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Welcome to Spain. And fits the podcast. So it's the first time I'm back on the air since while, you know, the thing that happened with my team with the kicker and the double doing and the things that shouldn't happen to fans who have waited eight years to get back to the postseason. Have things and that way I felt burning Barra. I'm not gonna lie. I was thinking about you on Sunday at about seven forty five eastern time, my kind of sank a little bit. I'm not gonna lie not get a lot. Unfortunately for me because I would love to get into it. Just break it down nitty gritty everything that went wrong. It's old news. Now, we didn't have a show yesterday because the national championship game, but it's been covered. So I guess we gotta move on right field. I think. S area. Right. You don't I'm getting my as well. We cannot talk about the mayor's. They would no longer be named. Instead, we are only talking shakers and tides and NFL coaching hires. That's right. That's right. Well, what a shame. I'm sorry that you guys have been robbed of the analysis that I had planned, but you know, what I'm just going to do it the bosses do it Spain and fits that's field Yates, he's filling in for fits as fits travels back from the national championship game. The aforementioned national championship game. We'll get into that a little bit later here on ESPN radio the espionage and Sirius XM channel eighty but we want to get into the big news of the day. Which is of course, Ryan Gosling getting a head coaching job. How about that? And. Yeah, I mean, this this cardinals higher of cliff Kingsbury is giving us all the takes. So before we get into some other people's takes field, your initial response to a guy that many are saying even some of what he did at the collegiate level is a cell against him and not for him and others. They're saying whatever you do at collegiate level. We haven't seen enough of it yet. Even if you do think, it's the very first thing that I would say about every NFL who head coaching higher twenty nine thousand nine hundred twenty twenty and twenty seventeen twenty fifteen going backwards going forward and made today syrup is there is a wide range of outcomes of things that can happen. All right. Like we have seen people pan head coaching hires. That have turned out to be great. We have also seen people say he's the second coming. I'm not sure if what bell check or of Bill Walsh or Vince Lombardi and it has not worked out, right? Like, that's the fact there have been things that have not worked out as plans or there are things that are far exceeded expectations. However on the surface, there are some confusing components to cliff kings Mary being hired by the Zona cardinals. Let's start with this thirty five and forty at Texas Tech had Patrick Mahomes didn't necessarily help. I mean, he they were Petronas amazing. But like the team wasn't good enough. And I get it. They don't play defense sector tech. I. I am reminded of that. But he goes from being fired by his own mater, Sarah like, this is not the only guy show. He is the one of the golden boys of Texas Tech football had a wonderful career. There got drafted into the NFL at a Cup of coffee with the patriots. We see teams are we see colleges that are loyal to a fault sometimes with their alums who fall into a coaching position. And yet he got fired by all the monitor weeks later, he gets a job as the US offensive coordinator in the buzz was maybe this is a one year stopgap because USC could fire clay Helton their current head coach who has struggled himself, then within like less than two months after being fired firm is all monitor again say that again almo- Monir he has been doing anything by the way without doing anything in between. Right. He didn't do anything other than get hired for summer usually that job in between you succeed there. And you use it as. A jumping off point. He just used the hiring as jumping up. No actual work. The question to me. Sarah is this if cliff Kingsbury had not been fired. Okay. If he had not been fired by Texas Tech. Would he have even been on the radar for NFL head coaching vacancies? Because I think the answer is no it's a testament to the idea that sometimes failures or faults can lead to the greatest, blessings and your life. Let's get spiritual or metaphorical. But like, I don't know why cliff Kingsbury this year is on the head coaching radar other than the fact that he got fired because if he will if the answer is no, no, no. They definitely would have come after if he had been in Texas Tech. Well, what did cliff Kingsbury accomplished during twenty eighteen that made him any more attractive as they head coaching candidate? Then where he was exactly this time of year ago when nobody was talking about cliff Kingsbury club. It'll what we get to. Then it's not actually about Kingsbury. It's the context surrounding him, which is that one