E106 No More Bad Days with Bonnie Bechek


Welcome to the bids for good show where we highlight misfits outcasts and renegades for the being good at doing good movement. We spotlight people that are changing the world by having integrity and honesty, and creating an environment of connection the showing the true secrets is excess at creating a life of greater impact. So come on board and create your own biz for good life. Well. Do the show. Welcome to the good show. Ladies and gentlemen. I am your host body Glenn James along with the Ryan Pilkington. And of course, today, we have an amazing. The mazing tells about the show ri-. Nia Bobby Bobby Bob a bus, Google, LA Blache goo. That's my new name. Bosch goo Bosch goo James with new Glenn James. He they could probably find me on the internet. If I went by Patzke bobowski Bosch ski. We're changing it now mid sins, but Bosque. Yeah, thanks for joining us for episode one. Oh, six of the bids for good show. Or on one. Oh, six people one zero six the biztv again show is coming to you. From episode one. Oh, six. Yes. From one planet out there called episode one of those. Yes, yes. Yes, folks. Welcome welcome to the show. Thank you for the coming to the best forget show where we highlight everybody doing all kinds of cool things that we are too fun. Adventurous entrepreneurs sharing the experiences of the real secret to success in business doing all things with a b good do. Good mindset. There is so much bad noise in the world. Let's fight against the noise by flooding the world with the girl. Good against cruel to go. These bottles on Instagram. Facebook Twitter Twitter Twitter, Itis, instant instant, Twitter, Facebook, and please subscribe on I tunes and all the other cool podcasting things, you know, there's a lot of podcasts at podcast out there. We know you there's a lot of stuff to listen to. But nobody's is fun. As us. Exactly. We're the honest. Okay. There might be a couple podcasts out there that are fun as us. But nobody this is fun is us that gives us much. Good information clean about how to be successful in business, and how to be successful in life by focusing yourself in a be good do good mindset or family friendly refund. People family friendly and refund we say all the f words exempt one. That Ryan, right. I went with it, man. I just Joe hashtag Joe. We do the clean lyrics or something setting an one thousand nine so we have a mess that up. So anyway, welcome welcome to the show. People even say the topic was Joe, oh, I just jumped I went fam- read. Hey, Ryan tells me about the show, okay? One of those things that's out of the show is no more bad days with Bonnie beach are in. She's an RN. She deserves that title. We're giving that to giving her that title people. So we're thank thank you for being on the show. She has learned his all this is going to be graying turn to push it through push it through. She she pulled through with the karaoke thing. That's why it's even worse today because she's creamed belted out last night. Right. You gave it on. They actually frozen terror. Oh, that's perfect. That's perfect. But there's no bad days. Right. No bad days. No bad days. Baby. I'm excited to talk about that. I have a feeling we're we're going to get deep into the good dates. Let me tell you more about Bonnie. She was born in Chicago suburb and the second of six kids and the eldest daughter her father had a stroke when she was nine years old and pass away. She was eleven Bonnie worked on everything from material maternal child health like, Tom. Medical surgery floor to home, healthcare and hospice, she owned a private duty nursing company as you also owned operated assisted living home. Her youngest daughter remains in northern Michigan worked as a veterinary technician and renovating century year old farmhouse her oldest daughter along with her son in law and grandson, moved to Utah to take on the position the medical practice. In south Jordan, Bonnie has three grandchildren in south Jordan, two grandsons, which is Saul Solomon and Atticus shout out shut. Advocates cool names, you guys cool names. Enjoy those cool names Solomon, the great Solomon and add. And their ages seven and three advocates. If you haven't read. The the the book. Oh, crap wise, my brain just got to kill a Mockingbird. Jess. Yeah. Atticus Finch great character in raid character absolutely in an eight month old granddaughter. What's her name? If you I call her cheeks McGee. It's perfect. She works with elevations hospice as a care a case manager, mainly in Utah county. About ten years ago. She made a conscious decision to change her perspective. And the lead the phrase having a bad day from her vocabulary. She realized that days like children, we live up or down to what you expect of them who I'm excited to talk about that. We need more. Good days people. There's so many people in the world