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Good Morning boomer how are you? Hey, good morning GM savages showed up last night. And it was all let off by Dj Lemay you and then obviously topped off by Aaron Judge in the first inning and if you're gonNA, start a legacy, that's the way you start a legacy if your hair call so everything is great and the Yankee role they absolutely just tortured Shane beaver. Cleaver Tories showed up, and of course, the decision to put. Gardner out in left field pay dividends to so I would say that Aaron Boone pushed all the right buttons for Game One of this marathon hopefully playoff run for the New York Yankees but it was it was really it was really about as impressive as you could ask for. Your Yankee Fan that your team that's the team that we saw on that ten and run, and that's the team that basically dominated other teams pitchers would just slugging it all over the place and pretty much every starter. I think scored a run with the with the exception of the Catcher, Gosh Yoga but. Everybody else crossed the played at some point in time I. Think Hicks was the only starter without ahead. However, he did have two walks and he was on the basis so. Everything came up roses for the Yankees. That's that's the only way that you could put it and it was a great way to start this playoff hopefully, like I said long pile on and you couldn't ask for a better start. Yeah and there was a lot of talk about flipping switch in why the Yankees look so good in game one down the stretch and Aaron Boone was even as by it I asked about that during the broadcast by Nat vast Gershon and I don't even know so much of its flipping a switch if that's the right thing that's a cliche. But just the the Yankees have played so much postseason baseball over the last couple of years and they were in. This season where they knew they were going to make the postseason. We're home field advantage. Yes. In the wildcard round meant something. But after that, it really did not there aren't any fans around and then they locked in last night. So maybe they weren't locked in some of those games against the Blue Jays where they're making errors all over the place in pace running gaps in whatever it was, and we're wondering what the hell was going on and then last night they locked in and this is the team that everybody expects to see night in and night out and everybody got through healthy. You don't have to worry about any of that. Even Giancarlo Stanton added his patented meaningless. Home run. At the end this game. So maybe that does carry over into the next game. So they are in a great spot and you hope that can Tanaka can finish it off because I just because they dominated one twelve three last night and kick the crap out of the best pitcher statistically in baseball this year in Shane Bieber doesn't mean that they still can't lose the series because the Cleveland Indians have to starters going and that third one's going to be very interesting if it gets there and the Yankees should hope that it doesn't get there because you've got that Zach police sack who just came off as the biggest Douche earth during that whole situation with him and clever you're. Going out and he's recording videos and everything else you got him Jay Hap and he's been great by the way Zach Police Act for most of the year when he did participate. So you don't want to get to that. You want to finish it tonight. That's an obvious statement. That's the usual analysis. But TANAKH has got a P playoff Tanaka and you don't want to sweat this thing out because you know you're going to be sweating out the next series if it ends up being the Tampa Bay rays because they are the real deal and you know how well they played the Yankees, you know you just lived up to the radio stations, Promo the usual analysis by boomer and Geo. the other thing too. I was looking at this last night that Aaron Judge said after the game look this is why we got Gary Cole- not the pitch in April and May, but the pitch in the playoffs and the intensity that he brings to the mount. So couple of times he hit ninety seven on the gun and everything also obviously gave up a home run. I just think that his performance is exactly why you went out and got him and when you have a starting pitcher that gets a two run cushion to start the game and he is who he is and he goes out and falls it up with that type of performance like I said, you couldn't ask for anything I. There's there's no reason to get negative about anybody even stanton who it's a meeting of home run in the ninth inning and was flailing at balls out of the strike zone again i. Hope that maybe tonight that he's the guy that shows up early in the game and gets the key hit. So that's what has to happen. You know you you want hits throughout the lineup. and. Last night you got hits from everybody I don't necessarily know that will happen again. But if the savage show up and they and they swing the bats like they did last night and hopefully Tanaka gives you his normal playoff professional performance. You know you get out of this thing. Unscathed and move on to the next round and you just gotTa hope that somehow someway the Toronto in. Tampa. Bay Go to three games. That's that's that would really be the perfect situation for the New York Yankees. Well, I, think the perfect situation is Toronto won that series and I understand Toronto blue out the Yankees a couple of times there was lopsided stuff there but if they could get Toronto as opposed to the Tampa. Bay Rays in the DS YOU'RE GONNA take that every single. You just are I mean I know that. It's happening now it's not even steady yet you asked me what what team did you think was going to get swept out of all the teams, the American League in Toronto just popped into my head right away because I've got that much respect for the raise and the one seed that they earned this year. So I expect them to go out I expect them to go out today and I expect that to be over expected Yankees to move on as well, and we're GonNa get this series and too bad. It's not in the lcs because those are the two favorites the two favorite going into and I don't know if the odds had changed but there were co favorites in the American League. To go to the world series, it was the Yankees and the race. So that should be the LCS. It's not because of the seating it's gonna be LDS in Weber. Wins that series is going to be a heavy favorite to represent the American league in the world series still a long way to go another win for each of these teams but. That is going to be battle and it's too bad that it wouldn't be a seven game series because I think that it would be absolutely epic. You know the the interesting thing when you come in after a twelve three thrashing of the best pitcher during the regular season, there's really not much to talk about it just now it's about tonight I'm like. Last night away I mean that game was done after five innings by the way, and with the way, the gear coast pitching and the way that the Yankees were hitting now immediately, your attention turns to tonight and does the lineup stay the same with the exception of maybe Gary Sanchez Catching Auto No. Yeah. I don't want in big games with good pitching stanton and Sanchez in the same lineup when both of them aren't hitting because, I, just think you are talking about the potential for. So many opportunities with runners in scoring position and strikeouts. I really I just I know the both these guys are respected for different reasons I just don't WanNa see both of them in the same line up against good pitching. This is not the regular season any longer I mean those guys at any point could give you and over nine with seven strikeouts combined in a baseball game against a good starting pitcher and a good bullpen. So that'd be nine of the twenty seven outs. Yeah. One third of the outside of two players I mean you could get where we're staying hits in the lineup. He could get up five times like he did last night I mean Sanchez could easily get four times. There's your nine at bats and they strike out an amazing clip. Yeah. I just don't want those Gosh Yoga. He went one for five last night. He did strike out once but I mean I just feel like Gary Sanchez the home run and the. Power that you get from him is not worth what the negative side is defensively and at the plate where he could go into a hole and give you a Golden Sombrero just not worth it. Any longer I kind of think we're going to see them tonight probably but I think that that's a bad idea. Now, I wasn't one of the people that thought that the phrase thing was the worst idea in the world and I really liked clint frazier, but Brett. Gardner as a left the against Bieber. They had a ton of right handed hitters there. I wasn't surprised with him being the veteran in the playoff performer everything that he is that he was in that lineup hidden eighth that did not really make me upset last night. You know seeing Gary, Sanchez, in this line up also with a healthy Giancarlo Stanton, who can, of course, go into his whole that he has gone in for many times our flailing at the balls. and Sa- breaking ball and the dirty swing it on top of eight or it's a slider down in the dirt and the outer half of the plate, and he's just got no shot I those guys in the same lineup against good pitching scare the hell out of me and you'll see the they brought up. Mike Ford. Well Yeah. You know I was thinking last night like man you know if they had Miguel do artist's roster, they might have one twenty two to. Twenty. You're probably right. So It was there was no intensity other than the intensity that. That call last night, and of course, the hitters. Couple of times you tell I thought one of the key at bats was one I believe he walked Labor Torres and it was curb after curb all have to curb all after because they were mashes his fastball right? I mean he was so scared to throw a fastball at that point in the game. Yeah I don't know about you guys but I actually listened to John and Susan on Radio Dot Com last night it was a little bit of a delay but it was actually I don't know there's something about listening to the home team and listening to their announcers and paying attention to what they're saying because they know the team better than anybody obviously there around the team they they know all the stories behind the story so. It was it was interesting listening to them last night. I. Catch a little bit of s Gershon in a rod but. It's just something about listening to the home team announcers and same thing that the mets were doing their thing and you know we couldn't get you know obviously Keith. Ronnie in. Gary then you want Howie sure and there's also something about listening to a rod that is very, very difficult because he is the worst and even in the beginning of this before the game even starts he's sitting at the desk with vast garage and he uses the word Dandy twice in fifteen seconds and he goes we've got a dandy and then he goes Yeah Garrett Cole and Shane Beaver and this is why the Yankees brought him in. He Goes Yeah Matt they're expecting a Dandy from him tonight I that point I almost went right to radio DOT COM and streaming whatever the pre-game show was opened Sweetie Murdy at. Some stats for me or something but yeah, he's tough. He's he's a these tough. There's this is following the same exact trajectory as Monday night football. I've said it before it was a three man booth where the the person who drew the fans ir the most was Jason Witten Jason witten laughed than booker became the person that everybody couldn't stand. This is what happened with Sunday Night Baseball Jessica Mendoza was the person that used to get complained about the most she's no longer there. So the spotlight is on Iran and then you've got a professional play by play guy who is getting dragged down into the Cesspool with these And it's a bad broadcast. That's what it is. So a rod is tough to listen to. One thing that made me happy listening them last night at. Thank God. He's not anywhere near the New York mets because he is just so tough to take. So tough to take and someone who loves baseball knows baseball as much as him to be this bad at broadcasting it is is shocking. It truly is there's so many better options in him. He's tough. He's just easy. He's a tough tough tough person to listen to during a playoff game and I don't blame you for going over to radio DOT com and you could be nice all you want about how you love John and Susan I know deep down I can't stand that. Iran just like I can't stand. You Kinda buggered the the whole broadcast. A lot of. Cliches and things of that nature and we all have our moments and all that other stuff. It's just he's he's got those moments every time I just feel ingenuous too. That's the other thing. You'll right just a phoney. Everything about it. It's just like You know you put on Sunday night baseball the second he pops on the TV or slime that's coming out of your screen. As. I try to flip over to watch the presidential. I wanted to take a shower. I mean, it's just like Oh God I've got a different take on all this I almost feel like like Joe Beningo, can I just say this about this I know we doing it Yankees and we're doing this GonNa say this. I was. More appalled. At the moral high ground that people took when watching this debate than the actual debate because what did you expect from this last night? Honestly, we live in a world where we're sharing Karen videos who doesn't WANNA put a mask on and trader. Joe's ten million times we live in a world where cable news is using that type of language over and over again and his so slanted in one direction or the other that ninety percent of garbage that comes out of their mouth are lies we live in a world where you log onto twitter, you got people using racial slurs people calling. Other people racists who aren't racist or calling people, names or death threats. Those two guys that we saw yesterday our reflection on what we are today. So you put that debate on last night and acted like you wanted something different, you are full of crap because this is what we are. So stop look at yourself in the mirror and then everybody reacting in the ways that they were and saying I, mean, one of the Cable News Network at that was a bleep show right on TV. So you're going to sit there and tell me how that was such an issue but you have been creating this environment in which we live in to have these guys tried to appeal to us they're trying to get our vote. Like don't you understand like everybody's so offended by do you really think you're going to put that on last night and get a spirited respectful debate between to get stopping on so upset about where America is this is so shut up because you probably were on twitter five hours ago, Colin someone mother for this that euro races you're you're you're probably shared a video of someone having a meltdown in a supermarket you're the problem just as much as that was the problem in the thing is the two guys that are running for President or trying to get your vote act in the same way. So stop it God everybody's the worst. That is the worst. There is no question and the Cable News. Sorry. The Cable News Networks acted like they were disgusted by this. This isn't what you wanted. This isn't what you wanted stop. It's exactly what you wanted. GimMe a break it was cringe-worthy. I mean the from the first word out of Chris Wallace mouth. Last. Subject matter was cringe-worthy all the way through man. I am for this about for this I am for that I. Am for this. I'm not for that. I am for this what? Was it called over the place I mean it's all it is was putting up a mirror to who we are today, and then for everybody to act like like this was some sort of just abhorrent situation and that the country this is the thing that makes you think that the country's in trouble, it wasn't the last six months of the looting and the brick spion thrown and fires and. And It wasn't any of that was these two guys interrupting one another. That's what was the tipping point John Mop. I mean everybody. To be upset, at name calling yeah. So you had people on twitter all last night getting upset over named. That's all anybody does. Name call just like I. Just I wanted to if I had the patience last night and I was ready to grab my phone, just break it in half because I felt I felt like I had the strength of my frustration frustration last night right I Think, most reasonable people felt the same way you did but it's when when everybody's K. believed it. This is our acting like that I wanted to scroll through twitter account and go through the tweets and replied and see how much nasty venomous junk that they had tweeted out in the last couple of weeks, and then expected more out of the out of the two candidate people are garbage that is a fact. People? Are? Filth. GotTa Jerry Oh. God Damn Judgmental. Offended by this last night like these cable news. What are you? Exactly? Who are you people? Yes. Every. Night basis people are useless. It's actually believe that. That that that is that is like ace sport and that is the amount of money that is utilized the cover that crap is amazing to me. WHO wanted to debate doesn't matter who won the debate nobody is getting swayed either way and these guys we see people this isn't like you know how you have to watch an all star game to see players in other markets back in like nineteen seventy something you know to be able to have an idea of who was good out of market baseball something sure like presidential debates, your back years and years ago you get a chance