more year of Sean McVay being the guy that everybody's after and we'll get to that whole trend soon. But specifically for Kingsbury, I think young confident I think it matters that he's good looking. And that there's a vibe around him. I think his affiliation with some big name quarterbacks weather. You've you that as positive or not mentioned some people don't bemoaning Jones. Specifically says listen he benched Baker Mayfield. So that's not a great sign and then Patrick Mahomes came into the league pretty raw needing some work. I don't know if those guys and their connection to him, really. And especially Tex record with them really gives you an argument for him as a head coach versus temp attention argument against now, I think Mahomes being as good as he is so quickly maybe speaks to that's most people are gonna view that as a positive for Kingsbury. I think just an affiliation with those two guys and the attitude the youth the sort of assumption that he will step in and be like McVeigh is all. He needed. So he didn't have to change people's view of what he means. And represents is what change so Sarah. I think you make some very fair and astute points there, and I think your point of being able to sell what I guess I'll call the brand of cliff Kingsbury has to be noted. I don't you could you can ignore it. Because the reality is that ultimately, what should decide a coach's merit of keeping or losing his job is how the team performs on Sundays. Right. You win. A lot. You're unlikely to get fired. You lose a lot you're likely to be kicked to the curb. But there are a lot of teams that never quite dig themselves out of either the rut or the wash like the middle of the pack in the NFL. So you get to the elite you're going to be fine. Right. Like you're gonna have guys like Doug Peterson and Bill. Ballot. Check and Andy Reid, and Sean Payton, etc. They're they're all kind of sort of a different flavor to each one of them. But if you're a team that probably isn't going to project to be in the top, you know, six to ten of the NFL in the next two or three years top thirty one. Right. You're going to need to be able to sell something and cliff Kingsbury. Well, we don't know what he'll be isn't NFL head coach. And I'm not saying this what workout but on the surface. There are some question marks. What you're going to be able to sell over the next three years. That is indisputable is dynamic, right? Like he's going to go there. And there used to be an old phrase like win the press conference. I guarantee you clippings, Gary, we'll be one of those guys that behind the mic. We'll we'll sound great, right? And that's part of it. So I think that what we're seeing an NFL head coaching hires. Is that there's a chance that sometimes part of the thinking is all right? We are not just selling. We're not just hiring the person that can help us best get two wins on Sunday. But there's like an entire entire scope of this. We have to sell the brand of our franchise, and what can excite people you're coming off of a year where the cardinals finished with the worst record and football, a coach Steve Wilks, a fine man and a great defensive mind, but who was not at all exciting behind the mic. He was very milk. Does behind the mic. I think the cardinals. Sometimes you go from one extreme to the other side of the spectrum when you're making these coach. Shing changes like, I don't know that we can think of a more dramatic one eighty the with the cardinals done a longtime defensive coach in the NFL to a coach that's coach on the offensive side of the ball with precisely zero head coaching experience. If you're Wilkes right now, what are you thinking about the decision to hire Kingsbury, not only because you, of course, wanted to have a longer go of it. But because you're not being replaced by somebody who they oh, you know, what we wanted to give Wilkes a longer shot, but this guy's on the market. Now, we have to get him while we can write. This is not some long-term NFL coaching veteran who suddenly become available. This is cliff. Kingsbury? I think if I'm Steve Wilks, I am still jilted by the fact that I got ten months ten months to install my program assimilate guys into a new system draft a quarterback tenth overall. We didn't even plan to start. I got ten months and sixteen games. I'm thinking to myself life ain't fair. And I. Get it. Steve Wilkins made plenty of money. He's gonna get paid a lot of money over the next three years to not coach if that's what he so chooses to do. But I'd be disappointed and Sarah. I'll tell you this. There are people around the NFL that are disappointed by the process right now that Steve Wilks fell victim to honestly like one year is never enough time for a coach to lose his job in my opinion. That's just how I feel like absence. Something like, you know, volatile behavior behind the scenes that is like downright deplorable. I don't think one year Jeff just off field field results should ever be. The the reason for firing ESPN radio's presented by progressive insurance. Comparing rates to help you save call or click today and find out how much progressive could save you feel gates infants it. Spain and Fitz and coming up, our coaches that are being hired all being hired in the image of a man who hasn't yet earned it talk about that next. Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio Spain and fits it. Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the SPN app and Sirius XM channel eighty ESPN radio is presented by. Aggressive insurance field Yates villain in for fits tonight. Just fits makes his way back across the country after the national title game last night get into that a little bit. But a lot of coaching news in the NFL. And before we get into the specifics field. I have to ask you based on the wording of one particular statement that the cardinals made about their higher of cliff Kingsbury, we are hearing, and we have been told for quite some time. Now last couple years that Sean McVay the Rams coach is a genius. Would you say that we can at this point for certain know that what Sean McVay does as a head coach as offensive mind is genius. Will stand the test of time. And is the kind of thing we should be, you know. Looking across the league for others. Just like him. Yes. I believe genius. And I understand that people might say that's a little bit premature for a guy that's been a head coach for not even two full seasons. But I believe the wrinkles, you see the creativity and some of playcalling Sarah is feel right? It's knowing when to pull the trigger on which play at the right time. And to me, I think that in game management play calling creativity and vision, Sean McVay is a genius as an NFL head coach. Okay. So starting with that place. And I am politics to all that it is indeed blasphemous that I would even ask whether McVeigh is as great of an offensive God as we all say, but using that as as the base place for this is it too early even acknowledging that we believe him to be an offense of genius to be treating McVay almost an Abella chicken manner. And by that, I mean, we are hearing that across. The league the trend in coaching hires is young ofensive, creative genius in the in the form of Sean McVay. Everybody is looking for the next Sean McVay is that the right move right now at this early in his tenure, or we are we making a mistake in not trying to find older veteran coaches that come in with head coaching experience. So sarah. Here's what I would say is that the NFL is a league right now that is constructed for offense of proficiency and rare defensive dominance. It's just a fact the way the rules are set up skew so dramatically towards the offense. You bring on a wide receiver or quarterback at his pass interference or roughing the passer. Meanwhile, offensive players are lowering with the crown of the helmet and things like that. They should be called. And they seem to be missed frequently right? That's just a an indisputable fact at the offensive numbers are on the rise and will continue to be on the rise. Because of the way the game is currently officiated and legislated. That being said there is unquestionably room for seasoned coaches or defensive minded coaches who have great aptitude, and I'm not sure if this is a totally fair generalization, but it feels like somebody who is a quality defensive coach it often comes down to descriptors like tough physical. You know, the kind of guy that you know, like, you know, he's a brick wall. Whereas when it's an offense of coach, Sarah. It's he's creative. He's a whiz. He's a genius. He's a guru. Right. Right. A lot of the defensive great or the great defensive coaches. It feels like it's well, you know, they've got great players. So that's what you should be doing. When you've built a defence like fit Fangio has in Chicago or like Mike Zimmer has in Minnesota in terms of ability not that they were great this year. But you get my point in terms. Of talent. So it just feels like the trigger the buzzwords around offense of coaches lend themselves so much more to be a head coach and being a position in leadership that I think invariably this trend of more offense of coaches than defensive coaches figures to persist for quite some time. I completely agree with that. And your reasoning behind that make sense does this feel like it's too quick of a turnover from what we expect that I can't find it. But you know, Bill Barnwell aren't colleague had a hilarious tweet when the coaching carousel kind of thing began shortly after the final game of the season where he listed off like the five cliches, we can expect for every coaching carousel, and they haven't really fit this year and not all the jobs are filled yet. There are certainly plenty of room for retreads to be hired or whatever. But it does feel like they're shifting away from proven commodities in favor of what