Katie Culp on A League of Their Own


Welcome. Welcome. Welcome back to the Bob left sets podcast. That's right. We're back with all new episodes with your favourite musicians, comedians promoters, and behind the scenes people just like my newsletter where I analyse the issues I'm gonna go deep with the guests. So if you want to know what's going on in the entertainment industry, you've gotta tune into the Bob left sets podcast on the iheartradio app. Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcast. Welcome to movie crush a production of iheartradio. Hey, everybody. Welcome to movie crush Friday interview dish in Charleston, your Bryant here at Pont city market, the home studio rewind today ahead Katie cope in Kathryn Culp. She is a well. Let me tell you how Katie Katie is a seamstress in an embroiderer and a master dare, I say master patch worker our patch maker, and she I met when I lost my beloved last chance garage at south by south west years ago. I was pretty upset, and my friend Karen freed who has been on the show who works in the wardrobe department said you need to call my friend, Katie she does patches and she can hook you up. I went back to Katie shop a bunch of times, and she basically cranked out like six of these perfectly replicated last-chance garage patches through some combination of talent in wizard. Gary and artistry have no idea, but all I know is I ended up with like five hats, and I never had to worry about my last chance garage out again. And even if I lose off of these ads and go back to Katie and give these patches made she does great work. She works in the film industry, adjacent as she says on this episode making patches and doing embroidery for were drug departments. You've seen her work. If you have seen stuff like baby driver. She has very cool story about that. And you can find Katy at tulip cake embroidery, so go check it out. And like I said if you want something done if you want something specific or long lost or custom like, Katie can truly hook you up. She's very very talented and very very cool lady and her movie pick was a league of their own the great great from film from nineteen Ninety-two directed by. But beloved penny Marshall r I p so sad to lose her. And this movie is great now. This is the right up there with big is one of her probably two best films and such a great movie. Great performances all around from Tom Hanks, Rosie O'Donnell Gena Davis and Lori petty and Madonna who I forgot was in this movie believe it or not. But we had a good chat about it. Katie is awesome. And here we go with Katie Culp on a league of their own. How you doing? How you been? Great. How's the new shop? It's awesome. So I mean, it's right down there by Turner field. So really, I mean that that area's just pop in. It's it's changing. Every day took the moving a baseball stadium to do that. Instead of doing it for twenty years when it was there. Yeah. And in fact, I just this morning. I was at the I went to the invest Atlanta board meeting at the Georgia Pacific building and base at least half of the agenda for the entire day was about what's going on in that neighbor how much money and an attention there. They're really putting towards it. So it's kinda it's kind of nuts. But it kind of gives me that nervous feeling again. Because you remember my old shop the workshop, which was you know, just down the beltline from here. I could walk. It was a ten minute. Walk tuned from positive market from there. But of course, the beltline did happen. And so not no longer in that shop, which was I mean, just a really special place. But but no, I'm in this other shop now, and coincidentally the beltline is kind of creeping over towards there as well. Yeah. I mean, that's good for you. Right. Or does that all of a sudden make renter? So it's. It's it's yeah. It's potentially disastrous. But I think I don't know I'm I'm trying to kind of put myself a head of the curb right now. And and take that as a comes. And you know, it's. It's just it's just a shame that artists spaces are kind of the first thing to go, and it it's a really it's a really nice area. So I don't know, man. I despite that I'd as long as I'm, you know, still still pumping away doing what I really love to do. I think I'll be fine at least. That's what I told myself. But, but yeah, it's a really it's a really awesome shop really awesome area. I've gotten very lucky in terms of location. That's awesome. Yeah. What are you doing stuff for film and TV more more? Yes. So we'll basically so the past four years the embroidery operation I've been doing is semi exclusively cater specifically for the film industry. Yeah. So we work a lot with film and television. Obviously a lot of things are being filmed down here. And a lot of things that I'm kinda surprised they're being filmed down here are and the wardrobe departments and the prop departments consistently need uniform decorating for. You know, anything about anytime, you you watch a movie or TV show or even a commercial. You know, there's very likely either a cop or an EMT doctor some kind of a uniform official that doesn't necessarily have lines. But they're the wardrobe really tells the story of who they are where they are what their position is. So that has been a really that's really why I started the business was because I noticed that need within the film community for that to be done fast turnaround, and by somebody who's really paying attention to the details. So that's what I've been doing. And then along the way we've also picked up, you know, other will do some business business, but the lion share of what we do day in and day out is just for film. Imagine you're the go-to person in Atlanta. Right. I would like to think so. But I mean, there are other more than one of you. There will there's no like I think I'm the only one that is full time specifically dedicated just to that. Of course, there are. Other embroidery businesses and t shirt printing and screen printing operations that have been doing it, but didn't necessarily create their business model specifically for that kind of turn around his I think where I differ and also we just just recently took on digital t-shirt printing as well. So that you know, when when I signed on a an account for costume department. Now, they don't have to go, you know, from eight to be back and forth being like, I need my embroidery done here. And my patches the aid my printing over here. You know, I wanted to make it pretty easy on them. And so I just took out a huge loan and. But but yeah, it's so far so good. It's pretty cool. That's awesome. I don't think people sometimes understand that how far the tendrils of an industry like the film industry reach. So like. I mean, you could consider yourself film professional in a way. I mean, you're also just an independent artists. I say film adjacent. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I do too because you get a lot of work through them. But like in the case of our state when we get a governor office illegally like we just got who may sign through legislation. Anti LGBTQ legislation that could possibly drive away like a multi billion dollar industry. Eighteen billion dollar industry. Yeah. Because it affects it's not just like, oh, they don't feel movies anymore. Like, they're just hundreds and hundreds of people like you, write that gets all this adjacent work that are affected. Right. I don't think it'll happen. I am. There's just too much money at stake. Son is a Republican and they love money. They certainly do. He's not dumb. I thing. I just I keep getting surprised. It's like I think to myself, you know, like there's that that seems like a win win win. Why would anybody do that? And then, you know, of course, will clearly I know nothing because things kind of surprising me, I thought it was just talk election talk. Yeah. There's just so much money at play. Like, you can't drive away that kind of money your state. Yeah. You just can't do it. Yeah. I mean, you interview film professionals from from around here all the time. And I like like you said the the tendrils the tentacles or, you know, whatever. Kind of attendance you need it. Right. They employ. So so so many people and an I'm really I'm really thankful that I have the the business that I do. I kind of I kind of think about it. Sometimes I just thought like I was like, okay. Here's this industry. What if I just kind of created my own job because I didn't wanna be onset did little bit here, and there costuming, especially that your background. Yeah. I so I kinda got into the film business. And you're gonna know a lot of these names, you know, I I got a got let go from corporate job, which wasn't a great fit for me. It was sure fine. Yeah. I was working for another Atlanta startup called safety. Sure. Yeah. And and it just didn't work out. It wasn't a great fit. I I really like learned during that. This this episode that I'm I I love working with my hands. And and and so, you know, I got let go and I was kinda like, well, I. I guess I got nothing to lose like I can kind of start over if if if I put enough effort into it. And so I was like I wanna I wanna do seem street. I want to be building things I reached out to some friends and was like, hey, guys. I wanna start making puppets. Sure. The next thing. That happens. Of course is that. I am introduced Raymond car. Man. Raymond, raymond. Yeah. And and that's an actually meeting him was was really funny because I