are not looking at a world where everybody is competing in the same business model, which is what you had with the satellite and cable situation Channels were only going to the they set their prices at this amount. You know three dollars, for example, at the high end per subscriber, and that is a one way. Street nobody was ever going to negotiate that number down. It was only ever going to go up. We. Might see that creep again in some of these slings and Hulu lives and Youtube TV's going forward although their bundles they're starting at a smaller bundles. At smaller bundles that you're able to mix match a little bit more. But what really changes the game and why does number is so low is that our culture is centered around a lot of the originals on streaming, and that's why that number gets his low not because they have stuff like Sarah and Tom, I'm assuming you have some live a distributor it's because they just have netflix and Amazon prime and guess what they're able to watch stranger things and the Marlboros Mrs Mazel like everybody else in Thursday night football on. Amazon Thursday night football so. That's why that number is as low. If we continue to get into the over the top streaming live channel battle, that number will creep up higher. But the the good news is we got what we wanted more stuff cheaper prices and I don't think it ever gets his high because you have control. This is the other thing this points out is you? Can Cancel Amazon prime. You can cancel Netflix's whittle away at that amount they and you can switch from Sling Youtube at and T. TV there are more competitors to choose from but I cannot tell you how many friends and family I have because I'm always the person that people come to like I don't I get this and what's the coolest thing and Who say? Well, but I just cancelled Netflix the only place I can watch that show everyone's talking about that show man this is all too much. I think that the fact that people are paying less is not because they don't want to pay for all the services. Well, it's because they don't WanNa pay for all the services. It's not that they don't want this services. It's. Just, kind of got to choose your battles of always loved the content always hated the bill. Well folks we are going to talk about facebook and twitter and Hashtag portal to hell in a second but first I, WanNa thank all those who participate in our sub breaded. We get some great story ideas over there. Some stories, vote on them at daily. Tech News. Show DOT REDDIT DOT com. Now yesterday we did mention that facebook was limiting the reach of posts with a link to a New York Post story about Hunter Biden Vice President Joe Biden's son. Twitter subsequently blocked the ability of its users to link to the story at all or post images from that story because twitter said, it violated its hacked materials policy more on that in a second. This is the first time that either has gone after an established news organization. In this way. The new. York Post founded in eighteen o one by Alexander Hamilton, you may have heard of his musical It is currently owned by News Corp. you may have heard of succession that doesn't make infallible of course, but it's not an upstart it's not run by unknowns. This is an established media company. Now, the post story sources information from a MAC book pro dropped off at a Delaware repair shop and never picked up the shopowner says that they made a copy of a hard drive before handing it over to the FBI they handed at the FBI because of the nature of the content on. The Post story shows multiple e mails, but those emails do not show Meta data or other headers. The sources who brought the information to the post are from the opposite party to the Democratic candidate for president, and the Democrat campaign says they were not contacted about the critical elements of the story. So there are a few questions about whether all standard journalist practices were followed in this reporting, but the story is not unique in that there was an Atlantic story about the president's remarks on military members. Recently, there was also based on unverifiable sources. In both cases, it's up to you to trust the editorial organization. Or play detective and try to uncover evidence in the stories themselves, which ends up throwing it in the laps of social networks. When Democrats in some journalists, the story is not reliable and could do damage if it goes viral and therefore should be blocked, and of course, the streisand effect means that we've made this the most well known story of the day, but we're a tech show. So let's get to the tech part. How do social networks determine if they should take action on this? Both these companies have policies. FACEBOOK invoked a policy from October Twenty First Twenty nineteen that reads in many countries including the US. If we have signals that a piece of content is false, we temporarily reduced its distribution pending review by third party fact Checker, which is exactly what they did. They had a policy that says, Hey, man if we think this is really going viral and it could do damage and it might be false. We're going to go ahead and free reduce it while we fact check it so they followed their policy. We don't know what the signals word that made them think ostensibly, it's all the journalists who do not work at the post claiming it's a weak story and it's also unclear how you go about fact checking a story based on private documents and sources you don't have access to but that's what they're doing to twitter. It introduced rules against hacked materials in two thousand eighteen to stop duxing. And it updated that policy and March Twenty nineteen. That policy says posting hacked content on twitter E. G. in the text of a tweet or in image and linking to