Episode 132 The Yarn Wall


Hey Phil Freak stirs. It's Tim the moratorium just here to remind you that if you enjoy what you hear please like Shirin subscribe then Rinse and repeat we're just a couple of small town nerds trying to make sweet geek love to your ear holes and we can use your support. Check out our website for movie reviews links to social media, merch movies, and more. You can find us at the moratorium dot Com. Now, that's out of the way on what the Shenanigans. Welcome to the yarn wall a mini moratorium I'm your host Tim Cornerman on this episode Jason and I take a long drunken dive into the depths of IMDB. This is where we break down the last week's film and follow the yarn to make the thinnest and slightest connection to our next movie. It's kind of like six degrees of Kevin Bacon game with slurred speech and Double Vision, which can only explain the sudden jump into the middle of the thread of the conversation. That is the yarn wall. She. Looks like she's rated apart. Get outta here. Baby. Bernie. I'll have some of this. Yeah. He gets pimp slap. Busy. floozy food. Let me just check my levels a little bit. I mean, as long as you don't change anything I think we'll be just fine because. Really, the only thing I, could do is pop this little knob out of place but it's Pop My knob out of PLO dude you're just getting ready to say it. Guess maybe. I don't think a KNOB is an American. That's like a British thing. You're not a set right? Yeah, I've got a couple of British people I'm going to talk about today. Yeah interesting and some people who might not be British that I'm just going to use a British accent when I talk about I'm. Sure want to do that. My British accent is probably better than my normal voice. How are you with a Cajun accent? Len's type you do that now every time I, do I just go back to hard target? Oh. Van Damme doing them. He just says, Gumbo like not wait a minute. His is named Gumbo or something. Oh No. No No. No. Luckily, either they website that will tell me. About it. Out What he? What was his name chance his name hands I think his last name unless unless that's just something that Michael and I made up my momma took one vendor exactly. Yeah that. So I'm on hard target here and he's not on their. Voices on there. They have removed him from the movie. There is he's halfway down this chance Bordeaux. Outlets got an RN. How do you even pronounce that? Boo Drop Boudreau Yara Boudreau. Boudreau. Use had the say like about now. Yeah. I think that was the dog's name and. Grosse Pointe Blank that he assassinated. Fairly. Sure. Fairly certain. I didn't realize Arnold Vosloo is in this since we just talked about him. Oh, the guy from the money, the mummy series of movies. Yeah. His completely forgotten those movies. I just had to make sure that his name his last name was not Gumbo like. Mean even then that would have been like mangams is not even trying anymore for Brim lease in that movie I is hit Lance. Henriksen that movie. Lansing since like one of the the bad guys you know it's like a out of be hunted. Oh that's right. The gas can and shoots it in the air. Okay. Michael and I always came back with the how does it feel to be stupid? Yeah. Tell me. Explain. It's like I you know what's worse than stallone just yelling everything he says it's a French like stallone yelling everything. Even. More incomprehensible. Imagined, those two in a movie together, you'd need the subtitles to be on stallone and Frank Stallone. Yes. That's what that's what he's known as the French loan. Little. Known facts you can only get right here. I think van Damme might even be a better actor install who share. His movies are Stinky Stinky. Judge. DREDD was on Youtube for summaries. I wasn't watching it and I was listening to him in Armand Asante yelling at each other. and. It's bad. Oh, real. Bad can't even understand what he's saying. Is just screaming at the top of his lungs. I am the law. That that line in particular is a real bad for only when you can comprehend without. But that you remember he told Barbara Walters that they had to pull him out with the tongs and that's why his face Smith read is that they have to use the salad tongs Yup. Wilford grimly spin only. Thorson. Ted Ramey is in it for God's Sakes. Wolfer. Bramley. I think he. Hears a bow and Arrow, and Remember when Wolford Brindley like attack somebody with a suitcase in the firm kinky actually like somebody the depth of a suitcase. In the NC Butler. Yeah and the reason I know who that is she was in which blade. Your wife and I watched that show detective Sarah Pez Zini. Pez Her nickname I guess because nobody wanted to say Pizani the Great Zini sounds delicious. How stow on him anyway any. Wow. Now, three of my tabs are Yancy Butler related. Didn't think we were. Never. Know exactly. We never know where we're going ahead. And we never know when we're going to say, Hey, welcome to the yarn wall. I'm your host Tim cornermen. And with me as always is. Jason. Walker. Jay DUBB's. Have just. Chatting about hard target. You know winter we not talking about hard target I'm dreaming about it when we're not talking about it, I've a few things I want to talk about. All right and I, know we have some grievances brought it up before I. Know we have. But it's because I get. Craig. Shaffer. And Brian Krause mixed up who's Brian Krause Brian Krause was in sleep walkers. Okay. Okay. Yes. That is the only movie that I know him from has he been another thing? Yes. Actually I watched something there was something on yesterday that while I was nursing a hangover I caught part of. and. The perfect I'm tough for that to happen and it was called exactly already fucking laws and one of the tabs that's open, right? Yeah. I'm looking at he's got actually a hundred seventeen credits. No Shit looking at him I, I I'm like, okay he was on charmed and I know who is now Craig? Sheffer was on charmed, right? No no no. Ryan Krause See. That's why no man I think it's because night breed did the way that was. Like the only thing I really know from Craig Shaffer but looking through his shit I'm like holy crap I know these movies wasn't in unnecessary roughness no, the program, the program, a less funny football movie. Yeah. that was then this is now yes, that was in this was now that's Emilio Estevez okay, and it says to juvenile delinquents find themselves growing apart one is growing up and the other is staying young and reckless it has Ramon Estevez in. A little known Kim Delaney. I don't know who that is. RAMONA's to this. Yeah. We talked about him when we went down. Estevez. Family stick I mean tree. But. He only has like a couple of credits mean actor twenty, one credits. Other Ramon is not a well known as Kaz he lives with Joe have an apart. But that was then this is now is thousand nine, hundred, five Morgan Freeman's in this okay. Now wait a minute I have to say wait a minute again are we talking about? Krause. Or Craig. Shaffer this is Craig. Schaefer. Z. In it now now I'm getting you confused yes but it seems like on purpose. But you know. Well I was just looking at that was then this is now because I remember seeing the box for it. I. Never saw the movie it was an se hidden novel. Estevez wrote the screenplay oh I think I. Yeah. It's interesting. Shit third credit down is Larry. B. Okay, go ahead and Click on him if you want to and the first thing you'll think of when you see his face is how little Omay Lamar. Okay. Grim revenge of the nerds this the second and last movie he was in right Now as sixty six credits. He was one of the fighters in the karate kid at the tournament Ok I'm like, wow, man he was in space camp and I was like Oh crap Lamar Lewis. Yes. Okay. All right. He was in another stakeout. For you that's all for you. Maggie, basically just rolling the cursor around and whatever else on. He was in the Iron Eagle. Lamar. Craig Shaffer Lamar. Okay. You're changing gears on I can't keep up. The mouse clicks on this episode are GonNa be. So loud. Okay. This is talk about Craig's Shaffer and Bryan Cranston. Who Do you want first I want. CRAG. Names Craig. Craig. He did a voice in Teen Wolf Cartoon. Good Okay. What is voyage of the Rock Aliens? I saw that I clicked on it. L.. I remember that I actually remember that shit he is the Dora Tom Nolan I, think the reason I know it is because it's got a really cool cover and like I probably watched the movie once the never it looks bizarre I mean when you've got Ruth Gordon playing the Sheriff Yeah Michael Berryman is just playing a guy named chainsaw. Cool. So he is not been pigeonholed into anyone role. You know he's a versatile actor I. Love Him. So no never saw this movie voyage of the Rock Aliens, but I had to click through it just to see. Some kind of wonderful right I remember that and all that was before night breen. Yes. Of course. Yes. See now catching up to you that was then this is how I remember that box art for that was in. This is now okay Larry B. Scott yes. ECHO come on Hey, they are Hayden he was in a movie called split the citizens with Gene Hackman and Jeff. Fahey. Boxing movie. I'll right, right right yeah. But I've never seen this one. I like my boxing movies too. Yeah. Sure. Digs town. So we have a river runs through it fire in the Sky I. Mean He's been around I always say, yeah, he's one of a DB's friends. Yeah. I just watched that scene. You know where DB is tied to. They put that wet sheet over his face in a brief says they put like a giant condom on him and Stuff in his mouth. Really growth it is very jarring. I don't know how to feel about that movie. It's equal amounts. You kind of get what you want, but it's Kinda boring bit goes on for a minute. Yeah Okay. So sleep with me. Nineteen. ninety-four. Craig Schafer's like ride in my sweet spot for all this bullshit. Love. Clive Barker loved night breed. But he's in sleep with me. And I don't know why it must have been just on cable TV. Love. I can't say that I've seen it. It's. I think this is the movie that has that weird scene. Think. That's it. We're Quentin Tarantino shows up at a party. Okay and you talked about that the guy that wants to be a screen writer director whatever they just kind of chat briefly in a kitchen i. think maybe you're right I'm flipping through here Joey Lauren Adams Parker, Posey June Lockhart. There's Quentin Tarantino down bottom as. I thought. That checks out. Yeah, anyway. He's like smart correct. That because he's got tiny little like wire glasses. Not that he's dumb anything just seems like he always