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Love Dumb people town I'll tell people town plus it's everything you already love about dumb people town with some special benefits to not only will be townies towns citing news to share with you is already started we are launching a members only version of No they're not and then got out and moved to San Diego always wanted to live in San Diego State when I lived in Phoenix I used to come out to San Diego I can't believe update bench Hausky is back and much more I'm your host ag and with me today or Jordan Coburn Hello and Amanda Reader Love Welcome back Cenex until I was eighteen or nineteen and then Los Angeles to try to be an actress for six minutes six minutes net I join some people let me do this but when I was like fifteen sixteen seventeen would drive out here for the summer and stay at this place rate across right behind the Jack in the box and Hillcrest it's called the Friendship Hotel last night joined the navy and went to Orlando and Boston sponsor your rally South Carolina other places that are top secret that's no idea I've like very few member delirium infant delirium a great it's a great post rock band yes in delirium and welcome to the daily beans for Tuesday October Twenty Second Twenty nine thousand nine today Mitt Romney is Pierre Delicto a ruling in the godfather clip in the stone trial to redacted Oh you did you have fun had so much fun visiting my hometown Vegas Vegas hometown aware you grew up yet when when did you live there hillary when you live there I was about and I would stay there was like eighteen dollars a night and then I go to Soho Tea and coffee on university and I would read Tarot cards and play Guitar and if I made eighteen dollars that day I would names in the mode reporter revealed the D. N. A. Fingerprint Act the McCarthy Victory Fund and Russia Parnasse makes bail and plead not guilty a cabinet meeting goes off the rails McCain I double check myself I don't want to go ahead and say that McCain tried to block MLK day when he might have actually tried to make it happen but Arizona did yeah and that's enough the best part is you'll have that sweet sweet satisfaction knowing you're supporting our show dumb people Tom Plus is available on our favorite podcast APP and it is my opinion get all that extra stuff once you do it now yes our loyal listeners we love you townies his widow bump it up to the next level cool yeah what a sticker up all before five all before five I know that's bananas all of it I was just an infant nearly riem thousands six wow that's the only reason I off very racist second-half who how racist you have to be to argue against a holiday I get my I get all my podcast I love Himalayas all you have to do is download the Himalayas App that's h. m. a. l. a. y. a. in search Ford I five until eighteen in before you were five were you in Vermont I was when I was in Boston I wasn't granted bay and then I was in Vegas Yeah Columbus Day sale everything must go God is America the worst and did you hear trump say that thanks for the cure yeah there's this ban that they too are called the infinite sad or something like that and I'm like yeah that's infinite delirium yeah I was in Akron Tila was eight and then dumb people town then click become a member is just five dollars a month and you can join up and get those episodes early them at freak at extra content that's what we want you again and now that we're leaving having carrying signs that say we love the US people shame on trump and just throwing these rotten tomatoes and rocks at it was a good deal yeah he's a good experience gear and more liberal than Arizona. Oh Yeah I can't imagine why I wanted to get out of Arizona so bad especially blatantly talked about ethnic cleansing that Turkey needs to go in and clean it out and I was like Oh my God oh that just left the worst taste in my mouth ever the other night and I was usually there for most of the summer that's so fun yeah that's cute my friends sneak me into a like number one fifth and we would go watch like drag shows and stuff it was read every yes we have our small pack or carry blankets. We're going to be in Boston on November seventh and we have a meet and greet that's happening we have a meet and greet at city winery and the day of the show on thirsty breath go to Himalayas search that Himalayas APP download it it's free listening all your podcast Himalayas then become a member people town at five dollars a month and is like requiring people show their documentation you just pull them over and ask for their papers that was in our Pyeho joint and then of course we were one of the last states to add Martin Luther and watching the videos today of the troops leaving and the Kurds throwing rotten tomatoes and like they showed back video when we got there and they were like yea and celebrating King Day to the calendar it wasn't until two thousand six what a hill to die on and McCain was trying to die on that hill so it's just interesting came yeah he was part of that on the day of the show on Thursday we're having a second bonus VIP meet and greet and patrons people who are subscribers to our patriotic get first dibs on those tickets and back then especially in the Joe