right now that get out of bed in the morning hating what they do. And it's sad. We have made it our mission our lives mission to assist people in leveling that up and loving jumping out of bed and taking on the day. And I get the feeling you're the same. I love my job. That's that's for sure. Awesome. Awesome. I was speaking with someone that they give up my biz business car too. And they called me today. And they said I love what you guys doing such a positive by. Because anyways, just a little feedback for the biz forget show. Jill we love what we do. Here. We do we really we really love talking to amazing people that are taken on life and live in it to the fullest. And it's such. I've said it a million times of two people listened. 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Ladies and gentlemen, builder all to millions dot com. And click on the affiliate link. If you want to become a deal you. Yeah. All right. That's it. We moved through that one pretty quickly. We did. Sift through life through it, man. We're now we're going to focus focus on body. It's all about Bonnie today. You, ladies and gentlemen, Bonnie BB check. I got. All right. Yeah. Hey. Hey, I just want to say it, right? Be check not be wrong. There we go. Oh, yeah. Baby. That's my guy ever. Yeah. We forgot to say. Did I phone on do not good? Bobby does. Yeah. I I my phone goes through the show all the time. It's a beautiful thing. We love it. It's it's an icebreaker. So we want to get to know Bonnie. Let's get to know Bonnie a little bit. We want our our viewers are listening leasing viewers to you. Hey, we want to know a little bit about body. So give us give us some insight into where what whatever that looks like a most embarrassing moment at a time. When you you'd licet lots to choose from on that. Yeah, we all kind of what do you want to go right into the deep stuff? Oh that she's not going to mess around people. This is it. We're gonna go right? Okay. People. This is it right into the deep stuff. Let's do it. Are we going to cry? He might well. I cry at commercials, okay? Okay. So when I had my assisted living home there is the gentleman that lived with us. His name was Benny. Then he was different. He wasn't. Mentally retarded. He was sort of like Forrest Gump. He was just different. Then he had some really serious medical problems, and I had taken to several hospitals. He was treated very poorly. He was dismissed and. Belittled. And. It was horrible. Those days were just horrible. In. We finally got him admitted to the hospital. In. It was about eleven o'clock at night, I pulled the recliner around. So that it was at the foot of his bed. So that when he opened his eyes. I was right there. In little nurse came in. And she said visiting hours are over. It's time for you to go. I said, no that's not gonna happen. Well, it's our policy. I don't care which policy is now leaving. Well, I'll have to call security since you do what you gotta do. I'm not leaving. So they finally gave up. Security. You you called their bluff. Love this woman. I love this lady. I was in the recliner, and I was thinking to myself how helpless and frustrated those two days had been just awful. And I was laying there in the dark about to clock in the morning. And this force said to me. Now, you know, how this man feels every day of his life. And I said back well, not every day of its life. Not since I came into his life in this voice said oh, yes. You do it out of love, but you treat him differently than you do the other men. And I thought about that. And I realized that we did because we knew that he had had a hard life. So he used to make his favorite dinner just a little bit more often. We would give him a cookie that was little bit bigger. We would just do little things because we knew yet had hard life. And then this voice said. And yet this which you have been tasked with protecting the innocent you have taken up. Well, and I am proud to call. You daughter. I was talking to God. An I knew that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. Well. And that he was proud of me. And I think about all the people who go through every day. They wake up there late for work. Their kids are screaming their house might not be as clean as they want. They come home. There's a pile of bills the kids are still screaming. And they think this is it what the heck my here for what? Seriously. This is it. This is my life. I know why I'm here. Wow. Pellets powerful. So how did he turn out that did they send him home? And he he ended up dying about two months later. He did come home and. He was at dialysis one day. And I get a phone call that he had become unconscious, and I met them at the emergency room. In. We knew that he wasn't gonna make it and the doctor said to me, well, we'll admit him to the hospital and put them on hospice, and I said, oh, no Ono year. Not he's not