met him for the first time in the workshop, which I ended up taking on a lease. They're few years later. And and I'm like, hey, what what got you in puppetry? And by the way, we he had just started building the space, man. So I was like I will work for you for free to help you this thing. I did very I it was so cool, and I did very minor work. But it was really a special to be part of. But anyway, I was like, hey, how'd you get into puppetry and in short? He's like, I come family of a clowns. And I was like that line. I found my people like I was like good good. That's that's ideal. That's exactly who I want to work for. And so I worked for him for a while. And making puppets. And then of course, he would pick up things, you know, where they just need such and such kind of ROY made, you know, contracts for mail chimp or George aquarium. And and so did that and then took on a lease from Julia hill who was the one that was really leasing the property over there from ROY Cooper Smith. I remember that guy. Yeah. A lot of people do. But yield at me a few times onset that is kind of the common story. It's like if you know him you've been yelled by him for those of you listening. Tony Cooper Smith. Was this local? I guess who's our director non commercials and stuff, and he he he yelled at people a lot. And I was lucky enough to suffer his ire on more than one occasion. Yeah. It's a pretty it's a pretty good yell. If you can get it yet. But here's the thing is he would if you came back at them. You were good that weird. Like fifties dad mentality of the sun hits adad back. And then it's like, all okay. Yeah. But I never did. I just wanted to leave. Yeah. I kept up pretty low low profile, but and then so Julia hill who was the the kind of resident tenant over there. You know, conflict a chance on me and let me lease out some space as well. So that I could take on bigger seems for food projects. And then I just kept on. On getting more and more focused and kind of found myself drawn to of digital embroidery is I I love technology. I love seamstress three a love working with art and kind of making something out of nothing really a special process that I really fell in love with. And it's also. Yeah. And so after a while of, you know, doing doing custom work with them and kind of like a broad sense. And then, of course, working for southeast cost him company of Georgia for them. Yeah. Do you care? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Exactly, Raymond introduced me to her. I took a job with them for a few years. And that's also how I met, you know, the majority of the the film context that I made that aren't my immediate friends thing, which are pretty much everybody even interviewed. But but yeah, so worked there, and then eventually when baby driver came in town, they needed so much embroidery that I was like, I kinda gotta quit break. It was. It was a kind of a a, you know. So that was the scale Tipper moment for me where it was like, I have the excuse to do this full-time took the newer saying, Katie not necessarily. It's just like I, but I loved my job at southeast. And and, but you know, if there was ever a time to do it. It seemed like a really good one, and I no regrets. I really like. That's cool. Yeah. It's been really fun. What I like about you, and your type is in sort of just like that filming of we'll figure it out. Yeah. Like with Raymond when especially on stuff, you should know. Like, there's always someone to call everyone. So creative. And so talented. There's always someone you can call that can figure something out when a director producer just says, you know, offhand, oh we need blank. And you know, what happens from there that since a dozen people scurrying in every different direction trying to like you said make something out of nothing, and it always works. It seems like it. Yeah. That's moving like the impossible will happens. Yeah. All the time. Yeah. And it's really it is really fun to to have any small part of that, you know, in terms of just wardrobe decorating, and and you know, sometimes I put a lot of effort into something. And you never see it. Sure. But you know, it's also character development. It's right. People kind of get into that. That vibe of this is who I am a hell. I'm the kind of person that wears this twelve inch patch on the back of my jacket. Never gonna see it on camera kind of thing. You know, if an actor put something like that on like, you said, you know, they have the van Halen patch. I might have to commission one of those. Now that I'm thinking about it. Yeah. That's really cool was baby driver sort of. What's been like the thing that you've had to do the most stuff for movie wise, or like kind of you is brought up twice both. Okay. Zinni? Whenever said I need a hundred patches to go on one hundred jumpsuits like next week. Yeah. All the time. Yeah. Baby. That was the thing with baby driver is they, you know, as if I'm sure you're aware, you know, anything that goes on camera kind of have to pass legal and so right when it comes to uniform patches, the costume designer graphic designer and the producers directors and hours, the B, and and legal all have to agree on what is going to be the uniform piece. And so by the time that happens you kind of need it yesterday. Right. So we're confessed. So it's always working fast. And when it came to baby driver, I really liked their city of Atlanta patch, which you can actually see there's a shot of it full screen, which I you know, I was told myself it's never gonna make months grain and something like that does for the fun, and I didn't expect that coming from that patch. But you know, they need hundreds of because it's I mean, obviously, it's a heist movie. There are hundreds of cops, right and security guards and other uniformed officials. Department of Justice. But the kind of the the fun piece for that project. Was you know, when baby goes into underground, Atlanta, any grabs jacket off the rack and throws on. And it's got this. Big ridiculous. Welcome to Atlanta embroidered piece of it. That was me. Hopefully, what happens is no one that listens to this will ever be able to watch a movie again with noticing every single piece of embroidery, exactly emission that stuff matters. And it takes that many people to make something real and come to life. You know? Absolutely. It's such a group effort, you know, love it. Yeah. And and what feedback I've gotten from you know, costumers and supervisors is like that they'll go to traditional embroidery company with this with these needs. And they'll just kind of be like, Hugh are out of your mind. And there's something just about getting and they come to me. And I'm like, yeah. I'm out of my mind. Let's do this. That's awesome. Yeah. Remember going to people that didn't know about the film industry for lots of things in just you lose time just having to explain everything. Right. You know? So they come to someone like you. And it's just like, yeah. What do you? What do you want? Exactly. Yeah. My a big part of my kind of vibe is to to you know, really reassure people that like let me worry about this. Right. You have a lot of other things going on a lot a lot of other things going on to reach this patch making I got this. Right. And now, you know, this is t shirt printing. This is karma, decorating, whatever. Right. So you're expanding into that stuff. Yes. Yeah. And I have I have an employee starting next week. Wow. That is going to be. As it is kind of designed right now going to be the real shirt printer. And and I'm just gonna I'm just gonna keep pushing going back though. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No. There's getting employees shares. Yeah. It's kind of spiraled out of control from from from what it initially started with. But a you know, looking back. I'm like totally surprised. And like not all surprised, I think it's great productwise. The thing that we do the most of is I would say police patches. General police batches now movie police patches. Okay. Gotcha. Yeah. I think that that probably is that takes a really high percentage of what what actually goes on a day-to-day basis the real ones. The who has that contract. I wonder and and I've been looking into what it what it would take to be certified to take on government contracts and things like that. However, I guarantee they're not made. Stateside, it's probably like coming in from China. Interesting which you know, what's wrong with that. No. I know what you mean though. But you're an artist. Yeah. You're not gonna do patches for ten cents. I cannot will not. It's it's it's an impossibility. Yeah. No, that's good. You know, government contracts. It's more fun to work, Abby driver. It is more fun of baby driver and karate kid and that oh. Oh, tons of stuff in that a bit. Okay. So I got a call. It was like the other thing is like when when it comes to my film clients, like if if we have a report, and I have been working together. You know, I will totally answer my phone on a Sunday because they know how it goes. Yeah. That they they really don't have the luxury of being like sorry it she'll get back to me on Monday. Right. And they get you work. And yeah, I mean seriously if you wait twenty minutes, you might miss the boat entirely. But calls me, and it's like this guy. Theo this awesome guy causing. Hey, katie. I'm you know, we're just starting Cobra KAI the new karate kid, which is on YouTube red, I believe and he's like we. Are