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Hey let's talk about the New Bud Light Seltzer in the new remix variety pack they have three new delicious flavors, pineapple, grapefruit, and cranberry. It's refreshing seltzer with natural ingredients in no artificial flavors with only hundred calories five percent Oklahoma you might as well have a few tonight or this weekend go to bud dot com to buy Bud Light Seltzer online right now or to. Find out where the nearest retailer may be must be twenty one plus Bud Light Seltzer unquestionably good. The power grid after forty podcast presented by Bud Light Seltzer available. Now in the podcast section of the iheartradio APP and on Kfi am dot com, we're going to start this thing. All right nine, twenty, two, twenty, twenty, eight, fifty, nine, am it's the power after Party podcast. Hi Carly Carly. Having. These sons of bitches all my games, I I look. Understand state. Just well above their pay grade. Lovely. Thank you for having my back. Of course. Always, we'll always have your back. Aboard Game Yeah. Hawk you didn't go Indiana yesterday. Did You Remember that reference. Oh what about the the bottle I did not? No. I did not stand up sixty nine my dad yesterday. Looking for. Carly if you had three wishes would one of them be for Chris. Hockey to stand up sixty nine zone dead. Hard to argue against that. It'd be a worthwhile. Use of my wishes, three wishes go three wishes on. For my family to always be healthy not my friends screw you guys know but like my family to be healthy. Third for sauce after the stand ups. the. For my mom to live forever because she's the greatest thing is kind of the same thing or is that? Shows. Like the endless ability to travel exactly how I want to you know what go to like I'd want I don't know if that would be like endless money so that I could just travel probably ever. I, want you all lying, right? Yes. You would want to the ability to teleport or something. Yeah. The whole packet like being able to travel the way I want which three is what? Dad. It's hard to argue sauces kind of right. What else? What else would you want? I? mean all sounds like you're in the same. Access to just like sixty nine porn created by your dad and Chris Hockey. So you. So again, you don't even want to be there like sauce and want to be, but you just want to watch it access if I ever want access. That's a really big wish like. The Pass. Code website. If you ever need it if I ever. Really. Got It. Like that was my king for the day. To wow I didn't cancel. Nine stand up by the. Standards. WHO WOULD BE? Who'd have the ankles? Well, we waste. Versus younger. My guess is stronger. So we assume that he was the one who is. To Support No that his dad is upside down. In, Chris, is holding them ahead standing is involved you're right I would say who was ever crank is biggest I would put them on the bottom because it would give you so much. You know it'd be like almost no schizophrenia. It works I don't think it's like a stepping. A step ladder I don't think that's how that works. Yeah. Beam. Beam? Yeah Monkey Bar. Leftovers I have. A man has been sentenced to forty years in prison in Texas after plotting to kill rape and eat someone Oh Jesus that prosecutors say twenty three year old Alexander Barter began to prowl the dark web with a self-described interest and cannibalism and necrophilia. When it began to seek people online, who would let him eat and kill them I'm going to Guess Kill Them I in the Ethan but you never know an undercover cop decided to contact imposing a thirteen year old girl. Barter reportedly told the girl about his plans and provided detailed instructions including to meet in the town of joke when. He was arrested when he showed up at the rendezvous point apparently carrying a sack of tools to carry out crime Jesus. How a bone thirteen. I know. Thank. God. There's so much cop cod math. I noticed the worst man gets to be careful out there. Hit a British man is facing charges for going on a drunken rampage while on a flight to a Spanish island there've been to Spain. I have not got to go to Spain never been. You. Ever watched a hawk stand up sixty nine is dead I have not yet but. Because I. Travel to Spain your family's healthy Christian his dad or having a hell of a time. The world's a better place. Pull that up on my computer. I HAVE ALL ACCESS ROY Confused because I'm not going to know why I'm doing it. But still that's fine. I want you to be confused right things if. I want to finish it. I want to be good at it and Yeah. You're not a coroner giving your and I've seen it done. So many times that I think I'm pretty good at it. for sure. Thirty, say the twenty, nine year old dude. We were talking about on the island of life. was