to see these guys on TV and speak these two dudes are on. TV twenty, four, seven anytime. You want to see him talk you can see them talk. You know exactly who they are what they stand for what they're going to say and how they're going to say it and you're gonNa tell me last night that anything change no, you've got one guy who's going to bully somebody. You got another guy who's going to sit there and try to react to the bullying and try to stand up to. But then stumbles on every other word, and then they're going to split and people are going to talk about it. That's exactly what was going to happen if you had any other expectations for it, you are a moron. Get it together Seriously, get it together to act. So appalled by this, like, where are you where people been like you just drop into you surprised that Joe, Biden couldn't say ten different words correctly. Are You surprised at Donald trump to stunt all over everybody lied about some stuff and then twin after Joe Biden Song you're surprised about this you're offended by that where have you been? We're all here watching same stuff. We're all right here seeing it join the party or don't or keep your mouth shot. Was Missing. was. A Rod. The moderator last night. Man. And Chris Wallace is doing terrible. Nobody could do anything last night that was another Chris Paul Stewart a terrible job. What are you supposed to do in that spot days? DONALD TRUMP MAKE THEM NOT Joe Biden he's the president of the F. and United States who's talking and always gets what he wants and Oh, we stops all over everybody. So let's job listen to Chris Wallace is gonNA shoot a tranquilizer dart his neck he wasn't going to warning thing. What a bad job it's off topic. All of sudden, we need to be on top everybody topic police. Up Yours. Yours goes. You're you're calling people names now? Yes. Exactly and you know what? I'm not sitting here trying to say that anybody else's any better or should be any better because that's the the cesspool that we are in and everybody's existing in it saw stop with your moral nonsense. I'm so I'm so worst trouble as a nation. You know what you wake up you put your pants on your shirt on your life's exactly the same as a woods before that debate last night, and hopefully you go to work. Hopefully yes and hopefully you go to school hopefully, right? Anyway. So, hopefully it that's all right I. Love It I. Love The Passion I told you a you're going to get into it last night. Yeah I just I just cannot stand hypocrisy out there. No kidding. Ended it. All right. What do we do here? We have to take a break Jerry recco up. To get you ZANEX. Awesome. After the show I'd love to during the show probably fall asleep, and after the show I be. Could you fall asleep last night. No actually, it was awful. So not only was I. so upset about everything that I was seeing on. So I just it's my own fault because I'm here looking at twitter and I just I won't tweet because I don't want to tweet because I don't want to be one of the people but I'm looking at the reaction getting fired up. So I got to change something about that I've got to change my habits. So of course, I'm looking at twitter to see this reaction. I'm all fired up you know I I, end up seeing some of the the post. Debate. Discussion, and that sent me to another level where these people are acting like you know we're we know how to do things right that debate happen last night and that was so wrong. So then I'm just up, there's a big thunderstorm. The dogs are barking and my wife woke up in the middle of the night with a nightmare she goes. Like a night terror. So that happened at two thirty in the morning. So what the hell was that? Just a bad dream. What the Hell's going on to know I probably slept about three hours. I've already had three cups of coffee. So it's like xanax would be well, my i. Noticed that you're actually talking at a very quick pace. Well yeah because. This is what you do when you don't sleep. This is that this is a unhealthy pattern. You don't sleep the night before you wake up, you pump yourself full of coffee and so now the heart. Sweating heart is pumping. It's just so we do this all the time I mean like I don't know how many times I saw you when you were still doing Monday night football you know you'd be slam intuitive cinnamon lot pays would fifteen pumps of espresso and at six o'clock segment you weren't even sitting in the chair just levitating and by. By nine o'clock, I get the paddles out for you. Still had a pulse very funny actually. Yes. Yes. So it's so true by the way and that's the mode that I'm in. Right now, that's exactly where I'm at all right boomers going to read something for you, and then we're going to get Jerry RECCO in here with the update it's boomer and Geo on the fan and CBS sports network. Okay. It's the morning show with boomer Esiason in Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo the Yankees Win a playoff game last night in impressive fashion, with Garrett, Cole and the offense Jerry Recco here to tell you all about that and more. Good Morning Jerry Oh morning. Yeah twelve three, the final score and You probably knew right off the bat one, DJ LA- mayhew just lashes up all the right fielder Aaron judge the next pitch for a home run it was probably over but it was really over when Glow Gleyber Torres came to the game ending Shane Bieber's nine. Oh. Come on I did it again darn it. All right. Guys Talk For one second I'm okay. Yeah. So right off the bat, they're boomer as Jerry alluded to now were you listening to John and Susan in the beginning of this game with the Aaron Judge Home Run or were you still with Invest Gershon and? I was on the TV. This. Is Right where I had. decided to turn it off. I. Think the way that a rod described Aaron Judge and the whole thing by the way you had no issues with the radio dot com brought can because this is a thing where we've been streaming it on radio DOT com. This was not an option in years past that is happening. Now you put on radio DOT com sounds clear and beautiful, and you can stream the Yankee Games even a playoff. Should just a tad bit behind it lags a little bit but it's all right I mean I didn't have a problem with it. I mean you know it's. And yet to as you're seeing it and then you're listening to John. Describe it. Which I gotTA. Tell Ya. He did one hundred percent. You did a great job last night he got. To. Swung on and hit in the year two left Centerfield back goes Naylor at the wall and it is gone. It's a two run home run for Gleyber Toro's it went over the high wall and just dunked in in the I drove its glacier day. And like a good glacier, torres is there again John Sterling. About Torres four, four, a home homerun. He drives in three he scores three runs you had the judge. Homerun, Brett Gardner was good. He was three for five and yeah, you got that late Homerun from Giancarlo Stanton. In the ninth inning as well airs Aaron Boone he says, we were ready for Bieber Great Land Marcus a PJ everyone putting together a great plan to. You know going up against you know you're up against an ace that's Marcus Tim's. Who didn't see a lineup like the Yankees maybe the white sox maybe the twins I don't know how many times you pitching those guys are those teams but you know let's face it. You know you. Saw Pittsburgh Kansas, city I mean. So out of crappy teams to. Give you saw the twins a lot and the white sox a lot. Yeah he did. But he also saw some crappy teams just like the Yankees rankings. Yeah. But I mean he gave up more runs last night that he gave up and like the first two months of the season. So was a departure you know I like to. Judge. It's the home run and the announcer goes was. What's his name Vascular Gershon who's really good but goes wow two runs in the first inning he's only given one run in the first inning season ten starts. So hennings eve of one run, it wasn't thirty five starts, but I get his point. Here was Gardner talking about Lemay Human Judge really setting the tone in that first and. Thing and getting on base there with his signature there in the first and judging coming up and you right there real quick to Ron's give us a little bit of breathing room. Give them what that did for Garrett Cole whether he was what we needed it or not. He was settled down because he was working quick he was in rhythm and good work turned in. Value. Yup, and he says nothing but smiles muscles. Start for him and just an. Star for the Yankee Legacy. Building and quite frankly the reason you gotta love is he does work fast he does. The fourth inning and it was it wasn't even like forty five minutes into the game meantime you had early games there was what was the Astros and the twins that game went I want to say four hours and five minutes or so I mean just crazy here was or what was his issue I just wasn't as aggressive as I wish I would. have been with my off stuff in the zone and maybe some fastballs in and just challenging these guys a little bit more allowed seven runs over four and two-thirds his shortest starts in June of twenty, nineteen against the New York Yankees as for coal he became the first Al. Pitcher with thirteen strikeouts in. No walks in a postseason start. That's pretty damn good. Pitcher did that. Who Tom Seaver there you go. Masahiro. Tanaka according to naughty big game pitcher will get the start tonight in his face Carlos Carrasco, the fan and at six twenty five and I figured things that really got als way. For the most part. So if there was ever a night for Tanaka, to suck, it will be tonight. So he can come in tomorrow and say told you so. NAKAS GONNA suck tonight. Call not a big game pitcher. Yeah. Nervous about his early home runs. Eddie allows early on really. Yeah. You're nervous about that. Yes he only. A nervous guy unless of course, you're outside right outside. I'm very nervous. Did say not a big game pitcher. Not a big game pitcher like I don't feel I. Don't know what his record is. Obviously, it's very good. Otherwise, you wouldn't be mocking me but I know this guy's GonNa give up home runs early in the game they're going to guarantee they'll be behind this game yanks. Okay. So you don't think that the Yankee offense can jump on the Indians again and then I thing and it's going to be. They'll be down three nothing with a Tanaka. Bottom of the first three run homer that he gives up. Yes. All right. All right. We'll see when I hope this isn't touching the money Wednesday lds start does that start on Monday starts on Monday? Yeah. I'm just thinking about when we can see coal again. That series because after Colle Tanakh is great but then you're talking the we get down in that Yankee rotation me Jay, HAP would be pitching. Yes. Deciding game three in this series, which also so now we're saying Letty, you know last year was Yankees didn't have that that ace to go to when you really need them. Now they got him now you're talking about these secondary pitchers for the Yankees that's where they're. Well sort of I mean like Tanaka a lot but I mean Jay happened David Garcia I mean Garcia is at times look like a guy you can count on but I don't know I've never seen him in this situation. got. Jordan. Montgomery to still they're all right but I mean by I think that it's going to be happening Garcia probably before you get. Montgomery. So yeah, that's a concern what you want. It's definitely a concern especially with no days off. Yeah. There's there's gotta be issues on a on a team. They can't be one hundred percent great I don't have five it's fantastic starters. But if it starts on Monday gives you some time to get Garrett Cole ready for a game one. So that's perfect. Exactly right. There was good pitching in Tampa Blake Snell five into thirds one, hit ball nine strikeouts raise beat the Blue Jays three one twin gonNA fly ball to left field. Turns and looks it's Gone Homerun Man Wells Fargo and it's postseason debut launches at two run homer the take a three nothing lead and three one, the final score raise radio there they take game one, the White Sox say game one in Oakland four one Lucas G Alito took a perfect game into the seventh inning gave up I think it was the lead off single in that seven th and you had Jose Abreu in money grondahl heading home runs big error. By, HORI POLANCO IN MINNESOTA opens the for the Astros to score three unearned runs and the Astro's beat the twins four one minnesota has lost seventeen consecutive postseason game. That's bad. Yes which is why Allen I or going to go all in on the twins tonight to snap that losing streak really talked about this on the warm up that's not all in is not fifty dollars. Fifty dollars is not an all in type of thing we're all in on them winning tonight. Okay. But all in meeting with him all the St Bucks are you in for fifty now? I've never betting on the twin postseason God they got on sometime. No, they don't. Last year not going to do it this year they're never gonNA do they'll never history organization they're gonNA. It's like walking up to the roulette table. When you see nineteen reds have come out, you can bet on black Yeah. That's what the guy said when they were seventeen reds in a row than eighteen reds in a row, and then he lost his shirt that's the them telling you not a good idea Nah. I like it I'm in. Today wears a lot of baseball. Today braves reds at noon Astros twins at one marlins whites rather cubs it to white sox as at three cardinals padres begin at five game one dodgers brewers attend. Of course, the Tanaka game for the Yankees and the Indians seven o'clock with coverage on the Fan and six, twenty, five tonight Orlando Game One NBA finals between the Lakers and the heat the titans had three players and five other personnel test positive for Covid nineteen so both And the Vikings who played the titans over the weekend suspend person club activities. Now, it does look like they are planning on playing this weekend. There's a slight possibility I guess that they could move the Titan steelers game to Monday I think they should move the Titan steelers games Tuesday night. Tuesday. Night on. National. Now, that would be really cool. Yeah. Of course, they would have to plan a short week you know and get ready for their next Sunday game but this would give everybody a chance to. Get their feet underneath them. You know this is going to be a big game between two very good teams. You don't want anybody to have a distinct advantage going into this game of titans, can't practice. Because, they're not gonNA open up their facility anytime soon, and the Pittsburgh steelers are being told you guys can practice yesterday. Here's another idea. So from CBS Sports Dot Com this morning and the steelers and titans has to be postponed. The titans have a week seven by the steelers buys, and until we kate however, the steelers play the Ravens in week seven and Baltimore also has a week eight by so you move steelers titans the week seven still is ravens to week eight, and then you don't have to disrupt any else boom just interesting bom you have the thing about it is you got you got to be ready to improvise and adjust basically is what it comes down to like Tuesday night. Tuesday do I. That would be awesome. Tennessee Titans Pittsburgh steelers, CBS primetime Tuesday night. Let's roll come on boys Thursday night football, the jets and the broncos Brett rippin will start at Kodak for Denver. Now, I say who he is the nephew of Mark Rippin by the way. His son I mean come on. His son Buddy. Did he played a boise state and he threw a lot of passes at Boise state he was undrafted. It's been around a year or so and. Vince jump passing on. Tell you if the jess loses one. Well. If they do there are multiple reports out there that say the jets ready to move on from Adam Gates. If they lose on Thursday night, he was asked about his job security on Tuesday we got so much stuff we gotta get get in over the next two days to get ready to play this game. That's gotTa be my bogus I waste my energy him anything else it's. It's just counterproductive what we're trying to do. There you go to win a game that actually sounded pretty reasonable to me. I would say so it did but none of it matters. Christopher by the way if he ends up, firing him three weeks after calling him a genius that is going to be just just absolutely remarkable. I mean everybody's GonNa Happen in the last three weeks he went from genius fired. Well. Not good not. Rangers buying out the final year of Henrik. Lundqvist's contract that will wrap up a fifteen year run here as ranger goalie over Was it four, hundred and fifty, nine wins, sixty four shutouts and I imagine he still wants to play. We Will See I. Think he definitely wants to play definitely wants to play seven straight years out of the playoffs prior to Henrik arriving. At Madison Square Garden, they made it to the playoffs eleven of his first twelve seasons, of course. Also includes three conference finals one cup final, and I can't even tell you how many game seven city one. Yet an unbelievable career here Marc staal both by the way had tremendous ranger careers. You know they are part of the that last group of players that gave so much to cheer for. Unfortunately they never WanNa Cup but this is the reality of sports you gotta get younger. You gotta get cheaper they'll gain a little bit more room under the salary cap and right now they're already I think it's one million under the salary cap. So who knows I I know they're big game hunting I know that and I know that they tried the berry hard. And they checked in on Jack Eichel up there buffalo. Once out right. Out or not I mean, it's Kinda. He does he