RHAP B&B with Mike Bloom & Liana Boraas | Survivor 37 Episode 7 with Jessica McKenna


The Starlight lounge presents an evening with the progressive box. Oh, what a great audience let stem the lights for this next one too much there. It is got to get things. Just right like progressives. Name your price tool. Tell us what you want to pay and we help you find coverage options to fit your budget. And now the movies, right? Wait the lights are back on again. Trudy can you and now it's completely dark? Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Pricing coverage match limited by state law. From game, right. Off sounds. L U R H. Jane? That sounds cool. Ace. Hi, everybody. Welcome to the RHA p DNB for the merge episode of survivor. David versus Goliath. My name is Mike bloom like the three tries. We are three people come together to see what chaos may ensue as we discuss the pivotal merge. Episode of survivor, David versus Goliath. I let me welcome in my number one ally with a bullet who I would always tell if she was going home ahead of time Liana Boris Liana. You want to come behind this tree for a second. Oh, well, not for that type of proposition. But thank you, Mike. Yeah. I realized that soon as I said it much like survivor your words can get you in trouble, depending on the way you deliver things at. Yeah. By would I grabbed my stuff and walk straight to Ponderosa? If I said that in the game. Yeah. Right now, I quit. I'll pull a B's knee and just go home. But I promise I won't for you under the bus at tribal. Oh, that's good. See you you love me. But you don't have a funny way of showing it. Unlike elissa. Lita, but we are so happy to be joined for this very special merge episode by a star or Callo Kalo if you will in her own, right. You can check her out on the air wolf podcast off book and improvised musical podcast as well. As a slew of other podcasts out there in the general atmosphere, and she is a huge survivor fan in her own, right? Jess mckenna. Welcome to the BNB. How you doing my gosh? That was so good Kalo. Oh, man. I'm great. Thanks for having me. I I apologize. I didn't want to come off as too much of a know it all by knowing what Kalo Kalo means it carves? You're listening to this. And you haven't turned out yet. My apologies, man. Oh my gosh. I'm starting to get a little sensitive to like every woman being bossy or no at all. I was like guys just because like the language used for women in this episode was like. Even though I was like really girl. Well, before before we get into David versus Goliath. Jess, I would love if you wanna give for those who that might not know you just a basic intro on yourself. But also when you started watching survivor, and what has kept you invested in show. So many seasons. Yes. So I'm a actor and improviser in Los Angeles who has a podcast where my partner Zachary known, I plus guest and musicians improvise a brand new musical every week. And it's a lot of fun and it's called off book. And I watched survivor like when it first came out as like a child, and then I had years away from it. And I now for the life of me can't remember who was like, hey, you should get back into it. I want to say it might have been Mary Holland. Who's also like a podcast comedy person and actor in LA. And so now I've been watching the I would say I've watched the last ten seasons. Burton sat and watched the last ten seasons very intensely. Interesting. So you do recall any reason why you sort of like took that high eighties from it. I think I know sorry, go ahead. I think college in like probably not having TV in the same way. You know, like, my TV in college was like through the internet cable, you know, and it was like weird. And I used to like, you know, the only thing I would manage to like follow was just like torrent episodes of the office or sometimes it's like paying for it on IT. And because I had to see what was happening when Jim and Pam of other that that was like just a real drop off in TV watching and then. Similarly, I think just like a lot of people don't ever go back to having like full TV, you know, like a, but I might thankfully, my roommate in Los Angeles. We were just like to obsessed with it. So we're like will eat soup. But we'll have all TV. So I think it was kind of just like as my my TV access through. I was like handbag into survivor, and it was the best decision. I ever made. We'll that's it's funny because I think that's actually how I started watching big brother and survivor and other reality TV shows was because we didn't really have TV, and then I was in the hospital, and there was a TV, and I like stoned on pain meds. What my brother, and I was like, oh, this is awesome. Like medicine. I hope everything is okay. This is a pen to sign on my panics removed. But it was like, you know, ten years ago. Yeah. No, I'm I'm alive and fine. But yeah, no. I totally feel because you know, you almost like you watch it if it's on. But then you don't really have act if you don't have access to it. You know, it's like outta sight outta mind. So right. Yeah. And I guess I definitely didn't have like DVR Tibo. And I was and it wasn't yet where we had like who install or like so many streaming options. So it's just like, you know, as imperial of my life where I was just in general watching less TV, which was may be good. But. Survivor. I do like this winning combination as well of soup and survived for some reason. I just think those those pair really nicely. Yes. Like white rice Wednesday. And yes. It'd be able we have a friend on this network who likes to do she calls like Snapchat, which is like Snapchat, the foods that you're eating while you're watching survivor, but I think we need to do amendments have like soup chat. Like, what super are you eating right now? While you're watching this. That's a great idea. Happy for C chat. Anytime. Well, Liana what what soup would you compare to this merger episode of survivor how creamy and delicious was a man I would say it was it was definitely hardy. You know? I felt like a really solid episode. But it definitely had a little bit of a kick to it. I'm gonna go with broccoli cheddar. Villi really the type of soup that this episode just fully embodied anger. Great answer. Mid would it be ins because you know, I I have a group of friends that watches in Los Angeles on our Tex chain is the chain has spoken, and I. Like for some reason we hadn't done any group viewing yet until this week, which also Mike we've been talking about this for a little bit. I'm so like astonished and odd that it ended up being the merge episode. I feel so honored. Oh my gosh. What a joy. I mean. I am saddened that we didn't get you talking in time about the the 'nigma that is not only Mike. We'll get your thoughts on her recieving at some point. But yeah, just just having to work out that, you know, arguably the biggest episode even though ended up being really twelve to one vote had a lot of stuff going on hardy broccoli Chaz Leon. I think that broccoli cheddar is such a perfect answer. Because there was a moment where I was like, oh my gosh. Is this is about to be like this spiciest jambalaya? I've ever had is like Gabby finding her voice. No. But it was still a very classic episode where there was like at least good conversations. And so I think broccoli cheddar is like really perfect. And I don't know how you guys felt but I felt like the last two seasons were especially last season. We're just a disappointment in terms of game play. So it was just like oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. People like actually gonna make lose. They're actually going to talk about this in the right way. Instead of just like I have no idea what you're thinking. Laurel, you know, like so it was though it. Didn't end up being that spicy of an episode. I think it it showed the beginnings of a lot of promise. So I think hardy broccoli cheddar's. A really good answer. Okay. I have. So I have two things then thinking about so when I was a story that happened to me when I was little I'm tried to make soup like, but I didn't really know what was in soup. So I like boil some water, and I put them like carrots and stuff. And then I can't I don't like I don't even think I put like any like chicken Bouillon or anything and you basically made like hot Hamlin. Exactly. That's exactly what I made. I remember thinking it looked like soup. So it must be soup. Of course. I didn't try it. I made my stepdad eat it. Just like in my head. I remember being like, yeah. You had my soup, and I look back and like oh that poor man. Like at least I didn't poison him. So that was ghost island goes island. What I was thinking. Absolutely. We were all your stepdad forcing down soon for like dominant can win. Yeah. Like, they were good. Like, I wasn't mad about those carrots. It was just like this. They don't stand out when they're only surrounded by hot water. Exactly like, fundamentally the ingredients were fine. Exactly. Exactly. So I guess I can infer that you've been really liking all seven episodes. We've seen of David versus Goliath so far. Well, actually, what was it. What we were thoughts. I going into this because I the community generally sort of maligned the theme were you sort of on the same page of this season has exceeded those very low expectations at the beginning. And I think that a kind of goes to show that like sometimes less is more. You know, like ghost island was like such a hat on a hat on a hat, and it ended up just like all in flat. You know, like every time there it goes on when I was like what the heck is even when of this. And so may those stupid earns said starring no game for you. Or whatever it was just like this is pointless. But also, I don't like I mean, I don't mind when survivor self-referential, but that whole season is is like referencing itself. Anyway. So I thought David David and Goliath what I think is like a a little like weaker. But I also didn't mind it too bad. I don't like that. It felt like it had some like some of the physical realities of that split. I think was just like an annoying leg-up to the David to the Goliath rather. But. But, but I think the thing that was really afraid of it was like that the same thing what's going to happen as last season, which was like this arbitrary thing that you're put in for four days is now the only alliance you care about even though you might have like better connections and better like relationships with which to play. So it was like if these goliaths just like trampled. These David's this is gonna suck. But I think it's I've really enjoyed this season. I think there's like a big improvement in cash theme. Not that I thought like individually people were bad unless she's in her the season before it just like someone fell last season. Had too many babes like too many dislike good looking people who I was like, this is definitely just the future of their travel blog. I'm looking at you, Sebastian and Jen. Hey, do not do not despair. The great Sebastian Jenna of YouTube voice. Follow them on Instagram. I'm happy for their love. It just didn't seem. We'll be playing, you know, like, yeah. So I wasn't like particularly excited about an like using David's and glasses nouns. Also just felt like so weird. But but you know, David does win. So hopefully, I would like to see like an under underdog win. But I feel like people are so aware that that's such a good narrative, which is why they were like even though I'm not digging here. She was right to like point the light Christian because he's obviously has like the best story cooking so far in. It's kind of a shame that people know that like if you have a good story will probably win. So let's get them out. But that was Ramle Ramle answered yet. I'm liking