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You'll be glad you did and happy Thanksgiving from our family family to yours every day. Second by second minute by minute hour by hour talktime goes by taking this farther and farther away from those memories of the past. Do you remember. Remember that time. Remember win win now. You don't have to remember because we do. This is the ace and TJ total recall. Strap yourselves in because we're going all the and today when it comes this addition of total recall we start with a great addition of bad boyfriend. Poker P- at Christmas that dry. It's the Christmas edition a bad boyfriend poker plus us. Hey Santa's great and it's wonderful but sometimes let's face it sometimes fan of forgets the details. It's funny because it's not you as a kid when Santa forgives the details. That's coming up today but we start with what this week sounded like four years ago. It's Reagan's and the week in review. TJ's Aj's total recall podcast And this is my song it's Khaliq and repute. It's a week's worth of shows. Summarize for you know special effects and no auto tune just me and my guitar performing foreman for you there's a new Salami that can cure your hangover. They're soothing ingredients in every bite getting drunk and eating Salami. It sounds like my kind of night. Kim Kardashian named her baby boy saint. They're setting a high bar for him. I'm not saying he won't be a wonderful person. I'm saying the chances are pretty slim next next week. Star Wars role arrive in theaters. I'm just imagining a lot of dudes. Lindsey tried on stormtrooper costume but they weren't made for enormous boobs and this is my song the week in review. It's a week's worth of shows summarized for you know special effects and no auto tune just me and my guitar performing performing for you. We're having the ASON. TJ Employees Christmas party this weekend. It's going to be crazier than ever before. Just getting Ayso drink three beers puke on shoes and then we'll all all be home by four. That's what really happens. Update like everyone else. I wanted to Hover Board for Christmas. I found one for a price that was reasonably low. Then I was like you don't want to leave your apartment. Where the L.? Are you going to go. I also wanted a new pair of leather boots wanted that I could wear during rain or snow then it was like you don't want to leave your apartment. Where the hell are you gonNa go and this is my song? It's called the week in review. It's a week's worth of shows shows. Summarize for you know special effects and no audio to just me and my guitar performed for you are manager. Adam is trying trying to get eighties band heaven seventeen to tour the US. Ankara website. Our manager Adams trying to get eighties band heaven seventeen to tour who are the US. I guess he went to one of their shows and gave him his card regardless of the outcome. I'm glad to see he's working hard. I love being single around Christmas. It beats having to meet her family and getting flustered. Of course. I don't WanNa build a gingerbread house. Ed Rather get waterboarded with mustard and this is the weekend review. It's a week's worth of shows. Summarize for you know special effects and no auto to just me and my guitar performing for you now. We're just two weeks away from Christmas. I love seeing all the wrapped presents under the tree. This year Charlie Sheen got a lump of coal and by combing HIV. Ah The lead singer of Stone Temple pilots has passed away if you heard the news. You got the gist. They found SANITEC sleeping pills painkillers. Viagra Viagra sounds like jared fobel's Christmas list. Okay all right thanks guys thanks. Wow no I don't know it's okay. It's okay leaving me way out there. Aren't you going down to okay. All right. The first edition Shen of breaking and entering Christmas was pretty emotional. We gave family furniture presence in food until Lindsey just ripped one in the studio and it just totally killed the movie and this is my song. It's called the week in review so week's worth of shows. Summarize for you know special effects and no auto tune just me and my guitar performing for you thank you. It is the ACE and Tj. Totally call podcast. You got no win the for no no bed boyfriend. Poker has been a staple of this show for years. It's been done by radio. Shows shows all over America indeed in radio shows in Australia and England have done it as well. That's not even a lie. I'm not even kidding about that. So today we bring you the Christmas sedition bad boyfriend poker two hundred dollars up for grabs Lisa. Welcome back to the TJ show. You ready to play. I am Elizabeth. Welcome back are you ready to go. Amrani okay each of these ladies has three stories they start kind of with the with the least biggest defense whatever the low card thanks and work all the way up to their high card. Each story is a card in their hand of bad boyfriend poker. Then we will ultimately determine the winner so Lisa. Why don't you go first? These these are all