Episode 604, recorded 2020-12-07


Let's start our meditation practice. Please find very comfortable poster. Keep your back straight as much as you can. Dan lee close. Is they feel deep. Long breads and relax your whole body qamdo near mine felix your whole body from the to fulfill head to fulfills all the different auto for your body in dually and see if they are relaxed tension or strain greet in deeply read out softly. Relax your whole body calm. no new mine. Relax Let's practice loving kindness. Meditation thinking may be. May i be happy. May i be be spoiler. May i may. I be happy. May i be peace. Understand the meaning of eastwards deeply and clearly and repeat them to yourself knee. I may i b b. may. I be baseball. East raiders medicine to loosen restore yourself yourself. May i be there. May i be happy me. I be peaceful. Be loving and kind person to yourself understand if you are truly loving and kind person to yourself. It's much easier to love others. Feel spoiled lobbing those to yourself me i be me i be happy me. I be peace corps. May i be from mental and physical sophoclean be from illinois us fia anger worry may i be sleeping all the negative towards me. I be able to care myself. Happy me i be. May i be had be me. I be peaceful now. Think about your family your friends and you allow imagining individually. May my berens children ant-indian husband or wife boyfriend or girlfriend. You'll be spraying close friends produce and also think about your pets. All my family be be happy. May all my family be be happy. Bp's one me. All my family be from mental and physical suffering. Mayday be free from illness. Fear anger woody's nicotine. Dis may be from all the negative thoughts. May they be able to take get themselves. Heavily mandate wfan midday be had be. May they be peaceful not being in your life. Maybe you have difficult people. Different people may be one of your family member. Gross do in this moment loving kindness to your difficult person. Ob may my difficult. People be be happy be peaceful now extend all few in-kind us and compassionate thoughts to the whole world so many people are suffering mentally and physically some people line sickness. Hunger the danger fear in this moment. Think about yourself appreciate yourself and please send you a loving kindness to hold the me all living beings beeville be happy. Bp's may all living beans be van. Be happy bp sport me all human beings and non human beans and also nato the inmate and be be had be bp me. All beings be pre prum mental and physical suffering mayday be repr- sickness fear anger hatred worrying. Nick davies mayday. Be free from all. The negative thoughts may be able to take himself. Heavily mandate be may be happy. Me the baseboard now. Slowly than your attention to us Sensation of the your natural ordinary bread. We can practice mindfulness breathing. Meditation take in april brit. Mindfully take out every bit. Mindfully no need to control your breathing center. Attention to the t. For females if you want to chain you a poster anytime you can came to a poster lead mindfully and slowly. Keep your back straight. It's very helpful to read so many sahlins thoughts sensation. Emotion may distract. Your mind led the angle. Focus on your natural ordinal ordinary bread. Read in mindfully. Read out mindfully be mine. Each brett in read out in breed out in breathe out. This is the moment. This moment is wonderful moment because you are is spend time with your sad you are be mindful about your brand read in mind police. Read out mindfully in this moment issue. Mind please bring it back to the breath in mindfully greed out. Mindfully the goal of meditation to control your thoughts. It is to dope letting them control you. Be mindful about each bread. Read in mindfully. Read out mindfully now. Ab- so your mind your body. Your body's relaxed my niece calm and tranquil and peaceful about how important it is to practice this meditation day. Keeping our sailed happy peaceful and balance make strong communication to practice this meditation. everyday May be with you. All living beans be better be happy. Bp spun thank you very much. Please open your eyes good evening. Everybody thank you so much for joining with us this evening. Iran i won't do savvy too little information about loving kindness practice and simple message. We all remember maybe ten years ago be old. We all have a photo album. Those why via keep those. We are collecting about memorable. Our favorite situation. What we took all the pete. Does we out keep in in adam. That's the longtime ago we used to back. Maybe re still do. We have some old memories. Our favorite situation without pay people. Maybe with your family. Those wonderful memories maybe value went your pay replace redo People many are looking those. You'll feel i think so happy. That's why we are keep those now at the time. We are. Keep those Cellphone photo gallery is still. The aching mid would be just with And replace and pay people and sometime when we are looking those and what we are doing. We don't like some any photos. We are delayed identity. The poor does we are keep sale because those are remarkable. Re law it. We want to looking those pests things past memories past favorites and those are wonderful. We are beacon our minds. Go to that moment and that places. It is so interesting and sam bay way. I'm telling this now mind weekend. Keep own the memories all the situation without be able to people. It's could be a good memory or bad memory but this is the thing we couldn. Delete anything any bad memories. Warned related what we have to do. We have to work without mine. Understand those situations and We had to think lot and we have is very difficult to sometime leach. Let it go that all the memorable situation favorites situation we are keep thinking. We make so happy and make daydreaming happiness. You'll get through those but any kind of bad wounded memories. Make your pain suffering or sadness. is worrying regret. What is the things. We have understand without practice. We practice mindfulness meditation awareness. We work with mine. We spend time ito sell it is it is to very understand loving kindness. If he truly loving ourselves we can let go those. We have to work without By litter we can let it go that wounded memories. Then we can keep our memorable favorite memories it is important about past and present in these days horrid issues than we have lot of time with our family trains. Who around with you. Maybe you still carrying caddying those. Maybe some bad memories is still thinking about best. It is very hot too late. Go keep in mind this this. I experienced those stories. That i am telling you. This is very important relate otherwise those thinking make you a lot of beans of arena and more negative thoughts nicotine it if you and who around with us. It is very interesting to think. And that's the good opportunity this practice not only sitting in the cushion. In this moment we be experience a peace but we want to get peace. We have to work on with ourselves everyday. Rebirth moment. it is very important. Please think about this towards it is very important to a balance alive and keep ourselves happy and baseball. And using your this practice vice. Seeing in quiet and practice this moment we will experience this all the peace and relaxation. And all the what we expectation but after the practice we again same person. Then please use this in kindness. And mindfulness practice and try to be happy and peaceful person and now among sahgal into china and brought in a suit able. Today win. This is why we are chanting because sometime when me you you listen to guided meditation. And maybe you. I intending and because Maybe not relaxed and peaceful. You're listening this chanting chanting ratna. So thises very powerful discourses in the buddha stein in in very difficult challenging situation. Read that you can see that monks attending lovingly and kindly so many people are as about blessing. This is the thing about blessing you. You create your own blessed as among via v. I. chanting lovingly and kindly while we are chanting. You couldn't understand what we are chanting but you can cross. Who is and you can practice loving kindness. Meditation yourself the ib will be happy. Its effect you creating your own blessing please. Of course who is and listen. This chant mind and lobbied may be you. You'll be you'll be happy. Meal will be peaceful naaman thunder bulga to some ya. Some bhuttan nominal tuncer bhargava to auto moreton. Serb are gerber too her to some Some teepee isel bugah hon. Some some daughter some bongino go look do on on the blizzard on masada. 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