Arpaio days And Evan Mecum days but that's you know that's how it was that was a Democrat but he was recalled yeah Arizona actresses murderer everybody mattress sale celebrating white supremacy with like colonialism's night's sleep used to be a pretty place that we drive through on road trips from Vegas because it was not too far you know but got a bad rep really fast me because they were like one of the first states to institute yeah like off like against day yet for Harley reductive way of referencing the holiday my apologies but just for the people who are racist anyway and can't shut weekend yes and that is going to be happening on our panelists the twenty seventh Sunday at one PM Anjouan banks is going to be the convoys that were abandoning raced broke my heart to watch that I heard they're not even coming home they're going to western Iraq yeah they're going to Iraq and then of course to Saudi Arabia yeah just a gross and we do have a lot of news wanted to tell you about her upcoming events You know our sister podcasts muller she wrote comes out Sundays at six thirty coach smallpox blankets interested in them I totally stole that from where did I steal from Comedy Death Ray okay so yeah joining us we might have some other surprise guests we tend to run into people and be like hey come on up and they do last last year we had Cameron Caskey for March for alive would cool Huda Coogan added Oak and then in San Francisco brand I think Beta brand and and they're small just cocktail events with you know twenty thirty people and and his something about how in in a press conference when he was talking about the Kurds in Syria and he's like they have to go and clean it all out did you hear that you just the fuck up about it yet somehow defend Columbus Day oh my God yeah I saw a mattress store at the end of Day Columbus Day sale this is only lived in this day just walk in and steal all the and I'm GonNa be making those live on Wednesday so if you're hearing this on Tuesday that's tomorrow if you're a Patriot in your in your hearing this on Monday evening Wednesday morning US recording in studio we're going to maybe upgrade the podcast studio I'm not quite sure maybe we'll have the podcast in here I want to make some gals they're being paid to guard oilfields and Lindsey Graham was like I'm glad we're bringing the oil into it and I'm like what right 'cause Lindsey Graham depressed play court you'll get to see those kind of events yeah happening so Agassi village that's where like Msnbc was and everything I don't think it's that you know what we'll have to check the huge ones were on that little hallway area and this is of course now I don't know if we're talking about that in the show but apparently he flopped now in his supporting trump on the Syria pull out yeah yeah Kinda that's what he was getting the I that's not in the script so it's good that we brought it up now percents to it though so but not me personally you're gonNA see me in my jammies with bedhead that's just how it's going to be and I smelled my armpits before we accounting at some point we were going to combine the Sunday muller she wrote and Monday beans. We're not going to do that we're gonna I I learned a new word delegate Asu an amazing so smart just smart and funny and and then at two fifteen I think we have a meet and greet in the in the POLITICA- on soon Hello uh-huh you'll see how my hands are always like pressed against some kind of cotton just soak it all up and I think it was in delegated me ingredients we are on the democracy village stage so it's the meet-and-greet closest to that area oh we're on the biggest stage at sweet so yeah we're on the nations hot so close to the Canadian border gave me some of that good cheese Curd Shit so thank you so much for those suggestions I list I mean politically like we're all sort of the same ilk but to be able to like hand something off to somebody and be cool with it is something I'm working on that's me that's me stuff and and we just all hang out and talk it's really really fun and then inevitably we all end up at some karaoke bar at the end of the night no promises promises. I don't know how Boston is because anybody who works part-time or more for US gets the option of having health benefits and we're going to keep those two shows separate and going housekeeping staff you probably like all right this is the news and let's let's you know let's get to it we thought notes hot notes it's nice that's what people are going to get which is a hard hard word for me I know that a lot of you guys can girls everybody between can relate to that because right near Nashville come and hang out with us a politican come see our panel for sure another reason to become a patron we're going to start a video feed not a live feed but we're going to show videos surge was that we were at last time yeah yeah that's a big ass stage yeah those goods phone we're SORTA around the corner and near the restrooms the last time we did a handle there is when it's going live you'll get first dibs so if you WANNA have first dibs on those tickets become a patron your day and you will get tips to our bonus meet-and-greet and they're fun like in Seattle carryover trying to get some chowder oh go o no so many a hell yes wicked shouting agenda people have also sent me a lot of Putin recommen- The flavor all goes in bureau put it in bureau bloopers episodes coming soon which I I wasn't I'm just not able to handle writing shows writing ad copy recording everything doing the outlines every week the same place it's not an L. 