in kind of a pickle. Nobody will take this job. We need to replicate. Johnny Lawrence's key ten times while and and then he says if I come in meet your shop first thing in the morning. With Johnny's original g. Can you? Do what you gotta do and make replicas of all those patches. And I remember my response. Exactly. But I was just like I will die a thousand deaths before failure with this. And so I said yes and say, yeah, I did I see only answer. Yeah. And and so, you know, next morning are really going to happen. You brings me the key. And it's like here it is. And I, you know, take measurements make note of all the the color choices and the audio data. And then I replicated all of this patches stitch for stitch spared. No detail. I was in like not just camera. Passable? I was like this is going to be perfect perfect. And and not I mean, and I knocked it out in a week, which is pretty it's it's it's actually a surprising amount of work. But sure, but yeah, I take a lot of pleasure from that project. That's awesome. Yeah. Need to check that out. I saw a trailer for it the other day. And it's like man, why am I not watching this need to get into that? Yeah. I haven't watched. I've watched a few seconds of it. And then I didn't anymore. Well, I mean, he certainly saved my NO. You probably thought I was crazy this weird podcast or who has to have this flash chance garage patch. But it was and you know, I I went over to your place of bunch, and you probably thought it was nut so deal. It was no honestly, I didn't. Because it's like, I the thing. I got immediately. It was like, oh my God somebody who actually gives a shit about this as much as I do. Yeah. Like really values it. Yeah. There's really no you can't you can't buy that kind of you know, client. It's I was just like knocked out. I mean, Karen, I think everyone's heard the story. But you know, I lost my my last chance garage had an Austin Texas south by then was devastated. And I know just ahead. And I was starting. I was touched. Oh, starting to wrap my head around the fact that it was gone forever. But you know, it was not like that that became. I'm a part of my Dimity because of stuff, you should know. Sure. I wore it a lot. But it wasn't like my private life. It wasn't like this is my hat. It became part of the brand. And that was a big deal. Yeah. People are used to see in me in it. And then it went away, and it was really sad. And Karen, freed said, oh, no, no, no. You just need to get in touch with Katy Culp was this person. She was like, okay. You know? Karen his. Yeah. Katie she's she can totally do this like inner sleep. He's like all right. But it's gotta look exactly like it. You know, and she was like just give her a call. Yeah. Insure enough in. I mean it was perfect now got like six of those hats. Yeah. I take a take a lot of pride in that. And also I've seen Karen free like three times this week so far really. Yeah. I do work with her a good fit. And and as well, you know, it's it's a it's a treasure to be her friend actually myself. Mallory Coleman, Karen, free, Genero Zine hall stuff. You. No people we all had dinner this last weekend. Yeah. Janine she does costumes. She also Hermano her her most recent gig. So her first gig was on stuff, you should know. Just probably do know. Yeah. You do. But recently her she's an aging and dying and by one of my favorite things. This is actually one of my favorite jobs that I've ever heard of is. She recently was the up until what she's working on. Now was the ager Dyer for Walking Dead between two people. That is because that's ounce. Yeah. Very copying. Yeah. Yeah. So aging and dying is is a position in the wardrobe department where somebody takes the clothing, and you know, you can't just take something off the rack and throw it on Rick. He's going to. Yes. Lived in and bled on brain dawn. And so that was as whole shtick for. I know I'm like that is one of the coolest job I've ever heard of real like skill and art form to do it. Right. Yeah. And she's doing it for another project right now. Who's title escapes me interesting? So that's all she does aging and dying. I'm sure I mean, I'm sure there's other things that go with the job. But it's uneasy get her in here then. Yeah, I think people should hear about that process. -solutely in-depth. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I think I think it's an incredibly interesting. I love of course, she's somebody that I, you know, we we actually her and Mallory, and I all went to the same high school. Really? Yeah. All right. That was my next question. Yeah. Mallory and I met in seventh grade and Mr. Kirk science, I'm not kidding adorable. Oh, man. I love that. I know. Yeah. It kind of insta- friends or we were we were instant acquaintances. Like, we never had anything wrong with each other. I think I went to one of her birthday party. And her family dog when it was really young. And but really we. Kind. You know, we were good acquaintances, and it really took until like late college for us to be calm bonded on figuring out who you are. You know, accents. And oddly enough. It was it was right around that time when she had those allergy episodes and so right. I was totally there for the mustard. The mustard mustard gate, man. That's yeah. Yeah. It was story. It was bad. But hey, we got to keep Mallory. Yeah. Exactly in Finland right now for all. We know exactly gray. That was a really enjoyed talking to park with her. That was fun. She's the best. I I really enjoyed listening to that. Because like I mean, her will working in film and me being an entrepreneur. It's like really never see each other. Right. And so it was like a treat. I was like oh, hell, yeah. This episode is two and a half hours long. I just get to listen to Mallory talk for a while. Love it. It's so much fun. So were you like have you always been into movies and stuff even growing up? I was growing up. I was more of an outdoor kid. I was a softball kid. And then I became a voice I loved singing choral singing that doing. Yeah. I can show choir. Yeah. She's all about it. Yeah. Yeah. Does she watch the pitch perfect stuff? 'cause I totally love that stuff. No, surprisingly. Yeah. It's interesting. She doesn't she loves musicals. Yeah. I'm a big fan of group singing she had genital. Yeah. I mean, there's nothing like I mean, I I'm starting to get chill bumps thinking about like when you get those vocal harmonies layered on each other. Or there's nothing more powerful than seeing like a hundred people seeing it once it's just really something else. This is kinda like kind of diving off the deep end. But it's like my I'm extremely passionate about getting group. Singing back in my life. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Like, you know, I grew up doing all state choir all the choirs. I did everything I could in church choir. Yeah. Yeah. Which I'm a, you know. You reform reform. I'm over formed person now. But I mean, but that's part of it. I remember being at an all state choir thing, and then the conductor through little fit and as they do. And and he was like you stupid kids don't realize that. When you grow up, you're not going to be able to do this anymore. There's no more group singing and in my heart. I was like, you know, what does this guy know about me? I'm a Christian. So we'll always thing and. And that's true. Go to church. Go to get to sing. And that was my favorite part. But but yeah, no. So turns out I grow up. I was like oh crap. Like, I really miss this in my life. But what I did was I organized a few people, and we did the sink called singing club where I had. It was myself, this friend and for named. Jared and Jane who was a pianist, and we would come up with a theme, and then create a playlist around that theme. And then it was at the workshop at a Tony's job. Really? Yeah. And if you remember it's kind of shaped like a basilica and had the sure. They painted over. It's gone, but they had that big stained glass, you know, situation going on at the at the back end. And so I set it up kind of like a church, and then had to rolling white walls and projected the lyrics on John Jane played the piano, and you know, it was it was great. We did things themes were betrayal was the first one, and you know, just invite people in and it would, you know, no solos, no all like kind of top fortyish hits where you could just saying and oh, yeah. Anyway, suffice to say I was watching a lot of movies when I was younger, I was really really focused on this kind of stuff. But it's something that I'd like to see happen again. And also we did four or five of these events. They were great I, yeah, I'd love to do that again with money, right? Well, that's the thing about coral stuff is that it's pretty lo fi, you know, you people that can sing together. And you don't need. I mean, I guess a piano players ice. But you can always do the Capella thing to exactly yeah. It was super fun. The second episode was rain, and we of course, saying purple rain man, and then prince died that night. It was sad. Wow. Yeah. What you kill prints. I don't know. I don't know, man. But it made it more special the next the next day being, you know, thinking about it. I'm glad that we chose. We had an opportunity have the space in the moment in time to be able to pull something like this off. And and I think that. It kind of validated for me that it's worth doing. It's totally worth doing. Yeah. I've been going down a rabbit hole lately with listening to while. There's this show called classic albums was a BBC documentary series where they take like an album from group and just going to break down the making of that record. But invariably in each episode. They will they will be in the studio and they will isolate like different parts of the track. But they'll isolate like backing vocals and stuff, and it's just so cool to hear. Yeah. You should watch the if you're into Elton John goodbye elbrick road episode. It's I always just assumed 'cause they're so many backing vocals that are so great. It was just like, yeah, he hired like eight, ladies and like four dudes, but it's the three guys in his backing band that did every single backing track on that album, and they just sound like amazing together. And they would layer it on top of each other. And it's still one of my favorite things 'cause I love to sing. Oh, yeah. I always going to ask you. You are a musician. Right. Don't you have a damn band? Yeah. Lead singer there and play rhythm guitar, but I think choir and like, Emily nice are constantly singing the house, and like we sound harmonize really well together jealous that we can just lock into that that thing, and my brother, and I he's a better than I am I think siblings sort of had that cool genetic ability to lock in cool. So it's always a lot of fun. More singing more singing. I agree. 