dying here. He's going to die at home. And the doctor said to me, well, you can't take your at home. Got to open if he's like, I I off don't be telling me what I keep again. I off. And Secondly, oh, yes. I can't did you. Did you? Full of whatever drugs, you need to put them on that ambulance. I don't care if he dies on the way home he is not dying here, and he came home, and he lived for about two days in passed away at home with Ed bottom kitten because he wanted to cat, so bad Siamese kitten. And he died at home with that cat curled up on his chest. I'm so super cool. Awesome. In that moment that you were speaking about earlier did that change your perspective moving forward since. Then or I mean, what I'm saying is that was your calling moment. We only have a calling them Bobby talks about the calling. Yes. Did you have a prior calling before just get a feeling that? You've are you calling for the four? Yeah. And you were just standing up for your calling. Yes. That's what I'm trying to. Yeah. So where when was that when you realized you get the stand up? I think when I was fifteen. I started collecting abused horses. They just would enter my life. And the one thing I cannot stand. I cannot tolerate is cruelty. Paint to anything, but especially creatures. They can't stand up for themselves animals little kids old people since me right over the edge. And so. My husband, and I have a rescue heard of seven. Abused horses. Some of them pretty horrifically abused. And that's. I knew I was here to protect the things that can't protect themselves and that effort mission from God, just cemented. It. Well, thank you. Thank you for taking on the calling, and I would say thank goodness for you because these horses, and in that speech people people need need that a need us think. So in in a. In hospice, and I know that the you deal with that a lot do you do do you deal with a lot of folks? Like that that I mean, his family basically was the kitty cat, and you I I assume then the staff at the assisted living home when they brought him home from the hospital after the doctor told me that I was not capable of taking care of him. I called my staff, and I said, I'm bringing Betty home. And by the time the ambulance got there. Every single one of my staff was there, and they actually got mad at the paramedics 'cause they jostled the stretcher too much. So these women carried Benny into the house themselves, they like shouldered the paramedics out of the way carried Benny into the house and tucked him in bed because we thought the paramedics were jostling our boy too much. You know, we hear so many horror stories about people not being taken care of we need to hear more stories about people that let you take care of. Because I think there's a lot of those. There are we we hear about the crap. Yes. But we don't hear about stuff like this. That's true people that really care about those folks that don't have anybody, and that's powerful, you know, so many of our clients. When I think about them. They're old eighty ninety hundred years old. They may not have any brothers or sisters, right? Their parents are gone. Their kids may not be in their lives for whatever reason too far away, bad relations, whatever and a lot of these people. They don't have anybody. And I'll look at them, you know, they can't get in the shower themselves. So maybe they're hygiene isn't the best. There uncapped because they're at a place that they can no longer care for themselves. And. You know, you're supposed to receive so many hugs a day. And I just wonder when the last time some of these people were ever touched in a non clinical way, you know, you go to the dentist. That's fine. He go to the doctor he listens. But when was the last ten somebody held their hand or gave him a hug or tuck them in at night and kiss their head. And it's it's little stuff. It doesn't cost a penny. Not one penny, and it only takes a minute or two out of your day. But for that person. That you smile or you rub their shoulder or you give them a hug that can change your whole day. So true. Wow. We're usually not at a law firm. You have succeeded in stopping us in our tracks. And I think it's because we're reflecting. I mean, I know I am Ryan I'm reflecting. I lost my father four years ago. And. Remember, the last hug, he gave me. I remember it like it was yesterday. He saw me came into the room. They were taking him out to take him to to try get he had he was taking. The same thing. Dial dialysis. Yes. Yes. And he just yelled the hobby, Bobby. I love you. And you hooked me really tight. And he didn't know that that in a few days, he would be gone. It's just such a powerful thing to have love. Especially when you're passing over. I was there with him when he passed the way we were watching the western in the in the on the TV and he was a big western fan. So I turned on a western. I