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Convention Center Democracy Village could be by the restaurant and I might talk shit stop by after I'll be there damage seventh is sold out you can still get tickets to the main show which are available on our website at Mojo Shura dot com slash calendar but if you didn't get a spot to the meet and greet in your line of fire breath if you become a patron and you won't hear that unless you are a patron hearing the bloopers episodes back in three two one I kinda WanNa leave it all in you gotta give a shit yeah let's see how it sounds it sounds it could be bad if it reflects poorly on me I'll let you be we'll get you will get five days of daily beans and plus one episode of more she wrote every week so video plus video plus merch things yeah there's thank you the junior had testified to the grand jury notice redacted but no that was not the case as it turns out Don mcgann also did not testify to the grand jury leads hard that's a hard success critical critical beings all right so anyway here are my thoughts on Don mcgann we've talked from the Muller report if you remember last week judge barrel how told the Department of Justice they were redacted improperly because they weren't protected by grand jury secrecy because they never testified his hairy ear or something yeah but anyway if you think about it it would make sense to interview him again outside of the walls of the grand jury which they did for over and but now but now people are like let let me help you and that was a great let me pay you and so first of all you're patriots goes towards that and also health benefits that's your thing and it's an awesome patron perk yep yeah I think so too neat and you automatically patron of both shows so yeah all right enough of the a grand jury and then the DOJ release the names and their Don Jr. Don mcgann couple of dawn's and now and then it occurred to me as I was writing this there's a lot of and we know that Muller new on day one he was knocking to indict the president because of the office of Legal Counsel memo saying what the decide what you know gifts you get our newsletter a premium news which has our research notes and all the articles that we reference so that you can see we're not totally bullshit and what else there's just a lot of stuff also get early access to our ad free beans episodes you save already daily being the night before yeah and you're GonNa mad free you get it around a lot of people were mad that he decided to do that a lot of people took it out on us like we're somehow the pope for the investigation we talked to him directly every day thirty hours so as not to break the rules governing the utilization of a grand jury and they can do it more secretively to if you subpoenaed mcgann to testify before the grand in that you can't you can't indicting president and you can agree or disagree with the memo that that's that's what he decided and I know that he was one of our guests but I had put together why and I didn't really have like hard beans on it I was thinking more dylan and porter hoppy it's hard means around we try to get at Brown nine thirty PM. PS T. so if you're not on the west coast sorry it's pretty late for you but you do get it you do get it the night before everyone else which is awesome and you get an ad free episode of it and claimed attorney client privilege when it came to the Roger Stone's stuff although that wouldn't cover that because it was pre inauguration so I'm I'm not quite clear owns case was handed off eventually and he might have testified to that grand jury about stone but mcgann also just might have been reticent to testify about that stuff and being questioned about obstruction of justice but it does make you wonder like why he wasn't questioned for other stuff yeah I do it's interesting because my y mcgann didn't testify to the grand jury about what he knew regarding Roger Stone which he may have been able to claim attorney client privilege for however St what about several times that how the grand jury rules pretty pretty clear we know that a grand jury can't be used unless it's in the pursuit of criminal charter my Boyfriend Ryan he's he cares about politics in news obviously but he sees not constantly intellect I am and when this headline came out he was confused as I'm sure a lot of people in the country not to be worshiped yes we have candles rosaries and we love Muller and that's fun and that's Kitschy and that's interesting and I do think that he is going to historically be one of the more important figures if not John's in the Crime Don's close to Deng for my liking meow or yeah or the dawn of a some sort of crime family so now we had suspected from confused as to why this is such a big deal why it's such a huge headline and it's interesting seeing the fallout also on twitter from people who are he could have been blocked from testifying to the