Steelers Preview Special Edition, Part 2: Expecting both the expected and unexpected against the Ravens in Week 12


Ri pittsburgh steeler fans. Jeff hardy here for part. Two of the steelers special edition previews something. I'm sick of talking about the ravens. Podcast and here we are with. Brian davis podcast producer. Days goldfield co editor behind the steel curtain. dot com. Your one stop shop for all things. Pittsburgh steelers gotta throw that in there all right now. Let's talk about this Someone brought this up. I wish i knew. But i don't. It wasn't a super chat. It was just a good question. So the pittsburgh steelers. I name the four players that we're going to be out. There were put on the covid list. Well same again. In the not not counting kevin dotson who remains it was gerald hawkins. James conner steph onto would end isaiah bugs. They're also to coaches though. Danny smith junior right brian. He's a junior right is he's a junior. Danny smith junior and mad candies the quarterbacks coach because of the protocols and the steelers being in the in the intensive protocol wherever the nfl's calling it There's been no high risk contacts pride. Because every meeting he had with canada was virtual. therefore he's not in the same room. It's not a denver bronco situation but still what do you think the impact of not having that. Canada on the sideline if any impact at all will be on the steelers offense cheesy night brian. We'll start with you for me i. I really don't think that there's too much of an impact because he's not calling the plays maybe he's suggesting some things. But i i don't know how it goes with assistant coaches. The this is a situation that this is crazy but are they call in. They knows someone ask. Someone asked this too. I wanna say it was might have been ray fittipaldi or marco. Bali is one of the beat writers. Someone said Could they actually like send text messages or call. They can talk at halftime. But they can't do any in game Actual correspondence or anything like that. So but yet back. Canada could get on a zoom. Call technically With the quarterbacks or with rothlisberger feeding at halftime and say i'm watching the game you guys suck or something. I don't know. Go ahead brian. This this just all goes in. The preparation really is what i'm looking at here. How they're prepared now. Danny smith junior. I don't really think that anything that he's doing this is i'm not busting on them. I usually bust. I'm not busting on them so really in game. I don't see him making too many as far as adjustments. Go so i really you know. He's got assistance. He's got there's people to help out on that as remember randy still your offensive coordinator. Possibly ben is still your offensive coordinator. Definitely you know. So what canada's absence is is making suggestions but he's not he's not really he's not designing plays in the middle of the game. He's probably doing more damage on a wednesday thursday or friday designing some schemes devoted thoughts on matt canada. Not being there well as somebody who was not who was a head coach of a lower down program high school. Therefore i wasn't assistant coach on during varsity games and things like that. You're just constantly looking and seeing if you know sometimes you're just your job is to just see one thing specifically and break something down and it might not even be something else with your specifically with what you are normally assigned as being like the quarterbacks coach is that if you can see something and bring it up and say hey we can exploit this the more. It's funny because you want enough sets is on those kind of things but you also don't want too many cooks in the kitchen so missing an assistant or to isn't the end of the world probably because you don't want to have too much but at the same time there might be something that that they could what they would normally see or normally breakdown. Who knows the last time. They played the ravens whose idea it was to spread them out and go and go wide and run. The drama plays in the dirt. Was that ben. was that brady land. Was that candidate. We don't know so. Could there be a little bit of something. Yeah but i don't think it's knowing about it now and being able to adjust going in. That's just that's just how it is and and that's twenty twenty. Nfl football and luckily the steelers don't have to make nearly as many adjustments as what their opponent yeah. I don't think it's going to be that big of an impact. I think that what he brings to the team is probably something that could be done. Virtually anyways game plan talking about. It's going to be to randy and ben rothlisberger to absolutely get that stuff done all right Let's talk. we talked about a little bit about the change in the vegas line. Which is now steelers giving ten points. I have my old prediction here guys. Do you know what yours were brian. Yale years i know david i never right mind down and i did on thursday ed nine wednesday or tuesday. What was that. What did we cheese. Day of last. Tuesday and i wrote my down so i was like twenty six to twenty it will. It was the they covered the spread. But i i don't think it was by much okay so now. The question is knowing what we know now. The players that are out for both teams for both teams has your perception changed if sell. What is your new prediction. And we'll talk about you know covering and all that when you do that so brian. We'll start with. You is your prediction changed. And if so how it's changed a little bit. I expect the steelers to win by a little bit more. But look i think the ravens are still scary in this game. I can see it getting a little crazy in the first half. But i just don't think with the offensive line and the anybody protecting