they hope. Hope to be a young Andrzej new is that more likely to result in boom or bust than if you go out and get a guy that at least, you know, a more of what you get Sarah. I think you're right. I think there's I think it's a little bit too soon for us to be a and I say us as if I am one of the NFL owners that's making such decisions. But soon it soon one day, I'll be a one one millionth owner of the Green Bay Packers. If I play my cards, right there, you go by by piece of paper and put it on the wall, and you are there. But yes, I do think it's too soon for these for the sentiment to be sort of unilaterally. Hey, go for the offensive coach who has been the hotshot for his franchise. Elsewhere. What I think some of the lessons that I'm learning right now, Sarah are that if I were looking for a coach or if I were a coach we're learning the value of some of the most important hires a coach can make where we deficient as a league right now in the NFL offense of lime flavor Maine's bad. It's not a mistake as some of the best offensive line coaches. And football were part of playoff teams right quarterback development. And you saw you pointed this out, and I sort of it. I wasn't sure about it. But I thought about it more. I agree more that I think part of these offenses rise in terms of coaches is that there are more capable passable young quarterbacks in the league. Maybe not sure things yet. But there are more players that are passable that you can sell a coach on as all right? This guy can be the future the centerpiece. Whether it's somebody like Josh Rosen with Klay Kingsbury whether it's somebody like Lamar Jackson in the Baltimore Ravens. Josh Allen with the Buffalo Bills. Even a player in a second year, like Mitch Trubisky. Like, there ain't there are some questions that are still remaining there, Sarah. But I think if you had the choice between Mitch Trubisky and having to go shopping this off season the bears, obviously, we continue to hitch their wagon to Mitch Trubisky. So I think some of these sort of perfect storm of factors lend us to where we are at. But I think it's going to be a real prob. If the NFL leaned so heavily simply on offensive mines because I think the full circle is gonna come faster than teams realize and all of a sudden this trend of fifteen coaches over two years getting fired is going to keep up, and they're going to realize that maybe it wasn't the people. Maybe it was the process that was flawed in the first place. He's field Yates, I'm Sarah Spain. Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio DSP Anap and Sirius XM channel, and you can always give us your thoughts on the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed at sarahspain at field Yates at Spain and Fitz, it's worth noting by the way, that you know, the defensive coordinators that are paired with these offense of minds are going to make a huge difference. Because the successive individuals who are young Ognjen new type creative offensive mines. If it's tempered by established defensive guy, that's huge. You're seeing a lot of the teams in the postseason right now having success my bears. Unfortunately, the defy. Didn't do their job. The offense wasn't great either. And then parking put the cherry on top of the garbage. But you know, the the ravens the chargers being a balanced team. The saints being announced the teams that ended up succeeding the Cowboys that made it into the postseason. We're teams that had defense as well. And you know, I think you're right. If it if it skews too heavily toward young offense have heavy and the focus is taken off the defense entirely. That's not going to be a positive for the NFL either. Hunches offense is taking I'm with you there. I just think that there is the NFL's a copycat league. And we use that that that fact are that statement often? But like, I think we may have gotten past the point where it's like cute and funny, and now it's like, it's a problem. Right, right. Like show, some ingenuity and go out there and find it like, I think that Matt Nagy is the NFL's coach of the year this season. I think the runner up is Frank Reich. And yet, I don't think that either one of them deserve the ward most specifically because of their offense of proficiency this year. I think it's been because of their leadership their game management there. And I understood that Matt Nagy made an error and some people's view late in that game. But like in game decision-making installing an identity leadership those things stand out to me most. And that's what I want to get into a little later because I do wonder if people are mistaking the job of offensive coordinator for head coach and in decision making that they're doing we'll get to that a little bit later coming up something every coach needs is a good quarterback. And we may have seen the best yet to come last night in the national championship game. We'll get into next benefits. Spain and fits