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Hello. And welcome to the get you'll blow by Paul cost a wellness pull cost for mums. This is episode eleven with Charlotte. Sterling meet Charlotte is a registered nutritionist who specializes in maternal infant and child nutrition wacky with Joe wicks on Weenen fifteen is a momma too little RAFI. She gives the best advice. I've passing land so much from her in today's episode. We talk about how to start weaning. Why should we start with vegetables? How to reduce around feeding how to deal with fussy eaters? Intolerances? What snacks we should be giving and talked tips for veggie kits for everything. We chat about today. You can find all the details in the show notes, which are at Madeline short com food slash episode eleven this episode has been made possible, thanks to natural hair. I using tampons for the last few years and just have. Bless back. They're certified organic period, those, which are all sustainable, chlorine free and biodegradable making soft on my skin and soft on the environment. If you want to rethink pair production of become an eco warrior like me, then had to natural dot com. Right. Let's get into that. Welker saw that to the puck. Thank you so much for having me kiva comment. It'd be working together a little bit yet for awhile which has been really fun because Charlotte is the ultimate persons come to for pregnancy Shishen weaning and child nutrition. And if you don't already follow her instructions detests, I love how much information you give it just think, it's our thank you say much. I think I just feel like weaning and feeding kids just become so confused, and I think that so many pairs up he genuinely very anxious about what in how to feed that. You'll say for me, I just want to our evidence based information, but just make it practical and realistic and honest, the south, hopefully, that's why do you hundred? So I came every pocus but asking what you had for breakfast. But I'm interested to know anywhere. You able also what RAFI pay perfect this morning. I had granola actually, but Rathi didn't happen. He is obsessed departs that he had porridge with blue breeze and peanut butter. Which he has the time. The granola have does have valid sugaring. So he didn't have yet is nice. I forage of blueberries and peanut butter. Lachey absolutely loves so if you start on your winning journey, why did you begin like when do you start? We know it's the six months Mark that we have time and time again. But is that the right time, maybe four often when do we know when our baby is ready got a thing that she could question because you know, government guidelines are that children should start at round six months of age. We know that the majority of parents do not feed that baby before that. And that's remote for reasons is so many different reasons why we start getting foods to babies before six months age. So I think it's really important that we need to amend that all children individual, then all be ready eggs actly on methods month birthday. But it is important to wait until we do think they're ready ended the guidelines in UK suggests that is close to six months as possible is a good idea because actually. Four then they might not be quite ready. I on foods, and there are some foods that you shouldn't introduced before you get to six months as well. So it's best to try and wait is close to six months as possible. But look out for signs that they'd be ready. So it might be paying a huge amount of interest in your food. It might be that they can sit up hot the head and neck steady. It might be that they can pick up food in their mouths all by themselves. And also when you start off 'ring, those you notice they actually swallow more than they spit out Nassar, we could sign to. Okay. So you babies ready to start weaning? Where is the best place to start? Do you start with baby rice talk with you start with Apple's? Where'd you recommend to begin yet? Really good question. Again, vices changed on this somewhat reason because it's been actually a load of research in the last years looking at the concept of offering vegetables, first babies, and what we have seen of reset. She's the if we into juicy based vegetables, I v they are able to kind of. Millea with the taste in the flavor profiles that those vegetables and little bit more. And so they might be more likely to accept those foods as they get older. Now, what we see we know that lots of Joe JR. In the UK, what we will say is fussy Ord kids tend to have a reputation of not liking their veg and veges, really good source of vitamins, and minerals, and fiber, and you know, the government's always talking about getting your five fruits and vegetables a day. So if we can start to ultimately train babies Palley early when they first start these to actually maybe have more of an acceptance of vegetables that could be a win win situation can end up with children who actually grow up loving their veggies. So that's the idea of those vegetables. I and it's something that the NHS the promoting a lot more now. So offering vegetables even those vegetables like spinach or broccoli as those I used to baby to help just