Evolution: Core Qualities of Consciousness


Has we journey through a discussion of evolution this week. We need to understand the core qualities of consciousness and once again these qualities of consciousness inches snus are infinite the infinite possibilities. If consciousness is infinite it is capable of manifesting infinite realities. Why do we say consciousnesses infinite because it doesn't have a form and if it doesn't have a form then being formless. It's infinite only the formless infinite anything it has. The form has location in space day so number. One consciousness is a field of infinite possibilities number two. It is synchronised. This phenomenon is called. Non local correlation which means every space-time event is correlated synchronized with every other space-time event with bits of sensory experience. We can never see the whole with bits of sensory experience we see slices of holiness but if we transcend thought if he go beyond thought which is linear then we can experience wholeness being when we experienced that then synchronous it becomes an aspect aspect of our life a natural aspect of our life meaningful coincidences good luck being the right place at the right time in spiritual traditions the state of grace. If you're religious guard is on my side. Whatever would you wanna use but i think meaningful coincidence synchronised mississippi comes a feature of our dive into consciousness so once again infinite possibilities synchronised number two number three unpredictability because unpredictability is from the point of view of a person not from the point of view of the absolute so we as people with limited capacity limited brains <unk> finite brains finite mice cannot comprehend the ho so for us. It is unpredictable of course karma defines lines. The statistical probability of future events would nevertheless bureau consciousness is unpredictable in its manifestations the pistons which leads us to the fourth quality of consciousness which is creativity in fact the more unpredictable the more creative because is creativity is not an allegory and finally consciousness is the source of volition or intention as well. Can you remember those five qualities infinite possibilities synchronicity unpredictability creativity the source of intention and volition having said that consciousness is also irreducible which cannot be broken into components. It is a causal it has no 'cause it has no beginning and no end and it's always evolving in the direction of truth goodness beauty and harmony although the forces of entropy and negatively tippety also constantly had play because that's the only way we can have experiences through contrast. You kind of have an upper those down you kind of a black without away to have joy without suffering. You can't have hard to doubt cold so consciousness includes all the opposition and everything in between the forces of evolution and creativity are always ahead otherwise there wouldn't be any evolution once you understand this. You're ready to embark on your journey of conscious evolution tomorrow. We'll go further into this within awareness on undoing negatively <music>.

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