those running that running game and the fact that lamar jackson isn't there to kind of confuse you in the running game that i mean 'cause gus gus edwards is they're just an hill there. Justice hill is there but the problem is they're not in on an island and there's not a threat for hand off to them and lamar jackson. Running around the side. Of course are g three can do that. And i understand that. But not as dynamically as lamar can. So the reason i'm bringing all of this up is i'm thinking the steelers still win this game. Thirty one to twenty. But i actually thirty one to twenty three. But i just don't think that it's it's going to be a walk in the park. Okay dave. i'm changing mine. Mine was thirty nine to twenty seven. Was what i had said and i don't believe that now for for a moment because i don't think the steelers we'll have to score that many points and we also taking into account that we can have a few inches of snow on the ground And stuff that. They're dealing with in pittsburgh tuesday nights but you know it's still the color s uniforms yum hope. I'm just hoping it's funny because a lot of times you just you gauge some stuff with the team based on fan excitement and obviously the fan excitement for this is completely died down because of being strung along struggling. I'm hoping that team is not in the same boat. But i think it's going to be a lower scoring game now. I'm would be surprised. To see some decent rushing totals for the steelers. They're going to get to a point in the game. Hopefully that they can that they'll just lineup to run and run and actually let their lineman blocked guys down the field rather than just trying to hold their position out of shotgun and things like that and take advantage of that defensive line and and those kinds of things. So i'm going to. I'm going to drop down now to twenty seven to thirteen. Okay all right very good. I too had a very high scoring game scheduled for on thanksgiving night. The steelers winning thirty three to twenty four. I'm gonna dial that back as well on both ends just a little bit Going to have pittsburgh winning this game on tuesday night. Thirty to seventeen thirty to seventeen again i. I think that they're going to think pittsburgh's going to move the ball. I think they're going to be a run the ball and we're gonna talk about that running game here second but i think that ultimately pittsburgh is to do enough to win against this banged up and depleted ravens crew. No i wanna talk about the players for the steelers that are going to be out. This this tuesday but before we get that Arthur steal it was a dollar ninety nine again. Thank you very much. He said who has a better showing for the steelers in week. Twelve the offense the defense brian. We'll start with you you don't that is so hard to tell you know if they if they do catch the steelers with the pants. Their pants down on defense changes. Don't expect them to do. The offense could really have a better game. But i'm betting on the defense here you know. I'm if i'm the defensive coordinator i'm just rushing the heck out of watt and Do and let them just like just like every like backyard football. Just go after the quarterback. Don't count to three just blitz. Dave who has a better showing. I'm the whole thing with and changing my my answer for the score was about tone and the tone of the game. Is it the tone going to be an offensive game or a defensive game. Just all around and i thought it last thursday it was going to be an offensive game for both teams now. I do feel that. It's going to be more of a defensive game. I do and i think the steelers defense is going to have a very good showing. The only reason i picked thirteen points was. Because i've i'm afraid that they're going to get something at some point but i could see this defense doing like mean. The steelers have only given up thirteen points total in the last two games so i think this defense is really the driving force of everything going on with this team and i just have a feeling in this game the way it goes is the defense drives it and the offense just tries to do enough to hold on to secure the win yet in this game the steelers one on establish a run. They wanna get a lead and just kind of if it's ugly and it's a low scoring affair they don't care they just wanna get the win and move on to the next game Let's talk about quickly the The players that are out for pittsburgh. So let's leave dodson out of it because he's been on the list for a while so we're talking request or is there a possibility he could come back. Does he have to go through any kind of now. Because no of any vance mcdonald. They asked him in tomlin him. Being tomlin tomlin said that he was cleared to practice and then he practiced but he wasn't even on the practice report because he had to day was a two day waiver. I think it was when you come back but you don't have to use it. I don't think so where they wanna make sure you're healthy enough when you come back. You don't have any effect so that's still a possibility because i'll talk about that when we get together position. Okay so leaving dots and author list you look at hawkins connor to it and bugs so it really comes down to two and connor. Who's the biggest loss for the steelers. When you're looking adept when you're looking at what they're gonna to do on tuesday night. Which is the bare loss to connor. Dave will start with you. Well i have an article that will come out probably tomorrow. Maybe in the afternoon or something depends on what i talked to. Jeff about the gonna talk about what the steelers are gonna do with each of these positions where they're going to be missing players and what's interesting is when it comes to the defensive line. The steelers were actually carrying