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First in minutes top recipes from the Alps people in the else have always serves cured meats that's kind of what you're working with then we find more to our taste all that's blast a unique Thai food market thus under percents recipes in one single book which is one of the most original some travel stories and tips effectively being a cookbook that also doubles up surprise considering that it stretches across Italy Austria Switzerland humans and she's making and be that people in the he's preserves cured meats that's kind of what you're working with. STA whereas in Austria at least I found throughout that's associated with the elps Vr Schnitzel Viennese same with Kaiser custody pure product also in an elegant environment in I really love so the food is obviously amazing but other any rare ingredients the pre great grows out about one thousand meters that's incredible and it's reese small amounts and so I really implore people when they're visiting the cured meats and sausages that you can't find in North America the rest of Europe it employs you to find new ways of cooking really simple meals word Sushi anywhere run away you know that's what I love it's food in the rockies while I chose the elps because its they are they're not a huts that have been in existence for hundreds of hundreds of years those that always relational E. J. in the springtime they'll use lake trout and they do a smoke there I don't mind it conservative at all something that we you think that is because no one would be crazy enough to take it over its tradition sample I mean it's been in the family I think for four or five generations strength to strength and it's a completely authentic singular experience and aren't going back every year now meredith I guess the big question is what would your recommendations to answer it I kind of have to deduct kind of things with white you're looking for are you going with your family or do you a family run restaurant and they do this bread soup with Chicory and egg all town of Konya in house to that's kind it's very isolated up against family recommend going there I mean I could go on all day the hotel pastime called Valerie house where the father was a yeager Meister and kind of recipes to include in your book if you had to choose one your all time with peaches from a can it's from a hunting lodge in Kutai again it's easy to make and it's a recipe that at home I come back to over and over commercial for recollect cough drops the one that shows the two mountain villagers in front of the Matterhorn added them to a really simple vanilla ice cream base and it's surprisingly oh good experience outside of Asia on colorful umbrellas Hawker hundreds of thousands of visitors the female lead business could become a victim entire restaurant owner and Asian Food Aficionado die income loud I used to be a gathering of the Thai community mainly Thai women they would share the food and their experiences here and then it turned out thing I think you don't get better Thai food for like it's sweet it's Taghi and everything and you can sit outside and insist on to the state my theory is when it was and everyone like a big plastic bag a trash bag and everybody who why was promptly tolerated so long but now it's food or beverages for money so what they say it's a community and I heard out of nowhere like that says long shut your umbrellas and they would cover like all this stove with Tommy was obvious what's going on and when the police went away that just took around red umbrellas was ruined for what I wanted sure on the grill for men to park sausage which is a famous gets a bit Tangy they would add hosking Kukushkin and then that what makes Thai food so special because it's crispy your mouth that you think how can someone come up with a thing like this you have to play in that when I look around all the women are in a certain of the stall of of the market spot of the women would mostly Sid and going home that so I think the reason is why so many end up in Germany in marriage agency where they would have their own mentioned they have already a child so the could be more attractive to the German guys and move to this country and he picked my mother and this is just a guest I used to because who wants to be identified with and you find your way through life and just get over the fact that someone bought you to be here come from is known and sees Asian people are very polite gentle people and I think the biggest misconception what I can see is that the west look when you actually go to China and go to market and go to the shops you will see a school fee they are the ones getting up at four in the morning and go into the market and Mary I German man and he would expect her to be home and Mitte German and put together an incredibly successful business what I in Thai culture what role they're actually playing what I love about being here I I know how women giving up a lot of control of their own life home to the family members or they saved up to spend time as possible Sebastian at international following as this Paris based bakery them across the world to customers in countries such as the US and Japan Book Boylan the secrets of the world famous bread bakeries out now for eighty years my grandfather started new shush media in Paris in the early Thirties oster consistency but also so that our clients can feel like they have of that basic necessity and therefore I remember as a student at Harvard and when I ran out of it by ten am I was like so hungry because the other breakfasts advocation and it is my daily bread and it is something that I feel is part of what plan at heart there is one thing that each bakery and each Baker okay that corresponds either to our setting or to our tastes and the taste at pylon it's too history politics arts I mean we have been making a branch something that links our humanity at large so a culture of bread would be short answer an architect and my father Baker that combined their talents into link twenty four bakeries like twenty four bake houses which equates season depending on the orders scale up scale down but never compromising been in charge of his production the already mentioned about the connection of your that feeds me on a daily basis and when I mean by that is I have it did in two thousand and two when I took over the family business or in two thousand seven when I graduated the link between Britain our societies at large that's what feeds me daily I lead Poland today was that approach clear for you from the very beginning correct students and you find yourself being charged with the business did you know then what you were doing taking year off expecting to go to college next fall and from one day to the next I went to my father's the first months of my near off to finish off some aspects of flipped more of an understanding and appreciation and I think that's what explains why I've on that with my sister I thought you know we really have an extraordinary quality absolutely I mean there was a very practical ambition here is I is one of my classmates the opportunity to talk with the cook that was in charge of the it's no surprise that we have an being French American I have this dual there is quality control that's involved when I received a bread every week it was a great services considering that you're shipping bread around the world where are your biggest groups of your follow and historically the points where French reports of Asia but the US as well and my mother being American a great way of developing our tellers network but I their chest is still logistics it just works a Bologna Portland there the go-to Monaco's websites soundcloud or itunes and remember to subscribe it costs that takes you to some of the world's most interesting cool narrow district's and it premiers this broker with Dina silence recommendation this week song is by everything shopping they said they.

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