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EP 26 - JUZO YOSHIDA with Sasha Feiler


hello everyone and happy new year. I'm Gay Mountain Steven Cohen and this is shut up. I'd love it a podcast where we invite our guests onto champion and aspect aspect of pop culture that is underappreciated or undervalued or just generally unknown you may remember from last week There's been a little it'll shakeup for the holidays and sitting in the Co host share today is former guests gave mountain who of course remember from the days of thunder episode. Thank you for being here gave. I'm very happy to be back. Thank you so much for inviting me. No problem and We have a very special guest today. She is as a writer and comedian. She has written for robot chicken. She portrays the character jury in Yuri's cat circus cats once once a month once a month at the club palaces in Los Angeles she has Sasha filer. Hello this person clapping in. The background is not not me I just WANNA make. Sasha may be unfamiliar to our listeners but the that voice you just heard his Sasha hello again yeah thank you for being here. Sasha having me a long commute for you yes all the way downstairs from upstairs yes. Yeah so happy. New Year's Eve to all the listeners. My favorite holiday for Russian people it is the biggest holiday of all holidays so this is a very special time for me to be here. Thank you yeah and much like last week. We are celebrating by having one of the host of the podcast champion. Something that they love so Sasha. Why don't you tell us what you're here to talk about today? I want to talk about a subject project very dear to my heart and it is a comedian and clown and actor and his name is jusoh Yoshitaka Yoshitaka and he's my very good friend and guess what I figured. Why not bring him here with me today? So He's also here in the studio. Yes yes. That's him straight from Britain. Jews joining us as well today. That's that's the thing. I don't really know what character by doing today. So we'll just let him. We'll just let them figure it out. Born in Scotland and brought up in Wales. Yeah but I I can hear it in your voice in London now That's great well. Thank you for. Did you take shipped again here or did you fly I yes. I took the yellow. It's not just be you know I don't I don't mean just I mean don't don't let our audio will you be Jusoh however vision my first time though podcast so I don't know how to control my volume perfect. So yeah he's here and he'll probably have something to say throughout the podcast. I can't control that what we wouldn't want to know what he is vocal. As you'd like. jusoh this doughnuts hyper. That's true. Sasha brought some very special superstar donuts to the show today and we've all had some all high in sugar them mm-hmm yeah. I'm having right now. Just use eating on Mike. Asmar for our listeners. You're welcome so anyway. I feel like I should to tell you guys those especially people. y'All who don't know about doozy. Oh shut down. There's there's good amount of people who know about him and there's probably the majority of the population on the planet that unfortunately doesn't yet know about choosy Yoshida. So I wanNA give you give you a little bio about this person please. Justin was born in Nagoya Japan. which is yeah? It's a town that I pass by on the bullet train. When I went to Japan and I felt very excited after college? He came to America to manage properties for a Tokyo firm. That that sounds suspicious. Manage Judge Properties import export. He had a very special relationship with his mom which comes up as a theme in his Art and he's comedy and one of the words That she gave him before she passed sadly she told him. Do not regret your life when you're Halfway into a casket and those words propelled him from being. What a salary man? If a businessman yellow remand into becoming the crazy horse in the Hayes right now sitting op top an actor With the British accent yeah and a comedian media that I think changes you know hearts and minds of a lot of people I think he inspires a lot of people who get to see him life. I think he's very memorable bowl and it's just sort of a shame that he hasn't made it as biggest Tom Cruise. You know the big committee. Hollywood I would say definitely definitely there the same type. Yeah that's why I'm staying height but yes does like to wear hi hills once in a while right. It's not a high heel boots happened to ask. high-heeled sodas the Tom Cruise I hear so. Oh yeah do you ever carry around an apple box you can hop on. Oh Wow. That's my college theme. I had told girlfriend in college days. How tall she was one hundred seventy one intimate also one centimeter to centimeters shorter than me? which I don't know that is guys? How are you doing feet? But we were called apple box no and yes and no mecum box mandarin at one hundred green box couple. Okay and I'm five eight and a half slash nine five five nine. I think since I started doing a lot of hot yoga and his thrown out my back grew longer your spine extended what they say and I think I went from five eight and a half to five nine nine. Congratulations thank you yeah. was that a goal or is that just a side effect side effects. I I guess I should start doing it. I might finally hit six feet five eleven and a half. I don't know I'm probably not even. I'm probably just under five eleven. Yeah do you think I could get an inch. Plus I don't know it's something you should ask them borrow issues boots boots with the heels. Good Point Yeah I was GonNa say that I was going to say that. There's more Jews. But this is like sort of his core wound wound. You know his mom passing away and the beginning of his hero's journey that he's still on my opinion. It's a very beautiful sentiment that she shared with do so I I I find that to be very touching idea and I think it's true you know like I live. I try to live every day and I can't help to live every day. Reminding any myself that we're not gonNA last forever and every day is a chance to do something fun or you know something that you can be proud of. WHOA and it's a terrifying to