just the way. We all drew it up, right? Spain and bits on ESPN radio the espionage, Sirius XM channel eighty Sarah Spain with you feel the villain in for fits all guests appear via the shell Pennzoil performance line. You know, never goes out of style. Surprising, a special friend or loved one. With twenty four multicolored roses for twenty nine ninety nine from one eight hundred flowers dot com to order, go to one eight hundred flowers dot com slash ESPN. So there's already been a whole lot of talk all day long about last night's national title game aid for many surprising result. Clemson absolutely beating the brakes off Alabama forty four to sixteen. And so to focus the conversational Amore, let's get into the quarterbacks in this game. And before we get to the guy who has been compared to every movie character with long hair and baked is you wind up on that one. Well, we'll we'll we'll get to that a moment sorry begun. Because I do I want to get to that. It's the most important part of the game is which of those. Fictional characters. He most resembles blitz. Start with two does it have any effect whatsoever on how people view to a season on what happens next year on what people think of his draft status. Other than the fact that I felt bad that he had over four hundred family members and attendance for that eg that he laid does this have any lasting impact on onto in your opinion as somebody who's going through the wedding planning process right now, like how large is to his wedding is way. I'm not that. I have any. I don't even know if he's gonna just shipping him just nobody gets married, but it's going to be a one thousand person then it's going to be like one of those Indian wedding. That's designed as long you invite people you've never met. Okay. Good luck to you and plan in that process. I've got my hands full with like two hundred people. But anyway, it does not impact the way that we viewed to a season. And I think unfortunately, Sarah the perception of to a season took a turn when they lost. Or when he struggled in the SEC championship game before getting hurt because. Player seasons at the college level are most defined by the Heisman Trophy, and he sort of lost for lack of better term the Heisman Trophy in the SEC championship game. When Jalen hurts took over for him. They go on to beat Georgia miraculous story, the reverse of what happened last year, etc. So I think that from an individual season standpoint that was when the turn actually occurred from an NFL draft stock standpoint, no it did not and part of that is because he's still a full year away. But also, Sarah as you know, when there is a quarterback who even looks like he's got a ten percent chance of being a star. Right. We automatically catapult that player way up the draft ladder over the past eighteen years a quarterback has gone in the top three at least one of them in seventeen of the past eighteen drafts. We know there is going to be a quarterback drafted high basically every single year and teams of whatever you wanna call it tank for two of something else for to like they are. To be in onto a in twenty twenty. They just have to be patient because he's not eligible until then so feel really quickly before we move on. Then can you think of anybody recently? That's this popping into your head that had the kind of status to a has now went into their final year and dropped significantly because of whatever went down. No not injury. But maybe play there. Definitely. I'm trying to think there's no there's not a putting you on this. Yeah. I don't have an example of somebody that comes to mind right away. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone truly obvious right now. If you guys can think of one let us know at one eight hundred flowers dot com, Twitter, here's one here's one Jimmy Clawson, Jimmy Clawson for Notre Dame went into the year. People thought he might be a number one quarterback in the draft type of player. He's led to the second round. I would say Matt Barkley to a degree. Sarah's that way as well. Matt Barkley ended up in the fourth round, I believe now he's he's fell. He's slid into a nice role with the Buffalo Bills as backup quarterback. But still like they were aspirated we're both of those players to be the number one overall pick in the draft. So not a lot to lose for two unless last next year goes terribly wrong on the other side of the ball a massive game a star making turn for Trevor Lawrence class clemson's true freshman quarterback on it took over the starting position their in game five of the season. And man, not only does he look like a superstar in that win. But he looks like a superstar six six to fifteen with the hair. Right. And I would I would be. Curious to know if things would be different for him. If just his hair was different in terms of our reactions to him. Nice come on man, but next year to stop immediately dropped to rain to I know just a full