extra defensive lineman more than they ever normally have so even though they have two guys down there. They're still have five left on the team that they can dress without even have to bringing up anyone from the practice squad. So i think i honestly think that too. It is the bigger loss. But i also think that they have more of an opportunity to overcome to its loss to base on the depth to that position. If you know that seems like it'd really answer the question but you understand what i'm saying. I mean going into it. You're like i think that missing to it on the defense is more than missing connor on the offense. But i also think that the guys who could be asked to step up have a better chance of stepping. I've more confidence in them throughout the game if that makes yeah brian we think to it or connor. Who's the bigger loss gerald. Hawkins actually i think joe hawkins loss of gerald hawkins is bigger than anybody thinks. But that's not my answer. You know i can give you a dave answer and say i. I think they're both equally important in this game. Especially if there's a lot of snow on the field and you want you need to establish the running game but you have a better shot at snell being able to step in than warmly stepping always going to do fine but i think to it or as the jacksonville. Pa announcer tut is going to be i. Did you catch that. Because i like on the tackle and our friends from tennessee too. But when i when i heard announcer said i'm like all right that's brilliant so i think todd is going to be very tough very tough loss for the steelers. Because here's the thing. Though about losing stefan every time stuff onto out of the lineup. Who steps up in a huge way care roy hayward i wish i wish we knew his middle name get her. That's hold on names anyway. Remember tough. But i just think i think conners very important in this game but i'm going to it all right dave. Jalen simmons is out correct. I was gonna talk about that. I said well. It's cameron phillips hayward philips philips got it okay so jalen samuels. They're going to be carrying just to know next now. Now now because they you forget they have four empty roster spots right now not only that they can bring these guys up from the practice squad and whenever these guys come back off the list they can go back on the practice squad without having to go through waivers and it doesn't count as one of those elevated dimes where you only get two of them. I can i if you wanna place a safe bet on this game. Bet that window small woods going to be on the steelers roster for this game. He's come and that would be three and it'll carry three but still i look at this and i. I'm more confident with the defensive line depth because they had to do it already not necessarily for two. But they fill in for our wallow They do a nice job. Rotating players in there So even carlos davis has gotten time warmly back at a at the perfect time in. Then mondo is there. I i like their deaf defensively. Benny snell is someone that played well last year last year in week. Seventeen at a pretty good start to the twenty twenty season in new york had a big run and everyone was thinking up. Here is this time. And he sort of fumbling the football. I'm not sure any. Mike tomlin said on sunday when he has asked about benny snell he said i have no concerns about benny snell being a feature back in the nfl. But i'm curious. Are they gonna try to mix in a lot of mcfarland. I think the james conner is loss is bigger than people realize. I said this on my. Let's ride and i'll say it here to the let's ride. That will run on monday morning. That is if i think. If anthony macfarlane could go the way of milwaukee more really work on blitz pick up. He would be the perfect. They're down back his ability to get out in space. Is he agrees. Good catching the football. He is a lot of speed. i think he'd be perfect in that role but he's not there yet. Go ahead dave. Okay this is. This is kind of going to be. What's up going into this article for tomorrow or today. If you're listening to nadia perform when it comes to the running back the most concerning thing that i have is is pass blocking. That's one and two. The thing with benny snell has benny snell is your line up. I say i formation with data. But he's he's you're under center. Let the law offensive line. Fire out and push everyone forward running back. The problem is that's not the way they've been running the ball with ben rothlisberger. That's why you haven't seen as much benny snell. But that's the way they will run the ball if they have a big lead. They're just trying to run out clock and that's when beni shmelts. Benny snell will be more effective. So that's my biggest concern but the other reason like the loss of honor isn't as much i'm thinking is that if they have problems with either pass protection or just running the ball general. They're just gonna go four wide receivers and tight end and throw quick passes that i think the offense will work around that more since that was also the answer they had against baltimore last time. I often would work around that more than they can say we need. Someone stuffing up the middle on defense. Now i think worm lee is going to be the guy that fills in for to it in base. But i think when they go some package. You're gonna see all wallace steinfield. More your pride. You're probably right and i will always done that. His entire tenure so he's very comfortable in that role a real quick. I wanna get this. Because he gave it to his donation. A little bit of their snowman gives us five dollars. It can you guys start calling the ravens. The radford's let's go see his. Yes that's right. We've had way too many ravens comments here today. We need to get back to call him. Drivers