take a big step and make a huge change a you know as you get into adulthood and it's like this is what I do now and so two to go after something? You love is beautiful. Yes that's true because I wanted to be an actor when I was in elementary school but mom told me that. That's for hobby. TV people were different than us. So that Kinda nailed in in my deep inside of my mind and then when I was choosing my Korea after an in college I chose a business person person but I was never happy and my mother knew that I wasn't happy so she kinda released me from that the idea that. I assumed she didn't tell me that I just assumed. And then she knew I was suffering in a way name so she can release me before she passed the cool thing about Jews zones you can tell by listening to him as that. He carries a very amazing Mix of papers and comedy in Ham like anytime you see jewel perform live and I don't know maybe it was the same thing with the plays that he did early in his acting career that I haven't seen but definitely when he performs Improv. And clowning you get to see him being very funny Johnny. He's capable of doing things that nobody will be able to get away with And do it in a funny way. That will immediately take over the entire audience and he can also also be very sad at the same time and go through like this like deep emotions on stage and people immediately empathize with him so his ability to turn earn on empathy in like a stranger is one of their amazing things that I think he has that I haven't really seen other performance have. Yeah I'm emotional being Yo. Yeah I mean is that a good jumping off point for you to explain how this episode sewed might be a little bit different from usual usually will bring in pop part of pop culture. Usually we're bringing in and if he's a foul culture that's a movie or a TV show or something else to talk about but to me. Ju- is a piece of pop culture but then is still in the margins. He's been staple on the comedy scene in Los Angeles for as long as we known each other which I was trying to remember so how long we known each other. Do you have any idea at least eight years at least. Yeah because I've been doing comedy flight comedy for nine years and I was was like felt like I was a veteran at the time I met him which makes me think that it was probably one year in comedy. Like that happens a lot when you take when you feel like. Oh I've I've have been in the shit. Yeah I've been doing comedy for seven months. She taught me a lot though I listen. I learned from Sasha was Jusoh. Don't talk about it. Just do it. So since then I've been just doing but yeah thing is Jusoh. Sasha just stole that from the Nike Ad Campaign so yeah I was probably like finishing up my four oh one at UCD. Like I made it. And I'll be on a herald team next herald team in no time. They're they're waiting for Bush editions. Early early air so they can have me dishes which some people having that. I thought I am that person that is not getting Ito idea. Everyone thinks that as we know some people who still think after years and years but Harold Auditions a whole lot of the thing and I think actually speaking of Harold Auditions and something that I think thinks maybe a lot of Los Angeles improvisers can relate to when you start doing improv and you believe in. UCB so much. And you think that is the the Church of Improv. In in some way you think that becoming a heritage member at UCSB is the highest form of Approval that can come in in your life as a comedian and do one of those people that I think growing on the margins is a comedian and kind of making his own stuff and doing his his own thing and being like so much. Funnier than many people who may be performing or you know like he kind of showed owed mu the way of you've just got to do what's right for you and develop your own voice and hopefully something will come from it and if not at this time then then at least I'm going to have fun every day and have people who enjoy me and my stuff so Sasha what are some of the ways that Jusoh does express his are like quarter does he. What does he do so his career? I mean I'm just going to talk you know instead of reading By that I have in my hands. I I'm GonNa talk about sort of what what I know him. So I'm at Jusoh when an I o West. RIP doesn't exist. This beautiful Iowa West Los Angeles theater but we're taking a credit call ski a one off workshop. That was part of like Iowa. Wests festival and that they actually met another cool comedian. dhruv Singh thing was really great and still we consider him our good friend but wish him to be great at UC where he did succeed because he I think is an example of a person who perfectly fits the UCB sort of maybe requirement. But you see be model of a great comedian but meeting Jews that day I was like who is this dude like. He looks Japanese. May I say this very racist. But he looks very Japanese like he doesn't he doesn't for listeners. Wearing a Komo no right. Now he's holding a Katana. Yes yeah he he is by a couple of years at the time right maybe older than anybody in the class at the time. Yeah just as not probably Shane that like he again he he found himself in forties or it is yeah so most people in the twenties right sitting in that room and I and I just see like he has now freaking energy about him. That is really funny and sincere and at the same time. I don't like very charming and welcoming like you. We WanNA come over and say hello which I did and I also heard that he has an accent so in my mind like I just met somebody who has an accent. And he's doing Improv. And at the time eight years ago so we don't know it was very very rare cards at the time there were only Jusoh me you and this Funny Woman Always Garden Brazilian comedian. That were doing sort of Improv. In the scene and there were no other no other foreigners so I knew of Alice and I do and I'm like this is amazing. Ain't like you immediately. Connect with the person whose first language is not English considered doing Improv. Like one of the hardest thing to do probably is be be funny in the not your language probably. I