buzz. Right. No the hair was there. If the bun was there would need to be a full buzz for us to understand the importance of his main, obviously played incredibly. But it is funny. How I almost think the talk about him the overwhelming. This is the best guy we've ever seen forget to a he should be if he was allowed to get in the NFL right now he'd be drafted number one. And he would take the top spot over Patrick Mahomes. Some of that I think just comes from his vibe like he just looked so cool and calm. I have no doubt about that. By the way, Sarah. And we were just talking about how like cliff Kingsbury looks at the head coach is exciting. Trevor Lawrence looks like a quarterback who's going to be a soccer star. And you know, what he also plays like one too. Because last night was like the moment was not too big for him in any way, shape or form, Sarah. He's he's nineteen years old. That's. Crazy to me like the guy can barely buy cigarettes. It can't buy booze. You don't like there is so much greatness ahead. He wanted to lie. And now that's a good point. I mean stores. Flavor to drink. Right. Right. Right. Twenty-one? Exactly, exactly. But you know, like, and I get if people are saying, wow. You guys are certainly like, you know, like like leave the draft analysis to Kuyper mcshea like already Pennsylvania for twenty twenty one. I am just telling you that the buzz for Trevor Lawrence as a draft prospect did not start last night. It's been available. It's been around since high school. I mean, he's been that well, regarded of a prospect since his high school playing days in Georgia this kid's the real deal, Sarah and NFL teams do not as obviously tank is we used to see with basketball team that I think to a degree. We still see in the NBA. But I tell you what twenty twenty a year. I'm keeping my eye on like remember, how the raiders were competitive down the stretch this year and played their way out of the number one overall pick like if I'm a team in twenty twenty like I'm thinking about it long and hard assuming Trevor Lawrence does not get injured and keeps up on his current trajectory. Like, I I really do believe the opportunity cost for teams will be more beneficial to put themselves in the Trevor. Lawrence race than to win a couple of games down the stretch. So there is no opportunity for him to make the jump right away. And we certainly know he's not getting to the XFL. So that gives us plenty of time in the next couple of years to talk about whether he looks more like jar jar banks or Mitch nothing one hundred brings us, but Kohli Jeff's book Kolia. Roger waters of Pink Floyd is a good one two times that he looks like if an OA our song was a quarterback. That's pretty good. He's a crazy game of poker. Yeah. And then and then, you know, Mitch from dazed confused. So there's a lot of them, and we have a long time to figure it out. And of course, that's much more important than breaking down his game Paine field Yates in for Fitz on ESPN radio coming up the Packers have found their next head coach not everyone's happy about it. Talk to Jason. Well, d- of ESPN Milwaukee about it next Spain and fits it. Spain in Fitz on ESPN radio the SPN app and siriusxm channel eighty can. Always hit us up throughout the show on the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed at sarahspain at field Yates Spain and Fitz. Let's it out to the shell Pennzoil performance line where we will be joined to talk about the newest higher in Milwaukee. Jason Wilby ESPN radio Milwaukee actually Green Bay close enough where Matt leflore taking on the new head coaching gig for the Packers. And Jason before we get to your excellent insight, unless let's hear what the fans are saying you're doing local radio out there. You've got your your finger on the pulse. What are people saying about this higher? Well, first of all by seven excuse to talk to you in field of Green Bay's, really just a very northern suburb of Chicago. We all know that. You know, I think people are mostly excited in terms of the feedback. We got the how should I got? We'll be pouched this morning. You know, I think there's some skeptics I think there's people that are worried about the narrative of oh everyone's trying to get the next Sean McVeigh, right? And I am I guess my struggle with that being applied to Matt leflore as opposed to say, you know, I saw the press release from the cardinals right with cliff Kingsbury, and there's a line in there. I think field tweeted out as well that you know, that he's friends Sean McVay that sounds like a reach in the case of Matt before this guy spent roughly a decade with either Sean McVeigh or Kyle Shanahan or both simultaneously. They'll start it out together under Connell Shanahan's dad in Washington. So this is not just hey, he knows Sean McVay or he's had a Cup of coffee was shot like. He's coached with them and show him McVeigh did a conference call with the balance media today in