adjust that how again them a little bit more familiar with vegetables bright from star. So you do that for the first two. Yes. I normally recommend for roughly about the first two weeks to just start with those basic green veggies. Jess again, expand babies palette, you can make some of your baby's normal milk and with that. That's absolutely fine. But yes start with those veggies. And then once you've done that just start. Introducing other foods, they for example, sweet vegetables plain, vegetables, like potatoes where you can start including in the diet, and then just gradually build on the variety that your little one has first couple of weeks green, veggies and all about building on that variety. So children could have most foods from six months of age is a few things like sore and sugar and certain types of fish, and Honey that they can't have from six months of age, but really is just about building loads of variety into their diet this date, and they're kind of two sort of ways of weaning bathe that I'm puree what is the best to do. What did you do? Raffi? I think people get really. Thank you. Subject some people. So people tend to focus on the baby. Let weaning they absolutely love it. They swear by the re passionate about and I think that's great. But it certain point to remember that there is not one way to feed baby. There's no right or wrong alternately is about trying it's about experimenting with baby. So for me, I think actually a mixture baby lead and spoon-fed weaning can be great because baby starts to experiment with different flavors. But also they're able to develop different Pandeli coordination and learn about textures the noses to me due to learn little about using utensils and spoon feeding. So maybe with Raffi we did a mixture base we did matched up food's very very first appear as just for those first couple of weeks with mainly with the green veggies. And then we started mashing fees, and it was mashed foods alongside thing foods that he has again, finger foods are great for developing hand eye coordination, their great helping to learn how to bite off pieces of food and chew up, those foods and swallow pieces. But also the mashed good for helping them to get used to the texture and get used to feeding themselves from space. So they both have really good place. I think experiment and just try and Sunday don't like finger foods and some babies don't like to have food from Mashal spoon. So is all about just seeing what was your baby. And as I said, experimenting how lows fun. How do we release the anxiety because you slave day? You made this pilot either blend up or whatever is that you'll making one and then they stretch it and they're not having any through. How do we relieve the anxiety of is my beginning enough yet as my baby like Hughes booze? How do we believe as really tough because I think, you know, so many moms really feel this, and they get very interest went baby doesn't eat the first thing. I think to know is that babies appetite will change all the time. And actually, I think one thing that can really help them just accepting that that is the case. Okay. So. If your babies unwell, if they are teething a fair just the too tired, or if they overfull they are not going to want food, and it's just them being to signal and signed you say not right now. Thank you. Obviously if that goes on days and days and weeks and weeks. Yes, absolutely needs to something about it. But it's so important to look over time. So if you babies fusing Amyot or one day hasn't eaten very much, even if two or three days that can be totally totally normal. And it's just about going. Okay. I'm going to accept that. You are not hungry for this food at the moment. But keep him on trying the thing. I think can we help is trying to focus on the foods that your having. So that you're not making necessarily completely separate moose baby because that can be so exhausting if you've made a whole meal and the baby's going don't want that. Whereas if you're just taking a special those early days when you're offering, you know, just a little bit broccoli off, you green beans, just offering them something this as. Part of your meal. So that you're not cooking up. Something completely set. Pro can just take that pressure off us mom, and then also that pressures they're not pull into baby to you Willie is upside to spend ten minutes cooking. I really love. I don't know if you've got the book young guns, and what she does in the recipes is she goes in this recipe. Does apportion more mom or yard, or grandparent or nanny of is and baby you all make Neely? I think it's such untested. Yes, fear. They're not really seen before yet in the world of baby food is that at the end of the day foods, something this part of all ideally onto eating together meant he learned easy. Simple. Not doing separate shot frog months. So I think I really recommend this and even be doing just that philosophy of being I'm gonna make some porridge porridge and just one less pot shop completely an absolute why that? Concept is not really thought about you know, we get to winning and less makes to baby. Oh, I forgot about me. You know, what we need to