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Crush that has L H T S T R E A, M dot com slash movie, gresh, subject to credit approval rate. Includes point five percent auto pay discount. Terms and conditions apply. Offers are subject to change without notice. Visit light stream dot com for more information. Another thing. I love about a league of their own. There's a lot of thinking. Yeah, we'll shit. Let's talk about it. Because I had so much fun watching this again last night. It had been a long long time since I've seen it. And it's one of those movies that I saw for sure all the way through back then, but I don't know if all the way through ever again until last night. Yeah. Certainly a lot of pieces in parts of the years. Like when it's on. It's one of those out totally watch thirty minutes of this. But to deep dive into it last night was I just had a blast. It's such a movie movie like kind of throwback to and I love my gritty Indies. But I love a sweet sentimental big Hollywood movie like this to. Yeah. I I have nothing I have nothing but love for this movie. I I don't even know where to start early. It's it's well nine hundred ninety two. Place. It had a bit of an eighties aesthetic still in the beginning. Like with the book and stuff, it's still kind of felt eighties. But well, I was it was set in nineteen eighty eight when it started. Okay. Yeah. 'cause Dottie Hinson is you know in. Opens you know to her bedroom and her daughters trying to convince her to go, right, right? And so it's nineteen eighty eight. And that's when the you know, all American girls professional baseball league was doing their Lido and the follow the hall of fame opening. And so so, yeah, I mean it was late eighties but go eighties. Nonetheless, man, I didn't realize until I read today that they're the woman who played Dadi the woman who played a kit as older ladies there. They actually dubbed voices because it was sort of uncanny. I was watching it. And I was like man, she's really giving me a Gena Davis vibe. Yeah. And she looks enough. Like, you're like what what's going on here? Yeah. And when I was a kid, I I was certain that it was it was aging makeup. And I don't I don't know that anybody's that good. So yes, so but now is an adult. I know that they dubbed the voices, which will all the casting for the older parts were was great like everybody. I mean what? Get the end can't even talk about it now because I can't cry the soon in an episode. But of course, Jon lovitz and David straighten who I love David strengthen, and it was interesting in this movie to see him sort of a kind of a bad guy at first to a certain degree. Although he comes around at the end wants to save the league. Yeah. But he sort of the heavy, you know, like you got to wear the skirts. You gotta. Yeah. You know, he was the taskmaster. I guess my favorite line when he's trying to explain that. He's like right now, they're thirty some odd. Women getting a train ticket home. It would play in a bathing suit. If I asked them to you guy. But you're right. You know, he totally has his he is redeemed in the end. Yeah. And it's an interesting thing here because it is an empowering film for women to be sure, but it also didn't shy away from the fact that you know, in that time period, they might have been asked to share where bathing. Suit. Yeah, they were sort of selling the sexuality of it here and there and buying into a little bit because they wanted to sell tickets as well. But I don't feel like they like fully sold out. You know, that's a collective have. You watched the documentary? No, I want to it's on Amazon prime is it. Yeah. Okay. And it's like thirty minutes. But it's it's really, you know, watching that as an adult having watched leave their own a million times as a kid it it. It's almost like. Wow. That's it's it's all kind of two perfect. But they they really was it pretty close to the real stuff. It's there are elements here and there like there's there's a sister combo where you know, you know, say they wanted one and the, you know, they kinda came as a package deal, right right thing movie. The you get to meet the the the writers of the victory song. And and really the documentary is what inspired a penny Marshall to make a league of their own. Really? Yeah. And and so. So she takes that on and. The uniforms are obviously the one of the best parts of the entire movie. And one of the things that the in the documentary, one of the players said, she was like, you know, we didn't really care for them so much back, then they were wool they were silk, and you know, felt a little ridiculous. However, looking back on it, it kinda elevated the game in certain sense, and you know, made it more of an iconic experience. So and the uniforms the costumes for the movie, I mean, it's dead on a great and. Yeah, I mean during this. Yeah. Well, I also saw to that. Apparently the bruise on what security name which. Yeah. Alice was ill. Yeah. Can you believe that shit? I can totally believe that man. It was so gnarly looking to the point where you're like, you kind of overdid it, right? Make up department back off a little bit. Yeah. But that was real that's crazy. And and again in the documentary, like when I found so entertaining is, you know, they had of course, a, you know, one minute segment about all the injuries and how they keep playing. But but what I loved so much as they kind of in that moment with with Alice. They recreated a real shot. Kind of like in back leg crossover people are kind of like helping her out with her whole strawberry situation. Yeah. So that that kind of stuff about the movie in the documentary fund, really satisfying. Absolutely. But yeah, especially felt it was important. Because that's of course, what gave penny Marshall the the inclination to do this. And really until that I mean, I was. Came out ninety two. So I was I haven't done this math yet. Like six when it came out. So I probably thought somewhere between six and ten for the first time junior in college. Feel old. I know. But like did you see when you were at six? I I was probably closer to ten. Okay. So like VHS run. Yeah. We totally we owned the VHS wore that out. I'm sure and and really up until that point and come mostly stay still. I'd never really seen an all female cast, or at least, you know. What's the Bechtel? Yes. Test on you know, to having a movie with two or more women's became to each other or two more women who even have names right is kind of such a rarity and to have this depressing. It isn't it? I I really liked the trend of what's going on in in in terms of in in terms of kind of leveling out that representation for sure. But when I was a kid seeing this movie, it's like, I'd never found something I found more relatable because I'm seeing you. Older versions of me up there, and I did play softball. And in fact, I did play my older sister Kelly, and I we both played boys baseball. Oh, well because softball, you know, had kind of a longer off season. And my dad didn't have any sons, and it's it was more competitive and Kelly was an excellent Kelly. Totally the Dottie Hinson of the family. I'm like like the kit except for I never I never got a Homer like ever, so. But anyway, so I've just found it I found movie so relatable for so many reasons and just really latched onto. I mean ahead of its time for sure, but also hard to believe that took that long to make the story because his history wise is such a great story. And you know, it's got it all it's a World War Two movie in some ways. And it's interesting because that sort of. Like, you kind of forget about it. Because it doesn't do the like whole letters from home thing a lot or show the husband's at all that one just devastating seeing though God which is penny Marshall's daughter, right? I didn't know that. Yeah. That's what's her first name, Tracy Reiner. That was her daughter with rob Reiner that scene was so infuriating last night to me because you know, they get the letter that says like one of your husband's been killed in action and that shit had delivery guy wants to leave