Jim Ross


That's not a there's no box of don't deal in rumor there. I was there so i Nice Huber's <music>. You're listening to PERSP- Richard What's going on man. How are you I am positively fantabulous? Gumma county fair teeth in and <hes> Villa Villa good got nothing to complain about except weather what we're excited to be here with you because today as the topic that we have had requested gosh almost since the beginning. It's going to be a big show. It's all about the man under the black hat my co host Jim Ross. This should be pretty fun man. I thought I was your Komo's. I was your host your my co-host. I don't know how about Chaka Khan Shock. I'm excited do that yet. Oh Yeah Oh yeah damn this all all over the world right. Now people go at it. No that's not yet or try to do this one. This is going to be a lot of fun. I think <hes> philosophy though I think J._R. is a little nervous I got on people are after him on twitter say. Are you going to prepare spots to what bruce is going to say. I as I hope he's prepare now. How Really Okay Little Little Cross litigation at it? I got nothing relitigate. I just thought it was funny. That people were sort of like. Are you have prepare us. Bosses like Hammer. We're going to bury him and I didn't know I've been friends with. Jim Ross almost well at least thirty five thirty six years. Maybe uh-huh yes. Let's talk about that when did you. I Made Jim I I met Jim like nineteen eighty three so however long that is <hes> in Houston Texas with Jim was working for midsouth sports and the cowboy cowboy. We'll mail watts vago. The owner missile sports and Jim was doing the marketing but Jim also had the task of the being the host of midsouth wrestling and that had been Boyd Pierce for awhile and what that really meant was. We'll have our buddy welcomed midsouth sports. My name is Jim Ross and this is capital Bill Watts prisoner midsouth sport and here's bill you know for an entire hour the shows it was like hey everybody thank you for joining. We'll see you next week right here. Amid SAS warts and that's not a knock on started. It's just that <hes> bill would talk a lot a whole lot about everything. She got a somewhat similar star in the wrestling business. You both get in very very early. You're sort of <hes> Paul Bosses Ryan Man and you know take notes for him and work in the office and and really just his right hand and then that's sort of gyms experience dance with Leroy mcgurk and then <hes> he moves onto the cowboy and then eventually you guys worked together. There is how you for like you're in boss's office and he's in Watts's office. That's when you guys I meet exactly in cowboys voice sent bill down to cowboy sent bill. Now Cowboy sent Jim down to help Paul with some of the commentary and take a look at the T._v. and Jim was the marketing guy from mid South Sports. Jim would handle he would write out all the cards. Send out all of the advertising and what have you but Jim had also become the voice amid South Sports Bill had kinda backed off from doing the commentary. Now was letting Jim do a lot more play by plays. Jim was cutting his teeth at that time and the cowboy had a lot more confidence in like gyms commentary much more so than Paul Bosch because Paul didn't really do play by play Okay Paul just talk to you told you to get tickets for next Friday's matches during the show so the cowboy would send Jim Down to Houston Kinda help Paul and and and try to tried to tell some stories in the middle of matches versus <hes> taking office in Nineteen Nineteen Carolina on the Corner Pearson downtown Houston is open each of the week Monday to Friday from nine in the morning till four the afternoon ticks and information available during that time <hes> river and over that's really the past. You've still got memorize all these years later. Oh You dam Ryan well so let's talk about when most I think a lot of our listeners <hes> I became familiar with Jim Ross when he works for Crockett and we've talked about that briefly here on the show before but famously about bill watt cells territory to Jim Crockett promotions and I believe Jim Ross helped broker the deal and there's been lots written and lots talked about that. I'm sure Jim we'll address it at some point on Grill J._R. But chap me up. What did you hear about that sale and the way that that all went down because this is an interesting tom in the business or maybe even the reverse of what's happening now? <hes> watts is getting out out. Paul Bosch is getting out if it was like a lot of the territories are being consolidated into one whereas these days I think people would argue that the business is trying to expand and sort of go the other direction but you weren't in the U.. W. F. or bill watts office at the time and he certainly weren't working for Crockett at the time but you were enough involved to know the players chat me up about how that deal went down and what the perception was about that deal well versed saw the Paul Bosch was not looking to get out. I know that boy bill watts was definitely looking to get out sellers business on emmy and it it really hit rock-bottom in the southern states in Louisiana the Anna the oil states and rock bottom but but I you know back up a little bit to my my years with Jim Getting to Jim Ross who actually was the first guy to say hey. Why don't you come on? You can help us when we do T._v.. In Dallas and Tulsa so J._r. was able to bring me on for and to work with bill so I was actually working in bills office two simultaneous running the Houston office and Jim also put me and I was ringing outsor- for the television show than I became the guy that did the interviews you know this Saturday night. Hotlanta were coming to you with the fabulous free birds and here to talk about a right now their opponents Dr Desi Williams at Ted Ted. Might you know that was me and and so I was doing that and Jim had gotten a lot of that going on. I just told this story last night to one of the <hes> guys here who was asked asking me questions about how I got the business and different things happen and to give you a little story about a you've heard my feelings of not a big fan of bill watts all right <hes> bill and I never really got along but I got really sick in in October of nineteen eighty six and I was out of work ten weeks could not work. I couldn't go into the office because I was highly. Contagious had mono and it was a bad bad case plus ahead insomnia or couldn't rest also this other bullshit well through all of that ten weeks gone from my regular job didn't have insurance then have anything. I came back to work and I I did I expected something expected to get something some kind of pay. After all my years of service while I couldn't work I was still doing the merchandise was still writing the program putting it together every single week. I still doing all bullshit that I do and I got an envelope so here. We think this is fair. We think you know this'll <hes> take care you time. You're out dimension. I was out ten weeks right. That envelopes contained four hundred dollars. Wow now I get it. I wasn't at the office you know. It's things keep moving but I I expected a little more and I didn't really say anything in Jim. Ross calls me and it's like able are you doing. I said Hey Ascott question <hes> they take care you yeah. He's yeah it is real lock real firm. Yeah you know your right. I mean I gave me four hundred bucks. They only gave you four hundred dollars a week. Where you're out a snow? Maybe four hundred bucks the next day I had a check arrive by Fedex from the cowboy bill watts for significant amount much more than four hundred dollars and that was due to Jim Ross and that was due Jim Ciechanow me and make sure okay and then tell them cowboy cowboy cut me check in Fedex and make sure that I pay my bills. Make sure everything was taking care of so that's kind of friends who were that's <hes> still are to this day and and that was you know kind of early connection so I'm like okay <hes> maybe I'll think about going to mid South fulltime and work for the cowboy and and do that but now there's rumblings the cowboys he's GonNa Sell Right. He wants to sell the U.. W. F. he tried to go national and this was the mistake that promoters in the mid late eighties made because instead of taking care or their own business in their own territory they wanted to go compete with Vince in his area right well Vince coming into Tulsa allgood go into New Jersey and they didn't take the stop taking care of their home home which allowed Vince to come in and beat him at their own game midsouth sports running in the meadowlands or midsouth sports running in Chicago at the U.. I see that didn't work because our television wasn't established enough. We did have T._V.. And we did have places to go. We're running events in California drawing a couple thousand dollars when travelling you know on airplane plane tickets and all this shit that and it just didn't make sense cowboy was going to sell and we found out he was going to sell Jim Crockett well the day we it had a television taping scheduled and it got rained out completely rained out so we had to scramble and make a another T._v.. Pretty quit because we had to shoot TV. Get it on the air and we add a spot Louisiana. I'm not gonNA commit to the town. Thanks I really don't remember I remember the hotel vividly Enjo- Watson I were we ride same time and we were sharing a room. We are the only ones there at this point because it was a day ahead of time we walk yeah was whose early and we walk into the restaurant. There's no one in the restaurant we sit down and we have lunch while we're having lunch in walks. Jim Ross Jim Crockett. Get <hes> Tim forget his damn name with mustache but he was a syndication guy and someone else and they walk right past us. We rent a booth. They walk right passes. Go to the other side of the restaurant. Sit down. They're jovial Shit Avenue good time laughing and talking and Joel's live it see staring over Adam and he's like you know. motherfuckers haven't said a word to me scheme will you know and he he's pissed that hasn't instead anything to him but he's heard the same rumblings everyone else's heard about the possibility of the company being sold we finish our launch and we get up and Joel's pissed. He wants to walk out now. Saddam Samantha that let's say hello and we walked crossed the restaurant. We go say hello to everybody and Jim. Crockett looks at Joe Walks and says Joel. I bought Your Dad's company today. Wow that was first time. Joel heard it. We left there. We went back to the room. Joe Lasts for minutes so he could call his wife and have that conversation while Joel was on the phone with his wife. I went down to the lobby. I called all Vincent Man and I said Hey it's official Jim. Crockett is now the owner of the W._f.. mitts sports. I'm not working for Jim Crockett now and help me understand understand. Let's backtrack there. I know that you had loyalty to watts because watts took care of you with a good pay off via Fedex but now you making the statement. I'm not working for Jim. Crockett had you had a not so great experience at one of those great American Bash events that were recently uploaded to the network and we saw you as a ring announcer or was there another reason to be hesitant to work for Crockett well. I did have idle it was just Crockett was an arrogant arrogant guy and he was in the in the dusty mode at the time dusty was the booker and they were the big shots and they didn't speak to the little people in the peons and I just didn't have a good feeling from Jim Crockett. I'd worked with him on three of his shows bad first impression bad second impression then. I just figured I'm getting paid really don't care but I didn't have a lot of confidence in putting the rest of my career in the hands Jim Crockett that point my life and I had been speaking with Vince about coming up but that was the nail in the coffin of even trying to continue to stay where I was because look <hes> i. I did have a relationship with G._M.. And have relationship with cowboy. We were talking about moving me to Dallas when the office was going to move there but I wasn't GonNa do Jim Crockett was going to be in charge of my destiny so you make the call and and we know the story that that you wind up going to the W._w._f.. <hes> do you hear from anybody else what they think about the way this sale was brokered because lots of people have an opinion about the way the sale went down a lot a lot of people hold or held sort of a ill-will toward Jim for being the guy who helped put it together they did and I don't know if it was ill will but I know that it was Jim Ross brokered the damn deal and actually actually finally got it to fruition actually happen and take place where a lot of that comes from is myself Eddie Gilbert and Kinman. Tell we're in a hotel room. We were riding that nights television division. We were putting the finishing touches on it. I think we were doing two. Maybe three trying to get three shows out of it maybe but we had all the T._v.. Pretty much written and we're going over it and seeing <hes> exactly what we're going to do that tonight. The weren't these big production meetings and all this other shit it was just us and then we'd go get with talent when we got T._v.. When there's knock on the door and it's Jim Rawson Jim Crockett and they came in and J._R.? Introduced Crockett to us and yeah we met earlier and I've met you several times before and work for you but you don't know who I am so fuck you know <hes> but anyway they explained to us. The guys things have changed the name on the check. That's it nothing else going to change. <hes> the talent remains the same. Your guys positions remain the same. The only thing changes name on the check. It's it so continue with your T._v.. I'm sure it's going to be great and <hes> have a good time. So we ask Crock. You could be here not Nah. I've gotta go gotTA move on and get back Charlotte. Wherever the hell he was going so we go back to okay great? Well good 'cause we there was a little concern. There were some guys that had bad blood with Jim Crockett that we thought maybe he won't want around so as we get into this thing and we're still sitting there right and T._v.. And J._R. comes back by himself and he says yeah let let let's just go watch T._v.. Night we started going over. We get to a thank the second or third doc match and I believe it was <hes> Sam Houston Industry Yeah Ammo and we had an angle. It was angle we were. We were doing Oval Asia. Stick around Linda. I'm not sure he's long for this world. We want to Invest Lot T._v.. Time any and we look at each other's thought nothing was going to change but the name on the check out guys guys is one guy something's GonNa Change. I mean it's one guy where we ain't gonNA make breaking on on Sam Houston. Okay it's GonNa then we'll get down and we'll get down to Sam's wife Nikola Jimmy. Jimmy's got <hes> I. I don't think we're GONNA continue do business nickel either. I mean you had to know that I mean you know NAM guys. You know we're married. Got Down someone what else and it was like. You'll boys are. I think we should probably rethink T._v.. Kinmen tell like gold will gene wilder fuck. Don't Jeez right this shit then because I obviously we don't I know who we have to work with right now. We're not y'all just keep doing what you're doing got make fee tweaks and it was most frustrating fucking meeting and we went and that was last TV I did for midsouth sports the University of Wrestling Federation or whatever and came back and Paul washed it is old thing with Vincent I made my move and I moved on snow would say thank everybody knows how's the story that eventually bill watts wind up in W._C._W.. Of all places and when he resigns as the Executive Vice President that's GONNA directly affect Jim Ross that goes down