heavily intoxicated while traveling on a plane do palm day Malacca girl. which translates to the palm is in micro. Drivers going to say you got angry when the crew refused to serve him another drink honors when Civil Guard members confronted him a fight broke out which led to him. Somehow biting off his friends right ear Jesus. Lord what. Are they detain them took him to the the jail they took his buddy to the hospital but the thing is I can understand this war on a plane like I heard this story and it was in a bar downtown. Minneapolis. That is ridiculous. Don't do that. But when I hear it's an a plane and I understand being irrational and drunk on a brain. Yeah I do get could unfold you give me another drink. And they say, no, we're. All over. The world's oldest animal sperm has been found in sauces mouth. God. Jesus Crime Andy. It's too far. Just in your mouth and down your throat none of those replugged. Daddy. Headphones none of those like. They're actually the oldest animals have been found a detailed. Science Journal say intelligence discover the sample in eight, hundred, million rolled piece of amber. It was specifically in the reproductive tract of an ancient female crustacean that was encased in resin just like a place. That's hard. When I read that I thought this is it going to do this we? Can't wait. It's a good question I doubt. Okay me the Jackson. Ice Hockey 'cause he's kinder to me I'm. Yeah you're whatever happened to the recreation of the way mammoth bit. Did that ever I? Think there's still work. Okay. That'd be sweet. Sweet. Yeah. pissed he's actually here. would. Got It researchers say sperm is double the age of the oldest fossil, a fossil animal sperm. Found up to now and one of the researchers said it tasted funny. Jackie. Whether it is something I'll never understand, but I'm grateful for. What? What don't? Worry about it. You know what I'm saying. harake. Required please somebody say what did you say over there? Like when when you do go stories and I rolled my eyes and I'm like fucking this is so fucking downright. What what if you're a person that thinks the earth is six thousand years old and you just read that story that it's hundred million-year-old like sperm and it's an amber and all its drastic park. The color right? It's also the color sperm sample apparently, but I mean you must think that you just you're. That I just read legs. Spell. Conspiracy Theory. This Theory right. But people they're trying to make us think we've been here longer than. The Earth is six thousand years older like a good chunk of Americans not a good chunk. Chunk. More than we would like. And Ben Carson is one of them. Yeah six thousand years old. Hey let's talk about the New Bud Light Seltzer in the new remix variety pack they have three new delicious flavors, pineapple grapefruit and cranberry. 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Ran for president now, he's the housing secretary of this, right? He's the guy that. Seemingly Falls Asleep during debates can I okay I've I saw some I saw this controversy for Contra. Drinking not yet on twitter yesterday and I'm curious because I don't know much about of these people could can you I don't know if you guys can even talk about it but that Katie Nolan thing did you see this with lock Jason Whitlock? Yeah Whitlam. Who she is. Wrote this Article V Article saying that Katie Nolan basically is. Only, made it where she is because of her looks like she's terrible she's not funny. It's like the. Wit Lock Fuck Clay Travis. Those two Fox are just trolls. They're just click bait. They're just playing. They're just I don't even need to know what he said. Everywhere, whitlock works now for outkick the coverage or whatever drives the two of them are just Fox they're just off. I didn't know anything about Jason. Whitlock. I knew I know Clay Travis is but I didn't know and I don't know Katie Nolan that. She is goose basically saying that but that she is like the epitome of white privilege, she only got there because of that she's white and she looks good. Okay. So curious about that and then it but in his article, he never gave an example of why she's not good. You know what I mean like it was. So I was curious if you guys knew anything about her. Anything. WHO's The lady that's on Maria Taylor he wrote about her. Who's just let's 'cause the guy the guy in Chicago got fired because he basically said that she I don't remember the exact words but he said she had an outfit would work to the he basically said this, Monday. Avian. Yes right and he got because she had she shoulders expose. It wasn't even remotely like she's gained and she was very stunning and it looked great. I think she's really good on the air to very pretty in the dress was not