with business. And so do does the right thing. Yeah. But then he takes a long and Mike. God just say. Yeah. That long wall out. He must be pretty bad at reading. But I mean, I get it. It's a movie. Yeah. Really heighten the drama, but such a devastating scene. Yeah. Yeah. Truly, and you kind of forget that that's going on in the backdrop to some degree. A lot of these women are have been left, alone and aren't great contact. Because Gena Davis one point is like, I think he's in Italy. But I haven't heard a while and he has to reassure her like, he's okay. Yeah. And then, of course, the Betty's spaghetti situation happens, and you know, we we don't see her again. But the next scene is Gena Davis. Just kind of having a full breakdown. Like, we haven't really seen her anyone have like other than of course, Betty for good reason. But then of course, enters just perfect timing enters Bill Pullman, no people like Bill Pullman when I saw him. And dude, I forgot that Madonna was in this movie. Yeah. Somehow forgot. Yeah. And when she popped up I was like holy shit. I forgot Madonna was in this isn't she great. She is. And you know, she's never been accused of being the best actor, but she does a really good job in this. Yeah. I really guy. I have. No, no, no, criticisms of Madonna's Donald performance team combo with her and Rosie o'donald. What a riot. It was pretty fun. Yeah. That was really fun. And I saw some kind of like promo footage of when they were kind of like, you know, film when they were filming like the big stadium scenes in the need to fill seats. They would have like the weather station would come down and be like everybody come out to the stadium. Bring your kids, and like, you know, it's free Madonna's hair. But but what I one of the funny things that they did was Madonna wouldn't speak to any any will Madonna, of course, has been accused many times. And and certainly from this filming experience. She's she's not always the locals favourite read about that. Yeah. Disappointed to hear that. Which honestly Madonna? Here's my perspective. Uh-huh. It's Madonna, right. Like and. Yeah. So this weather reporters like oh, come on Madonna's singing songs the song. And she's like duck behind Rosie O'Donnell deliver. She's like delivering her lines to Rosen got this kind of bit going on with the weather guy. But of course, he he of course, was like oh just once for your upcoming album. Donna shut the fuck up outta here on it's not gonna sing on your. Yeah. You are not going like, this is not about you, man. But I totally agree. I know the the Madonna Rosie O'Donnell thing was awesome. There were a lot of fun to watch what she's Madonna's taxi dancer, or may all the way a taxi dance, you know, in a ballplayer, and then Doris, of course, was the bouncer from the club that she used. Yeah. Which is anything funner than the dancing scene. God, dude. I have in here. Dancing scene with all caps. Yeah. It was great. Where what what little town? Did they find all of these agile or? Or or do we just get lazy or with that was the most probably the most unbelievable part of the entire movie. But also throwback to the great like sort of World War Two jitterbug, eat dancy quences. It was great. And the dude in there too. I'm sure 'cause you're a lot younger than I am than you probably didn't watch Libanan, Shirley, I didn't. But I'm aware. But the guy a night her main dance partner was in Laverne, and Shirley, he was the big Ragu who was very prominent cast member. So I didn't realize that until last night either. There are a lot of people kind of peppered through this like squeaky from runnin Shirley was the radio broadcast booth announcer. And then the big Ragu was in it. And then some of the other faces like tea Leoni was in it. And she was on one of the other teams and she popped up again. That's t- Leoni. And she didn't even. I don't even know if she got a I mean church credit, but she didn't have a line. Yeah. An an Kusak. Joan kusak. Sister that scene so sad when she couldn't read. Yeah. And they like took care of each other. That was like one of the best parts of the movie, I think, and then they did like I love that they touch on kind of like, they don't really spend a whole lot of time kinda harping on kind of the systematic problems that were kinda like going on back, then which I mean that could be an entire movie of itself is the same story. But from the perspective of a woman who can't read or any woman of color. These are these are also stories, but leave their own really kind of touched on on these things, and I and in the case of of Shirley's reading a man the scene so tough. But they then there's the scene on the bus later we Don and teaching her how to read. Like like. Mobile money magazine. Yeah. 'cause lowly getting her to to read what is, you know, some pretty racy material, and my favorite part is when they kind of pan the camera out and then Madonna's like it gets really good after. They did take care of each other though. But didn't make a big deal about it. Like, it was just sort of very believable. I think and I think it would have suffered. If they would've liked kind of drawn too much attention to it. It was like sort of these quiet moments where an Ramsey from mad about you can't remember her character name. But she's the one that steps up and helps her find her name on the roster in assisted nice little moment. You know? But it wasn't. You know, the strings didn't swell. It wasn't some big deal. It was just like these ladies at each other's backs. That's how do it. I know. I I'm a big fan. I'm a big fan fan of ladies fan. Yeah. Back. Yeah. I have recently had the experience of of of actually being you know, it's hard to be able to be on any kind of team when you're an entrepreneur. But I was able to be linked up with the women's entrepreneurship initiative with cool. The it's the only city funded or city affiliated. Shiv in the nation dedicated to putting women in a cohort together. And I have you know, it's it's like being on a team right for the first time as an adult but having it's fifteen entrepreneurs fifteen months, and oh, yeah. We get to share a spy. Well, I of course, have to run my machinery that another location. But there's a space within the flat iron building where you know, we can all convene, and, you know, act as a team, even though we're all separate things. And it's just something like I'd like, I don't I don't know what men do in their fancy men meetings and their fancy men's sports. But like, but I just I don't know that I don't know that I've ever witnessed that kind of helping each other outta tude. Right. That I mean, I don't yet. I mean, I guess quote me on it or whatever. But I don't have any stats to show that but the. Rich white guys take care of each other by literally passing laws to ensure that stay rich white guys trail. It's a collective like. Oh, well, don't worry. Now. You're in the club can because we can do the legislation to ensure it can't decide if I do or don't want to be a part of a secret society in my life. Can't decide. Well, you know, my wife is a small business owner. Yeah. Right. Yeah. An employee's, you know, like probably seventeen or eighteen women, and you know, it's it's tough to have a bunch of employee's. Yeah. But I mean, ladies ladies. Yeah. Nothing like it. I dearly. We can talk about the ins and outs of business after this. Another thing. I really appreciate about this movie. I am kind of a sucker for a good sports movie. And but the the F lettuce schism has got to work. Yeah. Or else you don't buy it. And there's you know, one of my other favorite baseball movies is bull Durham, and that movie works in spite of the fact that Tim Robbins doesn't to me. I love him that movie, but he's a self that. He's a baseball pitcher. And I was able to overlook it. But everyone in this movie really sells the baseball. Yeah. Like that tryout seen? That's just fucking great. I get I got goosebumps. Every time they walk. You know, Jon lovitz, Ernie cappuccino is walking a Marla kitten. Dadi I go in and to the the tryout before that everything's kind of like kind of a a brownish tone, husky. Traveling Oregon kind of thing. And then you you walk out into the you're kind of walking out with them onto this field. That is just green green is the biggest field and they're all Olsen. They're all these women there that have been that are doing local what you've been doing the whole time. And yeah, I just I love the tryout seen. He was funny too. Because he was just like go then flies heaven. But yeah, he's ridiculous. And I can't imagine anybody else playing that role. I read that Danny devito was like, oh, yeah. I could see it actually now that you mention it that would have been funny, but great and that partly and penny Marshall wouldn't auction. Anyone who couldn't play? That's what I heard except for Gina Davis. Gina davis. Only non-player Quinn's team replace Debra winger. Right. That's what I read is. Debra winger was cast and the timing didn't work out. Right. So Gina Davis had like a couple of weeks to learn what everyone else had been sort of training for months doing. Yeah. And we'll talk about Gena Davis. Okay. Like, yeah. The best. She's I don't know if you know, Jesse thorn the show bullseye. He's another podcast her. But he has an interview show called bullseye in he interviewed Gena Davis. And he was like, I don't I know people in his office. And they're like, I don't know if anyone and they've