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Lets Move Retire to Arizona


The world is changing at a rate like never before so why isn't education strayer university is revolutionizing higher education to help you finish your degree we make transferring credits simple create binge worthy course content that keep view engaged and design A._i.. Powered tools to help you graduate welcome to the future of Education strayer university out with the Old School Square University certified to operate by chef yeah hello and welcome to move improve. Who've with Debbie <unk> we're going to do our? Let's move live in Arizona session this time and you know each months. I do a different program on a different part of the country where it's fun to think about retiring and moving to you and today we're going to talk about living in Arizona and I have the pleasure of having Scott Schultz on the show with me and Scott is going to talk to us about his decision to move from New Jersey earthy where the weather is not always pleasant to Arizona and now he's GonNa talk about what made him decide on Arizona and also what it's like to live there and the nice part is that Scott is a realtor in surprise Arizona Zona. Yes there is a place called surprise and he can help you find a place to live. Should you decide to move out there so welcome Scott. Thanks for joining me today. Thank you for writing. I I do WanNa talk about <hes>. I do have a little intro of my own. I remember moving a couple from here in northern Virginia and they moved down to the Mesa area and she said Debbie. I don't have to worry about hurricanes or snow anymore. Four I just traded sand son spiders snakes and snow for the hurricanes so I said I think that's a good thing like the fact that she could live in the heat. Her husband likes to play golf and and they could go up to flagstaff where their snow is they wanted to they didn't have to shovel it. At all. Were they. Were living so I never forgot the sandson spider snakes and snow in instead of hurricane so <hes> at always <hes> made made an interesting point for me but <hes> talk just a little bit about what you went through your in your wife's deciding to move from New Jersey to Arizona. How did you choose where you wanted? Did you look could other places before you chose Arizona. That time did yeah we did so what happened was <hes> this was going. This is back in two thousand five so we've been here about thirteen years. Next month. We moved here July of Oh civics and what happened was one December Day <hes> my sister had called up and you know it was cold and blustery and and it was one of those calls of Hey let's move to a warmer climate when you think about that so oh I hate the cold weather so I was. I was all aboard for that one and <hes> so long story short I called my wife she was in into it and my kids were small the time and so who we said well miss this is back in two thousand five when the real estate market was just started you know really climb in and get competitive prices. We're going high so we talked about some different states so the first day was well. Let's see where's where's nice and warm southern California but some California was also no way out of our price range you know three quarters of million dollars to live in a eight hearts work would play so is it okay no southern California if you're lucky exactly so so they'll be kicked Florida around and then decided against Florida you know just trade. We're keeping humidity but you know trading some some warmer days but some uncomfortably <hes> humid hot hot summer days Florida is so <hes> so he said you know so I said to her. I said well. I've never been Arizona in. I know she had neither so. I said you know we should check that out. Well you know her call always just kind of vegas just that just kind of a call to throw that out there she still in Long Island but it was a the seed was landed with with me and my wife so we said well. You know what we're GONNA. We're GONNA look into this. We're GONNA we're going to <hes> see we can make this work so we came out and <hes> we scouted the some locations we started on the east side of the Valley and through some people that we knew <hes> Karma Davis recommendations the dacians on go here go there to this person that person and we wound up in surprise and and loved it and <hes> so we sold our house in New Jersey and again you know it was the height of the market so you know we made the episode is <hes> Some Nice money on that one which allowed us to put down a good chunk on what we bought here because we moved out here with nothing. No jobs lined up our kids were small. I had a six year old in under one year old so so it was it was pretty stressful of you know what the future was going to hold but we said hey you know you only live wants so let's try and we did and a looking back thirteen years later. It was the best move we've ever made. <hes> we love it out here and we are in a better position you name it financially lifestyle wise everything for moving out here rather than staying where we were with way cost of living was and all that kind of stuff so it was a great decision and it worked out beautiful so you're Kinda like the pioneers of the Old West only we you didn't have covered wagon. You look for Steph well. So what do people like living best living about <hes> in Arizona because I know you work with a lot of people who are retirees and thinking about making the move and what do you find signed other than what you liked. What are you signed that other people like about it well? They also like the weather so again. You know the summers are can be can be hot but for those who've never experienced. -perienced it yeah you know one hundred hundred ten degrees. It's hot. There's rarely any humidity you know <hes> to speak of so it is a little different but it's it's still hot but <hes> but the rest of the year is is gorgeous and into so when people move out here they move out here for variety of different reasons whether being one cost of living certainly being another and there's a lot of outdoor things to do so the state is very diverse when it comes comes to <hes> things to do there is the valleys of there's tons of golf lots of forces in Oh and then you have go up north like you said