was the only one there since everybody homes to in the morning. And. It's just really good that people know that they're loved. It's important. It is important, and it's beautiful that there are people. And I know a few folks like you that their job is. Just sit there with somebody and love them while they pass. You know, when somebody comes onto hospice, I tell the family. This is the hardest thing you'll ever do. And time goes on a couple of weeks. And they'll be like, oh, yeah. You know? I had to help him to the bathroom dozen times, blah, and it really is hard. And I'm thinking, oh, Honey, you have no idea. What's coming down the road? Because when somebody is in those last couple of days. And there's nothing you can do except sit. And wait people are not good at waiting, right? People are doers. They wanna do something fix something. Feed. Somebody something and to sit and wait and do nothing is really hard. Yeah. True been there. So. Well, what are we supposed to go from that? No, you were mentioning the last time you father that you've got a hug from your father. When my sister died four years ago from lung cancer, I was at her house, and she may be weighed seventy pounds. In. It was the middle of summer. She's wrapped up in a blanket. And we were sitting. Standing on her covered deck watching this thunderstorm role in and I sat down on the porch. Swing and I gathered her up just like a little child bounded up at her blanket, and we sit and rocked on that porch. Swain and listen to that thunder storm. I treasure memory. Couldn't remember that's beautiful. That's the way. Remember, folks? Yeah. The wind is the laughing star. Right now. You know, we we we were going to do the Google challenge. And we haven't even got that far. We've we've come so full soccer. So maybe we should do the Google challenge in kind of have some fun with it. What do you think? Sure. Are you? Are you? Showcase. There's no more bad days. That's right. No more red days. And you know, the the interesting thing is. I'm a I'm a big fan of emotion and letting your emotion out and crying and stuff because those aren't bad things. Having that kind of emotion is is a is a really good thing. There's so many people that won't show their emotions they won't they won't let go and they hold this stuff in. That's why they have Alzheimer's and problems and hating life. Guys. This world is a beautiful place. If you look at it and see the beauty, and even the beauty of the relationships of people that are passing away. All that stuff is so so powerful. So anyway, look what I found. That's perfect. What is that Google challenge on page three? This is the page. No more bad day, Google challenge page three. I gotta do this part. Okay. Ladies, gentlemen. You knew how Google gentleman's work in this corner. Google coming in at forty zillion searches every second Google. And in this corner, ladies and gentlemen, baloney beach. Are in. We are going to see who takes this honor. You're ready to take this on. Shia. So ready? You can see she's like come on Google. Gimme gimme all. You got come on. God. Okay. This is it page three. It is already been done. Ryan got one step ahead of us. He is already there. And I got admit a lot. Leering lyrics. Oh, no, more bad actually story. This is actually a story. So it says the headline is no more bad days. Give away free hugs. I'll have heard of the free hug movement thing. And so we've got a picture of some really cute people will put this on Facebook. Ryan, it is didn't do it. You just jumped away. Why world what is that? Just what? Okay. So. Oh, that's interesting. No, more bad days, free, hugs. No more bad day. So it says here. Purse hazard by passer-by collected their free hugs from members of the student run. No, more bad days, depression and anxiety support group at the corner of fourth and center street on Tuesday, January thirty first. Michael Menendez co-founder of the support group and senior student communication said the t- that ten to fifteen members met once a week and discuss how they personally cope with anxiety and depression, there are no professionals here. It's completely student run. And it is growing Menendez said I think our biggest goal is to let everyone know that no matter what no matter what I did read that twice. It says it twice whatever it is. You're going through. We love you. And we're here. Christian Anderson, founder of the support group and a sophomore majoring in international. Studies said he and the members of the group are giving free hugs to raise awareness of both anxiety and depression among college students think this is super powerful. Because of all, you know, there's an epidemic of suicide, and we need more love in the world. It's just that. Simple. What do you think? What do you think of this little piece here? I think it's fabulous. Yeah. That that's that's I think that's right