stories. All of these things happened from the same guy that they were seeing Lisa first card in your hand a bad boyfriend poker bought me Washer and Dryer flooring for my house and lots of other big ticket. I don't on his ex girlfriend's I account so unbeknownst to her she was paying being for all these luxury items for you exactly and a computer from our son win. Did she find out she was paying for all these things it was well. I'm not sure when she found out but we found out together a couple of years after he had no longer been in the picture. Wow Okay so so when you when you go into your own pocket to give people something. It's noble but when you go into somebody else's pocket Elizabeth. I I card in your hand a bad boyfriend poker. He wanted to hang out with his brand so he picks a fight with me and left on Christmas Eve and they didn't come home until Christmas night. Wasn't there Christmas morning. Even though his four year old son was bang with US Komo way so he had his son for Christmas. Not your son his son right. Or you're old. whose own be all excited about what Santa Claus brought and his dad? It was me are we ought to arranging start here poker. Lisa's second card in your hand. A bad boyfriend poker. He had a young daughter that he told me he would go visit every other weekend and when he just didn't visit her when we were together I started questioning facing it. We went out and bought her lots of Christmas present one year including a special necklace that he wanted her to have spent a good bit of money on it and I I found out later on that he had had his parental rights terminated years before and never saw her so. I'm not sure what happened to all the Christmas presents that I spend a Lotta time by so you have no idea where this gifts win or no and the funny thing is I and that his ex wife and his daughter two years after we had Broke it up. Am That's really sad over these kids okay. TV's total recall. podcast you are about to have your mind blown with the conclusion collusion of bad boyfriend poker. The Christmas edition plus what happens when Santa Forgets the details. Do not miss this next. I'm total recall. TJ's as total recall. podcast this is the total recall. PODCAST subscribe nowadays. TJ Dot com the TJ APP or through iheartradio. 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Okay well I was pregnant and the doctor had taken me out of work Had saved up quite a bit of money for my maternity leave and I check the balance on December twenty third and realized that he had gone through thousands of dollars and they account. It wasn't the negative to be fair so we know the amount we're not gonNA say the total amount but it was right well in excess of ten thousand dollars that he had cleaned account. What does she had saved ended up personally for maternity? Leave right so there you are planning ahead knowing that just in case things go bad the doctor makes if you start working in you have all this money saved it to make sure you're OK. Well taken care of and he burns all of it every penny and then what did he spent it on. Oh good idea. It was illegal substances so now for in the third and final card in your hand. Bad Boyfriend Poker. He bought a vinyl siding business. Business and one of my father retired. He talked him into coming to sell some of its pricing services stuff on that was a respected businessman and he got one of his colleagues ex-colleagues to put a deposit down a house the to have the signing done and it was a ten thousand dollar our deposit and the lady started calling wanting to know why nothing was being done on her house and so they threatened legal action and then he ended up having to go live with his sister so she could pay off his bills so he wouldn't go to jail and then disappeared. He was living with her here for a couple of months and he disappeared and no one has seen or heard from him since then including his entire family sounds like a prince of a guy. It also ruins your dad's reputation. His sister ends up paying back the ten thousand dollars and he took the money that he got blew it all and then disappeared. And nobody's seen him since that's correct. Okay Elizabeth Final Card in your hand bad boyfriend poker. Okay so Confront him when he got home that day about the money and check the account balance and he just completely like wigs out and start throwing the Christmas. We had our Christmas tree on the front porch. Huma lived on the river. Say Start taking the Christmas presents and chunking them in the river it and the tree with all the ornaments in the river. Everything because you confront him about the fact that he'd gone through over ten thousand dollars of your money without you knowing it and then I get in the car to leave and go to my parents house and he follows me and my parents house and like Chaz run mail. Okay Okay reamer trash. TJ Lisa the vinyl siding business or Elizabeth whose boyfriend through all the trees in the river which one left the four year old on Christmas