earlier you can go to flagstaff and and you know there's snow in the wintertime time. There's lots of snow in flagstaff. I felt oh my gosh she. I saw this past winter. They got like almost forty inches in twenty four hours. My son goes to northern Arizona universities to experienced that was like and I and so yeah so they get lots of snow but they're also at seven thousand feet above sea level so it works the valleys about exactly I spent one Christmas in Sedona and I was surprised surprised because it started a snow and I said wait a minute. That's supposed to be doing that so <hes> my son and daughter-in-law we're GonNa meet meet me there and a my daughter-in-law does not like snow and I said well it'll pass and so the next day we left song. I think it was day. After Christmas Day drove back down and it should with thirty minutes. We were backing the son of the warm weather. I said okay this is crazy. I can't even believe this for sure but <hes> so what about like taxes. <hes> kind of taxes are there. You're a sales tax property tax thing yeah so sales tax you looking at around eight eight half percent but sauce. It's all state tax as they're they're. They're set tax but then it can vary by city but they're all pretty close so <hes> depending on where you live you're looking at somewhere between eight and a half percent on sales taxes property taxes probably one of the more cheaper <hes> property taxes in the country. I would say the average Josh in over the average home in the valley and the Phoenix rally. You're probably looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of fifteen hundred two thousand dollars a year in property taxes so it's really not that bad now. If you're coming from a you know a high tax state <hes> that's that's. That's a benefit that can turn into a considerable cost savings when you decide you know but you may WanNa buy a house in Arizona because the taxes are relatively low still yeah for sure. That's that's incorrect. It's hard to believe really considering what I pay for. Property taxes here exactly talking earlier show about people leaving New York state in droves because of the high taxes there is crazy. They have to get out so air. It sounds like Arizona might be a good choice for them as well. We'll what about <hes> medical facilities what's big hospitals you know as being age. They need to have a good medical around. What kind of things are there? What cities are they located in so there's there's lots of of medical facilities <hes> so let's just take the area where I live in in surprise <hes> there are some of the the bigger retirement communities around here so the Sun City Sun City West <hes> even parts of goodyear retirement and <hes>? There's quite a bit of <hes> of high population of doctors urgent cares hospitals battles in those areas because they know that you know that that's where the agent community is and so there's definitely a lot to to choose from the depending on what your insurance plan is obviously but there's there's certainly no shortage of of medical facilities. Here are most archers willing to take medicare except new patients as Medicare's big. Can you talk just for a minute. Though you talk about the Valley of you West Valley the East Valley. Whatever can you talk about how people could define guess areas in Arizona where they might WanNa look in other words of up in Flagstaff Mountains and then you've got the valley and talk about the East valley which is <hes> is that where <hes> you know <hes> Scott L. Mesa Chandler so are the <music> so that people can be well versed before they come to you to say where they wanted to spend some time talk a little bit about various areas of Arizona and what their nickname is okay? Well you know the biggest one is is the valley alley so which is the Phoenix Metro area and it's essentially divided into <hes> into house so you know everybody says the west side the east side so the east side comprises of Scottsdale L. Chandler Gilbert Mesa Queen Creek areas of that area is established already built up. There's lots of retail stores arisen and everything is established over there <hes> restaurants so then the west side is more kind of the newer developing area so that's let's again where I live in surprise you know the Sun Cities Buckeye Glendale Peoria <hes> though the year those are considered the West Valley <hes> so and again that's more kind of the <hes> ah the newer upcoming still room for growth room for expansion <hes> you know so so when they say West rally the west side of the east side that's basically <hes> dividing line and then you have phoenix <hes> who would comprise rises pretty much all of the central area and but then there's north Phoenix or South Phoenix it's not so much east and west screenings but there's they will divide phoenix north and south so there's there's the the roads. Is that run here because everything's great out here so it's easy to get around <hes> but the roads are for instance the I seventeen runs north and south and you know that usually will be kind of dividing line everything west of the I seventeen maybe considered west rally you know and vice versa so and then the one one Iran's up on the northern side so when they say North Phoenix they're talking about you know closer up to their versus down by the so you know South Mountain and the areas of Chandler Gilbert which is which further south so so yeah so it's kind of broken into almost like a quadrant section okay that sounds easy to figure out then is oh are their retirement Sun City and all those what types of housing is they're. They're condos single. Family homes outside of the gated community or is most everything gated or. In Sun City in the retirement communities of it's not necessarily all gated no there are some parts that are gated in some parts in the non retirement communities that are gated so there is definitely a variety of of if <hes> types of housing that you can choose from so like you said they're single family homes. There's CONDOS townhomes. There's there's even you know trailer and manufactured homes that are out in the more world sections of of the area then there's the most of the comprises of Subdivisions H._o._a.'s and things like that <hes>. Were you know most single family homes but <hes> but