was the only less than six months in learning Improv. So I have no idea if there there are or not about foreign improvisers and I just didn't see anybody look like mean from the classes mostly White people I mean of course not white. Yeah so in that workshop. I felt little bit relieved to see. POC for the first time not me but yeah there were some POC's Reid withdrew from there. But also there's one way I imagine. Well I imagine people connect right people caller. I imagine connect in the broom full of white people with people who are not that but also there's the other level like we're just talking about. What is that realizing? We are from a foreign country. And we're doing this in the language that's not ours so I think that was our connection because we connected kind kinda deeply right away that we don't have we didn't have to speak to each other to be connected. We just had a deeper understanding of each other way. We are at that. And especially the Improv climate. It's heavily shifted into American pop culture which we were not that familiar with. Yeah I still not versed a pop culture as your regular American provider would be but anyway so we met and I was like. Let's make a team. Let's make a foreign language team right away and so this team came to be called broken English with to ease right at. This was Alice Jimmy and then the fourth I guess what is He Peruvian Peruvian National Yvonne. Do not the his last name or leak even the most like Polish a Russian Saudi name but dude from Peru right so so we made this four person team that had nothing in common except being foreigners and we want eighteen eighteenth street weeks eighteenth straight weeks of Iowa West Cage match we cage match. We had a following. There was like forty was coming to see us because it was like a new thing Eddie Week. Yeah nobody was doing that like cats. Be Chad Damiani. Like put together a lot of interest in diverse teams these days for years now. But this isn't a day where people the only saw mostly white straight through an Improv. So it was very strange people and I think Jus of course was the star of the team and I was trying to support than Alyssa's very smart mar than than a bond was like the wild card and so we kinda like just had the worst and the best shows together and we went against really strong teams like luxuries. I O veterans into went against private street which was very hot at the time was like one of the hardest by one vote against private street. which a lot of a lot of times? But I wasn't star. I was just being free. Willy End Sasha put together always that make make made sense out of me so it was actually all sashes work because she had to work in order to make sense out of me because I was just all over I just. I'm predictable. Being which I think is the classic comedy do usually like one. person is wildcard wildcard and other person's trying to make sense of his trait woman or straight man but anyway so that's like the main sort of beginnings of Jews. Though I think in the comedy scene so it sounds like the reason season jusoh would be a good fit for. The podcast is not so much that he is under rated as much as people have not had the chance to rate him. Yeah I think it's just one of those things like he is so funny and he's so interesting is very unique and they are hopefully more and more roles in film on TV. That invite this. You know Japanese Funny Man Type yet it's hard to break in and and Juice was done a bunch of national commercials and he has been doing stuff with this clown group called Dr Brown. He's real name is Phil Phil Burgers Burgers Lurk hyperion theater in Silverlake and he does very cool work and the film projects and TV projects with FX XS at or affects affects channel lately. So juice been starting getting like opportunities to perform this like very strange. And Surreal Oh edgy. TV shows but Dr Brown puts together but Just as you have to have like a marvel movie you know that would bring him more money and You know Viewership out one way you could check out juices work right now is to look at the. Is it a an episode of a Sarah Silverman produced show called. Please understand me. facebook watch or Amazon prime prime. Yeah and it's features Jusoh also and one of his comedy partners Chad Damiani a former guest on the show In the duo that they used to perform called jets though. They're they're getting some therapy. That's the conceit I questioned about. That piece is the therapist a real therapist. Yes the license to wheel real therapist. Does she know what's going on. A mission knows there's cameras directed at her right like what's the deal there. No she was free to say whatever she wanted to see at the therapist of ours so she took a word seriously but she knew you guys were being characters right but she was explained but she was reacting into the characters the way she would react to real people exactly interesting. It has a very cool way to see what jets. Oh does duo of Chad's and Jesus was all about on the screen because they no longer exists as live team like live to see at our theater but it really portrays well. Would there vibe was having seen probably like forty these Jetta shows in my lifetime. I I think it was one of the most amazing and groundbreaking comedy acts in Los Angeles Comedy Scene Lost Decade for sure and it inspired a lot of people to do their own thing and turned into clowning and things like that. There were not a thing at draw to do ten years ago because again everybody only wanted to be on the Herald team and all of a sudden it's like nobody can do other stuff and be as happy as can be Two questions You see is that uncut cat. Booties what Yes upright citizens the citizens. Yeah it's like the the the well I would say like six years ago. It was the Improv theater in La like it was where all of the a young comedy talent was coming out of. People had moved away from caring so much about groundlings which is where like a lot of the nineties. Saturday night live. People came from. And you see. Zeevi was more like the the hip kind of like alternative improv place. It's become