doesn't know what's the vision for Buffalo and I I don't know those answers but I do know that the Rangers did check in to see what it would take try to Pry Jack. Eichel. Out of Buffalo. So that's the rangers they they need. We need a top flight number two center and I don't know if that's spill a Pedo, I don't know if that spread. Houten. Maybe, they could use lundquist. They had Ryan Strom there last year and Ryan's a nice player. But you know when you watch the Stanley Cup and you watch what these other teams have it center and how they just dominate the game and how physical two games are Rangers need a strong presence physical presence for me anyway at the number two center spot, maybe Henry can go play for the WASPS I know you've been trying to upgrade your goaltending situation with the Ciccarelli doesn't really get it done for you. We should've church he gets. Telling me off the air. Paulie. Get over Paul even I don't know how many times you've come in the morning be like listen Paulie just didn't have it last night I mean, really we did everything and then just he's the last line of Defense and he joked it up and it was a lot of complaining about ball couple of. Nights yet but for the most part, he plays well I mean like GonNa go battles I got. Him? Because Amb. Okay. Very good. What I read a Williams withdrew from the French Open this morning. Okay Dead Achilles, Injury Yeah Oh. So it wasn't like anything to do with the French Open and the whole bit and all that other stuff, right? Got An injury. Very good eighties boomer and Geo. Live from the built Ford Tough Studios on the fan and CBS sports network each the morning show with boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo congratulations to our colleague Evan Roberts, who is now the father of two. As his wife gave birth to his second son little after twelve thirty this morning Spence Roberts. Chernoff Senate the tax. Journal says Texas Spence Robertson I just WanNa make sure with Spencer Spencer because I know that Spencer is also a name and I think maybe a little more common than spence and if left off the are and then I said Spence and it was spencer than I would've been embarrassed but he said, no, no, no it Spence Roberts. So it's spence in Jet Roberts the two sons for Evan and his wonderful wife. So congratulations to him and I do believe that with the covert hospital protocols. He's got stay in hospital for a couple of days so. I bet you he's not. He's not going to be working for a couple of days now that I think about unless he brought his comrex unit, the thing that connects him to the air in remote locations he brought with him in the hospital. Yeah and he's sitting in hospital with a newborn and his wife doing the show with Joe, which I could totally see him doing. The covid protocols are what they were you know three or four months ago you know. Joe Go to the hospital to be with Evan. Shot. To Evan and his wife Sylvia right I believe. So yes. So graduations to them it's hard to believe that he's actually a dad bought twice over. And you know he's he hasn't come in come in more doing the bird baths and everything. So. That's a good thing. He's he's home when we saw the video of him dunking on the short rim in his own driveway. Father Yeah. No, I know. Yeah. Do you look at me as a father? Yeah of course. Yeah. You're you're you know you seem to be of you know you've settled down now you're you get your Unites House, you get you five hundred foot driveway, your boat you got your new patio in the backyard. You gotta do the prime boxes coming like you know every single day ten times a day. So yeah, I think you're you're settled in nicely now. All right. Good because like I, would I started having like one of those. Wait a second. What do they think about me moments when you're like I can't believe he's a father. Crazy guys father. I wonder do they would. What are they thinking? You know in some respects Hausa father to to whimsey. Yeah. A Dog Dad for sure. Yeah. I mean say what you want me now makes jokes about it about how it's the same as having a kid but it definitely like when you have a pet if you are someone who is in a marriage or relationship and you plan to have children getting dog I or a pet I is. A great idea. Now, it's nothing like the baby in the sense of the responsibilities and everything, but it does it creates an environment for you where you're no longer the only thing that you have to keep alive and that is very important. So I. Don't think we're going to have any children at this point but I mean for others I always said like getting that pet I man is the way to go. Sometimes and I'm like, I got to get this dog her yogurt. She's running out of yogurt in the fridge I gotta get to the store not just me anymore. Yeah it's right. It's all about responsibility, right? It's not just you anymore. Is. Right all right eight, seven, seven, three, three, seven, sixty, six, sixty, six you WanNa talk about the Yankees dominating the Indians Henrik saying farewell as the Rangers are going to buy him out whatever you want the jets who are by the way still an underdog. So Brit Rippin of Boise state and undrafted quarterback who had like just a handful of snaps in the NFL on the road that Denver team who is also had not won a game is still a point and a half favourite in this football game you bet. You might also say a little bit of Jeff. Jeff? Driscoll Oh wow just. Don't get don't get the viewers excited right I mean my kid you might get a glimpse of driscoll in this one. If you're lucky aright, let's go to frank who's gone from Staten Island. What's up frank? Agamemnon guys. Hey. I really enjoy your rant before I really like when you don't sleep and you drink a lot of calls. To, get drug tested you think jail great because maybe he needs to get. Okay tested after that but maybe I really wanted to talk about Hendrick What a legend I can remember as a kid, my father took me to my first ranger's game with my brother a little older and we saw them in Minnesota North Stars play and Eddie Schalken. I got to see him play Madison Square Garden. So here we are all these years later, Bouma. Would all the history with with everything that Henrik is done in his career? Can you imagine the I came back Henrik is playing for another team will the fans and the garden be chanting for Hendrick if we're if we're allowed into the garden yeah, we will be there's no question about it. He's the beloved ranger. We'll go down as one of the Great Rangers of all time have his Jersey raised to the rafters that will be a very, very special night for sure and you know these things you know. Just can't beat father time and salary cap at the same time. You just you just can't. It's just it's a reality of the sport especially when you have two young boys who have actually proven that they can play hopefully, they'll live up to the lofty standards that he sat here. Mike Richter set some great standards Henrik came in. And you know four, hundred, fifty, nine, three, hundred, ten, and ninety six. At sixty four shutouts goals against was two point, four three and he had a save percentage of nine hundred eighteen. That's what I call a hell of a contract. A career. Yeah and it was, al of a contract to. Wonder I mean this is like you know you gotta be careful about who you pay when you pay them especially goalies they got paid for everything that he did there's no question about that, and hopefully you know he carries on with another team and he shared goaltending duties with somebody. On a good team, you know like watching Ryan mcdonagh and Kevin Shattenkirk Win The Stanley Cup I would've loved to have seen them do it in our jerseys. I know they wanted to do our jerseys but the watch them do it in in the Tampa Bay Lightning Jersey I was happy for those guys. You know the especially Ryan mcdonagh he was a great ranger too when he was here. Joan wilcock. Connecticut, what's going on Joe Hey guys. Great Show. Hey Boom. Yeah. The JETS PRIMETIME Tomorrow night. Yes. But let's Frank Gore. How about what's play La- Michael? Corinne? CV can build some kind of relationship with Sam. I want guys that are the same age to play in grow together. I don't get it I piloted the Frank Gore I'll hang up and this was I. appreciate it I. Understand that like you're saying yourself, where are they going like where where the jets headed and why are we playing? You know a player of the age of Frank War now that's a really good question like why wouldn't you just continue to play as many players as you can give you an answer okay. Here's your answer. Your answer is that the head coach is on the hot seat the head coach has played had frank or as a player of before he knows he's going to do everything he asks of him in running the ball pass protection all of those things he needs to put the best effort. Out there every single week because he might lose his job. So if he was given a longer leash and he was told, absolutely, you're going to be the coach of this team not only this year but you know maybe next year as well. We're going to honor the contract that he would probably play some younger guys. That's really that's the reason right there. When you got a coach desperately needs to win a game to save his ex he's going to do whatever it takes care about the. Kind of the same thing that's going on in Detroit with Adrian Peterson Oh. That's just insane because they they saying, well, that's because there's two guys there. Was I think a was it a second round pick a third round, pick her in the first round and a second round pick. There's two running backs. They're I'll tell you exactly where they were drafted and Adrian Peterson. They bring in to give all the carries to just stupid with Kerryon Johnson Andrea Swift there. It's just Stupid but you just don't know what's going on in the locker room. You don't know what's. Really good. Last year eighty got ended up getting hurt. You just don't know how many mistakes they're making and you just don't know whether or not. They're lowering their shoulders. You don't know whether or not. They're going through the line of scrimmage away they're supposed to be going. Know that and that's one of the reasons why these guys are still around because they still do it at a very high level but I'm with the previous caller I am while I appreciate the relationship that engaged has with the thirty-seven-year-old frank were I also know that? The jets are not going to the playoffs. The jets are not winning the Super Bowl Yeah. So you can look at this one or two ways you can look at it. It's the coaches problem or it's just horrible drafting, but the forty third overall pick was on Kerryon. Johnson. The thirty fifth overall pick was on Andrea Swift, and in that last game on Sunday Peterson at twenty three touches. Kerryon Johnson at four and swift at one. So it's either that the coach doesn't give these guys a chance or drafted horribly right just wasting picks you remember week one D Andre Smith had the game his hands drop. All right. So last week he ran play out of the Backfield and Matthew Stafford hit him in the back of the helmet with with the football he wasn't looking for the ball and he's Tear then it's terrible drafting. Added ready yet he's just not ready. Does he like? Running backs all over the place to get drafted and make an impact writer. Edwards layers like frigging Barry, sanders already I A- crying outlet but he's at organizations good organization. Sometimes it takes kids a couple years to figure. Bringing Adrian the fossil Adrian Peterson the run through everybody it's so stupid at team they Matt Patricia needs to go. He's Here we go. Okay. Does he needs to? Hear here, wheels that organization sucks lines of the worst. The, hell. They're doing guy did appreciate after the game last week Jeffrey Okuda their first round draft choice out of Ohio State Defensive Back. They beat Arizona in Arizona and nobody gave them a chance that was one of the Games you know that you could see you know we're arezzo was going to be like you know the the suicide pool pack right? It was the one hundred people out of the. Thing I mean and Kudos said after the game you know was sick and tired of being disrespected and they've been look they they should have beaten. And one, they should have one. There's no way they should've lost decade. They should be two and one right now. But. They're not COULDA woulda should I mean give me a break it's the NFL. As they say the. What what's his face? Joe Judging Adam case? It's the NFL there's no excuses made in here. This is the NFL. The morning show with boomer Esiason in Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo made dominating performance by the New York Yankees and their offense and everybody was putting that pressure on Garrett Cole you gotTa do it. This is why he got brought in three hundred million dollars. You can't choke here. I don't care. The other pitcher is this is it you are a Yankee now and you were brought in to stabilize this rotation and be the ace in game. Ones of series and game sevens of series. Well, he went out and he was dominant thirteen strikeouts. He was awesome. He was in control. The entire game might have helped out that the Yankees jumped on Bieber in the way that they did right away with. Lemay. Hugh and then judge and that could settle him in but it was a just a full blown ask kicking now as they say momentum in baseball the next day starting pitcher. That's. An old cliche. So I don't know if anything can carry over into this game from what the Yankees did to the Indians night but board, they look like the better team in this one game and it really makes you think that they needed the playoffs start. That's what they needed. This sixty game season for them was just let's get to the playoffs whatever, and then we're GONNA turn it on and that's exactly what they were locked in. We're focused. It was a different Yankee team had won ten straight I was after they went five and fifteen. It's almost like they know they know exactly when they've got to be the Yankees last night was the day and I would be worried if I were the Indians and everybody else in the American League looking at that box score and watching those highlights last night. Yeah. You know it's There were the savages that's what they were. That's. A looked like a team that was reminiscent of winning ten in a row where they just couldn't be stopped. So. Good plan last night they laid off some of the Brecon ball stuff that were out of strikes on unless of course, you name was. Stanton who actually went fishing the first time he was up but I would say that you know. Garrett Cole is going to have to do this twenty more times during his career and he started his legacy building the right way last night and certainly helps when you have a lead right I. I can just go out there and throw ninety seven mile an hour fastballs and just throwing past everybody. But yeah, he was great thirteen KS no walks which was awesome and arab-owned give him credit. He pushed the right button he had. A Gardener, in the lineup and Gardner came through in a big way, you usually way the doors for that matter. All right. Well, flavor tour is there wasn't any discussion about whether Gleyber Torres was going to be in the lineup or not. We knew that there was gonna be discussion. There was discussion about Clint Frazier and Brett Gardner and once everybody saw the lineup who was I can't believe edgy got frazier in. There he's the young hot bat. I mean it's enough with this. Brett Gardner but Aaron Boone. There was a reason why I did it ends up hitting him eighth the not a lot of lefties in that lineup you know that Gartner has got that experience and he I mean I had the double. Then he had the home run and it was perfect and it looked like he looked like a genius for night. Putting Brett Gardner in lineup and having Clint. Frazier not in the lineup and we'll see where to look like tonight now. I know that Gosh Yoga wasn't great as far. He was one for five. He did strike out once it wasn't like he was hitting home runs left and right I did the job he had to do with coal. I'm worried about Sanchez and stand in the line up in the same night with the amount that they can strike out. I. Don't want that many holes in the lineup I would actually put a gosh she okay out there again with Tanaka. Using Gary Sanchez in pinch hitting situations. If you needed them I just I don't know I don't. I don't trust him and I don't think that he has earned the right to start in the biggest of games with any bit of his play this year. Yeah. You know I if I had a kind of. Predict what's going to happen I. Think he's GonNa play tonight I do. Still they have his back Still Yup. I mean even after this miserable year on if if he is in the lineup tonight and go out there and he and Stanton had over nine and seven strikeouts that you're predicting. Who is going to be holy hell to pay there's going to be. That will yes criticizing that you know that I'm not gonna say that that's going to happen. I just know it's a possibility when those two guys are in the lineup and Stanton's been. Gone for so long in his just come back. So it's like one of those things where you don't see those two in the lineup a lot together because Stanton's never around. So I just I don't know it to me. It's a it's a scary situation. For the Yankees, against good pitching with those two guys in a line lineup at the same time, and by the way when score thirteen runs don't you just toss out the same lineup. High. So yes, you would like to thank so and that's usually what happens in baseball. But you just never know