by the way my Second oldest daughter. She said the other day. I called them the rappers. Why are you calling rappers ravens. Like a flying rat. So that's basically that's basically so very intelligent animal still all right Guys what else peaks your interest about this. This game is never going to happen. That we're just gonna keep talking about forever odd. Seems like brian. Is there anything in particular that you like. This is something that fans should be concerned with. Is there anything at all you know. I think both teams are going to be so fired up for this game that we are. We don't even know what to expect in this game with. Just i mean hoping to get to forty eight hours from now. And that's it. We're we're hoping to get to gain time. And so it is going to be like. I said before the ravens are gonna come in feeling like survivors. They're gonna they're gonna feel like they're taking on the world and the steelers are going to have a chip on their shoulder to. It's just comes down to really. Who was the better team coming into this game. And that's that's really what you've you've got to think about so somebody mentioned earlier that when i mentioned that i'm afraid of the ravens a little bit in this game and somebody asked batter you living in your fears. I'm a time share in my fears. I really because anything can happen. I was never this anxious. But i've seen the ravens come in. I was at the ryan mallett game. I know dave was too. I was at that game. You see stuff happened. And they are still coming in. I know there are jv team. But they scare me. And i think you said before to jeff. They're going to pull out all the gadgets and they're going to go crazy if the steelers are the team we think they are. They're going to be fine. Is you throw out everybody. That's gone all the pieces that you're putting together you look at the teams that existed before week. Twelve the the ravens a week. Eleven and the steelers in week. Eleven and look at it that way whose leftover who has more holes and who's going to finish this game all right dave. What about you anything. They kind of Sticks out Heading the answer could be no. We've covered everything else and for all we know we could. You know we're sitting here talking about y'all you gotta worry about this player that player and we're assuming and we're i mean believe it or not we're hoping there's no more positive tests that would just make. It seem like that. The outbreak still happening. But next thing out someone else might not be available. Remember who was jimmy. Smith is questionable with like an ankle or something y- questionable leading up to because they haven't activist the same reason someone had asked really about. Joe haden joe. Hayden is questionable because they hadn't practiced for three days in the last time that he practiced he was limited so a questionable designation was good for him. So this'll be interesting. Someone brought this up. I meant to say this earlier and can bring up the super chat. Because i meant to say this before. I miss it just happened with john. Knox two dollars dare derek. What the backfield would help us a lot is. Do you think there's any chance that they could if they if they're keeping a running back in the game for pass protection. Do you think it could possibly be derek. What yeah you could if it's purely for pass pro but the problem is that we always talk about dave. We hate when they do things. That are predictable. We even they do things that so unless you're going to hand the ball off to erik wate even if it's a delay draw then y even do it. Why not five wide. You're obviously go to throw it to get it. I get it. But i guess i guess if you're going to put it back in the backfield outer now that's just my thought. We have like ten minutes left in this. Show live chad questions. If you wanna trivia you do we have trivia short trivia game. That's for sure when a now. Wanna get some questions because a lot of people have been asking questions. I wanna get some of these. We'll do some rapid fire questions in a set good. Here's the question. Have the pittsburgh steelers ever played a game on tuesday. I'm going to say now. I'm gonna say pre merger. Yeah how about nineteen forty-five side twenty-fifth nineteen forty five. Where they played. I got to bring this up here. Because they played the b- boston slash brooklyn yanks slash tigers because it was nineteen forty five. This was the year after they were. I think it was card. Pitt was forty four right brian so this was the next year now. It didn't turn out well for the steelers. It was the first game of the season. They lost twenty eight to seven. But there's gotta be some things that the steelers are gonna be able to do for the first time ever in a game played on a tuesday. One is get a victory. One is rushed for more than twenty two yards. Get because that's all the rushing yards. They add in that game. Another would be for pass for more than one hundred and thirteen yards. Another one would be to throw less than six. Interceptions won't even better to have. Well losing four fumbles. It just didn't lose them so they had six turnovers in the game. So these are some things that the steelers will now have a chance to do. Shockingly the actually had more first downs in that game in their opponent but when you have six interceptions that'll that'll kind of do that. So they have the they could set. They could really set some records on tuesday so Make sure we realized when they hit hit. That twenty-third rushing yards against the ravens. That we're all putting that out there on twitter that they've Not rushed for the most yards ever from pittsburgh steelers team on a tuesday and dead. That dick shiner. He was something else back actually was but it was like