it. I'm liking it. Listen, Ramle answers should be like, I don't know it should the invisible Texan as pot of the show of Ramle answers. Oh, I think that to that point. I mean, even you mentioned this Angelina is now painting Christian as a Goliath because you can tell they're even like warping, the narratives that they were given within their own tribe, and you see someone like Allison. Who's like? Yeah. Like working with Gabby because I'm not a Goliath. I'm David it seems like even from the beginning only a couple of people really wanted to buy into that Goliath title. But I think I listened to a secret seen this week where I forget who it was maybe it was Christian saying something on the lines of the advantage that the glides had in the pre merge is now going to be a disadvantage in that. Now, they're going to be the ones who really stick out. I don't know if he realized that he has unintentionally become a Goliath Leon Liana. Do you think that that's I mean, obviously, we'll talk more about the future and longevity and stuff elsewhere in this podcast? But I mean, do you think that that holds true that? These are just going to completely reverse on things. Now in that good wires down just going to be such big targets above the David. Why think it's complicated because yes, the goliaths pretentiously physically stand out as bigger targets. But to sort of go back, just what you're talking about is, you know, this idea of being a you can't be taken to the end because you already have this good narrative. And so even Angelina in her lot her her argument was like we can't let them get to the end 'cause he's gonna win. And I feel like the David's because they have that good story are also going to be targeted for that reason. So I think I think it really could go either way, and we talk a lot about, oh, you know, the theme of the season, whatever they're still in Fiji's. They're going to have to keep coming up with these themes. That's fine. But I always think it's interesting how it might actually play a role in the season and people that sort of pick up and soak up the narrative and then start to incorporate that into their game play. I mean that could be them just using this common language. Also that could be the language that the producers are. Picking for the confessionals. But, but it's interesting to hear that people are still thinking along David and Goliath lines not just the tribal lunch, but also sort of as this metaphor for a certain type of person. So let's move on into our usual fare, you're on the beam be I'm sure we will get plenty more talk about this briefly cheddar of an episode of the podcast. We're going to start here with our traditional segment the time capsule prediction, so to explain to you. Jessica sort of reset the clock for anyone who might not remember before the season Liana, and I each wrote down specific predictions as to how each person in the cast would do, and we sealed it up as to not reveal it until that person got voted out. So unfortunately, poor miss Elizabeth Olsen. Our resident lizard person. Don, her cowboy hat for the last time in Fiji before she becomes a member of the jury and so- Leon, and I are going to unveil our preseason predictions that we made for Elizabeth respectively. Just as the third guest. You are the arbiter of our fates you going to determine who has the more accurate prediction now before we get into this. I want to ask you since you have this. Group of friends that you sort of consort with periodically for survivor. Do you guys do any like drafts winner picks before the season anything like that? No. But we maybe we should actually used to be even though I wasn't watching it. My mom used to deal with her friends and one time, and I was just like would pick a player randomly, and then not watch it. Because again, this is in my like dark when I went to Arkansas reviver, and I won one with. Which is I think probably annoying, but. No, we don't I'd done it for bachelor and bachelorette before and then I found that sometimes like took a little bit of the fun away. But a random winner strap. I think we'll be fun. You guys do that. When you watch. I mean besides for the pod I'm in. I'm definitely in a couple of drafts that I do. And then I do. Yeah. It's fun. It's fun. And then I do this one thing. It's called foot office pools. If anybody is interested contact me, it's super fun, and essentially it's just like season-long competition where we like put points on who's going home. And we try to like make predictions of the episode very intricate, and it's so much fun. But yeah. The more intricate ones, I think are more fun. Like when I did like a bachelor at one where you could get points for like how many times year person would like say like can I steal you first second or like that kind of stuff you get additional points rather than just like players. I this is fun. But anyway, I think he had drafts her fun. I haven't done one per survivor. Maybe I'll look into it for next season. Well, Liana let's let's go to you here to start with missile is a bit. How did you think she would do preseason? She definitely her personality. Stuck out like a sore? Thumb. Did you feel like that would fare well or poorly for her? Okay. So I decided to use AI to help write my predictions this season. And so while I want to answer your question. Mike. I also had to say. Delicious dig into it. So I did have Elizabeth making the jury, and this is what I slash my predictive. I wrote Elizabeth biggest strength and the game was I laurel even trustworthy so naturally. Others wanted her as part of their alliance come the merge. However, Jeremy, Elizabeth loyal even trustworthy behavior wasn't directed towards him. In a daring move, Jeremy convince the rest of the tribe to voter out because of her smiling positive. Smiling. Positive clam personality would be enough to win her the million dollars. Although Elizabeth takes the blindside well in her exit interview, she complains about Jeremy stating he noodle people. Josh. Don't know what that means. But that was the thing. I would say the syntax actually worked pretty well there until she called her a clam. Yeah. Also think if you substitute of Carl in there for Jeremy that's actually pretty accurate as to one what's happening at the Meryl Streep close, just let's go at that. Yeah. Sure. That's definitely what happened. I just missed Carl. Exactly. Did was a little bit of a misnomer on your point. I mean in her exit press, she actually was she did go pretty hard in on Carl from what she talked what you talk with me about. She was like I wanted to throw these challenges when I was on YouTube. I don't think Karl understood what that meant. So it's clear that she is. I think she really did love everyone. But clearly no love lost for Carl. So let let's see how mind compares I had Elizabeth making the finale theory bullish on the woman who likes to wrangle bulls in her spare time, I said that Elizabeth will have at least one confessional complaining about her. Try members not working. I said that I guess I said she'd make the family visit because I said, she'll be hysterical mess when her husband visits he'll be surprisingly stoic because he doesn't like the show. And I said at one point she'll throw her hat down in anger or ecstasy. Like a gold rush prospector. And then what we also did was we each would be the person's worst enemy and closest ally. I can only assume Leon it. The worst enemy was Jeremy your Elizabeth had their her closest ally being coral and her worst enemy being devilish Davies. Okay. Yeah. I had I had worst enemy is Jeremy I'd closest allies Larisa. So I was to my right on that one. Yeah. Absolutely. That's actually might be one of you were accurate predictions. So I'll leave the decision up to Ms McKenna, who do you think the more accurate prediction, definitely the robot? I think she is kind of a clam person. Nobody thinks that that that. I think you're right. If you swapped in Carl for Jeremy, that's basically perfectly accurate, although I do love your hat specifics. Mike Joe points for that. Although I don't. I I think also like. That really her. It must be right because people are too tired, and like out of it to put on too, much persona. But I was like Billy cheese turning it up a little bit. Maybe she's not like what you mean when she was on the show like, yes. The hamming it up to the cameras or something. Yeah. I think he would if I were on survivor. I think I would know especially now I feel like every so many people who are on it have watched. And so they kind of know like, okay care these types of characters do well. And that like cowboy. You know, hard-working solves the earth is an archetype of the show. So it felt like she knew what she is doing a little bit. I think, but that might also I think that that's her for sure I just wonder if there's like a little bit turned up of like, well, I know I'll keep this cowboy hat on. And that way because I think you know, when you're out there, you're starving, and your you can't sleep. And I think it kind of does that naturally. Leah urine. Be she's moving around doing it on purpose. But you just like you become your raw self out there and everything seems heightened so I think probably most likely the case. Yeah. Yeah. So I guess to refer to that. It's it's more like it is her, but it's like a very amplified ver-. Exactly. Yeah. Basically holding a megaphone up to your soul. Now, we're like you won't they won't typically act like this in real life. But it's like it's like a more exaggerated version of like who they are as per. Exactly. Yeah. I saw still thinking about the gold rush like year. She could have done that you're talking about when she was exalting about the squirrel hunting with the slingshot. She could why did she throw her head on the air? Come on. Yeah. We had we had one tenth of this cast owns cowboy hats, and we have yet to see that. So hopefully, Carl will come through. Maybe he was just writing for Elizabeth to go. So he could hog all the cowboy hat attention. Maybe that's the secret reason why he dislikes her. Yeah. Cowboy hat envy like there can only be one. There's only one room archetype here. Exactly. Well, just before we move further and tro, usual stuff, did you have any any stuff? You wanted to discuss particularly top of mind about the episode. Whether it's about the season survivor in general, no thought. I was impressed with Alec saving Christian. This this episode whether or not he like that was that big of a move or not, you know, it's hard to tell me at it. I thought like when he switched in when he flipped crew. Did he flip on what's her name again Natalia? Yeah. When he's gonna tell you I was like that was very dumb. And so I was like maybe this guy is not a good player. And maybe he isn't. I think like still up in the air on on Alec. But the fact that he's already looking now on how to vote not just Goliath but knew you should go with Goliath for while. I was like, okay. Okay. There's some there's some stuff there that I was like more impressed with and then. Yeah. Just enjoying is such. She's good TV. But I'm also like, oh, man. How long can you ask? And also, I feel like you should drop everything when someone's on their their walkout of tribal. The fact that she said you weird way of showing it is just like I don't care for that. Like that. You know, you're. It's like super emotion. I know that tribals also weighed longer than what we see. But it was just sort of like. Yeah. I don't care for that. Elizabeth was super emotional and was like clawing and fighting for her spot as she should like Gabby said, even though Gaby girl hold it together. Please. Oh, no. She's it's been dropped multiple times. This is like a broken vase scotch tape