for whatever reason there seems to be these kid gloves that happened to be on Gary Sanchez, and how they handle them. So I, like we're arguing over something just an absolutely dominant win last night, and this was the team that we saw about two weeks ago, and if that team is the team that's going to be. The one that we saw last night man they're going to be really really hard to be and it's GonNa come down to these pitching matchups. Now as we get deeper into the playoffs and you know t Tanaka has been great but it's also it's also so what it is, he's not what he was five years ago. Yeah and wrap this thing up to because think about it. I know they've even if you went on Thursday Friday, Saturday Sunday before you play another game but you do have to travel out to California. You do have to be in a bubble now four and you're already kind of our for the rest of the postseason having that extra day I think would be especially with the travel you gotTa have to Cleveland All we have to southern California, I mean to me. This is so imperative that you're not messing around tonight I mean, this is you got act like this is an elimination game. Tonight with knock on amount matt is in Monroe what's going on? Hey just wanted to talk about keeping Gary Sanchez on the bench kind of like you were talking about when you look at the numbers from the pictures and the pitching staff when he's not behind the plate, it's just mind boggling like Derek. Sorry Garrett, Cole, has a one era with the guy she oca- I mean we have enough power in the lineup. Just we gotta get up on this Gary Sanchez child it's not working. Yeah. I would say it's more than a trial. You know he's been here for a number years. I think it's I think it's more of a I think a wait and see patient type of attitude I. Think there are times where Joe Girardi got berry impatient with him and it's probably one of the reasons why they felt like they need to get Aaron Boone here in just like a different message. To Gary Sanchez but that doesn't seem to really work either. Yeah, and I just now is not the time to be putting them out there to try to get the confidence back now is not the time to be saying Gary. This is where you count on. You know you had all these other opportunities to prove to the Yankees that we can trust you in these spots and you don't do it. So we've got another catcher here. WHO's fine we don't have to worry about him we throw at the bottom of. The lineup look at the rest of the fricken lineup we don't need to worry about Gary Sanchez, striking out three times maybe running into one Late in the game, it's just the the risk is not worth. The the reward is not worth the risk any longer in my opinion albums with Gary Sanchez L. Do you know whatever Brian Cashman and his minions tell Aaron Boone the do that that that's what Will Happen Tonight Chris in Hal what's going on Chris? Hey. Guys, I just wanted to even like the Yankees great last night I just WANNA remind everybody that if they don't win the world series, the the season is a complete and utter disastrous failure once again. Yeah I know you sound like area? Who always reminds Yankee fans of that Shore I mean, yes I mean the Yankees and your the heavy favourite going into the year to the world series champion and you have Garrett Cole and you're healthy now. Yeah. I mean I know the dodgers had a spectacular year and if the Yankees make it there I mean it's GonNa be one hell of a match up. But if the Yankees end up beating the Indians and then losing to the raise in the LDS yeah. That's going to be the buckle as good as the rays have been this year and it's tough they play the Yankees that's going to be. A Bockel. Nick is in New Jersey what's up Nick? How's it going, guys? How are you? Good Nick when he got. So night with. The his potential class star any Yankees uniform just kind of wanted to get a hold on what you guys think how he's GonNa come out tonight Do you think he you know performs like he has been performing? In his previous postings and career or do you think No, they go to the bullpen early tonight I mean if it's his last start that means that they're gonNA lose this series to the Indians. I. Don't think that would be. Unacceptable Yankee Past. That's not happening. Again say that it's last archers. Then then all of a sudden, you're saying that they're losing the series. Yeah what it could be potentially his last start because that's still an option it really is still an option. So I don't know to knock. It doesn't seem like the guy who thinks about those things in the moment he's probably thinking that I have to go out to win this game so we can continue on. To the next series and that's the way it's going to be I also be very surprised. They didn't bring him back. At a lower number but I I mean to me it would be very surprising if he didn't end up back in a Yankee uniform next year so. It's amazing because of Covid nineteen and obviously the reductions and salaries that the players had taken all that other stuff the Tampa Bay rays are the twenty eighth. Lowest paid team in the League. So the only teams that have a less of a payroll or the pirates in the orioles. Bay raise right now you know what their number is for their entire team during the pandemic I don't know I'm sure it's laughable. Twenty eight million. Wow. Yep. So that that's the number that they are paying out during the pandemic twenty, eight million in the Yankees are pain. Hit. A hundred and nine million and there. They're the highest paid team during the pandemic. The dodgers are next at one hundred. Six or so. Yankees. Dodgers Red Sox Astros phillies mets, those your top six paid teams in baseball. The phillies and mets already home, right. All right. Each morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg. boomer and Geo Jerry back with us with all the good sounds of a Yankee playoff win what's going on Jerry Edgy Yankee, blowout playoff win and the pitches swing on an hidden the air to right and deep back goes naked on the track. He's out the wall. ABC's gone. Oh what a start for the Yankees. It's Judgment Day Aaron, judge justed at two run home run JUDGY, and blast to write veal. And the Yankees immediately take a to nothing lead it could not have started better for the Yanks four pitches in that was pretty much right there to nothing lead for the Yankees on their way to a twelve, three rout of Shane Bieber and the Indians. Here's manage Aaron Boone judge really got going for us. That is that I. Think the guys feed off. And speaking of presence. The Presence Garrett Cole had pretty damn good last night coal seven innings to run ball thirteen strikeouts for the win boone on his starter. He just made a lot of the pitches. I, think he ended up not walking anyone that he had a couple of times where we got into three, two, three, two council made a pitch and those were big pitches became the first American League pitcher with thirteen strikeouts in no walks in a postseason start, which is pretty remarkable There's a long clip from call, but he talks about just the overall effort. It was definitely a special night. But especially, this year we. Lot more. Baseball. To whim so. Honestly celebrate to get stuff and and. And showered and come back tomorrow and get to the ball, and then do it with Masahiro Tanaka here was judge on coal and doing what was needed. This is why we got no we didn't give them throwing April. We didn't get thrown baby on throwing. postseason baseball for the and that's exactly what he did. Last night and good at it for sure a couple of other good performances gleyber Torres when four for four in this game Brett Gardner three for five. In this game, he hit a home run as doors and John Carlos Stanton homered as well. Ninth inning home run but a home runs a home run Shane Bieber the loss you loud seven runs over four and two thirds. So what was your deal fell behind quite a bit and force myself in some bad situations and so bad counts and then On top of not having my best stuff and adds up to a Yankee game one win, they will try to close things out with the quick two game sweep in Cleveland Tonight Masahiro Tanaka Facing Carlos Carrasco on the Fan Wfan Dot Com at six twenty five. There were three other Games yesterday all in the American League number one, you had the white sox beat the as four one Jose Abreu homered in this game Lucas g leader was tremendous to no excuse me a perfect game into the seventh inning the raise the blue jays three one, blake Snell five and two thirds one hit ball no, I'm risking my life. Perhaps, but he won't to get no RONA. Of course if people don't remember this reenacting the Blake Snell twitch video where he didn't want to go and play before they reached a deal where sitting there playing video games going I'll put my life on the line Bro. I get no response no revenue I want all mine. It's getting taxed. So all that money's gone. Wrong y'all going to be like Bro Blake play for the love of the game man what's wrong with you bro money should not be a thing. A dramatic reading boomers. Thank. Off It it does. OFF THE PANDEMIC Sound good from him. No, it didn't but didn't sound my my reenactment wasn't very good either. I don't WANNA, get no item on and get. God meantime the Astros go into Minnesota beat the twins four one, one, one game in the ninth and you had a bad throwing her by Hori Palumbo that would have ended the inning and put Minnesota up in the bottom half tide. Instead the astros got a bases-loaded walk from. Jose Altuve, then base it. They wanted winning four one twins, manager, Rocco. Ball. Deli on that Polanco era killer to play we, we have to make it's a big moment in the game we weren't able to make it but. We. have to kind of white what we saw today in in some regards. We have to show up tomorrow ready to play, and tonight, the twins will end their seventeen game postseason losing streak. Also today you've got the braves and reds at twelve noon. You've got the MARLINS MARLINS and cubs in Chicago at two White Sox as with game two three cardinals and Padres open-air series at five in game one for the dodgers and brewers tic- Walker Bueller is starting that game not Clayton Kershaw for la Tonight Orlando Game One of the NBA Finals Lakers and heat nears Anthony Davis. He is talking about playing in the bubble. They've been there awhile and being in. ORLANDO. For Him and his team he says just find. Basketball for some guys. It was tough wall as deviate for a long time. He Kinda, you kinda freak out though the ones who? Who? Really. Love the game and just wanted to win. Basketball. A lot of guys are not say. Mid. Loved it. Tell you we. Oh, that's the guy. We gotta get free. Agency man. I know it's ever going to happen but you know if there were if there's Leeann rose and Tom Pivot Oh and Steve Stoute and Perry and all the guys that we got now running this franchise, get that guy. and. You'll cement already your legacy didn't you hate the way he got himself out of New Orleans did but I you know this is this is what the new NBA is. But that guy's GonNa to be a free agent and obviously the Lakers can offer him more money than anybody. And I doubt that he would WANNA come to New York. But who knows I would love to see that that would be an awesome signing. To me still even though he had a rough postseason, people are all over and he was on follows teammates on instagram whatever to me it's still Jaanus Janas would be if I could pick one guy neat. None of this is going to happen because no one wants to play for the next because every NBA player hates the next even the ones who put the uniform. Steve. Stoute. Sure. That'll feel it. And Worldwide West. Every NBA player age the Knicks. But they don't hate on rose worldwide west and Steve Stoute. Hope not they'll learn hope not. the Tennessee titans at three players and five personnel. Members come down with covid nineteen or at least has positive excuse me and so all club activities have been suspended through Friday I believe same for the Vikings as well as of now it does look like games will be played this weekend you've got the Vikings playing Houston you've got the titans playing the steelers here is Mike Tomlin what did he hear from the League? You understand the uncertainty, but we have a high level of professionalism focus in spite of that. Those are intentions that's been the intention of the staff today. Is Absolutely. The best tells it like it is now videos of surfaced of some raiders I think you mentioned this earlier at a charity event for Darren Waller's foundation. Yeah. Wearing masks including Derek Carr and Jason Witten and mark. Davis not happy. So he's going to launch his own investigation although the. Interesting thing about all of this, they can do rapid tests for every single player and every single. You know personnel. Group, of for all these teams and I would think that you don't get the tests out there find out if anybody else has it and then move on. I love the launch launch an investigation into these guys. Now wearing masks get a charity event like I love. Mark Davis like stop what we GONNA hire the FBI. You didn't put on a mask. Why was this some sort of ringleader? Told you know masks? Where'd you go? Would you do? Sit Down like a bright light on their face just stop. Jets broncos Thursday night will open up week four in the NFL Adam gays not worried no time to worry about being fired. I can't focus on that. It's wasted energy for me. It don't. Second helped me at all. Worrying about it will not. He's gotTa worry about Brett Rippin who's GonNa be the starting quarterback for the broncos and worry about his team going out there and doing something offensively and sustaining some sort of drives. I saw the jets, what eight hundred offensive yards in three games. Patrick mahomes than half of that on Monday and by the way congratulations to him and baby you're having a baby they're having a baby. Yes. They posted that? Whole. Yeah Tremendous if they named it boomer. One hundred my hero. That's all. Little Jealous. Yesterday actually. saw. Little. Rangers are buying out the final year of Henrik Lundqvist. Contract a tremendous career here in New York, it will end up and finished somewhere else fifteen years sixty, four shutouts four, hundred, fifty, nine wins an appearance in the Stanley Cup finals boomer mentioned last hour but it's over now Serena Williams withdraws from the French Open with an Achilles injury and there was a scary thing on twitter I. Don't know if you saw it I don't think it turned out to be anything but one of these matches there at the French Open there was a huge blast heard. Right is one of the players was I think it was Stan Wawrinka who was playing and I think what they said. It was some some flyover created some sort of an explosion sound or someone. But for a short time, you're very concerned that it was something very serious to turn out to be. So so that's a good thing. I thought it was joke hitting another umpire in the throat when a tennis ball they thought that it was. It was not that I can tell you. There you go. beat the morning show with boomer Asya said in Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo Jerry Jones goes on a radio station. Every single weekend says a bunch of. Crazy stuff. He just always does. But this one. That happened yesterday. People can't even figure out if he was criticizing his own quarterback or. This is how convoluted and Bizarre Jerry Jones interviews get. You can't even tell if he's criticizing Dak Prescott or not, and I still don't know I have not heard this audio have just read these quotes and there are people say, no, he wasn't criticizing other people say absolutely was criticizing them and I'm not even sure because I haven't heard yet had kinda need to hear the inflection voice. But he's basically saying that like you know in situations like the Dallas cowboys were at the end of their game. This past week like mahomes will sane Tony Romo and then he also through back in there too. But then reference always other quarterbacks like you know they're going to make those plays. So then people responded saying, is he saying tax not as good as those guys like what is going on but I just don't understand how anybody to this point of the season. Jerry. Jones Cowboy Fan whatever and their defense is not been good could criticize Dak. Prescott play to this point. Honestly he's making a ton of money with his franchise tag. We know he's going to sign a big extension. We all understand that he has been great on and off the field he had that whole interview with his brother at the deal with that whole thing I, mean if Jerry Jones and I really hope that he was not if Jerry Jones actually went on that radio station and sort of criticizing Dak Prescott and comparing to other quarterbacks things are better than Prescott. That, he has played and acquitted himself in every situation than that to me is total crap. But I'm hoping that it wasn't and his words were misconstrued. Well, you have to hear it and you have to hear the inflections to understand that like when you read it, it doesn't really necessarily come across that way. But when you hear it, it does come across that way now Dacca's averaging. Three hundred ninety six yards per game in their first re games is complaining about sixty eight or sixty seven percent of his passes. He's already thrown for almost twelve hundred yards hence, the three hundred, ninety, six yards per game passing plus he's also run in a number of. touchdowns I I don't know what else he has to do. Their defense is terrible. Reminds me a lot of the raiders like we're Derek cars to go out there