pretty corporate now. They have this huge school training center on Sunset Boulevard. So it's a little different but yeah and so when we all were starting comedy. That's where we that was the place to go no I went through use. CVS well Okay just was sort of Jews out. Say the next chapter after broken English broke up because we we lost right. We lost we lost on on the Nineteenth Week Cov. It was a really close loss. I think about the weird one vote and I was heartbroken. Actually yeah just it was very upset for for a while so was I. But that's so broken English but disbanded after a very stressful eighteen week run. It was just like too much we And I think some people wanted like Yvonne maybe want to pursue producing you sing which he's produced use. Hollywood movies like Pele Birth of a nation with producer. Brian Grazer and stuff like that and so broke broken. English didn't exist anymore. Susan I continue doing two person shows for a while and at this time. Jesus started doing Improv. With Chad Damiani. who was also coming up at the same time in day? Created this clown slash Improv duo jet. So which the premise of that was. You described the premise of that. I teams the biggest thing the difference from conventional Improv that we broke forth walls just like regular Clown Act Act. We like a hybrid of of Improv and clowning and which is usually like the system. Frowns comes upon that like acknowledging the audience but teachers never predicted to it. When I was doing that day in class showed I broke forth war? And then it's Kinda the thing where it's like a rule but someone who's good at it can break the which is actually the perfect description for Jews about like you know I wouldn't be able to do. Would most people wouldn't be able to do it. Look like a bad attempt and he's just not read well but uses capable doing these things that most people will be like. Why are you creating more nonsense on stage right now instead of justifying which he wants you to choose a can do that and win over the audience audience and at the end of the day? If you're finding old matters because that's the only comedy really so yeah. I think I was justified by the audience. Actually it's an clus show. Oh and then I get laughs from Odeon. They've never seen anything like it of course so Teacher wasn't objecting to they. Didn't even one liner notes. About what are you doing well who you talking to kind of stuff that nonsense to meet announced this. But I've heard from seem partners but I've never heard from teachers so and just do also like I feel like this important piece of information that When we talk about clown or clowning like people who may not know what we're talking about right so I talked about Ronald McDonald Mascot from mcgahn I mean sure Gabe like right like you want to know what this clowning around right? Yeah and where that comes from. If that was that you enjoyed your childhood or like how that how that came about as as a tool for you to use in your comedy right. It's like did you do so even like clowns when you're coming up the kid or actually. I didn't know about that clowning or theatrical clown. I thought climbing was the party. Clown that the makeup and then writ knows and wine wine and Khimik Act but actual clowning yet. European style clouds emotional stuff stuff like a geoffrey rush went through the same technique as I have which is lowcock technique which is invented by Jacklyn Cock in last century and a lot of actors like a Sasha Baron Cohen who went through that as well and as Mr the beans is is part of it and I don't know everybody but a lot of people had that experience like Charlie Chaplin the first Hollywood Hollywood star had that technique and of course Lucille Ball had that technique as well and a lot of others. And I'm utilizing those CACAK technique into conventional acting as well because it's very very emotional honest truthful acting. Would you describe describe it like in a layman's or lay women's terms like to Gabe for example like what is this house is different from pro or like what is this like. What are the pieces of this art art because it is hard to explain you say motion or whatever like I think it has to do with something that happens in the moment right and you just build on what happens in the moment and you communicate the audience like this how I best what I would describe? Yeah I what I differentiate from conventional some Improv. Is that. There's there's an Improv acting there's a very interesting phenomenon that improvisers act certain way but I I act as if that character is me so I'm very truthful to myself at that moment anymore given moment That truthfulness is the key factor in in Clowning I think the key factors just from watching you. I think because always like making people laugh and a lot of times you would let yourself to get emotional and maybe even sad and even cry on stage but then you would do something stupid In the best possible symbol way like rolling a hotdog cart across the stage screaming. I I've had and you know just for some reason it's like one of the most memorable things things of any performances ever that I've seen including the greats of UCB like it's just. There's certain things that he does very simple things But very very honest and sincere and happy right like the joy that he has on stage I think is a very big reason why the audience enjoys him. I simply I love make an audience laugh or make audience happy. It just pure joy for me. It doesn't I don't have to get paid or I don't have to have any endorsement or or I don't have to be be not valid validated. I just I love people smiling at me. Just that. That's that's the world to me. It'd be nice to get paid though. Not You know what it it is an ideal world. I think it's very interesting. How when you're onstage just seen videos and stuff that you'll portray portray sadness in a way that is funny and I don't know the in American culture? That's not something that I think necessarily with Improv and comedy. It's it's a surprising thing that you find yourself laughing with someone being sad but it's not necessarily