together that should just keeps dropping every single. She's holding onto. No, it's so crushing. She's also like killing it in challenges. She's really good. I'm like Gabby. I wish you could see yourself how ICU Gabby and how Christian sees you like, you're you're fine. I mean, when she was in that I forget all the smaller tribe names when she was in that tribe. She's certainly would have been voted out before Christians. I understand why she was nervous. But you gotta just go cry by yourself in this game. You know, like, and then crying Elizabeth's be have to vote for her. Yeah. I I'm I'm really curious by by Gabby. But yeah, I'm loving this season. And I don't know if it's just like if it's actually amazing. I think it's like chew soon to tell. But it's off to such a better start than go silent. I'm just I'm just so can at all up. My my favorite part about Gabby and crying was her like emotional or the super dramatic like I when she wipes the tears away. So good. It's like flinging them up this fast. Like, maybe we won't notice which even a triple counseling we saw. But of angry games we had like build the Lewis black taking over from the Phyllis Smith Bedwar. She's like when know enjoyed is like all they're doing is. Because they're on the bottom. And of course, why would we not do that? I agree. Yeah. I love. No. I'm with you. I loved it. And I think I think she has the like like we said before she has like the ingredients for a good player just like blast season had like being greediest rugged season. So I'm kind of like hoping she can like butterfly out of this cocoon a little bit. Because when she was like, we should really lip on Angelina people get them to. I was like, yes. Yes. Gabbay? But I also think maybe that move is to moves away. You know? So. Yeah. And then to the seasons of art Christian. I thought he was going to be just like a one dimensional. I couldn't believe they had like put this poor person to be like made fun of. And he is one. He's amazing. I love him. I love him so much to episodes ago, and he talked about like working on himself to be better at making friends. I like almost cry. She's she's such an invigorating character. And I feel like productions having so much fun with them as well. You saw it in the first episode at the time last we get it this episode as well, we're mid confessional. He knocks over a piece of wood in the middle of his flagrant hand moving. And you would think that like usually that's like on the cutting room floor like take two of a confessional. But they kept in the prolonged experience of him prompting the would back pounding it into the sand. And then just continuing on. I I liked it. I liked that thirty seven seasons. And even though you talked about how sort of self right, parental last season was this is in the leading the strings of been more. Maybe that was unintentionally spurred by the fact that we saw pats medevac when during a time and cameras are usually off. But I don't know I'm liking to see I like to see how the sausage gets made before it gets sliced up and fed to John Morris. And get those macro 's. Get those Machias. Oh my gosh. Clearly, there should have been something hidden at that feast. Right. Oh, yeah. So so I would love to talk about that. 'cause we I tweeted about this. I think it's been a big question. I think the leading theory at this point. And this was expertly spotted and tweeted by the great DJ Lebel Kline. So the picture on the little placard, right? Had this nice vista of this cliff and a bird in a tree in these like lovely sonoma's colors of. But if you look at a scene leader on a shot later on in the episode is in the foreground, and in the background is a poem tree bent looking exactly the same way as the tree in that picture was a chance that there's something hidden under that tree though. I totally agree. I was flummoxed as you at the time when I'm like, okay. Gabby didn't find anything does. This mean that there's something there that we're going to finally in on doesn't mean that we're just showing that Gabby still paranoid. Like she was back in. So too. It seems like at least my hope is that this is going to come up sometime in the future much like a year ago during a triple h when the clue there was the the advantage no in the bundle of nails with the new camp. And we saw that in the merge episode. But it didn't actually come out. So this is hopefully checkoffs Placker. I assume because we did hold on it long enough. And I and I felt like this episode. The narration was turning us away from like, oh Gabby paranoia. Even though that was her justification. I feel like we were starting to get set up. My prediction is Zack Gabby will last longer because I feel like the edit is trying to like show us that she is more than just like a crying sidekick to Christian. So I was like, okay. I feel like we're definitely this definitely is something that we just missed right now. I don't think they would have held on it as long, but yeah, I think I think that this this season and this episode in particular had a lot of foreshadowing, and so I think that the idol clue. Just one, but they're just Angelenos foreshadowing. I mean, her whole story was insane. Like, she starts at the very beginning saying in military warfare. You don't tell your allies when we're you're gonna strike right goes. And then tells you know, Elizabeth that they're gonna vote or out also when she's complaining about Alex. She says seemed like a careless and emotional move. And she emotionally tells Elizabeth later like there was so much about it. And then also I caught this on my rewatch super subtle. But so Christian when he's talking about the Alec alliance that Alec is putting together and he calls it for strangling. Yes. Exactly. I call it a strike force. Then later Alec is talking to Allison about Inge Alina lot of aims and Haluk says Angelina keeps talking about no, you're strikeforce. No, you're strikeforce like, well, if I got I don't know like what is causing what? But like super exciting. So I don't know if like you take her out, and so, you know, like strike for is like that would be. Cool. It's going to be reading too much into it. But I know this stuff goes together. I think you're right. I caught that too. And I think in the like ridiculous, but like sort of helped whole naming trend that that is started. I'm like May-. Yeah. Maybe this is just like a an edit like where we missed the part where they like someone names them, strike course, you know, given and that might even be like a little coated like jab at Angelina an I think that that's six that combo six. I'm see I really hope that works out. I think that's like a fun dynamic alliance. Yeah. Yeah. Seemingly little little random. I guess because we knew the David side of things, right? Mean you the sort of weird love triangle of strategy. That's going on with Gabby, Nick and Christian. I'm surprised that a Nick decided to work with Gabby considering operation throat. Gabby under the bus that happened after the Jessica vote. But yet the the unlike Alison, Mike connected. Maybe it's because we didn't see that much on Goliath proper outside of the Jeremy and Natalie of it all that we really knew what all the other sub connections that were going on. But that was sort of a weird triad that came together. But yeah, you'd have to assume especially now that, you know, once the David start going and might actually become not completely dissimilar from ghost island where they're like. Okay. Let's get rid of all the Melillo people. And then we'll keep Jonathan and Lorraine because they're working with us. I could see something where like, then the strikeforce will truly sort of dismantle the Goliath. Yeah. From within the I I love the fact that that Angelina miss military could be taken out by some strike. Exactly, I think that I think I can see how else and Mike would gravitate towards each other. I think they seem the most similar on the Goliath tribe to me there's a lot of like. Jacked up, bro. He energy in in the glass that I could feel how Mike and Alison would be drawn to each other. And then I think Alec has really again, this is like is Alica. Very good player episode for me, I think like very smartly positioning himself as a swing between like hot hung side of Goliath, and like intellectual side of Goliath. So I think like him being able to play both like I'm friends with the Brose. And also, I'm friends with like the screenwriter and the doctor is like pretty smart positioning on his part or it's just completely random, and I'm like wrong that allergies like trying to read more into it than there. This episode. I thought and so I was like, okay. Okay. 'cause that Natalia flip. I thought was like a little carpet for the horse. So I was like this guy that was like cart before the horse. You just put a couple of planks of wood inference build a card face completely illogical. And I totally agree that I did a complete one eighty like knows diagnose turn of the surfboard when Alec was able to not only put to go to this alliance. But like he acknowledged the fact he's like I am playing a lot of people right now. And I realized that I shouldn't be showing my cards right now. I think it is understated. How good is socially. He is. Because I think we're sort of or overshadowed by the big dumb moves. He was making the obvious twenty days. But this this could be a turn for Alec, right? When he needs it the most. Yeah, I think so. And I think yeah, I think that six is super exciting. I would root for that six big time. So the Mike white also said during this episode, I need a soil taste stat stat. Is used by doctors, obviously him an Allison. Who's a doctor must be best friends. Totally is. I like those flat with with mayor of lamb down. It was the funniest right? Was Nick him or Dan. You need to be so thankful everyday that Mike white is there. I like this idea though, that like the we should be detecting things like the mole style. We're like, oh there was this big alliance. The entire time making coded references. And we didn't realize it. But I like that this this is like they're playing they seem to be playing both sides of. Okay, it's dumb to break up the Goliath numbers right now. This is too early. But also I wanna play who I wanna play with which is what last season was missing so desperately. And so I think like I this was a very was such a broccoli cheddar. Not that not that like atypical, but immensely satisfying like, Yep. Yep. Okay. Great. On the right track. I did take a BuzzFeed quiz. What type of super you? I got clam chowder. I didn't know how to do it. What type of soup with the survivor episode? They didn't have that quiz. But not yet. Plus feeds a community. So somebody take it take it on your shoulders by that quiz half. Mike clam chowder. She's her eyes at Elizabeth was a clam person who own my God is this like a stent thing more. We're getting connections. Now that honest so connects to the they're in the lines together got you guys. And I have a cat named clam. You're a clam person. The most of us know. Oh, man. Okay. Well, actually, speaking of predicting things entered bureau, what type of soup you are. So I have prepared a game that I would like us to play. It's we call it Shambo. And it's our version of the game mash so mansion apartment shack house where essentially you like predict what happens in your life. But we're going to do predict what would happen if the two of you were to play survivor, right? So jambo stands for I still haven't figured it out. But something along the liquor third time's up for for us through full three hundred sixty five days. I still have yet to figure out the like shelter hidden immunity idol like alliance merge, be Babu. Bob, Crowley, and then ocean. I