and do spectacular things in order for their team to win. Now, I don't know if the defenses are going to start catching up to the offense is here because it certainly the way I look at it the offense has had clearly the upper hand through the first three weeks of the NFL season. with the exception of the jets and the giants by the way So all the other teams have actually score allot more points thrown for a lot more yards a lot more completions. They are setting offensive records already through the first three weeks of the twenty, twenty season and Deck Prescott stands at the top of the list right now in terms of average yards per game passing. And Jerry will play that audio for us in his next up date. So we can listen to it for ourselves and determine what we think about what Jerry Jones was actually trying to say about Dak Prescott in the meantime is GonNa John in Danbury Connecticut what's happening John Good Morning Guys Good Morning Fan of the show I. Also Love Algerian GonNa say too but okay let's just call I. I. Meant to call you guys Monday I just didn't have time but I just can't get over and I know you guys are talking about this Ad Nauseam for the past few days. I just can't get over how terrible these two football teams. All right now I mean I'm I'm from Boston I'm a Patriots Fan. I'm forty two I lived through some years few human being one, hundred fifteen. So I get it I get you know I. It was terrible being passed back. Then I understand that I've been credibly foil the past twenty years. But now, a lot of friends that are jeff and giants fan and I I honestly pulled for them to win. Sometimes it's my friend's sake and and but it just I bet the Joe Judge and Daniel Jones to come out this past weekend, and at least do something I get the forty niners teams that have just been there. You know. I can't believe the forty nine hundred came across the country I guess what they close by whatever but they say that. The fear, Kimes, we do consecutive week. So embarrassed, and then the second week against the giants was basically with the junior varsity team. That was back. That was a backup quarterback backup players all over the place where I think they were missing eight daughters by the way, the jets and the giants are the two lowest scoring teams. In the NFL, they average less than thirteen points per game I would have never guessed and the team that is like right there with them is the Denver Broncos. So Thursday Riveting yeah. This this is the one where if the jets lose this game and they lose it by a significant margin, which I think is possible because they're so bad. You cannot on a long week bring back Adam Gates you can't do it because this is so you're talking about a third string quarterback on drafted. From Boise state who has never started a game before on the road on a short week traveling here after the jets have started their season. If he throws four touchdown passes and the jets lose like thirty, two six, you cannot keep the coach. You can't I don't care how much of a relationship Joe Douglas and Adam gays have Chris Johnson thinks he's a mad scientist of genius that point you are so bad that you can't even compete against the worst teams in football than something absolutely has to change to save face and have some sort of respect and treat your fan base. A little bit better because they're not they're going to be going in there already going insane. This this would be bad but if they win the game, it's like one of those things where it's like jet fans even going to be excited. If you win this game because all it does is prolong your agony if you don't want Adam Gates to the head coach anymore. So I don't even know what I think. You'd be better off just keeping the coach and trying to get to. Owen. Sixteen And, get the number one pick. It's a really weird spot that they're in their first game with all the injuries that they have had. Now listen the broncos a ton of injuries to They're getting a couple of guys back on defense. It looks like. The forty niners obviously, we have listed all the injuries that they've had and yet they've won two games. They probably should be three now. But there is already a you know I kind of feel like. You, know Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch have changed team in that mindset around it took him about four years to get there. and. But that's one of the reasons why they were able to come in and win Joe. Judge. Doesn't have that yet with the giants you know and he still hasn't gotten his first win I mean just it's so frustrating I'm sure for the coaches and for everybody that's playing. But I, I'm I'm right there with you if they if they lose Thursday night man. What if they lose a close game? What if they lose all? got. To. How this whole thing looks man. You know that I mean, Louis we get hype terrible football king I'll give you. They win if they win by thirty, one six. Then, what will they need? Obviously you`re Keeping the coach and you're moving on for one week by the. But then we're GONNA come in here Friday morning and we're we're just GONNA say well, they just beat a bad team so it doesn't matter I mean there's already that's not true. There is a negative narrative that is surrounded Adam gays literally for. Be The day that he got his opening press conference today it's been nothing but sheer negatively for a lot of different reasons Yeah. I I don't I'm not gonNA. Say They just beat a bad team if they went against the Denver. Broncos even if it's against their third string quarterback because they're an underdog in a game and they've been so bad they haven't been. Able to even compete in games that they found a way to win one. You can't say they beat a bad team. You have to say well at least and it depends Sam looks to me if he looks really good and he's throwing the ball down the field, he's playing with competency doesn't that nervous happy feet looked and that's a step in the right direction to. But I just how could you have any faith in this team against anybody the Denver broncos in this situation on the road against any other team in the NFL would not be favorites not any of even the giants they really events. No way no way. They wouldn't be favorites now I mean they might be giants minus one and a half or a pick em or something but there's no way that the Broncos we favorites any other team on the road with Brett. Rippin. He's what he's. Thrown six passes in the NFL. Yes. Time leading passer with over thirteen thousand yard. By the way, the jets and the giants, and the broncos are the only three teams not actually has fourteen Washington's in there to the only four teams that are averaging less than three hundred yards per game. So bad it's worse than I ever could have imagined for this season I knew it was going to be bad and so far after three weeks it is putrid and that last caller is right. I mean it's just it's We're not even talking about middle of the road teams that that can't find their way to play us. We're talking about two of the worst teams in the game who give you nothing to watch. He can't even break three hundred yards of offense in a football game. All right but I am I'm actually still very excited to watch that game. or not because I, need I need to know what happens with the jets and their future like I'm still I mean I would be laughing my ass off prep was just whole in a ball just chuck and down the field four, hundred yards, four touchdowns, I. It'd be just amazing him like doing a dance in the end zone. You Gotta You gotta believe that even with the players that he has that Greg, Williams will do something to confuse the young man or try to confuse them. Yeah you would. You would think. That would be I to me anyway, that has to be an advantage for the chats. Here, CBS sports network just put up that thing a little while ago and six seventy, five points point differential minus ninety, eight turnover margin minus six combined the jets and giants. That's why the Yankees man you better keep winning because it's going to get desolate around these parts. If you. All right boomer and Geo live from the built. Ford tough studios on the fan CBS sports network and a radio DOT COM each the morning show with boomer. ESIASON and Greg. boomer Geo that told you I got this new security system and cameras and stuff the house. and. I. Keep forgetting every morning when I. Wake up in this Stupor that I've got this system because if you open up a door and you don't disarm the alarm thing goes off. Right. So I go downstairs every morning I let Allah out because she has to go out to big bulldog with her inside out vagina that she has to go pee in the wiper that whole thing. So I opened up the door every morning with that disarming this thing. And why how ro row vote and I gotta run over to the frigate thing I got to disarm it and I'm hoping that like I, catch it before the people from the security system called House and then call the cops. Eh, done this like four days in a row and I can't get out of the habit of doing it like a total moron. So I'm thinking that the neighbors here in is at whatever four something in the mornings, a wake-up Gina and. Sabrina. It hasn't yet because of the sound machines because we've got these sound machines on that I don't know how it drowns out all the noise put. It does upstairs. So I, don't even when I. Start Screaming in the morning doing a show that Sabrina does even wake up i. don't even know how to hell that's impossible and she's right in the room next to me but I'm just a frigging moron total moron every why wall back door open. Back Door Open. Well, there's somebody I mean Nixon fell zone probably thinking like every night in four o'clock in the morning, my house is getting broken into like a doofus. I was looking at the futures by the way for a super bowl futures in the NFL. Just to have some fun because every team is on there. So, to win these super bowl. All right. The jets giants are. Last and second to last all right now you know how this works right like plus money? Yes. So if you put one hundred dollars on it, then you would win whatever the plus money. So for example you. No No No couldn't wouldn't be that much but the Kansas City chiefs are plus four hundred, the ravens are plus five fifty. Those are two examples. What do you think the giants are call God? I'll give you a middle of the road team. All right. How about I'll give you the bears plus forty one hundred. Plus, forty, one hundred and that's that's the bear. So just to give you an idea. Is got to be plus like. Ten thousand. There plus thirty, five, thousand. So if you. If you put one hundred dollars on the giants to win the Super Bowl and they did you'd win thirty, five, thousand dollars. Now, the jets are a larger underdog than that. You want to take a guess awarded. That would be fifty thousand. Yeah. Okay. Well, it's like buying a lottery ticket. No it's I think it's worse than. A lottery ticket there's some chance this there's no chance. So. Yeah. Plus I've never I don't think I've ever seen a plus fifty. Thousand to win the Super Bowl. That is a rough one. That is a that is a really rough one. Win Totals. You still have up there so The jets after being a win three and looking way they are what do you think the over-under win total is for them right now while right now right now. So okay. I'll look at the schedule I think the win totals gotTA BE, three. Okay three and a half okay. It's three and a half. So I actually I mean I love the under on how could you not meet three and thirteen to fourteen? One, hundred, sixteen, I mean any one of those hits you telling me that team's GonNa, win four games and the giants are the nine. York they get. They got to be a little bit higher just simply because they play really in a horrific division. Gavitt, they do have a tough schedule. We talked about Owen tennis possibility for them. Yeah That was that. was going to be pretty decent. The cowboys defenses terrible. Yeah. Okay. I've got it. The giants right now You nailed it four and a half giant four and a half over under four hundred, which is. The worst two teams in football as far as the lines go, there isn't another team who is either four and a half or three, and half the Jaguars are five. There's a five and a half in there. I think with the bengals are the bengals are four and a half Sago see the one that I will say about you know you can say whatever you want about the Bengals and you can make fun of them but. You Know Joe Boroughs Got Ninety one pass completions in three weeks a rookie record by far, and by the the other thing that they actually score points. While you're making our point here without pants jets are and Adam, gays thing is like. Now, they do have some weapons on offense that is true. The the Cincinnati Bengals have guys to throw while the t higgins has turned out to be a great draft choice for them. We haven't seen Denzel mims yet for the jets. That's the thing is so frustrating that here you draft this kid you're trying to plug holes. So Douglas during the draft tried to plug holes and the first two picks he had or two positions of need for the jets wide receiver and. Tackle. So he he went after both positions that were positions of need. Yeah he did and one of them looked great so far and the other one we haven't even seen on the field and I'd like to I'd like to see him Sam Become Joe Borough and Higgins. Yeah I still think that the Joe Douglas draft class stuff is jet fans of overblown that way too much after three games. There's just you cannot judge that at all and the way MCI Beckton was playing for crying out loud I mean people were talking about him being the rookie in football so far. So we have to make sure that we leave that alone for second. And see what happens with that, and he's got a ton a draft picks coming up with the after the Jamaa Street. So I just data I'm not worried about what I'm worried about is Sam darnold being completely crushed in his career going right down the drain because this team is so bad and he's under the tutelage of a guy doesn't know what he's doing that is. Like I can't. All right I I have the foyer doesn't know it's the truth is the fear I bought into the negativity I know that I'm usually a pretty positive person when it comes to stuff like playing football and and hoping that your team does well and try to figure out a way to get the best Outta here young players most important players I've seen that hasn't happened in the first three weeks. I've seen it. I. Know. So I understand why people are saying that you know Adam gazes in over his head, but you don't you don't coach in the NFL for as long as he has had and the success that he has had in certain areas and say that he's completely incompetent. That's that's I don't think that's a fair thing. You may say that he's not a great leader of men and it doesn't seem that way right now because the way the team looks. But I can't sit here and just agree totally with the comment that is totally inept when it comes to understanding offenses and football one, he was an offensive coordinator and a coach for a quarterback who ran offense like a surgeon. Yeah I understand. But that's exactly the point there is that you have to do much when Peyton manning is the quarterback in basically is the man and is doing everything and changing places the line of scrimmage and is one of the. The greatest tacticians to ever put on a helmet at that position to you need to do much. You know he went from having the greatest communicator. In football history at the line of scrimmage to Ryan Tannehill and to Sam Darnold at their youngest S- parts of their careers. You, know what I mean. Yeah. Sure. But I still still have gotten hurt or sick while they while they had him as a coach. That is a bad break for him but the way that this season has started, they're not competing in the NFL. So I have a question for you. Sure. Is Sam. Darnold more Mitch Trubisky and Blake Bortles. Or is he more Ryan tannehill where he moves on and gets on a good team and then resuscitates his career Going to say he's still got some NFL goodness in him somewhere I. Don't know if it'll will happen here it may. It still may I'm not completely I he's not Blake Portal's in my opinion he's not he's bill be better than Blake Bortles don't went is better than Blake bortles. Yeah. But those guys are bad I think Sam still as a shot I'm not I cannot give up on him at this particular point in his career because I do feel a lot of. It is is unfair to him, but you look at the team as the total team and just being crushed week in and week out. Are you telling me? Let's say and I know you said what happens if the jets win thirty six we understand what's going to happen there let's say they lose thirty to six is Adam gays going to be the coach after this game? Would if you're Christopher Johnson and Joe Doug, what do you do at that point? You'd ride it out. It's a weird weird deal Ma'am because of the way the whole thing went down with Joe Douglas Mike maccagnan and Joe Douglas's is here in the first place and you know if you know and I know it's not in the DNA of coaches say at walk into his GM and say, you know what the team stop listening to me. You might as well, just get rid of me. That's not the. Way. We may think that way as analysts and bans and things of that nature, but they don't think that way. So it is such A. Corner that Joe Douglas is going to be back into. Big Joe Douglas is here because of Adam gays. Well. John Lynch was. Hired in San Francisco After College Shanahan. That's part of it. He's also got a six year deal. It's something that he liked he