laughing at them. It's laughing at the absurdity of the situation and it's how it's the timing that you let the sad expression or the said whatever you said that it is just sad like sit for a second before the transition out of it or something like a surprising laugh half which is kind of like that laughter through tears Dolly. Parton your thing I absolutely agree. And that's when thinking about pay us all always like when I think of jusoh paces hase's is is his main thing which means like there's just something happenings on stage that comes from a lot of suffering but there's also the big release of Laughter her and maybe tears that a lot of times audience experiences. I just know it from going to shows and seeing Jusoh do something where like. Maybe he's playing a child who's been abused I but then he does something funny in the different character at the same time and Audience goes from two laughing their brains out so it's like any show any live show do the is the best ways to experience the whole gamut of emotions. It was a good sort of trigger to experience that I agree. Someone who has seen Jusoh perform many times. I was fascinated. Aided in watching the videos of you provide a very rich experience and you rely on the elements of music and the guy playing the instrument onstage can also have funny clip every once in a while and it just like all of them come together to create a really rich improv experience. That was new to me and and delightful which is also does have to bring it up if you've seen Jusoh like if you haven't you should know this juice capable of doing their likes to push boundaries on stage H he likes to push boundaries onstage. Sexually he likes to push boundaries onstage emotionally like we mentioned before and he likes to push boundaries. PC WISE is on stage as well. Jusoh is one of the few people that I know can get away and it's questionable whether he cannot but I've never seen anybody being upset by him doing something when he portrays trace characters that are not him at all like you know what people of other races People you know definitely of genders and stuff like that and he gets away with it like now the question is. Would I get away with it if I were doing. transis probably know day. Forgive him immediately sadly for that. Because there's something very disarming an innocent about it I think part of it might be the way the Jews. Oh plays the fool which you know now. I don't mean in the in the derogatory sense but I mean like the classical idiot right now since the way that jusoh plays the fool. So well it. It kinda disarms the audience and then he can pull the rug out from under them and really exciting way. Yeah I think a lot of what he does I haven't performed with him of CNN. Perform Komo years I notice. I know his moves where he's manipulating the audience. Like he's little fucker like people think he's innocent and I have just called him innocent but in in some ways he's very meticulous and he knows exactly he reads the audience so well and he knows when it's time to give him some tears he knows when it's time to turn it like he knows when he has them to do a character of an African American woman who works at Nail Salon and he knows when the time to Then turn you know. Oh they're world upside down and be like an abused child like he always has the right timing for the audience and he doesn't mind failing at the few times when the audience may be is not ready for it. He's just still want to try it and say he just moves on the subject of black ladies. I just love them and I just adore them now. I have a very bottomline respect for them. And so when APP trae them black people love more than white people white people usually like stroked and then black black people yell at me like go jusoh gorgeous. I'm back all of course I go one exam going. I went onstage. Usually a lifetime she was boundaries in the moment yeah also Abuse Abused Child. I was abused child so I'm not saying that I mean Touto to do it but I love to bring up the issue and then I'm not going to solve it because I'm not the solution but you could have your own conclusion. Collegian Nestle Lesions in yourself and you present it in a way where the audience feels like. They're part of it like when you can make someone feel like they're inside the joke then it's not like you're making fun of necessarily it's hard to explain but it's like you make it so it seems like you're inviting people into the joke and so we can all laugh about it and they're I don't know there is healing. Winging Mike being able to talk about stuff being able to laugh about seven I take it super seriously all the time because I'm truthful about that character that the different. I'm not making fun of them. I am that and you're living at emotionally truthfully. So people can empathize with you but also I just noticed that maybe a healing I think is a big aspect of what Jews as a brings on stage for the audience healing. That's why people like to come back and see. Maybe sometimes a similar acts what you do but because that experience always always Rings true differently for you on each different day as an audience member. You know. It's like playing the same song that you love. Maybe sometimes because because on this day will resonate with you differently than on a day that you're sad or day that you're happy and I think that that's also cats B.'s. Theme is Group Group Healing Rights through laughter. it's a show. That Chad Damiani our previous guest and the friend and former partner in jet so with Jusoh he brought together this. You know people who probably were upset at some point that they didn't make herald teams although some of them may be have and they chose to instead do indie groundbreaking stuff that is happening at the clubhouse in Los Angeles these days more sold than it used to be theater. Yeah I'm one thing I was thinking about is Jusoh you are willing to allow yourself the the performer to be the butt of a joke but the characters are are not the characters you performed over the butt of the jokes never ever on them. The joke might be on you jusoh. But