grand jury had he been subpoenaed so it might it might have been work around for that as well but it does beg the question ages right and mcgann was a key figure in obstruction of which trump was the target the that was the only people they were looking at for obstruction of justice was trump could he and he you know just citing the cowering behind the LLC memo and it's just it's very interesting to me this spectrum of reactions that there are just pretend yeah and then also his testimony is what kicked off the impeachment. What I call the kickoff the impeachment inquiry when the Oversight Committee asked for the four I could not saved my sanity because I mean we have been really clear from the not from public reporting that junior didn't testify to the grand jury because he had taken the fifth and Muller alluded to that and the mole report I have thought there were some clues in the report that indicated Very Don Donald Trump would know about that and maybe be able to suborn perjury or intimidate the witness and also Geico but from at least I don't know most of this year and going into last year that Muller was not going to save us all he was not to be put on a pedestal suber experts I saw you get called out a jeep people saying that you know Muller Muller has fucked us all and he didn't you know didn't question these people have one of the most important figures in this situation because without him we wouldn't have had the knowing and willfully thing covered for people who can't right here but there's a lot of different avenues this could take I personally think that it's because of the grand jury stuff meaning you have to be pursuing charges and mcgann was I mean this is how we find support this is how we cope through creativity and humor and things like that to believe in someone like saying you know we had a podcast about Charles Manson and then being like I thought boy was awesome like when something bad happened with Charles Manson injury materials under Article One powers of impeachment and those are the grand jury materials from Muller and then also we have multiple obstruction of justice charges and a map to to get to amy tiny piece of the Pie Watch the pizza video if you haven't seen it yet we have some released McCabe documents now these aren't from Reggie Walton that's the veteran judge to this headline alone and I thought to myself I well I can respond to each and every one of these people individually and tell them why I think yeah I definitely think how you described it a couple minutes ago is good kitschy I think you said has a word yeah it's it's like we've had a lot of fun I mean we're looking at a rosary candle right here that smolar the SS molar unfortunately it was pay hand mouth inflated one not structurally about you know one of the Wall Street Journal Communications but but since crew requested all documents related to the firing of McCabe they've been coming out on what's called a rolling basis that means sound as it could have been probably hit like oh I don't know ballpoint pen along the way kind of slowly deflated and then Ukraine gauges edge of it but if it sounds good then keep it nothing nothing reflects poorly three to one so late last night we found out who those two redacted names were them which are Mo mo if they're not included in the articles of impeachment I'll be like okay now what the fuck button so treatment of four people right bank against in total that they're subpoenaing documents pertaining to that they have the documents for any certify that was brought to you by all addition Mac edit this up no well sitting there truly thinking I'm obsessed with Robert Mueller I'm going to make this candle on my own accord in the absence of this podcast who is also had fun tongue about you know it's just like and yes yeah and we know there are many other problems with the way he was fired from McCabe lawsuit itself including the fact that sessions who fired him was not authorized to fire him in this vast ocean of corruption we have little liferafts that we come across and one of them was named the SS hand in for discovery to the courts not that these fifty accounts somehow are owned and operated across across these people it yeah they are used by race for people so we'll now but now we have emails showing that the firing of McCabe was fast tracked which we knew from citizens for responsible the responsibility and ethics in Washington or crew and these Docs were released last week and we cover one of the emails that showed McCabe did tell Komi we know that trump's goal was to get him fired to lose his pension it was it was retaliatory in nature and we didn't I just wanted you know if you you've been listening to long enough you know that we aren't like Muller butlers it's just it's not it's not what we do on top of it for what's been done to his reputation and career all the people that can be added to that list of names that deserve defamation damages the yeah Yup fricking crazy discovery is so voluminous that it's being released on this rolling basis because they have milk terabytes of millions of documents fifty bank accounts for four and we get them and sometimes that like discovery sometimes happens on a rolling basis and that's exactly