could be a general manager. He was hired at a point where he felt like he could do some things with this organization I. Mean it's not all add engaged. One thing if your if your your general manager in your heart and you're taking over a team, you know you're brought in to make decisions now. We can look at Brody van wagon. We could look at Dave gettleman we could look at Lula Moreau. We can look at you know Joe, Douglas they you know Lou Lamoriello. Basically transformed. A team that was a pretty good team by all accounts in terms of their draft by Gar snow and everything else. But Lou just add something to the team and then brought in certain guys that actually stepped up and lived up to. You know they're free agent signings like Robin. Leonard. When he first brought him in or now semi on Varlamov or trading for J.. G.. Patio I mean he's done a unbelievable job with that team. You know, and so he's made a difference as a general manager and brought a different approach van wagon and tried to do that with Edwin D as Robinson Cano and arisen and people like this and trying to figure out if he could ever find a catcher or making the trade for Marcus. Stroman. But you don't expect him to quit on the team in the middle of spring training or summer training whatever the hell you want to call on it. But it was a it, it's almost like it. He never had a chance just simply because the way the team was built prior to him getting here. Yeah. Yeah I listen I understand and Joe Douglas has barely been here. He's got a draft class underneath them. He's got one free agent class, but he's also got a situation where his team is a laughingstock and their. Thursday night game with a long week and a staff that could handle them moving on with an intern coach and they're playing a third string quarterback against no one three team and if that team looks lifeless again, then I don't care how friendly it is as they say, this is the NFL, Adam Gates those it. They know it. This is the NFL. This isn't like. Couple of blood brothers like you were talking about and these guys are GonNa stay together through thick and thin. If you are getting blown out by Brett rippin the DENVER broncos on Thursday night football for everybody to see in remember everybody's joking about this being a bad game because it's a national game everybody sees this. This isn't like flip over to the red zone and forget about the jets play. This is a stand alone game. And if it's gets that. You don't have a choice. You don't whether it's fair or not. You don't have a choice each the morning show with boomer, Esiason and Greg. boomer and Geo. Today might be a day to resurrect Matt Hammer's career of because. I'm looking at the. Weather out in Cleveland tonight. And there's forty percent chance of rain around gametime. But the bigger story is the wins, the Windsor crazy out. There is like twenty, five mile, an hour sustained winds with. Gusts that are even stronger than that and of course. The sources it's going to be blowing out to right field nigh. So allies all worried about the Tanaka home runs if just wind is blowing out Oh i. don't know about this whole thing but then again, you got to think about the Yankee lineup how that could help them as well. But this is It'll be interesting tonight with this the windy. Conditions and apparently in Wrigley it's blowing even harder. It'll be blown even harder there and it's going straight out. So we might see a lot of home runs tonight we don't take this this weather report seriously by you since you are a man of the sea I am you're constantly looking at the barometer you're constantly looking at the the wind and the. Tides and all that other stuff now obviously Chicago and Cleveland. You don't have to worry about that lakes there may maybe a little lake effect snow right but yeah. I can see how you are concerned about this. Yeah. This is a big deal man. I'm telling you this is a big deal and I've got all sorts of wind apps and it looks like it's going to be blowing like crazy. So if it's blowing out. That could either help or hurt the Yankees but maybe maybe Matt how help us our that I would say on defense it would hurt the Yankees on offense it will help the Yankees. Either hurt or how I I think it will do. Way To break it down their permanent. Yeah. All right. Now let's Let's get to Jerry because he's got the Yankee stuff and also these Jerry Jones quotes that I want to hear. So it's added Jerry mayor brought to you by Warner. Brothers waste systems, creating a cleaner and greener long island to learn more visit winters. B. R., O. S. DOT COM and the balls were flying out last night in Cleveland for the Yanks. To Stanton. On driven. That falls high that is far has gone. Hey Stand Tony in home run. Giancarlo Nosy Sto Ballo he homers to love. and. The Yankees have a twelve to lead. John Mocking, the Indians. They wound up winning twelve three. Yes. When the game actually just started Aaron judge had a two run homer in the first gleyber Torres drove in three homered scored three times Brett Gardner three hits including a home run an RBI double here was Aaron Boone offense. Outstanding. Great Great Pitcher and we're able to cut continue to add on which is important in these games especially when you're playing every day And then gear was care. And now you remember ads. Garrett. Cole of course you remember back in the day we played a promo about the mound staff. There was another one of those weird Chernoff things that nobody agreed with but Harris Harris did yeah Harris was the was the one you tell me Aaron Boone said mount stay no no no I'm not saying that I'm not saying that as he's talking about the hitting, he says something that I never heard him. Sure. Maybe it's very common I've never heard of it though decisions were really good at it and that's that's the key swing decis decisions I get and by the way it was wasn Mike Chernoff on with Mussa Shiite. Yes. Shame Bieber can get even better. Those only twenty five. So why the hell? Not? That good last night knows. Wing decisions yes. The swing decisions for the Yankees were outstanding last night here was coal obviously judge got this thing rolling and he says, yeah, we're much better when he's there. Pretty safe to say you know because he's just such a big impact of the time. So I mean. Crazy. Learn. Got Him so good and I'm getting paid into thirty dollars cratered. Seven innings. Boy Yes. He was damn good to run ball thirteen strike outs for the victory. Here was judged looking to continue what they started last night. This game is good or bad. There's always a game. Intensity and. A little more focused we have a chance to. Win The series immoral, and now there are those Masahiro Tanaka is pitching for the Yankees. Tonight, there are those that believe not a big game pitcher. Here's judge on Tanaka. Time. pitchers not. Big. Game, pitcher not a big game pitcher who to you believe Aaron Judge Al Dukes. You know Aaron judge isn't going to say anything bad about Tanaka. He's not going to give you the truth. Is that Independent Observer? He's just going to tell things like the way they are big game pitcher. Right judge. Great, I gotTa hit another home run early just to we stay in this game. Not, a big game pitcher. Yep Judge Hey save somebody's runs for tomorrow we. And we know how? Riddick God. If the if the Yankees lose nine nothing tonight and Tanakh is out in the third inning having you gotta take the warm up show off. No No. No. I'm not gonNA take it off. He's GonNa. have his platform to yell and scream about Tanaka. That's all I've found that quite humorous. Raise beat the Blue Jays three one blake's now pitched well, white socks over the as four one lucas gelato pitched even better astros top the twins four one. So a couple of things here, we have a lot of games today eight of them pretty wild and they start at noon with the reds and the braves astros twins at one marlins cubs at to White Sox as at three cardinals padres at five. Of course at seven right here on the fan, we'll have the Yankees and the Indians Carlos Carrasco goes for Cleveland. Coverage, at. Six twenty, five on the Fan Wfan dot com and then later tonight, you've got the dodgers, the brewers at ten pm are you want I was going to play this last hour ran at times? Are here they are Jerry Jones on the fan yesterday in Dallas and this was towards the end of the interview with Sean and rj out their question was. Do you see a big gap after watching Monday night's game between the chiefs and the Ravens between your team and the chiefs essentially to where he went on and said I do and then talked about how good they are. Offensively he gushed about at Kansas, city's run game and then went into this. Very Mrs I guess Mahomes, and then he gets into Russell Wilson who he's referencing. Very quick and elusive in can get in and out of situations with his feet and by time the quarterback we played Sunday is that kind of nature he's very has great ability to get in and out and then. Make to play. All right. So that's that's part one. Then he continued to go play doc, made it to the end of the game that got intercepted will love. The result of DAX ability that let him get that ball off was was a really great and outstanding well, these guys do that. I have that ability of lot. I'm sorry I don't look at that as a shot at all I thought he complimented his elusiveness as well. I thought he did too. Yeah. Yeah. I was just picturing him sitting with an open rope mall. Picturing. This little bit. Amount. Why don't know that he was doing? I suppose. On their yacht. Slippers. Man He wasn't criticizing him. He wasn't. It's. It's weird. The way he was meandering through his points, but he wasn't criticizing him or not. He was he was busy. world-class dealer. Good Morning. I'm really pictured on. DOODLING Actually was talking about the doodling that he does anyone into the story about how he when he told Terrel Owens, they were moving on from him. He was doodling on a restaurant Napkin. Okay, so big dude. Ler. Here's Mike Tomlin. They're playing the titans. The steelers are assuming the titans can play. You had the three players from Tennessee and five other personnel members test positive for Covid nineteen things shut down for them through Friday they could I suspect I suppose postgame the postponed till Monday but right now it is still on for Sunday assuming they play Sunday here was Tomlin on the opposition this is a group that is one close football games. They got a definitive personality They got awesome play demeanor when that we respect their in rough and tumble group a rough and tumble group that bring the best. Describing his own team. Could be, but he was describing attributes that he is throwing the titans way. You could throw the steelers, the steelers back being the steelers they shut out the Houston Texans and Shawn Watson in the second half this past week I could imagine they want in their at halftime and that defense was embarrassed by you know what they gave up to the Texans you know the combined record of the teams steelers have beaten this year. Two and seven Oh and nine and nine Oh. Is it Oh and I I know who they beat who they beat the first to beat the giants. That's right and then the Broncos and yeah. Yeah and the different and differences for the Texans they've played teams that are nine and all. They have how about that? How about? How about that pro? What start out? How about that? Speaking of which the jets play the broncos Thursday night avery. Williamson was on with Joe and Evan. Yesterday and the poor guy I mean, there's just there's nothing to say at this point jet fans just the joviality is just the overnight over the top with. So happy. Well. Well. What to say now, the good news, it looks like crowder we'll be back Thursday night. or The jets well. I. Well. Come on man. On Positive. Semi media. He's had a couple of good games in his career and Brent Ribbon will started quarterback for Denver. That announcement was made yesterday to tonight Orlando Game One NBA. Finals. And heat here's Jimmy Butler. He feels quite different going into the series than maybe others do about who will win although sold at all. Rain better than anybody else I just don't think. Dogs I don't. There you go. Maybe the heat actually. SPEC to win this series. We'll see what numbers could get on that. Because they do have to be the underdog right? I mean, the Lakers must be a heavy favourite. You would think, wow, you look that up. I will tell you that the days of Henrik Lundqvist ranger sweater are over Rangers plan on buying out the final years drag today. Okay that's fine I. Mean Jesus you are really not a big game pitcher. Him Neither fifteen years with the blue shirts, you'll become an unrestricted free agent in Serena Williams withdraws from the French Open today because of an Achilles injury, what kind of numbers you got there all right. So the series price a WHO's going to win the series you what what would sound good to you. Let's start there for the Miami Heat what do you? What do you think it should be? What would sound good to me? Yeah plus five hundred. Wow. Yeah. It's not anywhere near that wall. Plus to sixty. Plus Sixty, not enough to go ends Lebron and Anthony Davis. Yeah. The Lakers are minus three sixty. And Lebron James is minus one sixty five to win the MVP. Hey, if you WanNa have some fun Jimmy, Butler is plus seven fifty to win the finals mvp they win he'll be if they win, he'll be the MVP This whole thing goes back for the Lakers Kobe Bryant death and everything else. They have been really motivated to get to this point as Lebron said, the other day goes look man if we don't want in the championship, this whole thing's a waste of time. I mean there there's motivation on the side of the the Lakers. But man, there's something about the heat and the way that they've been playing and and guys like you've never heard of before that are of stepped up from hero out of bio I mean. Could this be like one of those weird twenty twenty thanks yeah. Of course of course, it could be, and now that you would you really be shocked if Miami was able to pull off this up, I would be you would be I would be I wouldn't. On Yeah I mean they've been great I mean they're so those young guys especially with tyler hero in a way that he's playing sure they're good. The one thing that nobody's getting one guy is not getting credit for the Lakers and why would he because he's in the shadow of course eighty and Lebron is Dwight Howard played well, he has played very well and he has been physical and he's been doing exactly what they they brought him in to do, and that is the fight for rebounds and play about the opt out and Lebron was like, no, you're not doing. You'RE GONNA win Goddamn Championships. Sounds like all right. Very good. Thank you. Jerry each the morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg Naughty Boomerang Geo from time to time. I get dragged into the reality TV smut world right. I'll tell you a couple of shows that I will watch temptation island being one of them. So, wife to me. She's like I got another one of these shows. I, said another one I said, what is this now and she goes it's low violet and I said Love Island okay I said what network is this on there's another one he's net flicks things is it on USA like temptation island she goes no, it's on CBS. CBS. Like CBS like US boomer and Geo CBS sports like sixty minutes the NFL today like CBS CBS. Goes Yeah on CBS I out of here. Okay file and watch it. So I ended up getting into it and it is just the most ridiculous thing on earth but it's the greatest thing. It's just I cannot get enough of these social experiments with these young people who get thrown into these environments and they just effort them the whole time. It's great. So they put people together in Las Vegas, actually doing this. Right, now, as we speak because they usually send them to an island, they can't send him to an island because of covid they stick them on a rooftop and Las Vegas they get all cuddly and they like one another, and then they bring in like a whole bunch of other hot people to screw up relationships. It's phenomenal. So just went there and they have a connection. In walks like young girls with the hair everywhere big Cheddar everything and then you get the guys come in like break down the door and they've got the six pack and it's All oiled up, and then everything goes to hell no, it's just unbelievable and then another thing in this where I just couldn't believe they did this. It's great. So they're all coupled up there sleeping in the bed together forming relationships and. Bonds and they're having conversations. Then they take the guys and they bring them to a place called Casa a more where they fill it with a bunch single girls to test if these guys will stick with the other the original girls, it's amazing. It's absolutely amazing. So I got caught up in this of course I did yeah I mean all of this stuff too hot to handle on Netflix Temptation Island Love Island I. I. Tell You I make I think it's important for husbands and wives to watch television together. especially. When you only have x amount of time, let's say if you've got a toddler a baby at home and then they go to sleep and you have this time together. So she will not make the sacrifices for the stuff that I wanNA watch like I make the sacrifices for the stuff that she wants to watch like there's a documentary or something that I'm into, you might be something she's not into, she'll go straight to the phone and doesn't want to watch I'll I'll try these things out. So I tried out this love island