don't know. Anyway. Okay. So the way this is gonna work is we'll we'll start with Mike with you. And then Jessica will play out your game. So I have a different categories. So I'm just gonna have you list four of different items. And then we'll we'll play the game. We'll see how it goes. So the first thing I'm going to need from you. Mike are four movie titles. Okay. Let's go with snow dogs. Okay. Let's go with the bridges of Madison County. Okay. Let's go with the patriot. Okay. And howls moving castle. I love that movie. All right. Four toys that you had as a kid. Ooh, Nickelodeon Gak. Okay. Let's see. GI Joe did you actually have a GI Joe as a kid? No. Did you have toys, Mike? Is there something that you need to? I mean, I guess I could if I didn't wanna say most of my toys were like markers, but didn't want to say marker that would sound marker is one of. Telecomms some sort of like weirdly, like, I don't know. I was like I I lived in a closet and just drew with markers all day thinking about the world sheltered from society. At least you weren't the sniffing them. That's a step up. Well, I mean. Centene markers a reason behind them. They just might not have been that safer children at the time. I will say. No, I'm thinking sponge. Really one of your choices a child. Every time. I think to the glory would be so terrible for you. It's such a struggle. Okay. How no this is should this better than therapy. I should be paying usually. It's what I'm here for. Okay. How about four breakfast foods? Now, Mike have you had wreck focused before this is a I mean marker. I put down the gen. Just took a big of a market if I miss the breakfast one day. Oh, yeah. Let's go with some nice eggos. Okay. Let's go with some scrapple. Scrapple? Yes. Like, it's a weird. Like, I think it's a landmark region type of thing. It's like an on mishmash of meets in one square, Patty. It's very odd thing. But I eat it a lot in college because there were no other better options. Let's go with a nice omelet. Let's go with some kick cereal. Okay. Lastly four objects that start with 'em. Markers? Let's see I have a better chance of markers making my way into my survivor game. Let's go with mattress. Okay. Let's go with make up. And let's go with masquerade mask. Okay. All right. So mike. We are going to find out if you are on this season. What would be Knicks nickname for your alliance? Why are you being targeted by Angelina? Why you got into a fight or what food you got into a fight with Lisa about for improper storage, and your Natalie napalm, esque nickname, and then you have a four potential fates in the game you either get medevac before the first tribal after writing back to camp on a tux. You may jury but announced your relationship with Kara on Instagram and God banned from the finale. You got an underdog edit from a David to Goliath, but you were out in the fire making challenges, the rob g dot ally. You were voted out preacher by Angelina. Okay. Okay. So the way this is gonna work is I'm going to start drawing a spiral. And then you just tell me when to stop. And then this is all very technical. Details of something serious. We'll figure out your game and survivors. So are you using a marker to do this? I should I will I have one right here. Okay. Are you? Okay. With a purple sharpie. That's not my favorite. But you know, what? I'll it will suffice. All right. All right here, we go. All right. Tell me when to stop. Stop. Okay. Give me a moment. And I will figure out your feet and the game. No problem. What we're doing that? Just I have a question for you. I know that we actually talked about this before we got on air. I know you mentioned Mary Holland before. I know you had Beth appel on your podcast once upon a time to talk about survivor is this just like a show that randomly pops up in the comedy community at least within your circles because I've experienced this in my life as well just within like acquaintances where when people here, I'm covering survivor there like oh my God. I've been watching that show forever that just happened. You know, is there something about the show that you feel naturally draws people in this community together. Yeah. I think you know, I think that the that reality is a big guilty pleasure for a lot of people and survivor doesn't feel guilty. You know, because it's like this is to put myself on a pedestal. It feels like the thinking person's reality because it's strategy. And it's game. It's not like. As it's not as. Appeal is not as much like watching people be a behaved poorly. Which is I think what a lot of reality TV is. It's a little bit more like watching people like overcome something and day, something cool. And I yeah, I feel like it possible. Lot people are people are into it. Also, there's like. I've done to ask cats which are like a this flagship improv show at UC be that prices since brigade and we've had Zeke men Hannah do monologues before. So I think there's also just like crossover multiple ways. I subbed a class where student was like, hey, I do these like survivor events in like, I know you like survivor is this guy does like amateur survivor weakens, which I. Know about until he was like, yeah, we did like ten challenges day and all I had was an apple and. And Sandra was there. I was like oh my gosh. So I even though I consider myself a pretty big survivor fan. I also know that they're like incredible depths to this fan. And I just think it's like I never feel guilty about watching survivor. You know, it feels like the salad of reality. Tv. I don't it doesn't like hurt my stomach. I don't regret it. I don't think. Oh, why did I waste my time? Doing that. I'm like, yeah. This is great. This is a great. Oh my gosh. I need you to come to my next family gathering when I tell my because I tell you it like, yeah. So yeah. And I'm plus don't still podcasting about survivor like reality TV, but like. Guys. It's like the salad of reality. TV is. Okay. All right. So Mike I have determined how you would fair if you were to play in this season of survivor, you ready to hear it. Oh, yeah. Okay. You have teamed up with Nick, and you call your alliance the snow dogs. Absolutely. I feel like that's only appropriate in that Cuba Gooding junior is whipping us both along to I it would have been funnier the the the bridges of Madison County, but yeah, that would that would imply a lot the young Mr. Wilson blue eyes them, I say, okay. So also you were targeted by Angelina because she wanted your sponge. You got into a fight with Lisa about improperly stored scrapple. You also your nickname was mattress. Mike. Ooh, that's Madison County with them. Now. Home natalie. Yes. And unfortunately, you were voted out pre jury, but you refuse to give up your sponge to Angelina damn, right? That's my sponge, I need to play with it. Right. And then you were holding it in your final confessional. I don't I don't give him my sponge because I didn't want to exactly why should I? All right. Okay. Well, so, unfortunately, you're voted up retiree. Let's see just if you can do any better. So we're going to do a similar thing. But I've different categories for you. So all right. We will start I need four band names. Okay. We FOX's okay. Blink one eighty two. Ooh. Flogging. Molly. And the new pornographers, okay? Four professions. Dentist chauffeur? In furniture maker a. I'm a statistician. Okay. And then four former survivor players, okay. Cochran. Okay. Joe? Tie. And. Laurel redemption? Mention island. Okay. And finally, four emojis. Okay. Heart is okay. Okay. Sunglasses. The like e you know, the like gritted teeth all the way across okay. Yeah. Yeah. Ooh. And. Money is. Okay. Yeah. That's one right. Yeah. Okay. All right. So we are going to find out Knicks nickname for your alliance. Great what your position would be in slammed town. Your nemesis in the season because Pat was medically evacuated. And in this fake version, a former player comes back to play in place. And also you had your big break on this season of survivor, and so Mike white is actually going to cast you for emoji movie too. So we're going to find out what character you're gonna play. Finally, your fate in the game so blindsided by your nemesis winner of the season misplayed, the idol nullify or because I still don't really understand how you're even supposed to play that thing correctly. But went home next week and beloved fan favorite. But did not make the jury. So went out preaching great. Okay. So I'm going to do this viral thing again, I will use a pen not a marker. So just tell me when to tell me when to stop. Perfect. All right. Give me a minute. All right. So while she's doing that. I would love to you. You brought up the mayor of slam town before if we're talking about, you know, exaggerated personalities, I think that you would think on paper he's one to do that just because that's sort of his career whatever your thoughts been about John this season. I, you know, gosh, you find yourself doing this. Where like you would watch the show, but you also know watch the show enough where you are watching for the edit. Yes. Screw you guys. You that big time. So I think is like I don't I don't really let myself get attached. Or have opinions about people who we barely see because I'm like, well, they're not important, which you know, I think he's like he's had fun moments broach watchos and all that. But he's really ultimately like kinda light in the edit. He certainly lighter compared to Dan. And I don't see them. I don't see. I don't foresee any like giant moves coming from him. So I don't know. I feel like probably, you know, the someone they're going to start flushing Dan's idols out. But I feel like maybe John will be a little earlier to go. So I feel like I haven't really paid much mind because he's a little like lighter. I think he's like fun in fine. I don't really have. It's crazy to have a medium opinion of someone who declared themselves the mayor of slam town. But. But I'm a little bit in that boat where I'm like, well, I mean, he certainly in the it. He's not not in it. You know, but like who are poor Carlin Davey who are just so so like, and and really Allison has been pretty light too. So I don't know. He's I think he's pretty fun casting. He's more interesting than than some like. Beefy beefy, boys. We've had before. And I really liked his treatment of Christian. So I think that that that sort of belies like a sweetness in the mayor's heart. Yeah. I think that he he honestly might be one of the most like Ernest people honestly can't think of like a duplicitous move. He's made so far which is crazy because again, like he's in a career that's based on heels, and like his role is go down to Mexico, and I'm this big villainous American. It's crates. Maybe he purposely left that behind on the island. But he seems like such I don't know seems like such a teddy bear. Yeah. Almost to see that different side of him. Maybe it's just because we were expecting something to see something. So different really impressed me though. I do agree. I think when it comes to like a personality perspective, he's had fun moments. But also part of that might be voices when they first broke into those three tribes. He's like, I don't do well in small social situation. Sweet. I mean. Yeah, I think he's I think he doesn't like strike me as particularly strong player. But. But but I don't think like, I certainly like have liked what I've seen of him as as a person even though I think Dan is like needs to chill out a little bit. Just tell yourself here. Awesome. Just keep telling you over your and like, I was like oh boy. Them walking away from the beach when Angelenos like take let's take out Christian being like this breaks, my heart. It's like this is pretty sweet, honestly