plays. kind of a really found like just calling him out now just saying he's usually cast as a jock in these movies. So if you go back to looking at Brian Krause Dan he doesn't have such great is not I mean he's got tons of credits don't get me wrong but maybe he just doesn't stand out. He's one hundred seventeen credits, but it doesn't stand out in type of movies that we liked to watch. So and sleep walkers would have been that movie and I don't think it did very well of course, went to the theater to see it you now. There's something real I mean they're whole relationship, the mom and the son is just bizarre. and. I maybe I just like had that in the back of my mind the whole time. So weird movie does have MoD Shin Omic NFL. Slow figured out how to say her name. I was one of these days. Somebody's GONNA come to correct us all our name I think I'm saying I think heard it said before in its Majdan. Noga but you can just say it all as one and it sounds like. Like reaganomics or something. He was in return to the Blue Lagoon. How many movies have they done? Just all in all about the Blue Lagoon I think there's just to. Make a series out of it. Is it always incests I think. So there's a TV movie blue lagoon, the awakening. That is just they're not even trying anymore. They're just saying there's GONNA. Be Some young kids onscreen in little clothing. Here's something I did not know. The Blue Lagoon was a nineteen, forty, nine film same story same story. In the Victorian period two children are ship direct on tropical islands South Pacific Fall, in love while growing up together. Did I just make the part about them being brothers sister. I think there was something like that. They're like cousins maybe maybe I'm just thinking of flowers in the attic. Well. Hey. Let's not forget Brian Krause has Jackson slate in. The side and wreck. That looks like one of those asylum movies like a shark NATO or something you. Okay. Looks, awful. But the movie I watched last night. Or yesterday knit was. It was supposed to be like a haunted house type story it just. Wasn't very interesting but they had a it's called be afraid. That's what it was. Two thousand seventeen. I've seen this setting many times now that there is an old I think they're saying it was a train track tunnel. Okay going into the side of a mountain. There's some kind of creepy things going on but nothing spectacular. They talk they talk about the things that you can see in your periphery and not. O K I, kind of like that. Is just going GONNA. Say like trains going into tunnels. Nuts like Quinn. To people that you want to get together are like finally make it to the bedroom and then. Start to get a little intimate in that just cuts away to like. Oil drilling or something. Hotdogs being made. So he was in a movie called. Cocoon the BOOGEYMAN Kokos McCoy. I also trying to pronounce that. What was the the demon thing in the outsider? It was Elka Coy or something like that airlines. Will you read by look? Yeah. But that's not in it. They just made that up for the TV show thing. That thing doesn't have a name really I don't think no game. I thought they talked about Cuco because she brought up the films in this is in the book. Oh, right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I I see what you mean but the I get it. But maybe not the same thing. That's just what I thought when I saw that was yeah Alco. Right. Okay do we have our? Brian Krause Craig Schafer's. I think we've reached out. Okay. Yeah. I mean the main things you need no or night breed and. Sleep walkers. OSCE that now Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo. Just A. Couple of great guys. All right. Clicking him hand watch hard target. I don't know how that was part of the discussion. Swatch it. GOES BACK TO ARNOLD. Vosloo, which was Wollen away off the trail always get back to. Have you forgotten his name Addy said Vosloo boss Lou. Who Man? I was going down some different paths. Just looking at some different things I came across. You know how we talk about typecast characters often, and there's a guy by the name of Joseph Whip. Whip W. H. i. p. p.. And K., who it looks like he's been typecast as. A freaking cop so many times, cops and guards his like profile picture. IMDB is he kind of looks like bill from King of the Hill Yeah. Picture Him. So I can't really place. Who is yeah I don't recognize it. It's a current picture, but you see the picture has an autograph on it. Really it sure as shit does I didn't see that he wrote to himself. I'm sure I get here. Joseph. Thank you for being such a good fan. Signed. Mr Whip. He's like a frame. He's been in a lot of TV job. Yeah. A lot of TV but a lot of West craven stuff too. Okay. Yeah. So he was Sergeant Parker and nightmare on ELM street. But he also showed up and like. He was to. In chiller okay and I guess I didn't realize that was a TV movie. I know we talked about this just re says we did. But I don't remember. What we settled on, there is a little chunk of his credits in the eighties that are like, wow. I know all of those movies beyond being in. dukes of HAZZARD HILLSTREET BLUES SCARECROW Mr King Moonlighting Highway to heaven twilight zone. Wow. Stir crazy series. I don't remember that I don't either that was nineteen, eighty five. Why did they make a series out of that? Van I've seen that movie Salvini Damn Fonz. Guy. So. But if you scroll up a little bit to the mid eighties myths or late eighties. Golden Girls. Disorder. LEASE COP number one. In, disorderly. I had to explain disorder disorderly to my wife just last night. And? Her is just kind of Glasgow. Oh, I know why it was because that guy from. General Hospital. That's like the worm he Is He guys, son I don't remember but he was on soap operas like forever. Talking, about from General Hospital a guy named Anthony Geary. Get Nothing. That's him Yep Hey. Winslow lowery. I, remember that name I've seen this movie sometimes. I loved this movie. I didn't realize he was also in UHF. Right. I think I saw disorder lease. This is about the time when the there was a single movie theater and Talla. And that's what we did I mean we just walked into town and whatever was playing. Yeah. Between what was at the movies across the street to the arcade that's where I spent all my time at sounds like a good time. It was I just saw a bunch of shit that nobody else wanted to see. Right and this I'm sure was one of them. Yeah. he was also in the hidden. Yes. I, need to revisit this movie. I have watched it recently and can confirm that it is still a good movie. Awesome. That's what I wanted to hear now my love for. Claudia. Christian agent Cooper well, maybe hurts him Kyle mclachlan comic Lachlan might have something to do with why dodges? and Michael Nori, I got him mixed up with the COP from twin peaks can't think of his name Eva, Clue Luger's in that by the way. Not to be confused with Clue Gallagher. Who is a real estate guy and Austin Texas good? The Hidden Chock full of some character actors Lynch Shea is in the home my God she'd be young. She's never been young who wrote that because that is the craziest the written by. Jim couth as Bob. Hunt that. Of Hunt sounds a lot like a some kind of porn Guess He created Grimm TV series. Okay. Oh, my God. As. Bob Hunt he wrote. The bogans? Are you kidding me I am not kidding he also wrote. Up The creek what? IMDB. It's like I am DB has become self aware and is just fucking with the yes. Exactly. They'll never find him. He wrote another stakeout my God did we need to stop the podcast right now and talk? He he wrote the original stakeout to secret admirer God class. What are the fucking chances? How did we not know this guy? Because he wrote national treasure, he wrote rush hour couve. Man That's insane. The hidden to I don't know if I knew I knew there was a sequel I've never seen it up the creek, the hidden stakeout. Going on here the bogans. When are you going to? When are we GONNA do that? Soon not next week but soon okay. I was just looking at a secret admirer not too long ago because that was that was Kelly Preston we lost her this year. Yeah. God See Thomas how Lori Loughlin Kelly Preston, D Wallace Cliff de Young Fred Ward Casey Semaska. Courtney, gains man Corey Hayme all in secret. Admire. That's in secret. Admire how? See I feel like that's a movie that I watched a lot on cable back in the day and may because it had a John Hughes feel to it but it wasn't a John Hughes Film. Yeah. But like slightly horn ear I think that's the that separate. Some of those movies is I don't think John Hughes ever made it Horny. That she could easily have. Oh, easily Yeah. That's crazy. Now I, WanNa, Watch secret admire the put this guy back on the radar Jim couth. Yeah thanks Jim giving us a lot of Fuckin- coal movie. Exactly. And dig it. All right. I have no idea where where were we? Disorderly, oh, that was a little bit ago. Tony Plana played Mikhail in the searchers I really liked him. He is He's The dad and ugly Betty. My wife's got addicted to ugly betty a few months ago and I basically watched all of a mother. It's really good. But yeah. He's dad and resent not a chick from. Superstore yes it is. Yeah. America Ferrera. There's a the of her name, it's either rare or Ferrera. A at the end of it. That means anything never watched. Shirley good. She's awesome. Take your word for it. So it's super store it's funny to I've watched most of those are hey, I am clicking off Joseph Whip I just wanted to bring him because you know typecast characters hang on just a second before it closed these out. What does the C in? C. Thomas Health Stanford. Click on him. This is not A. We're not playing a game here. This isn't funny. Stop laughing because this is funny I need to know this. Christopher. Hoping it would be like Cra Goria or something something. Really Weird. Rag Transylvanian Conrad would have been good. I said contract but. I'm sorry I thought your. besmirching. His name. Rag. Think I know what that is now. The more I think about it and you disgust me Sir it's all British. I'm GonNa say something that you are either going to be like, yeah of course or what the fuck he was married to raid on Sean. Did He? I read that just recently I did not know that. There's a lot of weird marriages in Hollywood that have lasted just a small amount of time. Yeah. Exactly. For us to make fun of what if he had changed his name when they got married and it'd be. Rig Thomas Hal Dawn Chong. On some of the guys do that. In Hollywood, he was almost MARDI MC fly in back to the future how going back to read I just saw this earlier Greg Schaffer. wasn't married, but he had a daughter with Gabrielle Anwar who really yeah. Job, Craig. Yes. Probably a good looking kid to names. Yeah Willow Willow Anwar. It's a fun name. In a lot of fun names today. googlers still is probably the number one and. For some reason I came across just looking at other people here Charles Bronson. Because I've never really looked up Charles Bronson before. Only thing I know about him as he was roommates with Jack Klugman. Yes. Just, read Bat. Literally the only thing I know about he was once considered for the lead role in Conan, the barbarian watts. INSEE which role because the lead in my book would have been. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes most people would say that he is the star of the his the titular star of the film. Barbarian of isn't titular barbarian he he was once considered for the role of snake PL- ISKIN. Interested Carpenter felt that he was too old and too tough codified. That would have been a really dark film if it hadn't been Kurt Russell. It, literally would have been five minutes long because he just walks up shoots everybody. Everybody tested and read for Christopher Reeves role in Superman. Oh you mean, Superman. Playing coy on air. We know fucking. Super. but that would have been a much different movie oh. Yes. Especially when he has a full mustache. And A gun. That is literally what would have happened? Yes. You got laser sight. Coming everybody with a three, fifty seven. He's not a good actor Charles Bronson. No, you don't think. I guess death wish is like the only. I guess it's my favorite movie that he's now that's not true. He's in. Once upon a time in the West which is the most Razi brutal movie. he turned down the titular. It actually says this. Thank you. I am to be a turned down the role of the titular character's father in billy. Madison. So, who is the father I don't know if I've ever seen that movie I am not a huge Adamson's Darren mcgavin. Wasn't really. UK. All right. Anyway I thought that was funny. He was considered for Gregory Peck's roles and Cape Fear and the omen. He was going to be the DAD and Cape Fear Yet nineteen sixty to cape fear. I mean. He made a lot of money. It looks like out of. All the death wish movies fought dude there's like six of them. Yeah. And it said he made five million to six million dollars for death. Wish Five. Jesus and Nineteen, seventy five when he did hard times a million dollars another boxing. Wow. Really. I don't think I've ever seen that death wish he was paid a million dollars. That was nineteen, seventy four. A made a ton of money. It did say that he left five forty, five, million dollars in his estate so. was considered to replace John Wayne and rooster cogburn again. Not about this billy crystal claim that Bronson was offered the role of curly in city slick now's Zad I bought. Is a very like. Him Jack Plants could have like a growl off you know. Just see ears and years in cartons and cartons of unfiltered cigarettes how and it says here yes, he was an. It was an avid smoker. He was a fan of smoking. Yes. It was one of its bigger. Proponents he was a cigarette proponent He died of lung cancer, COPD congestive cardiomyopathy, and respiratory failure says body basically said Fuck this I'm Don. Don. It says right here that he was considered for the role of a Ferris Bueller. So I think the thank. You know. Against playing against type. All right clicking off Charles Bronson. Thank goodness. We talk a little bit about gargoyles because ice I should i. Really kind of disappointed for the the lack of Diana's. End The podcast. Thought about that too. That was just the joke from that movie for years and years and. But now I'm I'm I'm torn because knowing that it was vic Perrin's voice and Burning Casey's voice. The movie have been. If, they use Bernie. Casey's voice would have been like a blaxploitation. Him slapping that old gargoyles on the ass as like that's just a taste of what you get. Is like get out of your baby see lady. This other young toxic does not go into those eggs I'll be on. That is weird and it does kind of change my like perspective of the film. A little bit. A little bit not a lot. Are we to assume that gargoyles lay eggs now? Some big fucking eggs to. There are a lot of questions about that which she was the only female, right? Unless one of the babies were female and so you're thinking like. I mean like eggs don't get bigger. You know what? I mean the thing inside gets bigger than busts out bread. So it's not like she had little chicken eggs in the grew into those big things. That is what I'm thinking here so. I mean, that's like alien You know the Queen Alien like Philo plan to is like a you know. A meter wide. Yeah exactly. Covered in, slime. Anyway. Anyway. I just thought of that and I thought it was a little a nervous to think that something that big would come out of a gargoyles. Butthole is going to say. Look in a gargoyles maybe appreciate Scott Glen a little bit more. I. Love Scott Glen Rugged handsomeness. Yeah he's eighty one years old probably his best role I think was silenced lambs yet. My wife was watching that just the other day that he also play him in. We'll see it was was he in Hannibal wait a minute now cast change for them. Exactly. Pretty. Damn. Versatile actor you know he's liking his volt beginning career was like kinda rough around the edges you know bad boy kind of thing, and then he just aged into cops I guess Jack Crawford with played by Dennis Farina. And the main in manhunt and manhunter. Yes. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, didn't Harvey Keitel Play Jack Crawford. In Hannibal. Was it an Hannibal I could not tell you scrolling through scrolling through. Or maybe I was reading that. Crawford does not show up in Hannibal maybe in the book he's not in the movie I love silence of the lambs and not real crazy about I. Mean I do like Manhunter? Who's that Michael Man? That did this. Correct and yes Harvey Cartel Played Jack Crawford and Red Dragon. Okay I. Was Looking Up Frankie is I'm already there dude I wanted to see if he was. You know the guy from scrubs dad ever watched scrubs mom says names FIS on. I don't see anything. I. Don't either maybe that's say. I've never heard that name before I guess is why I looked at him Gotcha. But Frankie he appeared and all of the Hannibal movies. Except for Hannibal rising, which was the origin story, right? At Ya yes. It would have really weird if he would have shown up there. Yeah. He's in white chicks. That is a disturbing. Seeing them in makeup like that is very disturbing. Yeah I like him a lot. He's in quite a few things oh. Of course he was in do the right thing. He's been in some TV and do you remember? Hawk. The kind of sexually called a man called Hawk yes. Like these spin off of Spencer for Gotcha. Yeah. Everybody liked that guy's in his name as Avery Brooks. Dude I love Spenser for hire. Robert Jewelry. alrich. Sure. Let's not get mired down in TV. I'm still looking at manhunter because it's just such a good movie. Yeah. I need to see that one again and forever made. Tom Noonan a creep avoid is not going to play a heartthrob or anything anytime soon now, I need to look at his career some more we might be able to do a deep dive on over. Sure. 'cause I was flipping back and forth, just trying to find my guy. I will say and manhunter though I really did enjoy William Petersen playing well Graham. Yeah. He's like perfect. That's exactly who I think when I read that book. But as per the character. Going straight into my deep dive. I WanNa talk about Hugh Dancy. Hugh Dancy played will Graham and the TV series of Hannibal. Okay, have you ever seen this? So you've never it is worthy. It is damn worthy. mads Mikkelsen is the Hannett at first. It took me a minute to get used to him. And he he won me over was he was incredible for being like an I. think it was a prime time series on like one of the major networks what you know, but it was pushing the boundaries for grotesque nece yet or grotesque after. Is. This seems like there's too many S.'s in that grotesques in this. Yeah. You're definitely putting an extra essence. Okay. For Your Basic you know big three it was really pushing the boundaries. Our I don't think I realized I figured it was like a fx show or something where they can show gross stuff not you'd think. It was very well done and Hugh Dancy. Really does a great job playing will Graham? He is unstable. Yeah and it a plays it so well yeah I highly recommend it go. he's been in a few things back down the list here he was in Black Hawk down that seems to be the only one that I had no impact I think. He was in King Arthur Oh. Yeah. Was that another TV show now that was a movie. Oh, with Clive Owen right right right and mads was in that as well. Joel Edgerton right Ray Stevenson. Kiera Knightley. Yeah Ray Stevens. Guitar Man. That's Stevenson. There's a stellar skateboard is in there. I'll right. So Ray winstone I forgot about Raewyn they and I love that dude haven't seen him in a mental health is so good in everything sexy beast. Yes. As a regularly So this is your guy. So, this is my guy. Hugh Dancy a Brit a Brit. Is that. Okay. I think that's more than. Okay. He played the voice of Edgar Allan Poe, and this is a biography. Of L. ED girl. IMPO-. That wraps around his most famous tells and several this poems. I would be very interested in listening. Yeah. Sure. If you can say listening to it, right it's animated. Our in thirty minutes, interesting Alfred Molina he plays a whipsnade in a segment so You're to say whip steeler. All. Primarily, what I think is but hugh dancy also, he was in our idiot brother which. I've seen that. I've seen it not not a great measure my but but. See he was in a series just recently called the path. which was kind of a religious cult. Type thing. I've seen most of it. and. It's good but it's also one of those I don't know when you start dancing around religious crap at it starts. Sometimes, it gets a little old but has Michelle mcgann. Aaron Paul is in it and Hugh. Dancy. Those year three front runners right there. It was a good series. I don't know that I ever finished it. So onto some of the Trivia. For talented Brit Hugh Dancy. HIS NICKNAME IS FANCY DANCY I. I probably could have guessed that if you give me just. Horse's name is fancy dancing. And he just has to go home crying wet crumpled on his face. little thing I didn't know He's married to Claire Danes