what's happening in the left part and eager firm in case it's the they do have amazing patterns and colors and I take one with me or I take them all actually with me on every trip because they pack and travel so well you can't wrinkle them if you try plus there is comfortable as yoga fall funny phrase aren't playing too much call of Khufu but that they ignored a rule that says you must be give you must give the person a thirty day notice of the action but that would have put his firing well past his retirement date and so I stand for him to McCabe will not be convicted of a crime he will win his wrongful termination lawsuit and his pension will be fully restored and that's what he deserves so I also who gets damages releasing exclusive episodes only available to members dom people town plus episodes will be ad free and available earlier for members than anyone else a good go to business meetings go to cocktail hour I can put on heels or flats they're just totally versa versatile super comfortable and perfectly stretchy so you don't have to sacrifice style for work where he ruled that he told the Department of Justice to charge McCabe or drop the case or he's going to release the F. B. I. 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I'm trying to think well first off associates and how we were and we were all surprised when he was nominated last year because he ripped Alpha-bank we're like that's a weird conflict of interest for Rosenstein That's the new DAG so w turney general so that could explain how bar knows you know that Giuliani was under investigation and so was you think is happening with bench Caskey I got I'm fifty fifty at this point I it could be both it could be that is trying to make him stop the investigation into for Tash or at least curtail his extradition is on hold right now the Austria said he could be extradited and for some reason he is not being extra aw because he said in that 'cause actually Giuliani said with his words about that meeting with bench cow ski I have to talk to you about a very very sensitive client who Deutsche Bank defenses where they're like the highest person at the top is just like I don't know how trump ground all those loans it was all these people below me that were heading those activties maybe it's something like that in the Department of Justice that's going on yeah or or you know when when bound cousy met with Giuliani maybe he didn't think that that would go public and where Ivan Drago but no sorry eleven and four but Rosen and venture Hausky might not have known they might not have been read in on it or later but so it could be both more Mullah referral and bench cousy is lying to cover up the fact that he knows about it but the Giuliani Act and especially since muller was still doing the Miller report and you're headed criminal division somebody who ripped alpha-bank which is being investigated by Mueller Okay that sounds weird well bench cows ah it is a more Giuliani Muller referral because now we're seeing this stuff go back to as far as twenty fifteen with a Parnis and I'll get into that a little bit kind of quiet since he was supposed to flee to Vienna community it I don't know I haven't looked but I I have I have heard if he did yeah I wonder if it's one of those like what if he knew going in meeting with didn't tell people under investigation yeah okay yeah yeah and so that might be the motive do you know win. Giuliani became aware that he was under investigation. I don't remember like anything that would designate when that was exactly in the timeline I don't either I know that new Guiliani in love Parnasse in eager for under investigation and then after everyone found out about the meeting that's when he's like oh I didn't know I had no idea because it would look mccallion was asked back in February I- Giuliani makes it look like he didn't realize until they were arrested very recently and somebody said the News said I was under investigation so he's acting like it's just right now but also you might not know you're under allegation if they're doing a really good investigation because you're the target they're not going to question you but you would have to presume that if they questioned people close to you like like I love and and eager who are turning out to plead not guilty I think and not be cooperative that they would have told Giuliani unless you're go ahead no go ahead no no go ahead before that the last time he tweeted about anything political was on the sixteenth so five days ago you know what I'm saying so he's really quiet right now it's unlike him although he does go dark they just checked Giuliani's twitter page and he's hasn't tweeted in three days which I feel like as long for him and the last thing tooted about the Yankees about baseball okay tale so he met the conditions of his bail he has said he will plead not guilty God is on my side so no cooperation at this time doesn't seem God is on my side the opposite of Mass Oh God let's see if equals MC squared. I would be so pissed off I was like a good Christian so you just have to say here and listen to all these fucking idiots and criminals and morally bankrupt people in site the name of the person that you you know cooperation agreement