it's never on the character that you're performing which hockey bastard usually the chosen one of some talk. There's always a chosen special child Angel Golden Child and British persons that Harry Potter. Maybe Harry Potter of course right from your Scottish routes you fully understand born you were just born and you were just born an hour ago trip. So Sasha why why do you mentioned earlier. That Jusoh hasn't had his marvel movie moment. Why what what what's holding what's what's Hollywood waiting for? I think it's one of those things I think one of them in has to do with the fact that only recently the casting has improved in the sense that it's allowing more roles and more opportunities for people of Color and and USA is a very specific type you know there's only so many commercials that can do with like a corporate Japanese guy like eating noodles and Gore monsters. There is coming. You know which is like one of his main I think that's my forte. Yeah I mean but I feel like it's just something that is extremely popular. Extremely popular like in the marvel movie level can be really good like like to me these days. My favorite writer is Stephen King. WHO's very prolific and very popular right? There's so much wisdom that I can go and get from his books or from his book that are currently re listening to on writing as a writer so for example like Stephen King is an example of somebody very popular beloved by millions of billions of people but then there's also artists who doing their thing in the such as sincere way without trying to match anything that exists outside. They're really going by their own or calling shaping their own voice that they we may never become as popular as maybe or maybe the will be like. There's just no way like if you not Tom Cruise but you are a smaller actor. WHO's extremely talented? He's doing it something in a small theater for crowd. That only goes as as far as one hundred people at a time. You can be as good as Tom Cruise. IBM The actor. But it's like your voice like there's just no room for you in Hollywood may be at this time like I think a lot of it has to do with sort of the Herald team structure. You could be an extremely funny person and super talented. But there's just not room for you on the Herald team like they don't know what to do with you and I bet you. There's people like that. That all the Herald Harold Committee people know of in the world. And there's just like these people don't fit because they are outside of Phnom there outliers and I think juices does that like he has a voice. That's yet to find its shape right but I I'm I'm optimistic about it. I think there's nothing else else you can do. But go on and shape your own voice and just changed the landscape of comedy. I think barring this words from Matt Walsh Josh. Actually but it's the words of when I heard those words longtime ago I was like inspired me so I think I don't know like there's a chance that Jews we'll make it big and make his Omar movie or he will continue being the changing lives around him on the smaller scale right but maybe as deeply important and valuable. I don't know Jews are what's your. What's your dream dream to be happy? Wow expand experience but I do like to be marvel movies. I thought about it recently. I never thought about mobile movies before but now all movies are marvel liberal movies but this year are start thinking about it a little bit because Action Comedy Sifi. Hi Fi everything together. And and that's Kinda like me. I'm physical onstage. And I pursue comedy but also so episode emotional drama on stage. At the same time this kind of got marvels right forte and I could see jusoh fitting fitting in Guardians of the galaxy movie. I see him. They're like driving like a little stick shift like stay ship okay. A steam. I gossip ditch share. Share your I can see in Ford Verse Ferrari Ford. They've got to be ready to destroy that car. Yeah I buy that voice voice. I think he's going to do it. And I'm interested in hearing Comedy from different perspectives. I think You know especially having having English not as your first language. I think that experience is A. I don't know a lot of people share that experience and yet there's not a lot of representation of that and and even if you are a native English speaker that sentiment of fish out of water You know trying something. New Different is inspirational is frequently frequently hysterical and emotional and super valuable and something that I'm interested in seeing more of and I'm hoping that that kind of that there is a greater hunger for that and more room for those kinds of roles and not only does it provided a new perspective for people who are already on comedy right but having those voices attract new people I I remember having having a conversation with someone about the idea of a diversity initiative at a comedy theater like you and that person saying Eh people of Color. Don't WanNa be in the theater. They don't they aren't interested in doing well because they don't see themselves represented on the stage. They don't they don't feel welcome if they as a new that that perspective was in the theater and it was given a voice then maybe they would want to be involved otherwise it doesn't occur to you maybe to even pursue that sort of dream. If you don't see yourself doing it why would you know. Maybe you don't think you can do it or you know she should try or you just feel discouraged when you imagine yourself you know. Try to fit in somewhere where you probably are not welcome and the moment you feel like you are encouraged. You are in that creative space where you can perform perform. Well I think part of why. Maybe it's hard for some people to do well in Harold Editions. Maybe myself included. Maybe not I don't know but it's like because you don't even think that you have half the tools that they're looking for Because the comedy that I bring to the table usually does not involve the aforementioned Shen marvel knowledge or things like that you know like sitcoms from the nineteen ninety s so you are on a movie form team before team and I