yeah but you can get you can you can get gated nine gated. <hes> a lot of the retirement areas don't have fencing some do but don't have fencing so everything is kind of wide open so so it all depends on where you're looking at what you preferences there really is <hes> <unk> <hes> something to to <hes> to satisfy most people of whether they want you know kind of to be contained in with with their block fences or they don't want that or they want communities where things like varotto the the Stanford get which are relatively new <hes> in the West Valley <hes> they have restaurants in there and clubhouses and <hes> so it's more kind of the you know I wouldn't say upscale but <hes> you know there's more things to do there but Sun City Sun City West. They have recreation centers so there's there's lots of things to do. There's pools and classes and so yeah there's there's quite a bit to do no matter where you live so so what are the price points <hes> for somebody like for example in this in my area they're going to sell for anywhere from eight hundred a little over a million or more <hes> and they're gonNA use that money. What kind of house can they get for two or three hundred? Is that possible oh yeah that's that's about the average so you know there's lots of people they sell in California going back to the high prices. There was just talking to a guy a few weeks ago. Oh he sold the house in California and he came here and he bought two right away and it's working on his third so that's your hip. You're selling in California yeah. We're garages rent for a three thousand a month. Yeah that's exactly but the average houses I mean you can get and again. It depends on where you are. I know you're looking at the million dollar plus homes. That's essentially going to be in the Scottsdale Paradise Valley the affluent communities but you know but you can certainly get whether it's retired or not. The average home is probably going to be in that to fifty to seventy five of range giver to aches so you can get a pretty nice house. You know for for under three hundred thousand dollars. That's amazing so <hes> that's right for minute. Switching gears is to give people full flavor of Arizona. I know I've been out there several times myself and I visited Frank Lloyd Wright's <hes> home in outside of Scottsdale and I've been to Antelope Canyon but seems like everything takes along to drive to <hes> it's like four five hours just to get somewhere and <hes> but I know there are so many places still there that I haven't yet been to visit what are some of the important classes on being obviously there's the Grand Canyon and that kind of thing but what are some of the other interesting meeting places that you think when people come to visit to get the real flavor of Arizona that they should see these places well. If depends on you know on what flavor you're looking for dessert. There is a lot so if you if you like that desert you know the desert desert area than the Phoenix Metro the Tucson area those are all the desert areas <hes> you know if you like the hotter climates in the summertime <hes> and the you know the nicer weather in the wintertime aware where it's always sunny in you know <hes> you can play doll then they wanNA hang around there. A few led the mountainous range and the cooler weather yet. You have to drive <hes> quite a bit. You know a couple of hours but I mean from from the Phoenix area to flagstaff is two hours. It's also two hours to Tucson but it's you know you can go to sedona Prescott pace in which is only about an hour and a half north of the Phoenix area <hes> and you know you have mountain ranges you got the forest trees and <hes> you know the late S- <hes> and then you can go to flagstaff where you have much you know a lot of the same <hes> the weather's even more temperate up there and or cooler in the summertime and <hes> and then you can you can ski you can do all kinds of things <hes> the Grand Canyon about three hours or so from the Phoenix Metro area <hes> so yeah so depending on what you're looking for <hes>. That's why I said there's a lot of outdoor things to do. Whether it's it's gall offense you wanna go fishing in the you know Malaysia WanNa see the you know the the red rock of Sedona you know or go seeing flagstaff and there's even some skiing down by Tucson too so just depends on the elevations that you're in so there's there's quite a bit to do this quite a bit to see in Arizona. Wanting I really liked about Arizona is that you can have <hes> your driver's license in one state but you could own a house down in the the Desert Valley and then have a house up north so gets too hot go north and gets too cold and snow you go south and you don't have to have two different states to keep track of and to me that may sound silly but to me that sounded like a nice way to go if you wanted to have two different climates or just rent an airbnb when the weather changes and you don't have to live there you can close the house up and go elsewhere if you can afford to do that but <hes> that's right and there's people that do that too so it gives you a lot of flexibility that you don't you know you cite some a lot. It's on the East Coast So has stand in Florida for the winter and then they'll go back up to their home in Maine or whatever and <hes> or even in North Carolina they'll do that but then you have to keep maintain the state taxes and two two separate properties in two different states in different rules. It just sounds like more complicated than really needs to be so one thing I always thought was cool about Arizona. You you get a little bit of everything quite frankly. <hes> and the closest airports talk about the getting there obviously they can drive but if they're flying in from the east coast I know I fly into the Phoenix airport but I'm sure there's other ones available there are the largest one is is sky harbor which is in Phoenix and and then but flagstaff as international airport in Tucson as an international airport so <hes> you know there are on smaller scale and a little more expensive to fly into <hes> but but the international airports here and. Aso's that way but again they're only two hours from each other in either direction so <hes> so all depends on you know what are you WanNa