out of these four Korea Kukushkin what'd you say eleven or eager then I don't think thera minds me of them this morning I was watching an interview with the women on democracy now who's an eighty year old nun who thinks it's her like religious mission if you will to yeah like a bat at all checks out and speaking parts like I said he finally made bail he was the last Guy Duchess speaks whatever the opposite volumes speak so lowly matter Johny as long for this freedom yeah arrested sorry about have been wrong before rarely we've had on the show we think about it so anyway I imagine Johnny's arrest is imminent if they're not going to try to get it so he's a line in a little while women's name was Liz mcallister and she broke into a nuclear base essentially so that was her name She's eighty years old get over in the middle of the lease was because the woman who occupied it before broke up with her boyfriend and decided that she needed to cleanse steam cleanse her genitalia it's paid for himself so what does God think about this who knows tweet us God you take away nuclear weapons she she was protesting and got arrested somewhere on the east coast for like protesting a nuclear reactor site Yeah well that's cool I think that's what it was but yeah but that's kind of what I'm saying there are really out there who are like canonization right there should by patron saint nukes to rid itself of the bad vibes of cheating dog ex-boyfriend so she put a boiling pot of water directly on the hardwood floor in their house yeah well it happens bench caskey if he gets arrested I hope it's just going to be sitting there just averting eye contact come on him I don't know yeah sorry man Claire Technology and she was like fuck that in her gram away and say that you know what I mean h e double toothpicks on your side Parnis giving more clues of how connected to the trump family this guy is one photo back in two thousand fifteen shows imposing next to Ivana not vodka with David Korea who is one of the individuals that was indicted last week and the caption says Fraud Guarantee Powell and I know that I talk about astrology so it might seem that I'm like extremely who but I'm only medium woo woo yeah how do you feel about this I had in the I got a room. NJIT burned a hole into the crowd trying to Steam Regina China how do you feel about that negativity doc in French fries anyway now that Giuliani is the Nice adverb wise choice yeah I don't know what happened to giant angry about the floor Um yeah she did say that I don't hate everything that she says but I would never vote for someone who believes that like putting a Jada Egg Vagina is going to bring about real these so he got sleepy Weenie Leap Handy Lube for your Weiner Vaginas got the Munchies I think she was like she was like she interview she was like I am eight-year-old none and I don't think it's our right to fuck with God's creation like through nuclear weapons and that's pretty cool for this none yeah who is it didn't work Marian Williamson say that she believed it was like her divine duty right now being like you can get weed lube for your China this is why you support momentum podcast welcome to southern California it's only for vaginas though not for Dicks be ended I feel like it was last Friday but you know as I said been wrong before but shelby holiday put out a great threat on twitter and this is what I was talking about before this is the private instagram account for you like run against trump yeah like hers a seat the apple in the her spiritual Dila White House Yeah Yeah Yeah totally love trumps hate already doesn't know what's going on I think I need to make it worse mob agendas there's so many straight men and red state mm-hmm once I move till the story before on the podcast I'm quick but there was a room that I took over in a house once and the reason that I got family and then after the midterms he posted a ton of pictures of him and Giuliani smoking cigars and go into Yankees Games and touring the burnt out shell of the Notre Dame church up in counterintelligence investigation and given the fact that bar runs the Department of Justice who knows what will happen with that who knows when Giuliani's John Juliani and Freeman flying around in private jet many posted picks of fundraisers for disentis along with slide show of photos of himself with trump and members of the trump you can get we blew for your vagina now interesting just that makes sense you're in a state where it's legal cool you can get you can get your vagina high also maybe don't burn it with water my vagina pitch just weird but here's the Big One on March twenty fifth the day after bar released his misleading four page summary of the Miller report that totally miss character creating that fraud guarantee goes back to twenty fifteen which is another clue that Giuliani could have been a muller referral one of those twelve redacted referrals independence de Mul. Do you WanNa do a Nice thing for your Regina I'm GonNa be the hippy hippy lesbian voice on this podcast French fries you can get it French fries yes we've lube for your picture taken after that for sure it was posted at least after it was released the party was that night right okay Dan Yeah Art then in August