wrote for robot chicken and that's the irony anymore like the irony in there so again the answer is it doing continuously what you think is right and the other day ahead actually vary a couple days ago. I was writing a first draft of my new pilot and I was having such a hard time like I was just like this garbage. Everything is garbage. I'm going through the worst possible feelings about what I'm writing like. I don't know how to ride. Why moving writer like Homolka call myself a writer and then Dan? I had an advice from someone who was a published poet for many years. Who told me he said? Well you know you have to hear your Own Voice in your head when you right if you don't that means you're writing a somebody else and that's when you start feeling unhappy about your writing and I was like Oh my God. That's that's just described lake. Yes the day. The bad day that I was having when I was writing this would I thought this tone and this project should be instead afford is in my head really like really tuning into that station and I had to do with Mike Powell. Probably the bad herald editions might had might have had is because I was I was trying to be like like well would is good herald audition or does instead of just being like. I'm just going to do what's right for Russia and US is again a a great example and inspiration from me to always. I don't know what the struggles Jusoh has by himself. Like for. You know finding voice every day when he goes on stage but to me when I see the result he inspires me to be true to myself and does nothing. There's nothing harder and there's nothing more like I don't know important for an artist is to be true to who they are. Thank you okay. We'll take see voice voice it's working. We're all turned on exactly right. Dammit this is the part of the podcast where the hosts will. We'll usually rate the subject of the episode. So we'll you know we'll talk about our experience. France will make a scale and We'll we'll I guess. Today we will rate a human being. WHO's in the room with us? Hopefully it'll end in tears or violence or hugs. We don't know all who welcomed and so for the listeners for Jusoh as a reminder for gave the way that we do this we try to find something that would be a ten and on whatever the scale of the topic is and then we place it in respect to that and so I'm okay with being rated needed rate me hundred what we do at a ten. Oh Gosh sorry I wasn't listening. I don't think I said it but let's change it to one hundred for this episode. Why not get real specific? We're thinking about Jusoh as has kind of outsider artist Who is making art that that most people don't even know is is out? There makes me think about the subject of the documentary American movie okay. I don't know if you guys have seen this. It's about out a filmmaker mark mark Portrait I think is how you say his name. I don't actually know but he is this. You Know Blue Collar Guy. Trying signed to make a movie in Wisconsin A horror movie called Kovin even though it is spelled coven and this documentary American movies movies about his process. Doing the whole thing from the ground up and you don't see the movie you get glimpses of the movie but it's really about him and all the things that he's going through trying to realize his vision and Imagined Kovin is probably not a great movie. I don't think it matters. You know it's about his passion I think and whereas Jews probably a more successful artists than Mark Borchert. Ah I think Mark Orchard is an aspirational guy and his approach to his passion. So I would put him high. I would rate him like a ninety on one hundred point scale right two hundred scale guy. I was like wait and so if mark borchert again mark if I'm getting your name wrong. I'm sorry hoping listening. If he's a ninety I would raid Yuzo a ninety anyone higher. Thanks indeed please be generous. People thank you so much before and various various we can't be possibly objective. I'm desperate approval. We we all are. That's why we're here to. It's just the only reason I would do this. PODCAST because we're desperate for approval. Instagram likes have just lost their luster to move on and try something else I I wouldn't I am going to because we are in the holiday season. I going to compare the way I feel watching your comedy to a movie like like the Family Stone And here's why That movie made me laugh and cry and self harm killing. It didn't do that but but laugh and cry and I. I really value comedic experiences where I can feel I don't know the breadth the life experience like i. I think that there is something really beautiful about being able to make people laugh through feeling very emotional will and express anger and just very it feels like a very full experience to me but watching your comedy versus the movies when I watched that movie. I got stressed out about bad things that we're going to happen but I love watching you play emotional moments and roles because of the way that you transition into out of those moments makes the audience feel like they're a part of it as opposed to laughing at someone putting them down like you said you are that character and I think that that's a different take that Really creates a unique experience for me so I would say one to one hundred I would say an eighty seven. Just that's how I feel and I still in on that scale probably seventy eight. Wow Great Sasha Since you are our guest today we now come to you. How do you rate eight Jusoh Yoshida? I would rate him as a performer. That I enjoy right like if you stephen looked at a outsider artist I and Gabe look at him as a emotional bag of inexperience and emotional bag of an experience described very well right a cards I just as I know him as a artist currently performing onstage in Los Angeles that I enjoy and for years and years my favorite probably not a secret to any listener I mentioned before for years and years. My favorite performer of all time on stage was Jason. Semenzato goes I you know was religiously going to his team's cage matches I I still think that. His One person did silent man Improv. That he won that