up. Alley that you're going with for no more bad days. I mean standing up for hey, let's give people hugs. Let's talk about let's get in the face of depression and anxiety. And let's talk about it. Let's talk about how to and I'm a firm believer that we could get rid of a lot of depression, drugs and stuff we go out and do some service. We go out and help some people. What do you think I think that's too? But I see a but in your face. Well. Some depression is chemical right? I mean, so they're they're definitely is a role in a lot of cases for medication. But I think it also helps to take your mind off yourself and do service to others. Yeah. So. As it comes to you. So Google has spoken now. What's your take on no more bad days? So about ten years ago. I. Was listening to some something on the radio, and they were talking about taking the word should out of your vocabulary. Don't should on yourself. Yes. Because you've never heard of horror. Ryan you've heard that before having you don't shoot on yourself, very should implies pressure. I should do this. I don't necessarily want to do it. But I I should write. It puts pressure on you. And I was thinking about. What else we could take out of our folk for cabbie? Larry. And so, you know, when people say I'm having a bad day it contaminates their entire day. Right. You get up in the morning. You can't find your shoes trip over the cat. You break your coffee Cup. Whatever you're describing my day this morning. Several the cop. This is going to be a bad day. Well, yup. It is because you just cleared a day. To wasn't a weird phone this morning, right? No more bad days. Ryan, no more. Listen to this lady. She is our master. Right. I think she's here for. Yes. Okay. Since it's a right. Just because you have a bad start your day. Doesn't mean it's a bad day means that your car didn't start and it's frustrating, but it's not a bad day in the bad our pets. Yeah. I was put milk in for my wife for jar for cereal and smashing the floor in a million with Milken. Frustrate. That was the start of. That was my first five minutes of my day. I five minutes after getting out of bed. Yeah. Broke the milk. Don't spill. Break. The milk broke milk. This is like nineteen forties in the milk. Jugs are still glass cut the cheese. Broke the them. All my gosh. See we always have something new on the biz good Joe. So the new term is broke the mill broke the milk. It's a like a farting different. I like what I. Ci went there. She totally went all she went though. He was thinking of my seven year old grandson now rolling floor with laughter. Come up to me and say, yeah. Yeah. That was so good. I broke grandma. I'm going. Oh, gosh. That's awesome. Is the might stuff turns into weird stuff 'cause beautiful thing. Right. It's a beautiful thing. So anyway. So we vanish. I forgot where what sort week? Perspective. Yeah. And so you took that you took it one step higher. So don't use the should word because that that messes with our brain. So you said vocabulary. You know, and and. When I have gosh, this is so far I've had such a bad day. You've kind of affirmed it. And now the whole day has become bad is what you look at is. What you see? That's right. I had a lady a patient. I was talking with my patients sister. And the sister said I'm just so worried that when I die God's not going to let me into heaven because I didn't make my sister do this. I said that's a I don't like that. God. That's not the God. I choose to believe in. I jus to believe in a God who says for forty five years you stood by our side during all these horrible awful things. And you tried so hard. That's the God. I believe in not the one that says man, you screwed up you failed. I don't want that. God. All right. I reject God. Absolutely. And then she was still crying and she said to be. But what about my sister? Who was extremely depressed at that time and who had on and off contemplated suicide. She said she's not going to get into heaven. And I said, no again, I reject that God instead of saying, you know, what you screwed up and you committed suicide I choose to believe in the God that says. For forty five years. He hauled yourself out of bed, and you did the best you could in spite of this horrible marriage in these horrible circumstances. I am so proud of you. That's the God that I choose to believe in. So literally any situation that you're in. You can choose to change your perspective. I love it. I love it. I I always say that my God has a sense of humor too. Down and laughs a lot at us. I think I everybody looks at God is, you know, serious. Do I think he's I think he laughs a lot? He made my gosh. Did you see what Bobby did? He's got a sense of humor. And that's the way. I choose to see it too. We all it's interesting religion is a funky thing. And it gets crazy. But you know, in my mind God is loving. He he and unitive exactly