in early February of ninety three and meltzer would right. Jim Ross whose official title had been Vice President in charge of television took the biggest fall of anyone Ross will be removed as a personality from all T._B._S.. Shows Effective March first and will no longer be part of the announcing team on clashes and paper views and his final major major Osama will be February twenty first super bowl three and Ashville and the march seventh pay per view air date of the January fourth Tokyo Dome Card or also been the lead announcer on every clash since the series began in eighty eight and been part of every announcing team for every pay per view in company history in addition to being voted the announcer of the year the wrestling observer newsletter poll by a wide margin for the past five assistant manager Sonic Buchan. I all right so what he sees. Watts take tumble. I think a lot of people fair or not <hes> think that well. J._R.'S AREN'T GONNA like this and and the new powers that be don't want him in a quote unquote our position so he's no longer doing the thing he enjoys the most and and Jim and I just recently talked about this on grilling J._r.. You can check it out. It was our first episode together what we talked about this job but when the news the rumor Innuendo <hes> telephone telegram Tele Wrestler when it makes its way to you that hey J._r.. Is Not Calling T._v.. Anymore as that received well I. I don't think that I heard did you know rumor wise. I think the first time that I actually heard it was from Jim himself. It's Sorta you say man because he wrote I needed to be back raw felt like I belonged and that's on air calling matches and helping the talent get over. I knew that with Eric Bischoff Schoff Charge W._C._W.. Wasn't going allow me to do that. So I rang my old friend for mid South Brief Richard would bruce I came on the seeing cowboy didn't like him and didn't want him in the company Bruce. I got along great so through cowboy. Even though he was wary I hired Bruce into the syndication interviews after the Sunday night Tulsa shows and he talks about the fact that you helped arrange meeting with Vince McMahon on March ninth nineteen ninety-three they met at a television taping there in Georgia and <hes> they sorta off to the races after that but even now when J._r. found out that we were going to be talking about his career this week on something wrestle you know he's like Hey <hes> hope you're going to hey my defense attorney Lynn joking manner and then said I love Bruce. He got me started with the W._W._f.. And he's credits you with that all these years later. How did you explain or how did you sell vents on the value now you of gym or was he already a phantom? He was not a fan of Jim and what he was not a fan of was the you know this guy's a five-time all American this and he's that and he's <hes> he wasn't a big fan of the we create characters and Jim was into reality. Jim was into if they were <hes> football player or shoot wrestler than that's what he exploited but that's the world came from getting that was cowboy was into that so we're we're real. They're fake but JIM call. I'll never forget taken the call man because we were downstairs. In the training room Vince Patna we used if go into the office but we have to hide so that people can find us there was a training room and we would often go in there were no one could find us except for our assistance distance and <hes> my sister call and she goes hey. There's a guy on phone. I think I know who he is. I think I've heard his name before. Jim Ross he was trying to get hold of you and I said we'll put him through because there's another low roman the right next where we were yeah send him down here and I talked to him and he explained to me what had happened. Is it okay <hes> let me see what's what's temperature is here. I'll give you call back back. I'll walk back into the room and said Hey I was Jim Ross and he's not going to be doing play by play anymore. Per Se at least on the major shows Farsi knows and he's he's lost a lot of his responsibilities there and been says. Will you know yeah no real well and I explained how Jim had basically helped me out early on and put me in the position of doing the interview. She's like he just explain okay. So what do you think of it. He goes. I hate his events as his commentary and I said well as the hardest working some bitch you'll ever me I mean he he works as hard as you do and loves the business but God damn so we can we can change his commentary if you need to. He can take direction but Pat was like Oh my God can you imagine him in Madison Square Garden and he's colleen and he got the and the excitement he would bring the fact that he's exciting and mincing sabbaticals yeah he is. He's just you know college football shit and everything it's gets to me a little bit but like you know fuck it man a start talking about Don Meredith and how beloved Don Meredith was in New York because he was from Texas southern accent and he says my God he goes New Yorkers goes. They just loved him because he was this southern gentleman. That was really goes. You know with that. Southern accent got damning goes we can make now. We can make this guy yeah. <hes> you know what you'd probably be great. It'd be a change so we set up meaning having come down. I'd like to like to meet him elect to talk to him and set up the meeting man and to happen in in Atlanta <hes> I think we I think we were in Marietta Yeah. He's you know he <hes> he recognizes old friend Jerry Briscoe and he's here to talk events and <hes> Vince maximum points and not only greet him back. Come out back and talk with him. We spent the majority of the television taping instead of going over what's happening inside the arena. Just catching up with Jim asking questions about is business philosophy and how he got started in what value we thought he could bring and that's where they I discussed the radio show and very quickly <hes> they make a deal and it looks like he's going to be coming to work and he finds out when he gets back in his car and is ready to head home well not everybody was tickled. He was there. No J._R.. Got J._R.. got into his car and <hes> had a couple of flat tires and I think they'd keyed is car. Someone had but you know Jim. I was in the unenviable position of a lot of times being the delivery man of bad news. I've been in that position. You know my entire career as well so I get it and Jim Hidden you know per his job ahead the former company that he worked with you know you're they were told you know you got to knock this guy and he got a knock that you got to tell this way. Switch did did back in the day and Jim was the one delivering that message so to the talent that was Jim Ross saying that shit about me that was Jim Ross put in our company down. Fuck him for trying to come now now. He doesn't can have anywhere go so fuck him for coming into our company very immature way of looking at shit but again in the early nineties still you know it was very frat like atmosphere sphere and somewhat juvenile atmosphere and a lot of respects to someone that may be an outsider so some guys that he may have had a beef with W._C._W.. Saw Him there and then we're like a hell. No I didn't want her to be. There didn't like fact that he was there. <hes> look for job and did you know just mean Shit and Jim ended up man and I didn't learn about it. I don't think we found out about out until like a day or two after is Jim told me what the fuck and then Vince pressure paid for the tires and also the shit but he was he was libbed. Absolutely Livid Livid that you know our talent would whoever it was. I don't know if this talent who the hell was lots of people probably this Donner's. What do you think I have no idea I because I don't know what the history is with the Steiner's diners as far as Chur him and you know W._C._W.? And again man it's a fucking work right and we all have jobs to do and some of our jobs are pretty hard. Shitty fucking jobs in Jim had that in addition addition to being the the voice of the company as well so I was just think some guys whoever was took it out on took it out on Jim all right bracelets burn our first time out today to tell everybody about a brand new sponsor answer here on the show and one that well we know a lot about at my house post mates now. This thing is perfect. Whenever you forget to pick up a bottle on the way to your friend's house or you just get a burrito craving? You can't kick. What are you waiting for? Post made it post mates rates. Is your personal food delivery grocery delivery. Whatever kind of delivery service all year round now more trips to the store anything you're craving post by its can deliver it within the hour twenty four hours a day three hundred sixty five five days a year now's not totally familiar with post mates and then my wife introduced me two years ago man? 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It's one hundred dollars a free delivery credit. Check it out right now. Post means your APP store. Let's talk about what's happening back at the ranch so to speak he the <hes> he resigned W W February twenty six this meeting happens in Augusta Georgia on August or I'm sorry not August march ninth and supposedly deals done very quickly and he could be on T._v.. As soon as March fifteenth the trouble is <hes> his resignation call for six months severance which meltzer would say is somewhere around three thousand dollars a week and also says he can't work for another company until August but J._R. doesn't WanNa wait. He wants to get to work right away so he's looking to get a release in the meantime. Though this is where it gets interesting he hosts a a radio show in Atlanta and it's actually one of the older stations in the country in a very powerful station. Obviously Atlanta is a major market here in the United States but that station is a fifty thousand Watt Station of course we're talking about W._S._b.. I think dates back to like the twenties so certainly one of the oldest radio stations heritage station if you will and he decides to go on <hes> show and effectively W._w._f.. Radio and it becomes all about Wrestlemainia and obviously there's a lot of folks and W W who are not excited about that and what better way to kick it off than the talk about Wrestlemania Wrestlemania and and have Vince McMahon as guest so we're in W._C._W.'s backyard on one of the most powerful stations in the country with a guy that most of the listeners associate with W._C._W.. At it's all about the competition competition boy Vincent Man had eight that idea up did he not absolutely it's an opportunity to be on the syndicated show the gym was on. It had some pretty good reach plus. You're right there are in the backyard of Ted Turner's W._C._W.. Were they weren't even W._C._W.. At the time were they the I think still being N._W._e._a.. W._C._W.. Here man okay yeah and so yeah why not go go with the the guy that was the voice of the company and let's talk. Let's talk about how he's received and Jim and I talked about. This is very first. Show being wrestlemainia nine. That's available in the archives at Grilling J._R. Dot Com but he writes. I got the feeling almost immediately that the people in the W._W._f.. Hated my guts not me the person but me the Guy Vince hires from the competition and didn't tell anyone about they man was the Alpha Male L. and hated often ask other people's feedback or suggestions. He simply hired hired me because he thought I could contribute to the success of his company. What that meant on the ground will some people in production and television or reluctant to open up and didn't WANNA lower their guard and trust me? I was a W._C._W.. GotTa them coming to take their spot. That's sort of gyms assessment. He does say the biggest exception of this rules gorilla monsoon he thought traded him with the most class he's been treated with and professional wrestling but he didn't feel the warm and fuzzy from everybody else. That sounds about right to you. I would say that Jim probably had that perception. Yes and I would also say that not everyone. John was overly excited cited to to see Jim. It's like Eric Bischoff. When Eric Bischoff I came over people looked at him as the devil sure because of all the things that he had said publicly about the company and wanting to put us out of business that was affecting our livelihoods? Jim was in that same position coming over because he had been branded for so long with that W._C._w.. N W A brand and cowboy bill watts and that same you know <hes> mold mold bullshit that people who had known Jim and here's the thing about Jim if you don't know Jim Jim comes cross gruff an angry and sour purpose act. You got to get to know Jim to get get get the fun G._M.. That it's like okay now get it. You know we're GONNA go out a few drinks s von. It's funny say that because off air united talked earlier this week and and USA hey I thought we were doing summer slam and I said now I want to do that. In August <hes> we just got ahead on some of the research but I WANNA do Jim Ross this week and I said by the way I was wrong about Jim and he said what do you mean and I said why he just has the SORTA gruff. I Dunno a little bit of a grassy exterior but we really got the the hang out in this past week you ever we did our two shows <hes> including just a hellish travel day together and as a result. I got to see a side of Jim. I don't think a lot of people see and he's fucking hilarious. He has a great disposition in an excellent dry wit and timing and a sense of humor but I don't know that he always sort of shows his hand on that is that maybe like a defense mechanism for Jim or why. Do you think that he has sort of the two sides of Jim Ross. The Saudi shows everybody body and then there's the really other funny dude because I think you have the guy that thinks he needs to be like bill watts and business and then you have the human being so yeah the business side that that sometimes James Look were product of his of our own environment and a lot of times when you're around someone as much as he was around cowboys much as I was round Paul Bosch invents and what have you you pick up their characteristics in the way that they handle things and handle business so jim was judged by his company in a lot of respects who who he associated himself with there was that double edged sword. It's okay yeah you're next to the cowboy but you're also painting with the same asshole cowboy brush right so sometimes he would be that asshole to when you get past that and again you get to the human being <hes> hard working. You know fun. I I love hanging out with J._R.. Every every time that we had cookouts in my house he was there we were we were out you know cooking barbecue and and drink beer and chilling out so it's just a gruff exterior. I think that Jim perceived people took him that way probably because people looked at him from what they had heard on television. Vision they never gave they never had met him and had any opportunities spend time with him so it I you know it was just kind of like okay. <hes> he's the rough around the edges and so on and so forth but <hes> Jim just wanted to come in work and that's all Vince Wanna Vince just wanted him to to to get him in here and to actually get his asked work the talent another was talent that were definitely against him. <hes> from the standpoint of people like undertaker randy savage who you know takes his motherfucker brings is up my Goddamn college basketball. I'm going to kill him. I'm the undertaker. I don't WanNa you know because Jim we'll do that. You were talking about Norman the lunatic or whatever the fuck is name was and then bring up his past will really he's this highly educated. No Oh he was norman the fucking lunatic let it be norman the lunatic and take like some bitch brings up my basketball shit