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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Barbara Klein. More than three hundred Americans are back in the US after being quarantined on a cruise ship off Japan in the ongoing Corona virus outbreak from Hong Kong NPR's Jason Bobi and reports other countries are now trying to get their citizens off the ship. Australia and Canada are both attempting to set up arrangements to extract their people. Hongkong says it's going to send two flights on Thursday to take about three hundred Hongkongers back to Hong Kong. Those people are going to be subject to a fourteen day quarantine when they get back. Israel is also Setting up a special wing of a hospital where they're planning to quarantine Israelis who are coming back who've been on the ship and they're even planning to use robots to to take the vital signs of those patients as they're being monitored in quarantined there. Npr's Jason bobbie-ann reporting from Hong Kong. A bill to outlaw assault style. Weapons in Virginia has gone down to defeat in the state legislature in a tweet the NRA is thanking members and gun owners who turned out to oppose the ban thousands of them from around. The country protested in Richmond last month. Whitney Evans of member station. Vp 'EM reports. The bill would have banned the sale or purchase of assault weapons after twenty twenty one and it would have outlawed the possession of large capacity magazines silencers and bump stocks gun rights groups. Say it would make thousands of law-abiding Virginians felons overnight but gun control advocates including Lori Haas with the coalition to stop gun. Violence say it would reduce the death toll in mass shootings. Haass's daughter was shot twice and survived the two thousand seven Virginia Tech Shooting. That left thirty two dead. It's absolutely ridiculous. A Democrats walked back on this issue when it got them the majority a December poll conducted by the Watson Center for public policy included that a slight majority of Virginians support banning assault style weapons for NPR news. I'm Whitney Evans. After days of heavy rain in the South Mississippi's Pearl River crested today. Some one thousand homes are flooded. Mississippi public broadcasting's Ashley Norwood reports governor. Take Res says the river is draining and forecast fall below major flood stage soon but warns Mississippi is not to return home yet. We do expect the water to recede relatively quickly over the next two to three days as it is receding is going to be fast flowing water and just like was the case over the weekend. We strongly discourage anyone from getting in or trying to drive through the water reeves cautions that more heavy rainfall expected this week and could cause problems in counties downstream for NPR news. I'm Ashley Norwood. In Jackson Mississippi this is NPR pier. One imports has filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection and Bill Ziebel of member station K. E. R. A. Reports. The retail giant is now up for sale pier. One imports began in nineteen sixty two with one store in California catering to post World War. Two baby boomers retail outlets blossomed across all fifty states and Canada with merchandise also sold south of the US border at one point pier. One had more than a thousand stores now wants to sell and it'll take bids until March. Twenty third lenders are providing more than a quarter million dollars to keep it going pier one previously announced. It will close four hundred. Fifty stores including every outlet in Canada to distribution centres are also closing pier. One is another brick and mortar institution. Now downsizing or dying at the hands of online upstarts like wayfair and Amazon. I'm Bill Ziebel in Dallas Canadian. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is struggling to resolve the impasse with indigenous rights groups. That's closed down. Canada's major railway networks protesters are opposing a natural gas pipeline planned on native land. The world's richest man Amazon founder. Jeff bezos says. He's going to spend ten billion dollars of his personal money to fight climate change in an instagram post today. The CEO says his new Bezos Earth Fund will start giving out grants this summer to scientists activists and nonprofit groups. Amazon has a huge carbon footprint. I'm Barbara Klein NPR news.

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