had just legends from all walks of politics music, movies, film, TV, and they said, I don't know if anyone had ever been like offices more amped up then when Gina fucking Davis came in. And I was like, dude, I gotta know. And he was like she was the best and she held court with everyone in the office. And then everyone was like she's like the coolest aunt that. We always we had like everyone in the world. Has a crush on Gena Davis. Yeah. She's got that perfect. Like one hundred five degrees. Jaw linus? And like, I mean, I don't she's like eleven feet tall. I know. And she's just so funny. I think she's totally underrated as an actor and as a comedian. There's so many lines. She kills one have of Highland. So my favorite lines one is when she does the math. He said there are this many teams in this many women sixty four women's sixty four girls. Yeah. What are you a genius? Yeah. And then the other great line. You know, something you're not nice. Yeah. That was just such a funny line. Yeah. You're not nice. Yeah. And of course, she taught me the word constipated when she's talking about, you know, the Walter Walter heart. You know, all Harvey, you know, the candy. Yeah. Harvey bars, we feed them to the cows on the constipated. Like, what does that mean? Now, I know, but that's interesting to love that they kind of made their own candy conglomerate, and you know, to replace the Philip real Wrigley element of the real story who it was so yeah. Philip Wrigley chewing gum empire that from the chew gum empire. You know in effect. Sponsored the whole American girls professional baseball league back in the forties. So yeah. Walter RV. The Philip k Wrigley by Gary Marshall, played by Gary Marshall. Yeah. Keep it in the family. I love the scene and the gym when they introduce. Marla when she's just roping those baseballs all over the place, and it's a really sweet team with her dad. You know, she's getting picked on all the time because we're looks. And it's just you know, and I know she has the nerve the nerve which take on general on her for her look totally thought that same thing. I was like, dude. Are you kidding me? Yeah. But it's the character, of course, which you know, you wanna kinda hate that guy little bit. Yeah. But you love, and he gets his redemption in the end, you know, even was a I think it was Marlins character in in the eighties kind of flash forward slash four. You know, she's like Ernie. You changed my life. Like, they kind of moment where it's all good. Well, she got married. She got married to Nelson, which you know, I don't know what you will about the the validation from a man being what Marlin needed, but it was a movie from nineteen ninety two. And they really didn't. They really didn't hit the romantic comedy angle. I read that Columbia wanted it to be kind of a a romance between Dugan and body. I was back and forth with that watching last night because you can't help. But think about it a little bit. Yeah. Because you're chemistry is so sweet. And they're really great with each other. But in the end, I was like now. Yeah. Like, it's better this way. What it would totally what she's gonna leave Bill Pullman. Are you kidding me? Like, no. Plus he respects he respected her as baseball player. And that was sort of the crux of the relationship. Yes. Spot on. Yeah. They definitely have kind of flirty thing going on like, especially in the end. She reads it reappears out of nowhere. And you know, he's. Yeah. I need like, whoa. And then she's like you look like shit. Ever shave like, well, she gives it to him. Yeah. That was interesting to me too. Because they the way the power dynamic is shifting back and forth in that scene because she shows up and then he kinda pulls a power move. He's like, oh, well who says you're playing. Yeah. And then she's like, oh like kind of basically like, well, I can just leave. And he's like well. Well, well, then she pulls the power move. But the fact is that he needs her. She needs him. Yeah. And I mean, there's just like there is like kind of a a real arc to their whole power dynamic in general. Yeah. Like, I think one of my favorite moments in the whole movie is when they're kind of fighting about giving the the batting signals grew Marla. It's one of the classic scenes. Yeah. But also, my other favorite part about it is the music Hans them are. He he's always great. He super great. And then as well, he really kinda signs everybody something I've really says an adult. He's kinda signs everybody their own little. Kind of section of music. Of course, there's word for that. I'm sure, but you know, Tom Hanks's kind of Trump bony and Gena Davis is character is like doodoo, and then the back and forth between them is is also kind of musical back and forth to which is really fun. Yeah. That's literally jumping back and forth from so many iconic moments from this movie. I mean, there's no crying in baseball is. Yeah, it was voted like, I think one of the top fifty lines and any movie of all time that deliver his cell funny. Yeah. There's cry. She's crying, sir. Well, then the buyer gets on them, right? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I the game. But but for but not not for not for yelling teammate mind. You he gets. He gets thrown out of the game for calling the unpire a penis with a little hat on. Sort of almost under his breath. Anyone retire? You look like a little penis with the hat on. Another favorite line from Rosie when she has a picture of her boyfriend. And I think she says that your boyfriend she is like is it out of focus. No, that's how he looks like. Yeah. Well, he's stupid. And he treats me bad. So it's pretty great. Well, she gets rid of him that right? She does so long, Charlie. The team coming together. Montage is I'm a big sports montage guys. Well. And I think that's right up there with like the rocky training montage as far as one of the greats. Yeah, I agree. I mean, there's so many good action montages and the movie, and again, that's really where the the score kind of plays a pretty heavy role for me, and you know, kind of back and forth with these themes kits. Kind of a trumpet sound. Yeah. Like. I'm not I'm not gonna I'm not gonna sit here and just like sounded all out. But I think people might want to hear that. But yeah, it's they do such a good job. It's it's all action. You can really tell that. They're actually, you know out there throwing their weight around and in the common. It's like conic split for the cover of time magazine. Right. Dotting youth ner using her head. I know it is funny because like this auto saying they did decide to like so that a little bit. But they didn't you know, Madonna at one point. It's like, you know, maybe like my bresca just spill out. And everyone's like, no too Stupar. Yeah. No, the reaction shot from from everybody else's pretty funny for me, the girl like no to no. I read to that initially the that Madonna, and Rosie were both supposed to be sort of all the way may types. But then the cast Rosie O'Donnell side to play one off the other which I think worked out really. Well, I agree. Yeah. I love. I love that dynamic. And it was kinda it was a good time for Rosie to me. She had the Rosie O'Donnell show. Yeah. I don't I don't remember anything about once. Really? I love that show. Like, that's the show. I would watch when I got home from school the freaking Rosie o'donald shit. I was living in. Friend had it took. It was like. Yeah. Sure. Why not? Yeah. Awesome. Yeah. She's she's cool. You get the great relationship arc and care to arc with kit to have typed in here. Pour kit. Poor cat. Yeah. Like that the younger sibling, and like you said, Gena Davis is eleven feet tall and just so striking. She's the better athlete and not in real life. Obviously, you can tell Lori petty quite an athlete, but it really like the way they handle their relationship like they're so competitive. Yeah. And it's it's not at all unreal. Like an in. It's over the top. They're not like at each other's throats. Like, there's highs. There's lows kit calls her a bitch, which is cool. Yeah. But and she also Gena Davis Love at the end when they're. On opposite sides. She goes to the mound in that could have been the moment where she tells her to like groover pitched on the middle. So her sister can hit one she's like now she can't hit the high one like, but also they've been on the same team for the whole season. Previous to that truth. Think that what is Ellen sue got Lander? She wouldn't notice. Well, yeah, you got to check that at the door a little bit. And then. Yeah. And then also kit kit has this kind of like kind of wonky stance when she's at the bat, she's up there swinging it around really kinda got a weird angle going and. And so so, yeah, I mean really leads up to the kind of that point that she's. Not really equipped to be the all-star here. Then of course, in in the ends as we know. Yeah. The feel like there could have been a few as this that World Series could have ended satisfying, even and it was interesting that that it all came down to the sisters and to Gena Davis drop it on purpose. Right. Did she did chain? That's the question. Right. You can't really tell from the shot. Yeah. But she such a competitor. Pretty it was a pretty dramatic drop. The it was like it was like the Snow White. Apple who it was. It was. And and so I question that myself, what do you think? I kinda think she did really have one. I don't know. It's I I still don't I I'm