fucking Macao's killing and savage was like eating Tocqueville baseball career. You know guys. It's okay. Isn't there. No it's not you know we built these characters <hes> so there will there was people were on guard. They just were unsure of what what we had done. Convinces like you think I'm going to do something that's going to around and do that. Yeah Yeah I gotTa tell you it would be pretty hilarious to talk about the undertaker's a fucking power forward and how many rebounds Oh God I take take it take take here probably would roll out of the fucking ring and choke the fuck out of him. <hes> Oh boettger read. I have to this day. I don't know where that came from when he call taker booger read no one knows but whatever so the first show wrestlemainia non we've covered in long form in the archives. Check it out something wrestle dot com but of course everybody remembers that being ships coming out party and he's doing it in a Toga <hes> quickly as we move along here. What'd you think of his performance that night did he did? He Com everybody down. The good job. was everybody sort of relieved. All the people who were naysayers and not so sure I know I don't Vince was happy Appiano. I was happy got a hell of a job. That's a big big role. Step in your debut. You're the play by play guy with randy savage and Bobby Heenan and you're the one directing traffic you've never worked with them before the biggest show of the year biggest show gyms life at that point sure and I've thought he'd get a hell of a job after Wrestlemainia. He's working working on wrestling challenge. He's hosting it with Bobby. Heenan and J._R. would write the quickly came to love working with bobby and guerrilla because they both accepted him and they liked how he started in the business. You know working for very little money. Paying dues and those guys is really respected him but he felt showing by the broadcasters including Euro Powell Lord Alfred Hayes and eventually guerrilla sees this and it has a word with him and all his royal guerrillas sorta writing the ship for Jim Everywhere he goes here here to make sure that people are giving him a fair opportunity. You remember having <hes> we haven't talked by Lord Alfred Hayes Alive but is Lord Alfred Hayes in that same category you're talking about where he was part of the competition petition. We're not gonNA or was it something else you do. You think it was the old school is here for my spot was definitely not that he's here for my spot. Alfred really didn't have a spot that was going to say you know. The Guy who spot the jam was being brought in to take was Vinci's again even back then Vince wanted to be off the air vince was looking for someone to step into that and immediately the the spot that he knows taking his guerrillas and guerrillas helped him the most so yeah. I don't subscribe to that or law Alfred Hayes was the standoff Ish guy if he didn't know you is he's bread <hes> it took time and I I think that again we are in such a public forum and especially like with this podcast with things that you say when it is taken out of context or when someone takes just the words you said you said I hate soul so when they do this. They never get to hear the when they do this. They hear I heard you said you hated me right. So that's the that's the game that's the issue that you have to play with breath and that is what was going on. People being ignorant to what we wanted to do from a standpoint of commentary and who the man is Emma chance and let's go. Let's work together. Let's make this shit work. I was talking about a confrontation that J._R.. Had with Randy savage in the studio <hes> he says as soon as he walked through the door randy yells get out and then he gets right into gyms face and says who puts she up for it <hes> who got you. You're bringing him here bringing me in here to do all this work and J._R.. Says a whispered through my dry mouth. I don't know what you're talking about and he says Randy didn't like that reply at all and he's yelling thing about the fact that he was brought into the interviews when quote I'm not even booked to be here. Gerald would say clearly someone had been in Randy's here stirring up and Randy's fit to be todd saying are you goddamn ribbon me Ross and J._R.. Says Randy Randy your household name. I want to get you on T._v.. To help get these angles over and savage lays it again shut up. You think it's funny bringing me in here to do this shit do you because if you think that your and Randy Center familiar voice from down the hallway the boys are working you and he tells his head of the Saad and realizes it's gorilla and Randy continues. This asshole brings me in here to do these promos because he thinks it's funny to have the macho man come in the do promos and guerrilla says gyms just doing his job. It's the boys who are ripping you there for a minute. Though Randy was sorta concerned that this is going to be a situation to the point where eventually guerrilla has to say you let him go. I mean he's grabbing by the collar and the whole deal and fingers are in his face and Baynes are popping out of his neck. This is a a weird deal for J._R.. I'm sure and not a lot of people have seen this side of Bochum and certainly not in studio what wasn't about Jim that just made him heat-seeking magnet even with someone light randy savage because I I think that Jim is the type per Jim will tell you about himself and tell you how great he's doing Jim. We'll tell you all the different things that he's doing. I'll make this change and I'm doing this. I'm doing that so he'll want credit. He'll take credit and then when it affects something and someone comes back so well who did that. We'll Jim Ross so savage main randy y'all's going to get in his face and confronting going to hit the not on May want to be doing interviews. All the <hes> yeah read my head only hint rate here on the Brandon. Oh my drugs got man on your Macho Book you so and Jim be and the new guy you know he jim Jim she's trying to do his job doesn't know a lot of the personalities in sometimes how some guys are handled with kid gloves and what have you still what he's told to do trying to get through it and some of the talent like forget Z.. Do Drinan tell me what to do on the Macho man and just you have to you have to go through those waters to gain the deep end and swim and if you can get out there and swim then you're good to go but if you don't get along the way then you're Kinda fucked okay Bruce. Let's burn our second time out right now and I gotTa Tell You I'm excited about this when they've been with us for a long time everybody knows about it's four hymns and I'm talking to you. Is that hairline slowly starting to move backwards while the best way to prevent hair loss. It's there's something about it. Why you still have some go to four hymns DOT COM? It's a one stop shop for hair. 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Whatever and Jim says he wants me to wear a cowboy hat advisors? He's not going to let it go. You know if he sees you in a cowboy hat. You're going to be in a cowboy hat in J._R.. Defiantly says I don't think so pat lash shakes his head and says we'll see and of course we know it gets gets the cowboy hat talked to me about the Campbell hat now. It's a it's a trademark and it's made him a lot of money and at wound up being the right call but he was certainly resistant and I win did you. I hear that wanted to put Jim Ross and Campbell hand goes back back to the whole Don Meredith Story. I was telling you the very beginning of how Vince View Jim and the idea behind it was with that voice that people who were hearing J._R.. Sow Sound Gold and by God and he's talking about this is getting excited and he's got that southern drawl and that when you hear that voice in your head you picture something we we all do before you meet someone you speak to them on the phone or you hear them on the radio but you never really seen them you create a mental picture of what they look like and you have a mental picture convinces head when he heard J._R.. Salman Cowboy Hat Don Meredith were cowboy hat in in again he would go back to the people in New York when they would go to me. Don Meredith go the cowboy hats because Don Meredith War goddamn cowboy hat and he heard J._R.'s voice that you know I see you in in a cowboy hat Jim. I think that that would present a more honest picture view for what I'm hearing on. The screen and Jim just thought it was otherwise input cowboy hat on me to make me look silly. No this wasn't a fucking walking rib. This wasn't a nobody wanted him to look silly wanting him to be Jim Ross. I can identify with Jim Ross because he's wearing that God damn cowboy hat and that matches that voice and it matches that intensity intensity near those people down south by God that's what he was trying to do. Jim Thought WHO's trying to make fun of him and that's all Jim saw in. Jim couldn't see through the the bullshit because so many people you know he wasn't embraced and hugged at all Yay gyms here come on in Buddy. I know that you said our company is a piece of shit that we're all a bunch Auguste and Hollywood and nobody here works hard and you're you know forget about all those things. You said. Some people can't do and now Vince is trying to make him to the audience dance a make him different than what he was on W._C._W.. But also make it more of an honest character with the cowboy hat kinda fit what's coming out of his mouth now. You and I both have southern accents. There's an entire half of the country that speaks correctly like we do and then you got these damn people up in Connecticut New York City that half funny accents or Minnesota or whatever or Canadia the they talk funny okay. We all have our accents so everybody speaks how they speak but when you're in in the bubble of New York the bubble of Connecticut where I don't know man it just Jim Thought people were making fun of him and it was it was completely the opposite Vince wanted to make him a character Vince wanted him to stand and out in create. Something and Jim fought it because he thought he was trying to make fun of him and that was never ever ever ever the case and then once Jim got the hat on him and people are recognizing them out in public. You can't sandblast motherfucker off his head now so I'm just saying I think it worked. I think it worked too but for whatever reason Vince is still not sold on J._R.. On commentary he works Russell Ninety nine and the king of the Ring pay-per-view but after that Vince is back on T._v.. And Jim's words I went back to the bench now in from debut Wrestlemainia doing some international voiceovers and grunt work in booking syndicated promos and the talent that wit with them I watch the shows and her the commentary and wondered what Vince had in store for me but I began to judge myself. Harshly wasn't my look my accent or maybe I wasn't wasn't talented enough. What do you think why did advance? Maybe say guess himself and put himself back on T._V.. And Take J._R. OFF AFTER JUST TO PAY PER VS. I just think it was a feeling out period eight and was trying to figure out what what he wanted to do with Jim and how how he was going to fit in plus it was gyms resistance to try to things convince was thrown at him was like will vincent luxuries. I can wear a cowboy hat if she's not going to change some of the style of his commentary. Maybe we made made a bad choice here. I don't want the Jim Ross from W._C._W.. Telling me how many times Dr Death with beat somebody in the fourth round of the fucking God Damn O._U.. Football game in nineteen eighty two. I don't give a shit. I wanted to tell stories and if he's going to be resistant telling stories if he's going to be resistant to how we would like to present him mm-hmm that I'm a loss as to how to present him and it wasn't fitting what he's offered him so it's like okay baby. You Know International. That may be a better place for who knows well. This is obviously a stressful Tom and his life he's he's nervous about his job is he's pits Vince on on doing <hes> radio W._w._f.. And he's going to have some opportunities to call summer slam and survivor series with gorilla monsoon even the royal rumble all of those paper views would would be available on radio W._W._f.. So <hes> it's something but it's not what he wanted and eventually some more bad news. He writes that he's having a conversation with you and he told you the doctor said I have lime disease and then you ask lyme's disease. Don't you get that from licking rocks and air said I don't think so bruce. I think the motherfuckers out licking rocks in the back is what I think still to this day. We go ahead Jim Ryan he was a locker ricker a locker. It was a God dammit. He was a rock liquor like like knowing Johnson. No well like the enroll express like rock. You know oh like a stone's. Maybe he likes. Cone elects donor okay. I'M GONNA I'm GONNA remember forever. He's he's a a lick rocker or whatever the fuck you said my God through early in the morning all right so the first attack he would write Abbas the morning of the Super Bowl and he says he didn't know about it until well after walking up he went in the bathroom brushes teeth and when he kisses glimpse of his face in the mirror he realizes one of his is this is drooping lower than the other almost as if part of his face is hanging says feel anything and he didn't think anything's wrong but when he looks in the mirror he assumes I'm having a stroke he's home myself so jobs himself to the E._R.. And he catches glimpses of himself and every time he does and the rear view mirror. He's startled himself all over again because his face has no cinistry. His eyes aren't lining up his mouth is drooping on one side and he said it was very scary to see his features change and really not know why eventually gets on the phone with you and tells you hey the doctor was wrong. I don't have lyme's disease and you ask what is it and he says Bell's Palsy and he writes. I have no idea what that is. Either Richard said it's it's facial paralysis. I told him I don't know what causes it but they said most people get over it in a couple of weeks so you're going to be okay. Bruce Asked six eight weeks and I'll be good as new tell Vince I won't be down for long fast forward and and <hes> Lisa Wolf calls him and says Vincent ends you to come in today. I asked right away. She said <hes>. Jim says he didn't want to go anywhere and it'd been less than two weeks. Since his bell's Palsy attacked he was bad. When the call came his face was still paralyzed? He's suffering from blinding headaches and poor vision. He's got numbness. The left side was face but when he sits Vince his office he knew something wasn't right Lisa's there too so that's a surefire giveaway quote new experience that has never a good thing when the boss and the head of H._R.. Since you down his words to me we're very simple. I'm changing my plans and you aren't in them. So I'm going to let you go. My contract wasn't up for another four months or so. So I said said winner you letting me go now today. Venture plod constantly white Ma and mouth or because of the attack and I said well what about the contract I don't understand you letting go with notice Vince hesitated in the answer and that's when he said I've always heard you remain of your word and I made a commitment to stay here through may even though you don't want me I'm surprised you're not going to honor your into the contract and before McMahon could say anything Lisa said well. That's something Vincent I will discuss replied. We're not talking about another year. We're talking about a couple of months until my contract is up. It will let me figure out what I'm going to do and I thought you'd want to keep you word. Both Vince and Lisa didn't commit one way or the other so so I laughed. I got back in my car and <hes> drove home and told Jan Jan wanted to know because of your face I hope not I said a bike to thing vince isn't that cruel it might have been that I was reluctant to play the character they wanted wanted the good old southern boy with the Cowboy Hat and he tells John I think we should move back to Atlanta. What are your memories of this? When did you find out and how is this news received? Well okay first of all even going back to the day. I'll never forget the day that Jim was diagnosed with the bell's Palsy and all this shit happened because it was super bowl Sunday and we lived in the same townhouses and we had made plans ends to watch superbowl Jim's house you know get some pizza and hang out what super bowl so all. This shit happens goes emergency room comes back and it's <hes> yeah half of his face is paralyzed basically in me being the six sadistic <hes> we're cruel sense of humor that I have looked okay like right now. I've got six in my teeth that had been pulled that I've got basically county fair teeth and my mouth right now being held together still you can see the stitches in them and I look like a fucking goof right now but every time I like go to mirror I smile laugh at myself because I looked so fucking ignorant and stupid <hes> but anyway we got pizza in Jim couldn't eat the pizza without holding up his side of the face that was paralyzed and he would get shit. All all over me didn't know it and I I you know I kept trying to tell him so. Hey Jamie got you know like some tomato sauce on your face just wipe over here because he couldn't feel it right after doing that twenty times. I'm like yeah no now you're good man in an tomato sauce all over his face and he goes into that God. Damn Ken got fucked tomato sauce on my face on fuck dude. I just got tired telling you sorry but the you know the the whole let letting him out of his contractor saying that they weren't going to you know again the way as presented to me. After the fact was that we're just not going to renew his contract and I'm pretty sure you got paid all the way through whatever the commitment was <hes> but here's where the bad part comes in. Jim Calls me the night before to tell me that he's got to go into the office first thing in the morning why lived up up kind of up a little bit higher than Jim did and I had four wheel drive vehicle. Jim had a Lincoln to wheel-drive and going up the hill sometimes could be difficult and we had a horrible snowstorm and ice and all this shit and I know that gyms gotta get go in the morning so I go in the office a little bit later and <hes> I'm said in my office and our call. Jim And I am laughing my ass off going. Hey I was getting up that hill this morning yeah they didn't come and plow until I fucking eight thirty nine o'clock. You must have slid slid down the mother Auger and he ain't laughing in Isa's Bercy. <hes> you talk Vince yet. No I haven't seen Madisonville what's up. How was your meeting well? Maybe you need talked me as he saying this Vince this is walking down the hall and like knocks on my door and PAT sources had talked to you guys real quick and said Hey Vince is here right now. Call you back hang up pat and Vince came in my office shuts the door. He says hey it's one. Let's Gaz know that <hes> rock and renew Jim Ross's contract and <hes> you know made it effective immediately will continue you know paying him. I think he has a couple months left on or whatever it is but <hes> rock could be used him going forward and I'm just staring at him and goes what I said. I just fucking got off the phone within busting his balls about trying to get up the icy fucking ramp at the town house and he says asked me if I talk to you think you could have given me a fucking heads up as bruce fide done that then you would have known and then when he ask you. Will you knew you would have had lied to them or you. Will you know I didn't WanNa put you in that position and you would have been weird around him and everything else I said well it's kind of fucking weird and Shitty and I'm calling him and and fucking with him about getting up the hill and he's been fired is an environment just not renewing his contract and <hes> Call Jim back said man sorry. I didn't know she's yeah right sure you you didn't because pat and I knew everything of course you know yeah and and that you know Vince was very particular about protecting us. He wouldn't tell us when he was letting people. Go and shit like that so that we wouldn't be in that weird position of you know L.. Someone's being let go but yet you know you can't say anything yet and I had no clue no clue at all but I didn't know that Vince was upset. Jim continued to resist the cowboy hat and continued to resist you know the tweaks have bins wanted to make with his work. Remind everybody this is less than a year <hes> from when you know Vince First Hires Jim and goes on that radio show and says Christmas came early for the W._W._f.. Have you F and he's comparing. Jim Ross to you know being the John Madden of wrestling announcers and his first assignment was wrestlemainia and now boom. It's over and Jim doesn't know exactly what he's going to do so he tries is to get back with W._C._W.. Where he left on not the best terms are your prior and Eric? Bischoff agrees to meet him at a little restaurant not too far from the W._w.. Offices and immediately Eric says are wanted to meet with you because I don't think think it's GonNa Happen. I don't know that fits anymore and bring you back. What upset too many people and of course G._M.? Doesn't know what people he's talking about and felt like he can contribute but now that W W won't welcome in back in W. F. has let him go. He thinks it's time to wash his hands of the wrestling business <hes> but of course we know he's got wrestling in his blood and that's not going to happen he. He does some work with the Falcons <hes> the N._F._l.. Team there in Atlanta <hes> any he lands a a gig with Jim Cornet smokey mountain wrestling but it is a little weird to see one of the greatest of all time not working for either one of those and on June twenty four th or I'm sorry may twenty fourth. He decides he's GonNa write a letter to Vince and <hes> he wrote a letter and he published in his book <hes>. Do you remember this letter. I don't really actually he says that you know the only disturbing thing I've heard that you perceive me to not be loyal to you and tied in sports. This is absolutely not true and runs deeper than any need. I need to get into here. I take a great deal of pride in being in our business these past twenty three years and I am especially proud of my work. Ethic enough told many people that my experience working for you as a positive experience because of the lingering effects bell's palsy. I'm having to be creative and finding something to do to provide for my family and I'm in the process of launching a mail order based home business where I would be responding to fan mail via audio cassettes the primary promotional vehicle be direct mail to wrestling fans and this is where I need to ask this favor when you allow me to use the mailing mailing lists you have developed via the magazine subscriptions this could prove to be invaluable and making off my home base business. Keep me in mind. If there's anything I could ever do in the future of course is the just at the bottom paragraph where he's saying he can help on radio or television or <hes>. You know whatever what'd you think of you know Jim at this point just trying to find something to do. You know we can do some audio cassettes wrestling fans and we can call some stuff with smokey mountain and we can work with the Falcons you know you're still inside the castle so to speak your feel for your buddy here. I did Ayaan gyms resourceful. He was able to go out and he was able to do some of the things he loved like Atlanta Falcons football. It's the same time that's a day a week and you know you have to pay bills. You have to feed feed your family. You have to continue to stay active in grow. I've been there done that you got to reinvent yourself. Sometimes in the gym was looking to do find any avenue that was going to create some some income for him and create an opportunity for him to continue to be at least attached to the wrestling business and I think that at some point in some of this you know in the in the thing you just talked about being labeled as disloyal. I think that there was some people and I I don't even know who but I know there was the reputation and I know that there was the you know fair or not the G._M.. will friendly with Dave Meltzer Wade Keller and those guys in that maybe he was feeding him information especially based on the cowboy hat stuff when very few people knew about that fat but Jim made it known and there were details of that that made to the dirt sheets that reflected how Jim fell exactly the only place would have gotten that from would've been. Jim and I know that upset Vince why would you or anybody tell these leeches you know our business or your business and there was that feeling <hes> but I I you know long Jim going back and and doing smokey mountain stuff. He's in wrestling. I think that helped <hes> gyms talented son of a bitch and again as far as work ethic goes rose. <hes> son Bitch worked his ASS off. He wasn't can't call them lazy and you can't go in and say well. You Know Jim Ross won't do that because he'll do it. He'll figure it out one way or another so didn't didn't surprise me and Jim was somebody that we always kept like you know Jim still don't have gig could bring it back. Maybe some Mitchell Vonda cowboy hat that fits who knows so there there was always a constant constant feeling of we can he may give in you know he may finally get so desperate. Oh you know all try and and do something different and realize that maybe if he changes up a few things and tries tries to new hold that maybe we could bring him back. He was you know it was somebody that was at the forefront. <hes> of people that you could use to do commentary and people that we could use to do other things in the company is he had a lot of skills. I guess we should mention here that <hes> this letter actually works out a few days after killing ninety four so it would have just been a few weeks after he sent the letter it gets a call asking if he wants to come back and do Ralph course he accepts and he works with legal about his contract. It gets a nice bonus for working summer slam and he's not sure sure how long he's GonNa be needed but he knows summer slams a high priority so he gets very healthy figure payday and then everything changes because Vince gets exonerated. I guess we should give you the backstory here. This is the time won't Vince has his legal trouble so perhaps the idea is hey offense can't do T._v.. We'll get J._R.. But when it turns out that you know Vince isn't going to be going away and he's still good to go well. That's the end of J._R.. Here <hes> so once he all the dust settles there he goes back to smokey mountain and replaces his old friend Bob Coddle and <hes> a few months later Vince Hires J._R. again seemingly out of the blue he gets a call says says Jim is VANC- ready to go back to work and <hes> I guess they had you know had another chance to reassess what he could do and they wanna bring it back as a producer and essentially be J._J.. Dylan's Dylan's assistant and talent relations and of course Jim Ross jumps at the chance to do that. Talk to me about you know this offer. This is a little different. You know we're not. We're not GONNA have you on camera anymore. which everybody knows is really what Jim wants to do but talent relations and like an Assistant J._J.? Is that something that that you present that J._J.. Prevents or is that Vinci's idea it came up where you had yet pat hi there doing everything including booking all the town's writing all the television just doing everything and with robbing what it was becoming it became it wasn't too much but we needed to focus on television and J._J.. was doing the live events booking the live events dance and putting those cards together and I don't think Vince was particularly happy with J._J.. Doing that and J._J.. Had A lot on his plate so I think it was Pat Patterson. That actually said you know Jim Ross. He's sitting there doing nothing we we we could use him here and I went on to say you know when he was with cowboy he ran some bitches detail oriented. None of this shit's going to fall through the cracks with him. I says you think he would WANNA do that. He goes. I don't WanNa put him back on the air. However is instincts are good? Maybe we could use him as producer in what have you and G._M.. Came and met with Vincent Vinci's house <hes> we were there and we didn't meet with Jim said hello and he went met with dense and that was that vince came out and said you guys are done having to look at the the <hes> <hes> live event bookings night tonight and good God we I mean it was like Christmas for us is yes thank you. Jesus suggests came back back to to book the live events how shows and to work with T._v.. And produce as you said the commentators and the color guys and try to help T._V.. Just tell better stories in this fascinating saying that he's helping produced T._v.. Where where he is even producing some of the announcers which is kind of fun and one of those answers he's producing Vince McMahon talk about role reversal from what we know years later but Vince is pretty happy with Jim in this regard and encouraged him to rod with Vince McMahon as come rod with me listen that you've talked about this on the show before but you're taking you're taking a major risk to ride shotgun with Vince McMahon? In the mid nineties he not yes yes because he's he's a John Candy in the damn planes trains and automobiles he just becomes the devil. He likes to drive quickly. As we say are very quickly. I'm GonNa read what what what Jim row and then I want you to. SORTA reenacted has been waiting you ready sure beside me. This is all the driving Vincent driving beside me Vince was singing at the top of his lungs punting ninety miles an hour on a secondary road all Wa- quote unquote dancing in his seat. I'm an amazing dancer for a white man. He shouted over the Music Amazing Dancer For all Light Mad Yeah Great Nancy. That is the funniest fucking thing ever. I'm GONNA made by the way so my very good dancer good singer to spend on the go but the hands on the clock Cape Spanning to slow. I can't wait to be loan with my baby to hey and that's hillbilly teeth thin motherfucker hillbillies. It's just my fucking teeth are all fucked up. These traveling Vince stories are the highlight of Gyms Book Slobber knocker which is available now on Amazon by the way I think his new book under the Black Add Isabel preorder too and it's like a top of the charts so checkout slobber knocker in under the blackouts comes out next year around Wrestlemania time imagine that <hes> so another great Vince Story. I thought I heard something in the trunk. My first thought was they've put longtime employees. Howard fecal in the truck as a rib is the car I asked Jesus Christ listen will you Vince ground I closed mas and listened as hard as I've ever listened anything in my life here it is he said and he began to Fart long base filled flatulence that eventually finished with a smile of pride from the chairman? You hear it now. He asked us the cackled laughter amid a split decision not to sell in any way a set facing forward like nothing happened at Vince was so happy with himself. You know how I get the longevity and smell Jim Protein. I had nothing but fucking protein and how it wasn't that impressive I said Vince is head swelled and my direction like I'd had just insulted his wife or something what he asked with a minutes he was serious offended. Even I couldn't back down now. It was a test our sure it was