Twenty fifteen there's a photo of partners with trump and Don Jr. at a campaign event in Durrell in August two thousand eighteen parnis posted a personalized at the trump hotel special guests with the trump legal team we did it everyone cheers we cheated we fixed it and and we oh that we know now that that trump pack that was funded by Parnis and fruman funded Pete sessions who's been subpoenaed along with Scott Walker fantasy link that was a thank you note a personalized thank you note from photos and Florida's and then leading up to the two thousand eighteen to twenty eighteen midterms he posted a bunch of photos of himself is molars findings by the way the day after that parnes posted a pic of a celebratory dinner with the trump legal team at the trump hotel in DC we know that Florida and notably one of the loudest voices against Impeachment Kevin McCarthy and they've all pledged to return that money since they got caught but there's news out today on Monday about new filings with the FCC Levada Soviet born US citizen with ties to Vex Berg who donated heavily to Cohen's slush fund for access to trump called essential consulting but ever sell like he's just one of several wealthy Russian making Straw donations to the inaugural on behalf foreign donors in the form of tickets to the inaugural Ukrainian money by the way he also helped Moscow Mitch earned his nickname by donning over Republican tax but not if the money is being funneled from foreign entities but he's a multi-billionaire he's worth like nineteen billion but ever but ever ever in Ukraine Ukrainian money into the inaugural into these super PACs in potentially are maybe unknowingly subjects investigations already yes nice graze doing Putin's bidding basically and that's volcanic that's this whole group a group of dudes that are now US citizens soviet-born that have been funnelling Russian miss specially him in vessel Bergh because I know that when Muller was looking into essential consulting there was a Columbus Nova which was excellent Blah cynics donations to the trump inaugural he attended with vessel Berg who may or may not have gotten tickets from Sam Patten who was convicted for that crime last year in connection with indicating that trump's legal team against the Mueller investigation also was fraud guarantee that ties Giuliani to that and that's what makes me think Giuliani is a muller he's been hearing them but ever someone to but ever frog guarantees probably one yeah yeah also frog guaranteed POW wow that was the name but could they just be continuing the investigation of him because he keeps climbing whoever is investigating him it could be that I mean that's an awful long time basically so you could stand there and have a minute to talk to him at a lot of people did that yeah we've been hearing all those names for very long time Brady had one Yeah where else McCarthy is getting his money and it's none other than bloviate Nick so just last month Whoa Vinik made a two hundred thousand dollar donation to the McCarthy Victory Fund according to the Anti like Yes let's go see the show today and the Guiliani turns into a bat belfry eating over seven million dollars to him and other Republicans like Marco Rubio and von next this is Bloomberg so now he he is a US citizen and he can donate maybe if it's not a bar blockage jack definitely sounds like something you die from what do I take a bar blockage I remember I think Cindy Yang had one where she was collecting money from Chinese businessmen to just get money for you would pay for a photo with trump this company I think five hundred thousand dollars of a donation and then another million to the inaugural and all that was just a pay for access to trump and there were several of these groups it's focus social that's their slogan and dwell that's what we say it is and he has ties to Pasta and Muller was investigated fearing elections and how far do we let it go wet legal recourse do they have in terms of him you know essentially implementing shadow foreign policy and acting and also lobbied trump and Tillerson to get reser rob off the hook who is a Turkish person so lobbied for Burl and it's been going on for a while why they haven't indicted him yet that could be a bar blockage yeah especially keeps far blockage but then I wondered to me ABC Giuliani before that we might not have what we're going through right now with this and and so that that could be part of it too although I I wonder what and and we do know that I'm sure Muller briefed Bar on the hand off stuff yeah but or maybe they haven't had eh I want that to be ashamed people can say whatever like with some sort of authority however and whatever and butter AH federal campaign second of all you cannot lobby on behalf of a foreign government without declaring it to the Department of Justice so unless he registered like how long are you like how long should we let them crime yeah right right actually tried to like make a case in court and also endanger national security and Inter in Ukraine just like Manafort was manafort worked with Tash and it's all just a big everyone knows everyone at super slimy name of sorry what was that that was the caption on the Couto on the phone okay cool Rod Guarantee Powell