as dorky as the broach. Rod show is they're they're like honest love for Christian makes me really like them. And it's like, it makes me like John More the Dan because Dan in has been, you know, the the way he likes stormed the just his he's a little hot-headed. Like super Pissy like when he found out that his name came up. Like, Elizabeth was throwing his out there is like throwing this hissy fit and cars, just like this is how the game is played just so you have to idols you're definitely going to show her. Yeah. It's like getting mad that their name is tossed out at all. And just like well. What do you think you're really? Oh, okay. Well, Dan is at least based on. This prediction not involved in your game. However when you played. Nick. Your alliance. Name is the new pornographers. So I'm such a percent. Sure conversation occurred to get that nickname. Now. I know he's you know, the Rockstars and the thorough blood Brad's or sort of like the Matic. So again. You know, the easier imagination we most love Meco case. I'm sure that's what it is. Yeah. Okay. So then you are going to be the chauffeur John Hennigan calls you the chauffeur of slam town at right? Yes. Because Pat was medevac tie came in to take his place. My sis. We feel see is gonna hey. I love chickens, and I'm not one hundred percent, sure. Which one of us the David and which ones the Goliath and the situation the Goliath. Oh my gosh. That guy is fighting player. And then let's see a Mike white is gonna cast you as the gritted teeth emoji for movie too. So I think I think there's a lot to learn about this character. Like why why is there so gritted? So we could we could uncover that. And then for your fate in the game, you misplayed the I don't know the fire. Unfortunately, went home the next week. No once you played in this play, the I dunno fired you made that gritted teeth face, and that inspired money. NC it. Visualized you as an emoji. Now, it all it's all connected. All right. Well, congratulations. Both of you. I guess thank you. Yeah. I mean, it's just an honor to play the game. That's right absolutely competitive sponge as well. I really really. Markers came out. But he may I have your sponge. Hey, Mike, Mike your son's lease. It's just it's so it's so dry out here. And right now, I just run naturally dry. So I need to have a sponge. My gosh. Memeber? So. Well, so I wanna move on and talk a bit about what we spoke a bit about all these characters. But one of the things that I've really loved about this merge episode in particular are that so many people's names came up particularly much much, Dan, chagrin. But I feel like this is the most Representative we've had an awhile of like hell the merge actually works where there are thirteen people. I'm assuming thirteen Factoria Christian. There are so many names being thrown out there. But we got Elizabeth name out throwing out there. We've got Alex for little bit. We had Angelina we had Christian. We had Dan Elizabeth left. But what I would love to sort of prognosticate with you too. Is of the four other people who were on the chopping block at some point this episode between Alec Angelina Christian, and Dan, let's see if we can rank the four of them based on what we think they're longevity. So number one would be who's we think is going to go the farthest of the four down to number four. We think is pretty much in hot water immediately. Liana? What what are you thinking between this motley quarter? All right. Well, I think I'm going to start with the one that stands out to be the most. And that's Dan because he's got to idols. Now, he could do something stupid with them. But I think that since he has to idols he'll be pretty safe for a while. Also, the fact that he was being targeted by Elizabeth who is now gone. So you know, that threat is removed. So I really feel like, Dan, probably what was those order one is the the steam the longest one. Yeah. Exactly. I give Dan number one. No. That was bad. I take that back. I don't want that sound clip being pulled. Dan, was oh my God damn was so annoying on this episode. I was just Ari really. I'm getting riled up. Emotionally. Like, Dan was just like sit don't walk away from this podcast, please. I'm just on my God. What some of this? I gotta pull myself up. Hold on. I'll be back all day baby all day. We'll just just you agree with Leon is can we can we cumulatively slot in Dan number one here in terms of longevity? No, I mean, the two idols for sure, but I feel like as soon as they start to turn on guys. They're going to pick off his first one really quickly that second one will be more troublesome. But I think they'll flush that first one early and as he feels that he is if he catches wind of not being in the six he may use it to save his show Mance or his his bromance. Showman's? So I don't know. I think everyone's going to be gunning for him. But also, I think he's beatable in final in the final three. So turn wine. Yeah. Like, I don't think he'll win, you know. And I think I think Christian might be destined for the four spot. Yeah. Because he's too. He's too likable. He's very, Dave. David. He is David David. You know, and yeah, he's the David David. And he's the goliaths David. So I don't know. I yeah. Any Dan has really good odds? But I feel like they've made us fall in love with Christian for a reason. So, but I'll I'll can see Dan number one. I think I think Angelina. All right. I just I really think he Angelenos days are numbered in terms. Has number four like chiseled into her forehead at this point in terms of this rank? Yeah, I think so all right Angelinos for them because they make it like criminal might be. Then the next one. But I think the strikeforce will protective at least a little bit whereas Angelina just feels like dead woman walking. And I think that this is not a point where because I have since going around and like oh Angelina between jacket gate end this absolutely cannot win the game. And that may be true. But I don't think anyone sort of has a sense at this point when they're twelve people left of who they want to sit next to in the final three, and you'd have to feel like, you know, in theory, you would want to take her to the end. But like, I think it's just too early to decide that you want her to sit next to you. And it's also a long game ahead of you. And she's not necessarily ago. She's a very active goat in that. She's like, I'm the one making the move. So it's that she can't win jury votes. But also she's trying to make moves even though she can't necessarily get the jury votes from those movies, she's off climbing those mountains. That grass very active goat very active goat when my husband has rejoined survivor even later than I have and he he came back in. And he was like, oh my gosh. Just to get to give you a snapshot of how out of touch on the game. He is. He was like, well, wait why more people like Ken? He was so good at fishing. I was like oh my God. Morgan, it's more. You would have been one of us forget and heels versus like, you don't understand how the game has changed in of all no, one cares about fishing. He's like oh always liked that part of the game. I was like Morgan. It's a new dawn new game. God. That's okay. We might have to contact your husband. So we do this other game sometimes called Casuals corner. Where I go to the survivor Facebook page, and I pull comments so I actually had somebody sent me a couple of this week. And they're just like that. I mean, it's they're so great. So this was Stevenson me. This the quote was Ashley reminds me of selene Dion. Who's adage that has so many who is actually what maybe it's Alison Salim Dion. I e that that I think I could see it too. So anyway, just to give you an idea. So yeah, I might might tap on that resource. I mean, I I did hear faint strings of my heart will go on it. She reigned approach to hug him after winning immunity. That's why he could kill. I would say that so evangelism before and Dan's number one. I put Alec number two. Now, there is a chance that if strikeforce gets outed Alec will be promptly on the chopping block because he's the one who congregated everybody, but I really do feel like his bonds with everyone is severely understated so much though that I I think it's gonna be a while before he gets caught. I don't know if he's going to win necessarily. But I feel like nobody is looking at him at this point. And that's essentially what you want to be in a position of. Yeah. He's yeah. You know? Well, you guys have already I've already spoken on high feel about Alec in this episode where there's like the glimmer of he I mean, if he can turn on people in a way where they're like damn good move and not like FU he would be dominant. You know, like if he can make those flips where he doesn't hurt too many feelings of and he can articulate that. Well in the jury, I mean, I think he could really be. A big threat. And it's interesting you bring that up because I was thinking about, you know, Talia him flipping on Italian and really Angelina. It was the only one who seemed to be upset about it. Like, we didn't really get to hear navy other goal is to me. Like, man. I can't believe he did that. So I don't know if that's because they didn't like Natalia. And so they were okay with that. Or you know, he was able to do it in such a way that didn't really rub people the wrong way. Now, you know, how does Natale you feel? I don't know. But it doesn't matter. She's not on the jury. And I think I think also because he was the first one to get rid of Goliath number where they still had numbers. And then I think that's why you know, Mike had to vote had to make that layer so vote he couldn't be responsible for two. Two blows to the numbers. But I think because Alec was I it was certainly like a little crack, but it didn't hurt their overall play. So I think it's a really really forgivable move. But especially if he could explain it now, I think the explanation is she was Boston. I didn't like it. So I think that's not great. And he should not say that. But, but yeah, I I don't know. I don't think anyone's gunning for Alex. So he might he might actually be the two spot with Chris number three. But Angelina definitely number four. I like it. I like it because we got the bread work down the sandwich, the fix instinct to sort of be arranged. Yeah. Well, we can we'll we'll we'll we'll put it like a little toothpick in that for right now. She's taking in that club sandwich and not the toothpick Davey had sticking out of his mouth, the only impact debut had on this episode was the piece of what he was chewing on garnering a lot of comparisons to Wendell. Can you eat scrap apple on a sandwich? I don't recommend anyone eats scrapple period. But I suppose you can in any sort of form, I'm intrigued by this odd mishmash of meat. Gonna play. This would be. I know. That's very me. All right. Sorry. I got distracted. I'm back on track. All right. Well, let's move on to our next game here. So this is something that we brought over actually from when Leon and I did our big brother BNB over the summer. Jess you are someone who week in week out comes up with lyrics on the fly for a myriad of songs. And over the years. There have been survivor players who have put out their own songs either before or after their time on the show. So we're going to see if you were sense of lyricism general way with words is going to is to sink going to sync up here in this game to take on. Don't forget the lyrics called police. Forget the Leary and to how here's how it's going to work. I'm going to talk about a song from survivor player, and I'm going to read a set of Lear leaks in which were Tippett strategically blanked out. And I'll give you four choices as to what word fills in that. Blink. We'll