what. He has trademark is delicate asymmetrical features. Mellow soothing, voice. Cascading Curls soulful blue is air and I'm I'm getting hard just thinking about it. and He's good looking. So. Looks like the version of the guy from mindhunter. man I can't wait until that series comes back out. Yeah, the path actually looks Kinda. Cool. Homeland which everybody says great. Never seen it never seen it. It looks like the male version of the girl from stranger things the kind of. says. Small little face. Then go sure. It. Says here he was he auditioned to play Hannibal Lecter and Hannibal rising. So very interesting interesting little thing. He's an avid collector of fake hands. Okay crate his fascination started after having seen a set of wooden hands on a film set. Hey So that's kind of narrowing. Yeah, I mean if there's ever you know. A murder spree involving people that are missing their hands it's like. He just shows up at the precinct be like it's it's me. You guys were going to get eventually anyway. So I just figured. Would help you guys out I did it. There's a whole box of hands on my trout, just box a hand. seriously. Does that I've strange stumbled into acting at the age of thirteen after being sent to the school theater as punishment for misbehaving school. Basically everybody was calling him fancy dancy and just. He was voted prettiest boy and previous girl can college. Yeah. So no problem there the hand things fine. Everything's fine. He's definitely definitely does not need psychiatric help. The law going to make. Just, a really well rounded person. Fancy Dancy having pains, and Just. And last but not least, he was considered for the role of Batman and Batman begins okay. Anything her. Sorry I've never seen those movies. I. Just can't can't do it. I don't know why do Christian Bell Batman Oh. I. Don't know just has no have all the things you refused to watch. Yeah, I guess yeah, I mean you'll watch of green gables but you will watch that may I? I've now a fan of green gables had like Ninja, stars in her knickers or something that would be goal to. The idea of. I just don't. But I liked the idea of anti-green cable stars better. Let's write that right now. Stop. The CAST. All right. So Hugh Dancy. I, just that he he should be rallied around I. think he has a good career started. You know he is born in seventy five. He's about your age. Andy's. British. And Good luck as he. He's not British in Hannibal as or does he have a British accent and Hannibal? America's. American accent now gotch and same thing with the path. They're lot of guys like that that you find out there like British or Australian any like some of them were like really and some are like, yeah, we know he he he has to play a redneck because that's the only way that he can. You know kind of mask his accent. Unfortunately, we cannot play British actors. Yeah It just comes off sounding really really bad. We're not skinny and tall enough either. Pale and our pel enough see you got curly locks fancy dancy was also in. Basic instinct to. Really. Oh, yeah. I've never seen it. I don't know why I mean it's still sharing stone I. Guess She's like you know nobody's talking about my Kuch anymore I gotta start another one of these films Navy. Also had David Morrissey in it David Morrissey was He played the governor in. Walking. Dead But also a British guy, right with A. Cracker. Accent. No I guess he did have sort of an accent but really. And David, through lists was also an basic instinct to. Never my British guys here that's a lot of face. A lot of face foodless has. At least two peoples faces on his. I like him a lot. He's still I. Guess he just does. British. But now he's actually going to be in Avatar two and three God. Why are they making those movies? I don't know nobody is excited about. Mean we'll go and see them properly. But it's not like I. Don't know I could not tell you one thing about Avatar. The avatar world share, you can their blue. Mean sure you can. You can talk about Avatar basically because Stephen Lang. That's all. Yeah. Guess Stephen Lanes bad ass. Robot fights art something close the door on Hugh. Hewitt will see again, I'm sure by fancy dancy. By Ansley VNC throwing a biscuit later. The crowd goes lethargic. So Did you say during that last segment? Did you ever say here's your one chance fancy don't let me down. Did you say or my just imagine. You're just imagining that Lisette at somebody had to say okay. It had to be said I feel like he's GonNa come up again. You think so fancy dance I mean he hasn't been in a whole lot of stuff. But I. Think he's GonNa come back around anyway I. Think he's recycle. He's got a long career ahead. Oh. Yeah. Of A hand collector. Yeah. Heels of a hand. It could be hand Hans Gruber, it could be handled. To one or the other. I think it has to be able. Alma God that'd be a real rabbit hole like, okay. There is this movie and it inspired the actor to become a serial killer but the Punti name. Mo Ray LIOTTA STRAIGHT UP GETS HIS BRAINS EATEN IN THAT MOVIE Oh. Yeah and Fed to him. Yeah. Right and roasted slightly and fencing. Beautiful. All right. Are you ready to try out this new thing? Yes shirt. All right. So possible news segment. Impossible it's a new segment. We're going to try out here. Yeah. It might just be once new said. But. Yeah I don't know had introduced it this just. Cuban music Yeah Yeah Cue the music. Musical interlude. Can you sing for me a little lovable little. mind. That's your new band. Everybody. Yeah. So we were just thinking that we wanted to separate little segment. That might you know? His we typically focus on you know actors. When we do those dies will. This is you know? This could be a lot of different things. It could be you know. The cast the crew. Special Effects Anything. It's Literally the Goulash. Episode. It's like the Goulash you just throw a bunch of shit NEPAD peanut butter raw. impossibly on noodle or to. Noodle fun noodles the leftover vegetables a you didn't finish off dinner. That'd be cruel if like all your leftovers or just like. In its tupperware and your mom major eat at the end of the. Horror Movie. That's what we need to be. Okay so I this the reason. I. Had to look this guy up and I've known about a lot of this stuff for a long time. I. Got some I got some more little details now. It's a guy that had a vision of of you know sugarplum fairies you just really wanted to make some horror movies with zero budget. So his name is. Don Dahler. We brought him up before yes. But. I mean as movies are basically like they're super eight movies and they they look like home movies. Basically, you know quality's not great. But. What it lacks in quality is just his. Newsy Azam for it's got a lot of really young inventive special effects. I. What movie in particular you talking about? Well, all of them. All of them have his. Style I guess the Alien Factor Nineteen Seventy eight being as I. Am Not as I. I think fiend is his first actual movie. No, it's listed in nineteen eighty the alien factor was seventy eight right. But I remember seeing the box art for the alien factor never ever watched it. Okay. I see yes seventy eight and then feign does this his second movie Wow. So like alien factors, my favor one out of the three that I've seen, they typically have a roster of his like friends and family that are acting in the movie. Anyway from Baltimore, started making movies in the in the sixties just kind of experimenting with like Subaru and stuff like that, and he also had a magazine called cinematic. It sounds fabulous. Yes and I've had a couple of these that you know. I picked up from comic bookstores and stuff and basically they're like They're kind of little how to guides four amateur filmmakers that might not have a lot of money. So they've got to create their own effects and you know we're. Shots and stuff and I looked at a couple of these and They really do have like step by step instruction for young filmmakers and they're really they're they're awesome I mean I would like to just have some just to have around you know because the covers are always really cool interesting. Yeah. So check those out at I. Think they actually have some of that are like scans you know online that you can recur. So I. The first time I ever heard of him was looking up There's an MS called pod people I. Mean you're probably familiar with well, I don't know the exact story but for some reason, a guy like bought up a bunch of of these old kind of B. Movies and the opening and ending credits are scenes from another movie. I still do not understand the purpose of this. So, pod people which as far as I know has nothing to do with Don dolar no I can't seem to find anything either I was like, where are you going with this counselor? The opening of pod people is kind of a slow down what are they call it like posters -ation it's got some weird effect on the scenes of you're watching. So as the credits are rolling it showing scenes from a movie called Galaxy Invader which Don Dahler also did has nothing to do with the rest of the movie there just. As, opening and. I can't imagine why they would do galaxy invader I remember this box. Yes I gotta read this off. An alien is hunted by a gang of drunken hillbillies. Who saw him crash land is spaceship. That is the most succinct. Accurate. Description of a movie ever that is exactly what happens is awesome. I WanNa see I feel like I could make a movie now that was the plot to and. Have a lot of fun with that Oh. You know what? I mean Bet Oh my God dude a Mauve, a drunken mov drunken hillbilly mob, and then Baltimore can you imagine that? Anyway. So he put out this MAG which looks very The ones I'm seeing it's eventually sold them off the star log, but they started the scenes. You know I think he was like binding his own little feing and then eventually came up with enough money to actually you know. But that thing out very interesting. So, he's only had about you know ten movies. Yeah. It went to two, thousand, seven. He actually died in two, thousand six that is I did not know that that's what I was just looking for. That's why it says here in his bio, he began eight millimeter shorts. The A twelve dollar also published a mad magazine type off called wild. Never heard of that. Now, it says here he was the Creator editor of Cinematic magazine, which later sold the Star Law Group also created Amazing Cenema and movie club magazines US and vaguely remember movie club. I don't remember any of those. So I mean you can imagine like you know