nourish ourselves? But also one of the things I see my worth. So frequently is a lot to do with fascinating. I'm one of the main reasons I would say is that children on always seeing parents eat. So it might be that mom sitting with them and trying to encourage or thank try try this. Whereas actually would help the most if baby got to see mummy tting it because that's how they learn. You know, especially in the early days RAFI would copy so much joy, you say shape, you say the wrong thing, and it comes back out their mouth, you you see them coping with hand movements or dance movements of everything. And that she they learning so much from watching you use it, and you and you show enjoyment all those foods that's going to really have knock-on effect how they feel about eating their meals to what other tips, do you have for fussy? Most yet there. Look to people with their and it can be hard top. Definitely, you know. This is something I do deal with folks on the time is because it is a big problem. The first thing I would say though, is that is we normal. So as terrace often get very anxious, but actually very normal very normal stage in a child's development. So first of all, we realize that it's okay. And you're absolutely not only their second of this. So many things that you can do to help smooth out. And the I I would say is as I said role model, so let your little one see you eating rather than at mealtimes making it all about Bannon the so much attention on them. You know, they often get so much more tension for not eating than they ever did for actually eating. So sometimes that's a little bit of a backward way of doing it. So take the pressure off let see you eating enjoy food sit back a little bit. And RAV than all the focus being on them. Eating Exxon yourself, just misses really tasty mommy's going to have a spoon because. Absolutely loving this all of that kind of thing. So nuts of role modeling whether that be as you said, you know, nanny Granddad are the parents are the siblings, get them involved, and let them be role models to charts. That's key. The other thing is to try and look rather than over one meal or one day look really twenty over week. Because actually, yes, they might have a Monday and Tuesday eaten very little. But sometimes you'll find kids will you do make up for that during the rest of the week or even the next week. They might make up for it. You know, I know massively. My son will have a couple of days where he doesn't eat anything. And then all of a sudden next week I'll be able to fill him up so try and look at the bigger picture that bigger context here. And who said the other thing that I would say is if you are concerned get their weight measured because that's the best thing to tell you whether they are eating enough from whether they're growing into ping. Well, so any concerns do do that and apart from that is all about just being persistent. So don't take foods off the table. If you think they don't don't add them to don't eat less. Just keep going with those because it's the milliard eighty that leads to acceptance. So as soon as you take those foods away, you're less likely that they are going to accept them. And the early years is all about bike Sposa are being exposed to lots of different foods and plenty of variety, which is likely to leave the ethic older to eat a real very diet too. So there are few tips. I could go forever and ever. When you're looking at RAFI generalist move punning meals for your clients. Do you the balancing the plate? How would you balance a plate for baby? So nothing really good question and actually property don't look balancing a plate. But I probably do especially when you Trish his head on my do look, balancing what he's eating over a day. So I'd probably look at the food groups, and I'd think okay has he had a good few portions of fruit and veggies has he had some whole grains and some carbohydrates today. And then importantly, the ones off get forgotten had he had the protein in iron, rich foods, like for example, facial eggs beans or pulses. And they last Lino has he had enough dairy throughout the day. So a couple of portions of dairy Coppola portions of protein which feeds each day, and then, you know, three portions of starchy or cop hydrates whole grades. And then about five portions of fruits and vegetables, but me thighs portion. So I'm just looking at. Kind of proportions of those these he had and making sure that I'm taking off all those food groups throughout the day. I do that. And also wanna get the evening meal off. Okay. What's he missing though, if I know that he hasn't had much in the way of protein, or if I know you haven't had any Bates Dubose that day. I'll be right. This is my time to get those veggies in. So I don't that to me. And I think that you can get a bit cool talk. Sometimes in always thinking out hersher so much pressure. And that she they'll eat what they want to wait. So you can think about it, and you can offer it. But I think you don't need to get too caught up in that what you offering just think about variety imbalance overall. I think about what RAFI over the day, and I do try to make sure that he balanced, but