see and <hes> there's there's there's definitely options for you to fly into but yeah but Phoenix is the the biggest one and there's also Mesa Gateway which is a smaller airport right near Phoenix airport and they serve smaller communities in different states so you'll fly from Lake Mead Mesa to like you know Peoria Illinois <unk> rattling going from Phoenix to Chicago. You can kind of take some of the <hes> you know the the smaller lesser-known airlines out of smaller airport and fly into some of those or unknown cities rather than having having a fly into a major hubs somewhere so so there's also an airport like that that serves many states around this country too so what about let's switch ears again. I'll talk about shopping and restaurants art museums nightlife and are there any obviously there's GonNa be a lot of <unk> Mexican food out of the restaurants good as their one in particular couple in particular that you think people really need to visit here when they eat here. They need to eat here rather than going. Oh into like a big box kind of place chain it depends on where you are because on certain areas. There's you know let's say Phoenix Area for example. <hes> there are lots of the chain restaurants <hes> the more you go eastwards little more established <hes> you'll find more of the you know the local type restaurants more of the mom and pop kind of of places <hes> but <hes> but yeah you know there's there's quite a bit of chains on the west side like I said it's growing so the population you know as the population grows more of those types of of restaurants will come in <hes> you know where I am in surprise we can certainly use a few more of the mom and tight pop type restaurants Rogers quite a bit of chain restaurants out here <hes> but <hes> as far as whatever you're looking for you know the there's a lot of Mexican food. There's there's a lot of different variety of foods <hes> but <hes> the nice thing is is that <hes> <hes> it'll you can certainly find what you're looking for. It made the drive you know twenty thirty minutes to to get to it but <hes> depending on what part of the value that you're in what you want but <hes> there's there's something pretty much serve everybody here so it's not yeah just like Mexican or you know so Italian predominantly. There's there's quite a bit of a variety is interesting. <hes> when I landed in Phoenix <hes> I sat well. I am a certified barbecue a Q. Judge for the Memphis inmate competition and I sat next to a guy who is well known and he has without a doubt some of the best barbecue I've ever tasted in downtown Phoenix and next there so I did and <hes> he just gave me a sample of every everything on the menu. I couldn't finish it all but it was so delicious it was really and I thought Oh this is nice. It's not <hes> you know the Mexican type. It's a variety of different frank ones and I'm sure the more upscale restaurants or in the Scottsdale area of course so right right yeah so as the nightlife too so I can be over there everybody else over fifty five those to bed early so I pretty much well Scott. I really appreciate your joining me today but if you would the last few minutes of the show could you let people know your website and your email address so that if they need to do like oh you did thirteen years ago and look around in Arizona they know how to reach you to get really great service and find all the best spots and make a decision about moving to Arizona <hes>. My website is is W._W._w.. Dot Scott Schultz realtor dot com that's S._C._O._T._T.. As C. H. U. L. T. Z.. Than Word realtor. All one word DOT COM and my email is my name Scott Scholtz at in West U._S._A.. Dot Com West U._S._A._A.. Is Your Real Estate Company that worse U._S._A.. Realty is is the brokerage that I worked for Yup and <HES> and again we have <hes> offices all around the Phoenix Valley so ooh depending on <hes> yeah. It's not just on one side or the other so depending on where we are. We always have an office relatively close by that we can go to and <hes> you know and talk and look at listings and things like that so <hes> you know so yeah so they're they're one of the bigger brokerages in Arizona and <hes> actually in the country. I think they just ranked fifteenth in independent asides brokerages in the country too so they are they are very well known and pretty large brokerage in Arizona well. I really appreciate your joining me today and talking to everybody about how interesting it is to live in Arizona and it's probably not anything like what they see on the news or here in Ohio State. Ben Is going to be a dry heat. You know you always hear that but it's it's like I said it gets hot in the summer but you do get used to it and it's a totally different type of heat than it. It is what humidity involved so <hes> you know out invite you to come on out. They look and see what you think but <hes> you know real quick. You know there was article posted. Maricopa county was number one again or the third straight year net migration <hes> had coming in so there was like eighty thousand people at moved in here last year versus moved out. You're talking about New York moving out so Maricopa county ranked number one again in people moving in versus people moving out so there's a reason that happening Auburn. Will you know the one thing I remember about Arizona before we close. I remember I I was out there for business many many years ago and could not get over how pleasant it was in the evening. I went out after dark by myself. Nobody it nobody thought I was strange for doing that. Being a woman by myself but you could look up at the sky and the stars are beautiful the air you could breathe it was just one. I'm I was used to the humidity and the the smog and all that stuff of the East East Coast and it was a somebody I never forgot and I always wanted to go back out there and I have enjoyed many trips that I've taken to Arizona and someday we'll have to sit down. You'll have to share how the were <hes> city of town of surprised got its name but that's for for another time. We're all time but thanks so much for joining me Scott. I really appreciate it no problem. Thank you again for but I appreciate it. Thank you to talk to you. 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