which is on CBS and like now I'm thinking like because of the CBS connection I don't know. Maybe. Get, you on there as a guest stars something. Like not will not be a part of it, but like just send me and my wife out there will hang out with them. And see what's going on in. U.. N. G. Outdoor. Yeah. We're we to go out together. Yeah. Send some Hunky guys room. Then what happened? Well, that's the whole. It's the whole experiment you know I. Think you have to have the trust while you had. You had that experiment when you locked up at the old gins, aboard, hotel and not. That's true with the firemen that came. Elite? Yes and we weren't even married at that point. So. Own Love Island Yeah Love Hotel Room right love love ambulances that was. GNC Help you little winky. Little Niblett. And and yes, and then it ended up having a was that the hyperventilation situation and then like six shirtless firemen with axes came in and helmets sweating into the hotel room you okay and then. Completely lie. She could have left me at that point did not as she did also. Yeah, it's a lot right. So yeah, I do so did you not your CBS guy working there for years? You not know about this. I've seen the promos on. NFL Today, I've seen all that stuff. Right actually play in during our show to. Look. For in Love Island Man let's go. In. Any of this Levion I was aware it was a thing I did not know it was on CBS. Bravo or something like that yes or some yeah like A. USA. Yes, that's high. That's big. No I know it's crazy. So they so this goes on like it's basically like live. I think they're still there or so like goes on and People Watch and the people like they bring into the house have seen what has gone on so like they know who to target and who to go after the to break up these relationships. There's one guy who came in there and he just disappeared like he was on the show. It was a new guy that they brought any came in shirtless. He was talking about how he's like a minor league baseball closer something and he comes talking about Third Baseman for the. Phillies. Ends Up. Talking all the girls and stuff like. What's going on I just WanNa talk to you. Looking at you I think you're attractive all sort of stuff. Then the next show he's gone completely gone no explanation. I look it up. They find out that he had a history in gay porn and they had to get them out of their. Man. made the whole thing more interesting. Don't. You keep that guy there you gotta keep the controversial guy. Yeah, but that's what CBS is not going to stand for any of that stuff that. You lied to us on the whole thing if you had a history and pornography, then you can't be a part of this thing apparently and he just he lied about it. But yeah, I'm into it I would highly recommend you you get into it as well and I like CBS Tyler or anybody wants to send me like some love island merchandise to the House I would I would absolutely love that if you want a t-shirt. Our side of the business, you know it's the other sites. Works I. Know we all work together yes. But we are sports you telling me that Mr David Berson couldn't make a phone call and say, Hey, there's a guy that works for CBS. Sports Network and he loves Love Island. Can you get a cut like a keychain or something I? You know I mean he changed I'm still waiting to get like a masters pullover. I can't get one of those out Bryant's office Oh that's ridiculous. You need to get all that stuff. Yeah. They get a lot of that stuff and then they give you the ugly colors that they don't want. Let's go to Johnny and East moriches. Johnny. What's happening brother Ed John Gentlemen Gentlemen how you got? All right. All right. Good I wouldn't say a couple of things number one I want to thank you guys are offering a lifeline for people through this pandemic. You guys are doing a great job. Thank you. Thanks John Number number two and I gotTa Punch in at nine o'clock. So I gotTa Talk. So killed out your. Ranch I absolutely agree with you but I will tell you this. I tuned in because I was hoping that I would see some professionalism and some gentlemen talking about the. Issues at hand, but it just didn't happen So this isn't A. Political Radio Station get on and finally I'm green. Bay Packer. Fan Die hard. But I wanted to comment on the The jet situation. Why should they get rid of Adam Gates? Gates let him sit through this Like. The rest of the jet fans and unless there's some quarterback guru out there that they could get right away to maybe straighten out. Sam Darnold. let them let them finish the season and then get rid of at the end the season because you know what kind of mess happens When you bring in a coach in the middle of seasons, they're not very good time wise i. know you know what's the point of getting rid of him unless they have somebody really. Well, there's nobody out there on the street I can tell you that they're not going to hire somebody off the street to take over for Adam, just probably give it to greg, Williams going to be the interim coach and just try to figure it out. It gets that bad that would be the way to go. But. I I don't know where they are right now I think there's a lot of speculation out there. There's a lot of hypotheticals out there and until we see what happens. Thursday night and hear what happens Friday morning. We'll get a feel for that but just because the media says. Christopher. Johnson's talking to agents out there doesn't mean that there are who what coaches on the street right now that you would wanna hire. Not I mean that's ridiculous. There's nobody without a job who could come in push bring his offense and defense in the middle of the season. It's gotTa be guys around the staff and I still and John I don't think John Lyon. Emmy. But if he is telling the truth, he's one of the very few people that actually thought when you turned on the debate last night that you would get professionalism of two guys talking. There wasn't a single person out there to expected that, and that was what I was yelling about earlier. This morning with these cable news networks were so appalled with the way that it went. It's all one big vicious cycle that goes around and around and around, and because the way that they cover stuff the way that people react to the way that they cover stuff. The fact that voters are polarized going farther and farther and farther away from the middle of things, and then you get the candidates who were there who are. A reflection of what they see us doing that's what it is, and then to act like this is not what you wanted last night. This is what you want it, and this is what you've got and to say that all man I tell you, this is a terrible moment for America. Yeah. The same people that were saying that stuff probably act like jerks on twitter probably watch that Karen video in trader Joe's ten million times screaming about not wearing a mask. If probably go sit around and watch these cable news networks in. Just absorb all bull-crap that spoon fed to just stop you're all part of the problem. ALL SNIPING AT EVERYBODY VIC in New Jersey Vic what's happening? All right. We've seen what's the last night prior to last night. When JJ AND EVAN RECOVER PREFERRED SESSA? Same Environment Over each other, yelling and screaming. Of both, but I take a shot at south, got great. I appreciate you know. Yeah. There was a lot of yelling and screaming going on in that show too. Yeah. That is very true. Evan as he was watching his second son born at twelve, thirty, seven, eight, hundred. Yes. Yes. Oh Man Joe and Huntington what's happening Joe? Thank you. All right hey joe. I question. Yeah I'm I'm not I'm not that you know savvy as it relates the football but I question is would a Patrick Mahomes do well. With the jets right now would he be able to overcome their coach? Well? No I don't think. So I, think one of the reasons Patrick Mahomes is so good is first and foremost is own physical ability and his poise and. His ability to just overcome what's happening around him on the football field. But let's face it. He's with Andy Reid and he has got a bunch of track stars that he's out there playing with. and. The way his personality is the way his physical ability is and you molded with that coach and with those players, what we're seeing is the best quarterback in football and I don't even think it's close. Actually I know people are going to talk about Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers, and this guy's having great years but they don't look like Patrick. mahomes looks on the field right now. So. I. Think it has a lot to do with your drafted and and this ability that is around you and that's Andy Reid. So then you sit in, you would probably then say that the jets should absolutely move on from a guy like Adam Gates because of a guy like Patrick mahomes couldn't do well with the jets and it really does hold on the coach. Well, I would also say that Joe Douglas has got to get better players in here. You know coaches a reflection of the players and you know and I know that Kyle Shanahan one with a bunch of backups when he was in here last week but Adam cases, I mean I'm guess call Shannon is a little bit more stable in his position right now than Adam gazes at the jets. and. The jets aren't the only team in football with a terrible roster. There's others they may have the worst, but there's there's others and we'll see how this season plays out I. Remember last year member the purge that the Miami Dolphins had last year they were trading away every Jacksonville, the Jacksonville. Did the same thing this year? It's so winsome game show some pride even if it's three or four winds, whatever it is be competitive in the NFL and that's different than what we've seen from the jets the first three weeks there lifeless they're clueless they're dead, they're not competing. So I mean we go in round we say the same stuff it seems like every day with them nobody's expecting them to go ten six nobody was expecting them to the playoffs this year just compete. I once foot in front of the other. Well, that's the giants in the first two games at least competed. You know they competed they. They stayed pretty much with the steelers had a chance to take a lead and unfortunately a tip pass turns into an interception and change the momentum of the game at the end of the first half but then you know identity second. Second. Third. Quarter I think it was that nineteen play drive whatever it was whenever that happened but then I think the second half against the Chicago bears where they were overwhelmed in the first half but then they came back and they play great in the second half so. We sat here after we to saying you know at least the giants are competing and they're looking like an organized football team and then last week's the buckle was just wiped it all away wipe away but that's what happens when a football team looks like both of these teams that have looked over the last two weeks. All right. It is boomer and Geo, on the fan and CBS sports network each the morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg Nadi boomer and Geo told you I'm looking for hobby maybe we'll get Jalapeno dream back together. We gotTA BE COVERT TEST and everybody. Yes. That's the thing. We're missing the one if I could track down I, bet get you know with this this platform here with this show I bet you could find that guy if he's still alive I'm assuming is GonNa be thirty, eight years old it'd be a tragic death he was. But I bet you could find him. If I put his name out there, we could track down somewhere somebody in your class or somebody that that Listen to you has to know where he is I would be the worst though right now as far as a musician goes because I have not these other guys have played probably I barely play. So you pick up the guitar and started strumming it. You're fine. Let's go to Chris in Staten Island Chris. What's up Nagorno. Your morning got to be a one thing to talk about was bombs. He is just he is a frigging each I mean he's by far like you said, the best quarterback in the League and the one thing I see a of 'em. Is You know in like Brett Fav like how much how much funding hadn't the Game Yup same at the same thing Mom's east. You know the place he makes it's it's not even like it's a lucky light. The differences is that he patrick Mahomes is not as careless as Brett Farve was right and. Would make the plays and sometimes they're working. And he was an homes just I. Mean He's When and I listen I I'm I'm a bad fan, but I love watching playing I. Hope he's going to be like this next ten years the other thing what they're talking about last week two weeks. You're talking about the scratch offs I wanted to know within. Italian. I. Talked to my buddy who he works in works in a pharmacy. And he gets the books and he actually read up on the books about the about scratch offs. The the books that come in the money that they receive back on the books on a full booklet. Is Nowhere close to how much they receive on the scratch offs. So they you know they go. They're not getting anything back like is this really the most they get like maybe. Three hundred dollars on a on the scratching ticket on a book. Of A book at two, hundred, three, hundred. Yeah, I mean I. Think we Kinda Know Chris that? Changes hidden big scratching off a scratch off ticket liquor stores probably slim, but it's the. Thing like it's Sorta like anything where there's a chance that your life could change by grabbing a quarter and scratching off a piece of paper people are just drawn to that stuff nuts but it it works Tommy in Chicago. Tommy what's happening? Hey boomer I love your show. Thank you. Guys are great. Thanks. quit, crying about, New York I'm from Chicago we're lucky to win anything. Hold on. Hold on yet Michael Jordan yet. The Blackhawks win three Stanley Cups I don't want to hear about it. seriously. Ranger but anyway, you talking about the jets, how about trading our general manager for the jets general manager. Talking about really blowing the draft and I love how the NFL talks about business and money well money. If you take the three first rounders that the bears given from the last whatever given sixty million dollars away for eight hundred yards. That's ridiculous. At least bears three and our you know Tom I mean for crying out loud at least feel good about that. Yeah the two games as swift wraps ball and pretty lucky. Hey, you know what? It doesn't matter. You know for all the the losses that you've had that have been pretty unlucky. You'll take three and all right now and just be happy you know. On our call screener and this is something that maybe callers know or don't know that if someone like it'll come, their number will come up and read if they've been blocked before nobody wants to hear from them. Any longer nose don't pick up the phone call. I got a feeling that Tom in Chicago when he calls our sister station out in Chicago the score. comes. Up and read. So now he's calling us. Because he can't get through over there. All, right by real quickly Mike in Bergen County Mike. What's happening brother Good Morning Gentlemen jail, listen I used to be a detective. I can pretty much find anybody. I had a friend of mine who had a family member died a couple of years ago and they haven't talked to his mother's sister about twenty years. I've found her within an hour and she came to the wake the next day. Wow. All Right, Mike I mean my goodness i. If you WANNA put me back in touch your daddy and give me the name and everything, and where you think he lives in a finding for you I. Will, I will put you on hold and Eddie will email me your your information. We get to the break I mean I can also do my own. There's a couple of people that may not my own detective work before I call you in. But then like when I get a hold of them, I'm going to be like, yeah, you WANNA come back from New Mexico. So we can play a copy no dream gig somewhere. and. Patchy fog like I don't know and I don't think that's GonNa work out very well each morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg Nadi, boomer and Geo. So many people were interested in that MLB network prize pack that it blew out the phone lines with just crazy. That's how people are fired up about the New York Yankees, Luke, voight signed baseball so good for Yankee fans were fired up right now for their team. Okay Jerry is back with an update and he's got it right now what's going on Jerry? We're brought to you by wall our paint designed Benjamin Moore's largest paint dealer in Westchester Putnam Rockland County. You guys remember leading up to the game yesterday Shane, Bieber this shame bieber that triple crown, all the era, the wins, the strikeouts. Well, the Yankees, greeted him with a fat two run homer in the fourth pitch of the game by Aaron Judge on the way to a twelve three win game. One of their American league wildcard series manage Aaron Boone says, we were sitting ready to rock. Great Land and Marcus PJ and everyone putting together a great plan to. You know going up against you know you're up against an ace talking about Marcus and pj the hitting instructors hitting coaches rather you got home runs in this game not only from judge but gleyber torres was a perfect four Brett Gardner three for five with home run Yeah Giancarlo Stanton a late homerun in this game. Gardner says Lemay Judge set the tone. His thing getting on base there with his signature hit there in the first judge come up and you know right there real quick to Ron's on give us a little bit of breathing room lot of breathing room to get it to Garrett Cole who really was terrific