willie shakespeare toy. Toyomi t t. Oh hi yami jarvi. Oh i'm a big jerry. Tai khotan touchdown passed john. Lewis and dave. I gotta tell you nine hundred forty five two thousand twenty apples. Oranges tastes the same. I just thought was as much true. It was just fun facts. There you dick. Shiner was nine hundred sixty nine jeff. That's well. I know that. I mean at the same time i if any time it's before like the seventies it's always dick shiner. Okay with boardman this. I don't know probably not. Cathy forgives us five dollars. She says dear santa's go. I've been very good fingers crossed. I'd love guest visit from the hater. School see we you can do at the school. We'll see i like that. By the way. I'm i'm i'm not i'm not be not bad. That's up to the the day p they're all right. You already questions as we have done this and while we never time all right rapid fire. We're always going to go bryan. Then dave just say you know all right. Mrs and mr steele are we gonna play brian. Yes dave i agree to. Who's the who pose a threat to the front seven gus edwards or g. three robert griffin the third in. Turn all between you and the superjet. I'm completely off track. And i'm gonna pay seattle's two losses. What was the question who poses the bigger threat to our front seven. Gus edwards of rg three. Gus edwards. i agree. Gus edwards air nathan nathaniel says who has the best hair out of the three of you. Well are we talking about here on your head hair on your face. I don't have much up top. So i'd have to say bryan right. I mean that's brian. Offer the show. It's the only genetic lottery. I'm ever going to win almost fifty and i've got a full head of hair my heredity was good to me. They're nowhere else. I will tell you this. If we're talking in general. I the exact opposite of my brother. My brother has a as x. He wasn't that genetic lottery. I guess i got more of the of the athleticism and overall physical prowess well. He got good hair in his mid forties. Very good next question. What role will. derek watt. Play on tuesday night. Brian touchdown really. Oh the bold prediction that we already did both predictions but anyways dave with special teams ace. I think they're gonna use for. I think you're going to see him more as a full back. That more of a traditional fullback this game. then you have since he's been brought into pittsburgh period so we'll see and then we also did talk about how you know. Derek watt could potentially like you said david they're gonna use him in different ways with james conner being out there. Yup all right next question would no huddle help against a depleted bradbourn defense bryant. Yeah i think so. I think they do. Dave kerr all right. It's no man. Was joe haden in a minor accident this week. Yes you know. Believe it. Or i didn't write this story for the website i probably should have or one of us should have going on. There was a law going on. Yes he was in a an accent. He did post a video of the vehicle and the other vehicle. There didn't look great but same yes. He was brian. Let's talk about that at any way shape or form. I don't i don't know too much about it. I i know it was. I just minor and not a big deal. Nothing to worry about. Dave damage was done to the vehicles. Not to the people. From what i understand and i do recall unseen airbag deployment. I could be wrong. I just didn't notice it wasn't looking at two. Oh mike back chimes derek. Wada's good hands. I just want the steelers. Use more all die on this hill. He has a jersey so he has to get super steelers. Were they were. They called the steelers in nineteen. Forty five i guess the question is how long were they the pirates until they were they were the steelers and forty five thirty three to thirty nine. They were the pirates right. If angels been asking this question. I've seen it enduring the preview. Literally the last four or five shows he's a. When will the after party be brought back. That's a question for the you know what we were actually going to bring back the the after party today before all the shenanigans. This was going to be an after party type show on sunday but when the game started getting moved you know we could do it. But it's it'll come back. Maybe off sees season the year. It is not the after party. Was we do a separate podcast. And it would be suo off-the-wall. I think maybe this time since we're a little bit more technologically advanced brian. We probably wouldn't have to start the show all the way over. Give a break in just know how to cut up the audio accordingly. Yeah definitely because. I'd love to do one before christmas. 'cause i've got a lot to say about baby. It's cold outside santa baby. You're catching up with cancer. Cancel culture it's been going on for years. They go back to these songs in there. Well we gotta cancel this song. Because it's from the thirties and they used to say a word. That doesn't mean the same thing i don't know i want to go after the santa claus though. I want to go after that movie. I've my wife goes crazy when i go after that movie. Really yeah you still kid. My gosh son. It's his son any kid is he's getting them. He steals the kid. I mean the. They're not expect they come out and they're like. Hey where's charley. He's gone there. The north pole dancing around a sharp dressed man by z. z. Top and while the the wife the ex wife and the psychiatrist or kid might be dead so sad for thirty days. They're they're what's next. Are you gonna be mad. At bruce willis throws a dead body out of nagatomi plaza. Gets someone's attention. That i mean this is this is. This is what we're talking about his son. That's just a bad social commentary on our times. I never touched nakagomi plaza in fact very dave. I found my knocking christmas party. T shirt