that's again, remind nutritionist head on. I'm just thinking how those preteens and it's normally those I would focus on, but you don't need to get to quit up. Just think plenty of variety in there all the time and make sure they're getting some of those groups in every single day. How about babies the logic to Darry? What are they missing? And what should we be swapping them for? So that they're not missing. Thank you, really good question. And that's Lee get questions on this all the time. The first thing I would say is that any child who has got dairy allergy? They should have house confessional. Dietitian a pediatrician or that GP that they're working on. And what I would say it's a really good idea to try get plan with them. They can help you proper meal plan to make sure that you're taking off the cow stimul- getting enough house in that guessing enough of all of the minerals that they would get from dairy such as calcium and protein making sure they're getting those in their diet. So that's what I would say mainly talk to healthcare professional about. But there are plenty of fortified phase in the UK. So we do have lots of fought five plant milks. But a lot of them don't necessarily meet up to the same protein and bittermann levels that we will see in cow's milk, for example. So there are other ways that you can include calcium in the diet sick. For example, things like hail and other dot we leafy vegetables, broccoli, a sources of calcium said can make sure it was getting those and again protein, you could be. Eating that from the foods such as nut, butters and beans, pulses and whole grains. So they're definitely all ways. But it is really important just to I would say what has kept fresh on. Just make sure that you're getting a source of calcium and a saucer preteen quite easily in the rescue one style. And how about we gonna vegetarian so oversee county I'm seeing no winstrom where he feeding kids vetch title, V darts because vegan vegetarian that's what they hope yet. Should they also be working alongside have care professional this way, took you? I get exactly my guess so many queries about vegan vegetarian dots actually recently Abril about vegetarian diets because I'm just getting so many questions about and you know, I don't think that it's a case that children shouldn't have. I think is always about preference of what you prefer. What works the family? If there is charged with completely on a vegan diet, and they definitely might need supplements. Her exam. Vitamin b twelve is as we difficult to get from plant based foods alone. So I think is worth checking to dietitian nutritionist, or if you're working with a DP or somebody who is a house cat, fresh definitely habitat within about it. But I would say that they're awesome fees that you can include in Hewlett wants diet to make sure for example, they are getting calcium to make sure they getting iron. So for example, if they aren't having any meat then swapping for things like tofu scramble tofu's a really great one to give the kids naturally. It contains iron. It contains how Siham also things like eggs beans posted chick peas homemade lend twos, all of those kinds of foods really really good plant based sources of some of those needs. You might be lacking. You have to think a little bit more you have to plan more fuel into his on a vegetarian diet. But I think is worthwhile. Definitely chatting to a house cat professional just to make sure you're getting that balance. And as they your little maybe risk of things like. Three fatty acids of IRA dean as well, which we often get dairy foods in the a a vitamin b twelve and potentially of iron calcium. So is something that you do need to think about and just make sure that the diet is super balanced, and it might just take having a chat with a house cat professional to make sure that that is the case. And how do they want to those levels blood test is a I think in this scenario with young children what you'd probably just be looking at the balance and just be looking at making sure that their food groups that are included in little ones diet that contain those nutrients of concern. So for example, omega three fatty acids, you might be encouraging them to include things like flax seeds in the diet, all even some oil extra virgin olive oil, which contains a little bit of mega three fatty acids. You know, I think it would be much more about looking at the context of the diet foods that are being offered. And of course, if there were any concerns or if you're unsure about little one visiting your GP if he. They may be deficient or lacking. In some of those nutrients to what are your thoughts on smacks should be giving them. Are we overdoing Goshi? Really tricky question. I think because again is so very very family to family. I think that sometimes went snacks become something that children just almost grays on throughout the day. That can be consents like often see children who don't necessarily have a kind of routine around the meals that they have. So for example, something like breakfast, lunch and dinner with a couple of snacks is absolutely fine for charters say over one years of age, but if they are on