people that he knew and was friends with family. You know a lot of the like locations and his movies are like you know. His basement what I mean probably rogue filmmaking the entire way. Yeah. Any permits just grab an hour and going right? Exactly. You forgot the script is okay. He gets really doesn't matter. We're just making it up to go I, you know that's the thing. Is that like alien factor in particular galaxy invaders so dark I mean just like the subject matter I didn't ever really get into that one but alien factor it's just has a charm to it plus I've seen it five hundred times of just with them. Making Fun of it. You know as a commentary trip but I guess, yeah, it started to grow on me. Alien factor reads a spaceship containing specimens for an intergalactic zoo crashes on earth near a small backwoods town, the specimens escape, and soon the town fogarty turning up mutilated. Is that the plot for critters? Seventy eight so I guess I I, see the at trend here though I. Mean like we're GonNa have a lot of spaceships. Yeah. Night Beast Nineteen eighty-two reads. A creature from outer space crash lands in a small town and starts killing people now that sounds really familiar. Yeah, I mean you know? I feel like that's kind of like needed to you. Your I know we can do this better get more money now. I guess I've just seen alien factor much more but. You know when he is spoken about ninety as the everyone's favorite. Like alien factor, it's got like three or four different monsters in it. You know there's one for that. He's like kind of up on stilts a little bit like walking on buckets or something and real crazy like bug bigfoot mismatch kind of saying you know and They're pretty interesting. Did. You ever see the sequel. Now I have not alien factor to. Yes called the alien rampage. which reads. Witnessed the return of Baltimore's greatest alien terror in this monstrous Saga Watch in horror as alien space, specimens escaped to pillage the countryside leaving pandemonium in their wake. If, you're trying to make it a scary horror horror, sci fi pandemonium I not be the word you want to use their. Yeah pillaging pillaging that's stealing people's like goods and stuff right? So again, maybe critters to. Yes. That was in two thousand one so. He has recent you know like interviews and stuff on I didn't watch very many of them but he seems People enjoying them in an ironic way. You know what I mean, and then they talked to the creator. The Creator is always like you know I was just a kid and I. You know I was just having fun and I know they're bad. You know that's why people like stuff like that. Don Dole or not so much. I don't think I think he's like. This is my work you know like cab not. GonNa fucking around ear. Just doesn't seem like many. chuckles with Donda older. So. We see him with Joe. Ripple a lot. Joe Ripple has they have both I like further movie called stakes. So Don dolar wrote it with Joe. Ripple. Joe Ripple directed it. Okay. and. It's a vampire. Whatever Okay Yeah Vampire Queen Right, and is that just like a little short or something? Not It looks like a full length richer our and twenty three. It looks like. Andrew Stevens and Shannon. Not. Shannon what's what was her name? Shannon Doherty now I that's what I got I got lost her for some reason. I looked up Andrew Stevens earlier, but I'm talking about Yeah I know what you're talking about what is her name skip over that? She's a playboy. She's a playmate, right? Yeah. I thought her name was Shannon Shannon tweed. Shannon tweed. Shannon, tween who was thinking of CI- Wayne. I lost their second. I'll just kind of look at it back and forth between Don Dahler and this other guy. That's his collaborator against. So well, also like a lot of these actors, they're all you know there's play different roles. In all of these, you know the same bunch of actors that are in all of these movies. George Stover Richard Ziesel. The Y. S. Z. L.. Greg Dolar Kim Pfeiffer is done dollars daughter who is in all his movies. Okay. Somewhat reluctantly, it looks like. That's exactly what I would do i. don't care what you say. You're going to be in this film and You do go fetch me my box the hands. Yeah. She's like she's like I will be in this movie but I'm going to stare straight at the camera every time. I'm just going to be standing here mad at you. There's a sheriff, an actor that's in all of his movies always places the share of among. Is Insane. His name is Tom Griffith I think. But in the in alien factor, he's kind of doing a Sam Elliott What's the COP on the Horse You've you've lost me the COP on the Horse Walker Texas Ranger. Anyway top on the Horse. This horse is a diabetic you dumb son of a bitch. was that our first dazed and confused R- that would not be dazed and confused. Own. Basically. Yeah. I'm googling cop on a horse because I. Can't go further. And it pulls up six or seven songs for some reason. A how could there be so many songs titled Cop on Oars. Yeah that's true. All Canadian. Cops are on horses, I think. They're called mounties. Now that's Macleod McLeod's. From the clan Macleod. took. If he had a sword in that would be. So, much better. Okay. But anyway so Tom Griffith, that plays like spam law enforcement in all of don dollars movies, and he looks like Sam Elliott in the alien factor. If you go to night these, he got a perm and it. It looks like if Sam Elliott got a perm and has a gray afro instead of a I have to SAM, Elliott hair. At him on the ground Oh. My Gosh as. Gray. Added Fro. It looks like a like a Pomeranians but. Anyway that made me laugh a lot. Yeah. This eastern night beasts kind of looks like a Charles Ban Creation I was I was just about to say the same thing earlier's I was looking at this. Now's like this has some real puppet master qualities to you know in that it's a crappy. Sorry. I love the box art for all of his movies out there are yeah. They look like trauma movies a little bit. But So and I think that the only reason that anyone knows don dolar is. Is Because J.J. Abrams. That is one of his first movie credits is from. Night Beast. He was a big Fan of the Cinema Magic magazine. Okay, and so he contacted Don Dahler and said look if you're doing another movie, just you don't have to pay me just let me you know common learned some stuff for night these he actually did some of the music him and another guy named Robert Wall. Did the music for night these in Robert Walsh, went on to do the score for. Gi. Joe and like transformers Saturday morning and start ends the S. so that's J.J. Abrams I credit is for at beast in the music. Department. Pretty freaking. Cool. I was looking at vampire sisters. Yes. I saw. I didn't click on that one written by Don dolar but directed by Joe Ripple. Okay. On erotic tale of three of the world's most beautiful yet horrifying creatures. WHO engage in the world's oldest profession? Siam. I gotTA. Get my eyes on. Is it vampire sisters is that. What it is, I am never going to watch them. Don't begin should don dolar and erotic should not even be. Or. Ripple for that matter should not be making movies and what was crawler another alien film and alien that lands in the woods northern Maryland let me guess Earth from a meteorite from which it traveled in the creature starts to roam the countryside looking for its first meal. You could guess a whole thing, right? yeah. Are you sure that it doesn't say ten to twelve drunk crackers chased into the woods and Shoot themselves. There is one of those mob scenes in. Galaxy invader. You've gotta see Galaxy Invader outlined. We I think you've seen it before but. The Guy. There's a guy that he really he always is one of the main characters in his movies while there's only like three main characters but. Don Lifer. He is like a new guy in town. Know he's interested in whatever's going on you know killings and you know. but then he ends up being an alien himself sent there to Ma Corral these ayling's spoiler. That's usually it's the plot, these news but anyway plays a you know drunken redneck in alien factor. Oh. Sorry Galaxy and getting her next step because they're literally the same movie just come differently. The as he goes to the local bar to get everybody riled up and it seems like someone is just filming a bar in Baltimore they're all armed already. I. Don't even think they had to go home and get guns or anything they just had. But yeah go out into the woods. On this alien down and yeah he's zaps one of the guys Don Lyford play the main the lead in fiend. Right. That's him with like stuff on his face. I have never seen ever seen that either an evil spirit possesses the corpse of diseased man. I says disease not deceased as disease. 'cause we already said court. So you see is to see. So he is dis- diseased disease corpse. Okay. It must absorb the life energy of the living in order for the corpse to not rot away. It moves into the suburbs with a neighbor begins to suspect something is that right? Are you leaving words out or is it the? It moves into the suburbs. Okay. I guess was tired of the big city life. Yeah. He wanted to settle down maybe start up possessed Disease Corpse family who knows? Yes it just wanted to get away and and you know relax relax mow the lawn every. Sunday like a normal disease peacecorp wake up and drink coffee and just look out the window and and his damn neighbors that 'cause all the problems ain't that always the way. You know all you need is an are to become friend instead of the fiend. That's true. that the tagline Madonna should be dismayed that a that's good. Oh Staying Up. All right, interesting gone dollar. A lot of these movies are on Youtube see can go and check them out. He also has a lot of just interview footage on Youtube. Cool and yeah like I said, you know all of his special effects really inventive. There's like claymation and basically everything that you could do on a super eight with the money that he had. So pretty cool stuff. I can quote the alien factor. That's how many times I've seen. Wow. Why would aliens transport these? Are they taking them to another planet to start zoo? Don't know me just watched one that was basically the same thing just happened to have this like super dangerous thing, which is just a weird out terror vision, the thing and that is almost a but they're. The. Same thing though. I will be checking out dawn dolar stuff checkout j.j, Abrams one of the hottest directors in the world. Thanks Don. Dahler. Venus Crappy crapping well, you know Roger Cormon sues helped a lot of people