cage match was the best best show of all time that I've ever seen life but Jason Zukas is very talented performer. He's very much a brainiac sort of the opposite of Jews in the sense. Not The juice stupid. I love to be called to but he is like smarter than most people. You know Jason Adzic so like a lot of his like even like good object or anything. Does it still like you. Feel sort of the the the intellect behind but he also feel a lot of judgment towards the audience. I think proof spoken about him before like like he's so smart and he knows it that it part of his act as that we all suck and comparison to him And that's smae or may have not been a reason why he sort of faded for me it would have been as you know My favorite performer. But I think his height for me and one hundred scale. He was probably album. And Ninety. One thing about Jusoh is He is like pure love like. He's pure relevance age and there's a sense of joy that he brings on stage into the people that Jason doesn't necessarily do but but producer joy is a big one pure joy to he experiences where he plays performed on stage. It's joy is is is an emotion that audience members bring home with them after the show so I think he's a hundred guys like juice. Juice is Giuseppe is my favorite performer. What can I say like? Even if he's not doing well I'm still going to enjoy watching him. Just I pay money to just watch him to sit on a chair onstage for an hour because there's just there's always something going on and I think he's the best comedian out there right now. Who Don't know how to Judah? Would you like to rate yourself off. I can't I'm minus negative. I I understand that impulse I would probably say the same thing but I mean you you have some data here right now to to show you that you're wrong and that you were very highly rated performer and you can just sit on a chair onstage. Start charging money because I think that that word I wish I could do at the very least you will sell one ticket to Sasha just charge ten thousand dollars so much for me so the cat she gets comp. So what are you doing for New Year's tonight up tonight. Probably play with my lovely cat. Bobo and then go sleep early so that get up early morning to go Up to Hollywood hills and debris for new sound rights for new New Year's beautiful thanks. Those prayers still keeps rising. Yes every morning for every every morning jusoh goes up to the Hollywood sign and I. I'm not a morning person for your information. That's the subject of the podcast is here. Can we ask you to where we can see. You like where the audience members I see. These days live performing other than if exits program called cake. I do perform a regularly at the lyric hyperion. And also at the Katz B. Fourth Sunday I open the seven thirty our usually solo solo bit lately but this past November show. I play with Bill. O.`Neil which is my teammate. From lyric kyw period. Here's a very very talented performers wall. And you're on a couple of teams that people might be around town right and right now. I don't. We'll have any IMPROV teams. So right now. I'm free willy. So if you want to cast me on your Improv Team I'm here. I'm sure you'll see Jusoh. Ah Again soon at the moving arts theater. I love that show by the white people. Go sit before we do our plugs. It's there's the part of the show where we The host of the show will recommend something for the audience to shut up and love I can go first as we all know. It is December thirty first. It is New Year's Eve right now and I know a lot. The people are probably thinking about their New Year's resolutions probably be healthier workout more. And so if you're thinking about that how to get in shape there's a game for the nintendo switch. That came out a couple of months ago. That is a fitness game. It's called ring fit adventure and it comes with a pilates ring and you you plug the controllers into the ring you put one on the strap around your leg big and it's it's a game. There's a story mode you're going around fighting enemies but you fight them by doing exercises and it's a fun way to get a little workout workout. Probably not enough to get in shape. But you know you gotTa Start Whatever's going on. He's doing it right in the in the month and a half since I got the rink adventure game I would get so yeah that would be my recommendation shut up and love ring. I'm fit adventure. Gabe is there anything you would like the listeners to shut up and long yes there is There is a podcast that I really like called spooked and and it is about a half hour show. And it's there's a host who introduces the episode and then he throws it too First Person Persson stories about paranormal stuff. That's happened to them and they'll be like two or three Per episode from people around the world And Yeah it's it's interesting and it feels real like I like the paranormal stuff But it's short enough that you can binge it or I don't know it's not like a to our commitment or anything but that's the newest thing I've found that I like great Tasha anything. You'd like to plug well half of SEASON ATTEND ROBOT. Chicken is out and that half comes out and I WANNA say May of two thousand twenty so starting tomorrow yacht suit only four or five months away from the second half of season ten and robot chicken and also come and see Stephen and I perform direct to video the aforementioned movie team that we are on and it performs add moving theater in Silverlake Los Angeles hyperion avenue every second and fourth Thursday of the month at nine o'clock Gabe. Anything you'd like to plug. I am currently working on a documentary about Whitney Houston. That's going to be airing on the lifetime network. DOC on or around Mother's Day. Why think we should? Because today is New Year's Eve I think we should end the podcast with the countdown down so that our listeners can sync it up as they're watching. Dick Clark's Rock and New Year's Eve tonight and they can ring in the New Year with the four of us. I think that'd be really cute. Ten Eleven O seven four three out of no way.

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