well. I've been around the business for over twenty years Vance and Robert Gibson Vince then locks the windows and let's another one go twice the volume twice. The smell is watching my reaction intently as we continue to tear along along the highway at speed and his creation was putrid. How about that one Vince I asked he hated to be beaten at anything even farting competitions? What a fucking great story you got any good farting stories with Vance now my favorite one I probably I do their putrid <hes> but the my favorite is when he would go to the bathroom in like the guests like in the half bath in his his house and then and then go God damn in our forgot my book in the bathroom would you? He sent Jim Cornet in there to go. Get it in Cornet went in and like it's a half bath. It's a sink in a toilet and cornet actually looked around for a while. That's God damnit. Keep finds you fucking book but it took a shit near you know shit like that. I'd like to do that to my son. All the time where I'll be taking care air business and also Kane I need my phone and he'll come. I can hear him. I am run down the stairs and find my phone. Come running in our bathroom. Go Oh my God. I learned that one ferments stinky. It's good stuff bruce. Let's burn our last time out of the day and let's tell everybody about a brand new podcast that takes a weekly deep dive into a classic wrestling mass along with a legend of the squared circle. This is a unique format because it's the only wrestling podcast focus on one match and then watch along with the wrestler who was in the match or someone else that has a unique perspective on what took place in the ring or behind the scenes the debut episode of the payoff has already been released and looks at the classic Eddie Guerrero Brock Listener Mass from no way out two thousand four and then they watched the match with Vickie Guerrero who has a fascinating take on the match and what was going on outside the ring at the time you can check out new episodes every every Monday morning and they tell me they've got a great group matches coming up and of course the payoff is available everywhere. You enjoy your podcasts <hes>. So what are you waiting for. Go check it out right now. I think you'll really dig it. It's at payoff part on twitter or you can go to payoff pod dot com or just look payoff pied anywhere you enjoy your podcasts. Let's get back to something wrestle. He tells another story about riding along with him. <hes> and big pulled over by Ohio state trooper. <hes> you gotta go out of your way to see the book Slobber knocker to get that story <hes> really fun punchline there but it's his stories we'll leave that one and the what actually and I saw this the other day someone sent it to me and his stories completely fucking wrong all right. Well tell his were going on going on fucking records say his stories wrong because I was in the God damn car with Jerry Briscoe. I wasn't in the car with fucking Watson. Pat Okay so the story has McMahon's driving like a bat on a hell and the Ohio state trooper pulls him over and Vince Rolls Down the window and says we're just finished producing our national television broadcast Monday night raw i Vince McMahon and this here is good old J._R. beside me the COP says so you're Vince McMahon I am vincit Kennedy McMahon and the COP says well. I guess that makes me the big boss man then and gives Vince speeding ticket and says have a good mind and you say yeah. That's not the way the not that's not as well. That's not the way it happened. All right. We'll through construction and Vince is driving kind of radically <hes> I was in the cars Vince I was vince driving J._r.. Run A shotgun. I was in the backseat. We needed more beer so okay. I need more beer so jerry. Briscoe goes goes back and gets watts and PATS car and he gets bear from there. Will the traffic's moving like two miles an hour can't so jerry is running back and forth and bringing beer so I'm taking the Bairbre. We're locking jerry out well. He's on the outside. The car on the thing drives a little bit and we go on Jerry and I were drinking quite a bit in the backseat. See it just <hes> goes on Vince is Kinda hit and cones and they're rolling trying to make them roll back into watts car and things of that nature but he's also driving in the construction area in construction ends. He takes off two hundred twenty miles. An hour will cop comes pulls us over takes Vince out of the car takes Vince puts him in the back of his car comes goes back to us now Vince did say the Shit yes officer we were just down the street and Produc- Monday night raw like he knows I mean like what the fought Vince is dressed his Monday night Ross Shit. J._R.'s Justin is Monday night raw shit who the fuck cares and so the COP has vincent the back. The COP comes back over on the passenger side J._R.'s in in the Front Shah's lied on J._R.. He says the drinking tonight. G._R._C.'s no Sir I add bureau earlier but not drinking tonight is about your driver no sir. He has an anything to drink. He Vincent had nothing to drink. So then he comes to the back seat he opens up the back door and Eli Shawn's alight in the in the car. A looks underneath and Jerry Briscoe had like a six pack. I it it is feet in the cop looks that and says one two three four were five six. He says you drink all those fears. He said Yes sir is. How many bears have you had? He goes goes just these right here. He counts miss. You drank all those yes sir. He says we realize I can give you a ticket ticket for each one of those open containers like hundred eighty dollars per open container yes sir. I'm sorry Sir They Shah's allied over to me well underneath my legs. I had like three six packs and now I didn't drink them all but you know I just went with Jerry. Cop shows over me says how about you. You've been drinking. Yes sir how much you drank these right here and he goes one two. Three four five six got damaged some. That's just stupid. I guess hurt stupid and yell. We're we're sorry but you know we didn't do anything so he comes back and he's talked to us and he says as boys I got over eight calls. There were some reckless driver driving through tipping over cone tribe and over one hundred miles an hour coming down here and Y'all down here you drink weekend doing all this shit yes sir. I'm sorry it was just come back. He goes that really is Vince McMahon. I got in the back of my car back. There isn't it. We're like Oh yes sir. It really is visiting angels. Well laws argued that makes me the big boss man tonight in all three of his right. Yes sir you share sell our yes sir. You're the boss man's. We're really sorry as well. He passed the test. We're going to let him go and <hes> y'all need to pull over at the next. Stop get rid of all this alcohol you got in here and get on your way to your hotel and drive on the speed limit and let us go but there were times when Vince will get pulled over and and like take the ticket ticket and just throw it in the bag and take off kind of kind of fun but I was actually there for that one summer ninety five you guys put J._R.. Back on T._V.. He wrote that you said you're back and Jim asked back wear and he replied on commentary. Jim says and just like that with no explanation fanfare reason logic. I was back out there with both Vance and Jerry lawler the W._w._f.. We're moving their commentators around trying to get the right makes across the shows and my name came up Vince gave me the nod so J._R. is now part of a three men booth cherry and Vince <hes>. What are you remember about this? After being sorted behind the scenes all the sudden <hes> what's oldest new again yeah just trying to mix it up and trying to Make Fun of Vinci's commentary style. I made fun of it then because it would be oh my then from there ah maneuver <hes> in with raw just with lawler lawler Vince had great chemistry and it was it was a way to add kind of that that Bruno Element. I'm in almost for lawler the your needed lawler for the comedic relief and Jerry to get his lines in there but we needed something with a little more meat for the color and so it was originally almost as if Vince Vince was going to be play by play J._R. was colored in lawler be the analyst and county morphed into Vince being color J._R. Dum play by play in king being the analysts to what we ultimately ended up with <hes> J._R.. In King but Yeah Change Pace just mixing things up and trying something new yeah it's <hes> it's good to see him back here. <hes> Gerald right about this <hes> three man booth by saying that he felt like they had good chemistry right away <hes> but it's very hard for King lawler going to business for themselves because they're sitting right next to the guy who owns the company <hes> and he thought that Vince brought on a different Saad on camera he was more or playful or more mischievous side. He enjoyed working with them. What did you think of the three man booth about big fan three man booze but I thought they were gilded and I think that the reason for the hat was because Vince did control it and he he was able to put a put a harness on himself and tag both guys in when they needed to be tagged in so the fact that they had good good chemistry worked as well? You know you never do what was going to come out of kings. Mouth and Jim was good at bringing a right back where you needed to go in the story so I thought they had great chemistry and we're good it doesn't last long though J._R.'s back-off commentary and put backstage again and we would see IMPA backup doing commentary on the Board of dog pay per view after they lost power they had J._R.. Mr Perfect and they did <hes> some commentary on the mashes the had had to be redone and he says later that year during the South African tour you Jim had an interesting conversation <hes> where you whispered into his ear J._J.'s gone and this creates a bit of an opportunity opportunity because <hes> you said Vince wants me to replace J._J.. And J._R. Says of course you've been here longer and know the company far better than I do and and he says that you said Vince wants to give us both new roles he wants to make the me the vice president talent relations and you the V._p.. A wrestling administration what did you think of you know when J._J.. Leaves and now there's there's GonNa be musical chairs in the office again the first version of things and then the way things wound up well first of all. I am a horrible administrator ministration. I don't like to administrate. I'm creative guy and I enjoy creative. I I like a little bit more free form <hes> job description if you will so on Jayjay left and these moves are being made. I think that Vince was comfortable with me because I had I had done everything and I was i. I knew the job a new everything involved in it. Any wasn't sure what was going to happen with J._R.. As far as J._R.'s contract coming up Jim you know was talking about going to W._C._W.. And <music> I am I have another opportunity over there so and then I was I was one having to give the information everybody <hes> originally mullaly when everything came out I was asked for my opinion of what what I thought we should do and I thought you know J._R.. Should have moved into that spot and just take it over J._J.'s duties and let me the in Corny and everybody else just continue doing what we were doing and I think Vince wanted a little bit of checks and balances there for whatever reason but I just felt we were in the wrong roles. I was definitely in the wrong role <hes> I did it did it because I was asked to do it and I was. I was happy to help anyway. I could however you know like. Jim said he wasn't sure what what that role meant needed. was I so we work our way through it and as time went on a demonstrated that you know as far as details go and and all these logistics and shit gyms lot better that than I am and we Kinda <hes> reversed roles and Jim took over the entire department and I moved into you know concentrating on development and other things like that <hes> but yeah it was it was a weird time mm-hmm because there was a lot of change and people just in fucking. No you know we didn't know what was going to happen in J._R. was in flocks at the time but then once he got you know ingrained grain and we realize that you know hey man he series with us and let's move I it's <hes> and I think you know the more uncomfortable conversation we had is when chairs is Asia's ambrose. I'M GONNA move into into that office. You're in now. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA move you down a couple of doors great I'll give I think Jim was uncomfortable. Thinking I was attached to the office and I wasn't I was like next. I just <music> I it was a burden off my shoulders. <hes> just the that was hanging heavy because it's twenty four look. All of us are twenty four seven. We'll twenty four seven now but then it was it was it was crazy it was it was a difficult fast moving a lot of moving parts Vincent I still did you know even even when J._r. took over Vincent I still would do a lot of the preliminary very talented stuff <hes> but Jim was just much better much better at the role than I ever could have been and and I think you know I dare say that as far as that role in talent relationship nations jim was probably you know the best at that over the years J._J.. J._J. was good pat. was that was good <hes> I don't. I don't even think I've been rated the worst. I think that <hes> there were like to two people in there that were worse than me that had nothing to wrestling business but <hes> it's just a tough job. It's heat. It's a heat job so then I I became the heat magnet for for J._R.. Invents I'm the one that delivered all all the bad news then. I never got give anybody any good news. Let's talk about <hes> September sixth. It's a <hes> special edition of raw on a Friday night. This is the first time that J._R. Really Becomes involved in angle goal regrettable fake diesel fake razor angle working. Tell me about this and how J._R. From J._R.'s perspective well from J._R.'s perspective. I thank that he he didn't understand why he would be he'll. J._R.'s a heel and re-live so we thought we'd put that on screen. They're J._R.. Head credibility so for J._R.. To tell US razor and diesel coming back the audience is going to believe ghetto J._R. because he's not GonNa lie to me and we did bring razor in diesel back so in using Jim you're using that credibility say for people go holy fuck what's going on because you'd seen Scott Hall and Kevin Nash on the competitor show and now here's an opportunity to the Oh my God. They're coming back so that was why we used a Arctic just just to get that message out there and associate him with razor in diesel right from the get-go. It's not the best angle in the world but you know J._r.. Or does a great job with the Promo he comes out and cuts <hes> almost like a worksheet promo where he's talking about the real life hiring and firing and trials and tribulations heave he's had of <hes> of working with Vincent Man and the happens on September twenty third raw. What did you think of the <hes> the Promo that he kept that day because if you haven't seen it you should go out of your way to see we'll be will lincoln on our social but it September twenty third nineteen ninety six six and there's a lot of <hes> a lot of realism in that Promo and you know not a lot of fans knew the backstory? This is before you know information was as readily available on the Internet maybe does now. Would you think when he sees J._R.. Deliver this impassioned Promo mentoring thought it was great because it was real. It was all shit. Jim said it was all ships. Jim had actually lived in been through so for him to go out and say all of the things that he said that was coming from the heart and it was everything that he had lived through inexperienced and those stories were already out