advance of a playoff game, and he called Matt leflore one of his best friends. So this is a guy that has some bona feet as if you know are wanting someone from that tree to renovate your offense. And I think most Packers fans from our feedback have been excited about that possibility after years of feeling like maybe Mike McCarthy's offense was a little bit antiquated in do you think the perception of the Matt leflore higher would be different? If it wasn't the first higher made given the fact that he wasn't in relative, turn regarded as these sizzling candidate that some of the other names and the coaching charissa were. Yeah. I mean, I think that's probably part of it. Now. I would also say that the Packers stork -ly have not hired the sizzling candidate. Right. I mean, the coach I haven't gone through many coaching searches because Mike McCarthy spent thirteen years of my twenty three years on the team the coach, but in two thousand six he had coordinated the previous year in San Francisco. The worst ranked offense in the league. Before that the Packers had hired Mike Sherman who had been the Packers tight ends coach for years under Mike Holmgren and had spent one year as my home grins offense coordinator in Seattle. I remember the headline in Wisconsin state journal. I'm like my story was Mike who I mean? So that's not necessarily a away from the norm for the Packers to take someone who maybe isn't the hot candidate in nineteen Ninety-two. They got the guy that everyone was after in my call. I mean everybody wanted him the been the offense coordinator under Bill Walsh. And San Francisco people were really excited about him. That is not the case here. But I do think that given his history with Sean McVay and with Shanahan and Joe Thomas does our show with us and he played for Kyle Shanahan in Cleveland in two thousand fourteen as Joe likes to say he's played for a lot of coaches in Cleveland, but he raves about how Shanahan. And Kyle Shanahan, and Sean McVay have had that kind of influence on that leflore. I think Matt leflore probably deserves the benefit out. No matter how the titans offense ranked this past season Spain and fits field gates in for fits today. We're talking to Jason will VSBN radio Malaki. You can hear his show locally they're covering the Green Bay Packers who have just hired Matt leflore, and I have to ask because you look at leflore background three different stints as a quarterback coach to as an offensive coordinator. And just one with a full one full season of of calling NFL players under his belt. Does that quarterback coach gig and his connection to that position lead you to believe that this was mostly a hiring done with Aaron Rodgers in mind. And is that smart when you've got a veteran quarterback who can maybe do a lot on his own versus, you know, paying attention to a much more terribly ranked and problematic defense. Well, the clearly went into this planning. Outgoing offense. Right. They interview ten candidates eight of them had offense of backgrounds only Bryant Flora's, and Chuck Pagano. We're defensive-minded head coach candidates. So they obviously wanted to go that direction. I think part of it too was that they really liked Mike Patton as their defensive coordinator this year, and they were hoping that he would stay on. It sounds like in talking to a couple of people outside and inside the building at that is the plan for Mike petma- stick around Matt leflore. In fact, even mentioned his desire to do that in his interview, apparently with Mark Murphy and Brian to come. So what it's all about making Aaron Rodgers great again. And I am of the belief that Aaron Rodgers skills have not diminished significantly or even a small amount maybe a tiny little bit. But the more significant thing was that this offense, obviously was struggling that his relationship with Mike McCarthy was not what it was. Several years ago, they had the very public situation where after they beat the bills twenty three to nothing on September thirtieth Rogers step to the podium and basically ripped the game plan and talk about how they had a non playoff at and other should've put up double the number of yards. They had and double the number of points. And after that, you kinda wondered if the handwriting was on the wall Mike McCarthy lasted eight more games before he was fired. So I do think that their thought process was we have to get Iraj IRS back to being Rogers, and Matt leflore must've knocked it out of the park. And the interview he really quick five words or last you think Aaron Rodgers will have respect for a guy as young and inexperienced as him. I do I think that he wants to be coached. I just don't think. Sincerely, wanted to be coast guard. Awesome stuff. Thanks so much. Jason. Appreciate it. Artemije pick every Jason willday coming up four teams. Look good on wild card weekend. Who do you trust next?

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