go back and forth about this. This. And if you just correctly, you get a point if you don't you get nothing, and we'll see at the end of this. I have several songs to go through. So we'll see at the end of this who has the most survivor recall knowledge when it comes to their work. There was either inspired by or perhaps spurned from survive. It. Let's start with something pertinent. I don't know if you guys know this. But because John Hennigan is a wrestler. He has an entrance thing. And so John Heineken recorded a song a couple years ago. I wanna say called welcome to slam, of course. So Liana we'll start with you. So I'll read this question again, I'll blackout lyric. I'll give you four choices for to fill in there. And you have to guess you have to guess what John Hennigan wrote, basically since I'm assuming he wrote these lyrics, by the way, it wasn't selene. Dion co wrote the no it was not it was not ghost written by Jeon. Unfortunately in the booth, and I we'll say check out the welcome to slam video if you haven't yet, it's John Hennigan in the booth playing an accordion of oceanic and an upright bass, it's bananas meets the. Play all of them at the same time still. Now, he's he's he's been a big day in the recording studio just laying down all those tracks. But here we go. So this is some of Mr. Hennigan's lyrics. This is my world. It's my blank, you're all just here to entertain. Hey domain be lane. See plane de refrain. I like domain I feel like he would say something like that. You are on the money. This is my world. It's my domain. You're here to entertain were. You're all just here to enter a we are to entertain him. John realizes how wrestling works when he wrote this song. Be entertained. Well. Okay. You know, what he plays the accordion that's more than I can do so them. Maybe he just doesn't like the the past participle of it. All he doesn't like the passive voice. He's a good writer like that. Just let's move onto you. I'm what you're waiting for the way. I'm what you're waiting for the one to bring the war be. I'm what you're waiting for the American Lucia door. Well, see I'm what you're waiting for the one to shake your core. D I'm what you're waiting for the pain convenience store. Oh my gosh. Mike, the fact that three of these are from your brain is very impressive. I love them. All he what these are wild. One to one to bring the war American Lucia door one to shake your core and pain convenience store. Okay. Like I wanted to be Kane convenience store, so bad. But like, I don't think that that like matches with the mayor slam town. I know I think it's probably like the simplest. So I I think I'm gonna say shake your core. Unfortunately, the American Lucci. Yeah. I kinda thought that would be like he would come up with that later. Yeah. It's good. That's great. Good job. Mike. He was he was he was branding it to begin with the I too wish he'd call themselves the pain convenience store. Maybe unfortunately that was not on the stars. See the little collars. Good. All right. Let's move on here. So Liana John Finnegan ends. Welcome to slam town with just a symbol remark. Welcome to slam town of blank. Hey, welcome to slam town compadres be welcome to slam town animals. See welcome to slam town bitches de welcome to slam town broach os. Crab. Okay. Well, I mean, I wanted to be broach Agios because of the references and all that. But I don't think it is. I feel like he would say compadres. So I'm going to go with a no, unfortunately, very uncouth. John hannigan. Welcome to slam town business, which is like felt like bitches if not Roach odd shows, I was I was sad about it. Fitches and its license are contrast to John Hennigan, very proper this episode like hopefully, we can say what the the liars we fight it out in the end like good, gentlemen. And ladies he's very on the island. I don't know what's going on. Here is seeing some rude. Maybe that's the the slam town it's on their sign. Like, welcome to slam town bitches population one thousand. What I'm picturing? That's the slogan at a town. Welcome to slim down business. All right. Let's move on here from John Hennigan. Let's leave. The ring. Let's move on to another survivor alumni Baylor. Wilson is a country artists from survivor San Juan del source. She played with her mom. Missy a lot has been to do about her stall her songs sticky situation back in twenty four team. And actually last week. She came up with a new song praying for rain, which I feel like is very insensitive considering the season, they don't need more radio or so blue on you. But look, let's see if you guys the grout what Baylor's talking about in this song. So Jeff will start with you. You know, better, you know, better than this. There's no right side of the wrong guys plank. Hey, there's no, right. Song of the wrong. Guys, fight be there's no right side of the wrong guys bed. See there's no right side of the wrong. Guys, bite de there's no right side of the wrong guys. Head. Yikes girl. Whatever the lyric, are you? Okay. There's no right side of the wrong guys bed. That is correct. Yes. I guess it's a take on waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Yeah. Let's pretty clever. So I did look. Okay. So now, we're done with the John Hennigan song. I looked at the video. I haven't listened to the song yet. But I just wanna point out that he's shirtless in the recording studio playing or these instruments and he's wearing sunglasses. So I just thought that that was very important detail that everyone should know you sweat a lot when you play the accordion. It's really the work of workmen's is. Yeah. I mean, he's really going to town the drums. So. Yeah. You work up quite a sweat. It makes sense. It's just responsible recording. Yeah. Do you think at the reunion instead of instead of having the houseman they just have like the John Hennigan experience him on? I'll be. That'd be so great. All right Liana. Let's go to the chorus here praying for rail. This one has to blinks when you lay on the track. Don't blame the train when you play with blank don't curse the blank. Hey when you play with fire don't curse the flame. Be when you play with athletes don't curse the game. See when you play with arrows don't curse the aim de. When you play with pictures don't curse the frame. Oh, man. Okay. Well, I because all right. The first thing I thought of before even read the answers was fire. So I'm gonna go with fire and flame. Yes. That is very I don't know if this is intentional survivor take you lay on the track. And don't blame the train when you play with fire don't curse the foot. I also thought it could be rain. But like now that's our next song. Apparently, she was very insensitive about so I don't know. I kind of wish it was when you play with pictures don't curse. When you play with a ehre, don't blame crispy. Listen, I have so much fun with these. But I can never tell for good it there. There's no pain convenience store rotate. Comedian store. All right. Just we're going back to you here. When you blink at the sun. And a storm comes don't complain when you're praying praying for rain, hey, when you take a look up at the sun be when you stick your tongue out at sea. When you throw your hands up at the sun de when you shake your fist up at the sun. I just got the Simpsons old, man. Yells at cloud Joan girl yells at sun. That is so weird. A weird one. Gosh. Can you can I hear the whole thing again? Like, no, just the beginning prompt when you blank at the sun and storm comes don't complain when you're praying praying for rain. I guess shake your fist up at the sun. That is correct. You come on girl. Oh my God. The things we want to go like yell at the wind. I mean, that's what the David and glides could have done to deal with the storm. Right. Just yellow. Well, I don't know if John Morrison yelled at the storm like maybe it would go it'd be like. Yeah. You're not welcoming slammed down even though I set it. All right. Let's move on. Let's say on the country trail, though, a little bit dirt path with chase rice. Arguably one of the most successful musical alumni from survivor runner-up of survivor. Nicaragua turn this into a country superstar career, this is one of his first songs called ready set. Roll we all number starting with you here damn pretty girl. You went and done it, again, you've gone and turns your blank all the way up to ten a cuteness be smile. See short shorts de sexy you've gone and turns your blink all the way up to ten. You turn your sexy up to ten. Okay. Don't answer that question. Mike. Okay. I'm gonna go with smile. I'm sorry in quantifiable. Okay. Well, maybe I should listen to the song. And then I'll figure it out. Yeah. I mean spit complimentary of these young woman say she's gone and turned her sexy all the way up to ten and you're sangha, but eleven. That's really what you did. The sexiness is not cool the way to eleven for time soon. All right, Jeff, we're getting back to you here. Gordon? The chorus ready set. Let's roll ready sent let's ride get your blank on the step shimmy up inside he aches. Get your sixty smile on the step. Be get your legs for days on the step. What see get your little fine ass on the step. See get your cute white pumps on the set. If you like feminism just took a step back. Yeah. Didn't they don't step on the step? Then. Oh my gosh. And wriggle up inside shimmy up in sunny inside. Graphic? I mean, what the heck is he talking about? Gosh, I linked for days. No. It was a little fine ass. Sure. It makes sense considering these complementary how much her sexy has been turned out. Of course, you want to get your little, finance and my pickup truck. Oh is there a truck? Maybe a truck involved. I think so. Okay. Okay. So much. Is about like Bernie talking about burning down the town and like cruising through the night. Now, I guess I guess he's talking about a truck. He's not outwardly referencing it. Thanks. Sexy up to ten. I would like if you say he said, get your get your legs for days lags for days. All right. Leon ever going back though? Now I made a deal with blank he's gonna put in some overtime. We've got all night ready set. Let's Red Devil. Hey, I made a deal with the man on the mood. Be I made a deal with the man down south, which could be the devil. See I made a deal with the man with the clock. D I made a deal with the men in the car. Sorry. I'm still thinking about manuals at sun. So man. It's just it's all it's all conflicting together. Can you read the the the the intro lyric part? I again, I made a deal with blank he's gonna put in some overtime. We've got all night ready set. Let's write as much as I hate this. I think it's the man with the clock on the. The man on the moon. I'll my guy 'cause I was like, okay. All right. Well, my logic behind that answer was it's gonna be something stupid. So man with the clock and time. The first thing I thought of actually when writing that was the small song for the last five years. Yes. Shout out Jason Robert Brown. Just imagine like shapes rise begging his like little folksy Jewish accent unlimited time. Yeah. We're also talking with the man in the car that could have been another option as well. Are. Well, let's let's go super old school for this next one Mitchell Olson was a contestant from survivor the Australian outback and he was a bit of a song. Stor. He wrote a parody song to I will survive called back from the outback we consider this the very first one off in survivor existence. So here are a few lyrics from Mitchell Olson's owed to his time to the tune of was Gloria gainer, I think so let's go to you hear Jess I'd work. I worked out a crafty plan. And I thought I'd firmly. Locked my fate till some blank man sent my ass. Right back to the states or hey, tears till some bearded cooking man, send my ass right to the states plea till some gourmet Baker man sent my ass right to the states see till some smiling dimpled man semi ass right to the states de till some lie. Buying Texan man semi asks. Right to the states, Ryan Texan. I'm sorry. It was gourmet Baker come on which. Yeah. Mitchelson might provide it his own trick answer here. Because I believe he was referring to the one and only Keith was not a Baker. He did not make any pastries the Australia, so funny. Okay. Great lyric. Nice. Sam by. It was like, okay, we could talk you'll be talking about. 