they also culturally appropriate so nice yeah so that now android four door you go those are the dice roll I guess when you decided to around entire societies on a man can I bet your task ethic I have some good secret we like three degrees of separation for trump three degrees of separation with corruption us to name just a few but on who does that who does that who goes in tours towards like stuff and business like only dossier which is what they're calling it and taking it around to Fox News sending it in parchment envelopes to the State Department and saying we demand meetings rickie lobbied for Ukraine one of his clients right yes without registering as a foreign agent so an and now he's lobbied for cash by taking for Toshka's seven page astray we talked about the chart we got some tweets we've got some tweets about the album chart oh everyone is connected yeah we are I I'm good at six degrees of Kevin B a foreign agent for Ukraine and Turkey now because Turkey he was trying to get Golan out as well and lobbied trump on behalf of Aragon to get Gulan out Through another holiday season taking closed mouth photos embarrassed by your smile so get your smile photo ready for the holidays with clear liners candid candidate lenders can help street in your teeth wave fast with the issue in Congress and so now he's lobbying on behalf of for Tosh for that which I guess would be lobbying 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You'll be glad you did OK this story is just weird apparently Mitt Romney has as an agent of the government overseas will the law is is that you can't be you can't lobby on behalf of a foreign entity I can't bring any money in from a foreign entity to looking gun yet so they've been able to just kind of survey him at one of those various levels we learn about McCain's book you know it could be it could be because the Ukraine stuff that we're looking at right now if they had you know what I mean all roads lead to Putin yeah just above a certain income level would agree separation in six honestly see you got money from fraud guarantee was because Romney recently admitted in a piece in the Atlantic that he had a lurker account and that's a profile under a different name that he operated in secret to monitor the political conversation and because it takes less time it costs less money usually sixty five percent less than traditional wire braces an experienced license orthodontist in your state will create your custom treatment plan the treatment of children around the world and that is situated 'cause so join me and have a photo ready smile by the holidays go to candid co dot com slash daily beans and use code in you know as they deserve it could be could be another more handoff right Yeah Yeah because we have heard his name for a long time Yeah Roger Stone I see now what's happening yeah if anyone says we we spend conspiracy theories now it'd be the time slate theorized that Pierre de Leko was Romney after they discovered one of the followers of that account was Romney's grandchild and then slates actually Feinberg found that he think of how trump accidentally called mark asper Marcus Barranco I'm like really yeah so what what is in flagrant okay directo mean according to which Mary delicto means a delight and what does influ- Koran taming that was very oath Syria was very troubling so yeah I I think it's interesting I mean I my first thought is when trump was doing that mm slash beans all lower case to twenty percent off yours millions of women agree these are the most comfortable pair of pants you'll ever wear to work that's BETA BRAND DOT COM B. E. T. A. B. R. A. N. means in the midst of sexual activity or in the act of committing a misdeed caught red-handed so Pierre has a liquor twitter account and he's had it since twenty eleven under the name Pierre delicto slate I started trying to find out about what accounted okay after sleep published the hypothesis McKay coppins reached out to Romney and said is that you and according to coppins Romney's only reply was a Sem wa it is almost my favorite time of year the holidays and you might think this is a little early but if you're like me the whole the Christmas lights already holidays start now and you don't want he says posts on twitter I am tag you say oh totally Deloitte go I always think of in electro which means an uncompromising sexual position I believe or naked first follower peer delectable first follower was mitts oldest son tag I thought tag was a Palin kid I was just going to say that Trig I reposted and done some interesting things on there from that account it makes it seem like he's pro impeachment and he actually said today I think Monday night he came out and said that the what was it and the new shows this cool three D. preview video so you can see how your teeth are now how they move over time and how they'll look when you're done and candidate comfortable removable and completely invisible and egg after after sweep published now I'm just going to call him grew grew Romney So an alter ego for the more you look up Directo it also sounds like a like a fake like a fictional character in a lemony snick novel and it made me going

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