morning born Elizabeth. That's the one you're voting for you. I'm GONNA go exactly what I was thinking. Let's just try. Yeah I'll go with Leeson okay. So we have to Elizabeth one Lisa. I'm going with Elizabeth Awesome. Congratulations Elizabeth Badboy Poker. Both of your winners for just having survived these young gotten away from them. Please take some at least take some of that money and see if you can find a class on how to spot a decent guy is the ace and Tj. Total recall podcast. I use a really good one. I know how you feel Christmas Saturday in new begun but Santa Forgot. BBC's he's went around all weekend trying to knock stuff over with air pump the crap out of that league may have broken it even before or BBC's okay that's tough that'd be the worst. Finally that's exactly actually the thing But you know Santa makes mistakes. I mean just because it's magic and came back stakes. Our magic made a big mistake. The biggest. I'm madge John's so even even magic isn't always perfect. Perfect try it. I don't understand this is when we woke up at five. Am to an alarm going off. We had lost power. My Mom told me remember that. Go back to bed and we did and we woke up hours later. Mom told us that Santa Forgot to leave the power on for Christmas. Smith's proceeded to Okinawa. Blue boy we didn't proceeded to open our our presence by the fireplace. And at this point my parents are rolling laughter. Because we'd gotten all these electronics and I got a cell l.. Phone was no way to charge it saying leave power but I miss Bassett while power garage. It was a bad winter. We had a lot of snow. When is okay? But then so. That wasn't bad as Paul. Why are they blaming Sandal boy but to keep everything fresh? They took everything out of the refrigerator refrigerator and put it outside of packed into the snow in their yard that kept everything fresh to they got their power back two days later. I think they have that option. Let's see Jennifer welcome the ACE and Tj. Show what happened when Santa Forgot the details well sometime Fanta which participate price tag healthy. Oh that's all only have like sticker price tag not just bar code but you know. Why don't you go eckerd sometimes or somewhere like that? Grab the little stuff right When when that was When that was happening happened to me when I was a kid it was that Santa had had run out of certain things by the time he got all the way down to Louisiana course? Everything was by the time he gets all the way down here. And so yeah he ed run to Walmart. You go since in sales into Walmart in regular clothes and so they didn't get wreck and Toboggan has so you can see they're pointy ears. You GotTa do what you gotTa do you mean by Tom. He gets all the way down to Louisiana Ceann. He's Oh I mean you could imagine. Thanks John Hart he is Toro tarred war. Flat Out Jamie's Columbia. This is Great Jamie. What is the detail that Santa Forgot when you were nine Cena forgot that? I have an allergy. I'm Tina Eminem in my talking to Santa almost kills me exit. I got to spend Christmas in the hospital and NFL lactic stock holders done better since then. Well how old were you. I was nine and you knew you were allergic to peanuts. Yes okay within Santa was testing you failed. I felt the Naughty Audie list. Yeah I was in the zone you just talking out and descend rap and and yes Santa Cruz. Santa Forgot would realize that our our. When did your parents realize that Santa had forgotten Pretty much when my throat started in closing up it was a few minutes. 'cause they were all kind of waking up and getting stuff writing yeah. That's a great story. Here's here's what I'm unclear because we're just having this conversation off the Air Santa when Santa came to my house and went to Santa comes for my kids what Santa leaves is always unwrapped and sitting out but several people have said one of the details that Santa forgot once it was that Santa Forgot to wrap some presence. I think it's it's a preference I think. If you really like unwrapping he's GonNa wrap them for you because I always just like Brunton in there and CNN because one lady sends the message that said one near Santa Forgot to wrap the presents presence and they were going into the room moms started yelling and they had to go back and wait on the stairs while mom wrap with the gift that Santa had left them to have this small detail. Santa I never got ours was always Santa left unwrapped and anything else it was wrapped came from your parents or family or whatever. That's how you knew what Santa had left because it was always always out there so when the doors open we had these little these sliding door things when the door open boom it was what Santa me you know. I remember the year that against Santa's better judgment and he had his elves. Make the Richard Prior albums that I wanted. I forgot about the TJ total recall. PODCAST is new at noon every day. Subscribe now on I tunes when you look at your current bathroom. 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