'cause there's only so many terms I could come up with for Keith the nuns garnered that many comparison. So I throw a couple of Kobe ones in there. Yeah. I was like that's one of the only things I remember about that season. I was like probably I guess. All right Liana going back to you. Lord knows. I tried. We doubled tied and with my allies jumping sides. We'll hey, I knew my blank. Hey. Well, hey, I knew my game head died. Be will. Hey, I knew my chances were denied see will. Hey, I knew my rice was fried de. Well, hey, I knew my mom would cry. Oh, that's a sad. Oh god. I don't know. I'll go beat. I'm sorry. It was see I would rice with fried. All right. All right. Definitely thought you wrote that one. But. Mitchelson? I very symbiotic. I have come for these nonsense declared. All right. Let's move on here. Back to you. Jess, I couldn't gather would like blank I couldn't blank. So the first one is going to be the name of somebody. The last lyrics are going to be something that rhymes with their name. So hey, I couldn't gather would like Colby. I couldn't eat rice. When it's moldy be. I couldn't gather would like Keith. I couldn't hold my lower teeth. See I couldn't gather would like, Jerry. I couldn't lift a bucket to carry d I couldn't gather would like Tina I couldn't help from being Meena. We begin. I couldn't gather with like Keith. I couldn't hold my lower teeth. Okay. Okay. I'm gonna go with Tina, Nina. I'm sorry was Keith I couldn't would like hold my lower teeth. That latter part is a reference to Maryland mad dog Hershey who had dentures that she took out periodically heights. Okay. Real real really get into the the the grains of the fried rice survivor. The Australian peck reference Slough. And does it. Yeah. We should get the survivor historians to play this stat. Mike, can you make that up? Oh, I'm Paulsen would as this no matter what what was let's jump to something modern here. Everyone's favorite from two seasons ago, Devon Pinto fences himself a bit of a musician. This is a song I found of him jamming with a couple of its friends called smile worthwhile. Now Liana lists with you. It's just I I had no idea that he wrote music. So the road music all use air quotes. I'm very excited. This is not a song. Here we go. I met this girl. I'm telling you a smile for all the world just one blank at a time. Hey, just one inch at a time. Be just one whip at a time. See just one step at a time d just one tooth at a time. Oh, no. Well, I don't know does she turn her sexy. Up to ten. Okay. I'll go a step. I'm sorry. It was just one two at a time because the smile. Okay. Well, I thought it was creepy though. So all right. Is it not creepy now that it's to know it is creepy too. So I thought it wouldn't be that. You never know. Maybe Devonshire maybe even has like a night. John Hennigan has a different identity when he's writing music, maybe Devon's like a secret creeper in his songs. Okay. I'll keep that in mind for the next question are just let's see if you could you could keep that in mind right to see whether or not this interest creepy. I never heard a voice so gentle. And sweet. Yeah. I never heard such blank coming from a woman's teeth. Hey, I say never heard such. I've never heard such beauty coming from a woman's teeth. Be I never heard such poetry coming from a woman's teeth. See I never heard such vibrations coming from a woman's teeth. D I never heard such symphonies coming from a woman's teeth. Oh, gosh. Poetry. I'm sorry. It was the creepiest answer vibrations. Definitely creepiest answer. Wow. I almost mold that answer. Because I was like well smile is the name of the Brian Wilson album and goodbye brations of. You're doing like the Mike in this insane in this insane topsy turvy leered game. These I like this that maybe this was a take on pet shop boy, but it's just all focused on teeth. God only knows what you'd be without t-. There's this homey, so many things it can fill. Dentist's office, boys. All right. Let's move on to this. Last one little luckily, littlest creepy. Little more lascivious Whitney Dunkin friend of RHA p who was on survivor, South Pacific was also a country singer. She wrote her own song for going onto the show called skinny dipping. Liana? Let's start with you dirt road in his old truck lined with blank down that old beach bent. Hey, dirt road in his old truck line with honeysuckle be dirt road in his old truck lined with magnolia see dirt road in his old truck line with hydrangea de dirt wrote in his old truck lined with Goldenrod. I like to imagine you like googling plants did just that. Oh, man. I dunno magnolias. Sorry was honeysuckle or. Yeah. Of course. Yup. Should shit on that one that she does love to suckle her Honey? So he was only appropriate. All right. Just mom onto you here. This is actually talking about the skinny dipping proper. Okay. Took off all our clothes through them in the bushes. Mud between our toes lake. Hey, mud between our toes. Playful pushes be mud between our toes bear white tushes, see mud between our toes. Love by the bushel de mud between our toes. Grassless nature's cushion there white Touche's yet. I think it's unnecessary through your clothes in the bushes, though. Right. I gotta go get them out of the bushes. Yeah. That's that's not integral to skinny dipping when you're carefree and in love because you know, it's good natures floor will serve. Well. I wouldn't know that either things. She even punctuates bear whites. Which is with the Lord after it. I guess just to sorta like forgive the more conservative audience for saying, I'm sorry. I talked about my bare white fish. Then. Well, congratulations. I think everyone sort of one here. But I believe you squeaked it out by a nose to. And I think you really want Mike. I had listen this some of the most when I have what these games are just writing nonsensical rhyming phrases. So I I truly enjoy this. And I hope you enjoyed playing it as much as I had Ryan. Yeah. That was really the the opposite of a pain convenience. It was lovely. Oh, man. Okay. Well, actually, okay. So so speaking of like music, I noticed that there were a lot of interesting music and sound effects. I feel like I'm this episode. Like, I don't know if you guys caught it. But at the very beginning when the merge is happening. There's it's like Irish jig song. I don't know if they got flogging Molly to come in and play the song. But I was really taken by the clanging during the challenge. And also how Jeff Probst was so enamored by the the clanging. He said Carl clanging Alec clanging Elizabeth now clanging so he couldn't get that claim which is apparently the dinner bell at tribal council sound out of my head. But it made me think we need more sound effects on survivor. So I think we got brainstorm some sound effects that we could use. And then pitch this to the producers for them to edit it. So for example, I liked the buoying that sound effects needs to be used. I just don't know how I think if like they do the blindfold challenge and somebody walks into something that they use the buoying. Yeah. Okay. Good. I'm trying to think of other ones because I feel like this. I don't know if it could be meaningful does it mean something? Like, it doesn't have to represent the dinner bell at tribal council, but just having more sound effects like the the whistle. Or what's the you know, what I'm talking about slot, Sylvia? Yes. Five whistle sound. I don't know where that can be used. But I think this is something that they could tap into. I feel like every time someone like we talked about the advantage at the feast every time someone like walks by an idol or an advantage. They should use that slide. Whistle. You know, this is where you should be looking or to the sad trombone. Like that should have played the whole time Kayla was sitting next to that advantage. Like just like every time we cut back to her. Yeah. Yeah. I think. Also, just like the Instagram of some of the super zooms. You know, we could get those involved that would really play. I think I would just every time we finish on Christian. Good. Yeah. Especially as I the. They're also if somebody is like. You know hiding in the bushes. And then they kinda like pop up into a conversation. You do the like doorbell sound effect like Inc. Pop back down the door slams like it's like eight you log in or also some just like a multi Cam live audience when they go to like be role of a snake in the grass, you could just have like a bunch of people laughing or like. Every dannon. Carson you have a live. I like. Oh, man or okay. Or the record scratched sound like somebody says something awkward, then you just play. Or or Jeff says this is not an idle earn. Yeah, they make that face or like. Yeah. When when Angelina or when Elizabeth turns and it's like, you know, guess what Angelina told me then Dan has that like face. He that's exactly what you play. I think it's perfect. I think you could put probably put farts in there at some point. Just at some point. That's why. Right. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know where but I'm sure we can work that in what are others just on that sound effects. Oh, the boom, boom ch-. I don't know what to call that like the snare drum. Yeah. Very John Hennigan half the rate at after somebody. So like the factory hills joke, you know. You know, when I can't remember his Danner, John who has like, yeah. I was gonna say that to do. Two. Should we should we put the Wilhelm scream in there somewhere? This every time Natalie was bossing somewhat around. Yeah. Because that's what that's what everyone was thinking. Yes. Oh, the jaw you can put it in your going to branch out a little bit. You feel like the jaws in there. Like, the psycho music. Yeah. Oh, man. Okay. Edit re editing survivor later need survivor, Foley, not to be confused with Dan Foley. But someone needs to like put in these sound effects after the phone. Yes. This idea. Okay. All right. Yeah. Good job gang. I think we have some some good ideas. Mike's I suppose included. And mine was also. Bless your heart. Mike, you also came up with ideas, or let's move on to our final segment of each and every week on the BNB the question of the week last week question of the week nickname a survivor contestant. Mike white style up by referring to them with a new movie or TV show, I love when did with Christian and big bang theory. So we'll read out some answers at the listeners gave and then we'll see if any of us have some answers here. Jonathan Troyer said I would refer to Kris noble as of blue mountain state. Even though the character. He's most like dad castle is in the main character. Oh my God. I love a blue mountain state and Thad was hands down my favorite, and I couldn't take him serious or whatever the actor's name is. He like, I think he's in. He's in. Crap the hunger games movies, and I just couldn't take him seriously. Because all I could think about was that great answer. All right. We have a survivor swapped has quite a few Natalie. Cole would be called. God is a woman. Philip shepherd. Would it be Pink Panther Angelina would be frozen and Chelsea slash purple? Kelly would be hidden guest. What