there so now it's an opportunity for him to tell it in an entertaining way. Make it part of a storyline that made sense and people believed it because it was true. Yeah I mean they did believe it because it had so much realism to it and supposedly Rosalie you know depending on who believe and even gets a bit of a raise for Holland Nash on the W._C._w.. Side of things the circle back for a minute though and talk about in the build for Wrestlemainia twelve twelve that was of course a little earlier in Nineteen ninety-six. He's going to the interview Brett in Calgary as as Brad is getting ready for his ironman mass was Shawn Michaels and he had an opportunity to go down to the dungeon and and see Stu Brad working through some things and J._R. writes that STU wanted to put Jim and some submission holds chap me up. Did you hear about this. Have you ever let let's do stretch you in the dungeon this news of J._R.. Being in in stews dungeon working through some holds make make its way back to the office. I'll God yes because if you're crazy enough to go on the dungeon with STU which by the way I've I've never been to the the hard house to the dungeon. However I have had stew is semi the take this you take your wrist there then you'd be paid bay hero Uriel Boo who in this and that was J._r.? Damned any hodge podge June great shooter. He's got all this hand strength bad ass. Bitch is <music> Tiki the big hands he Oklahoma. Hey victim because he got fucking STU shit. Don't go there ref rash so yes yeah still stretch if he given the chance. What an interesting Man Mick Foley is a story that <hes> is told a lot with Jim Ross and I think maybe maybe it was in mixed book that <hes> Jay is <hes> is credited with pushing to get mixed signed and supposedly <hes> and I can't believe this is real Vince agrees is to do it right well? Here's explanation. I'm going to let you bring Foley in because I want you to learn how feels to have your heartbroken by character. You think is going to be a star and then ends up being the shits. What do you think about what events ism there? What do you remember about day are pushing to give a lien while I always seen Mick Foley at <hes> Laguardia Airport One day is when he was Cactus Jack? I don't know if he he might have been working for W._C._W.. At the time but Vinson WanNa meet him because he felt that he was dangerous and felt that he <hes> was going to have a very a short-lived career and he just thought he was doing indie Shit. That was not gonNA work <hes> J._R.. Very high on Mick Foley and I was very high on Mick Foley and especially the stuff that mic was doing doing NEC w at the time because he was doing the the hi I'm hardcore shit but he was doing all you know riding on a little tiny merry go round where our core for our core and it was hilarious and you'll get to see his personality <hes> we went to visit US advance. Would you just at least meet the guy in Jim was was adamant. You know just can we please just talk to get get to meet him. For a minute and Jim fell young. I felt as well that this was an opportunity for mic to get over and Vince greeted him as Mike <hes> stead of Mick but as would be the case fell in love with him and mankind was born but we it come up. It was like okay you don't like cactus shack will hide his face will come up with some kind of mask or something to hide his face. You won't know Cactus Jack You don't have to be Cactus Jack and that's how mankind was born and it was after Vince meeting him and fallen in love with <hes> With Mick Foley and obviously became one of the big stars in the history of the business and absolutely the other big star that I think J._R.'s must closely associated with its don't call Steve Austin and <hes> there's a famous story where Steve Really wants to be baby. Face and JIM is encouraging him. Hey man you're going to be the hottest baby face with got Steve just thinks this is just you know the worst possible scenario and he's fighting mad you know and then eventually intially according to the room and Innuendo J._R. would say I don't know if that's the worst thing man they make a lot of money. These baby faces they want merge sales and one day he brings him <hes> copies of checks with the names and info redacted so you can't really tell who's who but you see some of these baby face payoffs for merge and all of a sudden <hes> Austin magically becomes okay with being a baby face immediately and <hes> those t shirts sales were record-setting for Austin what can you how would you categorize the relationship one. Can you tell us about the relationship that J._R. had or has with stone cold their best friends and they became friends because you know through gyms career heading talent relations the the number one talent was so called Steve Austin dirty lot that tenure so you taking care of your top talent you know we had brought Steve in before and <hes> met with him at Vince his house and Steve had no interest in coming in I and then later on after Steve was fired. <hes> and Paul Heyman had called said look the Shit. We're doing and we're going well. Yeah Man <hes> that's good stuff and we're able to finally convinced Steve to come in and you know I'd been big fan of Steve's for Good God years from the days of W._C._W.. Was Stunning Steve and I thought he would be the next ric flair but finally got him in and he and J._R.. Quickly you know had a bond and continues to this day with them being friends but it was the you know Austin three sixteen that was a he'll character in the beginning in Austin three sixteen shirt sold when he was a he'll is still took him awhile to turn all the way baby face the audience turned him and see did fight it steve on do Steve Dave thought God damn I'm he'll kid <hes> but he ultimately biggest baby-faced of all time probably not probably I think most people would say he's the tippy top Guy <hes>. I guess we should fast forward in one thousand nine hundred seven. We're going to see <HES> J._R.. Do a little bit of a departure. You know we do sit down interviews a few times they your <hes> one with bass series with mankind <hes> where we learn more about the mankind on character and of course we finish that series of interviews with a mandible claw which we've recently talked about here on the show for mankind we would do the same thing sort of a work shoot type VOB or environment with gold dust and Marlena Lina Wallace J._R. The right guy for those. What can you tell us about those? was He excited about this. <hes> what can you tell us about these sort of sit down interview formats with J._r. and ninety seven because it was a departure and it was something that was someone that the audience was familiar with entrusted and Jim Ross was that voice so for Jim to be able to go in he could ask you the questions that you're not going to have an interview or go ask in aren't even remember who the Hell we've had as an interviewer at that time that people would have accepted so for Jim to go in you accepted the indepth interview and you accepted the fact that he was the one asking these hard hitting questions because it was good old J._r.. Dr and that role fit him so the audience believed in a made sense no doubt there were into it and it gave another layer and I think J._R. was probably the right guy for it but <hes> of eventually we start to see the seeds <hes> of the Mr McMahon character in nineteen ninety seven <hes> of course. That's going to be November ninety seven but before we get there. We've gotta find something for stone cold the do I think everybody everybody remembers that <hes> Summertime Ninety Seven Austin was injured in his match with Owen Hart and as a result you guys are trying to find a way to keep Steve on T._v.. Even though he can't compete in the ring so ground zero <hes> which is in your house from September of Ninety Seven Austin Hits J._R. With the stunner talk to me about that creative and how events felt about putting J._r. in the ring and how J._r. felt about doing some physicality like that. I think J._R. loved it it <hes> He'll tell you I'm not Arash won't do that but he loved it but again it was getting over that stone cold character that the rattlesnake will bite any in everybody in the D._T._a.. Don't trust anybody that was more or building seve's character and even the guy that's shouting his praises the most he can't even trust him because he's Damn rattlesnake and that was building that character more and I dare say stunning. J._R. Made Steve Even more popular because told Old no-one safe yeah. It's a it's a cool story because you don't expect to see anything physically happened to J._R.. Like that <hes> let's talk about you know what's next for Austin though is going to be as fued with Mr McMahon man this evil he'll owner character and a few months later after this Mr McMahon character is rolling Vince says the J._R. J._R.. There's a difference between Mr McMahon on T._v.. and Vince in real life and J._R. said really and what might that be and he says Vince struggle to answer but <hes> McMahon was Mr. Mann was an over the top version of events. It's the agree with that assessment. Just over the top version yes he isn't over the top version of events but he's very close to the the real you know the human being is just the volume is turned up as fucking allows. It'll go Mr McMahon character you see on T._v.. Yeah I mean I think most people would say would agree with Dome Colds assessment that the best characters and wrestling or just you with the volume turned up she said and of course the stone cold air starts in Nineteen Ninety Eight <hes> we know that <hes> awesome is going to win the world title a Wrestlemainia Fourteen and <hes> throughout ninety eight. I think that's really when Jerry lawler and Jim Ross sorta come into into their own. <hes> now that Vincent man out of the booth and we've got a two men booth famously king the Ring Ninety Eight. I mean that's gotta be <hes> without question. Jim Rossel's most famous call right the Helena Sale. Call Yeah definitely Oh amok gone. I think he killed absolutely it's probably the most replayed clip and <hes> it's the voice of the generation in December of ninety eight as in England for the capital carnage pay-per-view when his wife live called <hes> and told him that his mother had passed away and the next line raw he starts to feel some strange sensations. He's got a throbbing headache and the audio coming through the headphones is now painfully loud and every every noise feels like it's GonNa kill him is I won't blink his tongue goes nom. He's having another bell's Palsy attack right there but he says this one felt much different. Maybe because you know the he was awake for this one. He thinks that he triggered the attack by putting himself under so much stress of suppressing the grief of losing his mother and not dealing with feelings and instead focusing on the broadcast. Were you there that day when when he had the second bell's Palsy alsi attack yeah sure was man I was within the night when he found out about his mom and that was tough night and he just Jim was raised that you really don't show your motions and India power our through so he did what he had to do and he is job was to to get on the show and get through it and the bell's palsy hit a man and hit him hard in this one while the other one on May been painful <hes> in in a lot of this this one hurt like was he was in a lot of pain going through. It is what I remember most because it was maybe the other one happened in asleep. Deep this happened while he was wide awake and he experienced it and it was it was <hes> kind of like having a heart attack you remember that pain and is go through through it powers through the show and <hes> immediately afterwards he says that Vince had him <hes> an appointment with the finest neurologist in Connecticut and <hes> they confirm of course I was bell's Palsy and they haven't figured out what caused it or how to cure it and <hes> he's obviously going to miss a little bit of time here and Vince writes a handwritten note that says dear J._R.. It's not the number of times you get knocked down in life that counts what counts is the number of times you get the fuck back up so get the fuck back up. Give the stone cold hand signed to everyone who wants you to stay down use the love respect admiration strength and we'll of your friends and family bolster your spirit restore your confidence and help you face the challenges of the future. You've come a long way J._R. and you've earned a great deal of respect admiration from your family friends and foes however quote that was yesterday I need you. Your family needs you. You and your company needs you to help. Carry the end of the future black hat and all J._R.. You have my utmost respect appreciation in love your friend Vince P._S.. They're five thousand reasons fee to celebrate this Christmas in an envelope on my desk which will be presented Senate to you on your first day back at the Office Pretty Nice little humanizing sign events that fans don't hear about a lot <hes> yeah. That's the part that you know people tend to forget that <hes> you know he is a human being and he's always been more than fair and very generous so yeah I mean that Kinda sums lot of it up right there. I guess the thing that <hes> a lot of people remember about nineteen ninety nine. Is that Dr Death Steve Williams is going to come into the company and you guys try to turn heel or turn J._r.. He'll and Dr Death is going to be his bodyguard. <hes> I think that goes down like March eighth. <hes> the storyline of courses McMahon has fired him because of his condition and Steve Williams here's his personal enforcer and he's going to confront his replacement Michael Cole in the ring hole of. Course GonNA insist he's not trying to take J._R.'s job and then J._R.'s GonNa low blow McColl and then he's going to set up his own little announce table <hes> with a little <hes> label on that says J._R. is raw this of course doesn't last. I thought it was kind of fun for what it was. What did you think I thought it would have been great and I think that J._r. didn't embrace jared didn't want to be he'll if he you would have embraced it? I think it would have gotten over a million bucks in addition to that. I think that you know doc coming back off of the broth for all the bockel with his hamstring and all that Shit you know doc was trying so hard hard to get over in. Jim was trying so hard to get doc over then kind of worked against him and unfortunately people were getting hurt on some doc suplexes and things like that that it became well doc heart and people and we can't we can't have him hurting people and if that's only way he can work then he can't work here so there were a lot of reasons why didn't work. I mean there was Jesus. Christ there is the time that he he had made managed doc for a night and it after the the hamstring shit and the Bra for all Dr Death was never the same however. I think that in this incident because J._r. was over I think thank you Jim. It embraced being a heel and gone for people were dig man. The J._R. is Ross <unk> avid his own announce table to me that some of the best shit funniest shit we ever did. I enjoyed it. I wish you know we could've seen more of it but we know that Dr Death is not long for this world. <hes> jared is going to be back to call the WRESTLEMANIA fifteen main event which of course is <hes> stone cold and the Rock and it's Philadelphia and it's sort of catches him off guard because he's told by Vince Hey bring your Tux to Philly in. J._R. didn't expect that and he says why this is. I'm putting you back to work. What for you're going to call the main event you're ready and he says he found out later that Austin had rocked personally requested that he'd be the to call the match? How many performers would prefer Jim Ross call their match over most most others in that era while