any, and we all we none of us are judges. We don't know what's in each other's minds. And we don't know what he gave us to learn from our spirit because we came here. I mean, if you believe in that stuff, we came in here here with our spirits or spirit could learn from this body, and whatever that looks like right? And that's a beautiful thing. And sometimes that means chemical problems, that means addictions. Those things have been given to our spirit given to learn give to your body give into your body singer spirit can learn from it, and you could look at it. And I always say there's two. Things you can choose about life. Life can suck or life. Can be great whichever one. You want is what you choose. I absolutely agree. Absolutely agree. She's got me fired up. All right. Yeah. So when I break milk pass cast. What am I supposed to do that? This is the best date ever. That's right. Get messed up. You see where he's going with this saying his brain is saying this. I hate my life. How do I change that in my head to or is it just you just don't say it out loud? What's your advice? It's a milk deal. Right. Okay. The milk is not a big deal. But the glass on the floor is what I have. Deal. You know, I also think. I think that people. People come into your life. For a reason literally everybody comes into your life for a reason. There are no accident there. There's either something you need to learn or teach them everybody the lady in the grocery store that. You make smile because you pick up her stuff that she dropped whatever I think things happen for a reason, you broke the milk. It made you five minutes late. So the wreck, right. The guy that ran the stop sign didn't hit you. Wow. You look at it. Like that changes the whole thing. You just had a really good day. Ryan you just cheated death. Just so, you know, yes. On accident a couple of days ago right in front of me. Yeah. One second one second. I would have been eight. Yeah. Yeah. That beautiful thing. You may never know what it is. Yes. You know? Yeah. We can complain about all the stuff that happens. But we don't know the what if so much, and I love the story about nobody wants other people's problems. You know, they they had the there's a story about they took a village and they had everybody throw their their problems was a stick. And they had them all throw their stick into a big pile. And then they said okay now, everybody go get a new problem, and they all went and grabbed their own sticks. Because nobody wants nobody wants people's problems because they're all I mean, you look at the wow. Yeah. I don't wanna have to go through that. And everybody's saying about UT. So anyway, where am I going going down a hall of somewhere? This is good. She she's like this magical person. That's pulling this cool stuff out of. Yeah. Thank you. Magical person. We haven't even asked the question. What are you kidding? This has been Slabbert with biz for good the whole thing. It's like we've the that. We do have to ask it. So we're going to ask you the question. The question. Go ahead. Ryan. Oh, yeah. It's just being good in business mean to you. Well. Whatever that feels like when I had my sister living home. I'm not a very good money manager. That's that's like my thing. Thank god. For people say thank God for hospice, nurses, Ono. Accountants. I'm with you. I am not. I am not money person. Either. If I didn't have I don't know what I'd tell you businesswise. And when you run a business, it's not about how good you are something running a business is how running a business is no matter how. I used to get phone calls from the hospital and they'd say, so it's January. I'd say, yeah. Cold outside. Yeah. It is. So. We have this lady who's homeless. Cold outside. Yeah. Shit a heart attack in you know, she's accident in place to go. And she's any money. I'm like, yeah. That's. Folks. Did we tell you? She's homeless. Yeah. You told me she's always. So so what is it you want? Well, we we were just did we tell you. It's cold outside. I'm like fine. I'll come and get her. Fight a empty room. I would go getter knowing that I wasn't gonna get. There's no chance of being paid. Right. I have to heat the house anyway, I had to staff the house anyway. Threw away enough food that we could feed another person. But invariably the minute I took somebody like that. I'd get a phone call. He my dad's look, and we can pay full price. And. But yet what are you gonna do differently, right? The right thing to do is not the easy thing to do. And we had that lady. She was there for about a month. We woke up one morning, she had collected all the clothes that we'd given her and she was gone. Unawares? She went what happened to her. But for that month in January, she was clean and kept and fed and warm and dry and cared for. Wow. But didn't make my account very happy. Doing good. Sometimes it's hard for doing