hacked content hosted on other websites is prohibited and it has implemented that policy before it shut down the Dido Secrets Account, which posted news worthy leaked documents. But this is the biggest test of that policy and it's the letter of the policy. These were hacked documents from a laptop unauthorized by the owner of the laptop, and therefore, you can't linked to them or re post the images under twitter policy. But one wonders would they make an exception for a story in the public interest like leaks by Chelsea manning or Edward Snowden, which theoretically would violate this policy if those things were coming out today, hold that thought. Couple, more quick points twitter and facebook have not broken any laws. Notwithstanding FCC Chairman Ajit Pai plans to move forward on a rulemaking to clarify section to thirty. Because Pi said, social media companies do not have a First Amendment right to a special immunity denied to other media outlets such as newspapers and broadcasters. He's right. The First Amendment doesn't give you the immunity section to thirty does and section two thirty doesn't have anything to do with this. No matter how much you might want it to section two thirty means if outlets decide to control what's on their platform, they won't be penalized for allowing illegal content posted by someone else on their platform to slip through it is meant to say you can decide what goes on your platform without being liable for what a third party puts on your platform. It protects your right to. editorialize exactly the way that twitter and facebook are accused of doing it doesn't apply. This is a first amendment situation in the first. Amendment has been interpreted to protect a platform from deciding what it can and cannot carry. You don't have to think it's fair. They have a First Amendment right to sex and two thirty just doesn't make it liable for what other people say on its. Platform specifically giving it the right to make aditorial decisions of what they allow on the platform that was the whole point of six and two thirty was before it was either all or nothing you either had to let everything on the platform or nothing on the platform or you were liable for what anybody else says. So this bringing sexy to thirty into this weird to me anyway. Being legal doesn't mean you have to do it. So Justin Sarah, what do you do you think this is all going to have. Tom This is all preceding has seen and everybody who has listened to daily new show understands that I have been calling for for the last several years. It is again say it with me friends Hashtag Help Ward Oh. For the hell. This is the biggest example that I can remember seeing of it largely due to the loud nature of our American political system and the current phase we are at in our electoral season. I don't agree. With twitter's ruling, specifically a whole that for a second and just get to the facebook thing the one thing I would like to add to your description of it. Signals that there might be content that could do damage to the election could also and I'm drawing a line here be facebook being informed by. Intelligence agencies or other security firms that there are certain pieces of information that they believe will be fed through through news sources if that is the case. Then, I believe there is a reasonable expectation that facebook should be up front about that, and furthermore should be transparent about. Even if They're not revealing it immediately. They should be upfront about things that they have been told once they make these kinds of editorial decisions that shaped their news content as for twitter. I think this was overbroad. I think this was terrible precedent. And I don't believe that at least the spirit of their hacked materials clause, which to me is more along the lines of raw dumps in pay spin and stuff like that should be a stretching out to organizations that already have a lot on the line and our vetting these stories at least to their own detriment. Should they get sued for libel? or in the case of television network slander. The The New York Post story something that I think there are a lot of journalistic questions about I have. I have very legitimate journalistic questions that we could go through here. If this were a different guy to show however, I don't believe that these are unique I think that there's a tremendous amount of journalistic that you can ask specifically in terms of political reporting. So, you're a twitter you're living twitter policy us. Yes yes. Again when As they get into this game and they start making the rules as they're going, they're going to get into. Trouble and ultimately I think both of these companies need to have. Just big hard lines in the sand of exactly what they are going to do, and then they need to take the heat when they are making controversial interpretations of that specifically in these in in our current political time, we're look you're GonNa get yelled at you're going to get yelled at if. A people believe that this is Russian propaganda but guess what if it's not a not violating anything else that you allow on your platform then I don't see how you can censor. It's so interesting and not always in a good way. To Watch and evolving company tried to evolve and figure out these these kinds of issues like it's not like you're selling Coca Cola and it's like that's what we sell. Just drink it or you'd like it or you don't like it. That's what we do. It's it's it's constantly changing Jack Dorsey twitter's. Wrote in response today about this whole debacle. Quotes are communication around our actions on the new. York Post article was not great and blocking Ural sharing via tweet or M. With zero contacts as to why we're blocking was unacceptable. Now I don't think that that was