foods throughout the day, or if they tend to be grazing in between meals, and you're not sure how much goes in. That can often have knock on affect to how much they want to eat that mealtime. So I'd say snacks the fine. But really we want to folks a nutrient dense snacks because children have very high nutrient need and very high energy needs in comparison to that body. Signs. So when we giving them snacks who wants to be making sure though snacks in nutrient rich because otherwise they're going to be filling up on fees that are nutrient poor and not necessarily getting the news in that tiny little Comey's. So I would say snacks campaign really important role. But I think they need to be nutrient dense knacks what are your goat cheese Nazi RAFI? Number one. I he absolutely loves case. I was able to make a recipe which doesn't actually have any saunter grad, which initially I didn't think that ever happen. And it's been absolute winner loves it. And these days it's like slathered in peanut butter all dipped in hermits or with a bit about the Cardo on taught that that's a winner for me. I think okay, great. Also, so useful on the go and also see pieces of fruit. But I quite liked to have to try and combine say, for example, like the carbohydrates and protein with it or maybe some yogurt with a few tangerine slices dick in that kind of thing just to again, make the most of those times I mean. He doesn't have huge amounts max, and that's mainly because he actually es quite a lot to his meal. So I feel like he doesn't necessarily need the food in between. But if we do get as where he's feeling we hungry off asking for food and mealtime isn't for while then. Yeah. Okay. My absolute goaty. Yeah. I love following Yonsei schmead, see what you're Mel amazing out of this. And you're right. You do tend to do quite good portion size. And I think that's the archive gone wrong. I've done this do a lot of the snacks. Just yet here. And sometimes shave it's up five thirty in the morning. I think been milk should I give him breakfast now. And then he may be a tiny bit. And then do I give another breakfast eight? So I feel I've taken a lot from this. I think I'm going to rethink the male thing. Okay. Again, bit more structured is so hard is thing. I think his pants all on the go doing all the time and is really hard to stick with the structure in eighteen feeding them anyway, you could live your life. Well, you can't be in the kitchen literally making meal after being out for them. But I just think that children have they light we team, and they like those patterns of eating because it helps them to realize winds food going to be coming. They can expect it. But what kind of snacks? Do you make shave shea loves tangerine? How does it? Yeah. The fruit bowl, and he grabs out on cases. Well yet. Any elemental? Oh made in April capo some on the yet. He loves just she vegetables Trump's up took who. Yes now. She would just get you. Munching culpepper? I love I like. Them cook. He doesn't let Pepe cook within he was down there in the kitchen munching completely. Whoa pepper. But those such opponents. Back to school lunch folks is so Benue take your little to Nasrin useful XBox all school. How do we constantly get variety it? So the same sandwich day yet. What text you have to Honey keep mixing up because I imagine policing thing thing every day. The best thing to do. Yeah. Definitely. I think keeps getting bored with the lunchboxes. Sometimes there's always this concept of the parents having the war with the sandwiches that just come back home. So I think, you know, we always think about sandwiches at lunch boxes, but there's so many ways to jazzy to make it a bit difference. I can include things like coal pastors. You can include food that maybe you cooked for yourself the day before long as it doesn't necessarily need be heating. But also things like thinking of crackers, and okay, maybe spreading peanut butter. Oh, mom. I you can do things like Chris giant Koska salads. Just be really experimental with kind of offering one. Them meals that Rathi absolutely loves now is one I mate, which is literally of Queen cheese and avocado with a little lemon juice and parmesan on top. So again, if you just made like a mash like that and combined it with some past that would be ideal. So think outside the box. So don't always think about bread, you know, you could of bread vine sandwiches fund that may be the next day office crackers or cakes or pasta or couscous or Qinghua or Peter braid flat bread the so many different options. So try and very up where you're having just to make sure they get lots of different nutrients, but also to make sure that they're not getting bored of what your free and the same with the other groups as well, you can think about including little bit cheese or you could have little mini parts of her homeless. If you're able to keep it cool long enough or you could try and include some beans in past the source, if you're having it all hummus spread on bread or crackers, and so many different options three, I'm probably. Really really woefully. By just didn't think outside the box all the flavors that we just tend to get so start. I did