today nice nice. Hey here's a question. We're kind of going after parties. If anyone ever says i love movie die hard. You have to ask him one question and you'll be able to tell right away if they actually know die hard. Or if they're just nothing but a fake and a phony say why is bruce willis barefoot the entire movie. And you will be stunned. How many people don't know that answer because they might have started watching it on. Tnt in a pick it up like right when the shots are fired. And he's in the bathroom or the office area and then he's gotta go into action. But why's he barefoot is the question. I know you owner a dino right. I've never watched diehard. Oh my i told you this. How many towns. The part of the reason i've never watched it is because i love big able to say the fact that i've never watched it man star wars and you know what i heard was on my house during my birthday party last year. Dave and you told me where to sit and you specifically sat me down with my back to television okay. Although i did hear christmas in hollis so that was fan and my invitation must got lost for that party anyways. You didn't show up party vic you add a good time all right so my melania scope gives us a dollar ninety nine says dick shiner. Sixty nine was my email school regret. I think we're getting dagger mortgage is four nights. His love the show guys. Do you think the steelers open up the offense around the same scripted. b s To start the game. I think they run the same script to be asked and then i think they opened it up as they always. Do anyone disagree with that. I agree until they do something different. We have reason to believe it but once again we know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. But that seems you know. I don't think anyone's explaining. If we want to say that terrific ner in an interview he would probably have no idea what we're talking about. He was now really. You mean just keep doing the same thing. Yeah i love this Rhino toll as is not christmas until hans grammar takes a header off. target term. Was so good so good all right anything else. You final thoughts. Let's see some final thoughts Brian will go with verse. This has been a crazy week for everybody. I mean there. We have been on a roller coaster of emotion. As far as being pittsburgh steeler fans waiting for this game to happen. I still am not convinced it's going to happen but i'm predicting that it's going to the nfl at this point wants to make sure that this happens. It's going to be very good ballgame a lot better than anybody expects. I expect the steelers to win. But man i realize something this entire week. I've never had a by this late in the season. And you know it felt like a by because we didn't have it on sunday we. We're not going to have it on monday night. I know it's just another bit of weight. I realized how much i crave an am addicted to the black and gold dave ahead final thoughts runs at seven about a by and so i have to correct something that i said last week that They're not every team has had their bite so far in twenty twenty one. I was thinking that they had the tampa bay buccaneers and and carolina. Panthers wasn't this week. Everyone played this week. They will by next week by. We aren't week twelve. There's no buys. I just thought oh the visor done no. They've them for week thirteen. So it's interesting when it comes to this game because for the longest time and which is really now going gonna bust into billy joel. Sorry for me by the longest time. I mean the last three days. I've really felt that. I was getting my hopes up thinking this game going on tuesday that it's just after what happened with tennessee. I'm like i keep thinking it's that i was. I was going west. I was go west. I was the king of wishful thinking. That really wasn't going to happen now. I actually do feel that. It is because i feel when the. Nfl comes out and says that. They think that they have a handle on the situation. Then i feel. There's a handle on this situation. I don't see how there could have another outbreak saying they haven't even been together until this evening gaining the baltimore ravens. So let's get it done. Let's get it done. Let's get to eleven and let's eliminate the ravens from the afc north and then the steelers really need one more victory to get to balk in a postseason berth. And then it's just from there just we'll go higher and higher. I get the postseason then. Let's get the north and let's get the number one seed but let's just go one at a time and the very first one is knocked the ravens out of the afc north by winning this game. On tuesday. I just hope that i let me just says. I'm so sick of talking about the baltimore ravens. I hear that team. I hate everything about them. I'm so sick of talking about him. The freaking radford's get out of here seriously. Go to heinz. You'll on tuesday will whip up on you. Send you back the your legs. Rg three won't be dancing in the end zone like he was last season. I think there's retribution coming. I'm going to be a complete sellout and say make sure you. Check out my. Let's ride podcast on monday morning. Where i somehow tien ryan mallet to a groundhog. That lived underneath my gazebo. In the back. You gotta tune into something. I talk about suburban off on you. All right with that said thank you all. I hope you'll have headed great weekend. I hope that your mondays off to a good start. If for listening to us on audio make sure wherever you get your podcast. You tune in search steelers behind so curtain subscribes. You don't miss a thing and as always behind this curtain dot com should be your one stop shop for all things. Pittsburgh steelers dave lunch. Santa's out that's it.

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