wrong i. think that communication especially from the top is important especially when a companies like we should have approached differently and we've learned something in the process but but depending on who you are and what you want to believe you read something like that and you go they they don't know what they're doing. You know now they have to apologize they've really screwed up here and There's so many mixed messages that people can get from things like this, and it happens all the time particularly twitter but facebook as well. I think in the end where where I come at this is is is more and more to just what Justin said years ago, which is as soon as you start even hinting towards deciding what is okay on your platform, what's true and what's not and adjudicating that you're going to end up in these issues where someone doesn't agree with you and there's going to be controversy over that and and we have seen other examples but this is the biggest one so far. All right folks. We needed a Moose Bush? So let's move on from this and talk about some dolphins. Tom Your timing is so good 'cause Reuters reports on edge innovations. It's a company which has developed a remote control animatronic dolphin that thinks could be used in movies or even theme parks. The Dolphin weighs two hundred fifty kilograms and his two and a half meters long looks like Dolphin skin is made from medical grade silicon it costs three to five million dollars to make. So these are not cheap dolphins but they. Are Supposed to be realistic after all edges using the animatronic dolphin in a partnership with teach kind from Petah. That's people for the ethical treatment of animals. Edge Creative Director Hallsberg describes it as kind of sesame street underwater situation. The company says it could possibly make sharks or even Jurassic era reptiles as well. Oh man can you imagine if Mega Don came jumping out of the marine, world, pool and tricks? I don't know I mean I went to a lot of zoos and and and marine. Theme Parks Kid over time it has become not that they don't exist anymore but there's the treatment of animals has become much more at the forefront of of what we should all be doing and and some of those theme parks has suffered but really as a kid, you're, yeah, you're on a school trip you're trying to learn things a lot of this stuff could really still be fun and teachable and we'd all come away learning something and have a good. Time and you would have to have really animals. There is also a classic pita story. They love getting any time that they can get their name out. That isn't necessarily about something gruesome, an awful and brutal and part of the solution and not the problem they loved to do it. So it doesn't surprise me that their names on. Well, we're glad to take advantage of that here today to kind of lighten things up here at the end of the show. Let's check out the bag. Let's do it a bruce and his guide dog stew for those of you on our video feed. We've got a picture always love the love the love the animal pictures. Bruce. Wanted to comment on. Microsoft's seen a story from Wednesday bruce who is a vision impaired says, I use the scene a APP to help read my mail among other small print. I'm curious to see how will integrate. Into office also use doom text for screen enlargement as well, and I noticed when using voiceover on facebook sometimes describes the picture and also any caption texted and I really appreciate that. So I think it's a good. Yeah. Just good reminder that you know a lot of that data's is helping somebody out there to be on the same page and that's really cool. Always good to see STU to. Do. Yeah. Also we've got an email from drew wanted to thank us for our balanced coverage on the one zero article about clear yesterday drew transparently says I'm a clear employee and I usually brace for impact whenever we're in the news and I really appreciate your coverage was an even keeled assessment of the pros and cons of our service. Instead of the what kind of idiot gives this much data to a private corporation that a lot of outlets default to. Thanks for what you all do everyday. Thank you drew. Thank you so much drew, and if you have feedback for our show, please send it. We love your feedback, the email addresses feedback daily tech news show dot com also shattered to patrons that our master and grandmaster levels including Kevin Paul Boyer and Philip. Shane also extra special. Thanks to Justin Robert Young, x three man himself what's been going on with you. Well of course, Bolic's politics is where you can get the more political side of the story that you just heard about You also get my political history podcast raised the dead Johnson versus Goldwater all about the nineteen sixty, four election I am very, very excited for people to hear the episode that we just aired mostly because it is the result of of really a years worth of research. Looking into the comparisons between the upstart campaign of Barry Goldwater and Bernie Sanders in twenty twenty two guys that could not be further apart in terms of their ideological perspective of how the government should be involved in our lives. But in terms of dealing within a massive party power structure are almost identical. Check it out right now era raise the dead PODCAST DOT COM Hey, folks if you'd like a Hat Hoodie mask or mouse pad we have all that and more at our store Daily News show dot com slash store. We also live Monday through Friday four thirty PM eastern twenty, thirty ut see find out more at daily tech news show dot com slash live. We'll be back tomorrow with Shannon Morse with US see then. This show is part of the broadband network. Get more at frog pants dot, com. Club. Enjoy does bror.

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