some work actually recently with the BBC, and it was on a pack lunch thing. And it was basically saying that something like, don't quote me. A misstep is something like sixty percent of us either. Same thing for lunch. Every single I read. And I just think that's so mad because it's boring for us adults, and it would be exactly the same kit. Say so many different cops that you can include so many different ways you can include fruits and veggies in that, and then including a bit Choon oil, salmon, again, if you can keep it NASA, cool or kidney beans, chick peas and pulses. Join include those into the mix of large sippy counts. So I thought one the color sneaky question to me so shea does not like yoga, not massive cheeses on exactly how it tried to put on him as in like even coke. My of those trivial. Even to the point that if it gets on his finger touches any other moods. He doesn't Mike. I'm sure whether it's yoga and known of food often kids have a a weird, they it's not even fussiness. It's like distaste on go away one. At yet. Is that anything around the I can do to get him back onto potentially enjoy because it is a fantastic fee to have a really useful. One knows the kids really really love yoga as well. And it's good one. You can combine so many greediest in your the can add peanut by saying can add owns you can add spring coups seeds said so it is used for from that side of things. But I think sometimes kids just do pick up on these little things that all of a sudden, you know, what? No, I don't think there's an element of absolutely respect that he just doesn't want that in the time being. But that said, I would also say that familiarization at making sure he knows these okay is a really good thing too. So even if that behavior. Seeing you eating it when he was in you, enjoying it and even him. You guys. Yeah, they go. Well, okay. Well, even if it's somebody else in the family, even if you. Oil from there you go. Meeting and even just like let it he'd be exposed to it. So see it fairly regular because that's all about building that familiarity. But as I said at the same time, you know, they're all going to be we talk about keeping offering food to kids, but all going to be food that they just don't like came too. So I think as long as he's not really limiting his diet in other ways. And as low as you know, he's getting plenty of ballots variety. You don't need to worry too much about it. But you can't keep encouraging it by as the said leg himse other people we king making sure he's Amelia, making sure he sees every now and then perhaps as well. If he does we act in that way, not reacting yourself because the morning he sees you react when he's going away me the more you react the Moyer possibly do that again. So just kind of giving us final take away and leaving it back. I feel like you would just talk of your field you with so many amazing brands, and you're doing seventy mazing things recently, your voice in Burke with Joe wet just guy who probably gonna have love. Glove could win in fifteen is that will go. Yes. I'm just in the very very early stage. They're still going through the publishers at the moment to get them to define exactly what that wanting exactly what it's going to look like structures going to be. But yet really really exciting. I mean, I always wanted to. But for me this oversee on supported Joe is writing his own in fifteen bit which for me is fantastic. Because I've always wanted to get my information out there about weaning about making it easier giving parents basically information to help them with that process. And that's exactly what this is going to do and hopefully will go to a much much much larger audience than I got you too. Because as you said Joe is really well, but no, it's really fun. And he's such a lovely guy. And he genuinely has a passion to want to spread evidence based information, and he wants to help parents. This is doing it for. So it's he's been lovely of working families. We way guy, and I'm very excited about it. But obviously, still overwhelmed. And very busy today. Say much we select through your handbag or backpack. And what would we find handbag phone portable charger or wave? And what else that I have in thirty always a pen always pen. Oh my gosh. Have pain everywhere. I go on constantly biting notes. So we'll have a notepad and a pen in my bag. But that's what I'd say. My phone. Put would charge at night phone out school up that. Okay. You ready for quickfire on gay? Fred uncle. But was the first thing this morning. Got changed so favorite Meiji loving Miley. What's hidden talent did not fix? I did you nothing very young favorite foods. Thicket since your country country phones on his Nicot single to king texting Netflix Addy night. Netflix Pelosi's or yoga penalties chicken soup or herbal tea heavy duty, then eat chicken. Bike rider taxi bike ride, LA bike. Vance celebrity crush Piton, Jerry. Seapower. What would it be flying? Always. What's the strangest gift you've been given lots of packets of food and supplements? What you wish you'd know before he became how hard breastfeeding was going to be. I had no idea. Absolutely that. Yeah. No. I think you see