thinking that era a lot of them would because of the emotion and just the the storytelling abilities of Jim Ross and this particular situation were you've? You've got the two biggest stars going head-to-head they. They wanted it to be special. They wanted to be different than the rest of the card and help make different is to give it a different soundtrack as well so yes. The talent did go and ask for J._R. to do it. It's a big deal and of course Philadelphia of course famous as the city that booed Santa Claus but man. They're excited to see Jim. Ross back gets big reaction <hes> he's right back in a saddle again. And how did you think he did. <hes> calling the main event Wrestlemania fifteen I define you know I it's <hes> always as best call because I think that he rushed through an awful lot of things because it was just so damn excited to be out there her and the US trying to get everything that had been inside of him with him being off the air in in that one match that makes any sense yeah so after this J._R.'s back on the commentary table on raw and of course we know that when the X._f._l. comes to be he's even doing some commentary there. We've talked about that briefly on our X._F._l.. Episode but even though it's probably not in this way maybe this wasn't exactly how he envisioned it. It's probably a lifelong dream for Jim to be calling football as a not absolutely jim always wanted to do either O._U.. Football or Atlanta Falcons football that was his dream and he got to do it on radio and what have you but now to be you know part of the national promotion in on broadcast television and the X._F._l.. This new league and he's calling football which is probably as I love <hes> it was a big kit for him to do it. It still was to the football the ball audience into the general audience. You Got Wrestling Guy Doing football regardless of how much passion Jim had for football and love and knowledge. It was still wrestling guy doing football yeah no doubt about it. <hes> let's talk about the nine after her summer slammed ninety nine. I think most people know that that's a big day for triple H he's GonNa come out for an interview with J._R.. And in this segment triple h puts J._R.. Armlock in threatens to break his arm unless the new world champion mankind comes out and agrees to give him a title shot of course this Brings Foley out he agrees and then triple h breaks his arm anyway and the Scott Fun because <hes> win triple eight it goes to break. J._R.'s arm guys pipe a sound effect into the broadcast but it's out of sync by a second so we hear the arm break after throat J._R.'s arm <hes>. Are you in the back when with events when this happens. What's the reaction Colorado? I think that was just your Alabama. T._V. was a little out of sync that night. Okay the rest of the world that was on the rest of the world. That was fine in any of you. You know if you were watching it on direct T._v.. I think direct T._v.. was was out of sync and and comcast cable might have been out of saint on some of the audio when she it happens every once in a while. You don't like when you're changing channels sure no yeah they're moving the lips but rather than go I will indeed <hes> yeah. That's all it plus. Here's his first wrestling match later that year to <hes> October Eleventh J._R. IS GOING TO BE TEAMED UP WITH DON'T BILL Steve Austin to take on triple. H and China Gusto no contests with China beating up J._r. on the ring the whole time <hes> I mean it's having the time of his life booking J._r. and these awkward positions or what again J._R.'s is sympathetic character being in J._R.. With the way that he would call stone cold matches. It was obvious there was some favoritism there so you're going to go that far. You're not going to be that impartial and and you know you can't deny it so put let him in there if you're GonNa get if you're a he'll I can't do too much bad shit awesome but I can sure as hell do little buddy down there and it helped get he right and I don't know I mean me now. I know he's been he's been critical that a lot of wrestling fans have to <hes>. Let's talk a little bit about sort of what's going on behind the scenes though J._R.'s not super involved in the story lines still doing the announcing on T._v.. He's still the executive vice president of talent island relations. There is a blip in the radar though when lawler leaves in two thousand one Paul Hayman's GonNa take spot over. I think a lot of people were probably hesitant because we had become so familiar and really fell in love and they'll pass. I don't know the three or four years with J._R.. And the king as a duo but I thought Paul Heyman did a really nice job with Tara. What did you think well you know you're not just did wrestlemainia seventeen able in the archives folks and I think this was it's the best commentary off forgot how good Paul was but I think is probably the best commentaries my favorite Wrestlemainia but listen to the commentary on this J._R. and Heyman had worked for years together prior to this in W._C._W.? Or an w whatever the hell they were at the time and they when they got back together it was like old times and they clicked they worked well together. You had the obnoxious New Yorker and you know the southern good old J._R.. Ready to rock and roll and you felt that was good. Yeah I enjoyed it. I I don't know what it was about their chemistry but it certainly worked for me. <hes> a few days after wrestlemainia seventeen <hes> where Austin beat the rock for the title and turned heel <hes> we would see a smackdown in Oklahoma or J._R. is going to conduct an interview with Austin and awesome. It's GONNA attack him and beat him up. <hes> there's a brand extension which leads to the the draft in Oh to J._R.'s GonNa stay on Raw <hes> as a result of that. We're also going to see J._R.. have his second match towards the end of Oh to December twenty I it's raw number five hundred and he's GonNa team with Jerry Lawler to take on Lance Storm and William William Regal <hes> then we cruise on into o-3 <hes> the Eric Bischoff character is now the general manager on raw and he's GonNa Fire J._R. because his J._R.'s fault that he couldn't sign Steve Austin fast forward a week and J._R.. They are wrestles Eric Bischoff in a no-holds-barred match. This is like out of a fever dream Trim Rawls Eric Bischoff and a no-holds-barred match. What are you remember the name? He kept my refrigerator refrigerator from a for months damage someone Amer I got my. They got refrigerator hostage when Jim came over from W._C._W.. I guess he had a refrigerator and some other shit washer and dryer some other shit in storage. We tried tried to get it out. Air wouldn't release it or something so that's that's all that's all I can remember about. This was the fun I had with J._R.. Going God Damn J._R.. You gotta you gotTa give back that son of a bitch all your fucking refrigerator hostage all those years and it was it was just classic. Eric was the guy that fired him W._C._W.. Admires him here and it was it was to you real life rivals now coming together in the theatrical world having fun with it it was it was what was it sure as hell wouldn't pretty Saddam sure I guess we should remind everybody at the end of this match where Eric Wins and <hes> it's J._R.. Does a blade job when Eric Kicks Cinderblock on his head so they break a God damn cement block over J._R.'s had he's busted in half ladies and gentlemen. He's been lacerated Eric's Crotty man on the three time Blackbelt Hall of Famer. Let me tell you that kind of kick to the head in and of itself would split J._R.'s head open like fuck and watermelon but add to that concrete-block and she it they are still alive. We're not doing on February. We break a cinderblock overhead in July. We have canes set him on fucking fire. What is in in this year here? Two thousand three events really really enjoys putting your boy through the ringer sent him on fire was absolute pure classic Shit probably ugly for the rehearsals more than anything because the guy the that was being set on fire like caught on fire hersal and J._R. was ever even close to getting burned in but he's just thinking damn fucking ridiculous. The third while I sit me on far says shit you had to have you know J._r.. Screen screaming otters highly entertaining shit and got people talking P. I'm you know it's funny. You say silly shit vacuous silly shit. It was good shit that may people talk about it and got people interested. Hey they sit a fucking doc goddamn announcer on fire. I gotta see this Shit. You turn the channel to watch what the hell were doing next so in that vein it worked is good shit. You said an announcer on fire and called a good ship. Yes we're not done okay okay. Let me let me correct that. It was great shit. You've been hanging events again a lot. I can tell great shit POW. DAMMIT unforgiven two thousand three J._R. is going to team up lawler to wrestle coach and Al Snow <hes> with the winners becoming the broadcasters Easter's on raw of course coach and snow went after Jericho interferes the September twenty nine thrall. This has got to be a rib. J._R.'s weren't wrestling coach in a country whipping match and the raw broadcasting job is on the line. I I mean I country whip and Matt's this is just an excuse to see your friends. Have the ship beat out of them with belts right. There's no way to work that now. We have working whips working with listen. He you get them over to the whips our store aw J._R. winds appointing the match with stunner and the he and Lawler commentating job back thankfully J._R.. The next few years has just sticking to commentary but we're not done April of Oh five. He's going to have a match against it's a young upstart named triple. H I suppose you'd want him to beat triple. H with his fucking finish what say ours finish mugging. Have we gone this whole time. We have hit your favorite J._R.. Phrase rash her for her he. He really didn't like when we do that. By the way why well now that I feel that in real life we doesn't and yes he does is what's funny as I think so. Many people like they think that Michael Hayes really walks around saying Dave Dave Day and the J._r.. Every time he likes sits down and his chair says her fashion Fryer so in in what's true in two thousand by the way Batista comes in and hits triplets with a chair shy and put J._R.. On top so thank God J._R.. Got The pin and he won the match. You hit US finish which is apparently but these the chair show during Oh five J._R. steps down from his executive role and he says he's does this to give more time to focus on his health as family and his business ventures <hes> but in reality doctors had discovered a serious issue with J._R.'s Colon <hes> he's he's going to need some help and is not in a good way and on the October tenth two thousand five raw vince is gonNA storyline fire him to give an explanation for his absence and this is a weird Tom because you've got all the McMahon Dan characters involved here and eventually. There's a confrontation. J._R. is GonNa Tell Stephanie that he sorry that her mother Linda Gusty wind and then Stephanie Slaps J._R.. McMahon Shane come down and the music of Linda McMahon has she makes her way down the ring Vince says she looks lovely but this has no place for her. Linda takes the Mike says she can't let them continue this way and the only way to garner respect is not yelling and screaming or pitching a fit. It's by taking action. She goes over to J._R. and says on behalf of the entire McMahon family. You're fired Stephanie Events Laugh. J._R. can't believe and then Linda kicks him in the nuts. I mean Linda McMahon kicked a gun the nuts. What did you think of laundry kick him? What do you think of it? It's just so it's just is now expect Linda. I don't know what do you think of the way we get him off T._V.. Here again storyline why I thought it was tremendous because people did love him and it was a great way to get the characters actors over the we're trying to get over going to be there for awhile so let's do it in a big way would have been would it have been better if he just disappeared. Dodge a are sick okays on T._V.. More sorry folks or do some that. We're still talking talking about all these years later. No I mean he kicked him in the nuts. There you go here. It gives a both of them. After all over he even gives a goodbye speech on W._W.. Dot Com and and <hes> I mean we're continuing the angle. I guess we should fast forward to the October twenty four th Robert Before we do I want to mention that that's around this time that supposedly according to the rumor and Innuendo Vince McMahon tried to higher Mike Goldberg the voice of the U._F._c. away from Dana White and the potato family in the middle of the night <hes> his contract was coming do and <hes> even though you know these guys are former network partners you know where they both have programming on the same stations that doesn't matter to Vince allegedly. He's looking to replace J._R.. My Gobert should be the guy and according to the legend <hes> my Goldberg asked the former Nevada State Athletic Commissioner Schnur his advice and <hes> Mr Rattener being a big wrestling fan said that would be a horrible decision because fans know this J._r. spot the deal winds up not going down but the the negotiation tactic tactic by Vince McMahon to try to get him to know show a U._F._C.. Pay Per view instead show up on raw has been criticized. I don't know how much that's true. How much does not true? What are you remember about the negotiations to bring in my Goldberg here? I had absolutely nothing to do the negotiations with my Goldberg just hold about heard about it for you know through all my years over thirty two years dealing with Vince McMahon I've never ever wants ever you know hurt him. Tell somebody not to make contracted deal that that <hes> for something like that he would wanna Goldberg to finish out his commitments and do that shit. I just don't see him doing that. <hes> so I think that a lot of that is rumored innuendo new endo and dirt cheap bullshit of that's where it came from but I heard that they were negotiated with Mike and that it fell through and that basically U._S._C. came back with a better offer and that's all literally all I know I mean it was I wasn't involved in it didn't care about it and we moved on but so. I unfortunately don't have a whole lot on that one the October twenty four th raw. Here's the big announcement. He says that when J._R. was fired he decided to hire coach. This has been spokesman. He saying always knew the general was full of crap <hes> he's he's going to do a bit of an angle here. I think everybody knows this is Dr Heine as a reminder her J._R.'s off T._v.. Because he's got an issue with colon and they do a skit where Dr Heine Vince McMahon <hes> goes into J._R.'s ars colon on raw and pulls out of Steve Austin doll and yells stone cold stone cold and the last thing he pulls out is J._R.'s head. That's a a mannequin head or some sort of head. That's been fashionable J._R. and Vince says we've solved the problem you've had your head up your ass. This was a successful operation and that's the last segment on raw <hes> this obviously had to be upsetting or annoying or frustrating or are mean-spirited had hurt J._r.. What did you think of the creative here? Well first of all know wasn't mean spirited in. I think that a lot of people add problem with it from the standpoint of the reality of J._R.. Having surgery now and getting a lot of shit for this and I'll give fuck <hes> this was done out of it was done out of love and it was done out of respect to J._R.. From the standpoint point of this. We're going to do a skit. We're GONNA make fun of Your Shit. We're GONNA laugh at it. We're going to have fun with it because we want you to get through this and look at it we look. I haven't weird sense of humor like