even remotely. Here's who gives a fuck what she's wearing, but that's it's just so fucking dumb no somebody basically said that. WHO. Was it they've the when stuff like that goes viral and people like. Whitlock in Clay Travis think the like. Here we go. They just get fucking raked through the coals with their nonsense they're just looking for attention but it works It's because people love it. With get fired and Clay Travis brought him in. He's been fired everywhere because of stuff like that. Yeah Yeah. That doesn't shock me at all his basically his take was I'm ugly and fat. And if I was a woman I wouldn't be on TV. He said Shit like that before. Okay Wealth, right? No. Yeah. Now he's not on TV so good or at least not as often. People around the world are celebrating the birthdays a fictional habits. Though and Frodo Baggins. Today is a national hobbit. Day. Oh. Okay. I've never seen any of those movies. So we just talked about this yesterday because the Hobbit the book was released yesterday in Nineteen seven is it was the anniversary. The first Lord of the Rings Trilogy Is Awesome Okay and you don't have to be Super Nerdy to get into it. I had never read the books before in the Hobbit trilogies just okay. Maybe even less than okay. It's just something to do of the brings movies one academy award third. Third. One one best picture right now but I, feel like I would enjoy it. Get rainy winter. Yeah. It's a good. Afternoon special effects were awesome. They filmed all three of them at the same time. So you can feel that they're all. There's a lot of continuity the the. The acting great Orlando Bloom's Great. mckellen's great. Yeah I think. I'd like it who the fuck plays a Guy's name that plays Frodo. Yeller. Kings in it, his yard. Tells I. Keep Sean Astin Sean Asks Him. Always. Vigo Mortenson awesome in it. It's really good. Agreed. It's fun. Like nerdy shifts and do. A man who knows where his surfboard ended up I should say a man now knows whereas surfboard ended up after he lost it off the shores of wine two, thousand, eighteen, the board made its way over five thousand miles to the Philippines. Wow. The boards original owner Doug Falter, said he was contacted by man who bought the board from fishermen shortly after falter lasted As satisfied or lose the board he says, he is excited that it fell into the hands of someone who wanted to learn how to surf altered raising money to give them endzone surfing him. He's lovely. Story go back for one second Carl. Have you ever dated somebody that you think other people would consider a nerd? Oh yeah like but give me the level of nerd. How nerdy is as do just a good look nerd. I mean I've dated across the board like Jimmy, the nerdy described the nerdy as dude dated in. Why was he nerdy? GIF nerds out there that are listening to some hope. Well, I don't I. Don't know if I don't know if it'd be nerdy. He did some he was nuts but not not not like a crazy bad way but like. Oh, there's a video of him out there. It's really funny. Okay. Not Like I can't. Okay. We're not GONNA attack because you're trying to out who it is. Yeah. Nerdy, this dude and why you think he was nerdy. Well, it was more just like a dirty out of professional upper level really like very smart. Company. Like Technology Company. On Moss? Mark. Wahlberg. Mark. Wahlberg. Wall. Gal Soccer. Sure. I would take mark. Mark. Wahlberg. He's cute and he's got. His hopefully, all of his terrible behavior. Yeah I'm I've dated all sorts of people. NERDS. Athletes. You married one. True. Married. Mary. People. Guaranteed. Data guy in a band. I think. So 'cause you said last week guitar. Jason Laney. For you clearly you like Bret Michaels. which by the way, if you hear that update we had. They. Just they just don't want to book interviews right now I swear I drive it is meal. When I think he is. Number of times I've requested an interview that he has banned me from his PR. Think they know me Zach. Story gave him like the clip like look here's looking at the kind of reaction we got. Here's the prank we pulled on this gallic this you know the shows got good ratings. Let's get bread on promote all of his stuff. And At this point where it is not really doing another round of meteorite now. So He's trying he we were legitimately trying to make it up to you for Ryan Donaldson a you I don't even need you I don't even want it. In yes you do. His ruined it for me. Make it up. It's so point we told you we're going to get him on, but no I don't think I've ever dated somebody that's abandoned. Data hated dot it. com. but yeah, I mean of data a lot of different kinds of cool yep. Lucky. Yeah. Oh this is cool. Hollywood unions have reached an agreement with major studios on safety protocols to allow the industry