the right thing is hard. Absolutely. It is. But we have it any other way. I wouldn't. That that's the whole point of the being good and doing good movement that we talk about our being good and doing good business model is it is it gives your soul. A better. Better feeling better place to be I had somebody asked me one time. What if you're wrong about God? There's no God. Like well. That's okay. What have I lost? I've lost nothing. Right. I've lived a life that I can look in the mirror and be proud of myself and know that I have impacted lives of hundreds of people hundreds of animals. Butterflies hummingbirds little kids all those things if there is a God, man, I'm golden. If there's not I feel like I still come out ahead. Yeah. Golden either way. Yep. That's that's beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Did we did? We did we ask the question biz for good. Yeah. Okay. I thought we did. But I just been in this this kind of this magical place right now. I hope our listeners are are kind of really feeling the energy that you're giving us all. It's such it's it's bigger than not having a bad day. It's changing your life. It's making a conscious effort to change your life. And it's not as hard as it. Seems it doesn't cost anything. It takes not one single second out of your day. Choice choice choice. How you choose to look at things how you choose to deal with things which brings us to the action item. That was the action that was the action item. Which is that it's a choice. Do you wanna go any deeper with that? What do you think? What would you tell our listeners that they could use to keep them in that space of a good day? I would say try to find like minded people. Right. It's easier to stay just like exercise. It's easier to exercise if you have somebody there supporting you so true, right it if you. Find people. Like-minded? It's gonna be easier for you. To make these choices bear one another's burden. Yeah. Absolutely. We're at another. This is very good. Yeah. This is I'm like, I'm in a state. We take a bunch of CBD oil or something as I feel like. Very comfortable on the love. We are feeling the love. Thank you for bringing the love today. Bonnie what do you know when I listened to some of your previous episodes hear the laughter, and I'm thinking, oh, man. I'm not sure exactly how this is going to. Well, we're not either. And we love to be pleasantly surprised and this. This was a surprise which I think is a great surprise. I we still chuckled a little bit. And I would say this is not been a boring show. No, absolutely not. I think it is very introspective and something that our listeners really need and want to hear I hope. So absolutely after you know, I think about I love the movie Miskin geniality. When they're doing the interviews. What would you wanna change world peace? Peace peace. I. Would love to see a world that's cruelty free because if it was cruelty free everything else would fall into place. True. We talk about if everybody lived the be good do. Good mindset this world would be amazing. Amaz if we all thought about other people, our focus and connected with that. This would be a magic it would be strangler LA. I just really have a hard time where their their brain is an sorry to get negative little bit. But. I know come on. It's hard to just pet an animal or take it in or some. I don't understand why there's like last year, I rescued a horse. One of my friends was looking for a horse called me up. And she said I found this horse not my horse, but you need to go do something. So I went to look at this horse, and it was old by owned by older gentlemen, who had gotten angry at the horse tied the horse to the rule bar of his razor rendered out a hard top road until her hubs sanded off. No. When he had her going full out hit the brakes and the horse cart wheel back. Hit the hard top broker joh-. I mean, she was pretty banged up. So. Wow. I went to look at the horse. Her face is a mass her hip is a mess. I didn't know that she had broken bones of the time. Turns out that. He had wanted to sell the horse because he had a wife with dementia. He was exhausted. He couldn't sleep because he didn't know that. It's wife wasn't good wander out of the house. He needed to unload, some of the other responsibilities in his life, right? I don't advocate animal cruelty. But thank God. He took it out on the horse and not a seventy eight year old wife. Wow. Right kuwait. Look at it though. Thank you for being that kind of a I mean, we in our in our world, we we are very quick to judge. We're very quick to say that horrible. I would love to string them up and take him in the car, blah, blah, blah. It wasn't. We don't think about that kind of stuff. And I wish we did more. And unfortunately, the news and stuff never by never connects us to that. I just yes, we yeah. We're all human beings in this