are okay? So I don't have young children. So I don't know the names of the characters from frozen, but the year not to have kids to know frozen. Just have to have love in your cultural juggernaut. Yeah. Ana Elsa Ola. Yeah. Okay. Elsa. Okay. All right. I think those are other names that you could call Angelina. Maybe that's a little disturbing to her as yes, Parker Schindler says a slap a hat on John Cochran, and you get linguini from ratatouille. Very very good, which I'm which I'm totally I mean, I have garnered that comparison as well. So I am more than happy for Cochran tonight to be sort of side by side here at the chef's station. It's linguini comparison. The like linguini meets, mclovin. That means that what you're referring. Mike, actually, I saw. Okay. So I saw a TV ad the other day it was four sling. And there was a guy who looked like you. And I tried to take a picture, but I didn't. And now, I'm telling you this story, and it doesn't matter. But was it was it was was it Paul Rusk because Paul Russ comparisons. Frequently. So I don't know if it was hey, I don't know. I'll try to find it was for sling. I remembered that okay? I'll try Alec right? I'm sling man base ring to it. All right here. We go dancing, then ski says Angelina as girls the Lena Dunham show, it wouldn't it be nice to call her girl. But I think the poor Pertile ization makes it okay? Yes. Well, as long as she doesn't turn her sexy up to ten I can't get over that lyric. I'm sorry. It's it's brilliant from Mr. rice, Mr. fried rice, John John says Natalie Cole should be compared to Medina from Tyler Perry. John John poor form here. John, john. History. Though. I mean, Tyler Perry. Also is connected to the survivor universe at Larson. Maybe it's not maybe if what if not only was the Tyler Perry character. That'd be a great reveal. It's all tied in written by Mike white collaborate elaborate project, but Tyler Perry and Mike white. And finally, actually speaking of my wife, Sean Kelly says Mike white is the human embodiment of droopy the dog since even when he shows excitement or emotion. He has this weird subdued attitude about him. That's a really good one. I like that one. Because I totally see it. Do you owe? He would also have the those let those sound effects behind him. Like do do do. Or like or like a tuba? Yeah. No, no, the the, okay, I sound effects. Yeah. Yeah. If you if you want to get into the booth with John Hennigan to know, your brand yet Cuba's more like. Yeah. That's better. All right. So do we have any ideas in terms of nicknames? We wanted to give survivor contestants. I had one for bass. I think could call him pineapple express. Oh, yeah. Very good. But that's a good one. I had one for Christian instead of big bang theory. I thought of him as Mark from rent in a different university. With the sweater to. Yeah. Totally work. You can imagine being like Penn in on Roger he's looking at an equation, which balances the terms of gravity. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I can see that. Yeah. Absolutely. I think that Mike white would also just play on Cochran being Cochran and would call him something like a you have to admit he's pretty legit. You know, like a cocker Johnny Cochran s grime. Mom, and I think I think the else in this season. So far is private practice. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's not dominant enough for to be like ER, Grey's anatomy. So she has been a, but like pretty good. Oh, man. You could name all doctors on the lake 'cause there's so many medical dramas, right? Yeah. You could name like all doctors on the show. Your will mic from survivor Samoa actually, gave him the nickname mic dreamy because he's sort of resembled Patrick Dempsey. So yeah, there could be another podcast where you just take every doctor that's ever been on survivor and assign them nickname based on television character. All right. Oh pencil that down for next week. That'll be our something redo next week. If we have the time so the question of the week four next week, we talked about this with Dan. But if you were playing survivor, what pep talk would you try to give yourself during a child is it as grounded as your the man just keep doing this is more of a motivational speech? You know, everyone has sort of has a different motivators. So you all out there can let us know your answers in a myriad of ways. You can always tweeted at us using hashtag RHA P A B and B you can respond to the post on bright house, website dot com. You can post in rob has awesome. Patrons group. You can post it on Reddit. You could Email it to us our H AP BNB at gmaiLcom many resources to call together next week. We'll try to talk through your own motivational phrases with our guest leader Berle minute talking through the final twelve of survivor, David versus Goliath. Jess, thank you. So so much for coming on. This really was a lot of fun. I felt like I've just seen so much delicious soup over their hours and. It's I'm I'm full for even more. Thank you so much for having me. This was this was like a delicious tomato bisque with like a gourmet grilled cheese on the side on our rainy day where I didn't even have to pray for the rain. No, you don't shake your fist up at the selling. Never would. And I never would know. Thank you so much. This was really fun. So just if people want to check out off book, how can people a follow you and social media and find the lovely lovely stuff that you and Zakar putting out there every week. Thanks so much. Yeah. Off book listener every listen to podcasts, and I'm Jessore McKenna on Twitter ingest. Jess McCain on Instagram. Sorry. They're not the same. You guys. Just starry about it. And yeah off book, and then you can also check out visiting the just dot com, which is like Zach night we pre existed as a musical deal before the podcast, and it has like a link for live dates book live, which is a pretty fun way to like make friends. Listen to the podcast. I guess we have like we've had a pretty good contract record of people like bringing people who didn't know the podcast live shows. Yeah. I know you had one of my favorite podcasts. Travis McElroy on. Off book last week. So if you guys want to check out the back catalogue of off book, it's a super fun podcast, you're into this sort of random silliness, we put out there. I feel like off book is definitely in that territory. And you have so many fun guests onto just come up with a musical on the spot over the course of our about literally anything see Travis are laid step. So it was really fun. And there is a survivor podcast as you mentioned before with or there's survivor themed episode where it's obvious that Beth, and I love it and Zach has never seen it, and it might be behind the pay wall right now. But. By now. But it was that the Pels episode it's called like surviving hunger. Something lost games. I don't know. It was some sort of insane mash up, but Beth and I were like trying to drop in survivor specifics that Jack just could not pick up, but. Yeah. That's another good entry episode of Europe survivor fan dig real quick between human Zach who do you think would you better on like a blood versus water type season. Would you vote them out? Gosh god. Yeah. I definitely would because we would like, you know, be chill about like splitting the money and using it to like further our our own real lives. I mean, I think I would do better in the game because I know it better. And I think, but I think I think Zach would be good at the game. I mean, he, and I would have similar strengths. I think so I don't think I don't think it would one of us would outplay the other too much because I think we be using like a similar tool kit. But which is like, I don't think enough people prioritized just being nice around camp in that early part. It just seems so obvious. So he will come out to to intense. It's like, hey, if you're just kinda chill for a while the beginning, you'll last at least a couple of boats, just like try be good team player, you'll get like a little far, and then you turn it on. So, but I would definitely vote him out. And he would one hundred percent vote me out as well. We have our eyes on the prize. Yes. Lily, well, Liana how can people follow you on social media? And how excited are you? A by the recent announcement of the rue Paul's drag race all forecasts. Yes. Okay. So you can find me on social media. I'm at Liana Boris. I am beyond excited for rupaul drag race. So there is a holiday special that airs I think December seventh and then the Allstars four which cast just got dropped. Then airs the next week December fourteenth, and Mike you and I will be back with Brent to cover cover all of the Loveliness that will be coming at us in December in terms of repulsed drag race, and I can't wait. Oh my God. Did you realize that this is by the time twenty eighteen finishes? We'll have talked about like four separate installments of repulsed drag know. Oh, my gosh the universe. Just it. Give it give it. Yes. These episodes are like a biscuit, you'd better stop them up. You can always follow me at a Mike bloom topic and check out the exit press, I do every week for parade dot com. I got to talk with Elizabeth this week and true to her nature. She was a really fun interview. She was she owned up to her mistakes guy gave some really interesting opinions about her fellow castaways and gives her perspective. As to why she knew she was going to go ahead of time. Just wipe putting up that fight at tribal council. So be sure to check that out as well. As the weekly interviews. I do their came up with a couple of things otherwise in terms of writing. I finally got to write about my experience on the top chef junior set this past spring, which was so much fun. I got to be there for the big restaurant Wars Episode as well as talk with Curtis stone, Vanessa la- shea one of my favorite top. Contestants Tiffany dairy, and basically sort of a mall over the fact that instead of cooking gourmet meals on my childhood I grasp onto a sponge in a martyrdom. So that made me feel good about myself. So we should have checked that out. I also wrote for the Hollywood reporter about the most recent episode of short tricks that dropped on CBS all access that includes interviews with the the writer of the episode as well as the actor which I really enjoyed. So be sure to check that out if you're into that stuff that's going to do it for this week here on the orange AP BNB special. Thanks to Scott saint-pierre for editing. All this behind the scenes poll also send our head writer, and I'm assuming someone who got every question to that Mitchell Olson lyric part of the last game. Correct. From America for our theme song. You can always Email us games. Rha P B N B at gmaiLcom. We are always appreciative of everyone who listens to this insanity. We put forward every week. That's going to do it for this week. Jess, thank you so much for coming on fantastic work. Leon a great work as always we'll be back next week talking about episode eight with LeBron until. Then we'll check you out. I'd your next day. Some day, right? Sounds cool. As more h. Is maybe the night them, which is me. No own does cool shoe owner still full tell me what you do to me confrontation. They nothing new to me. You could bring a bullet bring a soi bringing more. But you can't bring the to me. Alexa, play Kendrick. Lamar and says, okay. Amazon music avoid all you need get tens of millions of songs. Download the Amazon music app today. Get to old navy today. Only get a full fifty percent off all the active. That's right. All the active where you've been craving is on sale. For fifty percent off at old navy and old navy dot com. Hurry ends tonight. 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