not confident in that answer. Like, of course, growing up. I always believe Yano Kissling knocked her over it was like pure muscle. She just I mean, which you saw the way she was running leaving just clouds of dirt behind us really dig end. She wanted it. And and so that, you know, having that kind of momentum. I think. Yeah. Could've done it. But the the I don't know I think it's just the the drama of the dropping the ball that kind of makes me think number, but it's just such a great sports movie moment for come down to those two. Yeah. In the end, and then and then there's shot of of Dadi and Jimmy Dugan. You know, kind of watching this all kind of erupt, you know, the the crowd is after afterwards, and neither of them looked terribly disappoint. -ted, but it, but that that to me kinda says it it might have been sincere because they looked sincerely satisfied like they did their job. Yeah. You know, they made the league success. And that was sort of the you wanna win the games. But like the there was a bigger mission. I think which was to put themselves on the map. Yeah. And to make the league hit, and they did they sure did, you know, it was it was pretty cool. I love how cranky Tom Hanks was was still well just that whole Stillwell thing. So great. Oh, how Mattie was until he finally just hits him in the face with the ball. And then he's gleeful about. Glove. I was a glove club, Adam. But you can't do that to a kid in movies. They get mad. There's a couple of things that I don't think would fly like may poisoning of chaperones dinner Oeser would fly anymore. Yeah. My other the only other plot whole question. I have is did they just the bus driver? Did they just leave him on the side of the road? Oh, yeah. Well, he stopped the way. Look a big baby. He did any also threw dirt and the chaperones face which is. Oh, really? Yeah. She's like, please. Don't leave us like come back, and he bends down picks up thing dirt rose up like right in her mouth. Oh my God. So I so I've been taking a note when that happened. Yeah. Yeah. It was it was too much. And then, of course, Tom way top Tom waits. Tom Hanks wakes up from his bender. And decides to Tom waits in that role. Pretty awesome. Wow. Just picturing that now the great fun. I like that. But where you're saying Tom Hanks wakes up, and you know from his bender and like everybody get back on the bus driving. Now, not a great idea. But Tom Hanks's sort of playing against type two for the time. He's always the ultimate nice guy and to play sort of the washed drunk who doesn't care. Of course. You know, he's going to care. And that's I mean in the beginning. He makes it perfectly clear how incompetent he's willing to be like, which you know, you only get I think the only other coach you really see from Racine, and you don't really get that vibe from him. Right. But I can't imagine that. Many people like didn't get into it. With like a great amount of skepticism. Sure. So it was it was nice to kind of to to see that whole thing from beginning to end to how much he cared. Yeah. It's cool. I you can as a writer myself, you can always just chart out this plot points, and it's right at that thirty minute Mark in our Mark racy, his big changes kind of coming sonny's paying attention a little bit. And again, I think it was nice and subtle. It wasn't like some could have been way more melodramatic. I think in parts, but penny Marshall it's just so skilled, I think it being real. Yeah. She there's a lot of good subtlety in there. Like, you know, I read that the studio also wanted to Dadi save Dugan from his drinking, right and she gives them the soda instead. She was like she'll give him a soda, but they made like a really good seeing out of that where you needed very, very quenched, Tom. You know, Tom Hanks. It was funny. It's funny. And then that's done, and you get the impression that. Okay, cool. That was that was a moment. Everybody's everybody's learning lessons. Totally more another one of my favorite moments in one of the great lines of the movie at think is when. Dugan Dadi are talking at the end. And she's just sort of like, you know, like, I can lead baseball, you know, that whole thing. And he has that great line. The hard is what makes it great. Yeah. It's just like those that's like sage wisdom for life. You know? And he knew that she was full of shit. She loved it. She did. Yeah. It is. It is Bill Pullman. But you know. Yeah. I I wonder what that's all about like really with that character. Because it's like, there's there's certainly it must've been such an interesting time to be a woman because you know, there are all these cultural expectations of you ever. Things have changed. You know, most women are wearing a uniform in the early forties right of some sort of. And so, you know, there's something to be said about wanting to be liquid. You know, what like my husband's alive? Like, we're good. We're gonna redo the good old American thing. But I-, arguably if we're up to me, I would have been you know, on kit side and be like now, this is the American thing. I do this. I'm gonna I'm gonna do something different. And and try this thing we have this moment in time. I'm going to do it. So, you know, they're probably both good choices. You never do. See dotty pick up a when she gets back on the road. With her friends. But she does that baseball great moment to so bad us. I know David straighten has great. I mean, the one thing I will not get a little bit as his transformation was pretty fast. Yeah. There may have been some sometimes I get a sense of deleted scenes, but his character shifts pretty quickly, but in the right for sure, but he has a great moment where he's talking to the to Gary Marshall, you know, the the Harvey, and he's like, you know, we tell them to go to work and to go the factories and hit the baseball field and lead the kitchen, but when their husbands come back, we're tone get back in the kitchen in like that's not right. Yeah. He's like you've got a real thing here looking around. And then, of course, Walter Harvey is like you want the men returning from war back to the kitchen. Can we have both exactly why do we have to have one or the other? Why's that? Why's that a thing? Yeah. Yeah. Good stuff, though. Well, I guess we should talk. A little bit about the end, Mike, Mike God, I was a mess last night. Really? Tell me more, dude. I'm a I'm a notorious Cryer. Yeah. Yeah. I cry. Both the times I watch this. Yeah. I'm a notorious Cryer doesn't take much for me very emotional, dude. And you're dead inside. If you watched the end of that movie, and aren't at least welling up, even if you're a stone cold non Cryer, you've got to be welling up at the end of that movie with the reunion. Just unbelievable. Yeah. And and also like walking through the hall of fame and kind of getting an update on who who made it who didn't, you know, of course, Dadi in, you know, fines dougans kinda cut out. Ball thing and tell by the inscription at past like the year before pretty close. It's like, oh that's a shame. I bet she would have really liked to see him again. Yeah. That was nice the way they did that make. And then Shirley was doctor. You know, she couldn't read Nashes. It was just such a great moment. And so believable and real in like, I know they peppered in some the real women from the league and some of the stuff. Yeah. Which is pretty cool. Yeah. I am. I always try to try to pick them out whenever I'm watching on. Then of course, they the the kind of final moment between a dotty and kit happens his Ellen. Sue is. So she and Evelyn are portraying these two players from from real life pepper pair, and Donna I can't remember the other one's name. But they're the they're the two players who played for the rock. Peaches, and they did write that victory song. Really? Yeah. It's a real song. Yeah. It was so cool. And so I always love when they when they sing it in the movie, you know, at different intervals of the movie, and and then, of course, the end they all get to see sing together again, which they're they're proving to you that they can pay play ball at any league. But my argument is always you can at any league at any age you can sing at any age. So that's something that, you know, the the cheers the the songs they'll always kind of connect this group of women. So I I always love to always live a good singing moment. I know really really really do though. It was just perfect. It was really well done and the lady the cast for may in this. I mean, there's something about these two just like it was it was hitting all the buttons. You know, it was it was a little bit like boom, but bone but bone but bone, but at the same time, it's like kind of got everything I needed and the right amount of time. And yeah, the perfect way to end it and kit Dottie, it's weird. I got I didn't know like. It almost felt like they lost touch or something. That's what I feel like they've they were implying. Okay. Because none of the kids were like, oh, there's anti. Yeah. Or maybe that happened, right? After something in this was that moment. Yeah. Well, I mean, you know, even the beginning, they're establishing Dadis, daughters establishing that she hasn't seen aunt kit and a really on its rhyme for and then Dadi is kind of dubious of kids husband. I guess right. That's right. I forgot about that. Yeah. And so it very much here that they lost. Touch in a very real way. But here they are again they had after the game. I really