out say it looks like another guy by the name of George Stover? George Stover is frequently a actor. And he frequently an actor. And on dollars movies, he is a but man, he seems so unstable I feel sorry for him. Kind of because God maybe he's not like that in just normal life he's got one hundred and eleven credits your fucking shitting me. NOPE and all of them look like they could have been made by Don dolar. Right exactly mills versus zombies. He plays the president. Oh, boy. He's in Manno returns. I have not seen that as. I was just two thousand, eighteen. Yeah. I've only like vaguely heard about it. That's an hour and seven minutes long. I think. I could probably pull it together for that long. call girl of Kathy Lee. Aren't really. I'm going to have to watch things. This guy looks like he's been in turn of just bad movies invasion of the riptides you know what's Funny Holy Shit my mind Oh. My God galaxy invader, the one that rift tracks did okay. What's his name grover? What's his name George Stoves Dover Plays Jj Montague Jj his name's JJ. Collide J.J. Abrams it's J. period period. Exactly like that. Like, onion. Peeling. Away. Layers. I'm going to have to check out George. Stover do that he seems to be on the autism spectrum. But manages to what'd you say a hundred and eleven credit hundred eleven credits can't imagine how many. Golden. Globes. Negative three. Can they ask you to return the trophies that you don't? Back. Retroactive. All right. Good stuff. Yup I thought that people needed to know about that and the fact that they are all low budget in literally j.j Abrams would be the only well I. Guess You dig deep enough in something but I didn't think that I could get back to him by the stupid rules that we've imposed ourselves. So I figured I'd better bring it up but. If there is a way I would like to watch like a night these or something. Okay. Later, we can make that happen. Okay. So it's still my turn as an dill your turn. If you WANNA go straight into your deep dive, he had let's do that Ardila need another tangent of monumental proportions no, no, no we need to. We need to be laser focused. Laser. So I sent you a link in an email. Are you are you able to look at that right now? Maybe when did you send this to me just a few minutes ago okay Mister Rogers. Yes just click on it. Oh on it just the speed this along this regular mister Rogers show they go an arcade, bake a cake stuff like that. But Click Goto about minute eight in the video. Wow. Okay. We're putting on our jacket. We're getting our shoes kicking the box of hands farther into. Let's get those out of the view of the camera. He's putting on his damn shoes. What am I missing here go to minute eight. That was a eight minutes, eight minutes. Has said if you say minute eight I'm like a minute eight seconds. Okay. That's how the British say that sound Gotcha fancier. Okay. so Mr Rogers playing donkey Kong yet while planned donkey I mean this kid in here is planned donkey Kong and he's teaching him how to you gotTa grab the Mallet Ticket. Yeah now, ripa spine out yeah. It's that is not what Mr Rogers sounds like but you're right. It looks a little startled when the guy comes up to collect the coins. Yeah. He's like I'm playing a game here you ha- do this now I am planning an abduction Do you mind the S. so the friendly guy that comes to collect the quarters from the donkey Kong. Machine. Is. Young Young Ki- David. Yes. Very Young Yes. I mean like twenties would you wouldn't you say it's kind of hard to tell when was this episode on? You know this has good question I don't think it says anywhere on. That is awesome. What has to be the eighties early eighties I would say so that you picked Keith David because he was a voice on the Gargoyles the no cartoon that was just a serendipitous. Something that happened. Okay. He's been on my radar for quite a while Oh for sure. Yeah. How? He was going to come up. He's so cool I kind of dug around for that one which made me laugh when I, saw it. He was a recurring character, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, three to nineteen, eighty, five as Keith, the handyman and Mister Rogers neighb- right? Wow. I did not know that at all. That was after he played child's he looks way young Mr Rogers. There is no way that that is true. What you just said that's what I'm Sam to stating. Wow, in continuity of things here. Eighty two is the thing in eighty three to eighty five was Mr Rogers. Wow, that is crazy. 'CAUSE I see him in that movie I mean so I wonder how old he was. Well Cisco Look when was he birth nineteen, fifty, six K. Get out to calculators kids. He was he was thirty four. For the thing for the eighties. So thirty six, he does not look like he's in his thirties in this Mr Rogers clip. No. Now he looks he looks way unger, but then I call bullshit I am D maybe navy. But in the thing he looks older I think Oh. Yeah and it could be because he has like a beard kind of. But still I, don't know He. He's just one of those is it's hard to tell. Do you see what the credit is above. Mr Rogers on IMDB. The. Winter. We going to do that I. Think we're doing it right now. I guess so I've definitely have tab open. All Times just waiting for. What is his name Eddie? Eddie seasons in that movie. I might rent on Amazon when we quit. Okay. So like you said, Keith, David was somebody that we were going to talk about eventually because he's such a fucking bad at in everything he does but he is child in the thing and one of my top ten characters i. just read that Bloom House is going to be doing the thing. Yeah. John Carpenter had a little interview or something mentioning this? Man I. They've got a lot of material I mean they could go anywhere with that. I would like to see a continuing story and don't try to Redo, the the original. That's just yes. I didn't realize that. Keith David was in platoon Oh. Yeah. Did he's got a good line in that? Should repeat. Even if Maybe I just don't remember platoon that will. Wow really fucking love platoon good movie to know that Johnny Depp was Implem-. The Radio Guy Yeah Dude I saw at the theater. in missing in action three. A. Hot Pursuit. That was John Cusak. Yeah. Yeah. He's like he misses a boat trip with his girlfriend or something and is like trying to get to wherever the hell they are. It's like it's not Hawaii, but it's something like that. Okay. So it's like planes, trains and automobiles for John Cusak Yeah Okay Robert. In Zenit as a pirate airy stiller. The this is. Been Stellar in it. Yeah. I just saw that. Hey Miguel Angel Fuentes O c.. Man Human, Puma Man. His name's of video you. Know. That's an onion Look what is his name? Vedeno? Yeah. But the Benigno. Vedeno Dino. Anyway. Back to keep David, tell me what you got on him. Well, the best fight scene ever best fight scene ever in they live Rowdy Roddy Piper wants him to get wants him to put the sunglasses on. He probably could have asked. Very nicely. Yeah. But how they went straight to violence. Guys violence is not always the answer. Even if you are a professional wrestler, did we say that Cy Richardson was in they live? Yes. He works with a lot of like weird people that have definitely been mentioned on this podcast. He won a Tony for best supporting actor in a musical. he is from East Elmhurst in Queens. He's six two which I fuck in knees like towers over everybody else in a scene would. It doesn't say it in the. Trivia. But I'm just I'm willing to added. A lot of the Times confused with David I'll put that in the. wikipedia I'll change the wikipedia. Do I just stumbled upon. George Buck Flower? Yes. Yeah. Who? was in. They. Live. As a drifter. that. Guy's been in a hundred sixty saying, oh my gosh it goes on and on he is the white guy version of the black that was in everything in those eighties movies. He's you know the guy that the that Patrick swayze throws the keys to you know when he leaves to go to Texas or wherever okay. Yes. You are talking about here is in weird science this guy but he was in a lot of John Carpenter's shit. Right. So George Buck Flower was in the fog Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Escape from New York. Yes. Star man he he can be sober and like in a suit or whatever. But it still feels like he's got alcohol on him as. In some pocket and. He. WAS IN PUMPKIN head. Sundown the vampire retrieve. Oh my God this guy goes on and on ought to come back to him. Too Bad it's not who we're talking. No. but yeah the if. You. Scroll. down. To. Trivia. In. It eventually does say not to be confused with fellow attribute David. So stay dotted that. So Keep David. He's been in how many things home I gotta goes on for ever yet he's done a ton of voice work because he has a a voice. Awesome Deep Voice Three hundred and twenty credits damn unbelievable. What a great career via he was Goliath in Gargoyles he does the voice for Spawn and mortal Kombat eleven oh yeah. I read something about that because he was on for the animated series on Hbo Beth Bad ass no. I like often plays hot tempered irritable characters. Yeah. Out Pretty much she's never like stay calm. Cool. Dude is usually in people's faces. At least my favorite roles that he does it was in volcano armageddon, Dante's peak in deep impact everybody that little two or three year period where everything was just exploding and you hate his went from set to set. That's hilarious. He was an er for a few years playing Pastor Watkins. Okay. If I could see him as a religious man, a man of the cloth, but he's also like can kill vampires and say. I will use this Bible as a weapon. Yeah. Exactly. It's got like a gun and Enersen. GotTa. Hidden switchblade. Yes. Yeah if you click on these cartoons every once in a while kind of WanNa like look some of these up on Rick and morty. Yet he's in all the hot ones right now I as far as I know he's in adventure time Beau Jack Horsemen, which has been nominated for a bunch of awards. You didn't mention he was in the puppet masters we talked about the other day. Boy Reality Bites. I don't remember that. He's in community man his so many credits he is in one archer, which now I've got a fine. Did you say he was in Roadhouse. No I forgot he has one tiny seen and no lines. Might say one thing he I've read this before that he did have a bigger role I. mean you know they come out well, yeah they cut him a how dare they kind of like the what's that black girl's name that was she was in summer school he taught her how to write. Jeez in Las Boys and you can see your back behind. The FROG