to restart production amid the coronavirus pandemic I'm a little surprises taking this long. What better Way To bubble. Yourself. have a film set right you just everybody that works on the set has to get tested and basically says, Hey, effort for the next three weeks. I'm in the bubble because I'm filming, put that in the film, the film's budget and all. Right put. Everybody bubbles because I would assume a lot of those people when they are on a film shoots even whether it's It to fly to a foreign country or in Hollywood, you probably don't see your family that much. So. Why not just bubble it up and say we got a hammer out ten episodes because season five is next. Yellowstone has been doing that bubbling even in a bubble. Yeah. We should have her on to talk about. Yellowstone? No, no no. No. The my friend's wife is. In the bubble on the show. Yeah and On days of our lives, he was big on days lives. Must be hot he yeah. He's very attractive. must be nice light his white we staffer on. I WANNA hear about. have run overtime. For some charity work. No. No we that. But his. What is it? That's you and me and rosy in car and. It's the production that I'm having done. So cute yeah. Still coming along going along as. Rosy. Looks the best I don't WanNA. I don't WanNa tell you on the air because it surprised for the listeners out there but. That's GONNA. Be Really Fun this make durable. This may give it away. Genius Yep. Yep there's a very special thing coming out with powerchip morning show. That's going to be awesome. If so looking forward to it. Okay. Now I'm so excited and confused Yeah Yeah I'll tell you about it was an idea ahead and it's finally come into fruition. What does that? would. You tell us what you do? What do you think? What does he think we're doing if you WANNA NEPAD? You should answered he hung up to call them back call. You won't. Want tone. down. Speaker on the just hold it up to the. We are. Sorry to bother. That's that's why I stopped. Mad At me. carly. Yeah Okay I just wondered. Humanity just making sure you obviously didn't hear the show this morning then no, no no I did not do anything on the show this morning but. Not. Thought. This morning was farther from previous shows. That's okay. Yeah. I just wanted to make sure you were we. Not Anymore okay. Thank you. Thank you. you guys recording right now? Yeah. Yeah. You're on the you're on record. Oh that's great You guys doing a great shopping he's continuing your work day. Make sure you clean the room up. So in Barreiro and come into podcast will be clean. Sauce. When you're when you're GonNa, just give me a call that'd be great. Did you tell. Your friends at work yesterday like you. Probably heard it on the telling your pants be honest with them. I leak forwarded yesterday. Off, there was a screen door. Gone. Right through the wire would've never touched it. I mean that's least of my concerned with the message you generally. He spilled coffee in the control. Room. At leave it well, yesterday. I cleaned up the spot. Dusk the computer in the control I mean the studio. left a lot of mess. Let's just say that. I'm assuming it's charged from tribe is probably is. Probably a good assumption. or I'll be there to Moscow's need anything. All right Okoye getting fired. I wouldn't do that over the phone again, I haven't fired. Again. Wasn't listening. I. Thank you. Guys have a good. Bye Chad. Did you legitimately think you are in trouble? He might still be. Really, would you do? Oh, you thought you were in trouble we're not gonNA talk. No here we are. I can't talk about it on the air. Legitimately you. Never. Know I. DO I heard about this? Never, mind. Again. At Chad would not be mad about that. He'd been Matfield. Are we don't. Now one less thing, there's documentary series premiering tonight on Netflix called the playbook in which coaches with a winning record, share their rules for success. So if you're looking for Some secret success I believe the Vikings coaches burned documentary. Before Sunday everybody. What does the word for the day? Oh I tell you what it is. Yeah. Are you GONNA be Madam? No cleavage. Kill. Thank you. Look the last thing you want to do if you're not feeling well is get up, get dressed and leave the house just to go to urgent care, go to your doctor you get somebody come to you. That's where ready comes in. GET READY DOT com look anything you would go to the doctor's office or the urgent care for readies responders can provide treatment for cold and flu symptoms, asthma and allergies body stomach aches even in Home Cova testing was zero out of pocket costs for those Cova tests. Great. Some exceptions apply call ready to find out more. Go to get ready dot. com.

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