enjoyed that scene between them because it was still sort of feisty sisterly. But also, you know, acknowledging one another and who it was cool. Yeah. What could movie Neil nag? Yeah. Yeah. Good call back like that man. I just couldn't take that scene. Yeah. Emily did not watch with me. She wanted to. But she was busy. But she she'll get around sale came down and made fun of me a little bit. You're welcome. Again, help it man sitting all the buttons. Jerry Lewis v wife dead sitting Nancy dead, Kurt cobaine. Also, Courtney love insane Johnny cash. Dick, did I Turner abusive in XXX ten Pacione? Amy wine house completely off the rails. Disgrace land is a rock and roll true crime podcast about musicians getting away with murder behaving very badly. This hosted by me Jake Brennan, I grew up in round rock and roll. In the one thing, I know to be absolutely true. Is that real Rockstars parties? Sane more like feral narcissistic animals in functioning members of society in this is precisely what makes them so damn entertaining to pot big Marvin Gaye James Brown. John Lennon Jeon stones and the Hells Angels running security and a dead hit on the dance floor. These stories and more are all waiting for you in disgrace. Listen to disgrace Santa the iheartradio app, apple podcasts. Wherever you get your podcasts. Right. Katie we finish as you know with five questions. Okay. Let me go see here. I didn't have. I kind of think of one for you for the for the special in. But number one first movie you remember seeing a theater, captain EEO. Okay. It's like five. We went to Disney Epcot is the Michael Jackson. Michael jackson. I was completely overwhelmed completely and three D. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I am. That was that was a a memorable experience. However, I mean, I just kind of went into his state of shock 'cause I'd never been in a theatre before. Really? Yeah. The whole thing just the whole shebang just the what is I think it's like one of the biggest budget pieces are pictures time. Sure of. Yeah. Even I think it still ranks up there as they poured in normal amount of money into just filling every inch of that whole thing just overwhelming stimulation. And and yeah. And after that, I don't I saw you Disney movies when I was a kid, but really didn't. I didn't go to the theater very much held for captain you five or six pretty mind blowing time. I rated movie tombstone. Oh, all right. Yeah. Could movie. Yeah. L of tombstone. Yeah. That's that's they. Yeah. See that on TV every now, and then I can't help but watch it. Yeah. I agree. I'll Kilmer so good. He is very good glitzy. He's doing better. He had a cancer thing. You know, did not. Yeah. Because he kind of went away for a while. And of course, the fucking media's just. Bill Kilmer and he looks like shit, and he had cancer had throat cancer. God and try to kind of keep it on the down low, but read some articles recently about it. So he's been on my mind lately. Yeah. Now, I was big on Val Kilmer as a kid for sure. Yeah. Yeah. I forever yet your thoughts when he did think. So. Yeah. Yeah. I get them confused. But yeah, he's a good Batman. He was a good fat, man. You know, he's in the new top gun sequel. He reprises his role as the Ice, Man. I did not. And when I saw that that was filming I was like who'd winnow, how do I get the embroidery contract for this? How do I get? How do I get to make the patches for top gun? That'd be how to make the maverick patch? Yeah. That would have been. Will you walk out of a bad movie? Adult me. I think no I go to the movies so rarely it's like an investment. Yes. So so like if I just gotta take a nap. I gotta. Movie sleeper. Oh, just don't snore. I don't I don't actually recall that ever happening. But but I'll sometimes bring knitting or something really. Yeah. That's great. I Hans person always working very difficult for me to sit still like in general. And if I am then I'm just like sitting there thinking of thinking of things that I wanna do can do things differently. Just like it's just always going for Noor. And as will a craftsman. And so having something in my hands is is really kind of preferred right way to sit to. Yeah. I like that. What let me see here. All right. This is for you. Trying to think of an embroidery specific. Or maybe just costume like what what what movies like really stand out to you, costume wise. And and if you can think of an embroidery or anything that worked its way into a film that you really noticed and loved can you think of one that really got it right while I definitely would say a league of their own obviously, great patches, and the costumes are so so well done in so well matched to I mean perfect replicas really of what what actually the the ladies war and their day that'd be fun Halloween costume. It would in fact somebody together and recreate the little dragon con group activity. Holy but actually, one of my favorite. I I actually had somebody kind of kind of Reconceptualise that by with with Atlanta United though, she had like a maroon. Good tunic dress, you know, double breasted situation custom-made, and then she came to me, and she was like, hey, I made these designs which kind of it's like a marriage of the United with the Rockford pizzas who'll and but legally passable, and so I may these patches for her and she was out there doing it. And that's awesome. Cool. I still haven't seen pictures. I'm pretty bad about like doing something that I really really love. And then being like, all right. Bye. And then all of a I'm like. And I'm like, I don't have any pictures. It's gonna be like two years before I see that again. So, but no cost him wise. I think definitely a league of their on his is really up there for me, you know, the dance scene. Everybody is kind of in their regular day where so great GI's. I mean, and it's really it's. I I'm just gonna stick to it. I'm gonna say league of their own is my favorite and in something that I wrote a really love to be a part of. But you know, that's that's a time in in America's history when America was really kind of taking the global forefront of the fashion industry lay Paris, you know, was invaded in and like they had a war on the home front. They really wasn't that they really weren't producing fashion the way that they used to and then America just kind of felt filled that gap into the American style. Just kind of took over the you know, what for women's wide shoulders small hip, right. And. Yeah. They they just did such a good job of kind of really nailing down that classic American early early forties. Cool air for close. It's really quite men and women just like, they the great, then they're still there were still a lot of rules about what women could wear right and how they could wear it. Sure. Especially in in the baseball league. They really. What they, you know, put forth in the in the movie is is true to the time where it's like, the the women really weren't supposed to wear slacks and public the skirt had to the control the diameter more than they did the length which really fun. But yeah, great just get really challenging thing to try to recreate now. And I don't think they would I hope they don't try to recreate a league of their own. But in what do I know? But yeah, it's all about the hair. It's all about the close. Yeah. Good hair to. All right. Finally movie going one on one. What is your movie ritual? Where do you go where you sit? What do you eat as an adult? I still don't I don't go to movies, very often. I'll go maybe a couple times a year if I can find a spot where my feet are up, and it is absolutely not harming or impeding on anybody else's experience. I will do it though. One over says that second part. Yeah. I put my feet up. Yeah. If there's nobody like I will. I'm will be considered of the people around me. But like if I have the option to put my feet up. It's happening. Yes. I do love popcorn. And and I don't really drink a lot of non seltzer water, but I will totally get a diet coke lake immediately. So corn, it's it's it's perfect. Especially for not much can swing that. Yeah. Awesome. Thank you. Katie. Thank you, Chuck is a lot of fun fun. Thank you. All right, everyone. Hope you enjoyed that. What a fun fun movie to get to go back and rewatch. And I know this is such a beloved film that I think a lot of you probably enjoy listening to this one such a good movie, so fun, and so funny like I said just such a big kind of throwback classic big Hollywood movie. Really, really good stuff. Love it love it. So thanks to Katie for coming in again. You can check her out at tulip cake that his T U L P cake embroidery, go check out what she's doing order a patch from Katie telling you, you should do it. And that's it everyone. Hope you enjoyed it. And until next time don't learn how to make patches just call Kadian. She'll she'll make you one. Crushes produced edited. And engineered by Ramsey aunt here in our home studio at Pont city market, Atlanta, Georgia for I heart radio for more podcast from iheartradio. Visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Jerry Lewis is v wave dead. Sid vicious in Kurt cobaine, also Amy wine-house, Johnny cash and more disgrace rock and roll true. Crime podcast stories about musicians getting away with murder behaving. Very badly is available now hosted by me Jake Brennan, you can listen to disgrace of the iheartradio app, apple podcasts, or whatever. 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