as he had gone for much of this night As you can imagine here was Cole also a little different for him. His son was actually in the stadium because they let some family members come to the game, and so that was pretty cool for him off. Have words words for. Like three months so I'm the solid. He's really nice gabbing a little bit but there's He's scarves personality has come in all the way. So it's isn't always three months. Oh, you didn't know what the Hell's going on like what are you got stupid like he's like you know poops pleases pants. No. I can't talk and you wave some front is facial hopefully. Three months old guys crazy. The actually. Good Good slider tonight dad I mean come on stupid question. The only thing he knows right now is like you know where the breast milk is, what's breast milk over regular milk and that Gary Sanchez sucks those are the two things she knows. Hugh his. You are relentless. Boil boy. Here's what we can't have happened tonight there boomer reconnect Tanaka stink and have go over four strikeout all. It's GonNa be a tough day tomorrow. That's not a big game pitcher. Tanakh pitching nine postseason games. Yeah. Yankees is to one point seven, five nine big game pitcher. Okay. Maybe I was having a permanent in that about tonight I don't know who knows I hope not I. Hope he big game pitches tonight but. Mole nervous. Tanaka and Carlos Carrasco go tonight on the Fan wfan dot com. It's six twenty five also the raise beat the blue jays three to one the white sox beat the as four to one and the Astros topped the twins four one bad error in this game by Hori, Polanco a throwing error that pretty much opened the floodgates in the ninth inning for Houston to. Score the three go ahead runs eight games today and it is going to be busy and it starts early it starts at noon with the braves and the reds astros twins at one at two. You've got the MARLINS and the cubs from Wrigley then at three white socks and as cardinals and padres five Yankee started seven then at ten o'clock dodgers and brewers and think. We've ever had a playoff. They like this in baseball. Now we've ever remembered so pretty pretty wild tonight I. Mean you have more teams than ever in the in the playoffs. So right that's a true statement not it's never been like this but even even still whenever you have like a first round divisional series or a first round wildcard series have we ever had? Every single series playing on the same day. Maybe we have I don't know. It just seems like a lot for sure. Here's dodgems Lebron James Tonight in Orlando. You got game one of the NBA finals. Now we know Lebron one in Miami with Pat Riley at the helm. So his thoughts of Riley was still in Miami while Lebron is L. A., he's wanted every level. The, other day he's been part of a championship in four decades. This league is not the same without what I Ross and they get to go head to head sort of Riley's team against Lebron's team and tonight in Florida Mike Tomlin's spoke of the whole situation with the Tennessee Titans? Because the steelers play Tennessee this weekend he did hear from the League yesterday he'd been given a mandate to compare is if the Game is going to be played played on time, and so that is our mentality We've gone about today's business from game planning standpoint with that mentality, and that mind that they will play Sunday though it could be moved to Monday I like boomers plan playing Tuesday but whatever as long as who cares, yeah and so far all of these guys with titans are symptomatic and so far nobody on the Minnesota Vikings has. Tested positive. So but that could you know when you're exposed to it they say take a couple of days or whatever. So we still have to keep an eye on it but as far as outbreaks go. This so far as we sit here, this morning is being handled and it doesn't seem like it's getting out of control in any way. So we're a quarter of the way essentially through the season and they knew something like this was going to happen eventually sure now it's all about containing it and making sure that they make the right decisions moving forward and trying to keep the season on track, and there are a couple of different scenarios that they kid actually invoke here for a couple of teams that have been affected by this I don't think they will I see them maybe moving it to Monday night I think a standalone game Tuesday night on CBS would be awesome but. You know maybe they'll make a decision here in the next twenty, four hours as to whether or not. These teams can go back to their facilities in Tennessee in Minnesota and these player I know they get tested on Saturday the day before the game so they can be cleared to play Sunday during the week. How often are they tested? I'm not sure about that I thought every day. Every day. I'm assuming it's one of those rapid tests. The hockey players were getting it every day when they first started and then I'm assuming when they were in the bubble, they were getting it every day as well. So well, the raiders had issues, not the name was tested positive but the NFL looking into the fact that they broke some sort of protocol in their locker room in New England I think it was was new. England wherever it was last game, and then also you've got the couple of guys, Derek Carr and Jason. Witten on video, not wearing a mask at a charity event with lots of people was a charity event for Darren Waller's foundation. So they have a couple of things that they're dealing with to Thursday night football will be the jets and the Broncos here's Vic Fangio on his quarterback situation in. DENVER. Now we're. GonNa. Start. Mark Times, because of his job but. We're. GonNa go at bread, but we do have the ability to mix Jeff there some in the game if we feel like we did too. So. Who knows they got to prepare for both guys basically, here's Adam gays to according to reports s to prepare for cleaning out his office. If they lose on Thursday I, don't know if it's true or not gas was asked about it in a press conference on Tuesday he got so much stuff we gotta get in over the next two days to get ready to play this game that's gotta be my bogus by waste my energy anything else it's it's just counterproductive. What we're trying to you know it's amazing is that teams are averaging fifty one points per game. That's an NFL record for a full season. Of Forty six point, eight points back in two thousand and thirteen was the previous record. There have been two hundred and eighty-one td scored. There have been thirty nine thirty point games for three weeks, and that's the most through three weeks since the merger and the only two teams that really are three teams that aren't really participating in any of this or the broncos, jets and giants. That's so they're the ones that are holding down these scoring averages. Well here is every Williamson, Joe and Evan yesterday just dying for a Victorian get a win for our confidence man just get some good energy back in his field and. So we we definitely, we know the magnitude of it and You know we're going to do everything possible to broaden. And get a win I will say they all do say very positive things about their coach I. Mean I guess they probably have to, but I have not seen one plan pass. What's that the practice stuff wasn't a really good indict just talking about I'm just talking personally about when when there has personally about gays you never see them pass on a question or give you a vanilla answer. It's all. No, we love them. You know he's but whatever I guess that's par for the course rangers buying out the final year of Henrik Lundqvist we've discussed all morning. So he will be free agent after fifteen years with the Rangers and Serena Williams earlier today did withdraw from the French Open because of an Achilles injury time. Now, for moment of the day brought to you buy resorts world catskills featuring live Table Games and sports book three Sixty Resorts World Catskills, they're open come play. Have you didn't listen to the show early you missed Greg's take on the debate last night between president trump and vice president biden. He went off on everybody complaining about how it looked appeared and sounded, and the hypocrisy of those complaining these dudes are on TV twenty, four, seven anytime. You want to see him talk you can see them talk. You know exactly who they are, what they stand for what they're going to say and how they're going to. Say it and you're GonNa, tell me last night that anything changed no, you got one guy who's going to bully somebody you got another guy was going to sit there and try to react to the bullying and try to stand up to him. But then stumbles on every other word and then they're going to split and people are GonNa talk about it but that's exactly what was going to happen if you had any other expectations for you are a moron. Get it together. Seriously get it together to act. So appalled by this, where are you? Where have you been led? You just drop into Jeju surprise that Joe Biden couldn't say ten different words correctly. Are You surprised at Donald Trump just stumped all over every body lied about some stuff and twin empty Joe Biden son you're surprised about this? You're offended by that where have you been? We're all here watching same stuff role right years seeing it join the party or don't keep your mouth shut. There you go. Moment of the day. Have a great Wednesday feels like four days ago that happened. I was three and a half hours guy. You know what it also comes from Guy I've got no sleep last night because he was all far up because of it. Yeah. Right I I certainly was yes and then the couple of cups of coffee some swinton screaming and seem Yankee baseball ask the way we like. All. Right. Each morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg Analogy boomer and Geo there was one of those Yankee promos with Paul old and that. Made me think about how great it was says he was talking about. Group outings in Twenty Twenty one at Yankee Stadium. Get ready for twenty twenty one. Where you and your friends Ken gathered together again. Because everybody took Putin's vaccine. And it worked. Go back into the legend sweets and stuff your fat face with Prime Rib Sushi and ice cream at a dedicated dessert table. A communal food table once again with people sneezing and coughing all over it with no threat. Kobe nineteen. Twenty twenty one where things magically disappeared. And everything will be just like you remember at Yankee Stadium. Yes I was thinking about that because I went to a couple of playoff games last year and. I that's eight did exactly that Legend's suite they have that Candy Wall when you go out to the. Greatest single I just cannot wait to get back. I hope that Paul old and his right and we're gathering together for group ticket it sales in Twenty Twenty one pat Yankee Stadium. Wouldn't that be it'd be great. It would absolutely be fantastic, and hopefully we'll all be able to go back to these games. When they restart now for whatever team you love the most for me I'm hoping that I can get back to mass square garden to see the Rangers, their first overall pick as they take. Alexis Lafon Year with overall pick and in October by the way. So this week I'm going to go up to buffalo not go up the buffalo but I will be doing a zoom interview with Josh Allen. Right yes. I just got that assignment this week and you know I was reading about Josh and the year that he's having thus far obviously, he's having a great year but you don't pro football focus who we we highly regarded most people in the NFL do. They put the work in they put the effort in great a lot of these players and you know it's kind of interesting because Josh, how according to them as an anomaly like there are moments where in games where he just is all over the place and the balls being thrown all over the place. But then there's also plays that makes en-, Games that very few players in the League can make, and finally it seems like the light has gone on for the young man and he has played fabulous football over the last three weeks including a game winning drive last week at the end of the game so. It's kind of interesting like this I. Remember when he first came out figured, you know it's gotTa be Cleveland or Buffalo because the way he plays in his big as he is he's got to be in a cold weather city. He's got lead a cold weather team and he's got to be a reflection of the fan base and I just thought that his. Play the way that he has played is exactly what the buffalo bills needed and he's given them everything over the last years like so he's ascended the light has gone on and they have a huge game. This week art are doubleheader games. This week are great. We got New England Kansas City four, twenty five and we have the buffalo bills at the Las Vegas Raiders at four, twenty, five all right I like that a lot i. that is great and in Josh Allen Been Drooling over him for years and not quite at the mahomes level but I'll one notch below i. hope that he knows this and you better let them know that you're one of his biggest advocates. Coming out of the draft really. It's not about what I know yet. In this interview it is, but it's what he's grown into is what's most important like you know and you want Sam Darnold to grow into a kid like this this kid is basically a. Heart and soul of the football team, and he plays like it on the field. So. He inspires his teammates around which is. Right. Now it's good. So this is the first. This'll be the first boomer NFL today interview of the year. We saw cower and Ben have a tough time getting zoom thing going. And that was funny and they played the outtakes Eh there. Can you hear me? Michael Michael. Then Hey. Hold on so she can hear me can you hear me? Can you see me? And then I also wanted to mention this that an NFL spokesman says, there was one more positive tests with the titans and no positives with the Vikings in yesterday's round of testing. So. That's new information that just came out with all the NFL insider. So they added one more to the titans but still nothing with Minnesota. So that's a good thing. They'll figure it out. They'll find a way to figure it out if they have to postpone a game but. I don't know so they can't go there facility until Saturday the titans but where the hell they, what are they probably practicing at all or not? Just GonNa be zoom calls or whatever. You know the Titans WanNa play. You know Roger Sample, their offense are tweeted I just WanNa play man I'm ready to go. Let's go there in the midst of a great start to their season they've won three games by cholesterol three point. Games. Stephen Gostkowski is having a great year Ryan Tannehill. And they're picking up right where they left off last year they WANNA play they don't WanNa they don't WanNa stop right now I'm really hoping that the Minnesota Vikings stay clean from this because that would be just so embarrassing like not only did Tennessee come in, impeach you with a last second field goal. It also infected you with covid nineteen before they left like want to talk about a rough one. Kind of thickened that you know what I mean like not only did we lose on a last second field goal but they got a sick on the way out of here that would be tough. Now, it'd be really tough but so far so good with them. I. Guess if you're the steelers to you're probably thinking. We could put this off. We don't. Need to see these guys right now. Ben Said on his conference call today whatever Ben Rothlisberger that he's actually he's kids who could go to school in the school district. They're they're keeping home full time because he doesn't want to expose them to anything and then he gets exposed and expose the team and puts everybody in jeopardy. So I know we've talked about how for kids going to school a price they are they are I was wondering how you feel about that you know again. It's a weird deal I I try to put myself in their shoes. Know, give it having a special needs child myself at the time. Would have been. Probably you have to make the money you have to make the money because you have such a short period of time. We didn't make nearly as much money as these guys are today. So they took a year off it's not gonNA kill them that bad. But I would think like. I. May Have Quarantined Myself. Yeah. Sure. Thanks. Yeah. I don't know but I do know this that for governor, we had to give him social activities. He had to be around friends. He had a play and we knew the risks that he was taking a we were taking as his parents and I think that those risks were well worth what he has turned out to be. Sure. and. We were lucky obviously that there was a new drug that really is impacted his life favorably and and has given a May second lease on life here. But the the memory said he had from playing sports and being on teams and going to school and going to college Well, you can't recreate those anywhere else. Right each the morning show with boomer science and in Gregg. GIANNOTTI boomerang zero doctor on fall I WANNA have a beautiful head of hair the football season this year and you contract the latest news odds and information at bet online dot net and while stadiums won't be full game action will be loaded. which players will step up to lead their team? Is there still a home field advantage will offense or defense dominate these early weeks of the season follow along at Ben Online dot net as the top teams in football begin their journey to Tampa available online or your mobile device. Check out the site today bringing the game home at Bet online dot net.

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