brothers check and somebody out or something. I had her name to second ago I get her mixed up with Stacey Dash I, think it starts with an F.. K. That narrows it down to. Her last her middle names like Joe. Isn't it something like that Oh yeah Kelly Jo Minter there we go. Thank you. We saw at frightened marijuana. One of those years thank you F is not inter name whatsoever. No. And Nineteen, seventy nine, he was in a movie called Disco Godfather. Yeah Yup with Rudy raigmore. Now I. Have to find that had says he's unaccredited. So he's probably just barely in it but excuse to watch it. Rowdy Roddy Piper's head is so big. What interesting career? Yeah. What else you got in his Trivia he was on murder she wrote. Wow is that Edward Furlong. He is looking rough these days. He started a kickstarter not too long ago to buy a new liver so that cannot good i. think he thinks that's how it works. It does work like that. I WANNA start a kickstarter because I want perkier tits, House I think actually a lot of people do that. Oh. I mean if it's like. Fined ten thousand people to give you a dollar this. Yeah. If it was that easy then our podcast to be funded. Yeah. It's true. get on that. Would you? What he went to juilliard. Keith David Yes for singing I think. Wow, but that is I'd never heard him saying. He said. One of his quotes is like the doctor slapped my ass and I started seeing. Not, joking. I came out seeing the doctor slapped me on the head. Sorry and I started saying that's where he got the Tony Award for jellies last jam. Yes. That's okay. The I mean he's in all of our favorite movies. Yeah, how can you not be? Oh My god Michael Loves. The one with with me, Leo and Charlie Sheen. Talking about minute work minute work all my God. I can't remember that movie I do not have the fondness for of Michael. Does I mean he is probably the best thing in the movie. But no. Very, very prolific career man he's yet. Oh is in the nice guys Gypsy that with. Ryan Gosling Russell, Crowe Yeah Okay. Very interested we can go through wicked frigging click on his shit and go on for days and days. But again, I'm like man would want to be a voice actor just sounds like. It's probably like kind of boring and repetitive, but can like what we do now that's very true. Very true I've. Rethought, my entire existence I'm getting ready to talk about another voice actor whose credits on and on which I may or may not have mentioned before but. Interest. Using him today. Okay. Well, we're almost done with the wiki keep talking about Keith David for yeah ever I'm sure he'll pop up something and we'll do this again probably. Watch him and Mister Rogers and the OPI- boys and you better have already seen the thing. Yeah. We don't even need to guys that can we get people to argue with this that somebody's posted that you know you don't see his breath at the end of the I've seen all those and. I just ultimate ultimately, I like not known so. It's better. Leave it open. Yeah. But child the great great character although that is I mean you're you're right in that it does leave it open for the story to go on the NFL. Yeah. One of them could have made it out of I. Mean you know so yeah well, you want slam straight into your guy or Straight into it what do you say? UK, voice actors is the connective tissue. Maybe maybe. Because? We just watched gargoyles. We can talk a lot. A. Lot about gargoyles but I, I did go down. Just to look at Scott Glen in backdraft and started clicking through all sorts of backdraft. Yeah. Good movie definitely watched it several times. Kurt Russell dies at the end of. spoiler alert. All sorry. I haven't seen that. Then you don't need to. We just gave it away. You can save that two hours. Yeah. Why don't you go ahead and say that Scott Glen ended up being the bad guy he was wasn't he? Yeah. Is that seen of him like wedding his pants and just? What was his reasoning for that that the fire department wasn't like getting funding or? something. Like that and trying to cover up like some weird thing that they did. WHO has a craggy your face Scott Glen Orleans Henriksen? in a real crag off. That's pretty good I mean there's a lot of crevices on my God. It's like a couch cushion with landscapes and you've got to like get into that those. Areas I know there's some coins down here. Let me get back to let us have it out with it. Going back to Gargoyles Okay Gargoyles. The Casey vehicle I started to go down with Scott Glen and decided against it I thought we needed to go down Bernie Casey. Okay. 'cause Bernie Casey's been around for quite awhile and. Did. We talk that he died in two thousand seventeen I. Don't know if we did or not. I don't know either complications following a stroke about He was born in thirty nine which makes him seventy eight when he died. Yeah. So. Bernie Casey was a former pro football player. We mentioned that but. Did Not. Elaborate on it or anything was good friends with Stan Winston who did the makeup effects for Gargoyles Ri- ri- right course. So varying interests I like the idea of Bernie Casey and Stan Winston hanging out. But Bernie was only an eighty one things eighty-one credits. I just expected him to go a lot further than that nothing eighty-one something to. Aznar cat. Still, yeah, he was in a nineteen seventy, five movie called Corn Bread Earl and me I. I know that name I don't know why because Moses Gunn is in that Oh my gosh. Yeah. He did do like a couple of kind of blaxploitation. The Martian chronicles trapper John was he a wounded soldier and? He was in never say never again news in Bryan Song. And my favorite revenge owners yeah. Yeah. was his name. You in Jefferson, ride the head of the tri lamb. Right bill and Ted's excellent adventure, of course. Another forty eight hours. Under Siege. Street night. Yes. That Jeff's Beekman in it. God. The one that Kinda went on to do like Christian movies and stuff. That would happen to them I. Don't know sure he had like. Several martial arts movies, and then just disappeared. He beat people sticks. That was his big thing. Now, he only has twenty one credits. So he just kind of disappeared. That's probably for the best. Yeah. I'll do a deep dive on bring him back. I hear you Mr Speaker. Bernie Casey though he was in in the mouth of madness since we're GONNA. We're GONNA keep dancing around John Carpenter legis go into it JC and I, think we can talk about in the mouth of madness. For a long time. Yeah. It simply doesn't fit the. The conditions that we have vaguely laid off podcast. I think we'll get there eventually where Ra like just doing like a movie that came out a couple of weeks ago or something They at no that's fine. That's fine. It doesn't end the mouth the man this we love it as everybody that we've talked about I even looked at Francis Bay. she played the was the hotel. Clerk header husband like chained up or whatever. She's like kicking Adam. Yes. Right. Hilarious. Yeah I love her she was the grandma and happy Gilmore right? Yeah. I. Yeah. I remember that she has a hundred and seventy three credits. Yeah. She's in Repo. Chick. Yes. I saw it. I went down a little dive on her because I thought man. How interesting is she? Because I don't know that I've ever known her to be young exactly. What what did she look like when she was young but no, she's always been a hold she was in Kerpen Boerse tribes. Great. A movie I. Never wanted to see she's in the karate kid part three Oh is she like she plays Mrs Milo not do that is it might be oh. Know exactly who it is Oh my God at total recall for. Erotic. Kids. Three. She's the she's The lady that lives next to Ralph maccioni bomb. No, she lives next door to Mr. meow. Okay and and rough macchia goes over to see him and she like Yells Cincinnati Mike. He's gone. You know but. Anyway Wow That's amazing. You could pull that out. She read her wine a lot better than that. It was. A yeah. She's Miss Hickman in in the mouth madness. and pigment. Called Pitman's model is a HP lovecraft Greta. Every. Everybody's name is probably something to do with very interesting. She was in Blue Velvet. Yeah. That I don't remember her in that either and I looked at this she was in. No Man's you. Okay. Okay. Never seen this. It's a James Bond right Yeah it's. Pierce, Brosnan. It's a directed and written by John Mc Tiernan head the coal cover where he's doing kind of a light jog and a Jackson's, and there's a crazy like energy being above. Yes. And it says a French anthropologist specializing in nomadic groups moves to Los Angeles with his wife and starts following a group of Sinister Street. Right who seemed to live and move around in a black van. But they aren't what they see on like sheds or something I know I have totally not seen this move I have but it did not even like register for me so it must've been it must've been bad I looked at this because I thought maybe this might be something we wanna get back to at some point. Adam Aunt Mary warnow. Oh. In nomads meds yes. Hey. Lesley and down I was like Holy Cran. Okay. And there's like a four year period were adamant is just wanted to be an everything I got a juicy adamant movie that we should do later. Sound. So anyway, I did not go down a Francis Bail Founded affordable, Bay. All instead, I went down a guy we've talked about before William von Hamburg K. Right you know who he is we talked about him before he was in the postman. O. K.. Yes. That guy the needy face sky media face we've talked about his career before we don't necessarily have to go a wait a minute. No No scholley Shit. Not that guy. I'm sorry Willem von Hamburg is Vigo God Damn okay. I totally got lost in my notes here. Okay. Another big disturbing face to look. He was. Yeah. He's one of the bad guys in diehard. Yes. Yes. We've talked about him. Who was the other guy was just talking about the postman. God. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, he was in. Lord of illusions and. It's Daniel von bargain as that guy sway off i. got the Vaughn's. When I typed that in it change its Ville Helm and there was literally like fifty people that are Wilhelm von something. Wow. So popular name. So Wilhelm von Homburg Jason Von Walker. L. It I can use that I mean us that Jenny. But yes we've talked about him just because ghostbusters to. Neither the warrior we brought him up because Oh right? Right. Right I. Know We talked about that others, Lorenzo Lamas written by Thomas and Griffith. We talked about that just recently in fact as llamas the plural for Llama. Too? Long. Only if they're in mid coitus. Okay. My cheeks hurt. All. Right. So but Wilhem von Hamburg com Berg Hamburg I can't even say his name anymore and wouldn't you know at the first thing that comes up rests old wrestling pictures Oh did not want to see but since I was talking about it earlier, I, did not talk about the parody. Silence of, the Hams. Okay. Okay I. Vaguely Remember that I've federal agent Jodie Foster. Is currently investigating a serial killer helped by Dr Animal who is isolated in a maximum security Joe Dom deluise yes billy Zane. Oh my gosh. Martin Balsam. Billy's at the height of his career. Stuart Pankin. John. Ashton. Smith. Taylor the jury. Say Martin Balsam. Yes I did. I've never seen this. I know nor have I I not that I really wanted to I I? Knew it existed. What's weird is you scroll down it seems like a Mel Brooks, movie from this period and had you know but it's easy. Oh Oh. I get it. It's written and directed by easy agree Geo. Branch I think we lose. Touch I, think is. Alias. Doesn't that sound like it sounds fake it sounds fake. It has to be right now. Oh, there's a picture of. Like if Dustin Hoffman was good looking. But he also did a easy agrees Gio. was named whatever. It rolls off the time pretty easy though he also did Dracula deaden loving it. OKAY SO PARODY MOVIES HERE, Dracula dead, and loving. It is a Mel Brooks movie. So I'm going to assume they're connected. Yeah. Yeah. Two thousand one a space travesty now. I don't like that at all. So anyway. We're not gonNA watch size of the Hams I wouldn't do that to you. Although it does have Phyllis diller. Shelley winters. Oh. I would do a parody movie John Carpenter is in this. Keep on scrolling down. Eddie. God Peter Deluise. John Landis. It goes on and on Henry Silva. Bill. I see Henry Sylvan their holy because everybody in it. Sony Cox. But it also has a guy by the name of Larry Storch. Yeah. He's an Eddie deason right? I. Thought I brought him up before but maybe I hadn't instead I has done so many voice credits. Okay. And but he got his start in F troop. Okay. Why would say that he had a ton of ship before then but he was and a lot of shorts Koko the clown yes. Those are the short films he was in I still can't find him Isn't Larry Right Larry Larry Storch as soon as you click on him, you're no we're gonna go but he was in get smart. Okay. Oh. Yeah I do see now are at cool the Batman Superman hour he played the joker he's played the jokers voice and plenty of things interesting that was in nineteen, sixty, eight and sixty nine he played the joker. Okay he the Debbie Reynolds Show Sabrina, the teenage witch cartoon that's a nineteen, sixty nine. I didn't know Sabrina the teenage, which was that old. There's a movie called ghostbusters that he is in that like the sixties speaking of Vigo. I do not like after. No. I can't say, I've ever seen it. So nineteen seventy five was that you're talking about the ghostbusters yes it has billy Barty in it a comedy family fantasy, right? It looks like a TV show or look like a Carol, Burnett type situation. What didn't one of the ghostbusters cartoons have a pet gorilla two guys in their pet girl hunt spooks. This is live action. Yeah exactly. Home our God is too much. Do you remember what I'm talking about there was a ghostbusters cartoon and then there was another one that was crappy crappy in I swear it had a gorilla man I. Oh i. I. Wish I did also this is weird. Have we done something to where? Now? All of this is like like we've said stuff out loud and like now imdb literally is in a I just fucking with this. Yeah. Oh I believe it's true. Larry storch was in a TV show called ten fly. What does that word mean this is too much. Like it when we're both to silence of like. Trying to get to the bottom up, trying to find something that makes sense here. At ten, a fly is a borough in New Jersey like a donkey. Just the name of Donkey Jersey. At the city in New Jersey. So I'm not looking at Ebony Moore these are all questions that I? Don't error but I still demand answers is in alias Smith and Jones that was the guy from. Remember, we were talking about that alien movie where they some mummy, but it's really an alien like the buried, right? Okay. Yes. Is Looking for stuff. Yeah I watched part of it the other day the main character as either Smith or Jones, I can't remember which one. But Larry Storch as you already know is in our next film. Without warning. I didn't think you'd have a problem with that. I just looked up Larry storch though he he was paid seven hundred and fifty dollars for being. Like they just. Even, like whiskey for beings. That's why I think Jack Palance probably just got paid booze to. Martin. Land does looking he's frozen on the imbedded trailer for this. He's looking particularly uninjured. Oh. Yes. Got Long Hair. Awesome. So I'm going to read it out here. Okay, do. An alien creature stokes human prey I thought you get that. I mean I actually? Okay. I'm in I. Know you're throwing off because I didn't put any punctuation and right? Exactly I was like. Man. This is directed by great on. Clark. I know Oh, that's opening up a whole. Can of worms can I just say on the on the like cover art? It says it preys on human No, it preys on human fear it feeds on human flesh. Which I did that I do too and the cover is amazing that poster art I love it as so cool and I've watched this film I this one went missing in my archives from the mid eighties. All I can remember is the flying discs, right? Yes. Exactly. The Alien Weapon, a live alien weapons I loved it. Yeah. They kinda ripped off again and we come in peace that one with Dolph Lundgren kind of did the same thing but away crappier years later than this one, you know what I mean they couldn't figure it out. This one actually did that affect like better and this was nineteen eighty when was they come in Yeah. Now that was the nineties. I, think that's what I think. So the older movie did it better? Did you see that the officer dog faces in the? David Caruso No. Oh, are you talking about Neville brand? Yes. Sergeant dog face excuse. Meaning we could have gone to this movie A. Time. Watsa lots of threads but David. Caruso. I do not remember him being yeah. He wanted the kids maybe. Yuccas, in the eighties, he would. So Rambo was in eighty. Eighty two yeah so. He looked like he was in his early twenties and Rambo first blood is eighty two He was born in fifty six. So twenty four years old and without warning. which also without warning I, guess had a previous title of it came without warning. Which? As the years went on that was a less desirable. Either that or somebody really wanted to use it and they'd like somehow or something. But lots of fun. We're GONNA have good time with lots of people. In this you know Kevin Peter Hall is the alien in this. That is correct. Is The guy that was the alien alien no, he was not. He was That's right. That's right. He was Predator in Predator Bri. He was the Predator and what's the name of that movie? Guy. Had A big lake fish face and Predator. He was also Harry, and Harry Henderson. Saw My God. But he died at a young age. We've talked about him before, right? Right Oh my God he was the monster in the closet. He is seven foot two and a half inches sheesh Julia Morley. Cod that make up for Harry and the Hendersons for Harry. Is really disturbing. Don't you think. It's meant to be lovable saw that I probably a couple of times in the theater, but I don't think I remember monster in the closet. Well, I was going to say there are a few like kind of a I guess direct to video movies when I was younger that Talking on completely lost now. there's without warning. Okay. Here we go. Now, I lost a completely loss. St Lost to get you found it, and then it's gone I just needed to get back on solid ground. Cameron Mitchell is also without warning. Okay, he's like. Commander Santa from. Space Mutiny. Okay the guy that was like the long flowing robes and has a beard. I like him he's a he's in a ton of amnesty movies. Yeah. That's a real and so without warning is available, you can watch it on Youtube. No, it is on daily motion. Okay. All right. But if you WANNA, watch it for free, that's what you got. Okay. Yeah. Just try to have your virus protection up and running. But. It looks like a good transfer I watching on daily motion before that. Now you can watch I've got all sorts of clips I'll be putting off on our facebook. Our group if you WANNA see more of the weird shit that I look up and. Post about these different films or watching I have a lot of fun with it. Also check us out on twitter Yep on all the social media crap. If we're not in on there, then that's because I don't care. Yeah. We just got our my space finish and now people are. Is. On there anymore. That's a lot of ways. It looks great. Yeah finally got like that black background with green writings so that everybody can really. Dagan and read. Go to the OPTOMETRIST. With. Jabbing I've aim. Yeah. All right solid work here today yet. I think we did it. Whatever it was. Krista just contacted me earlier and saying this you'll have a review for the beast within. Awesome. So hopefully, I'll be posting that later it'll be up on the website for a month now since I work out. So late that seems like a long time ago beast within. was. Right. We're talking we've been on the air now since February. Exhausted exactly all the time All right by our merch, we need some income. Yeah we'RE GONNA. Make up some new designs here new designs. Did. You heard that correct new and new? Design? Nightly, and nude -Ly L. Speaking of I would love to do the nude bomb. Oh. Yeah get smart movie that was a Lotta Fun yeah. Don't drop it in Florida. But anywhere else should be. All right or. Anything else to add now I don't. I'm excited for next week this the good pick. All right. I until then. Bye Bye. BUBBA. You've been listening to the Yarn Wall. Mt Cornfield. Production. Tune, in next week for the nineteen eighty SCI FI alien horror slasher without warning. You can watch without warning on daily motion for free. We WanNA. Thank Keegan for that awesome opening to the Gora Him and if you WANNA shred your act skills send us something and we'll lube it up and slide it in. Again please like Sharon subscribe, then Rinse and repeat we appreciate your support. If you have any movie suggestions or just want to tell us how much we really suck. You can contact us at movie moratorium at Mel Dot Com. Thanks for listening and long live. VHS. So somebody's ADO IN THE NASTY

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