world. That's right. Nobody knows your back story. Exactly. Exactly. Thank you for pointing that out. That's huge. Because we said, yeah, we're just taking on the and hating all the bad people. And you know, what that's hate doesn't fix hate. Right. I mean, he was frustrated. He's not a bad, man. He's taking care of his wife with dementia that. That's huge, that's exhausting. That's overwhelming. When you're doing it by yourself. It's tough. So I started at one hundred dollars. He started at a thousand I came up to two hundred he came down to three hundred eventually I said, let's meet in the middle at two fifty. He saw on all she's going to she's going to Mexico for meat for that. Okay. Got my phone number. I get a phone call at six o'clock. The next morning come get your horse for two fifty. They went down and got her. She's the sweetest sweet old horse. And it was later when I had the vet come out and look at our that we discovered that her job was broken from hitting the pavement with her face. These are the worst as I get my first horse. The guy said to me if you pull on the reigns in you don't think she feels it rapper bitten barb wire. Oh, so the horses that find their way to me. They are unbelievably abused. Unbelievable. Abused? What I do my off time. That's that's my like light hearted. It seems to me like everything you do has some heart in it. It's true. Even so I rescued a little horse last last summer this past summer, I've had it for about four months and the guy that had her didn't know how to deal with her. And unfortunately, there are still a lot of people even though are there are a lot of advanced techniques in training a lot of people still like to cowboy it out of them. Right. And so here, she issues baby six months old and his way was to rope her and let her choke herself to unconsciousness literally on the ground gagging and gasping for breath because she can't breathe and so. When I bought her. She was nine months old. Not even afraid of people. We're talking PTSD, right? Why? Unreasoning? Blind panic. So I get my little three year old grandson out there. He wants to help me train his horses and be his horse. And so I say, okay, you put you in the corner. They're just hold this bucket of grain. And when she comes up to eat the grain don't move, right? Just sit there quietly in let her eater. Great. He's sitting there. She Ajez takes the step and then darts back and take some other step and darts back and eventually after about twenty minutes. She works away up there, and she is like tentatively heating, and he's bouncing up and down to CS look trading. My horse way to be quiet. Eddie good job. Also. Funny. He's so proud of himself for treating that horse. That is so awesome. Thank you for being on the show. Thank you for bringing your spirit, your light and your love in your heart. Because we we need more of that. Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm glad to be here. It was fun. It was fun dri. It was fun. Your your fun. I have a feeling fun lady to be around. Yeah. Vice you little fun somebody tell me once you're the most intense person. I was like who me intense. What are you talking about? What are you talking about? That's awful. Yeah. I've been told I'm very docile and quiet spoken. In what universe? I say that all the time. And nobody believes me I tell people I'm an introvert and they're like. Truthfully. Well, that's another show. But anyway, thank you for being on the show. Bonnie your amazing. And like, I told you I have not forgotten your name. I'm very proud of you. This lady is so cool. We're gonna have to have you on again. We're gonna have to have you on. She was nominated to be on the show. Yes. Absolutely. Someone said you have got to get Bonnie on the show. She is the most amazing lady, I know. And so we did we took on the challenge. Oh, I thought it was a joke at first. Well, some people do think we're joke. But anyway. Well, we're kind of jokey too. Okay. All right. Ryan. Let's it's been amazing show. You gotta take us out. Yeah. Thanks do wanna say if people want to find you Facebook, right Facebook, Bonnie beach, or you can go to influence is for good showed dot com in Philip biz for good show dot com, and we can get you connected with Bonnie rait awesome. Yeah. We. We always in the show with three hashtags gets louder on third one. The hashtag is big do good. Ready with my frog voice. Yell as much as you, do whatever you. All right. Hashtag be too. Good. Hashtag be good. Do good. That's right. Thank you for listening to the biz for good show podcast. We wanna thank all our fans and guests on the show. Be sure to check us out on all our social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for your host, Bobby Glenn James and Ryan Pilkington. This is Tim Jackson saying get out and do some good now. Go.

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