it being this really cool man together. Get any kind get that. But I think sometimes as you overheard to doing it. But I've never met anyone that's being over at name completely. I really struggled at with the first six weeks. And I think it was because I just had no idea, and it was a pain. It was the soreness my nipples are really we saw. And I completely agree with unit at the house is always said hat, you doing it wrong? And I had my latch checks over and over and over again, and they all said yet is fine, but I knew positive soul, and I cried and cried and cried. And I just wish told me that that was going to happen because that would have helped me out. What's next for you other than we fifteen the warranty like this year to hold for you in a work? Also, personally, I think just working on creating content for me at the moment. I'm trying to get out with much information as possible. I feel like now is really good time that Joe's really helped me to build up my social to just make sure get evidence base and helpful information outs. Parents. So this is not quick on. But that's what I would stay build content. Will you are actually the holiday thing. And I was so great very size pieces of information. Which is the dream for me because I get so much information to amazing this is but also just read practical, thinkers, moms and dads stern. How much time and they wanna get in get some information and put it into action. Exactly, exactly. And I was thinking they don't have time to long winded block. So I do have long blocks actually try and break it down into small of information on my Instagram. But I definitely probably have done that today on this poker. Have food. But I do this topic you'd be Nazi fascinating. But it's a three key messages are everything which we add today that you would give lessons three he points that your passionate about what would they be? So number one, I would say in joy in joy feeding your little one because they were really really pick up a knife. They see you enjoying the time that you spend at mealtimes and enjoying your food. It will make all the difference in the world the second. I would say is Romo do try with them getting them involved in family mealtimes earliest possible and the third I would say is probably look balance. So look at how much they're having over days or weeks, but try not to stress out, but I just think about variety and palaces all about variety gang in that from basing if be remembered for one thing, what would it be changing and helping in the way that parents feed their babies offered love? I mean, that's oatmeal want to do is to be big face and support that helps parents to know how and walked and take the stress out winning. That's enough to be known for you already. Figuring. And final question is what is getting your blowback? I think it means really focusing on the U like shutting out everything else because it's so easy to get bogged down in what everyone else is doing what's going on around you. I think to me that hundred seven would mean looking after you and your wellbeing getting back to what you need because especially as a mom, it's so hard because all of a sudden, you don't matter anymore. It's all about this little one. And for me. I think looking after you because you're the one looking after your one art Genoa is something I need to fake on so much more. We make me quite emotional. Because it's so so important I think to look after yourself, and that can get so lost in work in babies and kids in life say getting that back one hundred ten that's great to. It's about getting they wanted to start with this as much information on oh, look up to your baby. And you talked a lot about that today. But on the whole Ashley Lukasz number one yet. Definitely math. And don't know what we talked about which is eating and eating and taking off is good for you to feed yourself. Don't forget about yourself because it's so easy do and I one hundred thin one to to you like the schoolmate meal, let toast fees and they'll scrap leftover them that great. But it's so true isn't if they become your number one. And I think I need to really focus on also looking off to me. And when you're bid you're running your own business, and you're trying to do a million things and the great mom and feed them. Great dime juggling everything and it's really hard. But that's one hundred way would mean for me. So I think it's a really good concept that you've developed his thank you so Maitree having me. Thank you. Thanks. Thank you so much for listening. She is just the most amazing woman. She's so passionate about child nutrition. And I just always get so many great text from her. I think she's so good at communicating. Some kind of key changes that we can make off eating habits that I know I got so much from this episode if you haven't already hit that subscribe button and leave me a five star of you. So we can get more mums glowing inside out, and you can find all the details on this episode in the show notes, which are model insure dot com. Forward slash episode eleven of cenex week for a brand new episode of get your blowback.

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