I was talking about my teeth earlier earlier when when I got surgery and my wife called Vance to let her know that you know hey I'm out of surgery. He says we'll let him know. Is this house. He looks okay made sure I was finding as he goes. Love Teeth looked funny. Let them know I'm laughing my ass off which when I came to and I heard that I laughed my ass off because that's what I would have said to him and is you go through this. I was I would send him. Pictures of my face all fucked up after the surgery and he would send me back. You know laughing jet. That's our humor. That's our our way of communicating. I mean that's in this was done to put even more sympathy on J._R.. But more than anything say hey J._R.. Man Thinking about you know you're going to be okay and or thinking about you. People will take anything in turn it into mean-spirited Shit if you can look at it in any way you want to look at it. <hes> wasn't in good taste faulk now. That's debatable last debatable in how you know again what you're what you think is good taste and what other people think is good taste on now ten for a minute once when your wife Stephanie was sake the J._R.. Try to do a skit like this. You wouldn't have thought anything about that was fucking phone if my wife seventy was a character on television maybe yes again but it wasn't. We Knew J. First of all we knew J._R.. was out of the woods. We knew that he was okay and was told about it. Ahead of time and it was a and again it was done to keep his name out there and have a low fun with it and let him know God damnit man you got to laugh at this shit and you gotta move on in your he was okay and again my wife Resona television character. She's on a public figure. We know that while J._R. was was out of pocket here Joey styles becomes the new announcer on raw after recovering J._r.. Doesn't behind the scenes work he comes back to do Saturday nights main event of six also caused the raw matches at Wrestlemania twenty two and your turns to play by play on May eighth after Joey styles quit in storyline in October of sakes has contract would expire. They hadn't come to terms on new ones so so the next month in November he signed a one year deal when we fast forward to March seven J._R.. Goes in the hall of fame and he's inducted by Steve Austin. I know being in hall of fame still means a lot J._r. but as probably <hes> pretty touching that Steve Stevenson's gotta put him in <hes> sure because its biggest star in the company and probably one of his best friends in life so you put those two together and that magnitude of having a guy like stone cold and duct you as a huge deal and so yeah I I know for fact that meant the world J._R.. Have that honor. We just whole show on this on Grill J._R.. But in June of await there's the draft and J._R.'s drafted the smackdown and he doesn't know that he's going to be drafted. The smackdown Tom and <hes> he had a very visible response and as you would say he sold it and we we covered that long-form are grill J._r.. So if you want J._R.'s full take we've literally just did a few weeks ago. Chat me up. Though from your perspective <hes> was was J._R.'s Cardinal Mistake Riding. He didn't want to be drafted because that almost guarantees that Vince McMahon's going to draft you does not know the reasoning was drafted as best for the product and no one knew and no one was smartened up to where they were going go and what they were GonNa do if they were gonna be drafted and if they weren't going to be drafted so vince water the real reactions from the talent so when we took those shots those were real reactions <hes> J._R.. Just took it harder than anybody the else and I think that you know he didn't WanNa be drafted in WanNa be away from Kingston WanNA split up but we were shaking things up so we did a lot of talent that were unhappy with it being drafted for one show Oh to another but again it went back to shaking the shows up and move it. All you know trying something different you left in November of Oh a nasty left. J._R. wrestled three more matches once against Michael Cole in two thousand eleven <hes> unbelievably an extreme rules pay purview strap match in two thousand eleven with Jack Swagger and Michael Cole on one side J._R. Lawler on the other <hes> later in two thousand eleven J._R. would team with John Cena and they get a win over Alberto del Rio and Michael Cole and then ultimately ultimately. J._R.'s Rohan sort of a full-timer with the company comes to the end in September of two thousand thirteen and that comes after a lot of criticism from an August to cave video game <hes> symposium in L._A.. Where supposedly <hes> Jim Rawson and Ric flair had <hes> had a few too many cocktails and that got off the rails now of course J._R. would deny that he was drunk? <hes> and let's say that you know his his speech may have been affected but that's from Bell's Palsy and people just weren't hearing from him all the time so maybe they you know whatever but I know a lot of people know that Rick had lost his son read earlier that year and he was probably drinking too much. What did you hear about that touquet disaster and then the fallout which cost J._R. Business relationship well? I think I heard all the rumor Innuendo. That was out there. I don't know to this day. What you know fact back from fiction? I heard that both guys had been drinking all day in that several people had seen him drinking. All Day spoke to J._R. Specifically. You said that he had not been <hes>. It was a train wreck no matter what it was and I don't know I know that Jim was told <hes>. Jim didn't tell me that he was fired for that and a nor. Did I hear from anybody. Else's said okay. Jim Specifically was fired for that in any way shape or form. It was just that he had moved Oklahoma. He wasn't doing nearly as much as what he had been doing and that was it. I mean I think watching it is. I did watch it. I thought that J._R.. Everybody else involved in it. <hes> should've taken steps to probably get off the stage and in protect rick from himself at that point requisite in a bad place rick was in a highly emotional place and to to allow to continue <hes> a lot of people's fault and if if J._r. were on top of his game ten years ago that J._R. would've Bam switch to subject J._R. would have got done an end around and brought that thing back back to where it needed to be instead of letting it go on the way that went on <hes> but again a lot a lot of people could have helped helped out in that situation and talent tried it was just the train wreck was an unfortunate trainwreck but I have no no knowledge whatsoever as far as what really happened there because I wasn't there were you shocked to read and in two thousand thirteen his relationship hip with every w came to an end I mean did you've been in touch with him between Oh a when you laughed and thirteen when when he's going to wrap it up yeah we I mean we talked from time to time absolutely <hes> but it was it was pretty casual and I'm never surprised at you know people coming and going. It's you never say never in this business so anything can happen at any given time and I did know that Jim L. Man. Jim was looking for longtime. Just stop doing what he was doing and enjoys Oklahoma Football Norman so you say that enough you know. I really wish I could just you'll go do football games. Okay congratulations good to your football games. I think that J._R. Winds Lonzo working with New Japan from Twenty fifteen to twenty eighteen and he pops back up at <hes> two thousand seventeen Wrestlemainia <hes> he comes back to call the entertainer Roman reigns mass and that's not too terribly long after the tragic loss of his wife. Jan Vince McMahon presents them with a two year deal with W._W._e.. And that came to an end earlier this year and unbelievably J._R. Signs of three year deal with <hes> the new group Ali wrestling is going to be a commentator and I think his yes <hes> other title is senior. Adviser is a little weird after all this time to see J._R.. You know wearing the Jersey for another team now. He's Ward Jerseys for a lot of other teams and you know we'll we'll probably urge jerseys for other teams going forward in the future. I wish they are nothing but the best and it's you know through our life we've been through a lot of ups and downs personally and professionally <hes> through it all we we've always remained friends and always you know been there to kind of commiserate one way or another so it's another chapter and his life. It's another chapter my life and when we just you know move on and take it from there because we're going to see each other and everybody's going to see you get to see each other down the road one way or another somewhere sometime somehow and I just go back and I look fondly on my memories of traveling with Jim back in the day and all the time that we spent together <hes> we had a hell of a run and now we're on new runs in different directions and going to be some fun. Where do you rank J._R.? Jerry lawler commentating maintain all time <hes> you know I my favorite is bobby and gorilla in King and J._R.. Probably number two or three probably number two. What do you think does it just had just had such great chemistry? What do you think is going to be gyms legacy in the business cowboy hat? Let's see some rapid fire questions here. Jonathan Young wants to know J._R.. Had some of the greatest calls in wrestling history which one is Bruce's favorite stop girl talk from from Doug Says J._R. is always said his favorite partner was king but my favorite partner James was Paul Heyman when they commentary together Paul was able to get J._R.. Mad and show real emotion it made it real. He pulled the emotion of him which Combo did Bruce Prefer Aaron King or Teheran Haymond. They're both great. <hes> for for two different reasons heyman is you just said Heyman would get you back in and make it real will and have a day it was it was different <hes> but king and J._R. had great timing together and told good stories. Sam Wants to know Bruce. Would you normally have the finishes J._R.'s branch sheets or did he likes to be surprised by the outcomes and under to deliver more genuine performance and in God wanted to know everything Danny writes some. J._R.'s best work came from when he was salty slash angry who was the best winding J._R. of <hes>. I came back and be pretty good. The ryen words wasn't bad getting him. Little riled up Vince was great again enrolled up Kim says J._R. is often said that Vince would mock his bell's palsy behind the scenes <hes> did bruce ever for have the balls to say something events if that was really true. I think everybody is made fun of the way J._R.. Talks just like we have on this podcast astral fryers and you know it's done out of everything that I've ever done. I think everything was done would done to their face so it's it is J._R.. Right to his face well I have to and it's weird because when you not did the show <hes> with him in New York this year when when I did the her hey said Goddamn Connie. Are you making fun of my bills Palsy. You and I looked at each other like what no fuck that you. I'm not not a facial paralysis thing. We're just no I mean I don't view us saying her and Sassafras has policy mark but I mean maybe I'm wrong. Maybe some really I think we're mean-spirited. That's certainly not mind ten. I don't believe it's yours when we do that. Either absolutely not just in western I just watched Judgment Day to for the first time J._R.. Or had some biting comments about Heyman on commentary it was there legit heat between the two or was Jim just super in character Oh God I think that Jim was just super in character but Paul is a natural antagonists that will get fired up so Paul New- buttons is push Jonathan wants to know. How do you think J._R. would have done as a he'll manager instead of concentrating on announcing talent relations? You tried it a few times wonder if he really got shot while thank you Jim would have embraced being hated. Look to be a he'll manager to be a he'll. He'll you have to want to be hated. You have to enjoy being hated gym. Nine light being hated gym also very love him lots of questions. I mean like every other question here is. Why do you think Vince hates J._R.? Set the record straight on <hes> Vince doesn't hate J._R.. Another fact no hatred whatsoever he likes J._R.. Has A lot of respect for Jim. Ross no hatred in any way shape or form in anybody. That thinks that you're one hundred percent completely wrong. John Wants Nice to know. Did anyone ever ribs J._r. from guerrilla by telling telling him to say something silly or unusual Oh. I'm sure they're out yeah. I'm sure that happened when surprise me at all. Jonathan wants to know if J._R. wasn't available to worked for W._W._e.. Who would have been the choice to replace gorilla monsoon or Vince as lead play by play announcer the insinuation being if J._R. is the first draft pick? WHO's the second draft pick? I don't know that we necessarily had one. We were trying out a lot of different people for for example Joe Fowler <hes> who actually became a pitch man for infomercials and things like that with somebody that we tried to put in that position and we were looking you know there was Sean Mooney. There were a lot of different people that were coming through that we were trying to groom last question here. This is from Jonas and this is pretty fun. He says well. I I wish to ask this question about J._R.. Has Bruce ever seen heard or been told about a J._R.. Outburst laughing during live broadcast of something that he'll said or did during a promo or match now you and I get tickled here on the show I mean we we had a promo few months ago that we're both laughing. Sahara pants a little and I left some of it in but I tried to clip some of it out but in a live broadcast it does feel like occasionally. Something's GonNa tickle. You and you just can't stop laughing. has that ever happened with J._R.. That you know I don't recall anything off the top of my head. J._R.'s pretty goddamn composed imposed and when you're in that environment you know you're trying to stick to the story and there's Times you can get tickled but <hes> not that I can recall. That's that's fine man. Well listen. I had fun talking talking about Jim Ross this week. I hope that you guys enjoyed what we're doing here as well. I WANNA remind everybody we've got lots of fun. Upcoming shows coming your way. If you haven't already hit the subscribe Button <hes> tell your friends about us. The show has continued and lots evokes assumed oh well that'll be the end of <hes> something wrestle. No it's not the train continues baby and coming your way. I guess we should go ahead and give you a bit of a rundown. We do have the rock coming your way. Lots of people have wanted to know he's still doing that. We are <hes> on August second. His new movie is going to debut so we're going to cover the rock in his early years on August ninth. We're GonNa hit twenty years of Jericho and through the rest of August. We're GONNA hit a lot of the different summer slams Oh four with ordinate had been Wa ninety nine with Austin mankind in condom triple h and one of my favorites eighty nine with Hogan and Brutus Against Savage Zeus. It should be a great time <hes> I if you'd like to keep up with us on social media. We're amp Richard Show. He is at risk Richard I am hey it's Conrad and we are out of time <hes> shock. I still think you do it best. We should just keep it with you doing it we just did. I know I'm just saying I'm. I'm voting that we made the right call. But did you say that like we'll be back next week with I picture and did I did. I jump I jumped to be honest. I'll I'll prematurely shot conned myself premature yourself. Don't you hate when you when you premature shot con you're so.

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